Knightlusthmmm, someone should ban raeon01:00
Knightlust!whowas raeon01:02
butikiKnightlust: Error: "whowas" is not a valid command.01:02
Knightlustcripes, logging was suppressed on my irssi, should've captured that guys' ip addy01:03
epal11:14  --> raeon [~turla@] has joined #ubuntu-ph :D01:20
Knightlustthanks epal01:28
Knightlustalso reconfiguring my irssi01:28
TerminusKnightlust: someone should ban daw. ikaw naman pala yung may op eh. =D02:10
Jucatosino kelangan i-ban?02:11
KnightlustJucato: nvm na lang02:11
Jucatooo na sige na. wala ako dito02:11
Knightlustdyn ip add nya, he'll just reboot his router02:11
Jucatonick+ip ban02:11
Jucatowala akong kapaguran mag ban. tamad lang ako maglinis02:12
Knightlust<epal> 11:14  --> raeon [~turla@] has joined #ubuntu-ph :D02:12
Knightlusthehe, thanks much!02:15
Jucatoping me if something comes up. I'll lurk for a while02:15
Jucato(kasi naman, dapat nadagdagan na ops!)02:16
Jucatowhile I'm in here, hi Terminus and zakame :P02:20
Jucato(tago mode para hindi halata sa trolls)02:20
Terminushi Jucato =)03:00
Terminuswas out roaming the office. hehe03:00
Jucatopetiks mode? hehehe03:01
Terminusif having to ban somebody continues to be an issue, sounds like it might be a job for supybot. hehe03:02
Terminushindi. run around like a headless chicken mode. XD03:02
Terminusor more like, cause the engineering dept head to switch to headless chicken mode. =D03:02
Jucatohaving to ban someone isn't the issue. the issue is that we lack people who can ban. wala kaming powers ni zak mag dagdag permanently ng OP03:07
Jucatokahit si dous hind rin kaya03:07
Jucatonot even ealden!03:07
Jucatoisang tao lang may kaya nun03:07
Jucatohulaan nyo na lang sino :)03:07
TerminusJucato: ikaw? =D03:09
Terminusit's either you or Knightlust. hehe03:09
Jucatowala nga eh03:09
Jucatothis is the best I can do :(03:09
Terminusah... hehe03:10
Terminuspalagi nasa G+. XD03:10
Jucatooh well03:13
Knightlustyeah, butiki may be the right candidate... we should ping jm for the added functionality, and ping jsg to op butiki03:31
epaleggdrop mga sir si butiki? :D03:32
Jucatoif jsg can op butiki, he can also op you. that's the problem for now :)03:34
JucatoMeh.pldt -_-04:30
Knightlustepal: butiki's a supybot iirc04:55
Knightlustbrb, updated my kernel. my server needs a reboot05:01
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VerdeNube     07:57
* Craw^ mano kay shipcode12:37
shipcodensa #rootcon din kami12:46
arscariosusim now using ubuntu 11.10beta216:44
shipcodemay rotcon channel din16:46
shipcodeguys punta din kau dun16:46
arscariosusoks sige add ko na hehe16:47
Craw^epal: let's join us @ #rootcon lol16:48
arscariosusi'll promote it to our school's LUG16:49
* arscariosus is going to sleep now19:25

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