bbigras__Is it wrong that bug #786491 has 'Status tracked in Oneiric' if it only affects Natty and Maverick?04:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 786491 in lfm (Ubuntu Natty) "lfm crashes at startup, because of UnicodeDecodeError" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/78649104:41
micahgbbigras__: no, there's an oneiric task open so that makes sense, do you need a task for maverick?04:42
bbigras__micahg: Yes please.04:42
micahgbbigras__: done, thanks04:42
bbigras__micahg: thanks!04:43
shayonjhow do i know the section of program for the debian/control file05:21
RhondaBy reading the section descriptions and deciding yourself.05:22
shayonjwhere can i find that or in the apt-repo description, you mena ?05:23
RhondaIt's in the policy.05:26
Rhondaah, and that refers to the packages site. "neat" :)05:27
Rhondashayonj: http://packages.ubuntu.com/oneiric/ - or in the package tool of your choice05:27
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shayonjRhonda, oh alright. thanks :)05:29
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shayonjis using apt-rdepends is a good idea to find the dependencies of a package ?05:43
shayonjactually i dont think so. thanks anyways :005:45
shayonj:) *05:46
RAOFapt-get rdepends $X does the opposite: it finds the packages which depend on $X.05:46
Rhondathe r stands for reverse :)05:53
shayonjRAOF, Rhonda .. right. So do you guys know, what should I be using to check the dependencies as i believe dh_make doesnt do that on its own, right06:06
RhondaUse pbuilder/cowbuilder/some chrooted build environment with the minimal set of packages installed06:07
RhondaThat will fail if you don't give it all the needed Build-Depends and you can work on from that point, iteratively06:07
shayonjRhonda, right, but for pbuilder i need .dsc and i am building this package from scratch06:08
shayonjits like i want list dependencies in the control file06:09
Rhonda.dsc is easy. dpkg-source -b and done06:10
RhondaYou want to have *Build-*Dependencies in the control file. The dependencies should be figured out by dpkg-shlibdeps06:10
shayonjoh i see06:11
shayonjand does  dpkg-shlibdeps list them automatically in the control file later ?06:11
shayonji have the build dependencies in the control filoe06:12
RhondaThat's what the placeholder is there for06:12
RhondaThe ${shlibs:Depends} will get filled in by dpkg-shlibdeps06:12
shayonjright right06:12
shayonjugh.. thanks Rhonda :D06:13
RhondaSo for the Depends in the binary package, you only need to add stuff that can't be automatically get figured out. For most parts, don't worry.06:13
shayonjyep. its interesting, just taking a while to understand the working. Thanks Rhonda :)06:14
shayonjwhat is a good packaging license any recommendations/suggestions ?06:36
RAOFGenerally one uses the same license as the rest of the code, although any free license is ok.06:37
shayonjdo i need to do any kind of registration for that or just list it ?06:37
RAOFYou're the author of the packaging; you just document what license you're releasing it under.06:42
shayonjokay one more question, this package is licensed under GNU but it is not present here /usr/share/common-licenses/ . so should i just copy the text from its copyright file (from the source)06:43
shayonji am sorry i meant, copy from the license file of the source*06:44
RAOFYour debian/copyright file needs the full text of the license, yes.06:44
shayonjyeah, i read it in the guide but thought it would a good idea if i just cleared the doubt before moving ahead. better to be on the safe side.06:46
shayonjhow do i find out the authors copyright ? or is the same as rest of it06:53
RAOFI'm not sure what the question is.  The code you're packaging presumably has a license attached (if it doesn't, then it's not redistributable, and we can't put it in the archive).06:55
shayonjRAOF, yes it does have a license attached to it. but here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Complete#copyright it says "Copyright:" and thats where the authors copyright goes in, right ? so i am asking where do i get that info from06:56
shayonjit says this - Copyright:06:57
shayonj        Copyright (C) {Year(s)} by {Author(s)} {Email address(es)}06:57
RAOFHm.  That documentation should be updated to point to http://dep.debian.net/deps/dep5/06:58
shayonjthanks for that !06:58
shayonjbeen a long day. time to stretch. night guys07:06
