wrstbinarymutant: hey yeah I know about linus...01:48
wrstbinarymutant: here are some screenshots http://wesleystout.no-ip.org/gnome3-2.png http://wesleystout.no-ip.org/gnome-3-2-2.png01:55
wrstI don't have it tweaked much just a different shell theme and background and that's a stock gnome background01:56
binarymutantwrst: the panel is on the side in gnome3 too?01:56
* Unit193 hopes that's not "Twlight" on the side01:56
Unit193twilight rather01:56
wrstyes its on the side but only when you use it most of the time its not seen01:57
wrsttwilight as in the movie???01:57
Unit193wrst: Yep, quassel window ;)01:57
binarymutantI had a hard time with the panel on the side, it kept popping up whenever I was doing anything01:57
binarymutantlooks good though01:57
wrstnever pops up binarymutant unless you hover in the hot corner on the activites or hit the super key01:58
binarymutantmy side panel experience was with unity01:58
wrstyeah well gnome 3 is light years ahead of unity01:59
* wrst does not intend to start a flame war01:59
binarymutantthat's cool01:59
wrsti would have loved to seen ubuntu put their twist on gnome shell vs going off reservation02:00
wrstohh Unit193 i'm finally gettting the twilight that's twil = this week in linux :)02:02
binarymutantI think it had something to do with gnome's not-so benevelant dictatorship02:02
* wrst is slow02:02
wrstbinarymutant: yes well ubuntu has a little of that in them too so probalby destined to happen :)02:02
Unit193That also might have taken some looking :P02:02
wrstha ha02:02
wrstbut binarymutant i'm perfectly happy with gnome 3 its slick looking, modern and performs well02:03
wrsti would love to have a tablet device running it02:03
binarymutantit does look very sleek02:03
binarymutantfirst time i've seen it02:04
wrsttakes a little getting used to and some of the defaults are stupid, but for a more or less 1.0 release of something its good02:05
wrstand much better than kde 4.0 was by a long shot02:05
binarymutantI don't think I ever saw kde4 either02:05
binarymutantjust heard about it02:05
wrstits very good now binarymutant, but at the 4.0 release it was bad02:06
wrstnow its very solid02:06
wrsti just like gnome better02:06
wrstbut both are good02:06
binarymutantdoes kde have side panel or still bottom?02:06
binarymutantkde looks more like windows02:07
wrstbinarymutant: yeah kde did windows 7 before windows 7 did it02:20
wrstbut its highly customizable where gnome-shell not as much02:21
* Unit193 knows someone else on Arch that updated Gnome302:23
wrstwow another arch user!02:25
Unit193On a few Ubuntu channels too ;)02:25
wrstthat seems to be a progression some take from ubuntu to arch02:27
* binarymutant finds that progression a little strange02:28
binarymutantshould be ubuntu<->debian02:28
Unit193Now playing: "Carol Of The Bells" by "August Burns Red (Holiday)" on "Lost Messengers: The  Outtakes" <302:29
wrstbinarymutant: yeah i think its the oldness of packages in debian and also, arch i think is a little simpler than debian to learn02:29
Unit193Sorry, but I like this one02:29
Unit193Arch is more likly to break02:30
binarymutantwrst: unstable is where it's at02:30
Unit193But has all the new stuff02:30
wrstUnit193: never had arch to break02:30
wrstand binarymutant i tried testing still can't get gnome-shell, so moved to unstable and still no gnome-3 some dependency issue02:31
wrstbinarymutant: certainly use the AUR02:31
binarymutanteh? that's not cool02:32
wrstyeah binarymutant so i wasn't too happy and the "unstabled" gnome 3 is like 3.0.something when 3.2 is out in the wild02:32
binarymutanthuh it's still in experimental02:34
wrstyeah thats it i had to add the experimental repo, that's the trouble02:35
wrstanyway not worth the hassle02:35
binarymutantthere must be an rc bug on it or something from keeping it out of unstable, that's weird02:36
wrstyeah not worth worrying with when I can get what i want with no hassle02:38
binarymutantwrst: very understandable02:38
wrstyeah, oh well, good night binarymutant think i'm heading out02:48
wrstsee you later Unit19302:48
Unit193Good night mate02:48
wrstwb binarymutant12:21
binarymutantty ty12:26
wrsthow are you doing binarymutant?12:26
binarymutantgood & you?12:27
wrstdoing well binarymutant, have a good weekend?12:27
binarymutantit had it's ups&downs12:27
wrstmine had lots of sleep I think12:50
binarymutantwish mine did12:53
binarymutantmine started out with a lot of nicotine and ended up cold turkey12:53
