snaildo we have to worry about updating the tz files for this kind of shit, or is there a crack team of geeks somewhere else who does it? http://www.stuff.co.nz/world/south-pacific/5724234/Dateline-shift-gives-first-light-to-remote-atoll00:14
ajmitchthe tzdata package gets frequent updates for this00:15
* ibeardslee recalls major kerfuffle when we changed and it took a while for some apps maintaining their own tz data to catch up00:21
ajmitchlike php5? :)00:21
ajmitchwhich thankfully should use the system timezone info now00:22
ibeardsleeI think it may have been php .. could have been postgres though00:22
ajmitchphp was a problem for us00:22
ojwbtz data seems a particularly dumb thing to ship your own copy off00:32
ojwbof, even00:32
ibeardsleeyeap .. but the exclusivity of dumb is not limited to politicians00:33
ajmitchojwb: given that I was talking about php, are you surprised?00:34
snailojwb: i'd consider shipping my own tz data if i had to support windows platforms ~ 15 years ago01:04
ojwbthat's OK, timezones aren't likely to change for 15 years ago01:05
snailojwb: I always heard people say 'the past is a different country' but never considered the implications...01:33
ojwb"We are currently working on PBT Transport e-services and expect them to be released in 2008." it says on their website02:30
ibeardsleeheh .. their tz data is waaayyy out of whack02:32
ajmitchsome people just take a little while to catch up :)02:42
snailojwb: fax them a screenshot...02:47
ojwbnot until they make my delivery02:47
ojwbI'm holding the screenshot ransom02:47
* ojwb seems to be really bad at getting stuck into things when there's a pending delivery or someone coming round at a non-specific time02:54
mwhudsonojwb: i don't know how people who don't have flexible work arrangements ever take delivery of anything03:01
ojwbif it's small, we tend to just send it to jenny's work and reception sign for it03:01
ojwbthat way I don't need to listen out all day03:02
ojwbi'd certainly be more annoyed if I had to take leave to wait for a delivery which didn't turn up03:02
chiltswhen I got home on Friday, my parcel from Amazon was sitting on the doorstep :)03:03
chiltsno need to be at home03:03
mwhudsonheh yes, i had that happen with my thinkpad03:04
mwhudsoni wasn't very impressed03:04
chiltsthis was just two books so not worth worrying much about, but yeah, a laptop is a different story03:05
ojwband that's one of the neighbouts, not the courier03:06
snailthose four disconnects bought to you courtesy of our tuesday morning change window19:17

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