YoBoYgood morning05:47
philipballewgood evening05:52
NRWlionhey there08:05
NRWlionhey there15:05
akgranerYoBoy - can you give me the link to the French translation of UWN15:07
akgranerI'd like to look at the previous/next text you all use on your pages15:08
* akgraner goes back to UWN summaries :-)15:08
YoBoYit's not on the french translation of uwn we use that15:08
akgranerahh I misunderstood then...oops15:09
YoBoYwe actualy are not translating uwn since... better not look at it ^^"15:09
akgranerhehe no worries15:09
akgranerdo you have previous and next on any of your wiki pages?15:09
YoBoYwe use it on our frnech documentation http://doc.ubuntu-fr.org/oneiric <<15:09
akgranerahhh ok15:09
akgranerjust adding looking into it on my todo list and needed a place to start :-)15:10
akgranerYoBoY, thank you!15:10
YoBoYbut be carreful, it's not a moinmoin wiki, it's a dokuwiki, not the same syntax15:10
YoBoY(and I have a css bug to fix xD )15:10
NRWlionanything to do here?15:11
YoBoYNRWlion: hugs to everyone :)15:11
* philipballew wonders the same15:15
* NRWlion hugs every1 in the room15:15
NRWlionakgraner: did you see my comment on the leadership doc on google docs?15:16
akgraneryep - just haven't gotten there yet today :-)15:17
akgranerphilipballew, I haven't started the spread sheet yet if you want to set that up...15:18
akgraneror would you rather I did - I'm a little behind...heck one second  - I'll snag you the link15:18
akgraneror rather a link15:18
philipballewakgraner, alright. i can look at it today.15:20
akgranerfeel free to change it  :-)  that's just the basic start15:22
NRWlionakgraner: if approved i'd like to give some comments on that spreadsheet too15:23
akgranerno need to be approved :-)  just jump in :-)15:24
akgranerall feedback is welcome and encourage15:24
akgranerjust wanted to work on finding resources we can point people to and use ourselves when adapting a skill set to the Ubuntu Community etc15:25
* akgraner heads back to summaries :-)15:26
philipballewwell off to my day! ill be bacl on around 515:27
NRWlionakgraner: may i steal a minute of your time pls?16:12
NRWlionhave some points i'd like to discuss on the leadership skills spreadsheet you linked!16:13
akgranerI can't right this second trying to get UWN wrapped up before this afternoon.  Can we go over it tomorrow - or later once UWN is out if you are still online and available?16:14
NRWlionhow long will you need to wrap the UWN?16:15
akgranerat least another hour...pulling the stats now and it will still need to be reviewed by the team16:15
NRWlioncopy that16:16
NRWlioni will place myself in front of TV now16:16
NRWlionbut i can take my ipad with me to be available16:16
akgranergreat - thank you16:19
akgranerwill ping you on IRC once I am finished16:19
NRWlionreporting back17:24
akgranerNRWlion, ok :-)17:25
akgranerwaiting on a review of UWN now we've got all the information in there17:25
akgranerso what's up - I saw your comments on the spreadsheet - all of them good points17:25
akgranerthat list is in no particular order17:26
NRWlionjust wanted to give you the opportunity to ask questions17:26
akgranerand while we would like to prevent burnout we have to acknowledge that right now we have an undercurrent of frustration and burnout in the community17:26
NRWlionakgraner: as my english isnt the best one i would guarantee to be clear ;)17:26
akgranerahh I understood - your English is awesome!17:27
NRWliondo my comments fit ? i mean are they helpful for you guys to work on?17:28
akgranerWe need to move things around some and put them in a better order - you have a lot of amazing insight on this..17:28
akgranerNRWlion, they are great!17:28
akgranerfeel free to add any comments you think of - between now and UDS we are trying to get as much information gathered and some put somewhere so we can emerge from UDS with a solid plan for the -P (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS) cycle17:29
NRWlionakgraner: my problem is, i need to be pointed to things you guys need my "expertise" on ;)17:31
NRWlionakgraner: anything else you want my opinion on?17:32
