SidveeChanServ :03:26
urlin2uSidvee, you need something?03:27
SidveeOh yes .03:29
SidveeMy system running multiple gpu's. So it is heating up and battery is drying up soon as well. How can I get on gpu switch off?03:29
urlin2unot sure myself.03:30
SidveeGive it a try03:30
SidveeNo one is replying me on other channels. #ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic03:31
Sidveedon't know whom to address03:31
bodhizazenSidvee, try cleaning you system03:32
bodhizazenie turn it off, clean out the dust inside03:32
SidveeEh. Its happens for every fresh install03:32
bodhizazenor run top and see what is using your cpu03:33
bodhizazenSometime you can simply boot your bios and monitor your temp without running a OS03:33
bodhizazenIf it overheats either it is a problem with ventilation , heat sink (the paste on your CPU), or something is running 90-100 % on your cpu , top will show you the latter03:35
Sidveebodhizazen, it was fine with windows03:35
bodhizazenThat does no mean much03:35
bodhizazenclean the machine or run top03:36
philipballewid run top first03:36
philipballewanyone wanna recomend a good light music player?05:35
philipballewmaybe noone here has good music taste i see :)05:40
_schism_good morning all06:20
philipballewhello _schism_06:25
_schism_philipballew, question for you sir.  I just installed 10.04 on a machine with a G4V300-D motherboard and the nic worked fine until I did an update then a reboot now nothing on any kernel. any ideas?  google is failing me06:29
philipballewnetwork controller correct? _schism_06:31
philipballewwifi or ethernet not working?06:32
_schism_yes sir built in 10/100 nic06:32
philipballewalright. well lets at least open a terminal and see whats going on06:32
_schism_lshw shows it so does ifconfig -a06:32
philipballewdo ifconfig and ifconfig -a and paste them both here06:33
_schism_different machine but I will try to get it word for word06:33
philipballewdoes it not have wifi?06:34
philipballewill help you with out having you copy right now06:34
philipballewid myself open a terminal and see when ifconfig does06:34
philipballewthen if ifconfig -a has anything else06:35
_schism_no wifi its a tower06:35
Snicksieuse an usbstick, _schism_ :)06:35
philipballewi have 5 right next to me06:35
_schism_Snicksie, just went and got one06:35
Snicksienice :)06:36
_schism_give me a moment please06:36
philipballewno hurry06:36
philipballewif ifconfig -a has something ifconfig doesnt you can up the interface06:39
philipballewwhats ifconfig -a out of curiosity06:41
_schism_that was ifconfig -s06:43
_schism_that was ifconfig -a I mean06:43
philipballewdo ifconfig then06:44
philipballewno -a06:44
_schism_okie dokei06:44
Snicksie"ifconfig eth0 up" doesn't help you I guess, _schism_ ?06:44
philipballewSnicksie, thats what im about to see:)06:45
Snicksieah, okay :)06:45
_schism_Snicksie, it didnt but by god I will try it again06:45
Snicksiemaybe it's just a dhcp-problem?06:45
philipballewwould restarting the network fix that?06:47
_schism_Snicksie, and no love yet again06:47
* philipballew ponders06:47
_schism_tried power cycling the router allready06:47
philipballewthats ifconfig and no eth0!!!06:47
_schism_thats what I dont understand I'm new and all but that dont look right06:48
philipballewsudo ifconfig eth0 up06:48
philipballewwhats that do?06:48
_schism_nothing went to the next line with no print out06:48
philipballewthats not bad06:48
philipballewdo that then do ifconfig again06:49
_schism_hmm now ifconfig is showing the nic........06:49
_schism_but it didnt do it after the up it did it after I gave it a loving kick with my boot06:50
_schism_could be coincedence :)06:50
philipballewwell does it work then?06:50
Snicksiemaybe the cable wasn't connected enough? :p06:50
philipballewthat was a thought of mine to06:51
_schism_still doesnt show up under the network connections dialog06:51
_schism_and it isnt showing an inet address on the nic either06:52
_schism_in ifconfig06:52
_schism_maybe try rebooting the box?06:52
philipballewsudo reboot06:52
_schism_thats what I was thinking06:52
