AzelphurAnyone know why emerald has been pulled from 11.10?00:10
ali1234because it was merged back into compiz years ago00:11
Azelphurhow do I use it? :o00:11
Azelphurali1234: is that compiz-window-decorator?00:12
ali1234probably yeah00:12
Azelphurali1234: any idea how to set the theme?00:13
Azelphurhaha, other people in #ubuntu+1 running into the same "No more multi X support for you" issue I had earlier00:50
AzelphurAny packagey people care to help me with this one? http://pastebin.com/NCuR9Yp401:10
ali1234gtk theme formats changed with gtk301:12
ali1234all old stuff is now broken01:12
ali1234gtk-update-icon-cache --help01:12
ali1234-t, --ignore-theme-index     Don't check for the existence of index.theme01:12
ali1234put that in the control ^01:12
ali1234find where it runs gtk-update-icon-cache and add -t after it01:13
Azelphurso it's a packaging bug I should report upstream for a start :P01:13
Azelphurbesides that I didn't understand much of what you said01:14
Azelphurbut I'll send that upstream *shrug*01:14
czajkowskimorning all07:48
Girly-Girlyou up early?07:49
AlanBellmorning all07:57
TheOpenSourcerermorning everyone.08:00
MartijnVdS\o TheOpenSourcerer08:05
Laneyguten morgen08:07
TheOpenSourcererMy Oneric lappy has gone all weird. It boots OK but I get no launcher and the top menu/bar has the nautilus menu on it.  If I open a new nautilus window it has it's own menu... Known issue?08:32
TheOpenSourcererI can't get to any of the lenses nor the indicators etc.08:33
oimonTheOpenSourcerer: tried unity --reset ?08:34
brobostigongood morning everyone.08:35
TheOpenSourcereroimon: Thanks (CTL+ALT F1) and trying...08:37
JamesTaitMorning all!09:36
oimonanother lovely october day in the uK09:37
Laneybit grey here sadly09:39
Laneygiven that the weather said 27° later…09:39
selinuxiumMorning all  o/09:41
Girly-GirlMorning £££££££££££09:50
gordi ordered ice-cream to deal with the heat of late! so i think the current grey sky is my fault09:53
davmor2morning all09:57
MooDoomorning davmor209:58
davmor2morning MooDoo nice weekend :D09:58
MooDoodavmor2: was at work09:58
davmor2MooDoo: I know09:58
MooDoodavmor2: in that case....bugger off ;)09:59
davmor2MooDoo: sorry couldn't resist :D10:06
MooDoodavmor2: it's on, i've got a <insert something horrible here> with your name on it :D10:07
* Laney wolf whistles10:07
* MooDoo acts all coy, awwww shucks Laney ;)10:08
davmor2MooDoo: You had a play with you lens yet?10:12
MooDoodavmor2: don't get it until the 21st, it's a 3 day hire10:14
davmor2MooDoo: Ahh okay10:14
MooDoodavmor2: looking forward to it though10:15
MooDoodavmor2: nice BIG lens :D10:18
oimonhad a 30 minute discussion in the car on saturday with the missis about which star wars characters are most like ourselves10:22
oimonthe advantages of being married to someone who's quietly geeky10:22
=== Girly-Girl is now known as GirlyGirl
popeymy wife isn't remotely geeky10:23
oimondo you still have those discussions?10:24
popeyI am responsible for anything in the house with a plug on it, she is responsible for things that eat.10:24
popeyI am also responsible for removing wasps.10:24
GirlyGirlpopey: Removing wasps lol10:25
popeyhad to do that last night10:25
popeywifey went to bed then came back downstairs10:25
popeyi went up to save the day10:25
popeybatted the wasp with ipad :D10:25
popey(multi-purpose device)10:25
GirlyGirlpopey: With ipad you serious?10:26
oimonhave you heard the theory that a conker in the corner of the room stops spiders? is that for real or just gypsy tales?10:26
* gord wonders if there is an app for accurate wasp vs ipad battling 10:26
popeynever heard that oimon10:26
gordif that were true, there would be no spiders outside surely10:27
Laneybet you could simulate a wasp with an ipad10:27
Laneyand therefore it could tell you exactly where to swat10:27
popeyspanked the jasper across the room and it landed on the floor, picked it up, lobbed it out the window10:27
GirlyGirl!best > GirlyGirl10:29
lubotu3GirlyGirl, please see my private message10:29
oimonpopey: buy a mug with vim reference guide on it10:40
popeyi had considered that10:43
popeywish oneiric didn't keep suspending10:47
popeycan't leave my desktop on at home10:48
