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grantbowping: pleia2, jono or anyone else that might be able to help.06:48
grantbowI've scheduled an Ubuntu Hour in Kenya. Unfortunately loco.ubuntu.com doesn't seem to allow posting events without a team.06:49
jonograntbow, yup06:49
rwwgrantbow: that's a technical restriction of LD, not something people can override06:49
grantbowoh, hi jono06:49
grantbowso how do I publicize this event and record it's progress if the team isn't setup there yet?06:50
rwwget the team set up properly? or use something other than LD?06:50
grantbowworking on that but it's taking awhile06:50
rww#ubuntu-locoteams may have alternate ideas (and is probably a better venue), but those are the alternatives I see assuming LD code hasn't changed fundamentally since I last looked at it06:50
grantbowchicken and egg issue, ok06:52
nhainesThus reaffirming my view that LD is utterly useless outside of a very small, well-defined use case.06:57
rwwphilipballew: If you do it properly, it's fine. If you don't, the computer will overheat and/or not turn on until the overclock's unset (either automatically by your motherboard or using a jumper on the motherboard). Thermal control on modern CPUs means it likely won't be an issue, but if you do break it, it's you that's out the money ;)06:57
rwwphilipballew: personally, I've run mine at about 25% overclock and could probably get it higher if I wanted and never had issues. ymmv06:58
philipballewhum. I just bought a old new for me desktop with a pentium 406:58
nhainesAlthough I'm not sure why people expect to be allowed to put non-LoCo events on the LoCo event directory.06:59
philipballewrww, I need to learn to do mods like this07:00
grantbowin order to get a team started activity has to be shown. Activities need to be successful for a team to start.07:00
rwwphilipballew: I specifically bought my motherboard and CPU knowing that I'd be overclocking it. Various combinations do or don't support overclocking, it's a bit weird.07:00
rwwI'm spoiled by mine, don't know how to do the harder ones :)07:01
nhainesgrantbow: Non-LoCo events don't belong on a LoCo event directory.07:01
philipballewyeah. it was 50 bucks so i got it. maybe i shouldnt break it07:01
philipballewcame with a router to... good thing i dont need it07:01
nhainesUbuntu Hours are probably best advertisd locally with fliers or local ML posts, anyhow.07:02
philipballewwhere you place them is key07:03
nhainesgrantbow: just because of the local nature of them.  But the good news is that it doesn't hurt and can be done before any LoCo stuff gets sorted out.07:03
nhainesAnd with luck, the UH can be a good place to meet peole interested in forming a LoCo.07:03
grantbowpopey just enabled it on loco.ubuntu.com as unapproved07:04
* rww looks07:04
grantbowI think07:04
grantbowah, invited and they need to accept07:05
rwwthought so07:05
rwwI was going to say, that contradicted a lot of my assumptions ;)07:05
grantbowhakuna matata rww07:05
bkerensaMy server is struggling to handle the amount of traffic it is receiving20:32

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