omidoIslam:  you can have both windows and linux . you dont have to install it using wubi in order to have windows too.00:00
nac-godfatherunless you wanna deal with grub commands as a noob00:00
wolfmitchellNvm I think I found it00:00
TroN-0074@qin Thank you00:01
Islamomido : aha cool, but what can I do know after installing and customizing all this things on here, its hard to reinstall all this !00:01
SolvedI'm trying to install Ubuntu on a laptop, but no matter what version I try to install, it gives me two options: 1. Erase and use the whole disk or 2. Specify partitions manually (which I don't know how to do, and I do00:01
wladstoncan anyone help me to make a wpa connection using the 8192cu driver ?00:01
Islamomido: and by the way can I install ubuntu on a partition and takes all the space on it ?00:01
nac-godfatherwell I'm gonna play some GTAIV EFLC TBOGT before I go tackle a $70 Windows backup andclean install.00:01
nac-godfatherGood luck00:01
omidoIslam:  not so hard. imho it worths . you can upgrade your normally installed ubuntu at any time . like upgrade from 11.04 to 11.10 . but i think in wubi you cant .00:02
omidoIslam:  nope . you can shrink your partitions and use extended partitions . no need to remove a partition .00:02
jjsamIt had "ata1.00: BMDMA stat 0x4"00:03
IslamI mean can I install ubuntu on an empty linux partation ?00:03
nac-godfatheryes, but make sure you put grub on the boot sector of that partition and then flag that partition active, and adjust your boot priority if also necessary.  You can always chainload your windows loader.00:05
moucheis there a way to add keyboard shortcuts in System->Preferences->Keyboard Shortcuts via terminal?00:05
Islamthere isnt a solve for my problem ?00:05
nac-godfathergood luck.  Did you really just ask that like someone is going to google it for ya?00:06
nac-godfatherwhat a jerk00:06
MrZepeda_what a jerk00:07
ActionParsnipIslam: yes you can install to the empty parttion, you wil need an extra one for swap too00:07
ActionParsnipnac-godfather: not constructive00:08
Islamyeah I can handle that, but how actionparsnip00:08
ActionParsnipIslam: i suggest you delete the partition, then boot to live CD and install to the free space. You say the partition is empty so there will be no data to destroy00:08
IbisI'm so glad Ubuntu with a download link is at the top of google search with a download link. :300:09
IbisPeople would be lost trying to discover linux in general.00:09
Islambut I'll lose all the program and customization I did on this img I have already,00:09
Islamso you say the best way is to reinstall it ?00:09
ActionParsnipIslam: remember to MD5 test the iso00:10
IslamI dont know how00:11
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows00:11
MrZepeda_anyone knows a quick fix to bring the brightness down. my eyes are burning.00:11
xanguaMrZepeda_: use your function keys00:12
SolvedMrZepeda: gamma00:12
IbisMrZepeda_: Change monitor brightness? O_O00:12
Islamdo I need to do the test ? I downloaded the iso from the ubuntu.com !00:12
MrZepeda_yeah like if I press the keys it decreases but the lower bound is not enough00:13
ActionParsnipIslam: irrelevant, the data can be mangled in transit00:13
ActionParsnipIslam: the source doesn't matter any at all, as long as it passes md5 test, it is ok00:13
SolvedActionParsnip: I'm trying to install 11.04 on my new laptop, but it freezes randomly. My laptop is pretty fast, so I don't see why this is happening. Any ideas?00:13
ActionParsnipSolved: test ram is a good first step, as well as checking the cd for defects on the first scren00:14
Rehanguys is there any way to see if there's anything recoverable from a raid 0 setup that went bad?00:14
SolvedActionParsnip: Test ram...? Windows says its 5.7 GB00:15
ActionParsnipSolved: no TEST, as in health00:15
ActionParsnipRehan: why not just use yur backups..00:15
RehanActionParsnip: a few files were not backed up (stupid I know)00:16
SolvedActionParsnip: How would I do that00:16
RehanActionParsnip: the backup happens 2x a week and some of that stuff didn't get backed up in between that interval00:17
hdhzeroRehan: does ddrescue help?00:17
ActionParsnipSolved: its in the first screen on the liveCD00:17
ActionParsnipRehan: dang, thats really unfortunate :(00:17
Rehanhdhzero: haven't tried anything yet. Its in a windows environment. Is ddrescue on an ubuntu live cd or ultimate boot cd? thanks for helping00:18
RehanActionParsnip: yeah i'm hoping i can undelete the stuff from another drive (that had it previously)00:18
SolvedActionParsnip: Try Ubuntu or Install?00:18
bambanxanyone know a good game mmorpg for ubuntu?00:19
hdhzeroRehan: I don't think ubuntu comes with it. You will have to install it00:19
boamhello i would like to know something ubuntu use open source driver for realtek ?00:20
SolvedActionParsnip: It didn't pass the Hash test thing D:00:20
ActionParsnipSolved: then your ISO is bad and needs redownloading00:20
SolvedActionParsnip: One more question, do you recommend wubi or dual-boot00:21
boami would like to talk to somewone that know about proprietary software anywone can help ?00:21
boamcoz i heard ubuntu has like intention to go on kernel 3 :S00:22
ActionParsnipSolved: dual boot is easier to fix and is not affected by the fragmentation in NTFS00:22
boamso anywone can help me about getting a true open source system ??00:23
boamlike kick the proprietary crAp00:23
hdhzeroboam: whats the problem with kernel 3?00:23
SolvedActionParsnip: Hm, Ok. Is there any guids online to partitioning your drive though? I have no idea how to do it in the installer00:23
boamproprietary crap inside kernel 3 my friend00:24
ActionParsnipboam: ask away00:24
IdleOneboam: use debian in that case00:24
ActionParsnipboam: kernel 3.0 isn't supported here00:24
boamopen source is not open source anymore00:24
ActionParsnipboam: sure it is00:24
boamdebian still has issue rely on proprietary shit too00:24
IdleOneboam: Please keep the langauge clean00:24
xanguaboam: in the gnu web they mention distros that use linux 100% free00:24
boamall major distro did go bad00:24
th0rplease don't feed the troll00:25
ActionParsnipboam: make your own then00:25
smwboam, there is no proprietary code in the plain kernel. Ubuntu adds some to make it work better with some hardware.00:25
IdleOneboam: This is the ubuntu support channel, if you need help with ubuntu please ask.00:25
hdhzeroboam: this is a problem, because i believe sooner or later every distro will be using kernel 300:25
rwwOh yay, everyone's wrong!00:25
ActionParsnipboam: either way, kernel 3 isnt supoprted here. I auggest you ask in #linux00:25
Islamwhen I setup the new ubuntu without removing this one I'm using now ?00:26
boamthey are mad at gnu i think00:26
SolvedActionParsnip: Hm, Ok. Is there any guids online to partitioning your drive though? I have no idea how to do it in the installe00:26
rwwOn the one hand, the upstream kernel contains proprietary firmware blobs that are non-Free. On the other hand, Debian does not contain proprietary software in its distribution.00:26
ActionParsnipSolved: are you running windows right now00:26
rww(contrib and non-free are not officially parts of the Debian distribution)00:26
SolvedActionParsnip: No, its in the installer00:26
SolvedAnd the one im talking to you with is booted in ubuntu00:27
ActionParsnipSolved: ok lets phrase it this way: is windows installed in the same system you intend to install ubuntu to00:27
SolvedActionParsnip: Yes.00:27
boami would like to find a driver from ubuntu but i am not on ubuntu anywone can help ?00:27
ActionParsnipSolved: which version?00:27
smwrww, they are firmware, so they run on special hardware and not the main cpu/ram?00:27
boamim searching rtl-8187se driver the open one00:27
SolvedActionParsnip: Its a brand new laptop, win 700:27
rwwsmw: I believe so, yes. They're still non-free.00:27
ActionParsnipboam: then you are not supported here if you are not using ubuntu00:27
boami am on debian00:28
boamil get ubuntu if i need00:28
ActionParsnipSolved: boot back to windows7 and you can use windows7 to resize it's own partition to make free space, you can then install ubuntu to the free space00:28
boami need someowne to say to me where it is likely to be ?00:28
ActionParsnipboam: then ask in #debian00:28
boamwell im asking ubuntu since ubuntu has been the only distro to get this driver open00:29
ActionParsnipboam: which driver?00:29
SolvedActionParsnip: Do I have to get a program in windows?00:29
IdleOneboam: if the driver is open then all distros should be able to provide it.00:29
IslamActionParsnip: how am I gonna remove this version of ubuntu I'm using now after installing the new one, or should I remove it first ?00:29
boamwell stop arguing for nothing all im asking is u to show me wehere the drivers are ?00:29
IdleOneboam: ask in #debian00:29
boamlike on an ftp.... ?00:29
ActionParsnipSolved: its in teh default install00:29
ActionParsnipIslam: you can do either00:30
carl_does anyone know how to install VVVVVV?00:30
boamso there is no ftp where the ubuntu get synapse package ????00:30
smwboam, on linux you don't find drivers on the internet unless they are proprietary.00:30
ActionParsnipcarl_: that's not a package00:31
SolvedIslam: But You will lose space (about 40 GB, unless you resize afterwards)00:31
IdleOneboam: search on packages.ubuntu.com00:31
Islamhow ?00:31
carl_vvvvvv the game from humble bundle 300:31
boamthere was one open i swear it was temporary the driver then got overwriten with the propretiery00:31
IdleOnecarl_: buy it, seek support from vendor.00:32
SolvedIslam: You have to use a live CD or something that allows you to edit your partitions00:32
SolvedActionParsnip: So, I'm in Disk Management. What now?00:32
boamwell not a big help here more like 10 to 15 people arguing and saying obvious things that wont help00:32
IslamI have the one I downloaded it from the ubuntu.com00:32
IdleOne!language | boam00:32
ubottuboam: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.00:32
Islamhow do I know if its a livecd00:32
SolvedIslam: Burn it onto a disk00:32
Islamyeah I'm doing that right now00:33
SolvedIslam: It is a live cd00:33
Islamthanx so much00:33
Islamso I have to install it from the boot not from windows, and with that I can keep the windows00:34
SolvedActionParsnip: Which Volume do I shrink? C: , HP_Tools , RECOVERY (D:) , or SYSTEM? I don't want to damage windows D:00:35
robertogostaria de saber se alguem pode me ajudar em relação ao ubuntu e hd 2T externo?00:35
SolvedIslam: If you want to have two seperate partitions for Windows and Ubuntu then yes you need to install it from boot00:35
ActionParsnipSolved: id use system00:35
SolvedActionParsnip: Its the second smallest D:00:36
SolvedActionParsnip: C: Is the biggest, should I shrink that one?00:37
xistanmewhat's better arch or ubuntu00:38
th0rxistanme: arch00:38
rwwxistanme: You're in #ubuntu, so of course Ubuntu. #archlinux would presumably say Arch.00:39
andyvyxistanme: personal preference, can't answer that. Arch is for more advanced users.00:39
xistanmewhat's the difference?00:39
ActionParsnipxistanme: both are fine, they just have different goals and strengths, no distro is outright better than another00:39
SolvedActionParsnip: C: Is the biggest. Is it the one I should shrink?00:40
IdleOnexistanme: the difference is here we tell you to try and figure it out for yourself which you prefer, there they tell you to read thee manual.00:41
andyvyIdleOne: no, we say google, they say man pages. :)00:42
aeon-ltdIdleOne: not if you ask a question that could not be solved in under 5 mins of reading00:42
IdleOneandyvy: we don't tell people to google :)00:42
andyvyIdleOne: right, we google for them.00:42
aeon-ltdthe arch wiki is pretty extensive though, and in some ways better than the ubuntu wiki due to the large amount of changes ubuntu has had over the last few years00:43
IdleOneexactly, better to point someone to a specific link, if they could google it themselves they would have.00:43
trew100hi all00:44
trew100i nedd help00:44
aeon-ltdask away00:44
Roberto_firsthi all00:44
Roberto_firstI'm need help too00:45
trew100i wont install wibu00:45
=== Wilcon is now known as Wilcon_afk
trew100Only that the package repositories00:45
IdleOne!ask | with details00:46
ubottuwith details: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:46
aeon-ltdevryone who needs help just ask, but not if you've asked once in the last 30 mins00:46
Roberto_firsti can open external hd seagate 2 T in ubuntu 10 and 11, how i'm need?00:46
trew100And their website does not provide download the required package00:46
nronksrAnybody know why the nfs-common portmap is so insecure?  strings /sbin/portmap | grep hosts only reports hosts_ctl...00:47
nronksrOr am I missing something I'm not seeing?00:48
IdleOne!br | Roberto_first00:48
ubottuRoberto_first: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.00:48
aeon-ltdtrew100: which package are you looking for there are debs in the link you posted00:49
IdleOnetrew100: what are you trying to install?00:49
Roberto_firstmto obrigado IdLeONe. bye.00:49
IdleOneaeon-ltd: probably a dependency issue. I am guessing00:49
trew100IdleOne: But is not downloading anything00:49
IdleOnetrew100: tell me exactly what you are trying to download00:50
IdleOnewhat application?00:50
trew100IdleOne: http://www.wibu.com/en/downloads-user-software/downloads/showDownloadNotice/wkrt-lin64-60501-amd64-251.html00:50
xanguai just downloaded it trew10000:51
trew100xangua: It takes you?00:51
IdleOnetrew100: it is not opening a window for you to click save package?00:51
Rehanguys I have a RAID0 setup that seems to have broken but apparently both member drives are still healthy. In GParted, one drive shows the entire space (1TB) as unallocated, whereas the other drive shows only 1.00 MB unallocated whereas the remaining space (931.51GB) is shown as unknown. Is there any way I can get the RAID to be functional again?00:51
trew100IdleOne: no00:52
=== jeremy is now known as Guest94452
tareleurulzAny of you ever download a iso via torrent and switch between windows 7 and Ubuntu 10.10  and start the torrent in windows or Linux and have to start over00:52
trew100IdleOne: That's what he gives mehttp://wstaw.org/m/2011/10/03/plasma-desktopRz1636.jpg00:53
Krenairtareleurulz, sounds like something to do with your client00:53
IdleOnetrew100: click on the link you gave us, it works00:54
trew100Strange, maybe someone blocking the Internet??00:55
IdleOnedon't know.00:55
tareleurulzIf you pick the same file path it should start up where it left off right.00:56
trew100IdleOne: Anyway thank you very much for all your help00:56
trew100Ok I found the problem00:58
trew100Firefox for some reason did not give the site to download00:58
FloodBot1trew100: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:58
Islammy wireless adapter doesnt work before I use the additional drive thing to download it through a wired connection, can I copy it now to use it in the new one ?00:59
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ActionParsnipIslam: you can use the install cd to install what you need00:59
=== ZzZz is now known as ZzZzZ
=== ZzZzZ is now known as ZzZzZzZ
Islamthanx Actionparsnip01:00
ActionParsnipZzZzZzZ: please dont01:00
=== Guest94452 is now known as Jeremy92
Rehanguys I have a RAID0 setup that seems to have broken but apparently both member drives are still healthy. In GParted, one drive shows the entire space (1TB) as unallocated, whereas the other drive shows only 1.00 MB unallocated whereas the remaining space (931.51GB) is shown as unknown. Is there any way I can get the RAID to be functional again?01:01
fowlhello how do i get rid of this goofy scrollbar stuff: http://img841.imageshack.us/img841/4025/hurr056.png    please dont tell me to change the theme. i've been there.01:01
xanguafowl: there is a post about that on the omg!ubuntu! blog01:02
ScottyBoyHey, guys. I'm trying to boot Ubuntu from a CD, and after clicking "Try Ubuntu" I just get a black screen.01:02
ScottyBoyNot sure what to do now.01:02
xanguasearch for overlay scrollbars fowl ;)01:02
fowlxangua: you have a beautiful soul. thank you.01:04
d1zzY_hello everyone =)01:06
d1zzY_is it possible to encrypt ubuntu after it has already been installed?01:06
d1zzY_Scenario: I have isntalled blackbuntu (ubuntu 10.10 for pentest) and i am trying to encrypt it..it is already installed, can i use a live cd to encrypt the HD (except /boot)01:06
nac-godfatherwhy leave an opening?01:11
nac-godfathermight nullify the encryption all together, especially if an outsider root's your /boot01:12
Pcd2getting a startup error "mountall:  Disconnected from Plymouth"01:13
Pcd2what is Plymouth?  everything appears to be functional.  no issues that i can witness.01:13
d1zzY_nac-godfather, i didnt know you could encrypt boot?01:15
Pcd2getting a startup error "mountall:  Disconnected from Plymouth"01:16
Pcd2what is Plymouth?  everything appears to be functional.  no issues that i can witness.01:16
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zrutyHow can I tellt he speed of one of my network interfaces?01:17
=== Wilcon_afk is now known as Wilcon
d1zzY_zruty, speedtest.net ?01:18
improveuponi need to install broadcom bcm4322 wireless driver, but need to download to windows then copy over & install. what would be the address for the right packages?01:18
d1zzY_can i encrypt ubuntu after it's installed? I installed blackbuntu (ubuntu 10.10 for pentesting) and i am trying to encrypt because the option isn't available via the installer01:18
d1zzY_i have a livecd in rihgt now01:18
mouchezruty: sudo mii-tool -v01:19
jxshxxHow-do!  Lost sound on my Lucid box.  Please help!01:19
zrutyd1zzY_:  No I mean my network interface, not my internet...01:19
MonkeyDustimproveupon: maybe this link helps http://bcm43xx.berlios.de/01:20
improveuponthank  you01:20
seliteAfter reboot my upper and lower panels are missing? Can anyone please help me?01:20
zrutymouche: That looks like just what I was looking for... Thanks!01:20
Pcd2network interface.  ok.  possibly copying a large file from another LAN connected machine and averaging the speed?01:20
Pcd2not sure of a utility.01:20
rhcp[linux]Hey guys, question. Any of you ever have this issue? When you leave 11.04 up awhile (desktop) the unity (hide/unhide) bar goes under the apps open? and it wont show unless you move the app to the right?01:20
rhcp[linux]like it wont show ON TOP01:21
seliteAfter rebooting my upper taskbar and lower taskbar are missing? Any help01:21
Pcd2zruty, does that seem reasonable or do you have other ideas?01:21
seliteAfter rebooting my upper taskbar and lower taskbar are missing? Any help01:22
DocPlatypusselite: on a laptop? have a monitor plugged in?01:22
Pcd2selite, i can't recall the method, but you can google "restore ubuntu panels" or the like.01:23
seliteDocPlatypus: Yeah on a laptop. I installed updates and it is shitting me ever since.01:23
Pcd2wish i had the exact advice.01:23
selitePcd2: After few reboots the panels are back then the icons are missing.01:23
zrutyPcd2: I am testing cables and hubs, their speed connections, and so .. while yours is a practical test, what mouche just said seems a more theoretical one. The interfaces and whatever decide on a speed - that is a start. Then, your test may prove actual speed...01:23
qin!reset-panel | selite If it is not unity.01:24
qin!reset-panel | selite01:24
seliteqin: The command does not exist.01:25
ubottuTo reset the GNOME panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »01:25
DocPlatypusselite: ok... I had this happen to a friend. but he was plugging into an external monitor01:25
rhcp[linux]anyone? ideas with my issue? :)01:25
DocPlatypusand his "main" desktop was showing up there.01:25
Pcd2selite, yeah, that's what i've done to determine the exact speed of both my LAN and WLAN interfaces.01:25
seliteDocPlatypus: I didn't plug any external monitor and this is really frustrating.01:26
d1zzY_seems like everybody asks questions but nobody answers?01:28
rhcp[linux]Yea, its a #freenode thing01:29
rhcp[linux]pretty much01:29
Pcd2dizzy, what's your question.  not sure i can help.01:29
rhcp[linux]<rhcp[linux]> Hey guys, question. Any of you ever have this issue? When you leave 11.04 up awhile (desktop) the unity (hide/unhide) bar goes under the apps open? and it wont show unless you move the app to the right?01:29
rhcp[linux]too lazy to re-type01:29
Pcd2rhcp[linux], wish i could help but i don't use Unity at all.01:30
rhcp[linux]Pcd2, what do you use on 11.04?01:30
rhcp[linux]or are you on 10.X?01:30
Pcd2rhcp[linux] i use Gnome Classic from the GDM menu.01:30
rhcp[linux]I tried gnome3 (it didnt like my nvidia)01:30
ActionParsniprhcp[linux]: you have the dodge hide setting enabled in ccsm01:31
rhcp[linux]went back to unity01:31
rhcp[linux]ActionParsnip, where is that? I never touched it01:31
Pcd2rhcp[linux] i've stayed completely away from the new Unity and Gnome 3 stuff.01:31
rhcp[linux]it randomly does this01:31
rhcp[linux]would be appricated to know where :)01:31
ActionParsniprhcp[linux]: in ccsm, unity plugin settings01:31
rhcp[linux]so i can fix this crap01:31
rhcp[linux]it's in settings?01:31
jimcooncatI want to try out kexi on my underpowered maverick-gnome machine. Will I regret installing all these kde dependancies? Will I be auto-loading bunches of services on startup I'd only use for one program?01:31
ActionParsnipjimcooncat: shouldn't do01:32
ActionParsniprhcp[linux]: press SuperL and type: ccsm01:32
rhcp[linux]what is superL?01:33
jimcooncatActionParsnip, is there a simple way to explore that program outside of a fresh installation (which I'd do), like a chroot?01:33
rhcp[linux]rhcp@root:/mnt/storage/android/charge$ ccsm01:33
rhcp[linux]Another CCSM instance already running01:33
rhcp[linux]can i just kill -HUP it?01:34
Pcd2superL is a graphical interpreter for Perl.01:34
ActionParsnipjimcooncat: could virtualize to test01:34
ActionParsniprhcp[linux]: don't run ccsm as root, it will set roots compiz settings which you don't want. run it as your user to change your user01:35
ActionParsniprhcp[linux]: I guess so, sure01:35
d1zzY_I am trying to encrypt ubuntu 10.10(blackbuntu to be exact)..it is already installed...the option was not available through the installer..can i use cryptsetup through the commandline on a live cd??01:36
jimcooncatThanks, ActionParsnip, I guess I'll vnc to my bigger work machine that has vbox on it. Appreciate you saving me from doing something stupid.01:36
rhcp[linux]ActionParsnip, I see the doge thing in the settings on the plugin01:36
rhcp[linux]do i need to change it to something? or what?01:36
RockMeAmadeusi haven't seen jeremy live in 2 weeks01:37
ActionParsniprhcp[linux]: ok, change that and it will hide in the style you choose01:37
RockMeAmadeusbeg your pardon, wrong #01:37
rhcp[linux]ActionParsnip, I know how it works.01:37
ActionParsnipRockMeAmadeus: jeremy kyle?01:37
rhcp[linux]ive never touched it.01:37
ActionParsniprhcp[linux]: have a play, see which setting you prefer01:37
rhcp[linux]the problem is. When i leave my session active for a week or two. It hides UNDER all my apps01:37
rhcp[linux]and i cant get it to show ONTOP of them01:38
rhcp[linux]its like some weird bug01:38
rhcp[linux]its like 'always on top' is not set01:38
ActionParsniprhcp[linux]: is there a 'unity is always ontop of everything' setting01:38
rhcp[linux]i have no idea01:38
rhcp[linux]hence why im asking here01:39
secsomebody knows if is possible fix the tearing effect on the second display (different resolution at first monitor)? I use 2 monitors (1920x1200 and 1920x1800) on a nvidia card and nvidia drivers activated on ubuntu 11.04 64bits. When I play a movie in the first monitor, work fine but in second monitor I've tearing effect (I think that is problem of vsync, but I've activated vsync in nvidia-settings and compiz-settings). Is possible fix it? In other OS the 01:39
d1zzY_I am trying to encrypt ubuntu 10.10(blackbuntu to be exact)..it is already installed...the option was not available through the installer..can i use cryptsetup through the commandline on a live cd??01:40
theadmind1zzY_: We don't support derivatives01:42
bkfitzany ufw/iptables experts around... for some reason after running sudo ufw allow 5432 (for postgres), the port is still showing closed when i run nmap01:43
bkfitzslow night eh01:45
Coreybkfitz: What does netstat -ant |grep 5432 say?01:46
ActionParsnipdiytto: blackbuntu isn't supported here01:46
bkfitzCorey: three listings one says LISTEN, other two say ESTABLISHED01:47
Coreybkfitz: HUmor me, pastebin it please.01:47
d1zzY_I am trying to encrypt ubuntu 10.10..it is already installed...the option was not available through the installer..can i use cryptsetup through the commandline on a live cd??01:47
bkfitzCorey sure01:47
rhcp[linux]thanks. I fixed it myslef01:47
Pcd2d1zzY_ i think encryptfs is the route you're looking for.  not entirely sure.01:47
d1zzY_ahh i found a hak5 forum post w/ ubuntu 10.0401:48
d1zzY_thank you though01:48
d1zzY_ill look into it01:48
ActionParsnipd1zzY_: connect to irc.foonetic.net and join #Blackbuntu   for suppoer01:49
bkfitzCorey: ip is
bkfitzlinode box01:49
d1zzY_ActionParsnip, i was there, the room was empty..i tried BlackBuntu and blackbuntu...2nd b is little?01:49
theadmind1zzY_: IRC isn't case sensetive01:50
ActionParsnipd1zzY_: we only support canonical official releases here, nothing else01:50
d1zzY_i changed it to just 10.1001:50
bkfitzCorey: here is the ufw status as well: http://pastebin.com/YwamxaYm01:50
theadminActionParsnip: Hm, I wonder, has Lubuntu been granted that privelege of "officialness" now?01:50
Pcd2what is Plymouth in Ubuntu???????01:50
Coreybkfitz: You're only binding to localhost.01:50
theadminPcd2: Bootsplash thing01:50
ActionParsniptheadmin: its official as of Oneiric afaik01:51
Pcd2makes sense.  bootsplash does nothing.01:51
bkfitzCorey:    :| what does that mean01:51
ActionParsnipPcd2: its the gui spash thing at startup and a few underlying things01:51
Pcd2ok.  explains why not connecting to it affects nothing serious.01:51
Coreybkfitz: Postgres isn't listening to external interfaces.01:51
mouchehow can I set apt to use the "best server" via terminal? I recall an old application called mirrorselect but it's not in the repos01:51
ActionParsniptheadmin: http://www.linux-magazine.com/Online/News/Ubuntu-Makes-Lubuntu-Official-Derivative01:52
theadminmouche: I think you're messing something up, mirrorselect is an Arch tool... Unless it works with debian repos too, doubt it01:52
bkfitzCorey: you mean in my pg_hba01:52
Ibismouche: How about just use... ISPConfig on ubuntu-server?01:52
bkfitzCOrey: i think i have allow all01:52
Coreybkfitz: I mean postgres isn't configured to bind to any external IPs, only localhost.01:52
bkfitzCorey: is that something I can set in hba conf01:53
mouchetheadmin: ah ok.01:53
moucheIbis: ok, I'll look into that.01:53
Coreybkfitz: http://www.gentoo-wiki.info/PostgreSQL/Install#Settings_External_Connections01:54
timnuxlin!de | Corey01:54
ubottuCorey: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!01:54
bkfitzCorey: i have      local all all trust in the pg_hba... but I think that only applies to permissions to connect, not bindings yes01:54
Coreytimnuxlin: Yes?01:54
Ibismouche: ISPconfig has a simple straight forward  "spoonfeed me" awesome server set up tutorial. http://www.howtoforge.com/perfect-server-ubuntu-11.04-ispconfig-301:54
Coreytimnuxlin: I'm reasonably certain I haven't said anything in german lately. :-)01:55
IbisI love ISPconfig. Makes my life easy.01:55
bkfitzCorey: ahh... thx.  didn't realize there was such a setting.01:55
d1zzY_i think i'll be going w/ TrueCrypt and do my /home partition01:55
=== timnuxlin is now known as mouchebag
danko8321Hello, anyone knows how to configure a Xmodmap File?01:56
moucheIbis: hm, I'm looking up to just change the mirror apt downloads packages from.01:57
mouchebagguys will ubuntu ever support nvidia properly it seems like they never will01:57
bkfitzCorey: so my "listen_addresses" was commented out... default must be localhost or local subnet or something01:57
tbruff13yes can someone help me i would like to know what packages ubuntu 10.04 has that allows it to have iphone and ipod support01:57
hoverbearmouchebag: Nvidia cards work fine unless you have a really exotic setup01:57
mouchebaghoverbear I wish01:57
andyvymouche: nvidia support is far better then ATI too01:57
Jordan_Umouchebag: Do you have a specific problem you'd like help with?01:57
mouchebaghoverbear they dont even come close to working fine with it01:58
Jordan_U!details | mouchebag01:58
ubottumouchebag: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."01:58
hoverbearmouchebag: I get higher FPS in linux on ET:QW then I do on windows. :-P01:58
theadmind1zzY_: Bad idea, home needs to be mounted at startup...01:58
mouchebagJordan_U yea i do01:58
tbruff13yes can someone help me i would like to know what packages ubuntu 10.04 has that allows it to have iphone and ipod support01:58
theadmind1zzY_: And with TC you can't really do that01:58
hoverbeartbruff13: Apple changes their protocols more then we change socks. Which device/gen?01:58
theadmintbruff13: I think Rhythmbox does that for some devices01:58
mouchebagJordan_U no matter what linux distro I try ubuntu included the video card doesn't get detected properly and my computer goes into a black screen after I log into my user account01:58
mouchebagjordan_U it's really silly I don't get why , it makes me not able to use linux for what i want to , which is primarily visual reasons such as films shows etc01:59
theadminmouche: Try selecting "Classic" in the Session menu at the login screen01:59
rww!mintsupport | danko832101:59
ubottudanko8321: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org01:59
Jordan_Umouchebag: Is this before or after installing the proprietary drivers from the "Additional Drivers" tool?01:59
hoverbearmouchebag: I like how you're not telling us which card you have. :-P01:59
bkfitzCorey: thx again.  learn something everyday.  Now in netstat I see :::*    :)01:59
mouchebagJordan_U:  after01:59
bkfitzCorey: and the port is open from the outside01:59
theadminmouche: Well, then don't use propertiary drivers -__-01:59
theadminmouchebag: *02:00
Ibishoverbear: You try and tell me that then. nvidia at this time of writing doesn't work properly in Ubuntu 11.04 when using Unity. In fact, I do not think I can do any 3D.02:00
Jordan_Umouchebag: Can you login to a failsafe session after installing the drivers?02:00
karparHI, folks. Is there anyone who use autossh together with upstart?02:00
theadminmouche: Sorry, mistab02:00
mouchebaghoverbear: does it matter? nobody else can fix it but I'll tell you it's 9700m gt02:00
Ibis(well, not tell me, but spoonfeed me until nvidia works properly :D)02:00
mouchebagJordan_U:  yea i can02:00
hoverbearIbis: My desktop with an old 8800 runs ETWQ on linux at high at 60 fps, windows hits 47.02:00
hoverbearmouchebag: Is that an optimus card?02:00
tbruff13hoverbear: ipod touch 402:00
mouchebaghoverbear:  no nvidia GeForce02:01
jxshxxCan anyone help get my sound back on in Lucid?  Be my hero!02:01
hoverbeartbruff13: Try a vm with a windows install :-P02:01
Jordan_Umouchebag: OK. Please do that and pastebin the output of "glxinfo" ? (installing glxinfo if it's not already installed).02:01
Corey!sound | jxshxx02:01
ubottujxshxx: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.02:01
Ibishoverbear: Still doesn't tell me that I can use nvidia Geforce 5xxx with Ubuntu Unity..02:01
mouchebagJordan_U:  well i'm on a fresh install at the moment where I didn't install the proprietary driver yet because i knew it would crash02:01
hoverbearmouchebag: Yes but is it your only gpu in the laptop? Or is it a new one with optimus technology and/or gpu switching?02:01
tbruff13hoverbear: why can ubuntu 10.04 work but not the newest ubuntu02:01
mouchebagJordan_U:  so i don't know should I download the proprietary and then do that ?02:01
hoverbearIbis: Unity is garbage? :-P02:01
mouchebaghoverbear : I don't know , it's from 2008 if that helps clarify02:02
hoverbeartbruff13: If the old ubuntu works the new one should too :-P02:02
Jordan_Umouchebag: Yes. (using the official Ubuntu "Additional Drivers" tool).02:02
Ibishoverbear: Unity is the best thing since sliced bread! :U Are you mad!?!?!?02:02
hoverbearIbis: Best thing since moldy sliced bread maybe :-P02:02
theadminIbis: Probably half of us are mad then02:02
mouchebaghoverbear: on nvidia .com it talks about having somethign to dow with switching between modes for different picture quality02:02
theadminIbis: Most of people consider Unity a piece of trash, same for Gnome3 actually02:02
tbruff13hoverbear: it doesn't i am running mint now but i tried ubuntu 10.10 and 1102:02
mouchebagUnity is very bad because it is a graphics hog02:03
Ibistheadmin: Yea, but most didn't seem to evolved to such a new way.02:03
roasted_Is it possible that having 2 monitors in twinview that have different refresh rates (59hz vs 60hz) is causing my video tearing?02:03
mouchebagJordan_U:  so what do you think02:03
Ibismouchebag: It seems to work better than Ubuntu Classic, since it doesn't have metacity to bloat up the use of memory.02:03
hoverbearmouchebag: Right, so you have an optimus GPU, which nvidia has explicitly stated they will not support on linux. Please send them a complaint.02:03
Jordan_Umouchebag: I think I need more information.02:04
mouchebaghoverbear: oh did they really say that, i'll check for sure if it's optimus as you say02:04
mouchebaghoverbear: thing is they provide the driver for the card on tehir official website, for Linux02:04
=== matthew is now known as Guest74721
mouchebaghoverbear: so I dont know if you're right02:04
hoverbearmouchebag: Yeah make sure it's optimus.02:04
IbisOn my next computer, I'm not buying from anyone that will not support Linux. Period.02:04
hoverbearmouchebag: BTW, I have an optmius card, I just use my intel chipset to do graphics and use the nvidia card in windows02:05
theadminIbis: Heh, good luck with that. Just in case you want to know, my Samsung R525 works perfectly :P And it has an AMD graphics card so that's weird02:05
mouchebaghoverbear:  wait how do you do that02:05
hoverbearmouchebag: I turn it off in bios02:05
mouchebaghoverbear:  I need to be able to use this OS for watching high quality vids02:05
mouchebaghoverbear:   how do you do that though ? i forget whats bios again02:06
Ibistheadmin: Well, I mean in terms of hardware not working on Linux.02:06
hoverbearmouchebag: The newest intel chips (I dunno if it's what you have) push 1080p no sweat02:06
IbisBut I'm sure some companies out there don't mind giving us freebies.02:06
mouchebaghoverbear:  I can output 1080p through HDMI when I use windows with this02:07
mouchebaghoverbear:  it's just linux having the problems02:07
ActionParsnipmouchebag: different OS, different supoprt02:07
mouchebaghoverbear: my comp has an intel sticker so are you saying it has 2 cards inside of it ? wow02:07
ActionParsnipmouchebag: oh jeez, is it one of those hybrid gpu things02:07
hoverbearmouchebag: No I'm not sure if that's optimus or not02:07
mouchebaghoverbear: not card but chipset02:07
mouchebaghoverbear: no nevermind what I just said I was confusing myself02:08
hoverbearActionParsnip: i have one of those, they suck imo02:08
mouchebaghoverbear: I dont have hybrid GPU lol02:08
mouchebagActionParsnip:  I dont lol02:08
ActionParsniphoverbear: never heard a success story with them02:08
