nlsthzn:/ been a tough night ... all the time in the world but struggled with motivation01:02
nlsthzngot a few done at least... but nothing to right home about01:02
akgranernlsthzn, thank you for any contribution -  it all helps...:-)01:07
nlsthznakgraner: might get one or two more in... another night shift coming up so if there is still a few stragglers before release I might still be of use :p (but thanks for the kind words... the amount of work you guys get through is astounding to me)01:09
akgranerbelieve me we couldn't do it with help from you and others - it's all circular  - your willingness keeps us motivated (well me anyway) I won't try and speak for others (but I know they appreciated anything anyone does to help out)...I'm going to knock out summaries in about an hour once the house is quiet...and the TV's are turned off...01:16
wendarakgraner: what would you like to find out?08:40
wendarakgraner: ah, I see, sladen answered08:42
wendarakgraner: I don't know that it helps much, but that was pretty much the first I heard of it too (so it's not an internal->external information flow problem, just a general information flow problem08:43
wendarakgraner: I just asked around, and Canonical isn't doing any kind of "official" announcement about the fonts, so sladen's post is the source08:46
wendarakgraner: from the "marketing" perspective, it's just one small feature out of many, but I think you're right that it's really interesting from a community perspective08:47
sladenakgraner: what did people have in mind.  Would a blog post be more official, or a press-release, or something else?08:48
akgranersladen you answered the question - wendar just wanted you to see a we had talked about the internal -> external thing  before - Sladen we who put UWN and Fridge content out are all volunteers for the most part -and information that impacts users that comes through a list that we have *never* even heard is hard to search for and find.  The we see is showing up in our RSS feeds but can't find the o09:57
akgraner*official* news source for something it's just frustrating to us - As we try and fact check stuff the big stuff or *hot* items against official sources before inclusion09:58
akgranerso now that we know about it - I just added that mailing list to the others we/I try top keep track of09:59
sladenakgraner: *nod*09:59
akgranersladen you confirmed it as official so that's all we needed...09:59
sladenakgraner: while you're here, what's your take on whether (now that it's uploaded) it should be made the default monospace font for Ubuntu 11.10 or not?10:00
akgranersladen - I like the font...and from all the feedback I've read the community likes it too...I think I heard more about this font in one day than I did the *ubuntu* one after it was released.  However, I don't really look at fonts unless 1) I am doing an Ubuntu presentation and what the *official* font for the slides or 2) I'm doing a newsletter in another form other than plain text and I need a cool font.10:03
akgranerbut I like it...10:03
akgranerso I guess a better answer to your questions would have been - it wouldn't impact my day to use or excitement - but it's easy on the eyes and has the futuristic forward thinking feel that Canonical/Ubuntu seem to represent and the community seems too like it - but if you want (if you haven't already) we can include a poll on the Fridge and UWN that asks that questions)10:08
nigelbsladen: aha, you must be the right person to complain about this10:10
akgraner(since we are publishing UWN sometime today - and Can add a post to the Fridge easily enough....10:10
nigelbsladen: PLEASE make the Ubuntu Mono bigger. I don't see why its 2 pts smaller than normal.10:10
sladennigelb: of course.  I love getting feedback10:10
* akgraner goes to grab some coffee and knock out these summaries :-) 10:11
sladennigelb: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-font-family/+bug/727733  The reasoning for the 12% scaling reduction is four fold:  (a) to bring the overall width of monospace and proportional text closer together  (b) to differieniate the use of Ubuntu Mono; if try this with eg DejaVu Sans you can't tell  (c) to prevent the overlap of accents and descender  (d) to give the 2:1 ratio needed for 8x16 console yse10:13
nigelbthis means we need to patch a few things like Launchpad to use the correct size.10:15
akgranernlsthzn, hi!16:14
akgranerhey folks about to add the "In other News summary" can you all look over the wiki while I pull the stats?16:15
nlsthznakgraner: Hi :) ... will check out the wiki as soon as time allows16:16
akgranerpleia2, crap16:20