GirlyGirlpopey: There is bound to be an option to disable that10:50
jpdspopey: Enable Wake-on-LAN?10:50
popeyGirlyGirl: its broken10:50
popeyjpds: haha :D10:50
jpdspopey: Worked for me two years ago; ssh into the router and send the magic packet.10:51
oimonweird, i have an oneiric box and it stays on all the time10:51
popeybug 85462410:52
lubotu3Launchpad bug 854624 in gnome-power-manager (Ubuntu) "[oneiric] Gnome3/Unity session fails to apply suspend/hibernate parameters, set by "Power Settings" dialog" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85462410:52
popeyhmm, i dont know the mac address for my desktop10:53
oimoni've noticed that screenshots of unity where the wallpaper is predominantly blue look 10x better than the default10:53
Laneyit is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-settings-daemon/+bug/86048510:54
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 860485 in gnome-settings-daemon (Ubuntu Oneiric) "bad default setting: suspend after 30min when plugged in" [Critical,Fix released]10:54
Laney& https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-control-center/+bug/86447910:55
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 864479 in gnome-control-center (Ubuntu Oneiric) "System goes to hibernate or suspend even when set to "Don't suspend"" [Critical,Confirmed]10:55
oimonah, i haven't updated for a week..10:56
oimonmust be why i wasn't affected10:56
* popey installs etherwake11:00
* popey notes arp shows a box which currently isnt up11:00
popeythat might be my desktop11:00
oimonddwrt prob has dhcp logs?11:01
bigcalmpopey: how's the modem only setup going?11:06
bigcalmI'm tempted to go that route myself now11:07
popeybigcalm: working well, i now have only one AP11:36
popeyalso the wndr3700 running ddwrt is functionally way more useful than the crap in the "super" hub11:38
Monsterwizarddid anyone answer my question11:42
MonsterwizardHabe you failed a test...but still became successful in life in general11:43
MooDoofailed what test?11:43
oimontest of character? academic test? life is full of tests11:48
oimonespecially if you are married11:48
oimon"what do you think of this dress?"11:49
AlanBell[13:30] <Monsterwizard> when is it wabbit season?11:49
AlanBell[13:33] <AlanBell> I think that opens just after the haggis season starts11:49
MooDoooimon: "do this dress make me look fat"11:51
MonsterwizardWhen did I say that D:11:51
MooDooMonsterwizard: you've not told us what test yet :) lol11:51
DJonesMooDoo: It matches your eyes :)11:51
Monsterwizardohhh strings and languages11:51
Monsterwizardkinda like logic11:51
davmor2oimon: I get away with meh whatever do you like it?  if so wear it.11:52
davmor2bigcalm: you all set for Thursday then Dude?11:58
popeycan someone on ubuntu do me a favour ? (I am at work on windows)12:10
popeyIn firefox... > Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Encryption -> View Certificates12:11
popeyis CACert listed?12:11
gordpopey, nope12:11
popeyhttp://packages.ubuntu.com/oneiric/all/ca-certificates/filelist indicates it is there12:12
gordthere is a lot of them, let me check again12:12
gordnah not there12:14
gordi'd assume it needs to be in mozilla/ to show up in firefox12:15
oimonwhy do bacon sandwiches include the rind/fat? is it laziness on behalf of the person cooking it , or do some people actaully enjoy eating the fat?12:17
gordonjcpbecause magic pig is awesome12:18
gordonjcpand must include the fat12:18
oimonapart from anything else, the texture of fat ruins a sandwich12:19
bigcalmI would reply to davmor2, but he's buggered off. Humf12:24
bigcalmThe fat add the important parts of the flavour complex of bacon. When cooked, the dripping should be included with the meal12:25
oimonthat may explain why my BMI is considered underweight12:25
MartijnVdSoimon: that, or the constant running after users with blunt/heavy objects :P12:30
directhexoimon, some like the fat. consider streaky bacon.12:30
* oimon searches until he finds a website that says 18.4 BMI is heathly12:34
oimoni think it is rather flawed system12:35
gordhuh, i just had to use open office and it was a fairly pleasant experience12:41
