c7pyes i think00:01
c7pbtw when you get the branch00:02
c7pthe tex file that you ll be working on is under working-with-ubuntu folder (named "using-instant-messaging.tex")00:03
tomswartz07ok. splendid! Ill pull the branch tonight and ill look over it. perhaps tomorrow ill start in on it?00:04
c7pit's up to you :)00:05
c7palso don't misunderstand us if we don't respond to pings, or there isn't anyone in channel talking00:06
tomswartz07i understand- ive had my irc window open for 5 days now. haha00:07
c7phehe we are alike00:10
c7pi g2g, good night00:12
tomswartz07goodnight c7p00:14
c7psee you all00:15
godbykSee you later, c7p!00:15
tomswartz07im having trouble making the pdf from source, and i dont quite understand why.00:36
tomswartz07can anyone verify that the newest bzr sync can be built?00:37
tomswartz07:~/Documents/ubuntu-manual$ make00:37
tomswartz07basename: extra operand `frontmatter'00:37
tomswartz07Try `basename --help' for more information.00:37
tomswartz07bzr version-info --custom --template="\\\revinfo{{revno}}{{date}}" > revision.tex00:37
tomswartz07xelatex --output-driver="xdvipdfmx -V 5" main00:37
tomswartz07/bin/bash: xelatex: command not found00:37
tomswartz07whoop- this uses xelatex?00:38
godbyktomswartz07: Yeah, it requires xelatex.01:53
godbyktomswartz07: You'll also want the latest upstream version instead of the Ubuntu packages.01:53
godbyk(The Ubuntu packages are woefully out of date and incomplete to boot.)01:53
godbyktomswartz07: Installation instructions for the upstream TeX Live can be found here: http://ubuntu-manual.org/getinvolved/authors#install-texlive01:54
tomswartz07splendid! thanks! Ill read up on it all01:56
godbyktomswartz07: Let me know if you hit any snags.01:56
godbyktomswartz07: One gotcha: Make sure that you have the TeX Live installer create the symlinks or you'll regret it. :-)01:56
tomswartz07ok- i wont get to this till tomorrow, so ill def let you know02:00
godbyktomswartz07: No problem. Thanks for your help!02:00
tomswartz07sure! :)02:01
nisshhc7p, hey dude12:08
c7phey nisshh, how are you ?12:09
nisshhim good12:10
nisshhand you?12:10
c7pfine :)12:14
* c7p sorry for late response, i'm writing an e-mail12:14
nisshhjust grabbing the code now12:15
c7phave you looked on what chapter/ section could you work on ?12:15
c7pah ok12:15
nisshhwell, you let me know what needs the most attention, ill be happy with that12:16
nisshhbefore i stopped working on the manual completely, i was managing the credits and glossary12:17
nisshhc7p, ^^^12:18
c7pnow i guess i manage credits as i assign the sections12:18
nisshhgodbyk, long time no see :)12:18
nisshhc7p, yeah, thats cool12:18
c7pi guess you can work on glossary again12:18
c7ptill now the chapter that i think needs an eye is troubleshooting12:18
nisshhi would rather the content itself got worked on tbh, atleast right now12:18
c7pif you want to update some sections of the chapter let me know12:19
nisshhcan you give me a general idea of how far we are to a complete 11.10 manual?12:20
nisshhjust so i know roughly how much editing is required12:20
c7pinstallation chapter is think is almost finished12:21
c7pand the half ubuntu desktop chapter12:21
c7pis finished12:21
c7pnow that i check again the manual i think getting onlint sections needs rather an editor to make minor changes rather than an author12:22
c7ponline section*12:22
c7pwould you like to handle this section ?12:23
c7pyou may check it first of course12:23
nisshhtbh, im really happy to just hack away at all of it as an overall editor12:23
nisshhalthough i guess focus on one section would be better for now12:24
nisshhill start with the getting online chapter12:24
nisshhthen ill do troubleshooting12:24
nisshhc7p, since i work now i can mostly only work on this on the weekends though12:25
c7psplendid, let me know how the work goes12:25
nisshhsince i work full time12:25
c7pok np12:26
nisshhalthough i have time for an hour or two a night usually12:26
nisshhRick is the project leader now isnt he?12:26
c7pcontribute whenever you feel better12:26
nisshhyeah, for sure12:27
c7pwe dont have project leader, rick is the Editor in Chief12:27
nisshhah ok12:27
nisshhis that intentional or just because you dont have one currently?12:27
c7pi don't know12:27
nisshhfair enough12:27
nisshhwhats his nick?12:28
c7pwe voted for Editor in Chief before a half year, and there wasn't a need for a leader then -i guess-12:28
c7prickfsb i think12:28
nisshhi might shoot him an email12:28
