andrejzmorning dpm! Love the new stats ;)08:44
kelemengabordpm: hi, do you happen to know what's going on with the evolution and e-d-s imports? the pot files were imported just fine, but the po files didn't appeared in the import queue, which is btw full with old po files in needs review status12:00
dpmkelemengabor, hm, I don't know, they all look like old imports to me12:02
kelemengaboryeah, but where are the more recent ones?12:03
dpmkelemengabor, they should either be imported through the imports queue (imported entries are removed from the queue view after 3 days iirc) or through imports sharing12:05
dpmassuming all went well, of course :)12:05
dpmactually, if all went well, they should have been imported through sharing from the evolution upstream trunk branch in LP12:06
dpmand only the POT template should have been imported through the Ubuntu imports queue12:06
kelemengabor         1                    →           10                  of         143         results12:07
kelemengabordoesn't look like all went well12:07
kelemengaborthere should be about 0 untranslated strings12:08
kelemengabornow this is an interesting message12:09
kelemengaborNo upstream templates have been found yet. Please follow the import process by going to the Translation Import Queue of the upstream project series.12:09
dpmkelemengabor, yeah, looking at it, it seems that evo is not set up for message sharing (it's all set up, only the translations for the upstream project need to be activated)12:10
dpmhowever, if they are not activated, then PO+POT files should be imported through the Ubuntu imports queue12:10
dpmso, I'd recommend looking at the date of the last upload and at the PO files the source package of that upload contained12:11
kelemengaborI saw that the pot file was imported, but nothing else12:11
kelemengaborand the new strings are indeed there12:11
dpmkelemengabor, when was the upload?12:12
kelemengaborumm... sometime last week, I guess12:12
kelemengaborand 2011-09-27 for evolution12:13
dpmkelemengabor, then most likely the entries have been removed from the queue after being imported (I'm being optimistic here). There are no traces of the imported POT or PO files in the queue12:15
dpmlet me check the source package12:15
dpmin the meantime, and on the positive side, we've now got translations stats updated daily with real data at http://people.canonical.com/~dpm/stats/ubuntu-11.10-translation-stats.html12:20
dpmfrom now on, the stats of all supported versions should be updated daily12:21
dpmkelemengabor, I'll have to ask on #launchpad, I cannot figure out where the PO files went12:27
kelemengabordpm: thanks12:37
kelemengaborand this list is awesome :)12:38
kelemengaborwhy is evolution not listed as partially untranslated for Hungarian? it has quite a few strings left12:41
dpmkelemengabor, I've just noticed it as well :). I'll have to investigate12:42
andrejzcan someone confirm a bug for me14:42
andrejzkelemengabor you there?14:42
kelemengaborwhat's the problem?14:43
andrejzwhen using unity dash and searching14:43
andrejzapplications and "files and folders" are not translated14:44
andrejzi have all the latest updates14:44
kelemengaborI don't have unity, only unity-2d14:45
andrejzoh, ok14:46
kelemengaborhm, those strings are from the lenses, and they are untranslated for me too14:51
andrejzis there a bug reported about this that you are aware14:52
kelemengaborI don't remember of any14:53
andrejzok, then i can report it14:54
andrejzkelemengabor, which unity lens should it be reported against15:08
Jessica_Lilydpm I haven't been able to catch you for a while but … na'vi got rejected from glibc15:08
Jessica_LilyI'm not sure what the next step is15:08
dpmandrejz, I guess you can report it against unity itself15:09
dpmJessica_Lily, hi15:09
Jessica_Lilyhey :)15:09
dpmyeah, I saw it. I'm wondering if it might be worth adding it to Ubuntu nevertheless, sort of what we did on Klingon15:09
dpmI haven't read the comments for a while15:10
dpmdid you comment something along those lines on the Ubuntu bug?15:10
dpmIf the maintainer (pitti) agrees, perhaps that might be the way to go15:10
kelemengaboroh yes, the strings are in .ini files, which need either inline translations, or a [Desktop Entry] group using X-Ubuntu-Gettext-Domain and listing the translatable Name, Description, Comment or GenericName key, having these keys under another group, as all the lenses do it now, won't work15:11