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ScottKRAOF: DEP-5 is not required.13:30
ScottKIt seems like a lot of non-requirements to point people at.13:31
whelmingbytesHi, I am in need of some help enabling desktop effects when logging in with Ubuntu Classic after installing gnome-panel. Any one have any ideas?14:24
nigelbwhelmingbytes: You should probably ask in #ubuntu, which is the support channel. This channel is for development of universe packages.14:25
whelmingbytesah ok thanks!14:25
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gadorhi, I have a question: I want to pack a package containing a script compiled by node package manager (npm). But by doing a npm install <package> it checks whether there is a new version, but the build environment doesn't have a internet connection. How can I build and install the package without an internet connection? (Reference: bug 861219)18:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 861219 in Ubuntu "[needs-packaging] forever" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86121918:27
tumbleweedgador: do you actually need to do any building? Can you not just copy the js library to /usr/lib/nodejs/$pkg ?18:37
gadortumbleweed, I could try that, but yes, by doing a sudo npm install forever -g, it does compile things18:38
tumbleweedoh, so there are c extensions18:40
* tumbleweed knows nothing about node packages18:40
gadortumbleweed, see http://paste.ubuntuusers.de/403177/ it is the output of the install18:41
gadorif I cut internet connection, it complains about not being able to connect to the main node server to check for a newer version18:42
gadortumbleweed, too bad you don't know so much about node..18:43
tumbleweedgador: I'd ask these guys: http://wiki.debian.org/Teams/pkg-javascript18:45
gadortumbleweed, thanks I'll do that18:45
tumbleweedgador: looking at the forever source tree, i don't see anything that isn't javascript. The stuff that's being compiled must be in the dependencies18:53
gadortumbleweed, yes it seems the daemon package needs to be compiled (which is a dependency of forever as stated in package.json)18:54
tumbleweedgador: you'll have to package all the dependancies first18:56
gadortumbleweed, ah, ok. So I will have to pack "daemon" first, install it and then install forever?18:57
tumbleweedgador: correct (and any other forever dependencies that aren't packaged)19:10
gadortumbleweed, so I would have to pack all 12 dependencies first, get them installed and then install forever..?19:12
tumbleweedgador: yes19:14
gadortumbleweed, great ;-)19:14
gadortumbleweed, thanks for your help! I think I'll get back to that tomorrow and go to bed now ;-)19:18
m4n1shthere is a 1 line patch for a universe package in oneiric19:44
m4n1shcan it be accepted at this time?19:44
tumbleweedyes, if it's important19:44
m4n1shI don't think it is an important package19:45
m4n1shbut yeah people do use it19:45
m4n1shnot sure about the popularity19:45
m4n1shit is gnome-activity-journal19:45
m4n1shright now it does not work19:46
m4n1shdue to a method which blocks loading of the UI19:46
tumbleweedno I mean an important pant19:46
m4n1shwell, don't know how you define important19:46
m4n1shbut without that patch the application is right now broken19:46
micahgm4n1sh: that package is fine for bug fixes19:46
tumbleweedmaking a not working package work is pretty important :)19:47
m4n1shmicahg: tumbleweed right now that is completely broken19:47
m4n1shlook at this askubuntu question for more info http://askubuntu.com/questions/64021/gnome-activity-journal-stalls/6410519:47
m4n1shmicahg: tumbleweed or just this image http://i.stack.imgur.com/sZlC8.png19:47
micahgit has no reverse depends, so bug fixes would be fine, no working is an RC bug and that's fine too :)19:48
tumbleweedm4n1sh: go ahead19:48
m4n1shso shall I update this branch?19:48
m4n1shmeans a merge request?19:48
m4n1shand 0.8.0-1 becomes? 0.8.0-2?19:49
tumbleweedm4n1sh: or provide a debdiff. 0.8.0-1 becomes 0.8.0-1ubuntu119:49
m4n1shnever created a debdiff though, you people have merge right?19:50
tumbleweedm4n1sh: not sure what the question is, but yes, you can create a merge request19:50
m4n1shdoing it now19:51
m4n1shI created a patch directory20:24
m4n1shand put the series file20:24
m4n1shwhich contains the name of the patch20:24
m4n1shand put the patch in the patch file20:24
m4n1shnow the problem is that when I look at the build log20:25