mouchebaghoverbear:  no what i have is probably the same as you, mine is a nvidia card for sure02:08
mouchebaghoverbear:  and ith as an intel sticker I guess thats the chipset you're talking about02:08
ActionParsnipmouchebag: is it a laptop or a desktop?02:08
mouchebaghoverbear:  how do I make my linux use it ?02:08
mouchebagActionParsnip:  It's a desktopreplacement laptop02:08
Ibistheadmin: Why do you not like Unity by the way? I like it for a few reasons. The most being it's revolutionary change of removing the traditional task bar, and sticks it on the left side of the screen to only appear when I need it.     And then making top menu bar reserved strictly for Notifications, and menus from any program I run.02:08
hoverbearActionParsnip: I've got it working in linux actually, just terrible performance02:09
mouchebaghoverbear:  how do I make the linux OS use the intel chipset , like you're doing ?02:09
hoverbearIbis: Gnome3 is better :-p02:09
ActionParsnipmouchebag: what make and model?02:09
hoverbearmouchebag: BIOS might work02:09
theadminIbis: I did the same thing with my XFCE. Still works faster and better.02:09
mouchebaghoverbear: how do I do that I dont know what BIOS is is that the first screen you see when the computer turns on ,like without any OS02:09
Ibishoverbear: I'm waiting for 11.10 when that gnome 3 shall be available.02:09
Krenair<hoverbear> Ibis: Gnome3 is better :-p02:09
mouchebagActionParsnip:  Toshiba qosmio x30002:09
KrenairHave you ever tried using more than 1 monitor with gnome 3, hoverbear ?02:09
hoverbearmouchebag: I can't tell you because I don't know. :-p02:10
Ibistheadmin: But it may not contain the same tools though.02:10
hoverbearKrenair: Nope but I imagine it's better then unity :-P02:10
mouchebaghoverbear: Oh if you don't know how did you do it yourself then ??02:10
hoverbearmouchebag: Different machine02:10
mouchebaghoverbear: but can you tell me how you did it for your own and I can see if mine compares to being similar02:10
celltechWINE can run mac itunes?02:10
hoverbearcelltech: no only windows apps02:10
Ibiscelltech: Ask in #winehq02:11
celltechWhat can run mac apps?02:11
hoverbearmouchebag: Sure press thinkvantage within .5 seconds in boot then just go to devices and display02:11
hoverbearcelltech: A mac? A vm?02:11
Jordan_Ucelltech: Only OSX.02:11
celltechI'm trying to get a version of iTunes that works02:11
hoverbearcelltech: Apple is notoriously garbage with support for anything else02:11
hoverbearcelltech: Use windows itunes if you must02:11
celltechI can't get wine to use it02:11
hoverbearThen use something else02:11
hoverbearOr a VM02:11
roasted_Is it possible that having 2 monitors in twinview that have different refresh rates (59hz vs 60hz) is causing my video tearing?02:12
celltechI would but I have a VM issue with the drivers for my usb02:12
hoverbearroasted_: Very likely02:12
celltechwhen the phone restarts, it kicks out the drivers till I manually reconnect it02:12
celltechthat I can't have02:12
ActionParsnipcelltech: banshee and rhythmbox can put data on the device02:12
ActionParsnipcelltech: there is also ifuse which you may be able to mount the device with.02:13
celltechDon't need data.. banshee is AMAZING btw. I need to downgrade myphone and jail break this thing02:13
mouchebagActionParsnip:  Is it illegal to sell Ubuntu install CDs? Because this store near where I live sells them for $50 each02:13
ActionParsnipcelltech: you could make the device decent and put rockbox on it, then it will be vastly easier but apple garbage only plays nice with windows or other apple garbage02:13
hoverbearcelltech: Should have just got an android :-P02:13
hoverbearmouchebag: Nope it's legal02:13
celltechI hate android02:14
ActionParsnipmouchebag: you can sell them at the cost of CD + time, you cannot charge for the product itself02:14
hoverbearcelltech: More then you hate being silently tracked and having a middleman to your apps?02:14
mouchebaghoverbear: how is it legal ? hes making profit on disks he made for 5 cents probably02:14
ActionParsnipcelltech: there are more than 2 mobile device OSes02:14
celltechYep. I love my iphone02:14
mouchebagActionParsnip:  he is charging for the product, he just makes the CDs in the backroom of the store after buying like a $20 stack of disks02:14
ActionParsnipcelltech: if you use virtualbox closed source version you will get native usb access02:14
mouchebagActionParsnip:  theyre even unlabeled02:14
s0nicfreakDoes anyone know what these errors are (not the ata stuff) http://i.imgur.com/a23dX.jpg02:15
ActionParsnipmouchebag: thats fine, then you have electricity for burning which is fine02:15
mouchebagActionParsnip:  what do you mean lol02:15
ActionParsnipmouchebag: I'd give them away, considering the price02:15
mouchebagActionParsnip:  he sells them for $50 each disk02:16
ActionParsnipmouchebag: well its your electricity you are using, so you can charge for that02:16
mouchebagActionParsnip:  alongside windows he sells02:16
mouchebagActionParsnip:  Iol wow that's weird02:16
ActionParsnipmouchebag: its not his to sell02:16
mouchebagActionParsnip:  i know that's why I was thinking it would be illegal02:16
roasted_hoverbear, why do you say that?02:16
ActionParsnipmouchebag: it is illegal02:16
excelsiorThe point is a legal technicality. I could sell them for $100,000 a disk. The point is that I'm not selling a license for use, I'm just selling the disk they're on.02:16
Jordan_UActionParsnip: You are wrong about not being able to charge for the product itself. Such a prohibition against chargning money, even for a profit, would go against most definitions of Free Software.02:16
hoverbearroasted_: Why do I say what?02:16
ActionParsnipJordan_U: but surely its not his to sell02:18
FlannelJordan_U, mouchebag, ActionParsnip: Can we take this to #ubuntu-offtopic please?  Thanks.02:18
mouchebagFlannel: He also sells flannel shirts02:19
saulotoledoHello! How can I install lightdm in my language? I have only english here02:19
roasted_hoverbear, I was just curious if you had any technical reasoning behind it because it seems like that's my issue but I'm trying to understand it more.02:20
hoverbearroasted_: Behind what? :-P02:20
roasted_hoverbear, behind separate monitors having different refresh rates causing video tearing.02:20
hoverbearroasted_: Well it'd only assumingly happen when transfering across monitors but it shouldn't be noticable02:21
roasted_hoverbear, well, it is02:21
roasted_hoverbear, I've dealt with video tearing for the last... 7 years? and each time I've had different computers and each time I've had video tearing. however I've ALWAYS used the same monitors.02:22
roasted_hoverbear, and the vsync settings and all of that has done NOTHING for me. nothing.02:22
roasted_hoverbear, but someone asked me what refresh rates my monitors are. one is 60, one is 59. and he said that's EXACTLY what his issue was because he faced the same thing I did.02:22
roasted_hoverbear, he said that video cards see twinview'd linux monitors as 1, so both of my monitors are seen as one, and as a result different refresh rates can cause weirdness02:23
hoverbearCan you change the rates?02:23
roasted_I don't believe so02:23
roasted_he said it's dictated by the monitor hardware02:23
roasted_however on newegg I found a monitor that said the refresh rate was 49-75, which made me think it was variable02:23
hoverbearYeah it should be02:23
darthmomjava issues are occuring02:23
simplebluewhy does codeblocks let you add a class and then say it cannot find the header * sigh * :(02:24
darthmomjava just doesn't work. I have been trying to fix this for a couple days02:24
* simpleblue throws codeblocks in the garbage02:25
simplebluegoing to try qt creator02:25
simplebluegeany has the same problem02:26
theadminsimpleblue: Well I'm glad I don't code C then xD02:27
simplebluelol :p02:27
simplebluesorry for ranting. just a little frustrated02:27
theadminwtf facebook... Showing notifications for events that never happened... >.<02:29
theadminUm, sorry.02:29
theadminNever mind02:29
* simpleblue pulls hair out02:34
noahgrubI know how to install Ubuntu but I need help properly installing it to a partition on a external HD and have grub work properly I will be installing as whoever can help me is helping me.02:35
noahgrubAny voulenteers?02:35
theadminnoahgrub: Me, done that successfully with another Linux OS02:36
theadminnoahgrub: Basic idea -- GRUB on MBR of external drive02:36
theadminnoahgrub: Should be something like "/dev/sdb"02:36
noahgrubTheadmin, I'm booting to the USB right now02:36
Sazpaimon_any crosstool-ng users here? I'm getting this when compiling a shared eglibc http://pastebin.com/5wZAVUvK02:36
noahgrubTheadmin, can I pm you?02:37
Sazpaimon_kind of at my wit's end with this eror02:37
touchebagguys if I resize my partition with windows installed on it , to add unallocated space I can then add to my linux partition, what are the chances I could destroy my windows installation  , and do you think I should do this through a LiveCD or can I do it while logged into linux02:37
theadminnoahgrub: Sorry, not anymore, something important came up. I have to go.02:40
eruchHello! How can I fix a broken libc6?02:40
eruchI somehow managed to break just about everything in my system by installing a new version of libc6.02:41
eruchNow when I try to start compiz I get error while loading shared libraries: libGL.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory.02:41
eruchThat is *very* scary because a similar error a couple months ago made me have to reinstall my entire os.02:42
noahgrubDo you have opengl installed?02:42
eruchnoahgrub: me?02:42
inkitHi my right click on touch pad is not working. Last time I had this issue i followed some steps written on forum and it killed my sensitivity like anything02:42
noahgrubYes Erich02:43
noahgrubStupid autocorrect02:43
eruchnoahgrub: I have an old version of libqt4-opengl installed (I have generally refrained from installing updates until this evening… and this is why)02:44
noahgrubTry updateing opengl02:45
eruchnoahgrub: ok. I'm downloading the packages now…02:45
Jordan_Unoahgrub: Installing Ubuntu to an external drive is no different than installing to an internal drive.02:46
noahgrubJordan_U its a 2nd partition on an external drive02:46
Jordan_Unoahgrub: Still nothing special.02:47
noahgrubI just seem to always run into a grub issue like no such partition02:47
Jordan_Unoahgrub: Have you tried installing a recent version of Ubuntu to an external drive already?02:48
BS_Kustomzhello fellow geeks02:48
noahgrubNo, last version I tried with was 10.0402:48
inkit1. My right click on touch pad is not working.02:48
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx02:49
BS_Kustomzi'm having a slight issue if anyone can help02:49
ljsoftnetwhen i shutdown ubuntu logs me out but doesn't shutdown, can i fix this?02:49
noahgrubHold on02:49
BS_Kustomzor not02:49
BS_Kustomzi seem to have broken my Wi-Fi button02:50
noahgrubMy live USB is still loading after like 7 minutes02:51
BS_Kustomzi turned wi-fi off last night to conserve battery and shut it down via a shutdown command on the power button, while the wifi was still off02:51
noahgrubI'm sorry but I hate 11.04 unity sucks02:52
BS_Kustomznow it says that "wi-fi is dissabled via a hardware switch''02:52
Jordan_U!classic | noahgrub02:52
ubottunoahgrub: The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".02:52
Shaba1that is what I use02:53
Shaba1ubuntu classic02:53
BS_Kustomzi have a screen shot of the iwconfig in terminal if that helps02:53
Shaba1unity just wierded me out for some strange reason02:53
noahgrubWon't Ubuntu classic get removed in 11.1002:53
BS_Kustomzor if you want me to post in the froums i can do that too02:53
=== Unnamed is now known as Guest9650
eruch_noahgrub: The update failed with the error E: libc6: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 102:54
naibuanyone know a fix for choppy as hell HD flash video?02:54
Jeremy92@noahgrub, I've heard that too02:54
BS_Kustomzto change topic, unity freaked me out too02:54
somsipnoahgrub: that is correct02:54
BS_Kustomzbut i have learned to like it02:54
Jordan_Unoahgrub: GNOME3's fallback is fairly similar from what I've heard, and there will always be XFCE but that's more discussion for #ubuntu+1 or #ubuntu-offtopic.02:54
noahgrubWhy can't we just stay with Gnome 2 it's the best :D02:55
Jordan_U!ot | noahgrub Jeremy92 BS_Kustomz02:56
ubottunoahgrub Jeremy92 BS_Kustomz: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:56
BS_Kustomzthis is a supprt question i thought02:56
BS_Kustomzbut you're a bot so...02:56
noahgrubSrry I still need support I just needed to point that out :D02:56
BS_Kustomzthatnks i guess02:56
BS_Kustomzwhat up02:57
naibuanyone know a fix for choppy as hell HD flash video?02:58
noahk11OK I'm back03:01
=== noahk11 is now known as noahgrub
eruch_What would you say about the libc6 problem?03:01
ChogyDanhow the heck to I add the installation medium of a flash drive as a source?!?03:02
wendell_dhcpQuestion about DHCP.  Up until 2 days ago, my Ubuntu 11.04 box was working awesomely.  I had to reboot after some upgrades, and then it was flakey connecting to my router (wired).  Now it will not connect.  DHCP timeout in the logs.  Everything found in docs suggests card is working.  Other ubuntu boxes connecting to router.  Tried manual settings--still not working.  Can anyone help or point me to docs?  Thanks, thanks, thanks in advance.03:02
SetiAmonanyone know why everything opens up by default on my second monitor(TV) instead of my monitor (Twinview dualmonitor) even though the monitor is selected as the primary display?03:03
Jordan_Unoahgrub: Are you still having problems booting the LiveUSB? If so, where does it seem to hang?03:03
eruch_Where should I ask about a broken package?03:03
noahgrubI'm re-createing the live USB ill try again03:04
xiexiehi folks03:05
SidveeHi, my system seems to be running on both gpu (intel and ati) and thus it is heating up and battery drying up pretty soon.03:05
Jordan_Unoahgrub: If you have any further issues ping me by using my nick in your message as I won't be following the channel.03:05
eruch_What's the best place to ask for help with a broken package?03:05
DesertFoxNightI'm having problems changing the network setting from eth0 to wlan0 in Ubuntu Server using VirtualBox. I'm running Ubuntu 11.04 and using wlan0 as the network setting to connect to my router.03:05
xiexieI just wonder, in my ubuntu server, inetd is not installed by default, so what does the system use to handle network request?03:06
DesertFoxNightUbuntu Server was able to connect to my router when I was running VB on Windows 7, but not in Ubuntu.03:07
Jordan_Uxiexie: Inetd is only required if you want to start services on demand. If you start Apache at boot then it will bind to port 80 itself.03:07
SidveeWhom can I raise my queries?03:07
xiexieJordan_U, I see, thanks03:08
eruch_Who would be able to help with problems installing packages in Ubuntu?03:08
Jordan_Uxiexie: You're welcome.03:08
Jordan_Ueruch_: Just ask your actual question.03:09
ActionParsniperuch_: ask away :)03:09
eruch_I'm trying to get compiz and synaptic to start working again, but an attempted upgrade broke both of them.03:10
=== alpha is now known as Guest37662
eruch_When I launch Compiz, I get the error: compiz: error while loading shared libraries: libGL.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory03:10
SidveeMy system running multiple gpu's. So it is heating up and battery is drying up soon as well. How can I get on gpu switch off?03:10
Guest37662how do I make a script run automatically when I log in given that I am not an admin and cant change anything outside my home folder?03:10
ActionParsniperuch_: can you give the output of:  sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get --reinstall install compiz      use http://pastie.org   to host the output03:10
ActionParsnipGuest37662: use the startup items program, you can set programs that run at login03:11
ActionParsnipGuest79607: users can run scripts just fine03:11
eruch_ActionParsnip: The output of sudo apt-get update: http://www.pastebin.cc/index.php?show=636403:12
Guest37662ActionParsnip, how do I do this (I only have access to console)03:12
ActionParsnipGuest37662: its a terminal command03:12
roasted_Is it possible that having 2 monitors in twinview that have different refresh rates (59hz vs 60hz) is causing my video tearing?03:13
Deihmosanyone know why ubuntu loads things so slow03:14
Tigerboynaibu: make sure you have the video drivers installed properly and if you have a 64 bit try to use the amd64 version of the adobe flash beta driver03:14
eruch_ActionParsnip: Oops, wrong pastebin tool. Sorry03:14
Deihmosit takes a few seconds to start firefox. on windows it loads instant03:14
Tigerboyin general i find windows much slower but you may have a different set up in firefox windows making it less bogged down with addons03:15
eruch_ActionParsnip: http://pastie.org/2629993 And of sudo apt-get --reinstall -install compiz: http://pastie.org/262999403:15
ActionParsniperuch_: is there a package manager open, like synaptic?03:15
Deihmosnah windows is much faster for me. the ubuntu UI seems really slow and it doesn't even look good03:16
ActionParsniperuch_: or software centre03:16
ActionParsnipGuest37662: no gui?03:16
eruch_ActionParsnip: Synaptic was open when the sudo apt-get update paste was made but then closed before the other03:16
wendell_dhcpMy ubuntu 11.4 system won't conntect the network card to the router either manual settings or dhcp.03:16
ActionParsniperuch_: close it and rerun:  sudo apt-get update    is it smooth now? (no error at the bottom)03:16
eruch_ActionParsnip: I think I got rid of the Software Center a long time ago…03:16
wendell_dhcpIt used to, but it won't after I needed to reboot it.03:16
eruch_ActionParsnip: Yes.03:17
wendell_dhcpI've looked in tons of docs, and the diagnostics I've found seem to suggest that card is up.03:17
celltechHow do I get into another chat room?03:17
TigerboyDeihmos: windows is 100 times slower than ubuntu and ubuntu looks at least 1000 times better.03:17
roasted_in fstab, what settings would be good for a home directory? defaults 0 0?03:17
ActionParsniperuch_: ok then rerun: sudo apt-get --reinstall install compiz     what is output?03:17
eruch_ActionParsnip: http://pastie.org/263000403:18
wendell_dhcpI have other Ubuntu boxes (and non-U) on network working fine. Problem is recent--box has been working for months.03:18
ActionParsniproasted_: this is mine: UUID=43beb8fe-c819-4ec4-9909-c0cc658d7a9b /home           ext4    defaults,noatime        0       203:18
roasted_thanks bro03:18
TigerboyDeihmos: setting ubuntu up right is very important but unlike windows most if not all of the drivers simply work out of the box and there is massive support for ubuntu on the web.03:18
SIFTUDeihmos: the windows firefox is/was faster at loading.. Linux was lagging but i think they may have addressed this in FF703:18
roasted_Is it possible that having 2 monitors in twinview that have different refresh rates (59hz vs 60hz) is causing my video tearing?03:18
eruch_ActionParsnip: The last time I had a similar problem to this (with a similar cause), my system ended up dead for about a month and a half before I bit the bullet and reinstalled.03:19
wendell_dhcpIn logs, DCHP timeout.  Continual log about eth0: link up--many times a minute03:19
eruch_ActionParsnip: …just to be discouraging :-D03:19
Barridusdidn't ubuntu have the ability to print to a pdf by default?03:19
ActionParsniperuch_: try: fuser -v /var/cache/debconf/config.dat03:19
ActionParsniperuch_: what is output?03:19
eruch_ActionParsnip: http://pastie.org/263001303:19
ActionParsnipBarridus: you can install a pdf printer, abiword can export to pdf nicely03:20
wendell_dhcpAny dchp troubleshooting manuals?  I haven't found them yet.  Any help appreciated...thanks!03:20
Tigerboyroasted_: no that won't cause it but your control panel for the driver may have an anti-tearing setting03:20
roasted_Tigerboy - yeah, it definitely doesn't. However I've read from some people this could be why I have tearing.03:20
Tigerboybarridus: just add cups pdf in your synaptic package manager03:20
ActionParsniperuch_: ok, run: sudo kill -9 5873; sudo apt-get -f install; sudo apt-get --reinstall install compiz03:20
roasted_Tigerboy - afte rall, using 1 monitor does NOT show tearing. yet using two monitors does. someone told me twinview sees 2 monitors as 1, so having moniotrs with separate refresh rates could cause it, which, makes sense to me...03:20
ActionParsnipwendell_dhcp: what is your issue?03:21
BarridusActionParsnip, i need to print more than just word documents03:21
Tigerboyroasted: no it will use more resources to have two monitors on which may increase tearing as a biproduct03:21
Barridusi think Tigerboy's sounds more universal03:21
ActionParsnipBarridus: http://www.arsgeek.com/2007/05/17/5-steps-to-create-a-pdf-printer-print-to-pdf-in-ubuntu/03:21
SidveeMy system running multiple gpu's. So it is heating up and battery is drying up soon as well. How can I get on gpu switch off?03:22
eruch_ActionParsnip: It is asking: http://pastie.org/263002403:22
SIFTUSidvee: optimus laptop?03:22
eruch_ActionParsnip: Should I take the default values?03:22
ActionParsnipBarridus: http://www.liberiangeek.net/2011/04/print-pdf-printer-ubuntu-11-04-natty-narwhal/03:22
BarridusActionParsnip, Tigerboy, thanks i'll try cups-pdf03:22
Tigerboybarridus: good it's pretty easy to use03:23
Tigerboybye for now all03:23
BarridusActionParsnip, i tried print to file and only had postscript as a choice03:23
ActionParsniperuch_: press tab then press enter03:23
SIFTUSidvee: if soo look into acpi_call03:23
eruch_ActionParsnip: Done. http://pastie.org/263003003:24
eruch_ActionParsnip: You've fixed it! Cool, thanks!03:25
ActionParsniperuch_: np, the packages got locked by hung processes03:25
eruch_ActionParsnip: I'll have to remember how to do that.03:25
wendell_dhcpActionParsnip: networking won't come up. my box won't connect. diagnostics say card is OK.  Router hasn't changed03:25
ActionParsniperuch_: I suggest a reboot too03:25
ActionParsnipwendell_dhcp: has the interface worked in ubuntu before?03:27
SidveeSIFTU: It has got a onboard Intel and an ati one. Both seems to be ON.03:27
wendell_dhcpActionParsnip: yes.  Worked for months until about 2 days ago.03:27
roasted_actionparsnip, were you the one helping me with video tearing earlier?03:28
ActionParsnipwendell_dhcp: I suggest you reboot, then get logged in and run:  dmesg | less    and read through, some of it will relate to the network and you can diagnose03:28
fowlnautilus is broken03:28
ActionParsniproasted_: maybe, not sure03:28
wendell_dhcpActionParsnip: rebooting (again....)  :-)03:28
ActionParsnipfowl: care to expand on that?03:28
roasted_actionparsnip - I was just curious if you were, because I'm looking for some opinions of users to see if having two monitors that have different refresh rates could be causing my video tearing.03:29
roasted_actionparsnip - any insight on it?03:29
DMWirc.byroe.net #explorecrew03:29
fowlActionParsnip: it won't open things like torrents from outside nautilus (ie chrome)03:29
fowland not just torrents, zips, pdfs whatever03:29
fowlthunar however does just fine with it. whats the deal03:29
henningvisI got an error upgrading to kernel 3 ....what to do?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/701405/03:32
excelsiorunetbootin versus startup disk creator, thoughts?03:33
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
Barridusexcelsior, unetbootin03:33
ActionParsnipfowl: if you right click a file and select open with...  you can then set the app to open the file with. There is a tickbox to make the OS remember the setting03:34
urlin2uexcelsior, startup is for ubuntu primarily, unetbootin will load many othe ISO's03:34
ZeloZelosanyone here ahve the GDDR5 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560M? wondering if thers any issues with ubuntu. thinking about a new laptop03:34
excelsiorok, so why does ubuntu not have unetbootin standard, then?03:34
Barridusexcelsior, it uses qt for one03:35
ActionParsniphenningvis: there are no errors there03:35
excelsiorone in the repos is ok, though?03:35
urlin2uexcelsior, we don't do polls, but support questions.03:35
ActionParsnipexcelsior: it has usb-creator03:35
henningvisit does not wany to boot03:35
ActionParsnipexcelsior: you can install unetbootin if you desire03:35
ActionParsniphenningvis: teh 3.0 kernel is not supported here03:35
ActionParsniphenningvis: you are using a 3rd party kernel we cannot support. Try asking in #linux03:36
SidveeSIFTU, it has got a onboard Intel and an ATI graphics card03:36
Trusardiguys a disaster happened to me... i deleted a recovered file... in libreoffice03:36
Barridusi will say i have not used startup disk creator in a couple releases but every time i did use it in the past i had some sort of disaster.  i've used unetbootin for many years hundreds of times for ubuntu and never once had a problem, so it's earned 100% of my trust03:36
excelsiorI was thinking of being able to install some sort of really small linux for ancient comps, but nah.03:36
Trusardiis there any SLIGHTEST change the temp file is there somewher?03:36
ActionParsnipBarridus: its what I use too ;)03:36
Trusardi5 hours of work gone...03:36
Trusardiany hope?03:36
henningviswhy is this a 3rd party kernel?  is it not an ubuntu upgrace03:37
excelsiorok, unet it is...03:37
Barriduswell if that's not a vote of confidence i dunno what is, ActionParsnip ;)03:37
ActionParsnipexcelsior: sure, use ubuntu minimal and install fluxbox and lightdm and you have a slick OS03:37
baktrakwhats a good email service?03:37
ActionParsnipbaktrak: in wat way an email service?03:37
Barridusspeaking of disasters this cups-pdf thing isn't working at all like those webpages said ActionParsnip, brb rebooting03:37
baktrakTo just Email without going to a website03:37
baktrakand doing it that way03:37
Trusardiguys, libreoffice crash - any help if i deleted recovered file without saving?03:38
ActionParsnipbaktrak: so an email client, you mean03:38
xanguabaktrak: evolution is defaul, thunderbird will be default in future releases03:38
baktrakevolution keeps not responding so i will do thunderbir03:38
ActionParsnipbaktrak: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/list-of-email-clients-available-in-ubuntu-linux.html03:38
baktrakthank u03:38
baktrakand thank u action03:38
wendell_dhcpActionParsnip: I am confused by the messages.  I see "ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): eht0: link is not ready", then a bunch of "r8169 0000:04:00.0 eth0: link down" ...03:40
somsipActionParsnip: you just recommended to use minimal install. Can this be upgraded to the next release without b0rking the whole thing, or downloading unnecessary new packages?03:40
wendell_dhcpActionParsnip: then a tremendous number of "r8169 0000:04:00.0 eth0: link up"03:41
ActionParsnipsomsip: the minimal install just installs a minimal ubuntu OS, it will upgrade to the next release the same as a full install03:41
wendell_dhcpActionParsnip: after one line "ADDRCONF(NETDEV_CHANGE): eth0: link becomes ready"03:41
ChogyDanwasnt broadcom supposed to get easier?03:41
ChogyDanlike it going opensource and all?03:42
ActionParsnipChogyDan: doubt it03:42
ActionParsnipChogyDan: the firmware is proprietary03:42
wendell_dhcpActionParsnip: This seems to mean the card took longer than expected to come up, but it did, and then it did again (thousands of times).  The "link up" message continues to fill kernel and syslog03:43
somsipActionParsnip: k - so specifically, I've got a min install 64 bit, minimal additional packages, no gnome, other WM. So when the time comes, I can do-release-upgrade and I won't end up with a load of new cruft I don't want?03:43
Sazpaimon_I'm at my wit's end with this eglibc compilation03:43
ActionParsnipSazpaimon_: no PPA?03:44
Sazpaimon_ActionParsnip, I'm trying to set up a cross-compilation toolchain using crosstool-ng03:44
ActionParsnipsomsip: exactly, you will only have a minimal install as you have no metapackages to install desktop stuffs03:44
Sazpaimon_I cannot, for the life of me, get eglibc to compile03:44
Sazpaimon_http://pastebin.com/5wZAVUvK keep getting this during linking03:44
somsipActionParsnip: many thanks - I was looking for an opporunity to ask wthat one without being #ubuntu+103:45
ActionParsnipSazpaimon_: i see, ive not compiled anything outside of gentoo for linux03:45
roasted_How important is it to have two monitors with matching refresh rates when using twinview? I ask this because I've been having video tearing for years that I can't fix yet someone told me it's due to my refresh rates being 59.94 vs 60 for my monitors. Anybody have anything to confirm about this?03:45
Sazpaimon_since its a very specific type of error, I dont think anyone will be able to help me here03:45
ActionParsnipsomsip: its fairly generic but please keep oneiric stuff in its correct channel03:45
somsipActionParsnip: yup - np03:45
SidveeThere are lots of bugs for HP TM2 series.03:46
eruchHello! What's wrong with this command? sudo cp /usr/share/Wreathe/AppIcons/system-shutdown.svg /usr/share/icons/elementary/*/system-shutdown.svg03:46
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eruchThe * is being treated as a literal character, instead of as a wildcard.03:47
somsiperuch: you want to copy the wreathe shutdown icon to each subdir in elemenetary dir?03:48
erucheruch: Yes.03:48
eruchUm, somsip03:48
lokomisHey, 10.04 Desktop, AMD 955 / ATI 5870, dual monitors @ 2560x1024: Desktop effects work great (even w/ additional settings like cube, cube reflection; cairo dock with the exception of some themes) but Youtube does not fullscreen properly and Stellarium & certain screensavers cause monitor 2 to have garbled output.  Any suggestions appreciated.03:49
ActionParsniperuch: you'll nee a cheeky bash script, You can either do it manually to each folder or you can ask in #bash and they may give you a cheeky command03:49
roasted_How important is it to have two monitors with matching refresh rates when using twinview? I ask this because I've been having video tearing for years that I can't fix yet someone told me it's due to my refresh rates being 59.94 vs 60 for my monitors. Anybody have anything to confirm about this?03:50
celltechIs there a VM chat?03:50
noahk11Will I damage windows system files by dualbooting on the same HD?03:51
wendell_dhcpActionParsnip: Do see something strange when the card first loads:  (unregistered net_device): unknown MAC using family default.   I think this seems OK though.  Two lines later it gives the mac address that it had been using.03:51
ActionParsnipnoahk11: no, it will be fne as long as you read and think during the install :)03:52
ActionParsnipnoahk11: if you use Windows 7 it can resize its own NTFS and you can install ubuntu to the free space03:53
ActionParsnipnoahk11: you should have a backup of your data anyway if it is important so this also should not be a worry03:53
ActionParsnipwendell_dhcp: anyone else reporting the same message on any forums etc?03:53
noahk11I have all my important stuff on an external HD03:53
ActionParsnipnoahk11: cool :D03:54
noahk11So installing Ubuntu and win-win side by side will not damage windows 7 files?03:54
noahk11*windows 7 not win-win03:55
wendell_dhcpActiionParsnip: I haven't seen anything.  Most network issues seem to be lower-level.  There was a great guide to network troubleshooting, but didn't have much about this specifically.  According to those diagnostics, the card looks like it's OK...reports "UP" status.03:55
wendell_dhcpActiionParsnip: I will do more searching.03:55
Stanley00noahk11: yes, as long as you do it the right way ;)03:55
wendell_dhcpActionParsnip*  sorry!03:56
noahk11What is the right way?03:56
fowlActionParsnip: i'll get a screenshot of the error, 1 sec03:56
Barridus_where does cups-pdf print to by default?  i can't find anything03:56
Stanley00noahk11: just follow the official guide, I think, and make sure you know what you are doing ;))03:57
fowlActionParsnip: http://img90.imageshack.us/img90/2418/selection057.png03:57
fowlit's like that for any kind of file03:58
ActionParsnipnoahk11: it can if you don't watch what you are doing04:02
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noahk11Actionparsnip, read the official notes I know what to do know04:02
XistancEHow come when I maximize my web browser it expands across my 2 monitors instead of just one?04:02
ActionParsnipfowl: what is the output of:  dpkg -l | grep nauti; lsb_release -a04:02
melvincvHi all, Did anyone get Outlook 2007 working in Wine on Ubuntu 11.04?04:03
ActionParsnipmelvincv: check the appdb04:03
XistancEHow come when I maximize my web browser it expands across my 2 monitors instead of just one?04:03
ActionParsnipmelvincv: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=7533   doesn't run04:03
ActionParsnipXistancE: do you have both setup as one big desktop?04:04
bugongis there any one who knows remote desktop here...04:04
XistancEActionParsnip: how do I know?04:04
ActionParsnipXistancE: you set it up.04:04
bugongis there any one who knows remote desktop here...04:04
XistancENo I didn't, I clicked Twinview and that was it lol04:05
ActionParsnipXistancE: if you run:  xrandr    and the width is huge, then it is04:05
Stanley00!patience | bugong04:05
ubottubugong: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/04:05
phong_i like the unity stuff04:05
ibmhow can i go to the swedish channel04:05
XistancE, maximum 3520 x 108004:05
XistancEActionParsnipL How do I fix this?04:05
melvincvThis is what I got from the appdb, but I don't know how this Eric did this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/701414/04:05
bugongI want to remote a computer linux connecting to winowsxp, any one here who can help me......04:05
Zimm3rIn Sound Preferences my volume can go up to 130 percent is there a way to set that to 100 percent?04:06
ibmhow can i go to the swedish channel04:06
Stanley00melvincv: why dont you use an alternate app, like thunderbird?04:06
Zimm3ribm try /join #CHANNEL04:06
ActionParsnipXistancE: you can use grid and you can drag the window to a corner or side and make the window a certain size maybe, I don't use dual monitors personally so I have no real advise04:06
bugongI want to remote a computer linux connecting to winowsxp, any one here who can help me......04:07
ibmhow can i go to the swedish channel04:07
Krenairbugong, teamviewer?04:07
XistancEActionParsnip Where can I find grid?04:07
ActionParsnipXistancE: but we do know both your monitors are making one super wide desktop, so the maximize is doing what it is supposed to04:07
fowlActionParsnip: http://pastebin.com/mWgu2CP404:07
ActionParsnipXistancE: its in ccsm04:07
XistancEActionParsnip: It wasn't doing this earlier is what I don't understand04:07
melvincvYes, we do use Thunderbird and Evolution, I just wondered why Outlook doesn't work while Word, Excel and Powerpoint works...04:07
ActionParsnipfowl: mint isn't supported here04:08
bugongi want it using a terminal server using ubuntu04:08
ActionParsnip!mint | fowl04:08
ubottufowl: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org04:08
Zimm3ribm /join #ubuntu-se04:08
fowltis not a mintproblem04:08
fowlwhat a sham04:08
ActionParsnipfowl: we don't support mint here at all04:08
bugongteam if not free...04:08
bugongteam viewer is  not free...04:08
SidveeWireless display light blinking. Another bug. Phew!04:08
