grantbowhello ebel10:30
ebelhello grantbow10:30
grantbowCan you make it to the Ubuntu Hour this thursday in Nairobi?10:30
grantbowI just emailed the list today.10:31
ebelAh, I'm afraid not, I'm quite a distance away.... in Ireland. ☺10:32
ebelGood to see there's some  activity going on.10:32
ebelI was in Kenya in 2008 teaching ubuntu/linux, so I've added #ubuntu-ke to my IRC autojoin. ☺10:33
grantbowcool! I'm in  Nairobi for another two months from the San Francisco area of California.10:34
ebelI was in mombasa area. never spent much time in nairobi10:37
ebelI was involved with an irish charity (camara) that sends 2nd hand computers to schools in africa. they put linux on them of course.10:38
ebelThey have a hub/workshop in Kenya, but in Mombasa AFAIR10:38
ebelThere might camara people/schools/local volunteers in nairobi, if you wanna get in touch10:39
grantbowinteresting! In SF I work with a computer recycler http://mcrc.org that provides hardware for our Linux in schools nonprofit http://partimus.org10:39
* ebel spent a month showing teaching local volunteers in mombasa how to use linux and ubuntu and stuff10:39
grantbowI would love to get in touch with folks in Kenya.10:39
grantbowMaybe I can help give them a refresher course :-)10:40
grantbowor learn from them by now10:40
ebelping someone there10:42
grantbowOK! Thanks. ebel, are you familiar with http://loveshackkenya.ie and Karen Ward who is also staying at http://Dreamfish.com like I am?10:50

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