cndHey Satoris08:46
cndI just sent you an email, did you get it?08:46
SatorisNot yet.08:46
cndSatoris, ok, I sent it to jussi.pakkanen@ubuntu.com08:46
cndapparently canonical devs don't get @ubuntu.com addresses automatically anymore08:47
SatorisWait, now I got it.08:47
cndhmm, ok08:47
SatorisRestarting Evolution did the trick.08:48
cndSatoris, are you an ubuntu member?08:48
SatorisNot that I know of.08:49
cndprobably shouldn't spread knowledge of this too far :)08:51
WebVisitor-0Hi everybody, can anyone help in drivers of Samsung ld220z touch installation on unbutu linutop 4? tanks.08:54
Satoriscnd: have you looked at the spurious gesture bug I commented on Friday?08:55
cndSatoris, not yet08:56
cndSatoris, you can try reverting those commits to see if it fixes things08:56
cndI probably won't be able to do much this week08:56
cndWebVisitor-0, driver development usually occurs on the linux-input mailing list08:57
cndand there's documentation in the linux source code in Documentation/input/multi-touch-protocol.txt08:57
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Satoriscnd: the regular Oneiric package which does not have the fuzz patch (165) works perfectly.10:55
cndSatoris, ahh, interesting11:00
cndI didn't push it because it didn't have much testing11:00
cndso that's good :)11:01
cndSatoris, can you revert the commit noting the bug the it caused?11:01
SatorisSure thing.11:07
cndSatoris, remember to use bzr commit --fixes='lp:<bugnumber>' where it makes sense11:45
cndincluding when committing a merge11:45
SatorisDoes it actually do anything?11:45
cndit adds some metadata to the commit, and it links things up better in launchpad11:46
cndit's not a big deal and isn't worth withholding a commit from merging11:46
cndbut it's nice to have11:46
SatorisDisconnecting due to package upgrade ->11:51
SatorisFinal confirmation that 165 was the issue: building the merged branch into a package and installing it makes things work.11:56
cndSatoris, awesome13:06
cndthanks for testing it out :)13:06
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