wrstoh goodness binarymutant that is rough, I know a guy that quit smoking and used the patches and had good luck12:54
binarymutant(although I can't get it out of my head, so I might break down and buy)12:54
binarymutantwrst: that might be a good idea12:54
binarymutantpatches and/or gum12:54
binarymutantanything really12:55
wrstyeah his doctor told him to use them longer than suggested and a few other things to help him out12:55
binarymutantcold turkey isn't very fun :/12:55
binarymutantaren't those patches like 30$ though?12:56
wrstno and probably not for those around you :)12:56
wrsti have no clue binarymutant never smoked12:56
binarymutantI think they're expensive12:56
wrstprobably so12:56
xpistoshey all13:33
wrsthowdy xpistos13:33
cyberangerwrst: even if they're 30 bucks, those patches work (compare that to WinDOS)13:47
wrstmorning cyberanger13:50
* cyberanger checks his watch, rattles it about13:54
cyberangermorning wrst13:54
* cyberanger starts humming "on the road again"13:54
wrstwhere you on the road to today cyberanger? if you can let go of that info13:56
cyberangertop secret bunker #53, undisclosed location between Maryville, TN & Deals Gap, NC13:57
wrstha ha cyberanger13:57
cyberanger  D'Oh13:58
wrstbinarymutant: back to stay? :)14:44
binarymutantno I'm getting some bad xorg artifacts14:46
binarymutantrestarting X again, sorry14:47
binarymutantso weird14:48
binarymutantbut good now14:48
wrstha ha14:49
binarymutantI set some Xft option in my .Xresources and it left really nasty artifacts all over my screen14:49
binarymutantbut Xft is fonts o_014:50
wrstway over my head binarymutant x is a mystery to me14:51
binarymutantsometimes it confuses the **** out of me14:51
binarymutantI guess Xft is like a layer over X, idk why else it would leave artifacts14:53
wrstbeats me i just rejoiced when xorg.conf was no longer required for most things :)14:54
binarymutantauto xorg.conf is pretty cool, took a long time to get used to though14:55
wrstdidn't me binarymutant14:55
wrstnow for my desktop using nvidia it uses xorg.conf, but nvidia-settings and nvidia-xconfig take care of all that for me14:55
binarymutantI don't even think that those apps write xorg14:56
wrstand with my intel laptop its all down through the gnome display settings and that is the nicest thing, but not near the control nvidia-settings gives14:56
wrstbinarymutant: the nividia stuff does write to and you can hack it if you need to14:56
binarymutantI use nvidia-settings but still don't have the .conf, it's weird14:57
binarymutantvery automagick14:57
wrsthmm well, i use dual monitors don't know if that is it, or if i have been doing nvidia-xconfig and don't need to possibly?14:58
binarymutantah, it's prolly the dual monitors that need to write it14:59
binarymutantwrst: do you do 2 different screens or the one giant xinerama screen?14:59
binarymutantthat's the 2 seperate?15:00
wrstbut not seperate x-sessions on each screen15:00
wrstso on the left i have my gnome panel and all that jazz and on the right hand its wide open real estate15:00
binarymutantpretty cool15:00
binarymutantthat's what I was doing when I had dual monitors, the one giant screen wasn't very good for games15:01
wrstno and I have to shut down one screen for games now it gets thins confused sometimes15:02
binarymutantdual is cool though15:03
binarymutantif your monitors are different sizes, moving the app into the middle of them looked really weird I remember that about xinerama15:03
wrstyeah and mine are different sizes and different resolutions, right hand is 16:10 left hand 16:915:04
binarymutantthose are huge monitors ! :D15:04
wrstnah not really one is a 19" the other is 21"15:05
wrstthat's just so so by todays standards15:05
binarymutantmust be a really good video card then15:05
wrstyaeh decent actually have two and running sli, but with linux you can't sli on two monitors that is disappointing or you couldn't maybe you can now15:06
binarymutantdunno, never had the hardware to do sli15:07
binarymutantsli is like parrellel video cards?15:08
wrstyeah you pretty much put the power of two cards into one output15:08
wrstyou can use dual monitors in winders with sli enabled15:08
binarymutantI bet sli makes gaming super detailed15:09
binarymutantI can't even remember what that's called... parallel computing...15:10
binarymutant*cluster* duh15:13
* binarymutant had to look it up15:13
wrstbinarymutant: i'm not for sure never got to use it!15:16
wrston sli, i have on windows and it improves thigns but i have lower end cards15:17
