qman__system services should run as nonprivileged users without access to important information, that's just basic security principles00:09
qman__ventrilo doesn't have the best security reputation either, so I'd suggest following that convention here00:10
qman__and if the server does anything else important, I'd look into jailing it00:12
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tawhid111hi all02:52
tawhid111hi lickalott03:02
HavlockAnybody else having a problem with sysctl.conf being ignored on bootup?05:56
Havlock'Cause kernel.printk is defaulting to "15 4 1 7" and spamming my console with every logged message.05:57
HavlockEven with kernel.printk set to "4 4 1 7" in my sysctl.conf file.05:58
HavlockI have to manually run 'sysctl -p' after every boot if I want to use my console.05:59
bookpageis there a way to emulate something for $display on a virt?06:39
twbbookpage: I don't understand the question06:44
bookpageif im running ubuntu in a virutliased environment, is there any way that i can set something to the $display variable? I was hoping that VNC output or something could be assigned to it, but im really clueless at the moment06:51
bookpagesorry, twb06:51
twbUh, $DISPLAY (uppercase) is used to locate the X display, but servers do not normally run X.06:52
twbYour VM might provide a virtual screen or serial console to the guest OS, and export that to the users as a VNC session or similar, but the guest will just see the emulated environment -- you need to talk to your VM vendor about that.06:52
bookpagehmm, can X be placed ONTO a server after twb?06:53
twbPersonally I would recommend doing a little extra configuration and learning to use the serial interface, because then you can access it in a terminal instead of wasting bandwidth on a VNC display that only shows text anyway -- as a bonus, you can also copy-and-paste out of a serial line.06:53
twbbookpage: it can, but we don't recommend it.06:53
bookpageI see, it's not a matter of things being convenient, the bandwidth would likely be local so it would be free.... it's that i want to run things in d3d that require $DISPLAY to be set06:54
bookpageand why wouldn't you recommend it twb?06:54
bookpageand also, does X usually use a GPU or can does it emulate one, twb06:55
twbBecause GUIs don't belong on servers, and sysadmins that rely on GUIs to do their job, are crap sysadmins.06:55
bookpagetwb, I see, well yeah again, it's not to make things easier, it's for a purpose i wish to satisfy... I prefer ssh over vnc06:55
twbWhat purpose is that?06:56
bookpageto run d3d applications which will be captured to video06:56
bookpageummm, direct 3d... via wine06:57
twbSorry, I don't support Windows stuff06:57
bookpagewine is linux, and it uses opengl to emulate windows d3d06:57
twbBut if your goal is just to make captures, you could use the virtual fb driver for X06:58
twbSo it exists but isn't rendered anywhere except when you run e.g. "import -window root screenshot.png"06:58
twbbookpage: I don't support wine either.06:58
bookpagetwb: thanks for your help06:58
twbI think it's called Xvfb, I can't really remember06:59
lynxmanmorning o/08:02
jamespagemorning all08:10
jamespagemorning lynxman08:10
lynxmanjamespage: hey :)08:11
jamespagelynxman: back in the UK?08:11
lynxmanjamespage: yeah! glad to be back in this side of the Atlantic08:11
jamespagepuppetconf then sprint?08:12
lynxmanjamespage: exactly08:12
VampsDaBeastany one any software that would allow me to graphically edit my metamodes?08:13
VampsDaBeastahh crap.. wrong channel sorry08:14
bookpageis there a good clean public and current ubuntu AMI on ec2?08:18
smwbookpage, cloud.ubuntu.com/ami08:19
bookpagety smw08:19
smwbookpage, if you google "ubuntu ami", the first result is the wiki which mentions that page and even has that link in the summary in google. The second link is the actual page I gave you.08:20
