kim0Morning everyone07:58
czajkowskikim0: aloha07:59
kim0czajkowski: hey there :)07:59
kim0where are the boys .. things are quite today07:59
czajkowskiaye very quiet08:00
* nigelb waves weakly08:02
nigelbNeck pain killing my monday :(08:02
mhall119sounds like nigelb had a wild weekend11:59
mhall119morning everyone11:59
nigelbmhall119: :D12:01
kim0akgraner: where did you mirror that post btw .. I'd like to keep an eye there as well12:31
akgranergoogle +12:31
kim0got it12:32
akgranercool - just thought I'd let ya know - I hope my reply wasn't rude to the person who asked the question...but didn't want other questions getting posted there without you all knowing12:32
mhall119akgraner, rude?  I can't even imagine.12:34
kim0It's a pity when I post the article on FB .. people talk there, on G+ the same ..etc12:34
kim0there needs to be an aggregated grand central of comments or somthn12:34
AlanBellmonopolies are so convenient!12:34
mhall119but I hear it's not so great12:34
akgraneryep - I wanted to say - "um did you read the article  - post questions and comments there"12:34
kim0yeah except you're not allowed to use your "comments" once you export them12:35
akgranermhall119, I'm working on being more assertive and concise...sometimes that comes across as rude when I don't mean too...12:35
AlanBellfunnily enough a comment system build on desktopcouch/U1 hosted couch would work rather well12:36
mhall119akgraner: only online, where your accent doesn't work it's magical charm12:36
mhall119we need <southern></southern> tags12:36
akgranermhall119, I had some feedback that I was too nice and didn't stand up for myself like I should  - so I'm working on that....  aww thanks :-)12:36
* mhall119 subscribes to the Winston Churchill philosophy of assertiveness12:37
akgranerwhat's that speak softly and carry a big stick kinda style12:38
akgranermhall119, you've meet me  - um whispering/speaking softly and I do not go together...plus that would give pgraner an excuse for not hearing me around the house.12:39
Pendulummhall119: I thought that predated Churchill (I'm thinking it was Teddy Roosevelt)12:40
mhall119akgraner: he's a man, he doesn't need an excuse ;)12:41
mhall119Pendulum: I think it's one of those contested quotes, but generally attributed to Churchill12:41
Pendulummhall119: weird, I've never heard Churchill with it before12:42
akgranermhall119,  - oops I wasn't supposed to laugh at that was I...inside voice reminder :-)12:42
jcastrodpm: kim0: do you guys know eric's irc nick?13:33
kim0if it wasn't in jono's email then nope13:34
dpmjcastro, no, he might still be setting it up. I remember jono asked him, but he's not answered the e-mail yet13:35
jcastroheh, no idea what time zone he's in either.13:35
jcastroI sent him my phone # just now13:35
dpmjcastro, he might be up already, jono was saying that he (jono) would usually be online later than eric13:36
jcastroara: heya13:39
arajcastro, hello!13:39
jcastroara: I need to move your plenary to tuesday13:39
arajcastro, was not already scheduled to be on Tuesday?13:39
jcastroI meant away from tuesday13:39
jcastroand on wednesday13:39
jcastrosorry I was backwards13:39
jcastroI put steve george on wednesday but he leaves after EOD on tuesday so I have to move him there13:40
arajcastro, OK, sure13:41
jcastroara: actually, Thursday will be your day, sorry!13:41
arajcastro, you need some sleep :D13:41
jcastroI am well restedt13:42
jcastroI would be this dumb with more sleep13:42
araOK, thursday it is then, no worries13:42
jcastrosteve says he'd be willing to buy you a drink in exchange for switching13:42
jcastrohigh five!13:43
jcastromhall119: so hey do you think these latest tweaks outta do it?13:46
mhall119jcastro: the latest tweaks will make it faster and less resource hungry per request13:47
mhall119whether or not that'll fix out issues I can't say, because we still don't know what exacly our issues are13:47
jcastroI should file a bug about pagination13:49
jcastrois that the right word?13:49
jcastroI just remembered13:49
jcastroDaviey: ping13:50
* akgraner guess erward is the new addition to the community team...if so WELCOME and CONGRATULATIONS....14:39
jcastrokim0: hah14:51
jcastrothe q+a turned awesome14:51
jcastro"I believe MPD is widely used music player. It would be great if ubuntu repository package was cofigured properly to play on pulseaudio. Or is there some good guide to do that?"14:51
kim0jcastro: server focused indeed :)14:51