akgranerNRWlion, well other than the spreadsheet the other resources are listed in my blog post and I think on the wiki - but I have to double check that though.17:33
NRWlionakgraner: feel free to drop me a line on jens.leineweber@googlemail.com if you need me17:34
akgranerwill do17:34
* akgraner is thinking17:34
akgranerNRWlion, do you feel comfortable re-arranging the skill set list to some logical order17:35
NRWlionakgraner: which one?17:35
akgranerhow about the spread sheet17:36
akgranerand we'll leave the document as is - a place to add brainstorming thoughts to the list17:37
CheeseheadWhat's the link to that spreadsheet? I don't see it among my notes...17:39
akgranerCheesehead, that's b/c I just added it :)17:40
akgranerone second17:40
Cheeseheadakgraner: Thank you!17:40
NRWlionCheesehead: i felt free to put some input of my own into it as my studies are containing a major subject in leadership17:41
akgranerCheesehead, you're welcome17:41
CheeseheadNRWlion: Thank you for adding!17:41
akgranerI wanted a place where people could add resource links to the various skill sets listed on the document17:41
akgranerNRWlion, has some great feedback and I believe is going to put the list via the spreadsheet into a logical order of sorts17:42
NRWlionCheesehead: dont thank me before reading my comments ;)17:42
NRWlionmaybe you disagree with me ;)17:42
akgranerand we'll keep the document for ad hoc brainstorming  - as people think of more skills etc17:42
CheeseheadNRWlion: My preferred conflict-resolution method involves beverages, pizza, and karaoke. If I disagree, is that method of resoultion okay?17:45
NRWlionCheesehead: sorry i dont get you atm?17:45
NRWlionCheesehead: what do you mean ?17:48
* Cheesehead is looking over the spreadsheet comments17:48
* NRWlion is a little confused about the beverages thing17:48
CheeseheadNRWlion: Sorry I said it poorly. I meant to say that disagreements are not a problem17:49
NRWlionCheesehead: so what is it then?17:50
akgranerCheesehead, I think what NRWlion means is they can be...if not handled correctly17:50
Cheeseheadakgraner: A great summation. Agreed.17:51
* Cheesehead is still catching back up from the weekend activities.17:51
NRWlionsorry folks but i am still not able to get the point ... and that annoyes me17:52
* Cheesehead is crafting a clearer version...one moment please17:52
akgranerNRWlion, don't be annoyed...I am sorry if I put an incorrect summation of your point here...17:53
CheeseheadNRWlion: In the past I have been in lots of groups and on lots of teams. There were people I disagreed with. Usually, we would sit down and have a pizza and beer (beverage) and figure out the problem. We *always* get the problem resolved...17:54
NRWlionakgraner: dont be ... it simply "annoyes" me not to know with point of my comments your guys are talking about ;)17:54
Cheesehead...So I do not forsee any disagreement we cannot work out pretty quickly.17:54
NRWlionCheesehead: the point is, that a good leader needs to prevent and incude possible disagreements of his / her co-workers17:55
CheeseheadAn excellent point. Agreed.17:55
akgranerNRWlion totally agree with you there17:56
NRWlionand to prevent those disagreements he needs to establish a plan of action17:56
NRWlionthis plan of action needs to fit into the specialities of the team members17:56
akgranerI think you can't possible plan for everything but being able to look at any given situation from as many points as possible helps17:56
NRWlionand because you can not know everyones speciality i recommend to have a kind of assessment centre to filter the ones who fit and those who dont17:57
akgranerNRWlion, sometimes you won't know what those specialties are in the beginning...and the community and community teams are very fluid and undulating in the way people's contributions work...17:57
CheeseheadPart of recruiting (or orientation) is to figure out what skills and resources people want to contribute.17:58
NRWlionakgraner: agreed on your point BUT, if you try to establish a transparent plan of action (in this term: establish a transparent way to have the possible teammembers a look on what is needed17:58