smwIt is not exactly hidden ;-)08:21
bookpageoh, sorry smw08:57
bookpagemaybe a silly question, but can you startx if there is no screen?09:04
nigelbIs it an aws thing to have /usr/bin/gconftool --get /system/http_proxy/use_http_proxy run every day.09:10
nigelbI've set sudo to mail me everyday and I see this on all the servers09:10
nigelbI'm fairly sure its not something I've set09:10
koolhead11hi all09:16
udienzhi koolhead1109:18
koolhead11udienz: hello09:18
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lynxmankoolhead17: hey o/09:19
koolhead17hey lynxman, how are you?09:19
jamespageDaviey, zul: bah - nova-common borkes on a clean install ATM09:25
koolhead17jamespage: hey09:29
jamespagemorning koolhead1709:29
jamespagehow are you today09:29
koolhead17jamespage: am good. not trying diablo on oneiric though :)09:29
koolhead17ATM :)09:30
lynxmankoolhead17: good, recovering from jet lag :)09:32
koolhead17lynxman: hehe. am recovering too from 600 km bike ride :P09:33
lynxmankoolhead17: holy molly, were you doing the Tour de France? ;)09:34
koolhead17lynxman: on motorbike :P09:34
lynxmankoolhead17: aaah :D09:35
koolhead17Does anyone faced "gpg: keyserver timed out " error?09:36
koolhead17because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 7D21C2EC3D1B447209:36
koolhead17am adding key for this09:36
linociscohow to email sync ?10:21
RoyKqman__: ping10:33
xiexiehi all10:43
xiexiehow could I know if inetd running?10:43
Tm_Txiexie: run "ps aux | grep inet" in terminal, I assume it would tell if such process is running or not10:44
xiexieps -e?10:45
Tm_TI suppose that would work too10:46
xiexieokay, thanks10:48
jamespageDaviey, smoser, zul: review of http://tinyurl.com/629w7wf much appreciated when you get a chance10:59
Davieyjamespage: hey11:11
smoserjamespage, previously find would have exited failure with no files found ?11:12
jamespagesmoser: the filtering clause on the find bits is user = nova and (group = nogroup or group = root)11:16
jamespageso when you get a fresh install its permissions are root:root11:17
jamespageso they don't get set at-all11:17
jamespageand it falls over in a heap11:17
jamespagethe piece that fails is actually the db sync call at the bottom - as nova-api can't create the sqlite database11:18
jamespageI had that moment as well11:25
koolhead17RoyK: hwy11:45
jamespagezul, smoser, Daviey: you guys OK if I push that fix?11:46
smoserjamespage, i'm good with that.11:50
jamespagesmoser: ack - doing it now11:55
koolhead17Daviey: hello11:55
kaushalis there a way to know number of HDD attached to a server ?11:59
kaushalfor example 1000 servers11:59
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koolhead17 can someone tell me what was the last revision before keystone got integrated with dashboard?13:38
koolhead17last revision == on launchpad13:38
koolhead17Am not able to find it after checking the revision logs :(13:39
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robbiewDaviey: around?14:34
robbiewquick question14:34
robbiewDaviey: nevermind, I'll just subscribe you to the bug...it's trivial (non-code relateD)14:37
robbiewkim0: I'll finish my article today...how do you want me to answer the questions?14:38
robbiewI can just reply to the comments on cloud.u.c14:38
kim0robbiew: yeah .. if you think a question is good enough .. take it to the article .. but many questions are not really relevant .. for those you can reply in a comment otherwise I can try to reply14:39
kim0robbiew: Thanks a lot .. I really appreciate it :)14:39
robbiewkim0: yeah...I've only seen 1 or 2 so far14:40
kim0robbiew: others may still come .. the US is still waking up :)14:42
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OlotilaRoyK, I got the server installed15:44
Olotilaand there was difference between usb and cd install, even when there *should* not be :)15:45
Olotilai think it messed usb boot, but left hd boot intact15:45
