Laibschanybody willing to share command-line tools for dealing with bug tickets?  I used to use a few in the past, but they no longer work due to changes in the API and python glue03:45
micahgLaibsch: take a look at lptools in oneiric03:46
Laibschmicahg: you mean as a template?  I don't see any commands in the package that I'd want to use directly (with the exception of lp-set-dupe)03:48
micahglp-shell could probably help03:48
LaibschThank you, I'll have a look.  Maybe the email interface can also do what I'm after.03:54
CQis there a way to set a watch on a package inteh KDE bugtracker or in launchpad? I can set notifications on bugs, but I'd like to see all bugs for a package...07:55
lifelessCQ: yes, you can subscribe to the package08:03
CQlifeless: but where? I can get to bugs, all bugs for the package etc, but don't see where to subscribe to the package...08:13
lifeless'edit bug mail' in the portlet on the right08:13
CQlifeless: weird, i dont have that... and noscript and request policy dont seem to be in the way... is this on a bug page or the package page (which I haven found)?08:15
lifelesswhat package are you looking at ?08:16
lifelessCQ: are you looking at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/knetworkmanager ?08:29
CQlifeless: no, im in the bugs.kde.org upstream08:38
lifelesswell, you asked about 'or in launchpad' :P08:41
lifelesslook in the portal on the right hand side of the url I gave08:41
lifelessthat will subscribe you to all the knetworkmanager bugs in LP08:41
CQlifeless: yeah, already did that... should be enough to catch what I want, thanks08:42
Laibschdoes upgrade from an EOL release to an LTS still constitute a valid bug?  bug 258813 for an example.08:43
ubot4Launchpad bug 258813 in davfs2 (Ubuntu) "package davfs2 1.2.1-3ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25881308:43
CQhm, there is an upstream fix in KDE, how do I know if its made it to an ubuntu package? https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=283204 knetworkmanager got anupdate from -ubuntu4 to -ubuntu5 this morning, and id like to know if this fix is in there08:50
ubot4KDE bug 283204 in cellular "network manager not connecting to umts net" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]08:50
LaibschCQ: several ways to do this.  You could try reverse-applying the patch08:53
Laibschbut the best way is probably to trace how the patch entered upstream and then Debian and then Ubuntu08:53
Laibschso, first step is to find out when and if the patch has been released upstream08:53
CQLaibsch: then it probably will take a while, the patch made it upstream last night08:55
Laibschhow can you reasonably expect it to be in Ubuntu?08:56
Laibschyou could take the patch and prepare a debdiff to release the patch to the current Ubuntu package (assuming it applies cleanly)08:56
CQLaibsch: Im a born optimist ;) ... and have a workaround08:57
kanhai am new in bug fixing and have fixed a bug.i want to know that before pushing it to launchpad do i need to create a branch in launchpad.12:24
jtayloryou just need to push your local branch to lp12:25
kanhawhile pushing a branch to launch pad i am getting error...pasted at>>>>http://pastebin.com/GtLykgbN14:12
kanhawhile pushing a branch to launch pad i am getting error...pasted at>>>>http://pastebin.com/GtLykgbN :help!14:14
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bdmurraycyphermox: I've started suspending and resuming my desktop and noticed that is much slower to get on the network than my laptop.  Any idea why this might be?21:44
cyphermoxbdmurray: nothing comes to mind just like that, could you please file a bug so I can take a look at the logs?21:45

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