ibm<Zimm3r> thanks <Zimm3r>04:09
bugongKrenair: I want to use terminal server and its not connecting to my windowsxp..04:09
Zimm3rIn Sound Preferences my volume can go up to 130 percent is there a way to set that to 100 percent?04:09
ActionParsnipbugong: use rdesktop and you can connect to windows terminal services04:10
melvincvZimm3r, Mine too does the same. Is that a bug? I don't think so.04:10
Zimm3rmelvincv: no I think it is a feature or maybe just differing views04:11
melvincvZimm3r, VLC player does the same, right?04:11
phong_u know vmware unity?04:11
Zimm3rmelvincv: that is something different but similiar04:11
phong_it's the best04:11
melvincvZimm3r, :)04:12
melvincvZimm3r, btw how do you type my username so fast? Tab completion?04:13
L-----Dwhat's the shortcut to copy text from terminal04:13
Zimm3rmelvincv: yes04:13
melvincvZimm3r, what IRC client do you use?04:13
L-----Dcopy hightlight text content04:13
ranjanHi all, how to reduce the font size in ubuntu 11.10. Is there any configuration files that we can alter instead of installing tools like gnome-tweak-tool?04:13
uofm49426hey anyone know if conexant tv card are still supported in maverick04:13
Zimm3rmelvincv: pidgin and sometimes irssi but mostly pidgin04:13
phong_do you hear me, i said vmware is the best right?04:14
phong_vmware unity04:14
melvincvZimm3r, ok, I use Xchat.04:14
ranjanL-----D, Shift+Ctrl+V04:14
Zimm3rmelvincv: never used that because on windows it doesn't work so I just stick with pidgin04:14
Zimm3rI will be back04:14
melvincvZimm3r, it's non-free on windows. So I use Xchat 2 on Windows :)04:15
urlin2uranjan, 11.10 is ubuNTU+04:15
phong_what is ubuntu?04:15
urlin2u#ubuntu+1 ranjan04:16
ranjanurlin2u, ok thank you :)04:16
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rww!ubuntu | phong_04:16
uofm49426have a pixelview pv-m4800 fm would just like to use the fm radio part are the 878a modules in ubuntu 10.1004:16
ubottuphong_: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com04:17
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ibmcan someone help me with ubuntu04:18
Zimm3rAnd I am back04:18
melvincvIbm, what help do you need?04:19
urlin2uibm, probably; ask a question.04:19
ibmwhen i upgraded ubuntu to 10.04 i had som problem04:19
=== dylan is now known as Guest49904
melvincvibm, The latest stable version is 11.04, by the way what's the issue?04:20
ibmso i tried to uninstall ubuntu and install it again but it is the same problem04:20
andyvymelvincv: 10.04 is LTS ;)04:20
melvincvZimm3r, you can use Xchat 2, the unofficial Xchat, on Windows.04:21
ibmi have a 48 bit processor it seems that ubuntu thinks it is a 64 bit04:21
Zimm3rmelvincv: meh pidgin was easier to get running tho xchat does have scripting features04:22
melvincvibm, 48 bit???04:22
ibmyes when i download the file it was a i386 but after reboot it became a i68604:23
ibmi have it installed in windows04:23
melvincvibm, what is the processor you're using?04:23
ibmlike a windows program04:23
ibmintel celeron 48 bit04:24
andyvyibm: 32bit?04:25
melvincvHey guys, have you heard of a 48 bit processor? I've heard of 32 and 64 bit only...04:25
ibmyes i need only the 32 bit installed04:25
wendell_dhcpActionParsnip: The best lead I can find so far looks like the messages that I am getting during the actual attempt to authenticate DHCP.  NetworkManager[690]: <info> (eth0): device state change: 7 -> 9 (reason 5).  Couldn't find the list of these codes and reasons.  Any help here?04:26
ibmthe processor is a 48 bit but does also work of course like a 32 bit04:26
KirinDaveI placed some fonts in ~/.fonts, but xfontsel can't see them.04:27
KirinDaveAnyone know why that might be?04:27
melvincvI put windows fonts in /usr/share/fonts/truetype  Openoffice used to use then, but LibreOffice doesn't.04:29
ariesamHola a tdos!!04:29
Peddyare there any tools to set different wallpapers for dual monitors?04:30
ibmubuntu 10.04 installation is bad it is to automatic if you are using it in windows you can not chose witch wan you want 32 or 64 bit if you have a 48 bit processor ubuntu installs the 64 bit04:33
TohuwI've got a user who installed the audio creation suite via tasksel, now her ubuntu is branded as ubuntu studio. How does she change it back to normal ubuntu branding?04:33
melvincvNow I get Windows fonts by installing ttf-mscorefonts-installer04:33
ibmplease how can i fix it so i only have a 32 bit installation04:34
Tohuwibm: There is no such thing as a 48-bit processor.04:34
urlin2uibm, are you installing from windows=wubi04:35
melvincvibm, get the 32 bit iso image from Ubuntu.com04:35
ibmyes wubi04:35
samsuli have a problem... when i start my computer always seem like kernel panic i'm using ubuntu 10.1004:36
urlin2uibm, wubi will download the latest release, you might try getting a 11.04 32 bit.04:36
samsulwhen i type dmesg seem like this http://tempel.blankon.in/171904:36
samsuli have no idea... anyone can help me?04:36
ibmwubi is bringing the i386 file but after the reboot it getting to a i68604:36
Tohuwsamsul: "[drm:radeon_dvi_detect] *ERROR* DVI-D-1: probed a monitor but no|invalid EDID" that's your problem. Your Xorg config is wrong. Boot into recovery mode and try the "fix Xorg" option.04:38
ariesamhi! world!04:39
Tohuwibm: how do you know it is a 64-bit install?04:39
urlin2uibm, i686 is 32 bit04:39
cordovali am trying to run this but from www-data from a php web page /usr/local/bin/wkhtmltopdf --lowquality "http://silslid.local" "/tmp/knp_x.pdf"04:39
cordovalbut it is not generating the pdf04:39
ActionParsnipibm: uname -m04:40
cordovalhow to troubleshoot? most likely it is giving permission problems, however, when I sudo -u www-data and run the command in CLI it works04:40
cordovalhow to troubleshoot this04:40
ibm<urlin2u> are you sure i think it is a 64 bit but the i386 is a 32 bit04:40
Tohuwibm: https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/I686 As urlin2u said, i686 is 32-bit. Also, as ActionParsnip said, run uname -m04:40
urlin2uibm, yes, t=run the command ActionParsnip suggested mine is i686, I only have 32 bit.04:41
TohuwThe 3 and 6 are generational identifiers, not architectural identifiers.04:41
ibmbut why is my ubuntu getting stuck after a while04:41
melvincvibm, yes, my processor is a 32 bit Pentium 4 , but uname -m gives me i686. It's OK. i386 is for older 32 bit processors.04:42
Tohuw!doesntwork | ibm04:42
ubottuibm: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.04:42
Visitor_099I remember coming accross a help channel that had a bot linking the same channel over 3 different networks... anyone knows such a channel?04:42
urlin2uibm, hard to say what your problems are wubi is not for long term use read what the designer says. http://howsoftwareisbuilt.com/2009/03/12/interview-with-agostino-russo-wubi-ubuntu/04:43
samsulwhen i try recovery mode... it did not show anything but only kernel panic04:44
Tohuwsamsul: Try booting from a LiveCd and using the "Repair a broken system" option04:44
ActionParsnipsamsul: is the ram healthy?04:44
ibmwhen i use programs like firefox and xchat it is working fine but other program get stuck after a while04:44
samsulstill seem like this http://tempel.blankon.in/171904:45
TohuwActionParsnip: From his dump he posted, looks like XOrg is freaking out over an invalid EDID. But I agree, asking about the RAM can save time!04:45
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samsuli thing my RAM is fine...04:46
kornBenI think you should look for another ram04:46
ActionParsnipsamsul: there is memtest in grub, i suggest you test it. If recovery mode is having an issue then its probably something like that04:46
Tohuwibm: You still aren't giving enough information. You need to reproduce a specific error. "Stuff crashes after awhile" is not specific. "OpenOffice Writer crashes after 5-15 minutes of just being open" is. Regardless, what does dmesg tell you?04:46
TohuwkornBen: ActionParsnip gave a more helpful answer. Why run around replacing RAM instead of testing it? :)04:47
seidellhaha this guy screams like a pig http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFxMM36fboc&feature=channel_video_title04:48
melvincv!ubuntu-offtopic | seidell04:49
melvincv!#ubuntu-offtopic | seidell04:49
kornBenyup thats right04:50
XistancExrandr tells me I have a resolution of 3520x1080 and I've been googling everywhere to figure out how to fix this but I can't find anything ,any advice?04:50
kornBeni mean ram nowadays is more cheaper04:50
ibmwhen i use programs like firefox and xchat it is working fine but other program get stuck after a while like after 20 minutes openoffice crash for abiword it takes 10-15 minutes to crash04:50
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XistancExrandr tells me I have a resolution of 3520x1080 and I've been googling everywhere to figure out how to fix this but I can't find anything ,any advice?04:52
urlin2uibm, hardly anybody here uses wubi, it is rather difficult to get support as it as it is not designed for long term use, you might try the Ubuntu Forums.04:52
ubottuWubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug. For Ubuntu Maverick/10.10 http://releases.ubuntu.com/maverick/wubi.exe04:53
samsulTohuw | Action : how to figure out the memtest?04:53
samsuli'm uploading my photo...04:54
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ActionParsnipsamsul: if you see any red, you have bad ram04:55
=== melvin is now known as melrockz
ActionParsnipsamsul: use TAB to complete nicks too ;)04:55
ariesamViva BOLIVIA04:55
XistancEDoes anybody here use weechat?04:56
samsulActionParsnip, oh, okay... there are many red...04:57
melrockzActionParsnip, won't reinserting the RAM make any difference?  Sometimes, it works for me...04:59
ibmwhen i use programs like firefox and xchat it is working fine but other program get stuck after a while like after 20 minutes openoffice crash for abiword it takes 10-15 minutes to crash                           i think wubi and a ordinary partition installation is the same expect it is booting from the windows start menu instead05:01
XistancEDoes anybody here use weechat05:02
urlin2uibm, wubi is a file in widows.05:02
urlin2uibm, read the link http://howsoftwareisbuilt.com/2009/03/12/interview-with-agostino-russo-wubi-ubuntu/05:03
Tohuw!ask | XistancE05:04
ubottuXistancE: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:04
ibmyes but i mean it is using the ntfs file system but it is also booting the ext4 partition so it is maybe like to operating system in the same partition expect ubuntu is booting after the windows start files05:06
ActionParsnipmelrockz: possibly, but a test will show if its the ram that's bad05:06
ibmyes but i mean it is using the ntfs file system but it is also booting the ext4 partition so it is maybe like to operating system in the same partition expect ubuntu is booting after the windows start files05:07
zmbmartinwhat is normal operating temp for a hp envy 17 w/ i7 Q720 1.60GHz quad core?05:07
ibmyes but i mean it is using the ntfs file system but it is also booting the ext4 partition so it is maybe like 2 operating system in the same partition expect ubuntu is booting after the windows start files05:07
ninwaI just upgraded to 11.10, are there any known bugs that cause this to happen with the file browser? http://i.imgur.com/WGAkW.png ... The folders lack icons, and the bread crumb bar isn't styled.05:08
vsyncibm or then ... not05:08
urlin2uibm, wubi is a psuedo virtual, the only partition is the NTFS, read the article. You will get very little support here, nobody uses it for long.05:09
ninwaAlso, does anybody know why Google was replaced with Ask.com in the latest Firefox update?05:09
melrockzIbm, yes, the Ubuntu files are stored in your windows ntfs partition. If you observe, you won't be able to mount your windows c: partition on a wubi installation. For Ubuntu, that file on your ntfs partition is the ext4 partition.05:09
melrockzibm, it's like a virtual hard disk.05:10
urlin2umelrockz, actually both OS's can reach each other4 without mounting05:10
urlin2uthey are each others file system05:11
ibmwhen i use programs like firefox and xchat it is working fine but other program get stuck after a while like after 20 minutes openoffice crash for abiword it takes 10-15 minutes to crash05:13
ibmwhen i use programs like firefox and xchat it is working fine but other program get stuck after a while like after 20 minutes openoffice crash for abiword it takes 10-15 minutes to crash05:13
FloodBot1ibm: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:13
ActionParsnipninwa: just change it05:13
ninwaActionParsnip, so you don't know why it was changed then?05:14
ibmplease help me does someone now how to fix it05:15
xistanceIf I have to run 'sudo weechat-curses' to start weechat, how can I make it so I don't have to sudo it05:16
kareem_ i have  a problem with vodafone k3770 usb modem  i am using ubuntu 11.0405:23
kareem_will it be solved in 10.10?05:23
kareem_i have  a problem with vodafone k3770 usb modem  i am using ubuntu 11.04  will it be solved in 10.10?05:24
zakwilsonkareem_: how is anyone to know if your problem will be fixed if you don't say what problem you're having?05:25
kareem_it doesn't work at all05:25
kareem_sorry i wasn't clear about that05:25
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ubottuDoesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.05:26
zakwilsonWhat are you trying to do? What steps have you tried? Are there error messages? Logs?05:26
kareem_it is not recognised by the system it works well on debian  only debian05:27
ibmwhen i use programs like firefox and xchat it is working fine but other program get stuck after a while like after 20 minutes openoffice crash for abiword it takes 10-15 minutes to crash05:27
ibmwhen i use programs like firefox and xchat it is working fine but other program get stuck after a while like after 20 minutes openoffice crash for abiword it takes 10-15 minutes to crash does anyone now how to fix it please help me someone to fix it05:28
zakwilsonibm: that was a bit unclear, but I think what you're saying is that Openoffice and Abiword regularly crash when open for a long time.05:28
zakwilsonibm: also, please only post once.05:28
zakwilsonkareem_: what steps did you follow to use it on Debian?05:29
ibm<zakwilson> yes other programs to but the only one who is working fine is firefox and xchat almost all others program does not05:30
kareem_nothing i just plugged it in and the a menu entry appeared in the network menu in the system tray and i followed the steps it was smooth and easy05:30
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perfectaqui é variado05:31
perfecttem tm gringo?05:31
tensorpudding!br | perfect05:31
ubottuperfect: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.05:31
zakwilsonkareem_: my first step would be to search for a driver at packages.debian.org.05:32
kareem_my problem is with ubuntu not debian it works on debian but not on ubuntu05:33
zakwilsonibm: that's very unusual. My first guess would be that there's actually a hardware problem with your computer - defective memory, most likely.05:33
kareem_i wish it supported by the kernel so it will be plug and play05:34
kareem_it is not me alone many users faced this problem05:34
zakwilsonkareem_: if it works on Debian and there's a driver package available for Debian then chances are good that you can install said driver on Ubuntu and have it work without additional effort.05:34
kareem_i will try now and come back later...... your effort and replies are appreciated05:35
zakwilsonGood luck.05:35
almoxarifeI want to remove a panel in 'classic' but its blacked out, any hints?05:36
ibm<zakwilson> but windows is working fine no problem at all so it most be the ubuntu software05:36
zakwilsonibm: so download a fresh copy and boot the computer from a CD or flash drive using that fresh copy. See if the programs in question are reliable under those circumstances.05:37
zakwilsonibm: if they ARE reliable, reinstall Ubuntu. If they're not, I don't know what to tell you.05:37
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deeptracksxubuntu install tonite!!! Had glx file problems and would not let me log in to desktop.05:39
ibm<zakwilson> some guy help ones with an other problem long time ago i gave him aces to the computer somehow cant you do the same please05:39
zakwilsonibm: I am not going to take remote control of your computer to attempt to diagnose your problem. You don't want me to do that; I've been drinking.05:40
devanHey, I plug my ipod into my ubuntu laptop, and I don't see any recognition--nothing on the desktop, nothing in nautilus. Anyone know what to do?05:41
ibm<zakwilson> it is okey if you only break ubuntu not windows05:42
devanbut dmesg shows "new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 8" and then "configuration #1 chosen from 4 choices"05:42
deeptracksI went into safemode to remove glx programs now it works fine but with out glx. anyone ever see this problem?05:42
devananyone know what to make of that?05:42
zakwilsondevan: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPod05:43
amin`-station3i need lit we browser with sock proxy capabilities05:44
devanzakwilson, I'm on the iphone page but I didn't want to use amarok... besides, assuming problem is deeper, since I'm not seeing any recognition. If my computer sees it and can use it, then banshee should be able to do the rest.05:45
ibmwhen i use programs like firefox and xchat it is working fine but other program get stuck after a while like after 20 minutes openoffice crash for abiword it takes 10-15 minutes to crash does anyone now how to fix it please help me someone to fix it05:45
zakwilsondevan: what ipod is it?05:45
devaniphone 3g05:45
almoxarifeibm: firefox has never crashed?05:46
devanzakwilson: iphone 3g*05:46
zakwilsondevan: last I checked, sync with iphones is difficult and limited. The iphone page is probably your best starting point. I have never done it.05:46
devanI just need to transfer some files from computer to iphone, one time deal. not super complex like syncing or anything.05:47
gir75twgoh devan: ssh perhaps then?05:47
ibm<almoxarife> no not yet and i do not hop it will05:48
devangir75twg, wouldn't that take some jailbreaking and so on? I've got a pretty virgin iphone, I don't want to get really involved with it.05:48
almoxarifeibm: what version of ubuntu you using?05:48
gir75twgTrue. I understand. You could try an app called GoodReader.05:48
gir75twgHas wifi uploading.05:48
ibm<almoxarife> 11.0405:49
deeptracksdevan are you sure you are using the correct usb cord?05:49
deeptrackssimple question05:49
almoxarifeibm: have you looked at the logs for some indication of where the issue is?05:49
devandeeptracks, correct usb cord? My iphone is charging using it, and I don't have some complex usb hub setup or something... it's definitely plugged in.05:50
gir75twgDo you dual boot windows or anything else?05:50
deeptracksk just makin sure05:50
devangir75twg, it's a borrows laptop for temporary use. :\05:50
gir75twgAh :/05:50
devangir75twg, I wish, I'd definitely just go that route.05:50
gir75twgdevan, I've never had this issue before. Both my iPhone, and iPad are recognized05:51
gir75twgjust fine. :/05:51
devangir75twg, lame. Sad story. Yeah, I remember always seeing it show up as a digital camera or something? I've never seen it just fail to be recognized either. Odd...05:52
gir75twgYeah. Perhaps.05:52
gir75twgDoes it show up, like even as an unknown device?05:52
ibm<almoxarife> no how can i do that05:52
gir75twgOr is it not showing at all?05:52
devangir75twg, nothing shows up, just the dmesg stuff I mentioned above... And reading the support page, this makes no sense. "ucid natively supports both iPhone and iPod Touch 1G, 2G, 3G, 3GS and 4G models (iPad should also work) running up to firmware 4.0.1 without the need to jailbreak."05:52
devanI'm running a iOS3.2 or something, and Ubuntu 10.4 (10.10 broke support, but 10.04 is said to work out of the box...)05:53
gir75twgWhat firmware are you running?05:53
deeptracksI dont have an Iphone but is there an unmount option on the card settings like on android? because my android wont be recognized if i dont set it to unmount card05:53
vsyncdevan have you tried libiphone + idevicepair unpair && idevicepair pair?05:54
ibm<almoxarife> no how can i do that05:54
almoxarifeibm: use the 'log file viewer'05:54
gir75twgTry putting it in DFU. Then if it pairs/recognizes, use TinyUmbrella to get it out.05:54
vsyncgir75twg it won't auto-pair :p05:55
gir75twgIt may if in DFU :P05:55
ibm<almoxarife> cant you get access to my computer please i do not now how05:56
blsh0phey you guys, in the terminal, how do you type a file that has spaces in its name?05:56
devanvsync, gir75twg, just realized you have to type the password... now when I plug it in I get "unable to mount [iphonename]" "unhandled lockdown error (-5)"05:56
blsh0pas in, do you need underscores?05:56
almoxarifeibm: better yet, you access your computer05:56
blsh0plike, i wants to go to the folder math homework05:56
devanblsh0p, you mean \?05:56
edbianblsh0p: but it in quotes or use \ before each space05:56
blsh0pdo i type in, cd math homework, or cd math_homework05:56
blsh0pso i do it in quotes then?05:57
blsh0poh ok05:57
edbianblsh0p: cd "math homework"  or cd math\ homework05:57
vsyncor math\ homework05:57
blsh0pthat makes sense, thanks, a ton05:57
devanor cd math\ homework05:57
devanhappy computer05:57
vsyncdevan, yep, now just unpair+pair it05:57
devanhappy computing*05:57
vsyncand you'll be golden05:57
blsh0pive been completely stopped from using the terminal because of that stupid mistake, lol05:57
blsh0pthanks guys, a ton05:57
ibm<almoxarife> ok how can i do it can you tell me step for step please05:58
ActionParsnipjust use TAB to complete file and folder names and you'll have an easier time05:58
ActionParsniphandles the spaces for you05:58
* edbian agrees I never use tabs05:59
edbiani mean, I never type spaces05:59
devanvsync, how do I do that?05:59
devan"idevicepair: command not found"05:59
vsyncinstall libiphone05:59
devanvsync, I tried, I didn't find a package called libiphone...06:00
devanCouldn't find any package matching "libiphone".  However, the following06:00
devanpackages contain "libiphone" in their description:06:00
devan  libplist1 ifuse libplist++1 ifuse-dbg libplist++-dev python-plist06:00
devan  libplist-utils libplist-dbg libplist-dev06:00
FloodBot1devan: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.06:00
ibm<almoxarife> ok how can i do it can you tell me step for step please06:01
vsynchmmm, sec06:01
vsyncwonder if it was the wrong package or do you have to add a repo06:01
almoxarifeibm: sorry, I was doing my hair, what was the question?06:03
vsyncyeh, sorry devan. Add this ppa: https://launchpad.net/~pmcenery/+archive/ppa and install libmobiledevice06:03
devanvsync, it's odd, I thought the support was out of the box. :]06:03
vsyncthat was the correct package06:03
vsyncdevan not for itouch/pad/phone06:03
devanvsync, so it is right for my iphone 3g, or not?06:04
vsyncdevan yes06:04
ibm<almoxarife> you sed to me look what the problem is but i do not now how06:04
vsyncworks with ios4+ too, tested myself06:04
almoxarifeibm: you said 'openoffice' broke?06:05
ibmyes almost all the program expect xchat and firefox06:06
ibm<almoxarife> yes almost all the program expect xchat and firefox06:06
almoxarifeibm: still have the libreoffice installed?06:06
devanvsync, remind me again how to add a ppa? the gui doesn't accept that, improperly formated or I'm in the wrong place... and I just haven't used linux enough recently to recall how to do it through aptitude. :\06:06
ibmyes i think so06:07
ibm<almoxarife> yes i think so06:07
el_seanodevan: something like this: 'apt-add-repository 'deb http://myserver/path/to/repo stable myrepo'06:07
me-1hi..is gnome 3 is there in ubuntu 11.10..?06:07
vsyncdevan which version you on?06:07
almoxarifeibm: not sure? should have come with 11.0406:08
vsyncso edit /etc/apt/sources.list and add:06:08
vsyncdeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/pmcenery/ppa/ubuntu lucid main06:08
vsyncdeb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/pmcenery/ppa/ubuntu lucid main06:08
vsyncand then just apt-get update... and install libmobiledevice06:09
ibmwhen i use programs like firefox and xchat it is working fine but other program get stuck after a while like after 20 minutes openoffice crash for abiword it takes 10-15 minutes to crash does anyone now how to fix it please help me someone to fix it06:09
devanel_seano, "sudo apt-add-repository deb https://launchpad.net/~pmcenery/+archive/ppa06:10
devan" doesn't work. :\06:10
vsyncdevan just edit /etc/apt/sources.list manually, as i instructed above :p06:10
devanvsync, missed those instuctions.06:10
vsyncoh, so, add 2 lines to /etc/apt/sources.list:06:11
vsyncdeb http://ppa.launchpad.net/pmcenery/ppa/ubuntu lucid main06:11
vsyncdeb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/pmcenery/ppa/ubuntu lucid main06:11
me-1hi..is gnome 3 is there in ubuntu 11.10..?06:11
ibmwhen i use programs like firefox and xchat it is working fine but other program get stuck after a while like after 20 minutes openoffice crash for abiword it takes 10-15 minutes to crash does anyone now how to fix it please help me someone to fix it06:11
Girly-Girlibm: Which ubuntu version06:12
vsyncibm can you be more specific, less spam-tastic, or then just gtfo?06:12
devandammit... still doesn't see any "libmobiledevice06:12
vsyncdid you update the apt tree before you tried?06:13
vsyncapt-get update?06:13
Girly-Girlme-1: Gnome 3 yes but not the interface gnome-shell06:13
devanvsync, "deb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/pmcenery/ppa/ubuntu lucid main"06:13
ibm<Girly-Girl> 11.0406:13
Girly-Girlme-1: So gnome 3 programs with unity interface06:13
devanoh, sorry06:13
devan"W: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net lucid Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 4EA3A911D48B8E2506:13
ibm<vsync> what do you mean more06:13
ibm<Girly-Girl> 11.0406:13
Girly-Girlibm: Please be more specific rather than saying everything does not work!06:14
me-1Girly-Girl,  why cononical is pushing unity so hard..?06:14
edbianme-1: Because they believe in it! :)06:14
Girly-Girlme-1: This is a support channel, if you want to talk about that, join #ubuntu-offtopic06:14
vsyncdevan sec06:15
_schism_good morning everyone06:15
ibm<Girly-Girl> the program stops to work expect xchat and firefox06:15
Girly-Girlibm: Is this hppening recently of after you did something06:15
almoxarifeibm: un-install the bad programs, install libreoffice06:16
vsyncdevan: sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 1024R/D48B8E2506:16
vsyncand then apt-get update06:16
ibm<Girly-Girl> no just after upgrading to 11.0406:17
almoxarifeibm: un-install the bad programs, install libreoffice06:17
devanvsync, ran it, still says public key is not available06:18
ibm<Girly-Girl> but i also have xubuntu and kubuntu not only ubuntu06:18
Girly-Girlibm: I think you should enable aport (google that) and report it as a bug on launchpad06:18
Girly-Girlibm: does kde work fine?06:18
devanvsync, see this after running the key command: sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 1024R/D48B8E25"06:18
devansorry, I see this: "gpg: "1024R/D48B8E25" not a key ID: skipping06:19
devan" vsync06:19
vsyncehhh sorry06:19
vsyncdevan: sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys D48B8E2506:19
vsyncthere =D06:19
blsh0phey you guys how can i edit the terminal settings?06:19
blsh0plike make it a different color ect.06:19
ibm<Girly-Girl> i think i have both kde and gnome hard to tell because only one starts at time06:19
devanvsync, awesome, that all seems to work.06:20
edbianblsh0p: You're using gnome-terminal ?06:20
almoxarifeibm: do you want all of them to start at once?06:20
edbianblsh0p: edit -06:20
blsh0pthats it?06:20
edbianblsh0p: edit -> profile preferences06:20
vsyncyeah, then just update and install libmobiledevice :p06:21
devanvsync, apt-get update works now, but still no "libmobiledevice" found in repos.....06:21
blsh0poh wow06:21
blsh0pthanks edbian06:21
vsynchmm wtf06:21
edbianblsh0p: sure :)  Next time look around first :D06:21
blsh0pi really should have figured that out lol, thanks06:21
blsh0pgot it, for sure06:21
vsyncoh man, mornings are not for me. The package is libimobiledevice06:21
vsync:D sorry man, monday morning06:21
vsyncthough in any case you need the pmcenery repo to install it wasn't done for nothing06:22
_schism_I have an odd problem that I cant seem to get google to help me with.  Just installed 10.04 on a G4V300-D motherboard.  onboard nic worked great.  did an update and rebooted now its like it doesnt even see the nic no matter which lernel I boot into. anyone able to point me in the right direction?06:22
Girly-Girlvsync: How do I change force a vsync refresh rate if it is not available in settings? Ubuntu has incorrectly detected my monitor vsync modes06:23
ibm<almoxarife> no i mean that when restarting the computer it shows sometime edubuntu and sometimes xubuntu or ubuntu before the log in screen06:23
vsyncGirly-Girl xorg.conf06:23
Girly-Girlvsync: Auto configured display something like that in there06:24
vsyncdevan did you get that installed? :D06:24
devanvsync, still doesn't see libmobiledevice06:25
vsyncGirly-Girl yeah, consult a manpage or something, i can't recall the correct options06:25
devanno such package found. :(06:25
vsyncdevan no yeah that was my bad too, it's libimobiledevice :D06:25
vsynci'm a bit drowsy still I think :(06:25
devanvsync, that's not found either. :\06:26
devanlib i mobile device06:26
devanthere are lots of other libimobiledevice packages, though... dev, doc, utiles, etc....06:27
Girly-Girlvsync: Ok thanks, thought you might know as your nickname is vsync!06:27
danishbackerhow to remove custom sign-up location hook and use default in wordpress?06:28
ibm<Girly-Girl> how can i repair all the program package or install it again06:29
gsommerLast Friday, I asked for help about getting hibernation to work on my laptop. I was told to make sure my swap partition is at-least the same size as my RAM... It is not (4.5g swap, 4gb RAM). But, resume from hibernation still does not work. How can I debug this further ?06:29
ibmhow can i repair all the program package or install it again06:29
gsommernow == now :/06:29
gsommernot==now... ffs...06:29
ex0swap should be 1.5 times your ram atleast06:29
ibm<Girly-Girl> how can i repair all the program package or install it again06:30
gsommerex0: For hibernation to work ?06:30
Singham<gsommer> : I told that swap should be double that of ram..06:30
vsyncdevan install the -utils06:30
gsommerex0: According to this - it just needs to be the same size: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq06:31
ibm<Girly-Girl> how can i repair all the program package or install it again06:31
gsommerSo, how do I go about debugging resume from hibernation ?06:31
ibm<Girly-Girl> how can i repair all the program package or install it again06:31
IdleOne!repeat | ibm06:31
ubottuibm: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/06:31
Logan_!se | ibm06:31
ubottuibm: Svensk Ubuntu- och Kubuntustöd hittar du i #ubuntu-se resp. #kubuntu-se. Tack!06:31
gsommerThe last I see in pm-suspend.log is "performing hibernate"06:32
Polahibm: sudo apt-get purge <package> && sudo apt-get install <package>06:33
vsyncdevan if i recall correct, idevicepair is in the libimobiledevice-utils package06:33
Singham<gsommer> : Which Ubuntu version are you using ?06:33
devanvsync... finally.06:34
Girly-Girlibm: Install again with the install disk, repair sudo apt-get install -f06:34
gsommerSingham: 11.04 I think it was calles..06:34
ibm<Polah> <Girly-Girl> with one is better06:35
devanvsync... can run the command now... but still don't see iphone. gaaahahahhafhha..fhafhafjdf..06:35
vsyncwhat did you run06:35
ibm<Polah> what is the different06:36
devanidevicepair unpair06:36
devanidevicepair pair06:36
Singhamgsommer : Have you tried this : http://thecodecentral.com/2011/01/18/fix-ubuntu-10-10-suspendhibernate-not-working-bug06:36
vsyncdo idevicepair validate06:36
vsyncthen unplug/plug06:36
vsyncto devan thst was06:37
devanvsync.... awesome, I just saw the icon pop up on the desktop....06:37
ibm<Polah> but i want to repair all the programs not only one06:37
vsyncdevan and? =o06:37
devanvsync, I can't believe how much effort that took... seems like it was supposed to be so simple. thanks for hanging in there with me.06:38
vsyncso works?06:38
=== Polah_ is now known as Poalh
=== Poalh is now known as Polah_
ibm<Polah> but i want to repair or reinstall all the programs not only one06:38
vsyncibm rm -rf /06:39
vsyncdoes the trick06:39
edbianvsync: stop that06:39
Polah_ibm: Sorry, I got dropped and missed everything between me asking what the problem was and you saying "but I want to repair or reinstall all the programs...", repeat if you like06:39
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND! That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!06:39
edbianibm: don't run that06:39
vsynche said reinstall too... It just requires a bit more thorough reinstall06:39
=== drmessano^ is now known as drmessano
ibm<edbian> why is it something bad06:39
edbianibm: it erases the entire harddrive06:40
edbianibm: well, the entire ubuntu install anyway06:40
* vsync is not sure do you need --no-preserve-root :)06:40
Polah_edbian: It would delete files from mounted drives as well, wouldn't it?06:40
vsyncPolah_ yes if they are mounted with w06:41
vsyncor, "not-ro"06:41
=== Polah_ is now known as Polah
edbianPolah_: yes, it would try anyway06:41
Polahnot-ro? You mean rw?06:41
vsyncbut, with write, anyway, gotta run off to work06:42
ibm<edbian> why does <vsync> want that06:42
edbianibm: I have no idea.  Don't ever run that06:42
vsyncibm because to me it looks like you've fubar'd your system to oblivion, or then it's just some simple stuff you fail to do. In any case, a full reinstall could be the easiest way out06:43
devanvsync, well... nautilus shows the ipod, but won't open it. rhythmbox plays music off it, but can't seem to put music on it (just says nothing and won't do it, though I can make a playlist and not put anything it and rename it...)... banshee doesn't seem to see it. :\06:44
edbianvsync: that command is not helpful even if he was going to reinstall06:44
vsyncedbian at least it would force to reinstall06:44
ibm<edbian> please can you help me i want to repair or reinstall all the program package how can i do that06:44
edbianvsync: Are we really having this conversation?06:44
edbianibm: every package?  reinstall using the liveCD06:45
gsommerSingham: That post relates to the system baing unable to suspend - due to USB2 drivers. This is not my case... suspend works fine, but RESUME from hibernation does not. (Well, hibernation does not work... dunno if it writes the data to RAM(06:45
rwwvsync: Uttering commands like that in #ubuntu is a good way to get banned from #ubuntu. I do not recommend it.06:45
edbiangsommer: hibernate writes to the hdd (swap to be specific)06:45
xxzzhi, whats gufw like gui for kde06:45
gsommereboyjr: Yes, I know that...06:45
eboyjrgsommer: Good06:45
gsommerStupid nick complete...06:46
ibm<edbian> i do not have a livecd can i do it in an other way06:46
eboyjrStop using xchat06:46
gsommerAnyway, yes edbian I know that - but I don't know how to debug that? since it seems it's not working06:46