Olotiladid not boot server15:45
Olotilai fixed boot with cd15:46
Olotilanow it works15:46
OlotilaBut now I cannot install Adaptec 6805E drivers15:46
OlotilaUbuntu server x64 10.04 LTS15:46
Olotilastarts to install15:48
Olotilareading database ...15:48
Olotilaunpacking aacraid ...15:48
Olotila...installation started ... No driver found15:48
OlotilaNo driver *archive found15:49
barcefhow do i install aufs-tools? it says it doesn;t exist in the repos.16:14
RoyKOlotila: oh - I think I've seen that, grub messing up and installing itself to the usb stick instead of the drive16:15
RoyKbarcef: what's aufs-tools?16:17
barcefRoyK, dunno but it's a dependency of a package that I'm trying to install16:17
RoyKbut I can't find it in ubuntu16:18
SpamapSRoyK: existed in hardy, not in lucid, in maverick - present16:19
RoyKbarcef: what are you trying to install?16:19
SpamapSRoyK: probably got dropped for some reason16:20
barcefshould I just add http.us.debian.org/debian to my repos?16:21
barcefwill it break somethign?16:21
RoyKprobably :P16:21
PiciMost likely.16:21
barcefit will probably break something?16:21
Olotilahere is output of driven installation output16:21
RoyKbarcef: install the package from source16:21
barcefRoyK,  is that where i have to do that 'make install' stuff?16:22
RoyKOlotila: someone pasted a link to the downloadable drivers from adaptec yesterday16:22
RoyKbarcef: bingo :)16:22
barcefRoyK,  damn, i hate doing that.16:23
RoyKbarcef: you get used to it :)16:24
RoyKbarcef: the alternative is to use a VM with hardy16:25
barcefRoyK, I keep running into squeeze binaries(.deb). I can't seem to find the source.16:28
RoyKwhat does this software do, btw_16:28
barcefRoyK, the dtc-common? or the aufs tools?16:29
RoyKthere's a description there on how to make a debian package, which should work well on ubuntu as well16:30
RoyKbut dunno if it might work16:31
RoyKmay have unresolvable dependencies...16:31
OlotilaRoyK, seems I have the latest driver AACRAID Debian and Ubuntu Driver v1.1.7-2800016:31
OlotilaIf that was the point?16:31
RoyKOlotila: but do your disks show up?16:31
OlotilaI do not have yet disks attached16:32
RoyKI guess that's a place to start, then :)16:32
Olotilayeah, after I solve backup problem described here :16:35
Olotilaarg, use the link without #t187874716:36
RoyKno idea about that - it's windows, right?16:36
Olotilashows in bios16:37
OlotilaDBAN helps neither16:37
RoyKthen it's a firmware thing on that usb drive enclosure16:37
OlotilaI think so too16:37
RoyKsome have that to help PCs having problems with >2TB drives16:37
Olotilabut dont have tools to change that16:37
RoyKOlotila: disassemble the enclosure and plug the drive on SATA :P16:38
Olotiladont want to void the warranty16:38
RoyKwell, it's not a linux thing16:38
RoyKif you want to, you can span those 'drives' with lvm16:39
RoyKthat'll create a single logical volume16:39
Olotilaat this point I would be happy to get back to factory settings :)16:39
RoyKOlotila: there might even be a way to disable it16:39
RoyKwhat make/label?16:40
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OlotilaVerbatim 3TB usb316:40
adam_glynxman: ping16:40
lynxmanadam_g: pong16:40
Olotila model # 4766216:40
RoyKOlotila: seems something at Verbatim must have been smoking something...16:41
adam_glynxman: hey! were you gonna update that FFE Bug #854899 to security fix? it looks like debian has updated16:42
OlotilaRoyK, heh yeah16:42
adam_glynxman: (puppet)16:42
lynxmanadam_g: was just pushing to my branch right now16:42
lynxmanadam_g: just this second :)16:42
adam_glynxman: sweet!16:42
lynxmanadam_g: yeah about to upload new packages to the ppa too in 2 mins16:42
RoyKOlotila: I'd keep it as it is and just use LVM to span it16:45
RoyKOlotila: no warranty issues, and if the drive dies, both will probably die at once, so no bigger chance of data loss either16:45
Davieyrobbiew: hola16:58
