m4vI think the factoid !ar should be removed, or edited so it points to !arabic, the rest of the spanish LoCos don't have their own factoid and spanish users are told to join #ubuntu-es anyway.00:00
ubottues aliases: spanish, espanol, spain - added by Seveas on 2006-06-18 01:16:12 - last edited by Myrtti on 2010-02-09 18:29:2900:01
ubottuLa comunidad local de Argentina se puede encontrar en #ubuntu-ar y en su canal de offtopic: #ubuntu-ar-cafe00:02
rwwm4v: I think this gets into the whole LoCo channel vs. support channel thing that we never really made consistant.00:03
m4vlast time I checked, !ar was the only factoid for a spanish loco, other locos are mx, ve, cl, pe, co, ni00:03
m4v... I'm forgetting some I think00:03
m4vrww: yeah00:04
m4vrww: however, I still think !ar is useless in #ubuntu00:04
m4vpeople looking for the argentinian loco are most likely to ask in #ubuntu-es00:05
rwwUnless we decide we need a factoid on ar-the-archive-utility, I don't think it's something to care about :\00:05
m4vmostly I'm pointing it because is a common mistake to call !ar when they actually want !arabic00:06
rwwI disagree with us clashing with the ISO 3166-1 a-2 list and pointing !ar at !arabic.00:06
rwwSome of our helpers repeatedly mix up Switzerland and China too, and I'm not renaming those factoids either :P00:07
m4vok, but the iso-thing argument is not enough, we're clashing it already, !es points to the spanish channel instead of the Spanish LoCo.00:09
Flannel!mx | m4v00:09
rwwimho !es should have information on both.00:09
FlannelHmm, I could swear we had a !mx at one point00:09
FlannelBut, we have the same dilemma with br vs pt00:10
m4vrww: the Spanish LoCo is also dead, but sure.00:10
rwwm4v: then maybe that's why it doesn't point to the Spanish LoCo :P00:11
IdleOnem4v: you have admin access. olvida lo00:11
m4vIdleOne: admin access? where, on ubottu?00:11
IdleOnebut I agree if the !art is causing confusion then perhaps it should be forgotten00:11
IdleOneerr !ar00:12
rwwimho, use {!$foo | $foo is an ISO 3166-1 a-2 code} for LoCo channels, and {!$foo | $foo is an ISO 639-1 code} for language support channels. In case of conflicts, include both on one factoid.00:12
IdleOnem4v: you don't?00:12
m4vIdleOne: I use it strictly for fix ubottu, not for edit factoids, since that's core ops thing00:13
rwwwhich scheme has the benefit that it's mostly what we do anyway :P00:13
IdleOnem4v: I know. I was kidding mostly00:13
rwwit also has the advantage that it would annoy #ubuntu-uk, but... ;)00:14
IdleOneare you plotting against the queen again?00:18
Unit193Odd cloak...05:30
Tm_Tstandard defocus cloak I'd say05:33
rwwUnit193: sometimes the defocus fairies get bored and change peoples hostmasks.05:34
Unit193Heh, this is news to me05:35
rwwIt's happened a bit more often of late.05:35
Unit193Just of trolls?05:35
rwwI had a .../defocus.werewolf.rww cloak for a few days, I'll leave you to judge whether I'm a troll :P05:39
Tm_Trww: you're defocus user...05:39
* Tm_T hides05:39
rwwTm_T: ;)05:40
Unit193rww: Oh yeah ;) Get the sound of drums out of your head05:41
rwwis that a reference to what I think that's a reference to?05:41
rwwbecause if so, you'll rise up about 50 places in the rww scoreboard of IRC users05:41
Unit193It's been running in my head all week...05:42
popeyrww: speaking of iso, why is -gb invite only? it should forward to -uk shoudln't it06:29
rwwpopey: if you're in #targetchannel, +if #targetchannel gives you the "invite only" error message.06:30
Tm_Tas in, it cannot redirect to a channel you're already in06:36
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