Unit193Yep, and I got pings in 6 channels while I was gone :P00:02
Unit193Mind taking a look at a quick ruby thing?00:22
jrgiffordDon't mind at all.00:26
Unit193Someone that understands Ruby better than I http://pastebin.com/HezZBjSj my breakage http://pastebin.com/ujZGYDL800:27
Unit19343: syntax error, unexpected kDO, expecting kTHEN or ':' or '\n' or ';'00:28
Unit193There are more errors I can pastebin00:29
jrgiffordOk, line 43 in what file?00:29
Unit193First, and line 4400:29
jrgiffordIt should specify.00:29
Unit193That's the only file00:29
Unit193Well, that's broken00:30
jrgiffordwhat version of ruby are you running? Something tells me this is 1.9.2 code on a 1.8.7 ruby...00:31
jrgiffordruby -v will get you details00:31
Unit193The code works except the addition00:31
Unit193ruby 1.8.7 (2010-08-16 patchlevel 302) [i686-linux]00:31
jrgiffordArgh. There goes that idea. :L00:32
Unit193Working file http://pastebin.com/EMpxbZ7k00:32
jrgiffordchange `~` to `/home/<username>/` - i've had issues with that before.00:33
Unit193Not broken, but I can change00:34
jrgiffordHmm... I'm not seeing anything that is making it break. . .00:36
Unit193The last paste is good00:37
jrgiffordOh, ok.00:37
Unit193What was added on the last was taking the var 'rating' and if it's a '0', ignore it, '1', changed var 'loved' to <3, and ignoring '3'00:40
Unit193jrgifford: Anywho, got it working02:03
canthus13whee.. ddrescue to the.. umm.. rescue.02:13
paultagthafreak: thafreak thafreak thafreak thafreak thafreak02:14
paultagdude, I did it02:14
paultagI did it02:14
paultagI did it!02:14
* canthus13 did it too. a lot. all weekend.02:14
canthus13wait. did what?02:14
paultagcanthus13: I got a VT100 hooked up to a modern linux machine and bug-squashed at MIT on it02:15
canthus13Oh cool. :)02:15
paultagcanthus13: thafreak and I were talking about it02:16
* canthus13 is attempting to rescue his server drive.02:16
canthus13Not that it matters.. brilliant me fried the PSU at the very least by neglecting to turn the machine off when swapping out a CD-ROM.02:16
canthus13*spark* *fans spin down*02:17
paultagcanthus13: :(02:17
paultagsuper sadies02:17
Unit193cheri703: Welcome02:17
canthus13ddrescue is going extremely slow.... I think the drive adapter is having issues.  I keep seeing it reset in dmesg.02:17
* cheri703 is alive...02:17
canthus13Congrats. :)02:18
cheri703canthus13: did you have a hdd die too?02:18
cheri703I was going to be re-setting up my server today, but I can't find the adapter for the hdd I was going to use :(02:18
canthus13cheri703: Heh. The drive was going, wouldn't boot.. so I'm running DDrescue on it.  I was gonna see if I could boot it off of supergrub, but I didn't have a CDR installed. So I installed it... and forgot to turn off the machine while doing it. It was all pretty and sparky.02:18
cheri703:/ I can't run ddrescue on mine, it is SUPER dead02:19
canthus13ddrescue is doing ok.. it's slow, though.02:19
canthus13All I really need is to rescue my irssi config and my blog. the rest is easy to redo.02:20
canthus13Ok.  I've never used ddrescue to rescue to a file before.... Now do I mount it? I'm rescuing a partition, not the entire drive...02:42
cheri703canthus13: I never got it to work right >.>02:46
canthus13mount -o loop partition.img /mnt02:46
canthus13Apparently.  I'll try it whenever this rescue completes.02:46
cheri703yeah, I tried it, but it freaked out on my system02:47
* canthus13 wonders if gparted will handle it...02:47
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jrgiffordUnit193: Cool.13:54
thafreakhow the hell do you cancel a godaddy account...14:31
jrgiffordthafreak: You can actually do that?14:32
jrgifforddad's been trying for years.14:32
thafreakyeah, it turns out...you can't15:17
thafreakyou can remove payment info and turn off email notices...that's it15:17
thafreakhow freaking stupid...15:17
thafreakso glad I'm ditching godaddy...15:18
thafreaki'm all about name.com now15:20
_bbbi dont do any web hosting15:20
_bbbby my domains are thru joker.com15:21

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