boumaive been trying to install onto a new amd64 with no cdrom, no usb device (onlt a 500g segate freedrive that has 3xx gb that would have to be backedup first. how can i write the iso or any iso onto a sata partition, any partition type just to get it to boot when placed in another amd64 from this i38606:46
gsommerI don't know if it's the suspend part, or the resume part that is broken06:46
ibm<edbian> i do not have a livecd can i do it in an other way06:47
edbianibm: Ummm, let me think06:47
Polahibm: Get the ISO and boot it through GRUB without a disc or USB drive06:47
edbiangsommer: I don't either :(06:47
gsommerSo, how should I go about debugging this ? How can I check ubuntu actually writes the data to RAM ?06:47
boumacan i dd an iso to a partition ??06:47
boumamake it active06:47
boumashouldnt it boot ?!^06:47
edbianibm: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/howto-reinstall-all-of-currently-installed-packages-in-fresh-ubuntu-install.html06:47
xxzzcan someone please help me ufw rule here, I want to make 'block in quick on $ext_if from any to any06:47
xxzzs/help me with06:48
xxzzor whats the gui for ufw in kde406:48
stephens2424I'm working with a new install of Ubuntu on a vps. I've ssh'd into it and am trying to install things with apt-get. The error messages I'm getting from that and from things like ping lead me to think it's not able to connect to anything. New to linux, I'm pretty lost and don't know where to go from here. Any ideas on where I should look?06:48
ibm<edbian> but i want to keep other program to not only the standart06:49
edbianibm: That tutorial will not remove any files / packages06:49
ibm<edbian> ok what was it i have lost it06:50
silverySomebody pls tell me - what hapened to ubuntu website?06:50
edbianibm: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/howto-reinstall-all-of-currently-installed-packages-in-fresh-ubuntu-install.html06:50
edbiansilvery: looks like it's down!06:51
edbianconspiracy time!06:51
Polahsilvery: Evidently it is offline more maintenance or because Drupal broke.06:51
Polahedbian: Must be evil wizards06:51
devanvsync, well... nautilus shows the ipod, but won't open it. rhythmbox plays music off it, but can't seem to put music on it (just says nothing and won't do it, though I can make a playlist and not put anything it and rename it...)... banshee doesn't seem to see it. :\06:51
edbianPolah: I think it's underground mole people06:52
devannautilus will open it now.06:52
silveryPolah : yeah, I can read it from information page, but do you have more info on this?06:52
ActionParsnipDevan: do you have ifuse installed?06:52
devanActionParsnip, what is it, and is it necessary?06:52
devanActionParsnip, never heard of it.06:52
ActionParsnip!info ifuse06:52
Polahsilvery: Nope, sorry.06:52
ubottuifuse (source: ifuse): FUSE module for iPhone and iPod Touch devices. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.1-2 (natty), package size 13 kB, installed size 76 kB06:53
SetiAmonhey i had it before but forgot its name(system crashed hard and had to reinstall everything!)06:53
devaninstalled it, ActionParsnip, should it be a magic bullet to let me write to iphone now or something?06:53
SetiAmonwhat is the name of the app that lets you set and change boot options,i mean graphical like boot splash,grub splash etc(not boot apps!) so i can customize my graphical boot06:53
ActionParsnipDevan: no idea. I don't buy apple stuff. That's all i know06:54
gsommerhmm, my swap is encrypted on Ubuntu 11.04 ?  it seems to be using a /dev/mapper/cryptswap1 device... ?06:54
ActionParsnipSetiamon: http://www.howtoforge.com/how-to-add-a-splash-image-to-grub-2-on-ubuntu-9.0406:55
SetiAmonit was startup manager but my appearence tab is gone06:56
ActionParsnipSetimon: the files are easy to edit. The guide is simple06:57
SetiAmonyeah i'll bookmark it06:58
SetiAmonstartup manager doesn't work on 11.0406:58
SetiAmonwell basic things06:58
stephens2424I'm working with a new install of Ubuntu on a vps. I've ssh'd into it and am trying to install things with apt-get. The error messages I'm getting from that and from things like ping lead me to think it's not able to connect to anything. New to linux, I'm pretty lost and don't know where to go from here. Any ideas on where I should look?06:59
gsommeraha, figured it out... Hibernation is broken in Ubuntu, if you choose to encrypt your home-partition -> http://askubuntu.com/questions/31424/does-hibernate-work-with-an-encrypted-home-dir-in-maverick06:59
ActionParsnipSetimon: never used it personally. Grub is on the screen for 3 seconds here so I don't really see value in making it pretty06:59
bhavesh__I cannot log into GNOME3 shell after selecting GNOME in my login preferences after installing gnome -shell in ubuntu 11.1007:00
bhavesh__it boots into unity again..07:00
ActionParsnipbhavesh__: ask in #ubuntu+1 for anything oneiric07:00
devanOHMYGOSH why can't I copy anything to my iphone dammit?!? I can read everything, but nothing works to paste, no error messages, just... won't do anything. ?! $!?L4 107:07
devanin rhythmbox...07:08
devanbanshee won't see anything, amarok seems not to load...07:08
Coreydevan: Did you have a Ubuntu related question? :-)07:08
devanCorey, considering I'm in Ubuntu, I think that counts?07:09
ActionParsnipDevan: probably because iphone sucks and is so entwined with itunes that it kicks and screams if you try and use it in anything else07:09
devanActionParsnip, I'm well aware, it was a free phone, certainly not my choice... just trying to simply copy some files to some old free hardware because it's what I have...07:10
sebastiansomebody here?07:10
sebastianI need help07:10
Corey!ask | sebastian07:10
ubottusebastian: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:10
devanActionParsnip, ubuntu claimed out of the box support for this model anyways, so they asked for it...07:10
biamihow do i run webGL on chrome?07:10
Gentoo64biami, should work out the box07:11
Gentoo64biami, type about:gpuinternals07:12
Gentoo64itll tell you if its enabled or not07:12
biamihow do i run webGL on chrome? i have an Intel HD Graphics (that comes inbuilt)... even libosmesa doesnt seem to work... it works in Firefox07:12
ActionParsnipDevan: could try connecting it to itunes to calm it down then use the safely remove hardware feature in the OS so that it is unmounted cleanly. Then try it in ubuntu07:12
biamigpuinternals: command not found07:12
Gentoo64biami, about:gpu-internals07:12
almoxarifebiami: http://www.m0interactive.com/archives/2009/10/26/how_to_enable_webgl_on_google_chrome/  <-- that help?07:12
devanIf I had itunes, I wouldn't even try the madness of getting it to work in ubuntu. I don't have any other OS right now.07:13
ActionParsnipDevan: is ubuntu installed in a virtual system or is it a true install?07:13
Corey!caps | sebastian07:13
ubottusebastian: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.07:13
almoxarife.exe file :)07:13
Coreysebastian: Also realize you'll need an emulation layer to execute windows binaries, such as WINE or virtualbox.07:13
sebastianyes yes07:13
sebastianI have wine07:13
Corey!winehq | sebastian07:14
ubottusebastian: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu07:14
sebastianI have it07:14
sebastianbut to run an .exe file I need to make it executable07:14
almoxarifesebastian: you don't own the folder?07:14
Coreysebastian: Might be better to get support for it there. :-)07:14
ActionParsnipsebastian: what filesystem is the file stored on. Don't post in caps next time too. Its usually makes people NOT want to help07:14
sebastianI think I own the folder07:15
Gentoo64biami, i meant type that in the chrom address bar not terminal btw07:15
almoxarifesebastian: you better re-check07:15
sebastianI recently upgraded to xubuntu, In ubuntu 10.04 I was able to make it but now in xubuntu the option doesnt appear07:15
biamiok... then... wait07:15
ActionParsnipSebastian: what filesystem is the file stored in?07:16
almoxarifesebastian: that's an option in nautilus?07:16
sebastianYes, becaouse to run an exe file you need to mark a permission, and it doesnt appear to me anymore07:16
sebastianthe file is the ares galaxy instaleer07:17
Gentoo64sebastian, where is the file, in /home?07:17
ActionParsnipSebastian: will you kindly answer my question07:17
Gentoo64if not do sudo chmod +x07:17
sebastianActionparsnip I think I quite dont understand your question, english is not my native language07:17
sebastiangentoo64 the file is in my downloads folder07:18
ActionParsnipSebastian: ok ill make it simple. Do you dual boot (have windows installed as well as ubuntu)07:18
almoxarifesebastian: specific file location of the .exe file is where?07:18
chalcedonyis anyone good with sound? i need help getting my computer's sound to work. as far as i know its pulseaudio, but someone had me bring up alsamixer in conso07:18
chalcedonyle and it shows headphones as grayed out, and m and alt f2 don't do anything. desktop ubuntu 11.04, 00:14.2 Audio device: ATI Technologies Inc SBx00 Azalia (Intel HDA) - Sound Preferences Hardware is set to Analog Stereo Duplex. i was messing with that, trying to get it not to sound like glass smashing on foil, and it quit working.07:18
wolfriclol anyone see http://www.ubuntu.com/07:19
wolfricSite off-line07:19
wolfricThe site is currently not available due to technical problems. Please try again later. Thank you for your understanding.07:19
chalcedonywolfric, you broke it again?!07:19
sebastianActionparsnip I dont do it, I only have xubuntu installed07:19
sebastianthere is my file07:19
wolfricchalcedony: i just wanted to see what would happen if i poured coke instead of water this time on it07:20
Gentoo64wolfric, you can download it somewhere else07:20
wolfricchalcedony: apparently the same thing07:20
ActionParsnipSebastian ok that makes life easier. Whom is the owner of the file?07:20
chalcedonywolfric, next time try milk07:20
Gentoo64sebastian, chowm the file to your user and see if it helps07:20
wolfricchalcedony: seriously though, first time i've seen ubuntu down and i REALLY need it to be up07:20
Gentoo64wolfric, why?07:20
Gentoo64google cache?07:20
wolfricGentoo64: i'm giving a talk that'll be introducing ubuntu07:21
wolfricGentoo64: it'll look horiffic if ubuntu is actualy down when i do it07:21
Gentoo64yes would be funny07:21
sebastianActionparsnip and Gentoo64 Im already owner of the file,07:21
ActionParsnipSebastian: you do realize that is just a client for the gnutella network?07:21
cricidoi have a problem with my pc is botting i hava busybox :)07:21
Gentoo64sebastian, i dont know then07:21
cricidoanyone can help me07:21
Gentoo64wolfric, when is the talk?07:22
ActionParsnipcricido: did you install ubuntu with wubi?07:22
chalcedonywolfric, cheat, use the wayback machine site07:22
Girly-Girlcricido: What's the problem?07:23
cricidobut i have installed ubuntu more time07:23
ActionParsnipcricido: great. The omgubuntu site has a guide on how to boot livecd or liveusb to reinstate grub07:23
sveinseHow can I delete my BT mouse from Bluetooth Preferences? I select Remove, but it isn't deleted. I need to re-add the mouse to be able to pair the mouse...07:23
cricidoi can start old ubuntu version07:24
ActionParsnipSebastian: gnutell is a standard network. There are native Linux clients so you don't07:24
cricidoi have a 10.10 and 10.0407:24
ActionParsnipSebastian: you don't07:24
chalcedonyactually sound works for announcing in pidgin, but not xchat or youtube.07:24
ActionParsnipNeed the file or wine07:24
AtharvaHi...I want to play music and videos in terminal.(ie without any player like rhythmbox). Is it possible ?07:25
Gentoo64Atharva, aplay07:25
cricidoon same hd07:25
Gentoo64Atharva, i use cmus its ncurses based and fast07:25
__Alex_Atharva: Mplayer07:25
cricidoand 10.10 is work07:25
cricidothe precise error is initramfs07:26
ActionParsnipAtharva: vlc-nox  and mplayer can play sounds in terminal. You can also watch video in terminal too (even without X)07:26
__Alex_with AALib07:26
cricidoanyona have a quick solution :)=07:27
Gentoo64Atharva, http://imgur.com/k2sGs07:27
ActionParsnipchalcedony: can you give a pastebin of the output of: lsb_release -a; uname -a; dpkg -l | egrep 'flash|gnash|swf'07:28
chalcedonyActionParsnip, ok07:28
sveinseWhere does BT store its config/devices?07:28
ActionParsnipcricido: run: sudo update-grub    see if it helps07:28
Gentoo64cricido, reinstall07:29
ActionParsnipsveinse: what is bt?07:29
Gentoo64unless you want to redo initramfs07:29
Stanley00what happened to www.ubuntu.com? I cant access it...07:29
cricidook ActionParsnip i try07:29
Atharva<Gentoo64> : Great... Is there any site which can guide me for it's installation and running ?07:29
sveinseActionParsnip: Bluetooth07:29
AngryNETyo whattup07:29
Gentoo64Atharva, cmus is better for music imo and i use mplayer2 for videos. http://cmus.sourceforge.net/07:29
AngryNETis ubuntu still giving out free dvds07:29
ActionParsnipStanley00: maintenance maybe07:30
__Alex_Why get DVDs, if you can use a USB stick with GRUB? :)07:30
Stanley00ActionParsnip: hmm, I hope so...07:31
Gentoo64i dont think so07:31
chalcedonyActionParsnip, http://pastebin.com/KATK0a4t07:31
AngryNETalex i order a lot of dvds and show em to my friends and say im a ubuntu dev thats why they gimme lot of dvds07:31
Gentoo64__Alex_, some people prefer dvds.. i do :)07:31
ActionParsnip__Alex_: why use any media when you can pxe boot :-)07:31
Atharva<Gentoo64> : I have installed cmus...How to operate it ?07:31
taraduffyHi, I've downloaded driver software for a canon printer but dont know how to install, can anyone walk me through it please?07:31
__Alex_AngryNET: Good idea.07:32
Gentoo64Atharva, go to that site i linked it tells you. it can cache all your music, but i use it without the caching. press 5 and you can press enter / backspace to go through your music07:32
=== shanky_24x7 is now known as shanky
Atharva<Gentoo64> : Does it play videos ?07:33
Gentoo64Atharva, no only music07:33
Gentoo64i use that with mplayer207:33
Atharva<Gentoo64> : Ok...let me try that.. :)07:34
cricidoupgrade-grup dowsen't work07:34
Arrnasmy wireless card doesn't turn on after i restart or suspend, it only works if i delete wlon login information and restart. any ideas what could be causing this?07:34
Gentoo64cricido, if its on the intiramfs its already past grub07:35
KrayonWorkCan anyone else confirm that profiles are broken in firefox version 7.0.1+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.10.04.1~mfs1 ?07:35
Atharva<Gentoo64> : And one more thing....How can i use terminal as web browser.. ?07:35
Girly-Girlprofiles are NOT broken in firefox version 7.0.1+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.10.04.1~mfs107:35
Gentoo64Atharva, theres a few browsers like links, lynx, w3m07:35
KrayonWorkGirly-Girl: Well, they don't work :P  Has the functionality changed?07:36
Gentoo64Atharva, w3m is good for general browsing07:36
cricidoGentoo64 onother ideas07:36
Gentoo64idk much about initram07:36
__Alex_Atharava: I use Lynx07:36
ActionParsnipchalcedony: sudo apt-get --purge remove flashplugin-installer flashplugin-nonfred; sudo add-apt-repository ppa:sevenmachines/flash; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install flashplugin64-installer07:36
Girly-GirlKrayonWork: was working for me but I'm not sure if I have same build can't check now I'm on Xp07:36
chalcedonyActionParsnip, ty07:36
=== udinnet_ is now known as udinnet
ActionParsnipArrnas: try unloading then reloading the module driving it07:37
Gentoo64KrayonWork, tr deleting profile?07:37
KrayonWorkGentoo64: I tried that, still no luck.07:38
yaccWondered what the correct channel is for a 10.04LTS with a backported 2.6.38 kernel?07:38
ActionParsnipTaraduffy: extract the files and you will see an install script. Run it with sudo07:38
ikonia!info linux-image lucid07:38
Gentoo64KrayonWork, i had an ff update yesterday for 7.0.1 (not uubntu though) that fixed a load of bugs, its probably related to that07:38
ubottulinux-image (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image.. In component main, is optional. Version (lucid), package size 4 kB, installed size 32 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia all armel)07:38
chalcedonyActionParsnip, Download done.07:38
chalcedonyFlash Plugin installed.07:38
ikoniayacc: I guess your in the right place, but backports.....of the kernel, you may have issues07:39
ActionParsnipchalcedony: close all browsers and rerun to load the plugin. Is it better?07:39
ikoniayacc: is it from the backports repo, or an external/PPA ?07:39
chalcedonyE: Unable to locate package flashplugin-nonfred07:40
Gentoo64chalcedony, typo?07:40
ikoniachalcedony: flashplugin-nonfree07:40
chalcedonyActionParsnip, still ok to close?07:40
chalcedonyok ill try that one07:40
taraduffyActionParsnip: thanks! I can see an install.sh flie, can you baby me through the install, I am not sure how to do it.07:40
KrayonWorkGentoo64: Just updated, still no good.07:40
ActionParsnipchalcedony: did you copy and paste the command as one?07:40
Gentoo64KrayonWork, they may not have been fixed yet on ubuntu07:40
chalcedonyActionParsnip, yes07:40
mohammadmy shortcuts don't work no more :(07:41
=== mohammad is now known as Guest16112
chalcedonyit didn't find fred though07:41
Gentoo64i tested the live builf of ff yesterday cant believe its at 10 lol07:41
Guest16112my shortcuts don't work no more :(07:41
ikoniayacc: I don't see the 2.6.38 kernel in the lucid backports repo07:41
Atharva<Gentoo64> How to use mplayer ?07:41
Gentoo64Atharva, just type mplayer then the path to the file07:41
ActionParsnipchalcedony: sudo apt-get install flashplugin64-installer07:41
yaccikonia, lucid-proposed, and the first glaring problem is that nouveau did not come up, hence with a generic fbdev X I've got only one display mirrored on two panels, ...07:42
Guest16112after a restart i saw them don't work!!07:42
Gentoo64Atharva, is it pure cli? im not sure about how to get it to run in console framebuffer never tried it07:42
chalcedonyActionParsnip, flashplugin64-installer is already the newest version.07:42
Guest16112e.g inside qt ctrl + s do not save the file07:42
ikoniayacc: I wouldn't be using things out of proposed07:42
yaccikonia, the drm module seems to have loaded fine, and with proposed enabled, there are no updates for packages containing nouveau in it's name.07:42
rwwrunning -proposed is not a good idea, at all, unless you like breakage. it's also not supported here.07:43
ActionParsniptaraduffy: use terminal. Use: cd   to go into a folder. When you are in the folder with the script, run: sudo scriptname07:43
yaccikonia, okay, my ext4 fs with external SSD journal crashes the box at some random point, usually less than 12 hours from boot with the regular kernels.07:43
KrayonWorkGentoo64: I guess that could be the issue.  How long do Ubuntu usually take to do new builds?  I can't believe it's like this again.  I've seen this issue at least once before, back in v2 days IIRC :/07:43
yaccikonia, googling around the problem "ext4 with fast discs" seems to be fixed by later kernels, ...07:43
yaccikonia, but without a working X, it's somehow a non-starter.07:44
Gentoo64KrayonWork, afaik ubuntu patches them for security / stability not sure how often07:44
ActionParsnipchalcedony: ok, now if you rerun the first command i gave you, do you only have flashplugin64-installer07:44
ikoniayacc: as you're using an LTS release, I'd log a bug and push it through, and if it IS a kernel bug the fix may get back ported as an update, rather than a whole kernel update from proposed07:44
KrayonWorkGentoo64: This isn't my machine, is this version an official Ubuntu thing or a third party, do you know?07:44
chalcedonyActionParsnip, i'll take a look07:44
Gentoo64KrayonWork, if its not from a ppa and from standard repos then you should get official updates07:45
KrayonWorkGentoo64: TBH I don't really know, I'm an Arch user trying to get around this Ubuntu thing :P07:45
taraduffyActionParsnip: its on my desktop, in a folder called "Driver", what is the CD command?07:45
LinprayerxXi am new at irc can someone tell me , is there an german irc for ubuntu and what had i have to done i use xchat . thanks for now07:46
Asuk88hi all some one know irc of anonymous?07:46
FlannelLinprayerxX: /join #ubuntu-de07:46
yaccikonia, lol, how long will that take? Although the HDD+SSD journal setup will be becoming more popular, it's the cheapest way to upgrade the hdd usability, ...07:46
Gentoo64KrayonWork, if theres a bug theres not much you can do apart from wait or submit a big report07:46
ActionParsniptaraduffy: cd ~/Desktop/Driver07:46
ikoniayacc: it will take as long as it takes, you can push it through by working with people, so I guess it is as quick as you can gather and motivate people07:46
KrayonWorkHow can I ascertain where it came from?07:47
Gentoo64KrayonWork, i have no idea what / if ubuntu does to the files07:48
taraduffyActionParsnip: OK, done. Now how do I run the install.sh?07:48
yaccikonia, my experience with reporting bugs on launchpad has been that the ubuntu guys have no qualms to merge bugs that are obviously not related (and/or at least not enough investigated to decide that), so if you've got a laptop that has a thermic issue (which is obviously software caused, because older kernels do not have it), you get merged into one huge bug that contains everything from broken software, missing driver support and true software issues.07:49
ActionParsniptaraduffy: chmod +x ./install.sh; sudo ./install.sh07:49
chalcedonyActionParsnip, i can't tell, it looks happy is all i can say07:49
ActionParsnipchalcedony: sounds an all?07:49
yaccikonia, curiously that "merged bug" never moved forward for years, guess this is by design so (if you merge different issues into one bug you'll have problems to manage it).07:49
chalcedonynot sure ActionParsnip - restarting firefox07:50
ikoniayacc: I've found that you get what you put into the bug system, if you log a bug and just keep putting info on it, nothing will happen, if you log a bug with info, find the right people to work with and help push it through, it gets fixed. I don't believe the model is an acceptable model, but it is how it is07:50
yaccikonia, so how does one find "the right people"?07:51
=== Singham is now known as Atharva
yaccbb, the dog needs a walk07:51
ikoniayacc: read on the mailing lists, look at previous bugs, look who's working on the current kernel updates, ask for input,contacts, just basic hussle07:51
Guest16112why ubuntu is so unstable????07:51
chalcedonyActionParsnip, IT WORKS!!!07:52
Atharva<Gentoo64> : Thanks dude... :)07:52
Gentoo64Atharva, get it working?07:52
Gentoo64Guest16112, whats the problem?07:52
ActionParsnip Guest16112 which release are you using?07:52
Guest16112Gentoo64: every thing!!07:52
Guest16112Gentoo64:  programs crash07:52
ActionParsnipchalcedony: sweet :-)07:52
Atharva<Gentoo64> : cmus is... mplayer is installed but I am unable to operate it :(07:52
ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."07:53
Guest16112Gentoo64: yep 11.0407:53
Gentoo64Atharva, is it pure cli you're using?07:53
Gentoo64Guest16112, i think the next version comes out in couple weeks07:53
Gentoo64no idea why 11.04 is so bad07:53
Atharvacli : IWhat is cli ? I dont know..how to check for it ?07:53
ethanolI have a keyboard with some special keys like calculator, web, mail and search. how or where could I change the target of for example the search function?07:53
Guest16112Gentoo64: even synaptic shows errors  on its first run07:53
Gentoo64Atharva, do you have a desktop running? or just a black console screen07:54
dr_willisthey hurried up unity to get it tested out asap07:54
ActionParsnipchalcedony: if you run: history    you can copy the command i gave and store it for when you want to reinstall the OS07:54
Atharva<Gentoo64> :Desktop is running :)07:54
Guest16112Gentoo64: i think the next version keeps most of the problems07:54
Gentoo64Atharva, why do you need terminal apps? to run mplayer type mplayer than path to file07:54
ActionParsnipGuest16112: tried maverick?07:55
Gentoo64Atharva, eg: mplayer /videos/etc07:55
ethanol11.04 runs perfectly fine for me.07:55
Guest16112ActionParsnip: no! what is that?07:55
ethanoldon't understand why people QQ so much :<07:55
zagibubecause it's different07:55
Gentoo64because it sucks for most people07:55
ActionParsnip!10.10 | Guest1611207:55
ubottuGuest16112: Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) was the thirteenth release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/10.10/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/101007:55
zagibuthey want it to be new, but exactly the same as before07:56
Gentoo64makes them cry07:56
ethanolI like unity, it's not as fancy as fedora's new gnome3 approach, but still it's nice.07:56
Guest16112ActionParsnip: you say i downgrade my ubuntu?07:56
Gentoo64Guest16112, 10.10 was a reliable one07:56
zagibuif you hate 11.04 so much, why not?07:57
Guest16112ActionParsnip: all .04s are ustables?07:57
ActionParsnipGuest16112: maverick is a bit older and is pretty solid. It will require a reinstall to achieve07:57
chalcedonyActionParsnip, thank you i copied it to somewhere safe :)07:57
dr_willisi would think you have a bad install or flakey hardware if core tools like stnaptic are crashing07:57
ethanolwhy not just use 11.04 with classic interface?07:57
ethanolif unity bothers you07:58
Gentoo64Guest16112, id run memtest. have you overclocked the ram or cpu?07:58
Atharva<Gentoo64> : Consider I am on cli...then how to play ?07:58
Guest16112Gentoo64: nope! none.07:58
ActionParsnipethanol: its not a bother, its unstable apparently07:58
Gentoo64Atharva, type mplayer /file07:58
ActionParsnipethanol: worth a try though07:58
Gentoo64Atharva, use tab complete07:59
ActionParsnipGuest16112: have you tried ubuntu classic session?07:59
Gentoo64Atharva, or if you have a desktop, click on the file from file manager and choose open with and type mplayer (thats what i do)07:59
Guest16112ActionParsnip: hmm, no!08:00
Guest16112ActionParsnip: classic you mean before 11.04??08:00
ActionParsnipGuest16112: log off, click your name then at the bottom midle click that and select ubuntu classic08:01
Guest16112ActionParsnip: what's the difference then?08:01
Atharva<Gentoo64> : I want it to run on a machine with cli only...How to do it for that ?08:01
chalcedonyGuest16112, classic is the way it's been, but with updates inside, runs good08:02
ActionParsnipGuest16112: no compiz and no unity. See how you get on there08:02
Gentoo64Atharva, im not sure, it might just work typing mplayer than path to file. ive never tried mplayer in pure console08:02
chalcedonyAtharva, mplayer is fantastic for stuff like dictation in console08:03
Atharva<Gentoo64> : So where can I get the best Information about it ??08:03
Gentoo64mplayer console08:03
burghello. how can i retrieve pppoe password stored in ubuntu with pppoeconf ?08:03
Gentoo64Atharva, you might have to mess with some settings to get it working in console im not sure08:04
Guest16112ActionParsnip: ok. thanks for replies. but you know, people around me use windows and make fun of ubuntu because of its programs crashes and unstability08:04
ActionParsnipGuest16112: if the OS is stable then we have some suspects08:04
Guest16112ActionParsnip: you say windows is not a better one?08:05
ActionParsnipGuest16112: i bet they all use firefox and vlc though ;-)08:05
Atharva<Gentoo64> : And one more thing..Can I minimize the cmus in cli or I have to completely quit it to start another application ?08:05
Gentoo64Atharva, you have to quit (q then y)08:06
chalcedonyGuest16112, you are talking about the oldest battle, my os is better than your os08:06
Gentoo64Atharva, or use another terminal08:06
ActionParsnipGuest16112: better o08:06
ActionParsnipBetter one what?08:06
Atharva<Gentoo64> : But in cli, I think only one terminal is available for operation...isn't it ?08:06
Gentoo64Atharva, ctrl + alt + f1-f1208:07
chalcedonyGuest16112, i'm glad there are many os's and as many ways as there are users to use and enjoy them, pick what is right for you - ubuntu is awesome and no viruses and defragging08:07
Guest16112chalcedony: yes its an old one, :D i know.08:07
Gentoo64Atharva, will switch consoles08:07
Gentoo64Guest16112, what about this old one: http://www.whylinuxisbetter.net/08:07
* chalcedony smiles08:07
dumbo88ztrl-Z ; bg08:08
LukeNukem_is ubuntu good08:08
LukeNukem_at all08:08
Atharva!enter | LukeNukem_08:08
ubottuLukeNukem_: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!08:08
Guest16112Gentoo64: :)) there's a website for it!08:08
Gentoo64LukeNukem_, good as in what?08:08
LukeNukem_Gentoo64, media?08:09
Atharva<Gentoo64> great work dude...Thanks :)08:09
Gentoo64LukeNukem_, what do you mean by media?08:09
Gentoo64it plays movies08:09
LukeNukem_Gentoo64, is it good for php08:11
bitmonkas good as anything is..08:11
Gentoo64yea its good for most things08:11
yaccikonia, well, which mailing lists? LKM?08:11
* bitmonk ducks08:11
yaccDidn't think that Ubuntu used mailing lists much.08:12
jowopi cannot for the life of me get this to work on EC2: http://pastebin.com/YJh8FcK8 ...once i reboot the instance it doesn't come back.08:12
somsipjowop: are you attaching the EBS at startup?08:13
jowop(after reboot) under EBS Volumes, i'm seeing the four in use by the instance08:13
jowopis there something that i'm overlooking with that?08:14
VampsDaBeastany one know of software that would give me better usablilty in edit metamodes then the nvidia x server config08:14
jowopall say attached, so i'm assuming that what you've asked is the default behavior08:14
seegis there a way to see the differences between files in a ubuntu .deb package and the files currently on the disk?08:15
somsipjowop: if they're attached sounds ok. Not sure about raid on EC2 as I only have experience with single EBS vols tho08:15
yaccseeg, there might be a better way, but download the deb, unpack it (deb files are ar archives, man page, google), and then compare the files.08:15
WaltherFIIs there a command to see which soundcard chip I have? It's integrated and therefore of poor quality, but i'd like to know what it is capable of08:16
yaccWaltherFI, lspci?08:16
chalcedonyhmm so now i have youtubes that play, but when i click on System > Preferences > Sound - i get a popup that says: Waiting for Sound system to respond.  - i don't have sounds in xchat. :|08:16
jowopsomsip: i think it may be the fstab. i cannot bring up server logs after the reboot :(08:16
WaltherFIyacc: Not listed in there, as it's integrated08:16
WaltherFIyacc: it is not a separate pci device08:17
WaltherFIyacc: i'm on a laptop here08:17
jowopsomsip: The disk drive for /raid is not ready yet or not present08:17
jowopContinue to wait; or Press S to skip mounting or M for manual recovery08:17
yaccWaltherFI, well, then you can grep /var/log/kernel.log ;)08:17
WaltherFIyacc: ha, that'll do, thanks08:18
somsipjowop: Can you see the attached columes on the instance...sudo fdisk -l I guess is the same for RAID?08:18
yaccWaltherFI, and the lspci should give you the search strings for google => usually, one would hope, a given product does not change overnight it's contents (yes, I know, it's IT, and things like this happens, but hope dies last)08:19
WaltherFIyacc: ahh, apparently my graphics card does the soundcards job too08:19
VampsDaBeastyacc, you aware of any programs that make setting up metamodes easier then the nvidia x server settings?08:19
yaccVampsDaBeast, meta mode?08:19
WaltherFIyacc: that's why i couldn't see anything related to a soundcard in lspci08:19
VampsDaBeastfor monitors08:19
styolhow do I go about mounting a USB flash drive? It seems like its appearing in lsusb but I'm not sure how to determine what to mount -- some output http://pastie.org/263089508:22
stianhjHow good is Exchange support in Linux? Started a new job today, everyone uses Macs, and mail/calendar/etc is all Microsoft Exchange..08:23
LukeNukem_stianhj, Microsoft is good, apple are just beeoches. open source - tha shizz08:24
WaltherFIstianhj: Everything should work with Thunderbird or Evolution, afaik08:24
WaltherFIstianhj: I do recommend using Thunderbird though, as it is the upcoming default, evolution will be ditched in 11.1008:24
LukeNukem_whats better08:25
LukeNukem_fedora or ubuntu?08:25
auronandace!poll | LukeNukem_08:25
ubottuLukeNukem_: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.08:25
WaltherFILukeNukem_: Also, for an official support channel, we of course will suggest you to use Ubuntu.08:26
seegyacc, ok, thank you, i'll try unpacking then ;)08:26
stianhjWaltherFI: Thunderbird only give IMAP and POP as option when setting up email, not exchange08:27
esheephate fedora but it has Gnome Shell, Ubuntu is easier but oh that Unity stuff...08:27
stianhjtried Evolution mail which couldn't connect to the server for some reason..08:27
stianhjWaltherFI: i guess i'll google some thunderbird exchange setup08:28
LukeNukem_at school we got ubuntu :)08:28
esheepstianhj: evolution isnt easy to get on exchange sometimes08:28
tommyyako47mmany1 cal tell me hw can reboot firefox..?08:28
LukeNukem_i had sme problem last time i dual booted with ubuntu and windows..for eg my windows system gave unexpected shutdowns and inside of ubuntu i dint have codecs and i installed a few and they wouldnt work08:29
WaltherFIstianhj: try this http://radu.cotescu.com/thunderbird-microsoft-exchange/08:29
=== sanjid|away is now known as sanjid
WaltherFIstianhj: also, got to go now, sorry08:30
=== isaacmoore is now known as artypig78
yaccVampsDaBeast, well, you could always write scripts that manipulate the nvidia settings directly, but what exactly are you trying to achieve?08:31
artypig78is there a way of forcing a client to delete all cookies/cache thru html/js?08:32
tommyyako47mmany1 kw how this shit08:34
VampsDaBeastyacc, and easy way to edit the metamodes, and possibly a shortcut to activate them08:34
japrohi, i had the update installer install some new stuff, now the system is unreasonable sluggish on my netbook08:34
japroit seems to consume way more memory than before08:35
japroeven after bootup without starting anything it already  uses 400mb08:35
yaccVampsDaBeast, as I'm not using the closed-source nvidia stuff, what exactly are meta modes?08:35
VampsDaBeastmetamodes all you to setup different display sets, when using more then one monitor..08:36
japrotop doesn't show a single memory consumer that really stands out08:36
VampsDaBeasti'm not using the closed either.. i'm using what was available thru the install08:36
=== quiesense is now known as quiescens
=== silent is now known as Guest52866
japrono one here with a netbook and the same problem?08:39
japrovery high memory usage after last 11.04 upates?08:39
LukeNukem_games on ubuntu?08:39
esheepLukeNukem_: lots lol08:40
hot2trotdoes anyone have any solution to the bluetooth A2DP delay I get? My mw600 has like a half second delay when in A2DP version, but regular in mono version08:41
japronow it uses 600+ MB just to run firefox and xchat08:41
LukeNukem_esheep, call of duty?08:42
esheepLukeNukem_: don't run windows games here but, to do that you can try installing wine08:43
emrHello, i'm using lucid and i need to update libmemcached greater than 0.32, how i can do that?08:44
japrocan i somehow roll back updates?08:44
almoxarifejapro: like going back a version?08:46
=== Robert_ is now known as Guest45909
japrowell, yeah, after the most recent upgrades the memory usage and startup times went through the roof and i can't pinpoint the source08:47