_schism_and have you guys tried the program Guake?06:53
philipballewno, what is it?06:53
_schism_its like a pull down terminal.  I hit f12 and a terminal pops down from the top of my screen and I do command line stuff and hit f12 and it goes back up06:54
_schism_its in the repos06:55
_schism_only thing I have found that doesnt work in it is x fowarding06:55
philipballewi could look into it06:55
philipballewim in lxde right now06:55
_schism_I think it works in lxde as well.  It works in awesome so....06:56
_schism_ok rebooted and still n onic in the network connections tab and none in the ifconfig either06:56
_schism_do up and it shows in ifconfig but still no connection06:57
_schism_bah may just reinstall ubuntu to make it easy and do no updates :)06:57
philipballewyou in gnome?06:57
philipballewno, i can mess  with it06:57
_schism_on both machines this one and the one I am fighting with06:58
philipballewis nm applet have networking checked?07:00
_schism_nm applet?07:01
philipballewyeah. its the thing is the top bar07:02
philipballewright side07:02
_schism_dont have one which I found odd07:02
philipballewreboot and tell me what happens07:03
_schism_rebooting now07:04
_schism_wow its 3am I have been screwing with this thing for 4 hours.  I am having a flashback to installing windows.... :)07:05
philipballewinstaling ubuntu is easier usually07:06
_schism_I know yanking your chain.  other than an odd soundcard thing on my laptop I have never had a problem installing ubuntu and i have put it on probably 20 boxes by now07:07
_schism_same thing on the reboot07:07
philipballewyou rebooted?07:07
philipballewnever saw you go offline. :)07:07
_schism_different machine.  I am using this one that one cant get on the net07:08
philipballewoh, alright07:08
_schism_yeppers no network for it.  begining to wonder if I got a corrputed dl of the iso07:08
philipballewwell anything is possible. you can try a different iso if you want07:09
philipballewhow old is your machine07:10
_schism_I may have to. grabbing the alternat install cd now.  its going to run headless anyway so I figgure xfce or lxde will be a bit nicer than gnome for it anyway07:10
_schism_ya know I have no idea07:10
philipballewim on lxde right now07:10
philipballewits nice07:10
_schism_yeah I used it on my first machine I had nix on.  was an old dell laptop that hated running gnome and lxde ran on it decent.  And now I have grown used to gnome 2.x so I dont want to go to unity07:12
philipballewi use unity. took 1 week to get used to and really like07:12
_schism_I have heard both sides.  I just like gnome 2.x and floss is freedome so... ;)07:13
_schism_and a silly question, can the startup disc creator create non ubuntu bootable usb drives?07:14
M0hiI believe that the answer is Yes :)07:18
_schism_wow thats kinda nifty.  use ubuntu to create a arch bootable usb drive................07:19
M0hi_schism_: Sorry the answer is No :[07:20
M0hiwrongly ready the question. Startup disk creator is only for *buntu family AFAIK07:20
_schism_lol figgured as much.  thank goodness for the suse build service!  although all I run is ubuntu so its a moot point07:21
philipballewid use unetbootin07:21
M0hiI used multisystem once. But not sure about it now07:22
_schism_hmmm ya know this thing has a raid-5 on it (whatever that is) that wouldnt have anything to do with it would it?07:23
philipballewno idea. maybe M0hi knows07:24
M0hiI was reading http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1527260.html07:26
philipballewM0hi, would raid cause any network problrms you think07:28
philipballewi said no07:28
E3D3Who can make me a little wiser about partitioning for multiboot ?10:13
M0hiE3D3: share what you did/ planned to do, so that it will be easy for others to help =]10:14
E3D3I have an intern harddisc that I want to use with 4 OS's/distro's.10:31
E3D31 must be stable for a noob = Ubuntu, 2 = my unstable favorite LMDE, 3 & 4 can change (now Debian & ..? Fedora ?)10:31
M0hiE3D3: Are you planning to install more applications in any particular OS?10:35
geirhaMake a partition for each, and a swap partition they can share.10:35