binarymutantmaybe games just aren't written for parallel gpu's yet :/15:17
binarymutantit'll be forever until I get cards that I could that, I just now got a laptop with 2 processors in it lol15:18
wrstyeah I am generally on the blunt edge of technology15:19
wrstjust can't afford cutting or bleeding edge15:19
binarymutantI'm on 10 years ago tech :P15:19
binarymutantnot any edge, the handle lol15:20
wrstthat can be painful :)15:20
binarymutantit's fun though, I get better speeds than most people with brand new computers :D15:21
binarymutantno bloat lol15:21
wrstwhat are you running exactly binarymutant?15:21
binarymutantthis laptop is a Latitude D63015:22
xpistosThat is a solid laptop15:22
wrsti meant os/desktop15:22
binarymutantyeah it is, it rocks15:23
binarymutantmy desktop is a .. hng on15:23
binarymutantoptiplex dimension 4700, but it's not used as a desktop anymore15:24
binarymutantit's just a file server these days15:24
wrstyeah those aren't bad machiens either think my moms computer maybe one of those actually15:25
binarymutantLinux on everything (of course)15:25
wrstof course, ubuntu?15:25
binarymutantdebian/ubuntu yeah15:25
binarymutantI don't switch distros like I did 10 years ago anymore, Debian is my work horse and if I need newer app versions I just compile it myself15:26
xpistoslol my old dimension 4400 is my files server too15:26
binarymutantlol but they do the job really well15:27
binarymutantno need to get a new one yet15:28
binarymutantmaybe the next decade :P15:28
xpistosStill here?15:54
binarymutantof course :D15:55
binarymutantidk why my network kicks me off so much15:56
binarymutantnow I must kill ppl [in UrbanTerror]16:03
wrsthave fun binarymutant :)16:16
binarymutantand back17:29
binarymutantwhoa bitbucket does git now? that's pretty cool! github doesn't do hg yet lol17:31
wrstwb... again... binarymutant :P18:19
xpistosAm I falling out of this chair?19:07
wrstno you are not19:12
cyberangerxpistos: lookss wobbly, maybe19:34
wrstgreetings cyberanger19:37
cyberangerhey wrst19:39
wrsthow are you doing cyberanger?19:39
xpistoswrst: fyi, my arch install ... humming19:40
cyberangerwrst: well, lets just say it's simplier driving alone19:40
xpistosflying down the pike with icewm installed19:41
wrstcool xpistos, it really flies if you set it up to :)19:42
wrstcyberanger: amen!19:42
cyberangeronly three people in the car, and I've got 4 opinions on where to go, irritating19:43
cyberangeronly one should matter, the driver19:43
xpistoscyberanger: I got two words for you19:43
wrstha ha xpistos19:44
cyberangerxpistos: well, considering who the passengers are, and the owner of the car, I've got one work19:45
cyberangerejecting your folks from your mom's car, not wise19:45
cyberangeri did actually consider chucking the gps out the window, but settled for shutting it up by disabling the route19:46
cyberangerI reseaarch where i'm going for twice as long as driving it takes, plan alternate routes19:48
cyberangerconsider detours, construction19:48
cyberangerthat gps doesn't factor that and can get confused as to what road your on, if there is a parellel road19:49
cyberangernot to metion the map software is 5 years old19:49
cyberangeron topp of that, they didn't want me driving in cinniniti, but this route bypasses it, only 5 miles of ohio between indina & kentuckey19:51
* cyberanger notices my typing is real off, between bumpy road& this small keyboard, and not running spell check attm19:52
cyberangerwrst: so yeah, good, next year I go solo and leave the nag-a-tron at home19:54
wrstha ha cyberanger19:55
cyberanger<scarsam>oh wait, I don't own a nag-a-tron, wonder why</scarsam>19:55
cyberangerI learned a long time ago what a nuicense these trips can be, hence why in june 2010 I outfitted with celluar internet to offset the annoyances19:58
* cyberanger has nothing against GPS, satnav however, it's just one more distraction20:02
pace_t_zulubinarymutant: "Bitbucket now rocks Git"20:02
binarymutantya I got the email, pretty nifty21:21
binarymutantpace_t_zulu: github doesn't do mercurial, so it's a +1 for bitbucket atm21:33
binarymutantok idk what's going on with irc, I got logged off while playing UrT but in game stayed online... weird :/21:35
binarymutantbitbucket should go ahead and do every version control software, it shouldn't be too hard21:43
Unit193Well, I'm sure you could guess what I made to eat :P22:16

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