akgranerNRWlion, I think we have to operate in the community as there *is* a place for everyone  - we just have to try to find all those places (or as many as possible) - I think that's called setting the expectations17:59
NRWlionCheesehead: that is why i sort a recommend this assessment centre which gives you a proper way on the qualifications17:59
akgranerwe can't tell people what they should think but we can set expectations etc17:59
NRWlionakgraner: now you got my point *happy*17:59
NRWlionhave you guys ever heard about assessment centres?18:00
CheeseheadPerhaps not by that name.18:00
CheeseheadMany concepts have multiple names.18:00
NRWlionCheesehead: hang on, maybe i have some online literature about it18:01
akgranernope  - but maybe like Cheesehead said there might be another name for it18:01
NRWlionhave a read on this link i posted18:02
NRWlionmaybe this clears some of your questions18:02
* Cheesehead is reading...18:03
CheeseheadI've seem them variously called intake assessments, orientation questionaires, and a few other names.18:05
CheeseheadI do informal interviewing to get that information.18:05
akgraneryep- I don't think we would get far in the community with people being assets formally18:06
CheeseheadOne key to new team-members is gaining trust before asking them a bunch of questions. That's why use informal interviweing. The give-and-take and personal relationship builds the trust.18:06
akgranerI know I would probably not like the idea of that18:06
Cheeseheadakgraner: It could be sold in much frendlier terms...18:07
akgranerCheesehead, nods - NRWlion however I think that leaders should know about how to do this informally18:07
akgranerwe all do it...18:07
NRWlionakgraner: agreed18:07
akgranersome just better than others18:07
akgranerI like the resource/reference though18:07
* NRWlion likes the productive environment between akgraner and Cheesehead and himself18:07
* Cheesehead too18:08
akgranerthanks me too - but everyone in here works like this - just not everyone is in front of IRC at the same times...18:08
NRWlionakgraner: i am simply happy to have found a team to contribute as an expert after my past here in this community wasnt the best one ... you remember my story, dont you?18:10
NRWlionthat is why i wrote this18:10
CheeseheadSome kind of intake (including orientation, skill assessment, etc) to new members is definitely part of successful recruiting. Else the new member just walks away bored.18:10
akgranerI do :-) and thank you for your feedback18:10
akgranerwe'll just have to work it out together...and I think this group should be able to demonstrate that18:11
NRWlionakgraner: as i am quite busy at the moment could you fill in Cheesehead?18:11
* Cheesehead sees his name and is puzzled. Fill in?18:12
* Cheesehead scrolls back to see what he missed...18:12
NRWlionCheesehead: it isnt mentioned in here18:12
NRWlionthe story akgraner and I talked about is back in 201018:13
NRWlionand early 201118:13
* Cheesehead realizes he has been fooled by a wrapped line.18:14
CheeseheadIt was "Fill in X", not "Fill in, X". I'm the recipient, not the participant.18:15
akgranerhe guys brb - need to be afk for a few18:15
CheeseheadGoodness. What I wrote confused *me*18:15
akgranerthanks NRWlion and I am glad this team is working out better for you...18:16
* Cheesehead uses a time machine to go back 5 minutes in time and do it all over properly.18:16
akgranerCheesehead, share the time machine I'm also in need of one :-)  bbiab...18:17
NRWlionakgraner: i will change my identity to get rid of the bad memories18:17
=== NRWlion is now known as SilverLion
CheeseheadSilverLion is a great name.18:18
SilverLionstarting to write my profiles etc new18:20
SilverLionCheesehead: to get to know me better: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/nrwlion-testimonials18:21
CheeseheadMy wiki page is incomplete...I plan to apply in perhaps the spring. But some other stuff is at https://plus.google.com/11642844857340303818418:23
CheeseheadOh, something came up. Must go...18:25