robbiewDaviey: how's the summit?16:59
Davieyrobbiew: fyi the net connection at ODS is less than adequate.16:59
Davieyrobbiew: Going well, many people seem to have prepaired well.16:59
robbiewDaviey: groovy...glad our demo doesn't depend on an external net connection then ;)17:02
lynxmanhow did the demo go?17:04
lynxmanor not yet17:05
* jamespage eod17:10
OlotilaRoyK sorry connection died17:10
Olotilacant even nuke the drive anymore17:11
Olotilaor make a non-quick format17:11
RoyKOlotila: can you access the partitions from linux?17:11
RoyKOlotila: cat /proc/partitions17:12
RoyK(not from windoze)17:12
OlotilaI can try that17:12
Olotilawhat if I can?17:12
OlotilaI have tried tools in Ultimate Boot CD17:12
Olotilagreat stuff17:12
RoyKerm - are you using windows to access this drive?17:13
RoyKor - is that the plan?17:13
RoyKif so - please ask somewhere else17:13
Olotilaboth systems17:13
RoyKthen you're probably stuck with two 'drives'17:13
Olotilabut np, I did not want to specifically bother this channel with that issue17:13
RoyKwindoze can create a filesystem spanning both, and so can linux, but windows doesn't understand LVM and I doubt you can make linux understand the windows volume manager - some have tried and AFAIK some have succeded, but YMMV17:15
RoyKOlotila: did you try to connect some drives to that aacraid thing?17:15
Olotilaonce intel ssd17:15
Olotilabut now i realize the sas cable was not properly attached17:16
Olotilaso actually not17:16
RoyKiirc aacraid controllers doesn't show shit until you create a logical volume17:16
Olotilathat what it says in boot17:16
Olotilacould that be the reason it doesnt install driver ?17:17
Olotilano drives attached17:17
RoyKas for SSD, I don't know if the aacraid controllers support TRIM17:17
RoyKsounds reasonable17:17
Olotilamanual says "install drivers to all OSs before creating array"17:17
RoyKno reason to have a driver around with nothing to do17:17
Olotilathe intel ssd does not either17:18
Olotilaits the gen 117:18
RoyKx25-m or something?17:18
Olotilanot gonna be in raid17:19
Olotilajust system disk17:19
RoyKI'd recommend against using an SSD for system disk17:19
RoyKbetter use a couple of old, cheap spinning drives in a mirror17:19
Olotilabeen thinking using it as ssd cache for raid17:19
RoyKthe root partition is hardly written to except logs, and is hardly read from17:19
Olotilanot sure yet, would have to study more17:19
RoyKdoes linux support that yet?17:19
Olotilassd cache?17:20
RoyKI thought ZFS was about the only open solution to support that17:20
Olotilawell, like I said, would have to study that more17:20
Olotilanow i would be happy to get the drivers installed as the manual says17:21
RoyKI really doubt neither linux nor the controller supports caching on ssd17:21
RoyKwell, create a logical drive on the SSD17:21
RoyKfrom the controller's bios17:21
RoyKOlotila: if you want to use an SSD for caching, use something like OpenIndiana - native ZFS rocks17:22
RoyKbut then, the RAID controller is a waste of money17:22
RoyKsince ZFS generally does that better17:22
Olotilaguess gonna stick to pure spinning disk raid for now17:23
Olotilassd cache seems to be just hyping atm17:24
Olotila"hybrid raid"17:24
RoyKOlotila: I have this fileserver with some 14TB net storage across 28 mirrored 1TB drives and some SSDs for caching, but read and write, and it rocks!17:24
Olotilaok :)17:24
RoyKnot linux, though17:24
RoyKit's only on 1Gbps, so that's what limits bandwidth...17:25
patdk-wkheh, played with zfs on ubuntu17:26
patdk-wkit works, but well, not very good17:26
RoyKpatdk-wk: any SLOG/L2ARC support on zfs-fuse?17:26
patdk-wkdunno about zfs-fuse17:26
patdk-wknever used it17:26
RoyKoh - native zfs on linux?17:27
RoyKpatdk-wk: the zfs in ubuntu (apt-get install zfs) is fuse17:27
patdk-wkapt-get install ubuntu-zfs I think it is17:27
patdk-wkhave it in a esx vm17:27
RoyKafaik the only zfs in ubuntu is using fuse17:28