E3D3M0hi: I think I will use LMDE the most but don't use big/a lot programs, and fill Ubuntu a little with some games (a rarely do). The others will be experimenting.10:37
E3D3geirha: thx10:39
geirhaThe main problem is boot loader. Every OS you install will want to install a boot loader10:44
geirhaOne way to handle that is to let one of the OS install grub on /dev/sda, the others install it on their respective partitions /dev/sda2 /dev/sda3 etc10:45
geirhaThen you set up chainload entries in the grub on /dev/sda10:45
geirhaI've done that in the past with multiple Ubuntu installs10:46
E3D3Yes, I thought also that will be the best for me. Confusing for me where the ms_dos-entries in my GRUB2, I think due to (for me new) ext4.10:48
E3D3I worked before with grub (legacy) but only with ext3 or FAT so I beter try to change one thing instead of mixing all.10:48
E3D3Thank you very much for making me wiser. I hope it will stay ;-)10:51
E3D3Last question (for today I hope): I prefer an OLD Gnome like on my Ubuntu Alternate. Instead of the new Ubuntu do I want to download the latest version with a normal Gnome. Is than 10.04 LTS Lucid the best choice to install ?10:57
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jayhalllI think I am missing something obvious here, but I cannot see it for the life of me.  I am running Ubuntu 11.04 Workstation.  It is functioning as a route/firewall for my home network.  I also use it occasionally as a workstation when no one is home.  Today I decided to connect it to the VPN at my office.  Made the connection without any problems.  My laptop is able to use the connection without any problem.  However, I cannot 18:21
holsteinjayhalll: ?18:29
jayhalllto: holstein Yes.18:31
holsteini was just making sure you knew that your message was cut off18:33
jayhalllNo I didn't.  Where was it cut off?18:34
holstein"however i cannot..."18:34
holsteinpretty much the important part18:34
jayhalllHowever, I cannot access the remote network from the Ubuntu Workstation.  I am using pppd to connect and the VPN is a PPTP VPN.  Any suggestions?18:34
holsteinjayhalll: so, you have a VPN server setup at work18:36
holsteinyou can connect to it with a laptop, and not a desktop?18:36
holsteinboth running ubuntu?18:36
jayhalllYes, a VPN is setup at work.  If I remember correctly it is running on FreeBSD 8.2 and is running mpd4 for the pptp server.18:37
holsteinwhat version of ubuntu?18:38
jayhalllMy laptop is OS X 10.5.8.  It just seems weird that one will pass through and the other will not.18:38
jayhalllUbuntu 11.04.18:38
holsteinthe laptop is *not* ubuntu?18:38
jayhalllCorrect, it is not.18:38
holsteinso, the only linux machine you have trying to connect in doesnt connect18:38
holsteinim not sure how that config looks, but you might want to try forcing an IP that the remote network would be happy with18:39
holsteincould just not be getting an ip over there18:39
jayhalllYes, the connection is established and I receive the correct IP address.  I cannot get traffic to flow over the VPN tunnel to the remote end.  It might be an iptables problem.18:39
holsteincould be FW18:40
holsteinim not "in the know" enough to say unfortunately18:40
holsteinbut, i would assuming its config, and just start at the bottom, and build up18:40
holsteinif the box is connecting, the hardware should be fine, and the tunnel is obviously possible18:41
jayhalllThanks.  I will take another look at everything and see what I can find.18:42
holsteinhave you read the wiki?18:42
holsteini have read there, but i havent had a need to implement it yet18:43
jayhalllI followed the instructions in the second link you sent.  I used the manual setup section since I could not get network manager to work.18:47
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ScottSanbartenach: Well, we have some stuff in common.  I have played with Java and C# (more C# than Java) and want to learn Python.   I have looked a little at PHP because of WordPress, and have some shell scripting experience as well in the past.22:38
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