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slashtomgood morning08:40
airurandohi slashtom08:40
airurandoSunday 23rd is good for me :)08:40
airurandobarring something else weird cropping up!08:41
airurandodo you reckon a Sunday is as good as a Saturday?08:42
* slashtom and ebel have found a suitable venue. café in temple bar with plenty of room and a reasonable menu08:42
slashtomwell, a sunday might exclude the hard-core religious, but you're always going to end up excluding someone :)08:43
airurandomorning ebel08:43
airurandoindeed slashtom.08:43
airurandoI was just wondering about it.  mu gut feeling is that Sat would be better than Sun.08:44
airurandoBut Sun is better than none!!08:44
slashtomhttp://www.openstreetmap.org/?mlat=53.344944&mlon=-6.263538&zoom=18&layers=M - central enough?08:57
airurandospot on.09:02
airurandoWill I generate the LoCo dir listing for this UH?09:02
airurandosay 3pm Sun 23rd in Cappuccino?09:03
slashtomor 2.30pm?09:05
slashtomyou would be travelling the furthest...09:06
airurando2 pm is fine.09:08
airurandowe will go with that so.09:08
airurandoI'll generate the event but I'd appreciate it if you and ebel could pimp it.09:09
ebelsure sure09:09
* airurando feels his promotion efforts hinder ubuntu-ie events.09:10
czajkowskiairurando: I don't think so at all09:10
czajkowskiairurando: I think you do a good job09:10
airurandoczajkowski you are kind but that's the way I feel.09:13
* airurando gets annoyed with the silverlight requirement for the RWC website video content.09:13
airurandothe dreaded rugby09:15
airurandodon't mean to bother you with this slashtom09:16
slashtomisn't the stuffs on the rté player?09:16
ebelairurando: you help, i cannot understand how you could be hindrance09:16
airurandoslashtom. Most of it but not all of it.09:17
airurandomoonlight doesn't cut it either.09:18
airurandoebel: as slashtom is not available for selection as the 'event contact' on the LoCo dir I'm going to put you in. I hope that is ok.09:42
ebelsure no problem09:42
slashtomhehe, i'm not available!!?09:46
airurandopimp it people! pimp it!!10:05
airurandooh and sign up.10:05
airurandoI won't sign up until I see others.10:06
slashtomtis more useful if people signup for the release party10:08
slashtomas we need to book a table(s)10:08
slashtomtdr112 has already told me he is coming10:09
BenChapmanLooking forward to that!10:09
BenChapmanprovided I've moved into Dublin at that stage...10:10
airurandoslashtom I won't be at the restaurant.10:12
airurandoI'll hook up with you all later.10:13
airurandopressure at work that weekend as 2 shift members are off.10:13
airurandoI reckon I won't get into town until 8pm at the earliest.10:17
slashtomi don't know where we would be going afterwards10:20
slashtomBenChapman: when are you planning on moving into town?10:21
BenChapmanslashtom: as soon as I can :P10:21
BenChapmanonly factor on that is 1) My boss paying me the money I'm owed for the last month, and 2) people responding to my emails10:22
slashtomah, good luck10:23
BenChapmanthank you :)10:23
BenChapmanhopefully it will be by then!10:23
slashtompeople seem to respond better to facebook these days :)10:23
airurandoslashtom infoturtle controls the ubuntu-ie facebook page10:24
BenChapmanslashtom: Sadly daft only lets you use a form... which is crap10:31
slashtomoh, for landlords?10:41
slashtombeware, many landlords do not check their email number often [sic]10:41
slashtomespecially when the landlord is someone like a retired teacher10:42
BenChapmanslashtom: Not a landlord, it's the "Sharing" section. No phone number given. One of them is a googler apparently, so I'd expect email to be checked regularly enough12:12
ebeltrying to find a place to share can be a pain in the hole. Since people don't reply to things, etc.12:15
BenChapmanebel: Just realised the place has disappeared off Daft... that would explain12:18
BenChapmanBtw, if anyone knows someone looking for someone to share an apartment with, please let me know :P13:42
delcoyoteTribaal, was looking i think BenChapman14:02
BenChapmanhmmm Thank you, will bear in mind :)14:02
delcoyoteno bother14:03
delcoyoteis that dojo active in Dublin still? BenChapman14:03
BenChapmanIt is indeed, every Saturday14:03
delcoyoteat the same place?14:03
delcoyoteI should pop in some Saturday.. if I'm not working..14:04
BenChapmanYup, though we're looking to change locations within the next two months to a purpose designed space.. but more on that when we have definite details14:05
BenChapmanfor now it's in the Guinness Enterprise Centre14:05
delcoyotethanks.. early morning?14:05
BenChapmannoon until 3pm14:06
BenChapmanlooking forward to seeing you there! Hopefully.14:06
delcoyotenot this Saturday :-(14:06
BenChapmanHeh, working then?14:06
delcoyotebut I will try the next one.. if I am able to go14:06
delcoyoteworking yes, until 4:30pm14:07
BenChapmancool cool14:07
delcoyotegoing to add this to my agenda... loosing bytes lately14:08
delcoyotethanks by the way14:10
BenChapmanheh, no problem... hopefully it'll lead to more people supporting us etc.. :D14:11
tdr112anyone know of problems on updating to 11.04 for wifi15:15
tdr112my mother laptop wifi has stopped working , i need to try and fix it over the phone15:15
czajkowskitdr112: nope shoul be just fine16:36
BenChapmantdr112: I had a slight problem with mine, fixed on reinstall16:42
tdr112i guess she will have to wait until i can get down to see her , he does not like the new ui17:26
tdr112"cant find anything"17:26
czajkowskitdr112: get her to share her desktop with you17:52
czajkowskitdr112: ask popey how he manages his mumbuntu install17:52
delcoyoteIt is a shock from the old GUI to the new Unity or whatever it's name is23:35

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