akgranerI didn't notice the warning until I already hit save16:20
pleia2doh :(16:20
akgranerI think we will have some edit conflict16:20
pleia2probably, I was just doing some review16:20
akgranerI'll pull the stats and stay out of it until you tell me it's ok16:21
akgranersorry about that16:21
pleia2I saved and there don't seem to be any conflicts, can you doublecheck?16:21
pleia2I'll grab updates and security, and do more editing when you're done with stats :)16:22
akgranerpleia2, the only thing that's note moved or summarized from the googledoc is the UK podcast write up...16:22
akgranerpleia2, whew - so sorry about that16:23
pleia2no problem, I should have said something :)16:23
akgranerok I'll add Brainstorm and Ask Ubuntu now then...16:23
akgranerpleia2, saving those now - and going to do some math for bug and translation stats if you want to get in there now16:30
pleia2ok, I'll pop in to add security and stuff16:31
pleia2done, fixed up some of the special characters and wording in a couple posts too16:42
pleia2so we need the podcast, dev meetings, final stats and the "In this issue" thing done16:43
pleia2and volunteers16:43
pleia2I need to get back to work16:43
akgranerpleia2, I got it :-)16:49
akgranerI will add the bug and translation stats as well as dev team and podcast summary and do the In this issue stuff...:-)16:49
akgranerwon't take but a few minutes - I'll see if I can't get some more eyes to review it - then want me to publish and you just handle the fridge post since your script works?16:50
pleia2akgraner: sounds good16:50
akgranerit's a plan then :-)16:51
akgranerOk folks  - need a few more people to review the newsletter - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue23517:18
akgranereverything is in just need the links verified and some once overs for spelling, grammar, formating etc17:19
nlsthznakgraner: you know about the automatic link checker?17:23
akgraneryep - but I was hoping someone else could do those parts17:24
akgranerI've clicked on everything almost - read every summary but I've looked at it for the last few hours - so I won't see things a fresh set of eyes will...17:24
akgranernlsthzn, wanna check the links right quick?  of course it breaks on with wiki pages but I know those work17:25
nlsthznakgraner: pleia2 was using a site (my mind is blank to what/where/when that checked all the links ... pretty cool...17:26
pleia2it doesn't like wiki.ubuntu.com links (I think wiki.ubuntu.com may specifically block some crawlers) but otherwise it's good17:27
nlsthznI am going to save that one now and mail it to all my address and create a wallpaper with that link on it so I don't forget about it again... ever!17:27
nlsthznpleia2: oh ok... so external links are cool but one's linking to the wiki aren't...? Sucks17:28
nlsthznakgraner: if I find something like Lo''Co.. so I report here or just dive in and fix?17:35
akgranerdive in a fix it please17:36
akgranerjust let us know you are in the wiki17:36
akgranerso if someone else is reviewing it too they know you are in there17:36
nlsthznATTENTION: I will editing the WIKI for the next 3 minutes... PLEASE STAND BY! :p17:39
nlsthznDONE! - Thanks :)17:43
akgranernlsthzn,  :-) great and thank you!17:45
pleia2akgraner: oops, can we toss this in last minute? http://fullcirclemagazine.org/issue-53/17:51
akgraneroops is right17:51
akgranerof course17:51
akgranerpleia2, I'll add it to "In Other News" now17:52
* nlsthzn doesn't do nearly as much as he would like... but will continue trying17:52
akgranernlsthzn, you're doing great17:52
akgranerbelieve me - I didn't start out doing nearly this much - stats and reviews :-)17:52
nlsthznYou guys get through a crazy amount of things... makes my head boggle :)17:53
nlsthznthat doesn't sound right17:53
nlsthznboggles my mind17:53
nlsthznthat's better :)17:53
Pendulumis anyone in the wiki?17:54
nlsthznnegative from me...17:58
Pendulumakgraner: ^^17:59
akgranerwas waiting to make sure everyone was out - so do you thing...18:00
akgraneronce everyone is finished I'll add the Full Circle summary18:00
PendulumI'm out of the wiki18:12
akgranerPendulum, thank you!18:16
akgranerI'll add the Full Circle Summary then re-read in just a few...18:16
pleia2akgraner: I need to take a nap (not much sleep last night), feel free to release whenever and I'll get to fridge when I'm alive again (unless you get impatient and just want to do it manually ;))20:10
akgranerno worries20:11
akgranerpublishing now20:11
akgranerjust removed the "Work In Progress" line :-)20:11
akgranerThe new edition of the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter is now available here:20:14