RoyKnative zfs won't go into ubuntu for obvious reasons - different license17:28
patdk-wklooks fine to me17:28
RoyKdoes that come with a posix layer?17:29
patdk-wkcomes with zpool, zfs, ...17:29
RoyKguess I'll try that some day I'm bored :P17:30
RoyKpatdk-wk: how did it work 'not very well'?17:30
RoyKcrashes or performance issues or what?17:30
patdk-wkjust performance17:30
patdk-wkseem to have random pauses17:31
patdk-wkmight of been esx though17:31
patdk-wkgoing give it a spin when I get my motherboard17:31
patdk-wkbefore I install oi on it17:31
RoyKOlotila: if you want to try zfs, google for openindiana - it's an open fork for opensolaris after oracle closed the source tap17:32
OlotilaI'll check that out, thanks17:33
RoyKOlotila: just remember it's not linux, so a few things are different.....17:34
patdk-wkheh, well everything :)17:34
RoyKwell, quite a lot of userspace is GNU17:34
maswanthere is also the option of debian/kfreebsd for zfs, if you want to have something that's a bit more similar. don't know how new/old zfs version that is vs openindiana though17:36
RoyKmaswan: or just freebsd...17:38
RoyKtbh, I think freebsd might be a good choice for zfs, at least looking over some nasty i/o timeout handling in OI/Illumos that has surfaced lately17:39
patdk-wkhmm, I can't locate any iscsi boot nics that aren't server grade class17:40
patdk-wkjust want some to throw in some desktops17:40
patdk-wkit looks like I will have to live with pxe iscsi boot17:40
RoyKpatdk-wk: probably because most iSCSI boot is meant for servers :P17:40
RoyKpatdk-wk: but are they really that expensive? I thought you could get those for $100 or so17:41
patdk-wkna, these all have iscsi offload stuff too, don't need all that, just boot :)17:41
patdk-wknot that I can locate17:41
* RoyK doubts anyone will add iSCSI boot without offload17:41
patdk-wkI want a pcie x1 low profile nic17:41
patdk-wkall I can find are dual and quad port server nics17:42
RoyKafaik most of those are dual+17:42
RoyKbut they should come in low profile...17:42
RoyKbut 1x may be more difficult17:43
patdk-wk$135 for intel i350 dual port x4 card17:46
RoyKsounds reasonable17:47
* RoyK is waiting for an AOC-SAT2-MV8 to setup a home server :P17:47
RoyKcost me some $35 - not very fast, but stable.....17:48
patdk-wkshould be fast enough17:48
RoyKyeah, even with only 32bit PCI17:48
RoyKthe network is likely to be the limit anyway17:48
patdk-wkwhat? 32bit?17:49
patdk-wkmy home server is 3 of those, quad gigabit, and 2 20g infiniband17:49
patdk-wklimited by the pcix backplanes, to about 1400MB/sec usable17:49
RoyKthe card is PCI-X, but my box only has PCI slots, which isn't a big deal, since PCI-X is compatible with PCI (given you have place for the rest of the board to hang dangling)17:49
patdk-wkgivin the card is 5v compatable17:50
RoyKpatdk-wk: heh - I don't have that sort of home network/server, neither do I need it ;)17:50
patdk-wkbut it's cheap to just get a pcix motherboard17:50
RoyKI'll try this one first17:50
patdk-wkI'm annoyed at my current one, that only gets 200MB/sec17:50
RoyKon pci-x??17:51
patdk-wkno, pcie x8's17:51
patdk-wkit only has dual gigabit though17:51
patdk-wkand the drives need to be redone17:51
RoyK200MB/s is about the bandwidth you can expect with 32bit PCI 2.117:52
patdk-wkno it's not17:52
patdk-wk100MB/sec is the max over 32bit pci17:52
patdk-wk32bit 133mhz17:52
RoyK132MB/s theoretical over 32bit 33MHz17:53
patdk-wkya, 33mhz, heh, I'm still on pcix :)17:53
RoyKPCI 2.1 is 66MHz17:53
RoyKand has been the standard for 10ish years17:53
patdk-wkwell, I can say then, nothing I have ever used did pci 2.1 correctly then17:53
patdk-wkI know all my motherboards supported it17:53
patdk-wkbut I always capped out at 100MB/sec17:54
patdk-wk50MB/sec using nic+disk17:54
RoyKif the (or one of them?) controller card doesn't support 66MHz, the bus will clock down17:54