almoxarifejapro: what version?08:47
japroit consumes more than 400mb just after startup before running anything additional08:48
almoxarifejapro: really? 11.04 seems to me to be the most worthwhile and I have played with the diff versions08:49
japrothis happened just now after running the updated manager08:49
almoxarifejapro: about 340mb?08:49
japrothe updated manager took forever since it started swapping stuff out08:49
japroover 400. now it's at 650 with xchat and firefox08:50
almoxarifejapro: 340mb is about what I expect to see at startup on 11.0408:50
almoxarifejapro: firefox eats ram depending on addons, chrome does too08:51
sveinseHow can I reset/purge all bluetooth config from my machine? I cannot uninstall with purge because bluetooth is interwoven into gnome08:51
esheepjapro: how many tabs open on firefox?08:51
japroesheep, one that displays a stackoverflow page08:51
almoxarifesveinse: keep it from starting via 'startup apps'08:52
japrowell, maybe this is just normal and i didn't notice before08:52
almoxarifejapro: what I wish existed was a ram economizer, something to pull ram from the cruff08:53
japroi just never had it start swapping memory before (even running eclipse etc.)08:53
japroalso startup after the update seemed very slow08:53
esheepalmoxarife: its called package manager :)08:53
sveinsealmoxarife: How does that help? My problem is that I'm unable to remove a bluetooth device, which I need to re-add to have a working mouse on my system. So I hoped on wiping all of the bluetooth config would help08:53
japrohmpf, there is definitely something different08:54
japroi had multiple browser windows, eclipse and multiple PDFs open before on this machine08:54
almoxarifeesheep: removing bluetooth completely is a bench, I suggested insuring it did not start on user session08:54
japronow just starting firefox and eclipse puts it to 850mb usage out of my 1gb08:55
curiousxjapro: what version of firefox ?08:55
almoxarifesveinse: so you need bluetooth every session08:56
curiousxOMG mozilla people say that version 7 reduce mem usage at 30% =(08:56
esheepcuriousx: LOL08:56
japrowell, I'm not sure that firefox per se is the problem08:57
hellslingercuriousx: do you know why FF versions have become so, "inflated?"08:57
almoxarifechromium brothers, it's the llamas rear08:57
japrohmm, it sits at 90mb atm08:57
curiousxi have Firefox 7 as well, and after 6 hours runing it consume 120 megas =P08:57
Morgawrhello.. I have a question, I'm in need to recompile the linux kernel with some testing patches for a school project, can I just grab a linux kernel verion from github (the one maintained by Linus Torvalds) and apply that to Ubuntu or will it require some special patching specifically for ubuntu?08:57
curiousxi dont know but, do you install it from Mozilla's repos ?08:58
japronow after closing firefox and ecplise again08:58
japroist still sits at 660mb08:58
japrojust running xchat and top08:58
japromaybe i should try classic instead of unity?08:59
almoxarifechrome, it's the gas, once its set to your confy level and sync'ed its saved for ever,08:59
esheepepiphany isnt a bad browser for lightweight usage09:00
hellslingerMorgawr, there is a process for building a working kernel for ubuntu09:00
hellslingerMorgawr, you cannot simply make a bzImage of it, and have it boot from grub and expect it to work properly09:01
curiousxi used epiphany and is good it's firefox based09:01
Morgawrhellslinger: Is there a website or guide explaining how to do so? mainly because I just need to apply a few patches and see if they run or not... nothing too fancy09:02
hellslingerMorgawr, you may want to consider using a build-from-source distro if you want to test a custom kernel, like gentoo or arch09:02
esheepcuriousx: epiphany isnt firefox based09:02
Morgawrhellslinger: yeah... I think I might as well go with gentoo I guess09:02
curiousxmmm... i think so, couse are too similary =P09:03
esheepcuriousx: epiphany is a webkit based browser09:03
curiousxexcusemy so =(09:03
hellslingerMorgawr, explain a little more about what you want to do? I might have better advice09:04
Morgawrhellslinger: it's a university project, our professor made some patches on the UDP protocol and gave us the patched files... we have to do the same with the TCP protocol and then compile the kernel and test them09:05
dD0TNot exactly "ubuntu" related but does anyone know where to file bugs for the ubuntu one windows client?09:05
hellslingerMorgawr, does this project require anything GUI dependent? or are you testing TCP/UDP stuff on a command line?09:05
Morgawrhellslinger: nah, theoretically only command line09:06
A_JHey All Quick Question, I have two internal hardrives, and the non boot hard drive does not auto mount on startup, any idea how i can do this ?09:06
hellslingerMorgawr, then I would go with gentoo or arch, you can bet your install bootstrapped, build a kernel09:06
hellslingerad then if you need X, you can just build enough to run xorg and fluxbox09:06
qrqHow set EsounD as default sound server?09:06
Morgawrhellslinger: I already have a VM with gentoo and X server, so that's not a problem...09:07
almoxarifeqrq: perhaps in a vbox09:07
qrqalmoxarife Its not possible in ubuntu?09:08
sveinseLet me rephrase my question: How can I wipe/erase all bluetooth config? Does anyone know where the bluetooth config/pairing is stored?09:08
hellslingerMorgawr, I tried to build brainfuck scheduler into Ubuntu a couple of years back and it was a slow and painful process, never worked perfectly either09:08
A_Jhellslinger: look at my question09:08
almoxarifeqrq: possible? anything is possible, but pulse is basically the sound, and de3viating from it won't be easy09:09
antonyI want to disable the USB ports for mass storage..is there any gui?09:09
almoxarifeqrq: what needs esound?09:09
Morgawrhellslinger: okay, thanks for the help then, I will go study the process of building custom kernels on gentoo and then get back to the project :)09:09
curiousxA_J: you have to add a line in the "/etc/fstab" file to mount automaticaly09:09
curiousxone line per hard drive09:09
antonyWe are using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS for our desktops user. For the data security,09:10
antonyI want to disable the USB ports for mass storage.09:10
A_Jlooking one sec curiousx09:10
japrostarting classic also doesn't change much09:10
qrqalmoxarife It got better dynamic range.. :)09:10
hellslingerMorgawr, it is as easy as downloading the source, make xconfig, make, and make install on gentoo.... good luck!09:10
esheepA_J: check mount manual page or google it09:10
hellslingerA_J: I'm sorry I can't find your original question, can you resend?09:10
japroalso it seems the memory percentages that top gives me dont "add up"09:10
A_Jnvm hellslinger09:11
japrothere is a few processes using 1 or 2% but mostly sub 1%09:11
A_Jok got fstab open, how do i add it09:11
almoxarifeqrq: I have a oldddddddddddddddd link to making ubuntu pure alsa, that help?09:11
curiousxA_J: paste the output of ---> sudo fdisk -l09:12
qrqalmoxarife Well thanks but I dont want to experiment again. I can launch apps in esound its enough09:12
qrqalmoxarife Bet getting rid of pulseaudio would be dangerous :D09:13
A_Jcuriousx: http://pastebin.com/bkRy94ga09:13
qrqEspecially because I read now that esound is working with pulseaudio09:13
almoxarifeqrq: wanna know what cheap awsome dynamic is? hdmi sound with an extra set of external speakers (cheap too) set to pick up the out from the hdmi09:13
curiousxso, you want to automount the windows partition ?09:14
qrqalmoxarife I got Sennheisers09:14
almoxarifeqrq: getting rid of pulse is verbotten, yes09:14
almoxarifeqrq: so, mine are cheap but don't require esound :), good luck09:14
A_Jcuriousx: also fstab is readme only now09:15
qrqalmoxarife Ubuntu would be great if not this immature unity :P09:15
=== jesus is now known as Guest29419
esheepqrq: ah unity - the thing that split ubuntu users lol09:16
qrqBut that was said hundred times09:16
qrqOr even more09:16
almoxarifeqrq: that's why after flopping around I decide on 11.04 classic with cairo dock, its suppose to be like apple, don't know, I could never afford one, but its clean09:17
sveinseWhere can I get more information about how bluetooth-properties and how to manually edit its config?09:17
sveinseThere's apparently no usable response here...09:17
curiousxA_J: install ---> sudo apt-get install ntfs-3g09:17
qrqIn my opinion Empathy , Compiz and Unity is one of few Ubuntu problems :P09:18
esheepqrq - spot on09:18
qrqesheep What mean to "spot on"? :)09:18
enchiladoI don't like Unity _at all_ :S09:18
RTFMnowsveinse: just use blueman applet09:19
esheepqrq: spot on about ubuntu's problems09:19
almoxarifeqrq: compiz is great, the simple one, one corner picks walls, the other picks apps, that means endless walls and apps09:19
enchiladoqrq: "spot on" means "absolutely correct", more or less.09:19
A_Jcuriousx: ntfs-3g is already the newest version.09:19
sveinseRTFMnow: No, it also doesn't behave correctly. It sits deeper (its a known bug)09:19
esheepA_J: ntfs-3g comes default09:20
curiousxA_J: ok, login as root09:20
qrqLucid is great , really , there is not much bad things to said about it09:20
A_Jumm how09:20
qrqNot many.09:20
esheepalmoxarife: compiz is a waste of resources09:21
=== tfilipczuk is now known as makak
curiousxand ---> echo "/dev/sdb1 /mnt/windows ntfs-3g 0 0" >> /etc/fstab09:21
qrqesheep Just like Beryl was :D09:21
esheepqrq: yeah09:21
qrqBeryl was extremaly hungry of resources :D09:21
curiousxsory i dont have installed lastest ubuntu =(09:21
almoxarifeesheep: yeah, cause I am doing some really serious stuff here, I can't afford the time slices09:21
A_Jcuriousx: how do i login as r00t09:22
curiousxnow create the directory ---> sudo mkdir /mnt/windows09:22
daigood morning09:22
curiousxA_J: sudo su09:22
esheepmost users have a 10 minute play with wobbly windows etc then compiz is done09:23
RTFMnowmyn is -> #/dev/sda1                     /mnt/hd/WindowsXP ntfs-3g   umask=0022,fmask=0133,uid=777,gid=100,locale=en_US   0   009:23
curiousxRTFMnow: won me =(09:23
daiI'm looking for some help regarding dual booting ubuntu and windows 7 with a shared ntfs partition, is it possible to do it?09:23
almoxarifebtw, if you got to cli, get cli companion, its like cli gui, sort of09:23
A_Jdoune curiousx09:23
stianhjdai: yes, you can mount your windows partition from inside ubuntu09:23
Girly-GirlI've got a problem after installing unity on top of Kubuntu, when I start kde, gnome stuff starts in background, and it takes long to load, if kde desktop (plasma) crashes,  see gnome behind it!09:24
curiousxyou are login as root ? or you done all the comands ?09:24
dai@ stianhj what about the other way around? I09:24
almoxarifedai: yes it is, two ways, simple ways09:24
stianhjGirly-Girl: uninstall unity?09:24
Girly-Girlstianhj: I wanted to have unity session also seperate from KDE09:25
stianhjdai: windows can (of course) read/write NTFS partitions, Ubuntu can also read/write09:25
auronandacecuriousx: please don't advise people to login as root09:25
A_Jcuriousx: is that it ?09:25
qrqNot even mention about KDE issues :P09:25
Kiranosis this the place for ubuntu 11.10 beta?09:25
stianhjdai: but windows can't (easily) read ext4 partitions (so your /home and / folders)09:25
auronandace!11.10 | Kiranos09:25
ubottuKiranos: Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the fifteenth release of Ubuntu.  Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=646 Discussion and support in #ubuntu+109:25
curiousxauronandace: ok09:25
qrqBut really im impressed by Gnome and Ubuntu developers09:26
qrqI mean by their work09:26
curiousxyes that all09:26
almoxarifedai: if windows is already installed, then consider ubuntu wubi, ran it for years, works fine, and you can access the windows files :), got extra room?dual boot and still do the same09:26
stianhjGirly-Girl: oh, not sure why they would mix together09:26
ubottuUbuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/11.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/110409:26
daithat's the problem.. I allocated the rest of my hdd space as ext4 on /home09:26
daiwin7 doesn't detect any other partition than itself09:26
stianhjdai, almoxarife: you don't need wubi to access windows files09:26
stianhjfrom ubuntu09:26
Girly-Girlstianhj: I think the nautilus process starts and does fishy things09:26
curiousxyou create de directory ---> /mnt/windows  #then ---> echo "/dev/sdb1 /mnt/windows ntfs-3g 0 0" >> /etc/fstab09:27
daiubuntu wubi is another ubuntu os ?09:27
A_Jyes curiousx did that09:27
Kiranosauronandace: I was more thinking of the development channel, I'm having issues with hybernate09:27
curiousxok, reboot09:27
stianhjdai: no, wubi is a windows installer for ubuntu..09:27
Kiranoson 11.1009:27
qrqMany people complain about Ubuntu and etc but developers are making really great job09:27
almoxarifedai: wubi is a way to ubuntu within windows09:27
curiousxand see if automount the NTFS file system09:27
A_Jokie brb curiousx09:27
stianhjdai: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/windows-installer09:28
curiousxwhat's mean brb ?09:28
thyri0nqrq: agreed09:28
daisorry i'm new, only tried linux a few hours ago which is why Im dual booting09:28
auronandaceKiranos: 11.10 is under development, it is discussed in #ubuntu+1 as that factoid pointed out09:28
thyri0nthough i've completely gone OSX now09:28
taraduffyHi, am trying to install a printer driver download, but get "package management system cannot be identified". Can anyone walk me through it please?09:28
qrqOf course Debian have big merits in that09:28
daiwould it be possible to use NTFS instead of ext4 for /home when installing Ubuntu and would windows recognize that partition ?09:29
taraduffyAm using: "chmod +x ./install.sh; sudo ./install.sh"09:29
thyri0ncuriousx: brb = be right back09:29
qrqThats out of the question09:29
curiousxthanks thyri0n =)09:29
almoxarifedai: you can dual boot, great, so, how much room you got after win is done?09:29
overdubcuriousx, alternative to rebooting is: sudo mount -a09:30
Kiranosauronandace: thanks!09:30
almoxarifedai: no, /home is on a ext4, but I got around it by keeping stuff on the ntfs via links09:30
daimy partitions are 50gb win7 / 15gb ubuntu / 100mb master boot record / 500mb linux boot / 5gb swap / 230gb /home09:30
curiousxoverdub: i don't remeber that =P09:31
A_Jcuriousx: the drive disaprred09:31
almoxarifedai: 230gb home?09:31
A_Jnow what09:31
daii dumped the rest of my hdd space into /home09:31
RTFMnowwhat does 100mb master boot record mean ?09:31
RTFMnowmy MBR is 512 bytes .09:31
Gentoo64RTFMnow, windows 7 boot partition?09:32
daiit's space windows takes out for system files09:32
RTFMnow100mb for partition data ?09:32
Gentoo64RTFMnow, do you use windows 7?09:32
almoxarifedai: I don't thonk you have issues then, 15gb ubuntu means youwont  be kubunting and edibunting , but that's a lot of space09:32
Gentoo64it creates a boot partition09:32
Gentoo64thats 100mb09:32
daiwould ubuntu wubi run linux as an application within windows or is it set up as a dual boot system?09:32
curiousxups! A_J ---> sudo apt-get install pastebinit ; cat /etc/fstab | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com09:33
RTFMnowGentoo64: never09:33
llutzdai: its win bootpartition, not master boot record, which is something completly different09:33
* RTFMnow uses Slackware linux09:33
daisorry then :p09:33
esheepgot win7, arch and freebsd on this laptop - have booted win7 once lol09:33
curiousxand paste here the link made09:33
Gentoo64RTFMnow, i dont know hten09:33
almoxarifedai: if you wubi you won't be able to win7 at the same time09:33
almoxarifeRTFMnow: so f??????? what?09:34
A_Jcuriousx: http://paste.ubuntu.com/701556/09:35
almoxarifeRTFMnow: its like this, show me something I can't do in ubuntu you can do in slahhhhhhhhhhk09:35
Gentoo64^ thats jealousy right there09:35
Gentoo64bet you wouldnt say that if he said mint09:35
daihmm I'm looking for a way to have [Windows 7 OS] [Ubuntu OS] [Shared Hdd Space Accessible to Both read/write] is there a program or setup that could make that work?09:35
Gentoo64dai, use a seperate ntfs partition09:36
Gentoo64just a data one09:36
almoxarifehell, its all linux09:36
Gentoo64its offtopic09:36
Gentoo64theyre not all the same09:36
=== Timic_ is now known as Timic
Gentoo64dai, just make an ntfs partition and you can access it from both win and linux09:37
almoxarifethe kernel, linux made it09:37
A_Jbtw curiousx i use this ntfs partion only for ubuntu,i don't use windows09:37
curiousxmmm... i dont know, paste ---> sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com09:37
almoxarifelinus the person09:37
Gentoo64we all know09:37
RTFMnowthe guy from Finland           land09:38
daiI'll try that, thanks guys!09:38
almoxarifeI guess you use geennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnntoooo6409:38
A_Jalso curiousx can you remove that free agent drive please09:38
llutztake your my-distro/your-distro  to #ubuntu-offtopic please09:38
daiif it doesn't work, ill come haunt you guys down in this chat channel ho ho ho ho~09:38
Gentoo64almostroot, be quiet man09:38
overdubA_J, see if you can mount from command line: sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/windows09:39
almoxarifedai: good luck09:39
A_Jcuriousx: http://paste.ubuntu.com/701561/09:39
esheepalmoxarife: someone has to use it09:39
A_J@ overdub : Mount is denied because the NTFS volume is already exclusively opened.09:39
A_JThe volume may be already mounted, or another software may use it which09:39
A_Jcould be identified for example by the help of the 'fuser' command.09:39
curiousxA_J: add "defaults" without quotes after "0 0"09:39
A_Jit's read only curiousx09:40
A_Ji cannot add :(O09:40
RTFMnowwhy is there around six ubuntu discs ?09:41
almoxarifeesheep: I suppose, I tried installing 'arch', man did I get bored choosing how it should work, I finally had enough, please let me out]\09:41
Gentoo64RTFMnow, there isnt :s09:41
curiousxjust r--r--r ?09:41
A_JRTFMnow: there is only one09:41
esheepA_J: its mounted with root permissions09:41
Gentoo64almoxarife, take it to offtopic. it sup to you what you use09:41
A_Jcuriousx: where do i put in r--r--r09:41
empityI'm trying to update the index of an old ubuntu (9.04)09:41
curiousxso, how yo add the line i wrote you ?09:41
empityare the update links not valid anymore or?09:42
A_Jesheep: well yea i did a sudo09:42
mandelayI cannot switch my wm to sawfish on 11.04... I've set all keys in gconf and I've set the alternatives correctly, but Gnome (classic) still starts metacity instead of sawfish09:42
mandelayWhat am I doing wrong?09:42
auronandace!eol | empity09:42
ubottuempity: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades09:42
almoxarifeGentoo64: yes, it  is gentttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo09:42
Gentoo64its ok to be jealous09:42
curiousxso do it again, but do it whit ---> sudo gedit /etc/fstab09:42
curiousxwith =P09:42
iceroot!gksudo | curiousx09:43
ubottucuriousx: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)09:43
carnizanyone here with a good knowledge of selinux..?09:43
curiousxok, gksu =P09:43
A_Jok curiousx you want me to add defaults ?09:43
A_Jreboot curiousx ?09:43
curiousxyes, before "0 0"09:43
curiousxno, then ---> sudo mount -a09:44
A_Jbefore or after ?09:44
A_JA_J: add "defaults" without quotes after "0 0"09:44
empityubottu: ok thanks, makes sense, than I should propose an update to the LTS 10.0409:44
ubottuempity: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:44
curiousxmmm... like that ---> defaults 0 009:44
empityor something like that09:44
curiousxi am not american as you can see =P09:44
RTFMnowoh, ok thanks09:45
A_Jcuriousx: : http://paste.ubuntu.com/701563/09:45
mandelayI cannot switch my wm to sawfish on 11.04... I've set all keys in gconf and I've set the alternatives correctly, but Gnome (classic) still starts metacity instead of sawfish09:45
curiousxseems like an error in the syntax in fstab but...09:47
curiousxpaste again "fstab"09:47
A_Jcuriousx: http://paste.ubuntu.com/701565/09:48
auronandaceA_J: what is your uid? (check with id)09:50
curiousxi dont know =( the fstab is okey09:50
A_Jsorry what is uid09:50
A_Jcuriousx: can you roll back the changes09:50
auronandaceA_J: type id in a terminal09:51
auronandaceA_J: your uid is likely 100009:51
A_Jyes 100009:51
auronandaceA_J: replace defaults with: rw,uid=100009:51
auronandaceA_J: /dev/sdb1 /mnt/windows ntfs-3g rw,uid=1000 0 009:52
A_Jok done auronandace09:53
siksiany suggestions why dbus is behaving strangely in a fresh installation of ubuntu? "Unique-DBus-WARNING **: Error while sending message: Did not receive a reply."09:53
auronandaceA_J: reboot, then it should be writable09:53
siksialso starting nautilus is extremely slow09:53
A_Jauronandace: ok brb i guess09:53
auronandaceA_J: this is assuming /mnt/windows exists09:53
siksii tried googling but got just old bug reports with various statuses from invalid to confirmed09:53
icerootA_J: no need for a reboot09:53
icerootA_J: sudo mount -a  instead of a reboot09:54
curiousxA_J: ---> ls /mnt/09:54
auronandaceA_J: yeah, sorry, you could just remount instead09:54
auronandaceiceroot: thanks09:54
inzsiksi, sounds like someone on the D-Bus is not responding to messages09:54
esheepcase of de bus is going around in circles09:55
A_J_auronandace: nop did'nt work09:55
A_J_yet can't even manually mount the drive09:56
=== A_J_ is now known as A_J
siksiinz: well yeah, but is there any sensible reason why that would happen in a fresh installation of ubuntu? (fresh here meaning installed last friday and since it's really been just apt-get install apache & co)09:56
auronandaceA_J: hmm, odd09:57
A_Jauronandace: now what09:57
A_Jperhaps roll back the changes auronandace09:58
A_Jso i can use my drive09:58
curiousxthe windows folder exists in /mnt ?09:58
A_Jyes curiousx09:58
curiousxjust you have to remove the line we wrote in fstab09:59
A_Jhmm the drive is also there09:59
auronandaceA_J: how are you editing fstab?09:59
A_Jsudo gpedit path auronandace09:59
auronandaceA_J: gpedit? do you mean gedit? and i hope you are using gksudo instead of just sudo10:00
siksirestarting with an older kernel seems to work10:01
esheepA_J: just a tip, when messing about with critcal files like fstab, make a backup of it first10:01
siksii'll have to put some time into trying to figure out why that happens later on10:01
siksihave to try get some work done now10:01
KM0201auronandace: while gksudo is more appropriate, it's not gonna make a difference whether the entry works properly or not.10:01
A_Jesheep: okie made one just now10:01
taraduffycan anyone help me with an install via a terminal?10:01
* A_J is going for a reboot brb10:01
auronandaceKM0201: i'm aware of that, just want to encourage better usage10:02
KM0201auronandace: of course, but.. if sudo didn't fix the problem, gksudo won't.. and his whole issue seems to be that his fstab entry is working, my point is... don't confuse the issue...10:02
KM0201A_J: can you pastebin your fstab?10:03
yaccSo what do I do if I find a bug in apport (10.04LTS)?10:04
SyriaHello, How can I install gnome 3.2 on my Natty 11.04?10:04
KM0201!gnome3 | Syria i would not recommend messing w/ gnome 3 at this point..10:04
ubottuSyria i would not recommend messing w/ gnome 3 at this point..: Gnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.10:04
Girly-Girlyacc: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Apport10:05
A_Jit worked at the end auronandace but i needed it mounted as it was mnaully mounted not in the windows folder, as i have torrent paths assosiated with the address10:05
auronandaceA_J: well done10:05
SyriaKM0201:  Thnx, I will install it now since it is unstable.10:06
A_Jlol i deleted it and am back where i started10:06
A_Jperhaps a bash script to run whenever i startup auronandace10:06
KM0201Syria: just be prepared to reinstall your OS.. you've been warned10:06
KM0201A_J: pastebin your fstab please10:06
KM0201A_J: and also the output of sudo fdisk -l10:07
yaccGirly-Girl, so how does that help me if apport ends with a traceback (Actually I know even the fix, *grrr*, it's a newbie python error)10:07
siksiactually, restarting in the old kernel did not fix i think. now it opens, but if i mousever the nautilus window it dims out10:07
A_JKM0201: http://pastebin.com/b6DdC7Jr10:08
yaccWell, the web interface hides it a little bit, but google found the web form ;)10:08
A_JKM0201: : http://pastebin.com/Lt6FM8xT10:08
yaccNope, it redirects to a Wiki page telling me to use apport, these guys should be shot.10:09
SyriaKM0201:  Sorry I wanted to say I will NOT install it since it is unstable!!10:09
SyriaKM0201:  Thank you for warning me. :-)10:09
yacc?no-redirect <= this is so unfunny.10:09
KM0201A_J: 2 more  ... output of    mount    and then sudo blkid10:10
A_JKM0201: mount http://pastebin.com/HhmC4EsA10:11
A_JKM0201: http://pastebin.com/H6Th1v8C10:11
KM0201A_J: hang on a sec..10:12
taraduffyhi, can anyone help me with "package management system cannot be identified" in an install via a terminal?10:12
KM0201A_J: gksudo gedit /etc/fstab10:13
jonathon_I'm having trouble with Synaptic10:13
jonathon_Could not download all repository indexes10:13
jonathon_The repository may no longer be available or could not be contacted because of network problems. If available an older version of the failed index will be used. Otherwise the repository will be ignored. Check your network connection and ensure the repository address in the preferences is correct.10:13
FloodBot1jonathon_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:13
jonathon_Network is fine, Obviously. And I believe the Repo addresses are correct10:14
auronandacejonathon: what version of ubuntu are you using?10:14
A_Jokie KM020110:14
KM0201A_J: add this...  http://pastebin.com/nR4uBCR510:15
jonathon_Lubuntu 11.0410:15
auronandacejonathon_: do you have any ppa's installed?10:15
jonathon_Not sure. How would I find out?10:16
A_Jdone KM020110:16
KM0201A_J: save, and restart... now listen.. if it doesn't mount (it should)... it'll tell you there's an error, and to hit a key to skip mounting... then come back here, and i'll try to figure out the problem.10:16
jonathon_Nevermind, It decided to work now10:17
jonathon_Thanks anyways10:17
bastidrazorA_J: you do know its already mounted on /media/Date Drive ..10:17
A_Jokie KM0201 . bastidrazor it is now10:17
* A_J will brb after reboot10:17
bastidrazorA_J: you don't have to reboot to mount the drive.10:17
Girly-GirlAre there any controler and CPU downclock/ overclock tools on Ubuntu10:18
bastidrazorA_J: umount /media/Data\ Drive  , then sudo mount -a  ..that will give errors too if somethign is wrong10:18
KM0201bastidrazor: pay attention, he's tryign to get itt o mount during boot.. thus the reason for the fstab editing10:18
bastidrazorKM0201: i am paying attention. sudo mount -a will do the same thing.10:18
bastidrazorKM0201: if sudo mount -a fails then restarting isn't going to help since it won't mount anyway10:19
jonathon_Anyone know how I can edit the GRUB list?10:19
KM0201i see what you're saying10:19
KM0201i've never used sudo mount -a   good tip.10:19
A_J_KM0201: it's yet not booted now what10:21
auronandace!grub2 | jonathon_10:21
ubottujonathon_: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)10:21
KM0201A_J: just let it boot... but bastidrazor is right, sudo mount -a would have worked fine.10:22
jonathon_That didn't help10:22
auronandacejonathon_: it didn't help because you didn't read it, it is documentation for grub210:22
KM0201A_J_: hit "escape".. and see if there's a message to skip mounting10:23
=== Girly-Girl is now known as GirlyGirl
KM0201A_J_: ok, just let it continue booting, see if it boots up...10:23
A_J_okie KM0201 how much time should i wait10:24
KM0201it really shouldn't take that long10:24
KM0201and you're not seeing a messag eto "hit S to skip" or somethng like that?10:24
A_J_no KM0201 looks like it's hung10:24
ghufranhi. i am having problems in internet connectivity.. i am behind a proxy but i've set my proxy settings and i can access internet in firefox. I also set the same proxy settings as "global" but i still cant make it work in the terminal10:24
ghufranany ideas?10:25
KM0201A_J_: ok, restart.. and choose recovery mode10:25
A_J_how do i get the selection screen KM020110:25
A_J_for mode10:25
KM0201um, hang on ... right ctrl i think (just keep hitting during boot).. lemme check10:26
bastidrazorA_J_: hold shift after POST10:26
A_J_nvm KM0201 it booted after a reboot10:27
KM0201A_J_: oh ok.. wellt hats weird10:27
KM0201did it auto mount?10:27
A_J_thanks blast_hardcheese10:27
A_J_yes KM0201 done10:28
A_J_thank you10:28
KM0201i'll have to remember that sudo mount -a    didn't know that10:28
A_J_should do an another reboot to check ? KM020110:28
Ben64!best > Ben6410:28
ubottuBen64, please see my private message10:28
empityis there anything bad that can happen upgrading from an Ubuntu 9.0410:28
empity         to a ubuntu 10.04 Server LTS?10:28
A_J_what does sudo mount -a do ?10:28
empityany way I can do a rollback in case something goes wrong?10:28
bastidrazorempity: no. once you upgrade, its final10:29
KM0201A_J_: naa, unmount it with sudo umount /media/Data10:29
Tm_Tempity: you cannot do such upgrade directly (without problems atleast) and no, you cannot roll back10:29
KM0201then sudo mount -a10:29
doguitoHey guys/a, which software should I install for java programming?10:29
Tm_Tempity: you can upgrade one version at a time ofcourse, which I believe is the supported way10:29
curiousxdoguito: Netbeans10:30
auronandaceempity: the only way to rollback would be to restore a backup10:30
jesus_Netbeans is for ava/C/C++ .....10:30
A_J_doguito: Eclipse10:30
A_J_working well KM0201 thank you10:30
KM0201no problem, not sure why it hung on the first boot thoug, weird10:31
doguitocuriousx, A_J_: so..., netbeans,eclipse....10:31
schreberIs there an easy way to set up simple language switching say if I have a system set up using English as the default but at time wish to input/type in say German or some other langauge?10:31
daiheya im back!10:32
A_J_KM0201: one more question if you don't mind10:32
KM0201A_J_: sure10:32
daiI hit a snag... I can't create an additional partition because I have exceeded the amount of primary partitions, is there a way to increase the limit of primary partitions ?10:32
A_J_well it's my vlc player, i keep my ubuntu pc on for weeks at a time, after a few days the video stop's showing only the audio. any clue why10:33
KM0201A_J_: i have no clue on that one..10:33
A_J_KM0201: lol no1 does10:33
A_J_what do you use for video KM020110:33
KM0201A_J: gnome mplayer *usually*... but sometimes vlc..10:34
auronandacedai: no, you're meant to use logical partitions (within an extended partition)10:34
A_J_thing is i have a slow processer, so for hd i need to rely on vdpau, so i use smplayer, but it laggs at jitters once in a while10:34
A_Japparently u need dual core for hd10:35
A_Jsm players jitters often spoil a movie10:36
dai@auronandace I tried gentoo's advice to install Win 7 and Ubuntu on separate partitions and to create another ntfs partition that both OS can access but using gparted I can't create a partition with the rest of my allocated space because i would exceed 4 primary partitions :/10:36
bastidrazorA_J: i use "mplayer -vfm ffmpeg -lavdopts fast:skiploopfilter=all" for HD movies on this weak laptop10:36
A_Jbastidrazor: my mplayer has never ever worked10:37
bastidrazorA_J: smplayer IS mplayer10:37
A_Jbastidrazor: so in sm player i would do what10:38
auronandacedai: then you need to delete some partitions to make room10:39
empityauronandace: ok well then I think we should do something like: complete backup of the machine, upgrade one version at a time10:39
AscavasaionI bought a Blackberry today and was wondering here if anyone could help me to get contacts and SMSes/MMSes off my old Nokia E63 and onto this Blackberry 9300 3G Curve.  Is there software in Ubuntu to do this?10:39
auronandacedai: linux and an ntfs storage partition can be put in an extended partition, windows needs a primary10:40
bastidrazorA_J: smplayer is a front-end for mplayer. i'm not sure that syntax will work.10:40
empityand if something goes wrong we can still rollbcak10:40
sharpshooterhai all !! I got a problem with aircrack-ng in ubuntu , when I use aireplay-ng command it shows like this 'mon0 is on channel -1, but the AP uses channel' please help me to fix this !10:40
dai@auronandace can I turn my linux partitions into logical instead ?10:40
auronandacedai: you'd need to reinstall10:40
daihow do i reply to you automatically? i like the beep lol10:41
auronandacedai: but yeah, the linux partitions should be logical10:41
daiis it possible to make the linux ext4 /boot partition logical?10:42
auronandaceempity: i usually just backup my data and fresh install the os (i never bother backing up my os)10:42
A_Jbastidrazor: lol it worked10:43
A_Jbut it has no options10:44
=== fasta_ is now known as fasta
auronandacedai: sure10:45
Error404NotFoundIf i am using a script to scp a file from a server, ssh asks me to add its host key with a '(yes/no)' prompt. How would i skip that? tried yes | scp user@host:~/filename . , and even with echo yes | scp user@host:~/filename . but no use.10:46
daiwould ubuntu still run with a "/boot"logical type partition instead of a primary one?10:46
empityauronandace: well the problem is that I didn't install this machine, but it's a server installed long time ago by someone who is not here anymore10:47
empityhard to tell if there is some hidden stuff which might be deleted in case of problems10:47
empityand it shouldn't be10:47
auronandacedai: yes10:48
Error404NotFounddai: depends on your BIOS, usually i would keep /boot off logical as well as lvm.10:48
sharpshooterhai all !! I got a problem with aircrack-ng in ubuntu , when I use aireplay-ng command it shows like this 'mon0 is on channel -1, but the AP uses channel' please help me to fix this !10:48
daiI'll try reformating again :310:49
dhruvasagarHi, I have switched to Gnome in Ubuntu Natty, how do I get the app global menu in gnome ?10:49
AscavasaionI bought a Blackberry today and was wondering here if anyone could help me to get contacts and SMSes/MMSes off my old Nokia E63 and onto this Blackberry 9300 3G Curve.  Is there software in Ubuntu to do this?10:50
auronandaceempity: i don't know what to suggest in that case10:51
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thecaptain2000hi, how do I get a file using command line ftp from an url? (I need to do remote downloading) I saw there is a -u option but it is just for uploading10:52
jribthecaptain2000: why not use wget?10:53
KM0201or just use filezilla/10:53
thecaptain2000jrib: ...b ecause I did not know it existed :)10:53
ksinkarhello people, I am trying to set up the locale on ubuntu from POSIX to US by the command:-10:54
ksinkarsudo /usr/sbin/locale-gen en_US.UTF-810:54
* KM0201 didn't know wget could do ftp10:54
ksinkarsudo /usr/sbin/update-locale LANG=en_US.UTF-810:55
ksinkarafter this i am logging out and logging in10:55
ksinkarbut the changes are not being effected10:55
senecahow to uninstall instant client on ubuntu10:57
jribksinkar: what is in /etc/default/locale?10:57
jribksinkar: and what version of ubuntu?10:57
ksinkarjrib: ubuntu 10.0410:58
jribksinkar: you probably have LANG set in /etc/environment then10:58
uweschIs someone here who speaks german?10:59