pleia2working on fridge now21:28
pleia2also deleting one of the John Lenton interview posts on fridge, not sure why it ended up on their twice21:29
pleia2their? hoo boy, there21:29
akgranerdelete the one that says mpb21:29
akgranernot the one that says mbp21:30
akgranerit's only there twice b/c I had to update my post - today21:30
akgranerI didn't know it would repost it21:30
pleia2yeah, it's kinda twitchy like that21:30
akgranerhmmm wonder how we keep that from happening - so if any interview on the wiki gets updated (re: corrected) then we (re: me) need to double check it :-)21:31
akgranerb/c I often go back into my interviews for one reason or another...21:31
pleia2quick edit to the wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue235#Amber_Graner:_Interview:_John_Lenton.2C_Senior_Engineering_Manager_for_Ubuntu_One doesn't have the link21:31
pleia2(sorry I didn't catch this pre-publishing)21:31
akgranerOh you mean it's on the wiki?  DOH I thought you meant fridge21:32
akgraneryeah delete the one that doesn't have the link21:32
pleia2no no, I was looking to make sure UWN wasn't linking to the fridge post, turns out UWN doesn't have the link at all21:32
akgranerhmmm - let me fix the forums post...jeez21:32
akgranerhow did I miss my own article  - yeah WOW21:33
pleia2updated the wiki21:33
akgranerWas it in there twice21:34
pleia2no, just posted to fridge twice21:34
pleia2I deleted the old one21:34
akgranerthank you21:35
akgranerdid you need the link for the wiki21:35
akgranerpleia2, I'll fix the forums post21:37
akgranerforums text fixed :-)21:42
pleia2http://fridge.ubuntu.com/2011/10/03/ubuntu-weekly-newsletter-issue-235/ fridge done :)21:43
akgranerpleia2, all the new pages have been created22:02
akgranerfor next week22:03
akgranerbut so change the link on the the /current re-direct but it's not showing on the page22:03
akgranerI still don't know what step I am missing now22:03
pleia2it's working fine, web browsers just overly aggressively cache22:04
pleia2I just tried /Current in firefox (which i never use) and it sent me to Issue23522:05
pleia2you could add the images to 23622:05
pleia2(that's usually what I do right after creating it from the template)22:06
pleia2all looks done otherwise22:06
pleia2akgraner: we should make a blueprint for this team for the next cycle (and I need to make one for ubuntu-women) but I always do them wrong22:07
pleia2one of the things should be cleaning up our wiki pages, we still link http://fridge.ubuntu.com/uwn/feed on ou front page (this hasn't worked since we moved to wordpress)22:08
akgranerI know..Want to to just create the BP for this cycle22:09
akgranerOnce it's created it will be easy to add too22:09
akgranerI'll get that done tomorrow - then everyone can add to it etc22:09
pleia2thanks :)22:10
pleia2(then I'll copy what you did and do it for UW!)22:10
akgranerWiki's are a big one - I started cleaning them up 1.5 years ago or so - but...anywho we are back on track now - so...:-)22:10
pleia2I asked jcastro last time to update the instructions for creating blueprints for us poor, clueless community people, but it never happened22:10
akgranerpleia2, :-)22:10
pleia2last cycle he linked some old video he did which was terribly out of date and just said to ignore certain parts, still didn't know who to assign it to or anything, or how to get it on the schedule22:11
akgranerI create them - then email to him and if I did it wrong I promise him that Pete will buy him beer... then I tell Pete what he has to do for jcastro22:11
pleia2that doesn't scale!22:11
akgranerI know22:11
pleia2my way of doing it is "ask akgraner to make sure this session gets on the schedule"22:12
pleia2which I suppose is where the beer and Pete come in ;)22:12
akgraneryeppers :-)22:12
akgranerit works for us - but you are right - we need to get some solid instructions :-)  I'll document what I do then make sure it's write then do my a post on it22:13
akgraneronce jcastro says it's right or wrong  - one never knows22:13
pleia2that would be great22:18
* pleia2 sees if there is any other work she can give akgraner 22:18
akgranerfor you pleia2 I'll help others have to bribe me :-)22:19
pleia2did you ever get a pair of the ubuntu earrings? I'm bringing some to UDS to try and sell (I'll probably end up giving away a few and paying for them myself though)22:20
pleia2where "try to sell" is "wow, you have ubuntu earrings, awesome, where can I get some?"22:20
akgranerhehe  - no I didn't  - I'll gladly pay for them22:24
akgranerin Beer or actual monies22:24
akgraneryour choice22:24

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