patdk-wkfound a single port, iscsi, pcie lp on ebay, but it's still x4 :(17:54
RoyKget a new mobo :P17:55
* RoyK echos patdk-wk 17:55
patdk-wkit's embedded systems, not that easy17:55
patdk-wkhave two slots, x16 used by video card, x1 empty17:55
patdk-wkuse them for mythtv frontends :)17:55
RoyKguess you're stuck with pxe then...17:55
patdk-wkit adds boot lag though :(17:56
RoyKhow often do you boot?17:56
patdk-wkonce a day17:56
RoyKso, say 20secs boot lag, that's 20 out of 86400 - rather low :D17:57
patdk-wkhell, I should just throw my fc card in it17:57
RoyK1x FC card?17:57
patdk-wknope :)17:57
RoyKRS/232 to FC adaptor?17:58
patdk-wkthat works17:58
RoyKprobably faster with an SD card for the root, though17:58
patdk-wkI did usb stick for root, for a while, was painful17:59
RoyKwell, with infiniband and fibrechannel at home, you should whine somewhere else :P18:00
patdk-wkit's only 2g fc18:01
patdk-wkbut then the fc tape drive only goes 70MB/sec18:01
RoyKalmost like poverty - I can understand...18:01
patdk-wkwell, I need it18:02
patdk-wkI can't well tell people, here, buy and install this stuff, no I personally have no idea how to use it, or if it will work18:02
patdk-wkplus, when there are issues, and it's possible, it's nice to bring it home, and test it18:03
patdk-wkthat is what I got the fc stuff for18:03
patdk-wkthe infiniband was for proof of concept, and cause well, 10g ethernet costs too much18:03
RoyKmore than IB?18:03
patdk-wk10g ethernet is like double or triple the price of IB18:04
patdk-wkcheapest 10g switchs start at 3k18:04
RoyKhow much do you pay for a 24-port IB switch giving you ~10Gbps?18:04
patdk-wkcisco topspin 120, dual psu's and managed18:04
RoyKused or new?18:04
patdk-wkthere are no used 10g ethernets18:05
patdk-wkand I don't need new for home18:05
RoyKa 24-port 10gE is close to $1k, or a bit more from cisco18:05
patdk-wkwhat model?18:06
jhobbswhere are you finding 24-port 10gig switches for $1k?18:06
patdk-wkI'm thinking 24gig ports, and options to install 2 10gige18:07
jhobbsyeah, the two sfp's would be about $1k ;)18:07
RoyKsupermicro/dell switches cost some $1k, perhaps $1k5 for a 24-port gigE - same switch - from Delta Electronics18:07
RoyKnot 1k18:08
RoyKdecimal error18:08
patdk-wkya, 10k, 10gig ethernet totally out of price range18:08
patdk-wkI can get 40gig IB for cheaper18:08
koolhead17hello all18:08
patdk-wkcisco 12port 10g, 3560E-12D, $13k18:09
RoyKcisco generally costs a wee bit more...18:09
patdk-wkI find netgear business switchs to be good personally18:09
patdk-wkhave about 8 of them, only the poe models have ever died on me18:10
patdk-wkI now use external poe piggyback switchs18:10
RoyKprobably rebranded from delta or something18:10
RoyKI know for certain that most of netgear's stuff is OEM18:10
patdk-wkthe two issues I had with netgear, they have fixed in the firmware18:11
RoyKthey do the firmware, or have good contacts with the producer, but they don't make hardware18:12
patdk-wkman, launchpad i386 build servers are busy today :(18:21
patdk-wk6h delay currently :(18:22
TheEvilPhoenixpatdk-wk:  they're working on building the packages for the 11.10 release arent they18:22
patdk-wkdunno, no delay on amd6418:23
patdk-wkglad I am not building lpia stuff anymore, 27hour delay18:24
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GTRsdkhow do I setup a server that serves files to my PlayStation and other computers on the network?18:39
RoyKGTRsdk: afaik, there's no official release, but http://ps3mediaserver.blogspot.com/ works well18:46
RoyKGTRsdk: that is, that software works, but isn't under the ubuntu hat18:47
GTRsdkRoyK, I just need to be able to connect to the server via web browser and download files, but not have the files on the server searchable via Google (or similar)18:48
RoyKGTRsdk: there are several web browsers available for ubuntu - the ps3mediaserver is a media server that is recognized by ps3 automatically18:52
