bkerensaHey Guys... Gonna be afkish till tomorrow been busy this weekend.02:25
c_smithhyello! :D16:48
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nathwillhi c_smith17:00
c_smithnathwill, have you seen the post on OMG! Ubuntu about Netflix?17:00
c_smiththere's a Linux client in the works that is set to be released in the next year or so. info is thanks to bkerensa.17:01
nathwillha. courtesy of bkerensa17:01
c_smiththis might be one thing I would use almost as much as games! XD17:02
c_smithhopefully it's before the 2012 catastrophy that I think is just people overreacting to the end of the Mayan calandar17:04
bkerensac_smith: www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/10/native-netflix-client-coming-linux-in-12-months/17:20
bkerensait was already discussed17:20
* bkerensa just noticed it17:21
bkerensawell off to a meeting17:21
c_smithhaha. nice, gl! :D17:21
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c_smithbkerensa, is there a set date for the IRC meeting that was postponed?19:48
bkerensac_smith: Not yet however I'm thinking it might be good just to roll it into this months since there were not any super important items I had and nobody sent me any agenda items19:52
c_smithokay, that works.19:52
bkerensaI'm hoping to have a solid weekend date for our release party soon though I have to make a call on wednesday19:52
bkerensait will likely be a Saturday two weeks after the 13th19:52
c_smithcool, I'll be looking forward to that.19:53
bkerensaNotably.... I think we might livestream the release party19:53
c_smiththat would be awesome.19:53
c_smitheither way, I'm still going to try to make it up there.19:53
c_smithlikely going to be using Kubuntu, though! ;)19:54
bkerensac_smith: Also like I have said I encourage you and tgm4883 and a number of the other Salem Area people to maybe setup some Ubuntu Hours19:54
bkerensaYou can also reach out to the Salem LUG people....19:54
bkerensac_smith: I plan to be in Salem in November for a few days and was even thinking we could do a Ubuntu Hour and grab lunch if all pans out properly19:55
c_smithhmmmm, ok, I'll try to get that set up, but with the only transportation I have freely being the Cherriots buses, I'll have to see if I can get it to be on a weekday because the bus system doesn't run on weekends.19:56
c_smiththe other modes of transportation I have are subject to change at any time, because I don't pay them, and I live with them19:57
c_smithbut I prefer buses anyway! :P19:57
Brian_Hbkerensa: so is the release party still during the week or did it get moved to sat/sun?20:10
c_smithbkerensa, if I were to have an Ubuntu Hour here in Salem every Wednesday (given I don't have plans which is unlikely) would that be a good day? like I said, Weekdays which I am not in school are best for me, and I ask this because this might be a problem for other member, it would likely be in the evening. I already have a coffee shop contacted for hanging out, it'd be another quick call if I needed to let them know this was happening20:11
c_smithholy great wall of text, batman! :P20:11
bkerensaBrian_H: It will be on a weekend likely the 22nd.... It wont be at PuppetLabs since they have people using their space but I'm hoping that I can finalize an arrangement with Backspace in Portland on Wednesday20:11
Brian_Hsweet! I can come then :D20:12
Brian_HI'll put it on my calendar20:12
c_smithIt's likely I could come then, too, but that's subject to change like anything else.20:12
bkerensac_smith: If that works for you sure... Make an effort to kickstart some stuff in Salem and you can always tweak days and times to best suit the people who attend.20:12
bkerensaOh and notably I'm sorry I was unable to do the meeting (I kinda had a date weekend with my fiancee from Friday till Sunday) in fact I rarely used the net or checked my e-mail ;)20:13
c_smithtrue, who could I contact to help kick off this? I may start this this coming Wednesday, but not sure/.20:14
c_smithheh, I remember getting that email, Mailing list ftw!20:14
c_smithgood thing I have my Hotmail account forwarding to my Gmail.20:14
c_smithbkerensa, is there anyone I could contact to help give the Salem area Ubuntu hour?20:16