m4n1shit shows20:25
m4n1shdpkg-source: info: applying disable_set_background.patch20:25
m4n1shdpkg-source: info: applying debian-changes-0.8.0-1ubuntu120:25
m4n1shthe second patch comes out of nowhere and reverses the patch20:25
m4n1shhow to solve this?20:25
tumbleweedyou didn't have the patch applied at build time20:25
m4n1shhow can I do that20:26
tumbleweedthat behavior has changed in newer versions of dpkg, bt20:26
tumbleweednow it'll just abort20:26
m4n1shwont putting the patch under debian/patches be enough20:27
m4n1shfor debuild to pick it up?20:27
tumbleweedyes, so I'm assuming there's something else going on too20:28
m4n1shtumbleweed: you want the branch? or the build log?20:29
jtaylorwhats in debian-chages-0.8...?20:29
tumbleweedm4n1sh: branch20:29
m4n1shtumbleweed: lp:~manishsinha/gnome-activity-journal/fixes-831436-gaj-notloading-oneiric20:29
m4n1shjtaylor: the exact opposite of the patch I added20:29
m4n1shit reverses it, don't know how it is getting created20:29
jtaylorit gets created automatically by dpkg from the diff to the orig tarbal20:30
m4n1shhow to stop this in this case?20:31
m4n1shjtaylor: I looked at how Jo handled patch in zeitgeist-sharp and did in the same way20:32
tumbleweedm4n1sh: your branch looks fine20:32
jtaylorthat branach has a stray debian changes in it20:32
jtaylorremove it, clean your bzr tree20:32
jtaylorthen it should work20:32
m4n1shyou mean series needs to be there?20:33
m4n1shthat file?20:33
tumbleweedyes it needs to be there20:33
jtaylorbut without the extra entry20:33
tumbleweedright, it was fine once I removed that entry :)20:34
m4n1shwhich extra entry?20:34
m4n1sheven I removed that, but it gets created on the fly20:35
jtaylorclean your tree20:35
jtaylorbzr revert; bzr clean-tree20:35
jtaylorbut beware that removes uncommited stuff20:35
m4n1shdebian/patches/series is there in the branch. Right tumbleweed ?20:35
tumbleweedyes, it's there20:35
jtayloryes but incorrect20:35
m4n1shthat gets added20:36
m4n1shtrying, will take a min20:40
m4n1shyes, works20:41
m4n1shhere is the merge req https://code.launchpad.net/~manishsinha/gnome-activity-journal/fixes-831436-gaj-notloading-oneiric/+merge/7800520:43
tumbleweedm4n1sh: btw, I suggest reading a quilt howto at some point (e.g. http://pkg-perl.alioth.debian.org/howto/quilt.html ) you probably want to use the quilt command most of the time, rather than playing with patches by hand20:43
m4n1shtumbleweed: thanks a lot, bookmarked it :)20:44
m4n1shwill read tomorrow20:44
m4n1shso do I need to subscribe some release of desktop or motu team to that bug?20:44
tumbleweedm4n1sh: no, the branch will appear in the sponsor queue, but seeing as I've already looked at it, I'll deal with it now20:45
m4n1shthanks a lot20:45
m4n1shtumbleweed: I have overwritten the branch20:45
m4n1shso you might want to pull again20:45
tumbleweedotoh, the sponsor queue is quite long right now, so making a noise about it helps :)20:45
tumbleweedm4n1sh: you didn't close the bug in the changelog entry20:46
m4n1shso that is important? do I need to make that change now?20:46
tumbleweedm4n1sh: and it's always helpful to document your patches: http://dep.debian.net/deps/dep3/20:46
tumbleweedyes, please20:46
tumbleweedis there any disadvantage to not setting the background there? I assume upstream will take a slightly different approach?20:48
m4n1shso changeing "* Add patch to disable setting the background which was blocking AJ" to20:48
m4n1sh"* Add patch to disable setting the background which was blocking AJ (Closes: LP #831436)"20:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 831436 in gnome-activity-journal (Ubuntu) "Upon opening GNOME Activity Journal never gets past "Loading journal"" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83143620:48
m4n1shtumbleweed: it was just a cosmetic thing20:48
tumbleweedno, you need a : after LP20:48
tumbleweedUsually we don't use Closes for lp bugs, just LP: #XXXX20:49
tumbleweedCloses: is for Debian bugs20:49
m4n1shesp about that changing background20:50
m4n1shthat was just a cosmetic change20:50
m4n1shwhich created more of a problem20:50
m4n1shand the person who has done that is on leave (studies I suppose)20:50
tumbleweedyeah, functionality is more important :)20:50
m4n1shtumbleweed: updated that20:53
m4n1shtumbleweed: I think everything is done. Please look at it whenever you got time20:59
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