RoyKs/web browsers/web servers/18:52
RoyKif you just need a webserver, install apache or something18:52
GTRsdkRoyK, I just need the files to be downloaded, like how a ftp server can let people download files on a simple UI19:00
jamespagezul: around?  having trouble reconciling the packaging branch for nova with what's currently in the oneiric archive - patches appear to be different19:09
jamespagehmm - looks like not - maybe Daviey or smoser might be able to help ^^19:10
RoyKI read there's GTRsdk both apache or some other web server, or some ftp server like ncftpd can do that19:13
RoyKsorry - both apache or some other web server, or some ftp server like ncftpd can do that19:13
ikoniaif you want your play station 3 to play media you need a unpnp player19:15
ikoniaupnp even19:17
RoyKikonia: no reason for that if you're on the same lan19:17
ikoniathere is if you want the ps3 to be able to browse and play the media files as part of it's media player19:18
ikoniaI don't care really, what you want to do19:18
RoyKikonia: ps3mediaserver works will out of the box - beleive me19:19
ikoniathat's not a web server19:19
ikoniait's a upnp server19:19
RoyKupnp is for opening ports in a firewall19:19
RoyKwithout a firewall in between, there shouldn't be a problem19:19
ikoniait's not for a firewall19:20
ikoniathat's actually not a bad description19:20
ikoniafor once wikipedia actually has a reasonable description, shock horror19:21
RoyKI thought ps3 used SLP or something sane19:21
ikoniaI've only seen it work happy with upnp19:21
ikoniaanyway, what ever you feel is best19:21
RoyKI guess the reason SSDP doesn't use SLP is that's it's written by fscking mickysoft19:23
RoyKI mean - SLP is sane and simple19:23
ikoniaor "microsoft" as we call it in the grown up world19:24
RoyKevery time someone makes a good protocol, microsoft just has to make a new, and irrecoverable worse one19:24
RoyKikonia: there's a perfectly good reason to name them mickysoft - stuff that comes from that house, like upnp or pptp or - well - anything - seems to lack support from anything but internal closed-source binaries from themselves19:25
ikoniaRoyK: there is no reason to call them stupid names,19:26
RoyKikonia: I must say there is. Any software house that lives on due to defunct, proprietary software, not gaining the communities around, only themselves, should be given pet names for what they do19:28
RoyKikonia: and Microsoft is one of the worst in that setting19:28
ikoniaRoyK: grow up, it's a business, it's not illegal to make proprietary, nor is it a problem, if you can't discuss them without stupid names for them, then your views have no credability19:29
ikoniaand it's not welcome within the Ubuntu name space19:29
RoyKtake OOXML, you make a ripoff out of OpenDocument and in it, you allow for binary encoded proprietary extensions. That's not open19:29
ikoniait doesn't really give the Linux or ubuntu commuity a good name calling competators stupid names19:30
ikoniaRoyK: I don't care if it's open or not - there is no law that says everything must be open.19:30
RoyKthere should be a standard saying naming something open, should be used only for open products19:30
ikoniaRoyK: I don't care19:31
RoyKand the first O in OOXML is for "open"19:31
RoyKikonia: then you don't care much about open source, IMHO19:31
ersiRoyK: It's okay to have an opinion. It's NOT okay to be an ass about your own opinion though. Respect others opinions, as they should respect yours.19:38
GTRsdkI think ushare will work, but will I be able to download via web browser?19:41
tdelamhey guys, does ubuntu server encrypt the HD by default?19:57
tdelamWe suffered a crash and have this error on boot asking for a passphrase which we've never created before, I'm not sure how to get around this19:57
ersitdelam: No. It's totally optional.20:12
ersitdelam: So someone did choose to set a passphrase and encrypt some portion of the install.20:12