somsip!de | uwesch11:00
ubottuuwesch: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!11:00
ksinkarjrib: i just checked the /etc/default/locale and it has the contents LANG=en_US.UTF-811:00
nekto0nhi! does anyone knows if ubuntu will have gdm-3.2 in oneiric?11:01
Arnoldnekto0n: gdm (3.0.4-0ubuntu11) oneiric is the newest version of it so far.11:02
jribksinkar: and /etc/environment?11:03
jribksinkar: it should have LANGUAGE set there iirc11:03
nekto0nArnold: that's right, but other gnome3 parts are 3.2, gdm is one of the outdated now :(11:03
gigasoft_is there ubuntu for intel 64 bit available, and11:04
Arnoldnekto0n: indeed, and I can't seem to see if providing a 3.2.0 version of it is planned before release or not.11:05
ksinkarjrib: no it only has  the path11:05
Arnoldnekto0n: also, Oneiric questions go to #ubuntu+1 until it's released :P11:05
nekto0nArnold: oh, that's right, i'd go there11:05
nekto0n*come back in two weeks :)11:06
somsipgigasoft_: yes. and....?11:06
gigasoft_somsip, can you give me link to it11:07
senecahow to uninstall instant client on ubuntu11:07
somsipgigasoft_: er....http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/download11:07
gigasoft_somsip, thanks11:08
th0rseneca: how did you install it?11:08
jribksinkar: when you log in, what is the value of LANG?11:08
oratredIs there any package for ubuntu/linux which can allow easy to use functionality like ammyy-admin http://www.ammyy.com/en/index.html ?11:08
adammw111Nautilus on my Ubuntu installation keeps crashing. gdb says it's in gconf_client_get() from libgconf-2.so.4 Any help?11:09
ksinkarjrib: the PATH variable is defined in /etc/environment11:10
ksinkarjrib: the value of LANG is blank11:10
ksinkaron typing locale I get LANG=11:10
ksinkarthats it11:10
jribksinkar: how do you log in?11:11
ksinkarjrib: it is a remote server11:11
ksinkarjrib: i login using ssh11:11
MonkeyDustoratred: maybe this link helps http://www.linuxlinks.com/article/20090529205342507/RemoteDisplay.html11:12
jribksinkar: ah, this is why :)11:13
ksinkarjrib: so do you know the solution?11:13
jribksinkar: do this: grep -i AcceptEnv /etc/ssh/sshd_config    do you see what is likely the issue?11:13
jribksinkar: what is LANG on the client machine?11:14
yaccah, isn't that jolly, running apport with a hung filesystem hangs apport, ...11:15
oratredMonkeyDust: But they are all basically VNC? Could you link me to ubuntu documentation for basic information for the same?11:17
MonkeyDustoratred: try this https://help.ubuntu.com/search.html?cof=FORID%3A9&cx=003883529982892832976%3Ae2vwumte3fq&ie=UTF-8&q=remote&sa=Search11:18
ksinkarjrib: en_US.UTF-8 is the LANG on the client machine11:18
ksinkarjrib: btw the grep thing did not work11:19
oratredumm ok11:19
m1rhello, Ubuntu 10.04 pulse audio problem is freezing PC (fresh install). This includes flash, vlc , UrT...  Audio device: nVidia Corporation MCP73 High Definition Audio (rev a1).  any tips how to debug/fix this problem ?11:19
phlak_userm1r: the last stable release is 11.0411:20
m1rphlak_user: i thought 12.04 is stable ?11:21
m1rphlak_user: sory, LTS11:21
m1ri have also tried 11.04 but got even worse freezing11:22
jstooneHey everyone I just installed Ubuntu on my new labtop and it has the Nvidia GForce GT540M and I just installed the propriatary drivers, and when I then rebooted it said that I don't meet the hardware requirements for Unity. Any quick fix/force to get unity back?11:23
jstooneIt forces me to run classic, which I do not want.11:23
VxQfIs anyone familiar with desktop enhancements link conky that aren't conky?11:23
MonkeyDust!anyone| VxQf11:24
ubottuVxQf: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.11:24
napsterWhat is the best way to install python-django version 1.3 on my ubuntu 11.04?11:24
VxQf ...That is my real question?11:24
phlak_usernapster: the 3rd result in a google search returns this -> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Django11:25
napsterI was thinking about something via apt11:25
thecaptain2000hi, how do I change the default permission setting I write my files with? (would like to change it in 700)11:26
farhad2161i installed a vpn server with "sudo apt-get install pptpd" but i do not want to use default vpn port,how can i change it?11:26
phlak_usernapster: sudo apt-get install python-django11:26
phlak_user!info python-django11:26
VxQfnapster, it should be in APT?11:26
ubottupython-django (source: python-django): High-level Python web development framework. In component main, is optional. Version 1.2.5-1ubuntu1 (natty), package size 4118 kB, installed size 20052 kB11:26
napsterI need 1.311:26
napsteris there any ppa?11:26
farhad2161i installed a vpn server with "sudo apt-get install pptpd" but i do not want to use default vpn port,how can i change it?11:27
MonkeyDustnapster: it seems 1.2.5 is the katest version11:28
phlak_userfarhad2161: are you able to change it at the client end?11:29
enchiladoVxQf: so if someone had answered "yes, I am familiar with those sorts of programmes", you would not have gone on to ask another question?11:30
farhad2161phlak_user: i am using win7 as a client and i think i can11:30
usr13VxQf: Yes11:34
th0rVxQf: yes, I have tried several alternatives11:35
=== Robert_ is now known as Guest75332
VxQfSorry, I thought the question implied I wanted to know what they were.11:36
th0rVxQf: see...you did have a real question. Try gkrellm11:36
VxQfI have a real problem with people being jerks. ~_~11:37
th0rVxQf: that'll get you lots of resposnes11:37
VxQfAt least no one mentioned mgm11:38
The_BROSWhat is the best Image viewer can be used as default? Is it Eye of Gnome good?11:39
AdvoWorkhi there, the top command has shown: load average: 2.42, 2.16, 1.32 im assuming that the 5 and 15 minute times arent too good?11:39
Pici!best | The_BROS11:39
ubottuThe_BROS: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.11:39
The_BROSubottu: how to use best bot?11:41
ubottuThe_BROS: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:41
glebihanThe_BROS, type "/join #ubuntu-bots"11:42
KM0201The_BROS: "/join #ubuntu best-bots" w/o quotes11:42
KM0201oops, ubuntu-bots11:42
th0rAdvoWork: are those cpu load averages? There will always be 2% or more in idle load. If you monitor it regularly you will develop a feel for what is normal for your system. I personally would be tickled if this netbook had those numbers11:42
farhad2161i installed a vpn server with "sudo apt-get install pptpd" but i do not want to use default vpn port,how can i change it?11:43
KM0201farhad2161: my first thought, would be to look in /etc  and see fi there is a pptpd.conf11:43
dr_willisfarhad2161:  Just a guess. but i bet theres a pptpd config file in /etc/ somewhere and the man pages for pptpd mention it i would imagine11:44
Calinouthe late bros, the default. >_<11:45
farhad2161dr_willis: yes there is,but nothing about port :(11:45
phlak_userfarhad2161: i dont think you can change the default port11:46
bambanxwhat cool software for record and mixing effect music we have guys?11:47
phlak_userfarhad2161: the other way to do this is to put the vpn server behind a router and forward pptp connections from some other port on wan side to 1723 on lan side to the pptp server11:47
MonkeyDustbambanx: try mixxx, but better ask in #ubuntu-offtopic11:48
bambanxthanks Monkey11:48
phlak_userbambanx: ultradj mixer?11:49
impihello, is there a way i can grep for : <!--[CDATA[11:52
impiI tried escaping those but i cant seem to get it right11:53
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carpediembabyhi. can someone please help me figure out a problem with installation of packages? i am behind a proxy and nothing related to internet in terminal works.. but internet is working fine otherwise11:54
galerienHello everyone, I'm using ubuntu 11.10 right now, the beta i know, and i would like to get rid of the botom bar with all my open programs and such, as I want to use cairo-dock. Before, I just had to right click on it and choose to hide it, but here it doesn't work, anyone can help me ? thanks in advance11:54
MonkeyDustgalerien: wrong channel, type /j #ubuntu+111:55
galerienMonkeyDust, ok, thanks11:55
jribksinkar: you should have the client send lang and server accept11:55
morbidwarhello, can somebody explain how the vinagre knows what pc's are up and ready to make a vnc connection, does the vino server broadcast it's availability to the network11:55
galeriencarpediembaby, You might want to look at "frozenway", it's slow if you don't pay but reliable11:56
jribksinkar: i'm not sure why you say the grep thing did not work; I checked on a 10.04 machine and "AcceptEnv LANG LC_*" is in /etc/ssh/sshd_config11:56
carpediembabygalerien: is it some sort of tunnel? i am not sure if i should need one .. because i am talking to you from the same machine11:57
carpediembabyits just that i can't use anything from the terminal ..11:57
galeriencarpediembaby, yes, but I had the same problem at work because all aptitude/apt ports were closed on the company wifi, frozeway helped me11:58
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jrib!11.10 | galerien11:59
ubottugalerien: Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the fifteenth release of Ubuntu.  Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=646 Discussion and support in #ubuntu+111:59
rob_ukanyone in uk got BT internet issues11:59
phlak_userimpi: this should work \<\!\-\-\\[CDATA\\[12:00
rob_ukany uk users out here12:02
MonkeyDustrob_uk: please type /j #ubuntu-offtopic12:02
=== hp is now known as Guest28743
Pumpkin-_I'm in the UK, but BT isn't my ISP.12:06
impiphlak_user, thank you for the answer dude, i tried it but it doesnt work, at least i get no finds12:08
phlak_userimpi: maybe thats not the regex you need to use12:08
jribimpi: grep '<!--\[CDATA\['12:09
phlak_userimpi: i searched for <!--[CDATA[ inside a file with the same word and it returned successfully12:09
phlak_userimpi: what does the data you're searching for look like?12:10
jribcromag: . ..12:10
cromagyeah, sorry.12:10
cromagwrong terminal :/12:10
ajinGood evening!12:10
jribcromag: we know, the ". .." were a bad joke :)12:10
qrqGood Afternoon :D12:10
cromagyeah - still funny tho :)12:11
ajinqrq: aha...so, where're you from?12:11
ajinno wonder12:12
ajinqrq: no wonder12:12
impiphlak_user, http://pastebin.com/fsDazzE6 <---- a previous dev escaped that wrong and now i have // in my html during some select options :)12:12
ajinpoland is in the western time zone12:12
ajinqrq: poland is in the western time zone12:13
BluesKajHey all12:13
impijrib, thanks man, im just using your suggestion to see if i can find this sucker, thank you for answering12:13
The_BROSHow to uninstall EOG, but not to delete desktop? Want to change EOG to gThumb.12:13
jribimpi: you should use sed to just replace all of them12:13
ajinBluesKaj: hi12:13
qrqPoland had their own Linux :P12:13
BluesKajhi ajin12:14
ajinqrq: oh, that's good! But i dont over-gragmentation would do any good to LINUX itself;-)12:15
Adam_Im after updating gnome on my laptop and now i cant access anything, it startsup to a prompt :(12:15
ajinqrq: sorry, fragmentatation12:15
phlak_userimpi: my solution still works; but if all you want to do is replace the // with \\ use sed or %s inside a vim session12:17
ajinqrq: several ditros would be enough,12:17
phlak_userThe_BROS: the trick is to change file associations; not uninstall eog12:18
KM0201what's EOG?12:23
ikoniaKM0201: in what respect ?12:23
The_BROSphlak_user: how to use the trick?12:23
KM0201i figured it was an abbreviation for an app.. was drawing a blank12:24
phlak_userKM0201: Eye Of Gnome12:24
phlak_user!info eog12:24
ubottueog (source: eog): Eye of GNOME graphics viewer program. In component main, is optional. Version 2.32.1-0ubuntu2 (natty), package size 348 kB, installed size 1588 kB12:24
KM0201well, can't you just uninstall it?12:24
KM0201if you don't want it anyway12:24
katjahjoin #VTT_ADDRESS12:25
empityok my distribution is EOL12:26
empityI should be, however, still able to install packages right?12:26
clarinetDoes anyone know how to boot Ubuntu 10.10 without display manager?12:26
clarinetJust like runlevel 3 in Red Hat.12:26
KM0201empity: no, because when a distro is EOL, the online repositories typically close12:26
phlak_userThe_BROS: this could show the way -> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=175786712:26
ikoniayou can use old repos12:26
empityKM0201: ok makes sense12:26
Snicksieyou can open an cli clarinet, with ctrl-alt-F(1 to 6 are possibilities)12:26
ikoniaempity: http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/12:26
ikoniaempity: there should still be active repos there12:27
empityikonia: good to know, thanks12:27
The_BROSphlak_user: thanx. But how about uninstall EOG? Is it imposible?12:27
KM0201The_BROS: why wouldn't it be? sudo apt-get remove eog12:27
clarinetSnicksie, Yeah, I know that. But I want to enter cli every time I boot the OS.12:28
MonkeyDustThe_BROS: try sudo apt-get purge eog12:28
The_BROSKM0201: No. After that my desctop will dissapeare12:28
KM0201The_BROS:.. what?12:28
empitylooks very nice,but I only find the ubuntu installer packages12:29
pvgrifcan anyone please tell me how to make evolution not download every single email on hotmail?12:29
The_BROSThere are linked packeges12:29
empitynothing regarding really old packages12:29
MonkeyDustThe_BROS: don't worry if it will so called remove ubuntu-desktop12:29
pvgrifi just want it to download the unread ones, not every single one since 200312:29
KM0201The_BROS: ubuntu-desktop is a metapackage, it's not going to actually uninstall your desktop12:29
KM0201that package really needs to be renamed, lot of newbs make that istake12:30
D_Russdoes anyone know if there is a way to install desktop widgets or gadgets on natty?12:30
clarinetCan anyone tell me how to boot Ubuntu 10.10 without display manager? Just like runlevel 3 in Red Hat?12:30
jribclarinet: why?12:31
ksinkardo we have anything like dpkg-reconfigure for locale selection?12:31
The_BROSThat is what I see on the screen: The following packages will be REMOVED:  eog* ubuntu-desktop* ubuntustudio-desktop* Will averything be normal after that?12:31
jribksinkar: did you see what I told you?12:31
clarinetI install the whole OS to my flash disk.12:32
clarinetmay be it can boot faster than GUI mode.12:32
ksinkarjrib: well it tried but i didn't work12:32
KM0201The_BROS: how many mb does it say its uninstalling?12:32
ksinkarjrib: for setting my timezone i did dpkg-reconfigure tzdate12:32
clarinetbecause sometime I don't need GUI.12:32
jribksinkar: tried what exactly?12:32
glitchdneed some xorg assistance pls12:32
The_BROSKM0201: After this operation, 1.729 kB disk space will be freed.12:33
bastidrazorclarinet: in /etc/default/grub add "text" to the line GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash"  then sudo update-grub12:33
ksinkarthe grep command that you were talking about12:33
KM0201The_BROS: there's you're answer.. the ubuntu desktop is gonna be a LOT more than just 1.7kb12:33
jribKM0201: the grep command only gives you information12:33
ksinkarjrib: that is what i tried and I got no response from the terminal12:33
clarinetbastidrazor, I'll try it, thanks.12:33
The_BROSKM0201: Thanx a lot, Bro. I will try12:33
KM0201jrib: i think your tab key prematurely went off12:33
jribksinkar: pastebin your server's /etc/ssh/sshd_config12:33
glitchddo i need more than one display driver outlined in xorg.conf?12:33
jribKM0201: *nod* :D12:34
glitchdor just the one i use?12:34
pvgrifhow can i make evolution only download new emails?12:35
ksinkarjrib: well it does not have any entries for LANG12:35
m1rhello, Ubuntu 10.04 fresh install. sound freeze problem with 00:09.0 Audio device: nVidia Corporation MCP73 High Definition Audio (rev a1).12:35
m1rany tips how to fix this ?12:35
jribksinkar: for me to help you, you need to pastebin that fiule12:36
jribksinkar: you don't have to of course12:36
ksinkarjrib: now i get what you are trying to tell me12:36
ksinkarbut i don't want a configuration like that12:36
jribksinkar: that *is* the default configuration12:36
ksinkarthe client should not be able to pass locale environment variables12:36
jribksinkar: if that's what you want, then remove or comment the line in sshd_config12:37
ksinkarjrib: i have removed that line from my config file. it is there in the backup that I had taken12:37
antismapm1r : if you use only one sound card, you could try to uninstall pulseaudio12:37
ksinkarjrib: so how do i set my locale12:37
ksinkarjrib: back to square one?12:38
jribksinkar: have you restarted the sshd server since modifying the config file?12:38
ksinkarjrib: yes12:39
glitchddo i need more than one display driver outlined in xorg.conf?12:39
eiaraijoin #hacklabturku@IRCnet12:40
glitchddo i need more than one display driver outlined in xorg.conf?12:41
m1rantismap: yes, i have only one soundcard, how would i go with "safe" uninstall of pulse audio ?12:41
maxximusanybody have issues with vnc when screensaver kicks in?12:43
antismapm1r : well i don't really remember each step, i found some tutorial online explaining it step by step. This could maybe fix your problem, but pulseaudio is not always the source of the problems12:44
jribksinkar: I commented out the line and indeed LANG does not get set.  Ask #openssh if there is some nice way.  If not, just add it to /etc/profile12:45
amin`how could I recompile xmonad to see the changes which i recently made in xmonad.hs12:52
nailoxhow would I remove the contents of a dir? i tried rmdir --ignore-fail-on-non-emtpy but it doesnt work12:56
SwedeMikenailox: rm -rf <directory>12:56
m477_i have core 2 duo and flash ( youtube videos ) consume a bigger part of my cpu, what can I do? i have flash installed and it occurs on different web browsers12:57
nailoxtnx SwedeMike12:57
m_bissonm477_: i have te same problem with a different CPU12:58
m_bissonthe video also stutters quite a bit for me12:58
piromanpls help12:58
m477_there is process ( plugin container ) which do that, until it isnt killed12:59
Tophan<SwedeMike> nailox: rm -rf <directory>12:59
Tophanalways do this: rm ../<currentdir>/<somedir> -rf12:59
Tophanparametrs at the very end12:59
duffmanmay i ask why?13:00
Tophanto avoid mistakes13:00
Deihmoshow can I tell if graphics acceleration is working? the UI is so laggy13:00
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Tophanrm -rf is serious buisness duffman13:00
Tophanproceed with caution13:00
* phlak_user thinks sudo rm -fr is a killer13:01
duffmanTophan: right, it is. but doesn't your method incite going up a line changing the last folder and hitting enter without looking too much?13:01
DavidS5Bonjour à tous.13:01
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amin`i add the toggle  in xmonad but (for work-space toggle) but i get this error  http://pastebin.com/dbGdk1qf   this is my xmonad.hs  http://pastebin.com/Xj79J58j13:04
duffmanboth of you suggested for nailox to remove the directory completely, instead of emptying it.13:04
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sakhi_can someone please test this link: I'm testing from out South Africa: http://www.mfp-dop.org/live13:07
Guest69541can anyone tell me how solve java plugin problems??13:09
Guest69541 IcedTeaPlugin (using IcedTea-Web 1.1.1 (1.1.1-0ubuntu1~11.04.1))13:09
Guest69541i use chrome13:09
* auronandace doesn't understand why people use chrome when chromium is in the repos13:12
cvamI tried software-center.it says "segmentation fault". I've removed thunderbird from synaptic . But it's not complete. Details are http://paste.ubuntu.com/701647/ . after a reboot i can launch  software-center. no segmentation fault. How to complete the thunderbird removing process now ?13:13
maxximusanyone expert on vnc for ubuntu?13:13
codefriarHelp! my user crontab isn't running!13:17
codefriarhow can I make it work?13:17
ikoniacodefriar: why don't you explain your problem13:17
codefriarikonia: so I have what I believe is a perfectly valid crontab file edited with crontab -e13:18
codefriarhowever, it's not runniung every hour13:18
cvamI tried software-center.it says "segmentation fault". I've removed thunderbird from synaptic . But it's not complete. Details are http://paste.ubuntu.com/701647/ . after a reboot i can launch  software-center. no segmentation fault. How to complete the thunderbird removing process now ?13:18
ikoniacodefriar: can you show me the crontab line ?13:18
codefriar0 0,6,12,18 * * * /bin/bash -l -c 'backup perform -t jiradb'13:18
ikoniacodefriar: that's doesn't look very valid13:19
ikoniacodefriar: keep in mind I don't know your personal environment13:19
codefriarfairly generic / stock ubuntu install13:19
dr_willisdont you need to give full paths in cron normally. the -c /full/path/to/the/thing13:19
codefriarikonia: what doesn't look valid?13:20
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=== tt is now known as totato
ikoniacodefriar: why you are launching bash, the command "backup perform" etc etc13:21
ikoniacodefriar: keep in mind you may need to use full paths if the default shell enviornment isn't setup to deal with this.13:22
codefriarikonia: so I should just call backup directly with the full path?13:24
ikoniacodefriar: that may be a better option13:24
ikoniacodefriar: I'm not familiar with the command "backup" so don't know it's behaviour13:25
codefriaris there a way to test crontabs/13:25
GirlyGirlHow can I configure the Display Off function key on the ASUS EeePC 1005ha?13:25
mekwallhi! I'm trying to figure out why ssh is taking ages to connect to a remote server... it takes about 30 seconds13:26
DeihmosGirlyGirl, how does ubuntu perform on that netbook? I have one and the performance was ass compared to win 7. Is there anything you did13:26
codefriarikonia: how's this look: 0 0,6,12,18 * * * /usr/local/bin/backup perform -t jiradb13:27
GirlyGirlDeihmos: I run Kubuntu from 9.10 and up, it performed fine, just 11.04 can very slow graphics issues but then it was fixed by updating to kde 4.7 series from kubuntu backports13:27
GirlyGirlDeihmos: Right now it manages kwin desktop effects fine on unity it lags sometimes though13:28
ikoniacodefriar: to me, that looks better13:28
codefriarikonia: is there a way to test?13:28
ikoniarun it13:28
GirlyGirlDeihmos: But I have upgraded the RAM to 2 GB and its the Xp netbook not win 713:29
DeihmosI have the same netbook with same memory upgrade and I found that ubuntu was really slow on it13:29
codefriarikonia: how can I run y crontab? and how can I test that it will execute @ the right time?13:29
Deihmosmine came with xp but upgraded to 713:29
tousonhey guys, can anyone help me with an xorg.conf issue?13:29
=== syadamin|away is now known as sysadamin
GirlyGirlDeihmos: The only things I "did" is use KDE and tweak some qt rendering settings13:30
GirlyGirlDeihmos: so can't be of much help13:30
Deihmosyou found ubuntu to perform better than xp ?13:31
GirlyGirlDeihmos: Also the netbook runs better with swap off than on I don't know why13:31
GirlyGirlDeihmos: Ubuntu no, graphics lag, Kubuntu yes (note some previous KDE versions had quirks)13:31
GirlyGirlDeihmos: But XFCE is fine as well13:32
phlak_usercodefriar: set the time of execution to 1 min from now?13:32
Deihmosi never liked the look of kubuntu13:32
GirlyGirlDeihmos: If you want join #kubuntu if you ever need help changing the look as you can make it look like anything you want actually13:33
tousonHey people I could really use some help with configuring my xorg.conf on a G4 install13:35
spencerI recently purchase a Virgin broadband2go modem for my laptop.  No luck getting to run. I have ubuntu 10.04 and located in the states. Can you folks make a suggestion what will work?13:36
Willis420i had trouble with wireless internet on 10.04 also, but it works fine with 11.0413:38
Willis420E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)13:38
Willis420E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?13:38
Willis420i get this trying to install java13:38
spencerWillis420, what device did you use?13:39
phlak_userspencer: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=129260513:39
MonkeyDustWillis420: try to reboot in Recovery Mode and then choose Repair13:39
qrqWillis420 Reboot13:39
mbutubuntuhello folks, I've discovered that in every shell I open the http_proxy enviroment variable is automatically set with an IP:PORT... I've never added that variable neither configured a main proxy for the OS... is there any conffile in /etc to disable this enviroment variable? thanks13:39
phlak_userWillis420: did you use sudo?13:40
mbutubuntu[Is it possible ti could be a BUG, or a malicious software?]13:40
jribmbutubuntu: you probably installed a package that set it.  Check /etc/environment maybe13:40
Willis420installing for the android-sdk13:41
mbutubuntujrib, no, it /etc/enviroment only PATH: is setted up13:41
mbutubuntu can manually disable it... but how to discover who/what have setted up that variable?!13:41
tattusHello everyone13:41
tattusCould anyone tell me the recommended size to swap partition ?13:42
ikoniatattus: there is no recommended size, it depends on your setup13:42
usr13tattus: Samme size as ram or more, as much as 2x13:43
MonkeyDusti have no swap13:43
usr13MonkeyDust: We are sorry to hear that.13:43
tattusSo, I have 4gb13:43
=== willis__ is now known as Willis420
tattus8 gb ?13:44
tattusso I should put like13:44
usr138G is good13:44
ikoniatattus: I would say no more than 6 max13:44
ikoniaunless you are using your machine VERY heavey AND you're planning to use swap/hibernate13:44
ikoniatattus: are you planning to use suspend/hibernate ?13:45
tattusI frequently use hibernate13:45
usr138G would be good, I would say...13:45
tattusfirst time I intalled I putted 2 gb13:45
ikoniatattus: ok, so unless you plan to thrash your machine for sustained periods of time, I'd say no more than 6GB13:45
tattusand it was taking so long13:45
tattusto get start after hibernate...13:45
tattusis it bad to hibernate ?13:46
usr13tattus: It just takes a while.13:46
GirlyGirlSo any solution for two function keys on eeePC 1005ha. 1. Display Off does not work 2. Touchpad off disables the touchpad but the indicator light does not come on13:46
tattushere was taking a quite long time, hehehe xD13:47
tousonCan anyone offer any guidance on the correct config for my xorg.conf file?13:47
usr13touson: Don't use one13:47
tousonha ha ha ha13:47
tousonthanks usr1313:47
tattusone more thing, I just brought a external hd usb 313:47
kernkraftUbuntu entreprise cloud server is bad13:47
tattusand when I connected to the pc13:48
tousonI have install ubuntu 10.04 onto an old MAC G413:48
tattusthe screen got black13:48
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!13:48
tattuswith lot o "code"...13:48
tousoneverything seems to work apart from the screen resolution13:48
tousonI can only get 800x60013:48
=== XLV_ is now known as XLV
tousonI have been reading up on xserver for the last few days and have got my head arouns what needs to be done but I can't seem to get it working13:49
MonkeyDust!enter| touson13:49
ubottutouson: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!13:49
tattusI use 11.04 when that happened when I connected the external HD, does anyone know why ? =s13:49
tousonmy bad, sorry13:49
usr13touson: What display adapter are you using?13:50
usr13touson: What does xrandr  say?  Show us:  xrandr | pastebinit  #And send resulting URL here.13:51
usr13touson: Are you using a KVM switch?13:51
tousonATI Rage 128 PF/PRO AGP 4x TMDS and no KVM13:51
usr13touson: Older PC?13:52
tousonMAC G413:52
usr13OH, it's a MAC.13:52
usr13xrandr | pastebinit13:52
tousonk, one sec13:52
deanHi all I have deleted my network manager icon on my panel could someone tell me how I can get it back at all please?13:53
usr13dean: Alt-F2  network-manager13:54
tousonusr13: just installing pastebinit13:54
deanusr13, No such file or directory I press alt + f2 typed in network-manager and it came up with an error13:55
usr13dean: (Hold Alt key while hitting F2 then type in   "network-manager" without quotes.)13:55
MonkeyDustdean: try alt-f2 nm-applet13:55
usr13and hit enter13:55
usr13dean: As MonkeyDust suggests, run   nm-applet13:56
usr13(I stand corrected.)  ... I think.13:56
telemareanyone knows how to burn .dmg files into a dvd from linux13:56
tousonusr13: http://pastebin.com/X5Rk9jb113:56
deanMonkeyDust, Ok I typed that in pressed enter no error came up but no network icon on my panel?13:56
odinsbaneDoes anybody here get a filenot found when trying to execute 32bit files with 64bit ubuntu?13:56
ikoniatouson: they are apple package files13:56
ikoniaodinsbane: that won't work13:56
kernkraftwoon't work13:56
ikoniaodinsbane: unless the library is dynamically linked to a multi-lib enviornment13:57
Snicksietelemare, i think you can rename them to .iso and afterwards just burning, but i'm not 100% sure :)13:57
usr13touson: Do you have a /etc/X11/xorg.conf file now?   (ls /etc/X11/xorg.conf )13:57
odinsbaneikonia: I have been told that it does work.  I have also seen a 32 bit file be executed on a 64bit system.13:57
Snicksiehm, nope telemare, but you can use a dmg2iso converter and burn them afterwards :)13:57
telemarei cant find that app13:58
tousonusr13: here's my xorg.conf http://pastebin.com/X6ubpuC913:58
ikoniaodinsbane: I've just said 32bit files can work if they are dynamically linked to a multi-lib environment....yours sounds like it is not, or is missing the 32bit libs13:58
odinsbaneikonia: So, are you saying that would produce a 'file not found'13:58
kernkraftI install Ubuntu entreprise server but when i try to login it don't work13:58
ikoniaodinsbane: yes13:58
ikoniakernkraft: define "doesn't work"13:59
usr13touson: sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.old13:59
odinsbaneikonia: what if the file came with static libs, that were also 32bit?13:59
kernkraftI'm french it's difficult ..13:59
ikoniaodinsbane: it depends on how it's setup13:59
ikoniakernkraft: maybe try #ubuntu-fr ?13:59
usr13touson: And then:  sudo service gdm restart13:59
kernkraftWhen i install it there is just a mail to configure14:00
tousonusr13: I logged into the main console (not into X) and ran X -configure as root.  It  created an xorg.conf.new file in /root, which I then copied to /etc/X11/xorg.conf after updating it with the display modes14:00
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kernkraftAnd this mail can activate other user account14:00
usr13odinsbane: You will need to build a multilib system in order to run 32bit apps on a 64bit system.14:01
=== Guest15520 is now known as oYdVeey
odinsbaneikonia: how about this 32bit program which requires glfw, glfw is 64bit. Would that get a file not found?14:01
ikoniaodinsbane: correct14:01
oYdVeeyHelp! my keyboard's acting real slow, any ideas?14:01
usr13touson: Did you try running it without an xorg.conf file?14:01
oYdVeeyIt's fine when I was logging in14:01
deanusr13, I typed in the command that you and MonkeyDust gave me but I am still not getting an icon I checked in Synaptic and it is showing I have network manager installed14:01
oYdVeeyBut then it just acts real slow after I logged in, and my mouse works fine14:02
usr13dean: What version of Ubuntu do you have installed?14:02
usr13dean: What command did you run?14:02
odinsbaneThanks for the heads up.14:02
kernkraftIs there an IRC channel for Ubuntu-fr14:03
usr13!fr | kernkraft14:03
ubottukernkraft: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.14:03
deanusr13, I have 10.04 I ran nm-applet first then network-manager afterwards14:03
oYdVeeyGuys... c'mon, help :(14:03
tousonusr13: Just tried what you said and it's still the same i.e. only 800x600 available14:03
hmartinsI had bought a wireless card for my desktop ubuntu14:04
usr13touson: Look at the output of /var/log/Xorg.0.log   and see what driver it is using.14:04
usr13hmartins: and.... ?14:04
hmartinsthe wireless card I had bought was  TL-WN723N14:04
hmartinsand I done this to make it workds14:05
hmartinsbut the connection is to slow14:05
hmartinsI had try that on windows machine and the speed its ok, very fast14:05
usr13!enter | hmartins14:06
ubottuhmartins: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!14:06
usr13hmartins: Are you booted to Ubuntu now?14:06
Willis420bad grammer, lol14:07
k4l-3li'm very exited in run ubuntu mobile on a smartphone, like n900, but i want to know if are any other device with omap that provides support to ubuntu mobile omap314:07
k4l-3li'm very exited in run ubuntu mobile on a smartphone, like n900, but i want to know if are any other device with omap that provides support to ubuntu mobile omap3?14:07
=== bajk-tragbar_ is now known as kbroulik
usr13hmartins: Let's do a couple of tests.14:07
madwillif i want to update a single program through command line how should i proceed14:07
hmartinsusr13: I am on wired now to use a fasted internet14:07
Willis420atrix has ubuntu on its webtop14:07
hmartinsbut wireless card it's plugged14:08
hmartinsusr13: let's try your tests please14:08
tousonusr13: Here's the content of /var/log/Xorg.0.log http://pastebin.com/Z0ifuKjw14:08
usr13hmartins: See my pm14:08
aboSamoorHi, I can not tunnel X server over ssh ? any idea ?14:08
MonkeyDust!details| aboSamoor14:09
ubottuaboSamoor: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."14:09
k4l-3li'm very exited in run ubuntu mobile on a smartphone, like n900, but i want to know, are any other device with omap that provides support to ubuntu mobile omap3?14:09
tousonusr13: I believe I am using the R128 driver14:10
phlak_user!repeat| k4l-3l14:10
ubottuk4l-3l: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/14:10
oYdVeeyC'mon guys, help help help, my keyboard suddenly goes really slow, my mouse works fine, even the keyboard was fine when I was logging in, but after I logged in my mouse works, but my keyboard wouldn't have any reactions unless I press the button for 2 or more than 2 secs, any ideas how to fix it??14:10
Willis420k4l-31; moto atrix has ubuntu on its webtop14:11
deanusr13, Did you see my reply?14:11
k4l-3lsorry, i was sorry, I was correcting my question.14:12
tousonusr13: any thoughts?14:14
usr13dean: Yes, not sure why it is not working, you might try and reboot.14:14
oYdVeeyC'mon guys, help help help, my keyboard suddenly goes really slow, my mouse works fine, even the keyboard was fine when I was logging in, but after I logged in my mouse works, but my keyboard wouldn't have any reactions unless I press the button for 2 or more than 2 secs, any ideas how to fix it??14:14
MonkeyDustoYdVeey: in Control Center, you find Assistive technology > Keyboard14:14
oYdVeeyYes, and?14:14
GirlyGirlKubuntu 11.04 x86 2.6.38-11-generic #48-Ubuntu i686, Wifi reception is worse than on Windows with an Atheros AR9285 card14:14
deanusr13, When I type in network-manager it comes up with a error message no such file or directory could I possibly try reinstalling it?14:15
Snicksieisn't it nm-applet, dean?14:15
oYdVeeyTHank you sooooooooooooooo much, MonkeyDust, I think I know how to fix it now14:15
usr13dean: What does   nm-applet   do?14:15
deanusr13, Snicksie I type in nm-applet in alt + f2 and press ok no error message pops up but no icon on my panel14:16
MonkeyDustoYdVeey: thumbs up :)14:16
GirlyGirlany ideas?14:18
oYdVeeyErrrr, nope, it's not that, I still have to press a button for at least 2 secs in order to make it appear on the screen.....14:18
oYdVeeyAgain, helpp14:18
usr13dean: Do you use a wireless connection?14:18
deanusr13, I am using wireless as we speak14:19