kim0music servers are still servers eh :)14:51
jcastrothis would be a good time to show that the comments need threading14:52
kim0erward: woohoo o/ welcome aboard man14:52
kim0jcastro: I know it does yes .. trying to get that rolling .. The awesome daker is helping with that14:52
jcastroha rock14:53
jcastroask me anything about servers! Hi yes, can you help me with my wireless on my laptop?14:53
kim0jcastro: did you see this article where the guy talks about the escape angle from unity icons vs osx .. quite detailed!14:58
kim0hope someone is looking at that14:58
jcastroyeah I left a response14:58
jcastrosince apparently he didn't update14:58
jcastroso his firefox was all old14:58
jcastrothough in 11.10 it's much better since there's an update thing in the menu14:59
jonoerward, welcome!14:59
jcastrokim0: also it wasn't obvious to me how crowded and mushed our menus were until he pointed it out14:59
jcastronow it bothers me, heh14:59
kim0jcastro: yeah hehe :)14:59
kim0jcastro: and hey 11.10 is not out yet .. so ..14:59
jonokim0, all set?14:59
jonokim0, one sec, setting up the hangout15:00
jonokim0, invite sent15:02
jonodpm, all set?15:31
dpmjono, all set!15:31
dpmhi erward, welcome to the team! :-)15:33
jonodpm, invite sent15:35
dpmjono, sound sorted, can you re-send me the invite?15:39
jonodpm, that was weird15:41
jonoinvite resent15:41
dpmjono, sorry, it seems switching my gmail account closed the connection :(15:47
jonodamn Google15:48
jonodpm invite sent15:49
jcastrothis countdown guy's post on g+ is awesome16:51
nigelbjcastro: link?16:52
jcastrobah closed it16:53
jonoerward, you there?16:53
jcastroone sec16:53
jonojcastro, can we have a quick call while I drive into SF?16:55
jonojcastro, in about 15m?16:55
jcastrofo sho16:55
jonocheers, pal16:55
jcastronigelb: https://plus.google.com/112648813199640203443/posts/F87YBuPd5s816:56
jcastro2nd to the last comment16:56
jcastrothat will teach that guy to try to help!16:59
Davieyjcastro: hola17:01
jcastrohey are you in boston?17:01
jcastrok, I was just wondering17:01
jcastrohow's it looking?17:01
Davieyjcastro: pretty good17:02
DavieyT he net connection at ODS is less than adequate.17:02
jcastroah, our demo doesn't need the net so we should be good17:03
jcastroDaviey: I will see you on wednesday!17:03
erwardjono: yes, I'm here17:05
Davieyjcastro: cool17:05
jonoerward, welcome!17:07
jonoerward, can you msg me your phone number?17:07
jonoI will give you a quick call while I am heading out17:07
PendulumDaviey: you're in Boston? You didn't tell me you were coming a drivable distance from me :(17:07
czajkowskiDaviey: bring me back taffey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!17:52
kim0is it really not possible to drag some files, alt+tab and drop them on some other window18:10
nigelbkim0: possible in metacity18:19
nigelb( I think )18:20
kim0nigelb: I'm actually on u-2d .. which is metacity afaik18:20
kim0not working still18:20
kim0alt+tab useless while dragging18:20
pleia2kim0: if you have a moment - I'm doing a presentation on 11.10 next week and I was hoping you could point me to a document which outlines the huge amount of cloud-based stuff that is new/improved in 11.10, any suggestions? (otherwise I'll will poke around beta release notes and the cloud blog)18:23
kim0pleia2: sure thingy18:24
kim0pleia2: pm18:25
pleia2kim0: sure, thanks18:25
jcastromhall119: james_w: hey so linaro wants to get the ball rolling on scheduling, is there anything stopping us from turning on the blueprint importer death-o-tron?18:34
james_wjcastro, that's already on18:34
james_wthe autoscheduler currently isn't on though18:34
jcastroI think that's what they want on18:35
jcastrothat's what bacon told me krafty told him18:35
james_wI'll do that now18:35
jcastrothat's just an hourly cron right?18:36
jussijames_w: did you see my ping from the other day?18:36
james_wjussi, nope18:36
james_wjcastro, every 15 minutes I think, but yeah18:36
james_wjcastro, it's turned on, running at :20 and :5018:37
jussijames_w: http://paste.ubuntu.com/701867/18:37
jcastrojames_w: will it run in 12 minutes or does it start now?18:38
james_wjcastro, in 12 minutes18:38
james_wnow you can tell Bacon to tell krafty to tell whoever :-)18:38
james_wjussi, sounds ok to me18:38
jussichinese whispers!!!18:38
james_wI don't think we are using those names anywhere18:39
jussijames_w: ok, thanks18:39
james_wI do fear what renaming will do though18:39