oimonmy mother in law has been using it for work purposes on her laptop for last couple of years and didn't realise that it wasn't MS office. the point is, she didn't need to.12:48
Laneyshe hasn't had to exchange documents with ms office using people then?12:56
oimonLaney: she saves as .doc* but we didn't have an in depth discussion of why it saved as odt and ods by default. i wonder if i can change that default...13:05
directhexvaguely modern msoffice opens & saves odt and ods.13:07
oimoni never knew that.13:09
oimonmy life improved drastically since i stopped supporting windows13:10
oimononly occasionally do i have to dip my toe in13:10
Monsterwizardoh another one13:15
MonsterwizardYou're too good for windows :P13:15
MooDoonon of my friends want to migrate from windows, so i do a lot of windows stuff13:16
oimonMooDoo: do you get paid in food or beer for your troubles?13:17
MooDoooimon: yeah beer :)13:17
oimonmy friends used to think they were doing me a favour by asking me to fix their machines all night13:18
Monsterwizardwhy would they think that?13:19
oimonMonsterwizard: maybe they are using the flawed logic that X likes computers, therefore he will enjoy fixing my malware/lack of backups issue in his spare time13:22
MooDooi'm getting it now with photoggraphy, MooDoo likes photography, paul can you just :)13:22
oimon"photograph my wedding for free? it'll be good for your portfolio innit?"13:25
MooDoooimon: just kinda had one of them, not free but a sister of a mate :)13:27
Monsterwizardok so people make fun of computer science grads13:30
Monsterwizardi hate that13:30
MonsterwizardSomeone said to me "Just ask me any question I did the A+ so I can answer any question"13:30
Monsterwizardmocking compsci esstentiallu13:30
directhexask them to explain the TCP sliding window mechanism13:31
MonsterwizardWait...the exam guide for that course isn't that big13:31
Monsterwizardabout the size of one of my text books13:31
Monsterwizardpfff wanna bees13:32
oimonMonster: are you phd student?13:34
Monsterwizardhow come you ask?13:34
aquariusOK. I have a new machine (thanks popey!) and there are two disks: a 160GB disk with no data on it at all, and a 1TB disk with loads of movies and tv and music and etc on it. I am trying to work out how to set up the machine. I do not have enough space to back up everything on the 1TB disk (so it can't be wiped). Suggestions, please :)13:36
aquariusfrex: should I install Ubuntu on the 160GB disk and then just mount the 1TB disk at /mnt/stuff? Should I use LVM? If I LVM, should I LVM across both disks? If I do that, can I put all the data on the 1TB disk into an LVM thingy without deleting it all and then copying it all back on afterwards?13:37
MartijnVdSaquarius: I did that13:38
MartijnVdSaquarius: install Ubuntu on the 160GB, then used a separate disk as /home (which is where I all put all my stuff)13:38
MartijnVdSdidn't use LVM13:38
oimonaquarius: how many users will be using it?13:38
aquariusoimon, one (me). It will, most of the time, not have anyone sitting in front of it: it's a server, which will be headless13:39
aquariusso its primary purpose is to serve out files over upnp and so on.13:39
danfishaquarius: wot MartijnVdS said sounds good13:39
MartijnVdSaquarius: LVM is only useful if you expect to run out of diskspace and add disks (instead of replacing the disk with a larger one and throwing out/recycling the old one)13:39
oimonlvm adds 15% overhead AFAIK, doesn't sound necessary with your setup.13:40
gordaquarius, just a warning if you have a different drive, u1 won't let you share anything outside your home directory no matter how much i bug you guys about that ;)13:40
MartijnVdSgord: it's called 'incentive' :P13:40
aquariusgord, you've read the list of reasons why, right? ;)13:40
gordaquarius, yeah, i'v started enough arguments about it ;) but yeah just a warning, if you want all your music in /media/stuff like i did, you then can't have it in u1. so you'll end up using your home directory anyway13:41
aquariusMartijnVdS, oimon, danfish, that's useful info, thanks13:41
aquariusgord, ah, I do not have 1TB of videos in U1. My *music* is already in U1, which is on my laptop :)13:41
oimonthen setup a regular rsync backup of the 1TB drive :)13:42