nisshhi really want to get this project moving fast again12:29
nisshhnot that it hasnt been :)12:29
c7pi found Rick's nick is rickfosb12:29
c7pi hope the section and not chapter assignations would help us to move fast12:31
nisshhits certainly a good idea12:33
nisshhfar out, id forgotten how darn big tex live is12:41
godbykhey, nisshh! How's it going?18:54
c7phello all21:04
c7phey tomswartz0722:05
c7phey godbyk22:08
godbykhey, c7p.22:27
c7pwhat's up ?22:27
godbyknot too much at the moment.  seems like I'm getting a ton of email today.22:29
godbykhow's it going with managing all the job applicants?22:30
c7pvery time consuming22:30
c7pi got to respond to many people :P22:30
c7pbut it goes very good22:30
c7pUbuntuOne is nice as tool also22:31
c7pwhen an author makes changes to a document and he saves them, they are uploaded automatically on the cloud22:32
c7pand automatically they are downloaded to my local machine22:32
c7palso a message pops up so i'm also notified22:32
godbykHopefully allowing authors this new workflow will make things easier for them.22:37
c7pyeah i hope so22:37
c7pwe got a mail in spanish ! do you know spanish ?22:38
c7pit's on the mailing list22:38
c7pgodbyk:  ah i forgot to mention !!!!22:39
c7pwe have to remove some sections from the jobs list22:39
c7pjobs page *22:39
c7pthe only section with no author is micro blogging22:40
godbykI just moderated the message and let it pass through to the mailing list.  I don't know Spanish, but Google Translate said they were offering to help with the manual.  I know we have a number of other Spanish-speaking folks on the mailing list, though, so hopefully they can jump in and help out.22:41
godbykc7p: Should I remove them entirely or strike them out with a line (i.e., draw a line through them)?22:41
godbykWhich sections should I remove/leave on the jobs page?22:42
c7pi guess you could draw a line22:43
c7pmicroblogging only22:43
c7pactually and additional software22:43
godbykc7p: http://ubuntu-manual.org/jobs  I stuck out 'The Ubuntu Desktop'. Do you like that or would you prefer that I remove them completely?22:44
c7pi hm22:45
c7pbetter remove ?22:45
c7pbtw what if an author quits ?22:45
godbykIt doesn't make too much difference to me.  Whichever you think is less confusing.22:45
c7pshouldn't we have a list of available authors ?22:46
c7pbetter remove them22:46
godbykHopefully we will have a pool of people waiting to take their place.22:46
godbykOkay, I'll remove them.22:46
c7pmaybe you could write something about it on the jobs page22:46
godbykc7p: like this? http://ubuntu-manual.org/jobs22:46
c7pas easy as possible :D22:47
godbykWhen you're emailing the people who are applying, perhaps you should ask if we can contact them to help fill in for an author that has to drop out.22:47
godbykThen we can keep their name on a list and contact them if we need them to fill in.22:47
godbykWe should probably also have a meeting sometime soon and establish our deadlines for the Oneiric manual.22:50
c7pwhat about arranging a meeting this weekend ?22:50
c7pthe goal of it should be to answer the questions of new authors, editors22:51
godbykWe can try.  I'll be at my parents' house this weekend (lots of birthdays to celebrate), but I can probably attend a meeting.22:51
c7pand also to set deadlines22:51
godbykThat's a good idea.22:51
c7psaturday or sunday, what fits you best ?22:52
godbykShould we email Rick and have him set up a poll?22:52
godbykGood question, let me check.22:52
c7pwe can22:52
godbykI think we'll be having a family dinner Saturday night, but I'm not sure.22:55
c7pso sunday is better ?22:56
godbykWell, Sunday I may be driving back, so it's a bit of a toss-up. :-)22:59
godbykWe should schedule the meeting whenever it makes the most sense for everyone else to attend.22:59
godbykI'll try to be there if I can, but my presence isn't really required. :)22:59
c7p:) ok23:00
c7pbut new authors have to meet Kevin :D23:00
c7pnevermind let's hope we will get many people to attend it23:01
c7pwith all these replies to the applicants i forgot to tell Rick about the new way of contribution :(23:01
c7pi hope he won't be angry on me23:02
godbykc7p: Not a problem. I think we had discussed it at a meeting once upon a time.23:02
c7pok i feel obliged to send him a mail, i'm composing it23:03
c7pok mail sent to Rick23:17
c7pi g2g goodnight23:25
c7psee you all23:25
godbykG'night, c7p.23:26

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