kelemengaborandrejz: bad news: against all of them15:11
Jessica_Lilydpm yep, i can link you to the bug if you want15:11
dpmand if it works out and there are lots of Na'vi translations, perhaps that might give some more momentum for upstream to consider accepting it15:11
Jessica_Lilywell i have a few in the na'vi community willing to translate15:11
kelemengaborunity-lens-files, unity-lens-applications, unity-lens-music and gwibber has a lens too15:12
Jessica_Lilyhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/glibc/+bug/831976 @ dpm15:12
ubot4Launchpad bug 831976 in langpack-locales (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Addition of Na'vi Language (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,New]15:12
dpmJessica_Lily, it's fine, thanks, I've got the link on my e-mail :) I'd suggest talking to pitti, either on IRC, through the bug comments or via e-mail (feel free to CC me), to see how he feels about including it in Ubuntu15:12
Jessica_Lilyi'll see if he's on IRC first15:13
Jessica_Lilyhmm he's away and been idle for nearly 3 days15:13
kelemengabordpm: I almost forgot, but I dug out something interesting about the klingon locale: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/oneiric/libx11/oneiric/revision/54#debian/patches/101_klingon_locale_alias.diff15:14
andrejz@kelemengabor, dpm - https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/86543015:14
kelemengaborno good news for na'vi15:14
ubot4Launchpad bug 865430 in unity "Categories "Applications" and "Files and folders" are untranslated (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,New]15:14
andrejzhm, ok, so i need to assign this bug to different lenses too15:15
dpmoh, it seems Klingon was dropped, then15:15
Jessica_Lilyklingon is still there isn't it ?15:15
kelemengaborJessica_Lily: unfortunately, no15:16
Jessica_Lilywhat was the reason for dropping it?15:16
Jessica_Lilyits still got an option in launchpad to translate oneiric into it15:18
Jessica_Lilyand by the looks of things people have been15:18
kelemengaborJessica_Lily: this is why Debian rejected the libx11 patch: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=581524 and this is why glibc will reject anything that's not spoken by lots of real people: http://sourceware.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=408615:28
ubot4Debian bug 581524 in libx11 "libx11: Latin and Klingon locales" [Wishlist,Open]15:28
kelemengaborAlso, it seems to me that the Klingon translation was nothing more than a joke from the beginning: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-l10n-tlh15:31
Jessica_Lilyhmm i don't know, just because they put a whimsical statement on their page doesn't mean they don't take what they do seriously?15:34
kelemengaborwell, the fact that the two members of that team are Canonicals programmer-halfgods says everything about their seriousness to me15:36
andrejzkelemengabor : amount of translated strings also says something :)15:37
kelemengaborso I think this is where it is wiser for you to give up this effort. I don't mean to mock or hurt you, but klingons and na'vis are "just a TV-show", and we are here to translate Ubuntu for real people, who could not use it otherwise. I'm sure that you could find some other areas to help Ubuntu and its users, who are not fictional.15:41
Jessica_Lilykelemengabor I won't give up15:44
Jessica_Lilyif needs must i will write a script users can run to give them a some patched packages and pull of a 3rd party translation site15:44
Jessica_Lilybut i'd prefer launchpad to allow it as that'd be the best option15:45
Jessica_Lilykelemengabor i understand where you're coming from and there are bigger priorities but this would be nice to be able to accept15:47
dpmJessica_Lily, let me try to talk to the maintainers and come back to you16:04
Jessica_Lilyokay, thanks :)16:04
dpmJessica_Lily, but just to set expectations, be aware that the answer might be the same as kelemengabor's. Btw, thanks Gabor for the honest feedback16:05
dpmespecially now that klingon support has been dropped :/16:06
Jessica_Lilymmm, its a shame its been dropped16:06
Jessica_Lilyi wish it had more support, if i knew klingon i would have helped translate16:07
Jessica_Lilyunfortunately i don't xD16:07
Jessica_Lilylike i said failing that i'll just have to write a script to patch it16:27
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