aquariusoimon, the reason it isn't backed up isn't because I don't know how, it's because I don't have 1TB of space anywhere else :P13:42
aquariusok. time to work out how to put a second drive in a microserver :P13:43
oimonwith backups, i imagine that i have lost the data on the drive. then i say..what would i pay right now to get all that data back?13:44
popeyaquarius: pro-tip13:44
diploaquarius, Simplest thing ever :)13:44
popeythe screws are in the door13:45
popeyas is the tool13:45
diploOne thing i didn't notice though after////13:45
diplobah popey beat me to it13:45
popeymake sure you get the drive up the right way in the caddy :D13:45
diploSearched out of my box of screws, then as i was sliding the second drive in i noticed a huge line of them13:45
aquariusoimon, that's why that drive only contains things like ripped videos. Actual important data -- documents and photos and music and the like, which I don't have discs of -- is in U1 from my laptop.13:45
oimonugh the windows in my office allow bluebottles in but they can't get out. i just had 10 on the window.13:46
aquariusok, which one of you has stolen my set of mini screwdrivers?13:53
aquariushey, there is a screwdriver in the door too. Nice.13:54
directhex<popey> as is the tool14:00
aquariusdirecthex, yeah, but I needed the screwdriver to get the drive out of the old caddy :)14:09
aquariusI'll say this: server people know how to make their lives simpler. Slide out the caddy by pressing a nice button; screws and screwdriver already in the door... good stuff.14:09
aquariusthe terrifying moment where I say: sure, go ahead and format that disk... and hope that I picked the right one. Pretty sure I chose the right one, but I always worry that my finger slipped or something :)14:11
oimonbe careful to install openssh-server on the server OS before tidying it into your cabinet. for some bizarre reason ssh is not installed by default on ubuntu server14:11
aquariusooh, sensible advice and no mistake14:12
MartijnVdSIs there a way to install all dependencies of a package, but not the package itself?14:14
aquariusinstall teh package and then remove it? :)14:15
MartijnVdSaquarius: yes that's my workaround14:16
MartijnVdSbut I was wondering if there was a Better Way®14:16
aquariusgraarrgh, I typed my username in instead of my actual name. again14:16
directhexaquarius isn't your real name?14:17
aquariusheh :)14:17
Laneyaptitude install ~rD package14:17
MartijnVdSLaney: No :|14:18
MartijnVdSLaney: it'll install EVERYTHING14:18
Laneyyou mean i forgot the quotes14:19
MartijnVdSLaney: no that's reverse-depends14:23
MartijnVdSI want to do the equivalent of apt-get install X; dpkg --purge X14:23
MartijnVdSoh well, I'll just stick to that :)14:24
Laneywhat am I not getting?14:26
aquariusyay installed14:30
aquariushm, what do I need to install to make the machine advertise itself to the local network as machinename.local? libnss-mdns ?14:30
directhexadvertise itself? avahi-daemon14:31
directhexconsume .local addresses? libnss-mdns14:31
aquariusand working, yay14:32
oimonirc at it's finest :)14:32
directhexcake for all!14:32
* oimon wonders if creating etherpad lite notes with random names > 8 chars counts as secure14:35
gordits publicly available, so no ;)14:35
oimonit's the equivalent of inifinite retries available on a passworded email account :)14:37
aquariusnow, the eternal question: do I mount the big drive under $HOME or not? hm.14:38
gordgreat, just installed dconf-tools on my server. that was smart14:39
gordi should "alias apt=get=echo "YOU ARE ON YOUR SERVER GORD, STOP BEIGN DUMB"; apt-get" on my server or something14:39
aquariusgord, did it offering to pull in all of X as a dependency not clue you in? :)14:40
Laneyhave different passwords14:40
bigcalmSuperHub now in modem only mode and I'm back using my Linksys router :)14:41
gordaquarius, have you not being using oneiric lately? doing anything causes ubuntu to download 200mb of updates ;)14:41
aquariusgord, I have not. :)14:42
gordwoot, got rhythmbox setup to load my u1 music, can't use banshee anymore14:46
gordslightly shocked we are shipping banshee at all14:46
Laneywhy don't you file a request to have it removed from the archive14:47
gordby shipping i mean on the cd :P14:48