bkerensac_smith: I would send a e-mail proposing your idea to the mailing list... and additionally "ethan" who pops in this channel from time to time is trying to revive Salem LUG (Linux Users Group)20:16
bkerensaNotably, Ubuntu Hours are informal social events where local users of Ubuntu and other distros can get together and socialize and talk linux20:17
bkerensaso you dont have to cater or anything20:17
bkerensayou could likely even meet at a Library or something20:17
c_smiththe Ubuntu Hour wiki page calls for a Piece of clothing with the Ubuntu logo, would that Oregon Global Jam shirt count?20:18
c_smithheh, not sure how the library would work, but I'll call them about this in a bit.20:18
bkerensaWe donated $0.50 on your behalf to:20:19
bkerensaBoys & Girls Club of America.20:19
c_smiththat's a good cause. but did they ask your permission?20:20
bkerensac_smith: My server is getting epic traffic20:20
c_smithis that good or bad?20:21
bkerensac_smith: I selected that charity... Its through the SurveyMonkey Contribute program20:21
bkerensac_smith: Good20:21
c_smithah, ok20:21
bkerensac_smith: OMG Ubuntu, cNet, lilputting, iheartubuntu and TechRepublic20:21
bkerensaall sending me so much traffic20:21
c_smithalso, is Ethan subscribed to the Mailing List?20:22
c_smithI'd believe so, but not sure.20:22
bkerensaYeah I think he is20:23
c_smithcool, I'll put the Salem LUG proposal in the same message to him.20:23
c_smithor should I make that a seperate message?20:24
bkerensayeah same is fine20:24
bkerensaLooks like Ubuntu Oregon is in the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter today too20:24
c_smithand that we're in the weekly newsletter is awesome! :D20:25
bkerensaBrian_H: My server is getting slammed20:33
bkerensa20 unique hits ever 5 mins or so20:33
Brian_Hlol thats awesome20:33
bkerensalots of traffic20:33
bkerensaWhen I initially did that blog post TechRepublic owned by ZDNet plugged me20:33
bkerensaI got like 35k hits in 2 days or something20:34
bkerensaBrian_H: Do you listen to any podcasts?20:34
Brian_Hhavent recently; why do you have any pro ones for me ?  :)20:35
bkerensaBrian_H: Nah but I got a iPhone so I figured I might subscribe to one so I can have something to do when I'm on the bus20:36
bkerensaNews is getting kinda boring... Just a lot of bickering about the economy and congress :P20:36
Brian_Hheck yea I can understand that20:39
Brian_Hluckily my house isn't that far :)20:39
Brian_Hand most the time I ride the bike, but that will probably come to an end seeing as the rain is coming :(20:40
bkerensaYeah... Rain is bad... For months last year the sidewalks out here were frosted to the point it was like ice skating20:41
Brian_Hbeats the 100+ ft of snow they got back home in Indiana though lol20:42
Brian_Her inches20:42
Brian_Hnot ft20:42
Brian_Hwas reading something else and trying to type hahaa20:42
bkerensaBrian_H: Do you guys ever visit Indiana?20:44
Brian_HYea I will be on 11/11  :)20:44
Brian_Hfor my infamous year parties20:44
Brian_Hthe last one I had was 8/8/820:44
Brian_Hso its time20:44
bkerensaWhat part of Indiana are you from? I only know of Gary20:45
Brian_Heast of Gary about 70 miles20:45
Brian_HSouth Bend, which is in the northern part of the state20:45
bkerensaBrian_H: What is Indiana known for? Wisconsin is cheese idk about Indiana20:47
c_smithEmail has been sent.20:47
Brian_Hnotre dame, corn, soy beans, and being the arm pit of America20:48
Brian_Halso part of the "rust belt"20:48
c_smithnow I'm off to test something in the Kubuntu 11.10 Beta 2 Iso. so I'm out for a bit, not reinstalling, just testing something20:48
Brian_HBethleham steel was there and when it went under so did a lot of nothern Indiana20:49
Brian_HGary and South Bend used to be pretty nice places till the jobs went away20:49
Brian_Hthen it kinda all went to hell20:49
Brian_HThe Studebaker plant was there20:50
Brian_Hin SB20:50
c_smithand the test tells me what I need to know, the Amarok bug with Ipod Nano 5G is fixed in Ubuntu 11.1021:48
c_smith*Kubuntu 11.10 not Ubuntu21:56

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