* Cheesehead departs for a couple hours18:25
SilverLionCheesehead: look for Jens Leineweber on G+ and you will find me ;)18:25
NRWlionaloha i am back after my internet connection crashed ;)19:21
NRWlionanybody there?19:52
NRWlionhey yoboy how is everything?19:56
YoBoYwell, fine I think19:57
akgranerThought I'd share with you all - this just ended up in my twitter feed - 12 Most Effective Habits of “Social People” - http://12most.com/2011/08/17/12-effective-habits-social-people-2/20:03
NRWlionakgraner: while i am working to update my main desktop to the "new" stable lubuntu I will write down some thoughts about leadership ... but attention these are my personal opinion and not founded with resources to depend on20:06
akgranerno worries :-) we all have thoughts on Leadership :-)20:07
akgranerThank you!20:08
NRWlionakgraner: here is one more link for you to read (went through my university stuff and found it)20:10
NRWlionakgraner: need your help20:21
akgranerwhat's up...just published UWN and I have to get one email out....it will be an hour or so before I have some free time20:22
akgranerbut happy to ping you when I am finished - it's a good article...20:22
NRWlionakgraner: just a simple question: I am asked to apply for ubuntu beginners team and would like to hear your opinion ... you know me a bit now and as we are working together that productively I would love to have a testimonial from you20:23
akgranerI think you have a lot to offer...I can give a testimonial if you'd like - which area of the BT are you applying for?  Or just overall membership - not sure how it's organized these days20:25
akgranerNRWlion, where do I need to send the testimonial too?20:25
NRWlionhang on a sec20:25
NRWlionhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/nrwlion-testimonials << there would be lovely20:26
NRWlionCheesehead: ping!20:26
bkerensaakgraner: <c_smith> +and that we're in the weekly newsletter is awesome! :D20:29
NRWlionwho is "we" bkerensa20:30
bkerensaUbuntu Oregon LoCo20:30
NRWlionbkerensa: kk20:31
NRWlionyeah ^^ my mentor at ubt just approved my application for Ubuntu Beginners Team21:08
akgranersweet - congratulations21:20
NRWlionakgraner: that is why i need your support for ;)21:20
NRWlionakgraner: if you have the time (i know you are busy as hell ;) ) i would appreciate it if you could give me a testimonial and talk to the s-fox (my mentor) about our co-op21:21
akgranersure - I'll add it to my list - if you don't see anything on your wiki (by 7am EST - my time) then I'll get it after noon my time tomorrow :-)21:22
NRWlionhey mentor s-fox ;)21:33
NRWlionakgraner: pls meet the s-fox (my mentor at UBT)21:34
akgranerhi s-fox!21:34
akgranerI read your blog often - thanks for all the interviews btw -)21:34
s-foxI suppose I should also come in here to find out what this channel is for, though NRWlion  is the main reason I am currently here :)21:35
* NRWlion is flattered ^^21:35
NRWlionakgraner: i talk to s-fox about my contribution and mentioned that you would be the perfect person to ask about my work here at the leadership team21:35
s-foxThe forum council got DarkwingDuck's email, I would like to hear more21:35
akgranergreat  - let me get you the link to the wiki where posts about the group have been added21:36
akgraners-fox, will you be online and in IRC for a while longer I have to finish an email right quick21:37
s-foxOkay,until 23:00 UTC I shall be online21:37
* NRWlion stays online that long if needed21:39
s-foxNRWlion: I said I would add my support ;) I know the time is bad for you21:40
NRWlions-fox i am re-installing my main desktop21:41
akgraners-fox - NRWlion I'll add a testimonial  - s-fox feel free to join in on the efforts of the leadership team....21:44
akgranerwe need to update the forums thread and add more information it it21:44
akgranerto it even...21:44
NRWlionakgraner: which side did you add the testimonial on? i dont see it in my wiki21:45
akgranerI haven't yet21:45
NRWlionah ^^ ok21:45
akgranerI am in the middle of something21:45
NRWlioni misinterpreted the I'll into a I've21:46
akgranerno worries21:46