tdelamInteresting, :(20:13
icekk_hey guys, my ubuntu server has an ip address, i can ssh into it remotely across the internet, but for some reason when i try to ping google or perform apt-get upgrade it cant resolve the hosts20:13
icekk_any idea how i could fix this20:13
tdelamis there anyway around it if they don't remember doing that, ersi ?20:13
icekk_When I ping an ip it says 66 packets sent, 0 recieved, 100% packet loss20:15
ersitdelam: Pretty much screwed, if that was the case. Your only option is to brute force the passphrase - hoping The Installer Person chose a dumb phrase20:16
tdelamHa! damn20:16
tdelamok thanks ersi20:16
ersiGood luck man :/ Tough situation20:16
ersiGo get the wrench ;)20:16
tdelamersi: hah thanks20:19
RoyKersi: sorry, did you misunderstand my words?20:21
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zuloh my god...wireless is working20:39
KM0201lol, a wireless server?20:40
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fishsceneHello everyone. I just wanted to send a great big "THANK YOU!" to the Ubuntu Server team. I installed Ubuntu Server on a fit-pc2i and will be streaming a live infrared webcam feed to our video and backstage crews using VLC and Ubuntu 11.04 Server. We really appreciate how easy this was to set up and get working. :)20:52
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SaidKLEQUESTION: how to enable php5-pgsql module in php5 and ubuntu server 11.0421:16
SaidKLE...I installed it, but I keep getting "Unrecognized function call pg_connect()" in error log21:18
SaidKLEQuestion: How do I get php5 to connect to postgresql?  I installed apache2, php5, php5-postgresql, etc., but nothing it working.21:22
SaidKLEedit: server is working, php is working, pg_connect() is not recognized.21:22
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ToidiIf I create a raid array with mdadm will it format it? (using mdadm --create --level=1 --raid-devices=2 /dev/sd[bc]1)23:46
twbDefine "format"23:46
Toidiwipe all present data?23:47
ToidiSome idiot unplugged the NAS server while running and now it won't boot. I've loaded up an ubuntu desktop live cd to try and run fschk on it to verify the drives for the array are fine23:48
ToidiI just need to add /dev/md0, but I don't want to format it23:48
twbToidi: it will write data to the disk, but it won't overwrite everything within sd[bc]123:51
twbIf you want to assemble an existing array, use --assemble, not --create.23:51
twbIf sdb1 is a normal partition and you want to turn it INTO a RAID1 array, you can't do it that way.23:52
twbIn that case, you need to create a degraded array using only sdc1, copy the files / filesystem from sdb1 to md0, then add sdb1 to md0 as an array node (which WILL overwrite everything in sdb1)23:53
twbIf you've never done that before, you should definitely make a backup first23:53
nronksrcan someone tell me if the 10.04LTS version of the ubuntu-server portmap is securable via hosts.allow/hosts.deny files?23:55
twbnronksr: /etc/hosts.allow is tcpwrappers; it will show up in ldd deps as libwrap or something IIRC23:56
twbnronksr: but I strongly advise you to use netfilter and ipset instead, because if someone later on recompiles a daemon *without* libwrap, you won't silently lose all your blocks23:56
twbIf this is just for NFS, you can set some config files that will make it use static ports, which makes firewalling it much easier23:57
nronksrI'm looking at nfs setup in particular.  I was planning on firewalling it, but I also like controlling from hosts.allow/deny as well.23:58
nronksrold habits...23:58
twbThat first block is there as a safety net to avoid netfilter failing open23:59
twbThat's what I would do instead of duplicating your blocklist in both netfilter and tcpwrappers23:59
nronksrThanks, I'll take a look!23:59

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