oimonbtw have they done anything with ryhythmbox since 10.04?14:52
gordits gtk3 now14:53
gordit continues to play music, not sure what else you'd need14:53
hamitronfacebook integration... if everything else is anything to go by ;/14:57
AzelphurAnyone know how to change default applications used in xfce?14:57
oimonit doesn't actually like my music library14:58
hamitronoimon, bad taste? :/14:58
Laneywe should make ubuntu user accounts equivalent to facebook accounts14:59
Laneyhow cool would that be!!!!14:59
oimoni don't understand what that means14:59
oimonkilled rhythmbox and songs rushed from 275-366...now stuck again...think i'll stick with clementine :D15:00
Laneylike spotify does15:01
oimon"Spotify changed its registration process so that all new users are required to have a Facebook profile." ohh15:03
Laneyyou could have all of your ubuntu usage show up in the ticker thing and compare with your friends and and and15:03
oimoni spy the end is nigh for spotify15:04
BigRedSNah, several people are quite happy to link it to facebook15:04
directhexLaney, what happened to giving achievements for doing mundane tasks in ubuntu?15:04
Laneya perfick opportunity to realise that dream15:07
diploDon't have a FB account so i would be screwed15:13
diploI know quite a few people who don't tbh, and quite a few who have cancelled/deleted profiles15:13
BigRedSyeah, but the majority will either be perfectly happy to, or will just create an empty fb profile for the purpose15:15
diploIm guessing FB has some integration with hotmail15:17
BigRedSwell, the two have had a long-standing relationship over search and maps and the like, so I'd imagine so15:18
diploAs I created a test account before i deleted mine for some dev work and I recently got a friend request on it15:18
diploNot a lot of info to identify me15:18
hamitronI will personally not use anything that requires farcebook15:20
hamitronin fact, that stuff ubuntu added with 10.04, for some account even put me off15:21
hamitronUbuntu One was it?15:21
hamitronidk, didn't use it15:21
hamitronbut didn't like it even been there15:22
oimoni use ubuntu one but my missis doesn't have an account15:22
* popey hugs BigRedS 15:22
hamitronit probably has some interesting features I don't use15:22
oimoni love the idea of u1 and hope it grows into even more useful tool15:22
oimontomboy notes integration with my android phone is one of my faves15:23
hamitronI just see an OS and software, as an OS and software..... not something I should be creating accounts to login online to15:23
hamitronand including "services" with an OS, is not something I like15:24
oimoni only really dislike when they are enforced, and i suspect the end product will be malevolent in some way15:25
hamitronMS did it with MSN, IE, etc15:25
hamitrondoesn't gain my respect15:25
hamitronalthough, I recognise it is a good way to advertise ofc15:26
hamitronoimon, I guess none of the stuff I speak of is actually enforced15:29
hamitronbut it is still home grown bloatware15:29
oimoni tend to think most decisions fb makes are malevolent..in order to extract more data from the user, but the u1 stuff is very useful15:30
hamitronoh, I don't consider u1 in the same league as fb15:30
oimonif you like to hop between machines regularly, keeping applications in sync etc is great15:30
hamitronbut why include it with the OS?15:31
hamitronit just felt like it was included, with a lot of "pushing", to get people to use it15:31
oimonbecause it's really useful.15:32
directhexso there's a framework for it. so you don't need to re-enter 100 apps' settings15:32
directhexwebos does this - stores stuff on pam.com servers15:32
oimonand so that other apps will use it as the default online sync space too15:32
hamitronthat is pushing it as the standard service for such use15:33
oimonthere's nothing to be suspicious of though15:33
hamitronno, but it still overwhelmed the menu15:33
hamitronkind of like MS having the Windows Messenger icons all over, with it auto starting15:34
directhexinternet is speeding up. up to 8m down :)15:34
directhexyoutube actually downloading at faster than realtime, so it's usable again15:37
hamitronI can dream15:39
oimonmy mother in law has a dog which actually watches youtube vids15:42