Milosshhello, how can I add a python script as a ubuntu terminal command?14:19
sattu94Hi, i just added the gnome3 ppa from launchpad.14:19
sattu94and installed gnome3-session package. on my ubuntu 11.04 install.14:19
sattu94For some reason when i select gnome 3 from the GDM selection menu, it just loops back to the gdm login screen.14:19
user82how can i search with a or in nautilus? (i want to find .jpg and .cr2 files in one search)14:19
jribMilossh: put it in your ~/bin14:20
Milosshjusr ~/bin ?14:20
D_Russanyone know where i can get some fancy fonts that will work in 11.04 and how to install them for inkscape?14:20
deanusr13, I am gonna reboot and see what happens brb14:20
Milosshjrib, you mean /bin ?14:20
jribMilossh: no14:20
MilosshI don't have /bin in home14:20
jribMilossh: create the "bin" directory in your home and login again14:21
user82jrib a bin in home is automatically added? did not know that yet..thanks14:21
user82(with added i mean the binaries in there are globally terminal commands)14:22
=== XLV_ is now known as XLV
Milosshjrib, thanks. do I need to add some kind of the header in python scripts?14:22
jribuser82: it's in ubuntu's default ~/.profile (checks if ~/bin exists and adds it to path if it does)14:23
oYdVeeyOkkayyyyyyy, again thanks MonkeyDust, I was dumb enough couldn't figure it out, it was right there in front of meh -.-"14:23
user82aah ok..thats what i wanted to know that it is added to the path!14:23
jribMilossh: your python scripts should be executable and have a proper shebang line yes (e.g. #!/usr/bin/env python)14:23
oYdVeeyAnyway, good luck others who are seeking helps :D14:23
oYdVeeyI'm outta here14:23
user82(i usually put mine via sudo to /usr/bin)14:23
intellectus<D_Russ>  apt-cache search ttf14:23
intellectusrepos have true type fonts14:24
intellectusany ttf fonts from anywhere should work14:24
deanusr13, No good. I have typed in terminal nm-applet and it displays an instance of nm-applet is already running and then I typed in network-manager and it displayed command not found14:24
jribuser82: yeah that's good if you want it to be available to all users though I'd suggest /usr/local/bin/ instead so that the package manager doesn't interfere and for an organizational bonus14:24
aboudreaultHi, does anyone installed successfully gnome-shell (gnome3) on ubuntu natty?14:24
aboudreaulttried to used the gnome3-team ppa... but it fails... *Unable to load session ....*14:25
zykotick9!gnome3 | aboudreault14:25
ubottuaboudreault: Gnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.14:25
aboudreaultand it broke my ubuntu session too14:25
aboudreaultzykotick9, thx14:25
codefriarHelp! I dont' think my crontab jobs are running! is there anything i need to do to enable crontabs for users in ubuntu?14:26
Milosshjrib, it still doesn't recognize syntax14:26
deanusr13, The thing is my laptop automatically connects so I have a wireless connection working but the icon is gone is there anyway of adding it to the panel?14:27
Milosshcomplains about a simple toople. it works if I run it like `python script.py` though14:27
D_Russintellectus, after i find the fonts which directory to i install them in? in the truetype fonts folder there are several directories14:27
whelmingbytesHi, I have installed 11.10 B2 and am having trouble enabling desktop effects when logging in with Ubuntu Classic. Any help?14:27
FanfareQ: whats the differeenze of tty1 and tty2-6? pam_fprint works for tty2-6 but not on tty1! "Could not locate any suitable fingerprints matched with available hardware"?14:27
intellectusD_Russ:  /usr/share/fonts/truetype14:28
icerootwhelmingbytes: #ubuntu+114:28
whelmingbytesiceroot: thanks14:28
phlak_userwhelmingbytes: go to #ubuntu+114:28
D_Russintellectus, there ae several folders there. So i dont need to put it into any one of those folders just drop it in that directory and thats a wrap?14:29
intellectus<D_Russ>  /usr/share/fonts/<your folder>14:31
=== administrator is now known as Guest25090
Guest25090anyone here?14:32
intellectusD_Russ:..oops... /usr/share/fonts/truetype/<your folder>14:32
macsHello, i've installed ubuntu 10.04 on my laptop but my wifi card isnt working i'm using a Dell Inspiron 154514:32
hellofooi am on jaunty14:32
hellofoocant install most of the softwares?14:32
hellofooit fails to fetch the software form download link14:33
qin!eol | hellofoo14:33
ubottuhellofoo: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades14:33
zambahow i remove the animation when switching workspaces in ubuntu?14:34
D_Russintellectus, so i am creating a folder for the fonts in the truetype folder? there is no folder there with my user name on it, there is a ubuntu-font-family folder, and some others14:34
Milosshhello, how can I add a python script as a ubuntu terminal command? I added it to bin, but it doesn't really see it as python14:34
qinMilossh: Do you have shebang?14:36
MilosshI fixed it14:36
Milosshdon't know how though, but I did14:36
FloodBot1Milossh: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:36
deanusr13, I done it finally lol14:38
qinmacs: Is your card listed in: jockey-gtk ?14:38
macsqin not that i know of14:38
binarymutantI have some really bad X artifacts all over my screen. I've restarted X a few times and they will not go away. Any suggestions?14:39
jamilthhey there14:39
jamilhey there14:39
jamilany one to help me out14:40
jamili have DELL D61014:40
dr_willisyou dont need to hit enter every 3 words...14:40
=== ccmonsters is now known as ccmonster
k4l-3la few days ago, i was leastned about the change place of storage of the linux kernel to gihub. anybody know where i download the most recent version of kernel14:40
jamilmy laptop audio out not working14:40
sattu94Hi, i just added the gnome3 ppa from launchpad.14:41
sattu94and installed gnome3-session package. on my ubuntu 11.04 install.14:41
jamilits working in windows but not in ubuntu14:41
sattu94For some reason when i select gnome 3 from the GDM selection menu, it just loops back to the gdm login screen.14:41
ubottugit is a distributed revision control/software code management project created by Linus Torvalds. For more information, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Git_(software)14:41
qinmacs: Please paste output of following in paste.ubuntu.com: iwconfig; lspci; jockey-text --list;14:41
k4l-3lyes, i know and use git14:41
RTFMnowbinarymutant: try disabling desktop effects14:41
macsqin ok 1 second14:41
qinsattu94: What does: lsb_release -a14:42
jamilhey there14:42
jamilmy laptop audio out not working14:42
jamilits working in windows but not in ubuntu14:42
k4l-3lbut i don't know where are the linux kernel sources to download.14:42
binarymutantRTFMnow: I'm not using any composite (like compiz) :/14:42
qinbinarymutant: Unity?14:42
sattu94No LSB modules are available.14:42
Polahjamil: Repeating your question 30 seconds later won't get it answered any quicker. If somebody can suggest a way to help you, they will.14:42
binarymutantqin: no unity either14:42
ubottuThe core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)14:42
sattu94qin: followed with some info abt the system.14:43
dr_willisjamil:  check the forums and askubuntu.com for your exact make of laptop also.14:43
OlotilaI'm on server, how do I mount CD?14:43
qinsattu94: So: uname -a14:43
auronandace!gnome3 | sattu9414:43
ubottusattu94: Gnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.14:43
dr_willisOlotila:  mount command. same as you would any otehr filesystem14:43
RTFMnowif kernel.org is down, use mirrors or your distro's site14:43
qinsattu94: "some info"?14:43
tousonhi, can anyone help?  I have a problem with my xorg.conf file14:43
sattu94auronandace: i dont care about unity, i use xmonad, just want to try out gnome3..14:43
eraejormais there a way for me to copy the Xubuntu installation packages from one laptop to another?14:43
eraejormaThe another laptop has it installed.14:44
Polah!clone | eraejorma14:44
ubottueraejorma: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate14:44
sattu94qin: what exactly do you want from uname -a ?14:44
RTFMnowbinarymutant: you may try using framebuffer X11, should have no problems, otherwise edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf14:44
Olotiladr_willis, says cant find cd in /etc/fstab or /etc mtab14:44
auronandacesattu94: i'm sure you care about "other parts of your system"14:44
k4l-3lubottu, thank you, i will compile, because after my last upgrade my custon kernel has gone.14:44
ubottuk4l-3l: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:44
RTFMnowtry to disable anything that may cause problems with you adaptor14:44
Polaholotila: mount -t <filesystem> -o <options> /dev/devicename /mount/point14:44
dr_williseraejorma:  you can copy over the /var/cache/apt/ dir also.  I set up an apt-cacher-ng server on my lan to cache the packages for all the network.14:44
jamilwell i think its with some updates i have installed ...cuz it was perfect before14:44
qinsattu94: Well, lets put it this way: gnome3 is not supported below 11.10, and 11.10issupported in #ubuntu+114:45
eraejormadr_willis, Copy what to where?14:46
tousonanyone?  I could really use some help14:46
raven11.04 VPN - config not possible?14:46
OlotilaPolah, I dont have the skill to fill those blanks :)14:46
Polaheraejorma, somewhere you won't format from14:46
dr_williscopy /var/cache/apt to the other pc... same location14:46
Olotilahow do I get to a different partition on hd?14:46
Olotilai got some files there14:46
dr_willis!mount | Olotila14:47
ubottuOlotila: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount14:47
Olotilacd or a different partition14:47
dr_willisOlotila:  sudo mkdir /media/stuff14:47
Willis420if i use chronium more than firefox, will it hurt to uninstall firefox?14:47
macsqin http://paste.ubuntu.com/701711/14:47
dr_willisOlotila:  sudo mount /dev/cdrom /media/stuff14:47
MonkeyDustWillis420: it's what i did, so no14:48
Willis420ok thanks MonkeyDust, sorry for the noobness, lol14:48
eraejormadr_willis, It say i dont have permissions to copy. (used nautilus under sudo, when copying(14:48
MonkeyDustwe were all n00bs, once14:49
Olotiladr_willis thanks!14:49
zarlinohi all, does anybody know if/when 64bit will be the "default"?14:49
tousonCan anyone help me?  I have installed ubuntu 10.04 onto an old MAC G4, but I can't get the graphics drivers working properly, it only allows me to choose a maximum of 800x600 res14:49
dr_williseraejorma:  its best to not use nautilus as root.. easy to really mess things up.14:49
dr_williszarlino:  i imagine not for a very long time.14:49
eraejormaSeemed the fastest way.14:49
FanfareQ: whats the differeenze of tty1 and tty2-6? pam_fprint works for tty2-6 but not on tty1! "Could not locate any suitable fingerprints matched with available hardware"?14:50
qinmacs: What does say: rfkill list14:50
zarlinodr_willis: because of flash and other closed software?14:50
dr_willisthats one good reason zarlino14:51
MonkeyDusttouson: maybe this link helps https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBook14:51
raven11.04 VPN - config not possible?14:52
met2443when i do nmap scan on localhost i find port 800 pipelining. should i be worried?14:52
DXBLouieguys i've had one of my Ubuntu 8.04.4 LTS machines compromised today through PHP My Admin..  i'm running the latest packages.. and i caught the attack before much damage was done, but it got me thinking, does www-data need to have /bin/sh as its shell?! are there any drawbacks to setting it to /bin/false?14:52
=== bajk-tragbar is now known as kbroulik
WollyJumperAnybody have any theories why my internet gets very slow very quickly? - i.e after re-booting the first webpage i visit  loads slow but each new site  or page load is slower than the last it's unusable after a few minutes. problem is from Lucid onwards earlier versions were fine.14:53
eraejormadr_willis, So after i've copied it over, .. then what? How do i get the Xubuntu on for the another machine?14:53
dr_williseraejorma:  via the package mnager14:54
MonkeyDustWollyJumper: type ps -e|grep kworker and see if it finds something => kworker is a known bug14:54
eraejormadr_willis, seems to be working, thanks14:56
eraejormaAtleast the install seems to work14:56
tousonMonkeyDust: thanks i'll take a look14:57
macsqin http://paste.ubuntu.com/701720/14:57
Syco54645_workneeding some grub2 help. i currently have my server installed to a flash drive. i have a ssd that just came in today so i will be moving it to that via dd. what do i need to change in grub2 to get it to still boot?14:59
qinmacs: uhm, broadcom... https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx14:59
scratchingmyheadJust wondering why the software centre shows all this installed software but a menu search doesn't find it on the computer??15:02
Piciscratchingmyhead: What sort of software?15:03
scratchingmyheadI dont know,,, just trying to randomly remove a lot of software that I dont use to lighten up the sys. and I see some cool stuff I would like to check out already installed but not able to see it.15:04
scratchingmyheadOr find it on the sys15:04
Piciscratchingmyhead: Are you sure that the packages you installed actually provide graphical interfaces? Perhaps they are all cli tools.15:04
dr_willisSyco54645_work:  you can do 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc' and tell it to install to the other hd. is one way. theres a dozen ways to get grub to install to the other hd.15:04
Syco54645_workdr_willis: it would install using dd though wouldnt it?15:05
scratchingmyheadPici for example QTNX15:05
dr_willisSyco54645_work:  i wouldent use dd to install grub  from one hd to another...15:05
dr_willisSyco54645_work:  unless you were imageing the flash to the sdd.15:05
Syco54645_workdr_willis: i will be imaging the entire system15:05
Syco54645_worksince it is all set up now15:05
scratchingmyheadPici I see,,, so what good is it if you don't even know it is there?15:05
dr_willisSyco54645_work:  then dd would grab grub and everything else.15:06
Piciscratchingmyhead: It doesn't look like that installs a menu entry for whatever reason.15:06
dr_willisSyco54645_work:  ive done it that way befor. Installed to a 4gb flash. dd'd it to a 100gb hd.. had to then resize the fs with gparted15:06
Syco54645_workdr_willis: but grub would need to be fixed so that it actually boots right?15:06
dr_willisSyco54645_work:  i did not have to fix anything. other then the fs15:07
scratchingmyheadPici there are quite a few???   thats why I'm hahaha scratchinmyhead15:07
Syco54645_workdr_willis: ah, good to know. hopefully it will just work then15:07
dr_willisSyco54645_work:  i was suprised at how well it worked for my test machine. :)15:07
Piciscratchingmyhead: You can do dpkg -L packagname | grep bin  to find the executable(s) for the packages you install if you can't find them otherwise.15:07
Syco54645_workwell then, i guess i dont have much to do tonight other than a dd15:08
=== ry_ is now known as ry
Syco54645_workdr_willis: thanks for the info15:08
GTRsdkhow do I make a theme in Lucid?15:09
ikoniaGTRsdk: same as any other gnome 2 based distribution15:09
ikoniagnome-look has some good information on it15:09
ikoniaas does gnome.org15:09
boxybrownHi there15:11
bhavesh_Whenever I login into ubuntu, Unity gets selected as default.. even though I shut down my computer while in GNOME 315:11
GTRsdkikonia, do you know of a specific page on theming Ubuntu 10.04?15:11
boxybrownwe are currently using NIS for network authentication of users, and would like to update this to something more modern.  Any suggestions for what we should be using?15:11
ikoniaGTRsdk: the version doesn't matter, its' the same for any gnome 2 based distribution15:11
ikoniaGTRsdk: there doesn't need to be a specific 10.04 page, as it's the same for any gnome 2 based distro15:11
GTRsdkoh so it would work on 9.10, 10.04, 10.10, and 11.04?15:12
ikonianot 11.04 as that is unity driven15:12
dr_willisand once you get into gnome-3 themeing is.. well.. a work in progress. :)15:13
dr_willisGiven the move to gnome-3  thats going on. I dont see much point in learning to theme gnome2 unless you just want to learn some stuff. :)15:13
ikoniaagreed it will be a dying platform15:13
GTRsdkI just want to change the window borders and menu backgrounds15:16
ikoniaGTRsdk: there are tons already on gnome-look,15:16
Cyanurewhat is wrong with this command ? $ find /home/cyanure/shared_serial -maxdepth 2 -iname *simp* -a ( -iname *.avi -o -iname *.mkv -o -iname *.flv )15:16
ikoniahave you had a look on there GTRsdk ?15:16
=== stephane is now known as Guest54789
ikoniaCyanure: I don't believe you can do iname multiple times15:16
ikoniaCyanure: (I don't know that for a fact though)15:16
GTRsdkikonia, yeah, but the window borders I want are transparent. Does GNOME 2 work with transparent window borders?15:17
Arkaitz-inames must be together15:17
=== ralphholzmann is now known as ben_all_man
Cyanureikonia, it works when I use only the text between parenthesis15:17
Arkaitzi mean , .flv, ...15:17
bastidrazorGTRsdk: System > Preferences > Appearances > Theme > Customize.. is that what you're looking for?15:17
ikoniaGTRsdk: with compositing I believe so.15:17
ikoniaCyanure: because you are using a wildcard15:17
ikoniaCyanure: you need to quote the wildcard with find15:17
ikoniathe gnu find has tried to stop this, but it must still remain with -iname15:18
GTRsdkbastidrazor, I found that, but I want to draw my own transparent window border15:18
Cyanureokonia what is a wildcard?15:18
ikonia* is the wildcard15:18
Arkaitzis it?15:18
Cyanureikonia, must put \*?15:18
Error404NotFoundis there any directory like /etc/cron.d where user specific crons can be placed? I already have a file that listed the crons to be run.15:18
ikoniaCyanure: no, '*.avi' for example15:18
=== ben_all_man is now known as ralphholzmann
ikoniaError404NotFound: cron.d is the global control, individual crontabs are in /var/spool/cron15:19
ikoniaError404NotFound: edit with crontab -e15:19
Error404NotFoundikonia: say i have file1.crons and file2.crons under a user abc, i want to keep both separate(as scripts update those files on regular basis), both follow the cron syntax. I can only create one file per user, what would be an alternate?15:21
ikoniaError404NotFound: I would suggest looking at an include in your users crontab15:21
Error404NotFoundikonia: any hints, what keywords should i put on google? 'include user crontab' ?15:22
WoollyJumperDustMonkey: There was no process called kworker15:22
ikoniaError404NotFound: the format is normally something like inclued /home/user/cron1.crontab15:22
=== ralphholzmann is now known as darceyclark
ikoniaError404NotFound: I'm not sure if you can do this in user crontabs, but I believe so, so give it a try15:23
ikoniaError404NotFound: check the cron docs to see if you can include15:23
Error404NotFoundikonia: include /path/to/cron.file, where exactly? cron config?15:23
ikoniaError404NotFound: in the individual users crontab, I don't know if you can do that, it's worth checking15:23
D_Russhow do i move 9k .ttf files from one directory to another directory that requires su privlages?15:23
D_Russsudo mv /home/don/Downloads/*.ttf /usr/share/fonts/truetype/ubuntu-font-family is not working15:24
ikoniaD_Russ: define not working15:24
D_Russthe files dont move15:24
Cyanureikonia, I have th same error with find /home/cyanure/shared_serial -maxdepth 2 -iname '*simp*' -a ( -iname '*.avi' -o -iname '*.mkv' -o -iname '*.flv' )15:24
ikoniaany error ?15:24
ikoniaCyanure: remove the -iname to 1 -iname and work forward from there15:24
ikoniaD_Russ: 9k of files is probably too big a file list,15:25
ikoniaD_Russ: do a loop, it will only take a fraction longer15:25
ikoniaD_Russ: this used to be a common issue with "rm"15:25
D_Russhow do i do a loop?15:25
ikoniado a for look15:25
ikoniafor loop15:25
D_Russis that a command?15:26
Cyanureikonia, Didn't get what you just said.15:26
ikoniaCyanure: you do -iname multiple times, do it once and see if it works, then add a second and see if it filas15:26
ikoniaCyanure: as I said, I don't believe you can do multiple -inames15:27
D_Russis there a way to login as SU and just drag and drop the files?15:27
ikoniaD_Russ: gksudo nautilus15:27
D_Russthats the command?15:27
ikoniaD_Russ: yes15:27
D_Russthank you15:27
ikoniaD_Russ: that will give you a root enabled file manager15:28
D_Russshould make life easier15:28
Eziorihey guys, so i have ben getting this problem when trying to install 11.04 that when the desktop loads it stops at a certain point, and all i'm left with is the taskbar at the top and the background picture. any ideas on how to fix?15:29
Cyanureikonia, ftr If I use \( instead of ( it works : find /home/cyanure/shared_serial -maxdepth 2 -iname '*simp*' -a \( -iname '*.avi' -o -iname '*.mkv' -o -iname '*.flv' \)15:30
intellectus<D_Russ> you can put fonts in ~/.fonts apparently,  then run sudo fc-cache -f -v15:30
ikoniaCyanure: I didn't expect that to work at all15:30
Cyanureikonia, yeah but it's better when it works anyway :)15:31
ikoniaCyanure: nice job15:32
macsqin the tut isnt working as i dont have internet access on my laptop currently15:33
AdvoWorkwhats the latest ubuntu server with lts?15:33
D_Russcant find the .fonts folder15:33
Stanley00!lst| AdvoWork15:34
D_Russintellectus, i cant find that folder its not in my home directory, even when i hit view hidden files15:34
Stanley00AdvoWork: it's 10.0415:34
intellectusD_Russ, you make a folder called .fonts15:34
D_Russohh i see15:34
Stanley00!LTS | AdvoWork15:34
ubottuAdvoWork: LTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)15:34
D_Russthen run that command?15:35
=== andref__ is now known as crash82
D_Russsudo fc-cache -f -v15:35
intellectusD_Russ, yes that updates the font cache15:35
=== Gujs_ is now known as Gujs
D_Russmight be overkill to have over 9k different fonts, lol15:38
andyvyanyone running 11.10 beta 2 who didn't like Unity in 11.04? Is it possible to configure and modify that left panel yet? Is Unity more polished now?15:39
Piciandyvy : Oneiric/11.10 is not yet released. Please join #ubuntu+1 for further support and discussion.15:39
=== vega is now known as Guest26576
dr_willisandyvy:  unity by design dosent have any plans to do much more then basic tweaking of the left side panel.15:40
AdvoWorkStanley00, thanks! and the lucid lynx 10.04 is that both desktop and server?15:41
andyvydr_willis: what if I don't use a touchscreen and really have no need for a menu to take up half a screen, will they let us change size / opaccity eventually?15:41
Stanley00AdvoWork: yes.15:41
Trashihi guys. i installed kubuntu and im missing the grid desktop. For some reason the grouping desktop layout is not included in the ubuntu repository. how can i enable it?15:44
usr13AdvoWork: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTS15:44
=== darceyclark is now known as ralphholzmann
dr_willisandyvy:  compiz lets you resize the icons i set mine to be like size 1615:44
dr_willisandyvy:  and the compiz plugin also lets you set opacity now.15:45
AdvoWorkanyone here use xen? and have installed ubuntu with it?15:45
andyvyoh really? where is that option at?15:45
dr_willisandyvy:  unity plugin in ccsm15:45
andyvykk thx dr_willis15:45
dr_willisTime to check out some Unity tweaking guides. :) and the list of indicator-applets at askubuntu.com15:45
tonysan_Can I change the bindkey in screen to some specific sequence of keystrokes?15:46
dr_willistonysan_:  you mean the ctrl-a key combo?15:47
tonysan_dr_willis: I am using an android device which lacks of Ctrl, Alt, so I need to change the bindkeys15:48
tonysan_better without the Ctrl-A...15:48
dr_willistonysan_:  that irssiconnectbot program for android has those keys in its special menus15:49
dr_willisit actually supports just swipeing left/right i think to get to differnt screen windows..  (not really used it a lot)15:50
tonysan_dr_willis: really, I'll play with it15:50
dr_willisI have seen android keybord alternatives that have alt-#'s and so forth also. :)15:50
The_BROSHow can I use tomboy hotkeys? There is a problem.15:52
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=== stephane is now known as Guest40915
ardithoxhaanyone know to how to install ALSA?15:55
GTRsdkikonia, the solid color (with transparency) is what I set the panel to use15:56
cvamI tried software-center.it says "segmentation fault". I've removed thunderbird from synaptic . But it's not complete. Details are http://paste.ubuntu.com/701647/ . after a reboot i can launch  software-center. no segmentation fault. How to complete the thunderbird removing process now ?15:56
ardithoxhaanyone know to how to install ALSA?15:56
dr_willisardithoxha:  alsa is installed by default..15:57
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.15:57
ardithoxhaI type alsamixer and command not found15:57
dr_willis!find alsamixer15:57
Gneaardithoxha: use apt-get15:57
ubottuFound: alsamixergui, gnome-alsamixer15:57
GTRsdkardithoxha, apt-cache search alsamixer15:57
dr_willisthere ya go. install those packages as needed. :)15:58
req^In #winehq, the topic says that an install to 1.2.3 is recommended. I have 1.2.2 but aptitude says wine is the newest version. apt-cache search shows a wine 1.3 package. Would it be a good idea to install wine1.3? Why are they separate?15:58
ardithoxhawhat to write in terminal?15:58
henningviswhere can i downlload the correct new kernel 3 for 11.10...man i am stuggling???tackpled too much for a newby!!15:58
ardithoxhagive me all code15:58
dr_willisreq^:  the repos are not always up to date. theres wine ppa's for newer versions15:58
ardithoxhacan anyone come to my pc with teamviewer?15:58
A_Jardithoxha: what seems to be the problem15:58
Gnea!apt | ardithoxha15:59
ubottuardithoxha: APT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Adept (KDE) or !KPackageKit (KDE)15:59
dr_willisardithoxha:  the package name is alsamixergui15:59
ardithoxhaI cannot hear anything :( I tried anything15:59
ardithoxhapulse, alsa anything15:59
dr_willissudo apt-get install packagename15:59
A_Joh wait nvm, i thought you needed help with teamviewer15:59
dr_willisardithoxha:  then why dident you state that earlier. :)15:59
req^dr_willis: might it cause problems if I install the latest version off-repo? I have no experience doing that.15:59
Gneaardithoxha: try plugging the headphones into the right hole?15:59
dr_willisreq^:  i use the winehq ppa's normally15:59
ardithoxhathey are in right hole15:59
ardithoxhacan anyone come to my pc with teamviewer?16:00
dr_willisardithoxha:  speakers work but not heaphones?16:00
req^dr_willis: have you had any compatability issues or other problems using it?16:00
Gneaardithoxha: I don't use teamviewer16:00
ardithoxhaI just have speakers :(16:00
cvamI cant launch software-center.it says "segmentation fault".  Then I've removed thunderbird from synaptic  package manager . But an error has encountered. Details are http://paste.ubuntu.com/701647/ . after a reboot i can launch  software-center. no segmentation fault. How to complete the thunderbird removing process now ?16:00
BarkingFishis your onboard sound enabled in your BIOS settings, ardithoxha?16:00
dr_willisreq^:  wine is one big 'work in progress'  theres always potentials for problems16:00
req^dr_willis: understood :)16:00
BarkingFishNormally, unless you have something disabled somewhere, ubuntu's sound pretty much works out of the box.  The first things I'd check would be if you have mains powered speakers, check they're switched on, ardithoxha16:02
tonysan_dr_willis: found a shortcut key inside connectbot, thanks16:02
BarkingFishyou'd be surprised how many people think they're powered by the PC16:02
genCloneone question16:02
=== jelatta is now known as jelatta_away
genClonewould be stable and clean to upgrade to the final version of ubuntu 11.10 if I install the current version right now?16:03
=== jelatta_away is now known as jelatta
genCloneand easy...16:03
genClonewithout mess dependencies and so on16:03
genCloneor better just to wait some days?16:04
ardithoxhaat gnome-alsamixer16:04
ardithoxhathere no bars :(16:04
FloodBot1ardithoxha: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:04
gkahlaanyone running jhbuild out there? trying to get GNOME 3.2 working, and there's an error I'm not getting beyond.16:04
bastidrazorgenClone: wait for the release date. everything before that is considered beta and unstable16:04
BarkingFishI suggest you check your BIOS settings then, if ubuntu isn't finding a sound card, the chances are if it's one built into your motherboard, it's probably disabled in the bios, ardithoxha16:05
ardithoxhapeople, at alsa gnome mixer no bars showing :(16:05
BarkingFishwe saw you the first time, ardithoxha - and we're trying to help you. Please be patient with us :)16:05
sileniI'm trying to timestamp the ping command with the -T option.. but the ping just sits there without sending packets16:05
genClonebastidrazor: yep, but I need to format and install now a new system, would you recommend to install the 11.04 instead of 11.10?16:05
silenibut when i try to ping without that option, the ping works just fine16:05
sileniam i missing something on what the option really does?16:06
ardithoxhayea but where to check that BarkingFish16:06
bastidrazorgenClone: i have no opinion on it. its your call.16:06
BarkingFishyou need to reboot your machine, and when you start, before ubuntu loads, you will need to press whichever key your PC says for System Setup, it's usually Escape, F1 or F216:06
sileniany ping experts in here ? haha16:06
bastidrazorgenClone: this close to release date most issues should be taken care of.16:06
ardithoxhaomg, I know how to go in bios but how to go to that sound check or whatever was?16:07
genCloneI suppose the actual version is very close to the final one.... and in case it isnt, the upgrade in a few days would involve only a few packets, isnt it?16:07
BarkingFishYou just have to look for the right part of the BIOS where you enable and disable hardware, ardithoxha16:07
BarkingFishI can't tell you where that is, all BIOS's are different16:08
BarkingFishif you find your onboard sound disabled, enable it.16:08
ardithoxhaoh I got It, do I have to check my Sound Card on BIOS16:08
bastidrazorgenClone: you may want to get better advice in #ubuntu+1 for 11.1016:08
ardithoxhaor something with sound16:08
BarkingFishYou have to check that the sound card is enabled in the BIOS16:08
ardithoxhado you have any contact16:08
genClonebastidrazor: thanks :)16:09
BarkingFishDo I have any contact with what, ardithoxha? :)16:09
BarkingFishardithoxha, I do, but I'm sorry, I only give tech advice in here, not by external support.  I do provide that service, but it's chargable16:10
BarkingFishHere, you get it for free. Be happy :)16:10
ardithoxhaare you here every day?16:10
bastidrazorgenClone: you're welcome.16:11
sileniBarkingFish: that was funny16:11
BarkingFishsileni, Funny maybe, but true.  I do in home PC service, but I charge for it.  Usually about £20 an hour16:12
BarkingFishHere, you get the help for nothing.16:12
sileniBarkingFish: no ardithoxha is funny16:12
BarkingFishyes, ardithoxha?16:13
ardithoxhaI remined now, I think my sound card and anything with sound in bios are correct and right but its with alsa I think!16:13
xdr4kexhi, i'm just trying to make windows recovery cd copy onto a partition and make it bootable, does anyone know how to do this?16:13
bastidrazorxdr4kex: ask in ##windows16:14
BarkingFishardithoxha, I have to pass you on to the rest of the channel then, if your sound card is enabled, then it's a problem somewhere in your install. I wonder why it doesn't find your card.16:14
xdr4kexim trying to do this in ubuntu16:14
xdr4kexthats why im asking in ubuntu xD16:14
ardithoxhayea, problem its somewhere in install! I think at alsa :S16:15
BarkingFishcould you just open a terminal for me, ardithoxha - and type  lspci | grep sound16:15
BarkingFishi just want to see if your PC is finding your sound card, and simply not using it.16:15
ardithoxhaomg, doesnt make anything :(16:16
BarkingFishok, try the same command and replace sound with audio please16:16
ardithoxhanope :|16:16
xdr4kexanyone know how to copy a cd onto a partition and make it bootable?16:17
BarkingFishone more thing then, ardithoxha - do you know if your sound card is one that is plugged into a slot on your motherboard, or if it's built in to the board please?16:17
dr_willisxdr4kex:  depending on whats on the cd. You can use grub2 to boot ISO files.16:17
ardithoxhadont know :(16:17
dr_willisxdr4kex:  that maybe the easiest way.16:17
ardithoxhamaybe on the board16:17
xdr4kex@Dr_willis really? that would be amazing i'll google it now16:18
ardithoxhabarkingfish do you have teamviewer , if you dont install it and come to my pc16:18
dr_willisxdr4kex:  a cool feature of grub2.16:18
dr_willisnight all16:18
BarkingFishardithoxha, there is an easy way to find out.  Look at the back of your PC where the sockets are - do your sound sockets appear with all the other sockets for mouse, keyboard and so on, or do they appear further down the back of the machine in a rectangle shaped slot?16:19
=== Guest26576 is now known as vega-
ardithoxhawait a minute barkingfish16:19
BarkingFishUnfortunately I can't do remote assistance, I'm on wifi with an unstable connection, and I can just about manage to run xchat without killing my wifi :)16:19
BarkingFishI wouldn't do remote assistance over a Public Wifi network anyway.16:20
gigeniekshello, I need help - how can I empty trash? It has kinda "locked" files from my USB flash which I deleted a few days ago, and now I can't anything to copy to that usb it gives me error about no free space. What should I do?16:20
BarkingFishgigenieks, unmount the usb flash, and run fsck on it to check the drive for errors16:21
BarkingFishsounds like something's gone wrong during the delete and it's corrupted the stick16:22
amithkkhi @rolandixor?16:22
BarkingFishlgstudio, Hi. Is there something we can help you with?16:23
gigenieksHow can I unmount it and run that "fsck"? Can u give step-by-step solution what should I type in terminal?16:23
BarkingFishgigenieks, do you know what drive letter the flash drive is assigned to?16:23
BarkingFishIf so, you just type sudo umount /dev/<whatever the drive is>  to unmount it16:24
rolandixorhi amithkk16:24
gigenieksI just pressed right mouse on it > eject volume16:25
gigenieksIt seems unmounted.16:25
BarkingFishthen, gigenieks - you would type fsck.vfat /dev/<whatever the drive is>16:25
gigenieksI don't know which drive it is under dev folder16:26
gigenieksthere is many files16:26
Arrnasmy wireless card stops working every time i reboot, theres an error in syslog that says : "/sys/devices/virtual/net/vmnet1: couldn't determine device driver; ignoring..." and i can't find a linux driver for my wireless card, any ideas?16:26
BarkingFishhm.  Unplug the drive, gigenieks - then plug it back in.  When you do this, type dmesg | tail  and it should show you a new usb device, and it should tell you the drive assignment16:27
gigenieksBarkingFish: sec will do that16:28
BarkingFishit'll probably look something like this in your dmesg, gigenieks16:28
BarkingFishgigenieks, [    3.670838] sd 2:0:0:0: [sdc] Attached SCSI removable disk16:28
=== tjubaluba_ is now known as Squarism
synackfinhow do I downgrade eclipse?16:29
hmartinsI had a problem, i have my wired connected to the ethernet but, the connection are not reconized16:30
hmartinsdoes anyone helps me?16:30
gigenieksBarkingFish: my output is here ---> http://paste.ubuntu.com/701785/16:30