s-foxakgraner: we created the sub forum at DarkwingDuck 's request, no threads have been created in it.  http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=41121:46
akgraners-fox yep I just realized that today :-(21:46
akgranerI'll add that to my to do list and get it updated...21:47
akgranerthen find someone to help keep it updated...:-)  Just a busy time for everyone right now with 11.10 about to be released...21:48
s-foxakgraner:  Do you have a forums account?21:49
NRWlions-fox need help with the ubuntu forums as well :(21:49
NRWlionmy passwort and email isnt recognized21:49
s-foxI will have a look NRWlion21:49
NRWlionthx man21:49
akgraners-fox yep I post UWN :-)21:51
s-foxNRWlion:  Taken care of.21:52
s-foxakgraner:  So, what can the forum council help the ubuntu leadership project with?21:53
NRWlionkk thx21:53
akgranerDarkwingDuck, or Cheesehead can you assist s-fox please it's going to be a few minutes before I can answer...21:56
* Cheesehead returns22:03
CheeseheadScrolling back...22:03
CheeseheadHello, s-fox. Thanks for coming by.22:05
CheeseheadSeems like my forum account works properly.22:07
Cheeseheads-fox: The forum council can help us in a few ways. First, by providing feedback.22:09
s-foxOn what exactly do you want feedback on?22:09
CheeseheadGreat question - trying to say it just right...one moment please...22:10
CheeseheadAck. So much to say, and a few distractions here...22:11
NRWlionam i needed here ?22:12
NRWlionotherwise i would love to see my pillow ;)22:12
CheeseheadNRWlion: Your input is always welcome, but I undersand the call of the night very well. You're busy - get some rest.22:13
NRWlions-fox you need my for now? or are we clear about my application?22:13
NRWlion@ Cheesehead: s-fox is my mentor for ubuntu-beginners-team and working on my application for membership22:14
s-foxCheesehead:  I am here for 2 reasons.22:15
s-foxFirst to hear from akgraner about how NRWlion  has been helping this project and second, to find out how the forum council can assist.22:16
CheeseheadI can talk the second reason.22:16
CheeseheadThe forum community, from my outsider persective, seems cohesive and consistent.22:16
CheeseheadGood moderation.22:16
NRWlionCheesehead: you can talk the first reason too ^^ you have seen my comments and stuff didnt you?22:17
* Cheesehead laughs22:18
CheeseheadI certainly can.22:18
CheeseheadI have about 10 minutes before I must leave this location, so to business!22:18
CheeseheadDoes the forum council, or leaders in the forums community, talk much about good leaders or leadership?22:19
NRWlionwell then go for it ^^22:19
s-foxTo an extent, yes Cheesehead .22:21
s-foxThe forum moderators and administrators often talk about how to best handle some situations that occur.22:22
s-foxGood leadership falls under good advice22:22
CheeseheadIt shows. Whenever I see moderation (rarely), it's consistent and effective, no matter who the mod is.22:23
* Cheesehead is suddenly deluged by a couple unexpected events22:24
CheeseheadMy apologies, I must step out for a couple hours again.22:24
CheeseheadHappy to pick this up again at your convenience.22:25
s-foxSome moderators wait for input from others before acting22:25
s-foxI am likely to be gone by the time you return. I will continue to wait for akgraner22:25
CheeseheadWe hope to share the best practices and lessons learned from across the community. I suspect the forums have a lot of both to share.22:25
akgraners-fox - I am tied up for a while longer can we just chat tomorrow?  Rather you have to wait for me - I'll add to NRWlion wiki page as well22:26
* Cheesehead departs22:27
s-foxWhen do you propose?22:27
akgranerI'll be gone from 1100 UTC until 1600 UTC22:29
akgranerso anytime between 1600 UTC  - 1900 UTC then 2100  UTC- forward22:30
NRWlionfolks i will be online from 2000 UTC till 22 UTC because i have two 24 hr shifts coming up this week22:30
s-fox2200 UTC is when I expect to be available akgraner .22:31
akgranergreat  - then let's shoot for that then22:31
akgranerI'll add it to my calendar - thanks s-fox...22:32

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