oimonwhen i get my tablet pc out it jumps on the lap and does the sideways doggie head thing15:42
hamitronbetter be careful there are no vids with good looking dogs15:45
oimoni've never seen a pooch watch tv so actively15:48
Azelphurwhat's the name of the Ubuntu installer package?15:51
Azelphurgetting a bug up for that installing the wrong driver bug15:51
oimon!info ubiquity15:52
lubotu3ubiquity (source: ubiquity): Ubuntu live CD installer. In component main, is optional. Version 2.6.10 (natty), package size 4025 kB, installed size 15068 kB15:52
Azelphurhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/865473 there we go, one new bug report \o/15:54
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 865473 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Installer installs wrong driver for GTX 570" [Undecided,New]15:54
oimonwow, your gfx card cost more than my computer16:03
Azelphuroimon: I've had it for nearly a year now, too16:04
gordthus, its horribly out of date, prolly gets 3fps at 320x240 in crysis 1016:09
Azelphurgord actually as of recently, the games are moving much slower than the hardware16:10
Azelphurif this was 2002 or something I'd agree with you, but currently the games arn't moving while the PC's are16:10
gordeh, depends on the game16:10
Azelphurmy PC is still overspecced for any game currently in existence, and probably will be for another year or so at least16:10
gordi don't expect to be able to play the new metro game16:11
diploI'd love a high spec PC again tbh16:11
diploNext thing to save up for16:11
diploSomething to play current games, but also something good at ripping / re-encoding video16:11
Azelphurgord "Optimum system requirements" (Aka the ones to run it on all max) Core i7, GTX 470 or above, 8GB+ RAM16:12
Azelphurso my system eats the Optimum system requirements16:12
Azelphurgord ^ for metro 2033, my machine will have no problem with it :)16:13
gordyeah, they came out with some optimum requirements for the last one, my machine above those could barely run it at high resolutions16:13
gordoh wait thats for the old game, where did you find that?16:14
gordno no i'm saying the NEXT one16:14
ali1234metro 2033 is 18 months old16:15
ali1234also, yet another fps game16:15
gordAzelphur, talking about this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zkuDGN-aQgA&feature=relmfu - the super pretty new one16:16
hamitronGTS450 or GTX460 is fine also, if you are not so hardcore ;)16:16
ali1234BF3 demo still has the best graphics i've ever seen16:17
Azelphurgord you'll like this one :)16:19
Azelphurthe metro last night system requirements are lower than the 2033 requirements.16:19
gordwell yeah, its coming out for the consoles, it'll scale down,16:19
gordif i was gonna play it at that kind of spec, i'd play it on a console16:19
Azelphuryea, that's what everyone is doing though, everyone is focusing more on optimization and less on using the latest available hardware16:20
Azelphurso the hardware is moving much faster than the games to use it16:20
ali1234it's not because they want to ship for consoles16:20
hamitronI was looking at hardware, even it is slowing down somewhat16:20
ali1234it's because they have no idea how to use the power16:20
Azelphurali1234: and even if they did, I think it makes no marketing sense to actually use it16:21
gordeh? nooo16:21
ali1234they can't add more detail until people get 4k monitors16:21
hamitronmy i3 has dropped £5 in about a year16:21
gordwe are no where near the point of not being able to use the power of latest gpus16:21
Azelphurgord I'd like to see a game that can 10% a 6990, lol16:21
ali1234yes we are16:21
ali1234and the reason is it simply costs too much to design visual assets that take advantage of it16:22
Azelphur^ for minimal profits because not enough people actually have the hardware16:22
hamitrondeving for high end is insane :/16:22
gordyou obviously have no idea ;)16:22
ali1234that's the real reason all these games are set in dark tunnels with the same super high res concrete texture repeated over and over and over and over16:22
ali1234now they could up the resolution on that concrete texture by a factor of 1016:22
ali1234but nobody would even see it unless they stopped and walked right up to a wall and pulled out a magnifying glass16:23