james_wshould work fine, but it may duplicate them :-)18:39
jussijames_w: yeah, someone didnt check and decided to change them without telling other people...18:41
* jussi points to #canonical-sysadmin18:41
popeyjcastro: that google+ thread is the single most depressing thing I've seen in ages.18:51
jcastrothat guy's page is on engadget.com right now18:51
jcastroso really, haters be hatin'18:52
jcastropopey: getting dogpiled by the haters = signs that your work is working.18:53
czajkowskifor me I see canonical as community I'm tired of going to events and being asked am I canonical or community when in most cases we all work on Ubuntu18:57
czajkowskiso I dont like the differencation of Canonical Or Community, they are the same18:57
popeyhaha jcastro18:59
popeyjcastro: also http://www.thisisntthecountdown.com/18:59
jcastroczajkowski: yeah, people treat you different18:59
jcastrolike I went to this lug meeting18:59
jcastroand I purposely didn't say what I do18:59
popeysome of us decoded it a while ago :D18:59
jcastro"I work on ubuntu"18:59
jcastroand then people were all like "OMG MINT"19:00
jcastrothen at the end one of them asked me who I work for and I was like "Canonical."19:00
jcastrothen all of a sudden it's like "omg welcome to our group!"19:00
czajkowskijcastro: is how I see it http://www.lczajkowski.com/2011/09/24/why-i-love-to-meet-more-ubuntu-people/19:00
jcastroI think it was that texas guy19:02
jcastrowho writes all those extremist posts about linux19:02
AlanBellneed more loco team related marketing getting into Canonical19:02
jcastrowas flaming ubuntu a bunch19:02
jcastroand then when he learned robbie works for canonical all of  a sudden he wants a  bunch of money for his project, haha19:02
jcastroOMG YES19:04
czajkowskiahh I knew there was a reason I blocked fab on G+ he's noisey19:05
czajkowskiand another reason why i don't use identi.ca any more19:05
jcastroczajkowski: exactly, I was just telling popey last week19:06
jcastrothe best way to avoid trolling is to not use Free Software services19:06
jcastrosad really...19:06
jcastroif you block someone19:06
jcastrodoes it stop them from commenting on your posts?19:07
AlanBellI think it does, yes19:07
jcastropopey: aha! That's the part I was missing19:07
jcastrohmm, it's not obvious to me how to block someone19:08
AlanBellas far as I know identi.ca and diaspora don't have like/+1/dent/hug type buttons available to use on websites19:08
AlanBellthere really should be a hug button on some service :)19:09
jcastrooh, looks like you need to follow a person to block them?19:11
popeyI find the "I don't care" bit irritating19:16
popeyin fabs threads19:17
popeyhe generally gets corrected, told how to fix the thing he rants about then ends with "I don't care"19:17
popeyIMO if you dont care, STFU19:17
popeyI have re-heated ribs19:19
popeyI win19:19
mhall119jussi: dashes is room names breaks irc?19:34
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jcastroAlanBell: hah20:28
jcastrothat dude is getting more press with his countdown than like the rest of us put together, lol20:29
AlanBelland it appears there is more stuff to come20:29
AlanBellbecause it *isn't* counting down to the release20:30
AlanBellmhall119: cracked the code yet?20:30
jcastroany idea what it's counting down to?20:30
AlanBell<body class="NzcgNmYgNzIgNmMgNjQgMjAgNzMgNzAgNjEgNjMgNjUgMjAgNjEgNjcgNjUgNmUgNjMgNzkgMjAgNmYgNzIgNjc">  <- secret message20:31
popeyi believe its counting down to the start of the 'game'20:31
jcastro"official countdown"20:34
AlanBellit certainly isn't!20:34
AlanBellhowever there *is* someone at canonical who is in on the joke to some extent20:34
jcastroI'm loving the rumors20:35
AlanBelljono may have been a little over categorical about canonical having nothing to do with it20:36
popeyblog it :D20:38
popeycorrect the people20:39
popeydo an xkcd 38620:39
mhall119AlanBell: no, work got in the way20:44
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jonoerward, I think it dropped21:14
jonowill kick off another hangout21:14
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=== erward_ is now known as erward
akgranerjcastro will UDS be like last year as far as plenaries go - ie Linaro mixed with Ubuntu and stuff...22:25
akgranerworking on film stuff...interviews etc...22:27
akgranerand will it be the same film crew we've been using in the past - or are you not the person to ask atm?22:28

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