gordno they couldn't, you'd obliterate the texture cache very quickly16:24
gordthings would get orders of magnitude slower16:24
ali1234things would get orders of magnitude slower AND it would not improve the visual quality of the game at all16:24
ali1234maxing out the GPU is not hard16:25
hamitronand it would limit your audience16:25
ali1234actually getting benefit from doing so is the hard poart16:25
hamitronit will be interesting to see what is done with next gen stuff16:26
ali1234i would take a guess that it will involve dark tunnels, contrete, and rust16:27
hamitronmore cores etc, when they struggle to use what they have now16:27
ali1234and space marines shooting aliens of course16:27
hamitronF1 2011 is pretty16:27
hamitronI think this years obsession is reflections16:29
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diploevening all17:43
MonsterwizardI feel better know18:22
MonsterwizardI pwned one of these +A people18:23
MonsterwizardI showed them what Computer Science actually is!18:23
AlanBellnot pwning people presumably18:38
diploI did A+ course, learnt nothing really18:49
diploWaste of money imo18:49
popeyEvening all.18:50
czajkowskipopey: ello18:51
popeypip pip18:51
AlanBellwhat sort of takeaway should I get?19:15
brobostigonindian :)19:15
popeyAlanBell: wife away?19:17
AlanBellno, she wants me to go get takeaway19:17
diploHmm, I've wanted an Indian in a long time, don't fancy one on my own19:18
diploLasagne and chips here19:18
popeyi have reheated ribs from the bbq yesterday19:20
diploI had ribs on Saturday, never really liked ribs but changed my  mind now19:22
brobostigonihad jerk chicken yesterday for lunch, very yummy, :)19:22
AlanBellgoing for chinese19:33
AlanBelland getting ribs ;)19:33
* gord wishes everyone would shut up about ribs =\19:47
* brobostigon is almost fearful of bones in his meat, so doesnt really like that kind of thing,19:49
gordonjcpmmmm, ribs19:53
popeyribs arent so much "bones in meat" as "bones barely holding the meat together"19:53
popeyif done well19:53
brobostigonexactly, if it was my decision, it would be the meat holding the bones together.19:54
brobostigonprefferable no bone/s at all.19:55
popeyAt disney in florida they have a place where you can buy "Alien legs"19:56
popeyleg of pork, cooked to perfection19:56
popeyyou get given the whole thing19:56
popeybone in19:56
brobostigonsounds yummy.19:56
brobostigonthat would ne ecceptable.19:57
popeyok, turkey, not pork19:57
popeyYUM YUM YUM19:57
popeycooked to perfection19:57
gordnot green :(19:57
brobostigonpopey: looks very primitive,19:58
popeyits cooked meat. what more do you need? :D19:59
popeya napkin maybe19:59
brobostigonumm, and a plate, and a blade.19:59
gordthats not really how they do things19:59
brobostigona blade, meat, and a plate, i am a happy bunny.20:01
brobostigonand good beer. :)20:01
* brobostigon pretmds to be henry viii-th20:03
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ali1234here's a funny bug that is trivial for someone to confirm, if they have two monitors20:50
ali1234bug 86570120:51
lubotu3Launchpad bug 865701 in unity (Ubuntu) "Maximized windows can be accidentally closed from wrong monitor." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86570120:51
pr0ph3thi all, I have a problem with the nm-applet on Ubuntu 11.10. The Mobile Broadband option does not appear. It has appeared briefly a couple of updates ago, but not anymore. When it did appear it all worked fine and I could connect to the Mobile Broadband21:10
pr0ph3tis there a way to connect to the mobile broadband without using the nm-applet?21:13
pr0ph3talso I cannot pull out the usb stick as it's an internal one. Any suggestions?21:19
bigcalmWhat have I missed?21:30
shaunoman.  hope I never have to deal with the met police again.  bloody useless :/21:54
LcawteAnything Ubuntu related? Wouldn't be suprised if in that case :p21:58
* hamitron sets "bloody useless" to status confirmed22:00
shaunolong story short, when they say they'll call you back, they're lying22:02
hamitronI can't work out why the police as a whole, are so useless and rude22:04

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