osseThere's a command line utility that mounts file systems the way they would have been mounted if it was done through Nautilus. What is the name of that?16:30
g0bl1nhi, are Ubuntu 9.04 repos still available ? Is it possible to install applications on those distros ?16:31
BarkingFishardithoxha, I'll be with you in a moment :)16:31
BarkingFishgigenieks, if you look, the disk is assigned to /dev/sdb16:31
BarkingFishso you now need to unmount it again, then run fsck.vfat /dev/sdb16:32
zerefgonl1n, yes16:32
auronandace!eol | g0bl1n16:32
ubottug0bl1n: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades16:32
zerefbut not supported anumore16:32
BarkingFishok, ardithoxha - where were we? You were looking to see how your sound card was attached, right?16:33
BarkingFishDid you figure it out?16:33
dan-mytthi there i have a problem with my keyboard on my laptop16:34
BarkingFish!details dan-mytt16:34
ardithoxhaI hit at terminal lspci and see what shows16:34
dan-myttthe keyboard works in the bios fine, but does not on grub or login screen16:34
ardithoxha00:00.0 Host bridge: VIA Technologies, Inc. CN896/VN896/P4M900 Host Bridge 00:00.1 Host bridge: VIA Technologies, Inc. CN896/VN896/P4M900 Host Bridge 00:00.2 Host bridge: VIA Technologies, Inc. CN896/VN896/P4M900 Host Bridge 00:00.3 Host bridge: VIA Technologies, Inc. CN896/VN896/P4M900 Host Bridge 00:00.4 Host bridge: VIA Technologies, Inc. CN896/VN896/P4M900 Host Bridge 00:00.5 PIC: VIA Technologies, Inc. CN896/VN896/P4M900 I/O 16:34
w30I'm trying to run Unity and Ubuntu Classic /with Compiz. Whenever I switch from classic to unity then back to classic with compiz, Unity wrecks my ccsm config for the classic config. Ay way to prevent this?16:34
ArranHi. I made an error: I put a second HD into the fstab, but wrongly, now the computer (Mint) won't start. I wnated to uncomment the new line in the fstab via sudo nano /etc/fstab. However the file is only readable. Can you help?16:34
ardithoxhaI think not full16:34
gigenieksBarkingFish here is my output from terminal: http://paste.ubuntu.com/701790/16:35
BarkingFishThat's a very long list, ardithoxha - next time, you can paste the output to http://paste.ubuntu.com :)16:35
dan-myttthe problem occur all by it's self16:35
dan-myttany ideas barking fish16:35
BarkingFishIt doesn't look like your card is there,  did you see the back of the machine, ardithoxha - where are your sound sockets?16:35
BarkingFishdan-mytt, I'm pretty busy at the moment, maybe someone else could assist you :)16:36
BarkingFishI'll be free soon.16:36
LaykeIs there anything like dreamweaver for Linux? I'm just looking to quickly knock up some tables for an ebay auction bulk lot.16:36
g0bl1nso zeref if one does an apt-get install... on 9.04, it will install ok, right ?16:36
DesertFoxNightHow do I reset the network settings for Ubuntu Server? I have tried to configured the network settings of the server, but with no avail.16:36
zerefgobl1n, yes16:36
cutiyari have created DSL connection and worked great , but after restarting now when i connect to the DSL it ask me DSL authentication but the box shows nothing . u can see the box here http://postimage.org/image/1h49cjryc/16:36
BarkingFishardithoxha, - I'm afraid I'm going to have to pass you on...  I don't know anything about your sound card or its drivers, I think they're proprietary...16:37
jkeatsi'm having trouble adding swap to fstab16:37
jkeatsswapon is saying no such file or directory16:37
ardithoxhawhat this means ?16:37
BarkingFishanyone who can help ardithoxha - please check the paste they posted, sound card is listed here: 80:01.0 Audio device: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT1708/A [Azalia HDAC] (VIA High Definition Audio Controller) (rev 10)16:37
jkeats/dev/sdg is a swap volume16:37
BarkingFishardithoxha, I don't think they're drivers that are ones we include with the basic setup for ubuntu.16:38
jkeats/dev/sdg                                        swap            swap    defaults        0       016:38
BarkingFishI've got to go for a moment, those I'm helping, I'll be back in a few minutes16:38
w30Arran, try saving the fstab to a home directory then sudo cat home/fstab > /etc/fstab16:38
ardithoxhahey, yesterday16:38
jkeatsswapon: /dev/sdg: Invalid argument16:38
ardithoxhamy sound worked16:38
gigenieksBarkingfish: i get some useful info i think here is output from terminal CHECK this ---> http://paste.ubuntu.com/701796/ <----16:38
ardithoxhabut something work with ALSA16:38
bastidrazorjkeats: you need a number following sdg.. for example sdg116:39
auronandacejkeats: you have a whole disk devoted to swap?16:39
BarkingFishone moment all, i'll be back shortly -16:39
jkeatsyeah i do, a whole disk16:39
bastidrazorKjekken: it still has to have a partition number.16:39
jkeatsit's a slice off a cloud16:39
auronandacejkeats: that is a collosal waste16:39
jkeatsoh get off it, i just carved off 16gb of disk for swap from the cloud16:40
gigenieksBarkingFish: ok :)16:40
jkeatsthe machine doesn't even "exist"16:40
jkeatsso by your test, the whole thing is a waste. all its disks are slices off disks that are slices off other disks16:40
jkeatsi'd just like to know why swapon doesn't like that argument in fstab16:41
bastidrazorjkeats: /dev/sdg needs a partition number.16:41
jkeatsit doesn't.16:41
ardithoxhacan someone16:42
ardithoxhahelp me with my sound card?16:42
ardithoxhaand sound problems?!16:42
w30Arran, next time cp fstab fstab.orig then you can just cat fstab.orig > fstab. Lots easier than editing with vi or nano16:42
bastidrazorjkeats: so you haven't formatted the disk as swap? if not it won't work.16:42
KM0201!sound > ardithoxha16:42
ubottuardithoxha, please see my private message16:42
bastidrazor!wap > jkeats : read this, it'll explain a few things16:42
dan-myttcan anyone help i have a laptop keyboard problem!! the keyboard works fine in the bios!! But doesn't not work in grub or the login screen. this fault suddenly happened with out me doing anything.16:42
bastidrazor!swap | jkeats16:42
ubottujkeats: swap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info16:42
jkeatsi have formatted all of /dev/sdg as swap. the entire disk.16:42
jkeatsin unix, everything is a file.16:43
jkeatsi could have a 3gb file on disk, and swapon that file, and it wouldn't have to have a "partition" for it to work.16:43
bastidrazorjkeats: because a swap file is NOT a swap partition.16:43
jkeatsi know how swap works, thank you very much. i've been using unix for twenty years.16:43
saulotoledoHello! I'm with gnome 3.2. I cant disable my touchpad in my netbook, synclient TouchpadOff=0 command do not works, somebody know why?16:44
jkeatsi'm trying to figure out what the syntax error is.16:44
ardithoxhahere is my pastebin http://paste.ubuntu.com/701795/16:44
bastidrazorjkeats: i already told you. you need a number following /sdg16:44
clvxAnyone who can help?, Banshee has no sound and the progress bar moves really fast when I play a song. Also, no sound in youtube or watching videos on totem.16:44
Arran<w30> Thanks a lot. Weill be back16:45
clvxbut, I have sound if I change sessions.16:45
bastidrazorjkeats: sudo fdisk -l   whats the /dev/sdg listed as16:45
jkeatsDisk /dev/sdg: 2147 MB, 2147483648 bytes16:45
bastidrazorjkeats: then the disk is not partitioned.16:46
jkeatsbut it doesn't need to be partitioned to use swap. what does swap care about parititioning? it is just paging memory out to it.16:47
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.16:47
jkeatsany more than a file needs to be partitioned when swap writes to it. disks are files.16:47
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats16:47
cutiyari have created DSL connection and worked great , but after restarting now when i connect to the DSL it ask me DSL authentication but the box shows nothing . u can see the box here http://postimage.org/image/1h49cjryc/16:47
bastidrazorjkeats: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq#How_do_I_add_more_swap.3F  ..read that. it clearly states you need to partition the drive as a swap partition.16:48
jkeatsthat's hokey. you know, this worked on natty yesterday.16:49
jkeatsit's not working on lts, hence why i'm here.16:49
dan-myttcan anyone help i have a laptop keyboard problem!! the keyboard works fine in the bios!! But doesn't not work in grub or the login screen. this fault suddenly happened with out me doing anything.16:49
DesertFoxNightHow do I reset the network settings for Ubuntu Server? I have tried to configured the network settings of the server, but with no avail.16:50
dan-myttcan anyone help i have a laptop keyboard problem!! the keyboard works fine in the bios!! But doesn't not work in grub or the login screen. this fault suddenly happened with out me doing anything.16:50
grendal-primeDesertFoxNight, get rid of network manager do it all in the /etc/network/interfaces file16:51
grendal-primeif you are using the graphical interface get use to the idea that ...that will be a sucky way to run a server.16:51
dan-myttcan anyone help i have a laptop keyboard problem!! the keyboard works fine in the bios!! But doesn't not work in grub or the login screen. this fault suddenly happened with out me doing anything.16:52
grendal-primespeaking of crap and interfaces...this box im looking at has a ....gnome window effect that drives me nuts.  Everytime i get a dialog box, if i move my pointer off of it..it faids off.16:52
theadmingrendal-prime: That doesn't sound normal16:52
grendal-primei cant see it and then when i move my moust back over it it reappears...what the hell is that and how do i disable it?16:52
grendal-primeit is a multi screen display..16:53
grendal-primesome setting in compize i think16:53
sipiorjkeats: sorry, i missed something. what's the exact error that gets reported when you try "sudo swapon /dev/sdg"?16:54
jkeatsok bastidrazor i did as you asked and partitioned it and it still complains16:55
jkeatsswapon: /dev/sdg2: Invalid argument16:55
dan-myttcan anyone help i have a laptop keyboard problem!! the keyboard works fine in the bios!! But doesn't not work in grub or the login screen. this fault suddenly happened with out me doing anything.16:55
sipiorjkeats: get anything more if you supply the -v switch?16:55
jkeatsthat's why i say swapon -a or swapon /dev/sdg216:55
theadminsdG? How many hard drives do you have!?16:55
bastidrazorjkeats: /dev/sdg2 none swap sw 0 016:55
jkeatsnothing more useful16:55
jkeatsbastidrazor: still the same16:56
sipiorjkeats: this isn't a physical disk?16:56
jkeatsit's a physical disk as much as the machine knows it is16:57
jkeatsit's a machine in the amazon cloud16:57
sipiorjkeats: how is the volume mounted in the machine?16:57
jkeatsit's swap, it isn't mounted :p16:57
sipiorjkeats: you know what i mean.16:57
jkeatswell it's in /etc/fstab16:58
=== GirlyGirl_ is now known as GirlyGirl
jkeatsbut before i put it in /etc/fstab i just said swapon /dev/sdg16:58
jkeatsand then after all the complaining about it needing to be formatted, i said swapon /dev/sdg216:58
gigenieksOK, seems like BarkingFish will not be here soon, who can help me fix my issue with USB flash and trash being with files from usb which I cannot delete??16:58
sipiorjkeats: what network transport mechanism? "Swap over NFS may not work.", says the swapon man page.16:58
jkeatsyou clearly don't understand AWS16:58
jkeatsthe machine thinks it's physically connected.16:59
jkeatsthat's what "sd" means in the volume name16:59
BarkingFishI'm sorry, gigenieks - I was called away to the phone.16:59
sipiorjkeats: i don't. that's why i'm asking.16:59
jkeatsto the machine, these are scsi-attached disks.16:59
gigenieksBarkingFish: my last and useful output from terminal --> http://paste.ubuntu.com/701796/17:00
BarkingFishgigenieks, you gave the wrong command.17:02
BarkingFishyou gave sudo fsck /dev/sdb - it should be sudo fsck.vfat /dev/sdb17:02
gigenieksI did that command too17:03
gigeniekssec will do that17:03
BarkingFishyour drive is partitioned, so if /dev/sdb doesn't work, try /dev/sdb1 and /dev/sdb2 separately17:04
BarkingFish!fi | heikki_17:05
ubottuheikki_: Tämä kanava on tarkoitettu vain englanninkieliselle keskustelulle. Jos haluat suomenkielistä apua (K)ubuntun ongelmiin, liity kanavalle #ubuntu-fi / #kubuntu-fi :-)17:05
gigeniekslol terminal is not responding17:05
daavishey! i downloaded gnome shell. Now.. how to set it up so it's always on startup?17:05
gigeniekscant close or type command17:06
BarkingFishgigenieks, i don't know if this works in ubuntu, I know it does in kubuntu... Try Ctrl, Alt, Escape - usually that activates a kill window thing for your mouse17:06
BarkingFishOurs turns the cursor to a skull & crossbones17:07
theadminBarkingFish: That's a KDE thing17:07
theadminBarkingFish: Well, not xkill itself, just the shortcut17:07
BarkingFishtheadmin, drat. Is there a gnome shortcut?17:08
theadminBarkingFish: None I know of17:08
theadminBarkingFish: Alt+f2, "xkill", Enter?17:08
BarkingFishgood point17:08
BarkingFishgigenieks, try what theadmin just posted17:09
BarkingFishyou may be able to kill the hung terminal that way, and simply open a fresh one17:09
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sileniBarkingFish: hey17:09
sileniBarkingFish: i would like your help17:09
gigenieksBarkingFish: http://paste.ubuntu.com/701821/17:09
=== Daniel0108 is now known as EvilDaniel0108
BarkingFishgigenieks, that is plain weird.17:10
sileniBarkingFish: what would be the best way to timestamp the replies from ping?17:10
=== TheDaniel0108 is now known as Daniel0108
BarkingFishsileni, ping -t <location>17:10
sileniBarkingFish: doesn't work17:11
sileniBarkingFish: the -T is the option for timestamp but for some reaon when i do ping -T tsonly <location>17:11
sileniBarkingFish: it doesn't ping17:11
sileniBarkingFish: just sits there17:11
BarkingFishsileni, are you behind a firewall preventing incoming icmp?17:11
sileniBarkingFish: hmm shouldn't be, cause i can ping it normally with `ping <location>`17:12
sileniBarkingFish: and i can get the replies if i do that17:12
gigenieksDa** I need that USB to work properly so I can finishm my homework for tomorrow in university. Seems like this thing will use all my night...17:12
BarkingFishgigenieks, one sec.17:12
gigenieksBarkingfish: plz give ur suggestions in paste.ubuntu because I have to meet friend now and will be afk at least 1h - 1.5h17:13
BarkingFishGuys, bit of an urgent hand needed for gigenieks - we've unmounted his usb stick at /dev/sdb, gone to run fsck.vfat over it, and it's not opening the disk, stating there is no such volume.17:13
fritschBarkingFish: what was the output of fdisk -l /dev/sdb ?17:14
BarkingFishgigenieks, it's not possible to help you when you're not here, since we'd need to get you to try stuff out as it's done17:14
BarkingFishgigenieks, before you go, can you just try what fritsch suggested please?17:14
DesertFoxNightgrendal-prime, how do I remove network manager using the terminal?17:14
BarkingFishit will give us some ideas17:14
theadminDesertFoxNight: apt-get remove networkmanager or somesuch17:15
gigenieksoutput: "Cannot open /dev/sdb"17:15
BarkingFishfritsch, if it helps, I saw the dmesg output from when he attached the usb disk, it's definitely sdb17:15
fritschgigenieks: you look at the wrong device17:16
fritschBarkingFish: did you have ssh access?17:16
BarkingFishfritsch, no17:16
DesertFoxNightWhen I type that command, I get "Unable to locate package networkmanager"17:16
BarkingFishhe did the dmesg output after plugging the disk in, and this is what we saw fritsch - http://paste.ubuntu.com/701785/17:17
fritschDesertFoxNight: it is network-manager17:17
jkeatsubuntu@ip-10-204-5-232:/home/alex$ sudo swapon /dev/xvds17:17
BarkingFishfritsch, unless I've misinterpreted the dmesg, that shows sdb as being attached with 2 partitions, sdb1 and sdb217:17
BarkingFish!fr | Okidor7817:18
ubottuOkidor78: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.17:18
fritschBarkingFish: i think he unmounted the drive and plugged it off17:18
gigenieksOK I will be back in an hour or 2, I hope we will figure it out.17:19
DesertFoxNightOk, now I get a message that reads: "Virtual packages like 'network-manager' can't be removed"17:19
one23hey. does anyone know how i can issue commands throgh ssh that makes the host do something. like play a movie in vlc?17:19
DesertFoxNightAlsom I'm runnin Ubuntu Server on VirtualBox.17:19
BarkingFishfritsch - i told him only to unmount it, and then to run sudo fsck.vfat /dev/sdb to it17:19
BarkingFishI gave him no instruction to unplug it, only to umount17:19
fritschBarkingFish: sdb is the raw device, this would not make sense17:19
fritschBarkingFish: if there are partitions on it17:19
fritschBarkingFish: we talk about gigenieks <- right?17:20
BarkingFishyeah, I changed it to sdb1 and sdb2 after reading the dmesh a second time17:20
fritschgigenieks: please unplug your drive and replug it17:20
fritschgigenieks: paste the dmesg output to a pastebin17:20
BarkingFishhe can't now, he's to go out.  We will try again later :)17:20
fritschBarkingFish: oki17:20
ReallycoolI've noticed that recently Compiz has been having trouble understanding how long a millisecond is. It seems as if instead of "milliseconds" it's going by number of frames17:21
BarkingFishgigenieks, we will speak again later, I have to leave also for a while.  I will come back in about 1.5 - 2.0 hours17:21
BarkingFishSee you all later17:21
The_BROSHow to change settings in thunderbird that reply massage would be on top of reply?17:21
tabakhaseThe_BROS "click on settings"?17:22
The_BROStabakhase: and then?17:23
PlughThe_BROS: If you right click a tool bar area you should have an option that says "Customize...".17:23
tabakhaseThe_BROS shame on me... there is the "reply as inline or attachment", wired....17:24
The_BROSPlugh: No. I mean that my answer would be on the top of the massage17:25
MonkeyDustThe_BROS: it's in Edit, Account settings, Comositing & addressing17:25
PlughA lot of people don't like top posting of replies17:25
ardithoxhado anyone know to install ALSA?17:25
theadmin!es | selene17:26
ubottuselene: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.17:26
The_BROSMonkeyDust: Oh. I C. Thanx a lot17:26
one23how can i make X on my host computer do something from ssh? i want to tell my computer to play something in vlc from a remote computer. anyone?17:28
theadminone23: Try cvlc first17:28
theadminone23: If that doesn't work out for you, well, there is always ssh X forwarding, read up on that17:28
ActionParsnipOne23: connect with: ssh -X user@host17:29
BluesKajone23,  ssh-X user@remoteIP17:29
ActionParsnipOne23: any music you play will come out of the server in any app17:29
A_JActionParsnip: \o/ hai dude17:29
BluesKajone23, correction ssh -X17:29
ActionParsnipA_j: yo yo yo17:30
ardithoxhado anyone know to install ALSA?17:30
BluesKajyup ActionParsnip17:30
ActionParsnipOne23: do you use an android phone17:30
one23theadmin: thanks for that. i want to play a video, so cvlc won't work for me. it displays ascii art, but will check out these other tips17:30
Plughardithoxha: Are you trying to install it or are you asking for help configuring it?17:31
ActionParsnipardithoxha: look at the official sound troubleshooting procedure doc, it has a big command to do it17:31
one23ActionParsnip: yes, that is the goal eventually. but right now i am just on another computer17:31
BluesKajone23, I've heard of ppl streaming from the remote to local with vlc, over ssh17:32
ActionParsnipOne23: dude install vlc remote on your phone and enable the http interface. You will need to edit you .hosts file to allow you networks subnet. You can then control it using your phone17:33
ActionParsnipOne23: works amazingly17:33
one23wow. sounds cool. will check that ouy17:33
dan-myttcan anyone help i have a laptop keyboard problem!! the keyboard works fine in the bios!! But doesn't not work in grub or the login screen. this fault suddenly happened with out me doing anything.17:35
theadmindan-mytt: Do you have an option for "Legacy USB support" in BIOS? Try toggling that.17:35
one23ActionParsnip: this is kind of what i wanted to program myself. haha17:35
AndChat|Damn blackspots. This is actionParsnip17:36
lucidguyNeed advice purchasing new power supply.  AMD Atholon dual core system with 4GB ram, 5 sata hard drives, PCIe Video Nvidia, DVDburner....  Will a 500W system be enough.17:37
andyvy5 sata HDs?17:37
andyvywhich AMD?17:37
AndChat|One23: http://maketecheasier.com/remote-control-vlc-with-android-phone/2010/08/0617:37
AndChat|lucidguy: ask in ##hardware this is ubuntu su17:38
AndChat|One23: if you ru17:38
AndChat|One23: run:  sudo find / | grep vlc | grep host     you'll see the file to edit. By default the only allowed computer to access the web ui is localhost17:40
Plughlucidguy: There are lots of different nVidia cards out there. The specs for the one you want will state what the minimum specs are for the power supply. Check the specs on the SATA drives to make sure the power supply you are thinking of getting can supply the currents required for the 5 drives and video card.17:40
mattalexxIs there a screenshot tool or active keyboard command that will allow me to select a rectangle?17:41
theadminmattalexx: Quite a few, I beleive the standard GNOME screenshooter does that17:41
mattalexxtheadmin, Is that tool being used in Ubuntu Natty?17:41
mattalexxBecause I can't seem to find the right keyboard shortcut.17:41
one23AndChat|: thanks. i think i got this.17:42
AndChat|mattalexx: install imagemagick   then in a terminal run:  sleep 10; import ~/output.jpg     the sleep 10 gives 10 seconds to arrange the screen17:42
theadminmattalexx: I have no idea, in GNOME it used to be called when you hit Printscreen17:42
AndChat|mattalexx: its how i do it17:42
mattalexxAndChat|, At what time can I define the area to crop to?17:44
mattalexx... other than using post-processing17:44
w30lucidguy, depends on price and your wallet. You can always keep your power supply and put it in your next machine (swap). A larger one keeps obsolescence  away until form factor changes17:44
AndChat|Afaik, printscrn does the whole shebang, there may be shift or alt you can press to change how it acts but I've always used imagemagick17:44
AndChat|mattalexx: the cursor will change and you can draw your rectangle17:45
glitchdhey im having a problem when booting ubuntu 10.0417:45
lucidguyThe main reason why I'm replacing is because the system seems to randomly restart lately...  I'm guessing its powersupply.17:46
andyvyglitchd: details?17:46
glitchdthere seems to be a longer than normal boot post and it takes around 2-5 mins to fully boot17:46
=== kudu is now known as Guest96840
AndChat|lucidguy: have you tested the ram?17:46
glitchdandyvy, i should also add, that yesterday i somehow or another removed my graphics driver, so i had to go thru about a 3-4 hr process to figure out how to get it back, and that would include installing vesa drivers to use while i got the right vid driver17:47
BenBI just got a new computer (AMD A8-3850 with GPU on CPU) and would like to continue to use 10.04 LTS. how do I use a new graphics driver (kernel, xorg, mesa) in 10.04?17:47
AndChat|glitchd: when you get booted, run: dmesg | less      and look for big gaps in time on the left. Use cursors to scroll and q to exit17:48
glitchdAndChat|, ill run it right now since i just booted and ill reply the response, ill probably have to use pastebin tho17:48
AndChat|Benb:could try the xorg edgers update ppa17:48
BenBAndChat|: url?17:48
AndChat|Benb: just websearch dude. My web is slow and you'll find it easily before my page loads17:49
glitchdAndChat|, is there a way to get it to save it to a file? only because it wont let me scroll all the output17:50
deadpoolhey yesterday i updated my eclipse but it somehow messed it up , is there a way I can uninstall those updates from late last night?17:50
AndChat|Benb: instead of relying purely on people to feed you Urls, you will be more autonomous and learn if you search using direction given17:50
AndChat|Benb: it frees people up to help others17:51
oCeanAndChat|: don't just suggest to 'websearch' or 'google' in our channels17:51
=== Ran is now known as rompolompo
grendal-primesoory got sidtracked with reall world stuff... you know like outside   (where the pizzaman lives)17:51
AndChat|Ocean: i have told him exactly what is needed. It will be easily found17:51
oCeanAndChat|: but it's not welcome here. Don't do it again please17:52
grendal-primeanyway who wanted to know how to remove network-manager.17:52
Dovidwhat does this error mean? root@vms2:/etc# /etc/init.d/sendmail start17:52
Dovid.: 14: Can't open /etc/init.d/functions17:52
compdocis there a file /etc/init.d/functions ?17:53
jribDovid: this is probably unrelated but you should use the « service » command instead of calling that script directly17:53
grendal-primenot ocean... AndChat|17:53
glitchdis there anyway to export the output of dmesg | less to a txt file of anykind or a file in general?17:53
AndChat|Ocean: fine but it will take a long time. If you give people some direction they can find out stuff better. If you just give links they will never learn, meaning more support is needed by volunteers17:53
oCeangrendal-prime: that too, lmgtfy is not welcome here17:54
theadminglitchd: dmesg | tail somefile17:54
grendal-primegood altrenative..dang...17:54
oCeanAndChat|: let me explain it this way: don't do it again17:54
grendal-primeOk i understand17:54
theadminglitchd: Or, simply, "dmesg > somefile"17:54
theadminErr not tail... What was it?17:54
theadmintee, there17:54
Dovidjrib: I get the same error: .: 14: Can't open /etc/init.d/functions17:54
AndChat|Ocean: do you see my point though?17:54
theadminglitchd: dmesg | tee somefile17:54
jribDovid: pastebin the script17:54
AndChat|Ocean: i see your point17:55
ubuntu_o co tu chodzi?17:55
oCeanAndChat|: No, and not about to discuss channel rules here. You can use #ubuntu-ops if you want to17:55
qin!pl | ubuntu_17:55
ubottuubuntu_: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.17:55
glitchdtheadmin, thank you17:55
Dovidjrib: http://pastebin.com/akfHxCvs17:55
Dovidhrib: ls: cannot access /etc/init.d/functions: No such file or directory17:56
AndChat|Ocean: its the whole teach a man to fish idea. I'll fetch the user a link17:56
silenihey guys17:57
oiyeuanyone there ?17:57
sileniis there anyway to just prepend the time to replies from ping17:57
silenii want to get ping with timestamp but for some reason the pint -T <location> doesn't work17:57
sileniit transmits the packets but no reply is received... but ping <location> works fine17:58
jribDovid: does /etc/init.d/functions exist?17:58
Dovidjrib: See my last. no it does not17:58
jribDovid: find out what should provide that :)  (use apt-file)17:58
ikoniasileni: did you read any of the man page ?17:59
ikoniasileni: the man page clearly explains how to use -T17:59
mattalexxAndChat|, FYI, After some research, I installed ccsm, enabled the Screeshot feature in Compiz, and only then did the <Super>+drag work.17:59
mattalexxAndChat|, I do appreciate the help.18:00
AndChat|BenB: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-x-swat/+archive/x-updates18:00
BenBAndChat|: thanks, but I already got it when I said "yes, thanks"18:00
misse_Hi, I've got a 10.04.3 LTS server which hags after "running script init-bottom: done". I've booted it with init=/bin/bash, I've upgraded it with apt, purged nfs-common.. but it still hangs.. what more can I do? where can I look?18:00
BenBAndChat|: thanks anyway18:01
AndChat|Benb: sorry. Was using my slow browser to get the link. So didn't see you. Glad you found it using the direction i gave18:01
AndChat|mattalexx: cool. I don't use compiz so wasn't aware of the feature18:02
Paulus__Hello all beautiful Ubuntu users :)18:03
MonkeyDustdon't insult me: i'm ugly18:03
GuiriHaving some trouble with a laptop after failing to upgrade python. Won't load X properly. Can someone take a look? http://paste.ubuntu.com/701849/18:03
=== GirlyGirl_ is now known as ghost
Paulus__I have two problems at the monent :(18:04
=== ghost is now known as Guest84799
PiciGuiri: How were you trying to 'upgrade python'?18:04
__inport__I have a server, running 10.10, and webmin fails to start at boot on it.18:04
AndChat|Ocean: ill nip into the ops channel later18:04
Paulus__I am sure you are beautiful on the inside Monkey Dust18:04
__inport__How can I set this?18:04
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.18:04
GuiriApparently they used apt-get. Helping a friend18:05
__inport__What would be a better alternative?18:05
__inport__(that is free)18:05
ubottuzentyal is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Zentyal (Project formally known as eBox - including in Lucid/10.04).18:05
grendal-primePaulus__, ya dude...like "I got scars and bums and bruses..and something here that ozzes, and lets not even mention my complexion..but dispite my extra toes and my goiter and my nose...id really like to make a love connection!!"18:05
Dovidjrib: should I just "scp it over" from a CentOs system ore re-install sendmail /18:05
jribDovid: no.  How did you install sendmail?18:06
grendal-primeQuoted from "I've got a dream" from Tangled  (the disney file)18:06
grendal-primemy 7 year old sone sings that song..its hilariouse18:06
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grendal-primeson that is18:06
Paulus__Well I am glad that I have never heard it until now :)18:07
auronandace!ot | grendal-prime18:07
ubottugrendal-prime: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:07
Paulus__So I have a few problems with my 11.04 ubuntu install18:08
__inport__AndChat|, thanks18:08
Paulus__the first is that for some reason firefox will not load the email inbox of my university and opera does18:08
AndChat|__inport__: no worries18:08
BenBAndChat|: don't I need a new kernel, too, for the KMS, if I want support for the new GPU?18:08
Paulus__and firefox 7 is trying to install from an untrusted repository18:08
BenBAndChat|: where do I get this from?18:08
Paulus__so I am crying slightly18:08
touchpadHello, I'm running 11.04 on a netbook (hp pavilion dm1). It has a touchpad with 2 buttons recognized as "SynPS/2Synaptics Touchpad" in the Parameters.I would like to use both buttons but they both act as a left button. Ideas?18:09
GirlyGirlCan anyone help me Wifi reception is less on Ubuntu than Windows Xp18:09
AndChat|Paulus__: does it work ok as another (new) user18:09
touchpadAnd other question: I have 11.04 on an usb key (created with usb-creator-gtk). I use it with a persistant data space. Are there ways to speedup the boot/shutdown process? And how canI get rid of the initial screen to select langage and chose to try xubuntu or install it? (I always select "french" and then "try without installing")18:09
bastidrazorPaulus__: firefox 7 isn't in 11.04, yet.18:09
Paulus__Let me check that AncChat :)18:09
D_Russso is there any free softaware similar to camtasia?18:09
auronandace!info firefox18:10
AndChat|Benb: there is a kernel ppa but i would not advise using it as it is not supported here.18:10
ubottufirefox (source: firefox): Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version 7.0.1+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.11.04.1 (natty), package size 14709 kB, installed size 29508 kB18:10
BenBAndChat|: well, all I want is that my system continues to run with my new computer.18:10
bastidrazorit has been released. good deal.18:10
BenBAndChat|: at the moment, 10.04 doesn't work, I am in VESA mode.18:10
BenBAndChat|: please tell me the supported way to get new drivers.18:10
AndChat|touchpad: you may be able to use remastersys to modify the iso. You could instead install the OS to the USB and treat it like a regular drive18:11
=== phasma_ is now known as phasmatis
AndChat|Benb: install a later release is all i can advise18:12
airdemhello, can you help me get a nvidia gtx 460 work an ubuntu 10.1018:12
AndChat|!nvidia | airdem18:12
ubottuairdem: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto18:12
BenBAndChat|: 10.04 *is* the latest LTS release. I want to use LTS, with a current computer. there must be some supported way to do that.18:12
TheLawnmowerManI've installed Ubuntu on my PC & everything is going great and working except I get no sound whatsoever.  The sound is enabled in the BIOS.  It's an onboard audio and haven't had problems with this motherboard prior to installing Ubuntu.  I've followed the advice listed on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting.  I can get to step six but that is where I get stuck.18:13
SadlyMistakenExcuse me but when i Record some CD with 'Brasero'... People can't see the files into the cd in another OS like 'Window$' or 'OS'... what can i do?18:13
glitchdBenB, i would think to just use update manager..?18:13
AndChat|Benb: not that i know of, maybe others can advise18:13
auronandaceBenB: wait till 12.0418:13
BenBauronandace: not funny18:13
oiyeuhello there18:13
BenBglitchd: and I do what there?18:13
TheLawnmowerManWhen I run "lspci -v | grep "Audio device"" I get no response.  Does anybody have any suggestions?18:14
AndChat|Sadly: tried a different burning app, like xfburn?18:14
Paulus__@ AndChat .. A new user had no problems logging in18:14
Dovidjrib: I did not. was installed b4 i was managing the box18:14
compdocTheLawnmowerMan, try 'audio' or 'Audio'18:14
compdockeep it simple18:14
Paulus__so is it just best for me to create a new user? and Migrate some of my settings over?18:14
SadlyMistakenAndChat xfburn? do you think these will be the solution? xfburn is into the synaptic?18:15
D_Russlooking for a good (read free) screen recorder for ubuntu. any suggestions18:15
TheLawnmowerMancompdoc: no results with 'audio' or 'Audio'18:15
SadlyMistakenAndChat|: xfburn? do you think these will be the solution? xfburn is into the synaptic?18:15
glitchdBenB, thats where it would list if there was an update for anything, that or System->Admin->Hardware Drivers18:15
jribDovid: hmm, see if the sendmail package is installed18:15
compdocTheLawnmowerMan, then its possible that its using the device name18:16
oiyeui got list of command on a file with number for each command one number for example : 1.  ls -l 2. cat /etc/network/interface etc .... now what i want to do is from that file i want to call each number like this !1 for calling command 1 !2 for calling command 2 etc ....18:16
compdoctry lspci -v and look through it18:16
oiyeuwhat i have to do ? to make that one possible ?18:16
tinfuryWaddup all?18:16
BenBglitchd: I am already up-to-date18:16
TheLawnmowerManchecking now18:16
Picioiyeu: Thats probably a better question for #bash18:16
airdemusb flash gets automountet into /media right?18:17
glitchdBenB, then what exactly was your question again?..sry18:17
TheLawnmowerManI see it18:17
oiyeuok thanks Pici18:17
TheLawnmowerMan00:11.5 Multimedia audio controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT8233/A/8235/8237 AC97 Audio Controller (rev 60)18:17
TheLawnmowerManSubsystem: Elitegroup Computer Systems K8M800-M2 (V2.0) onboard audio18:17
TheLawnmowerManFlags: medium devsel, IRQ 2218:17
TheLawnmowerManI/O ports at dc00 [size=256]18:17
TheLawnmowerManCapabilities: <access denied>18:17
FloodBot1TheLawnmowerMan: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:17
TheLawnmowerManKernel driver in use: VIA 82xx Audio18:17
auronandace!paste | TheLawnmowerMan18:17
ubottuTheLawnmowerMan: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:17
BenBglitchd: I want to use 10.04 LTS with my new computer, with AMD A8-3850 and oncpu-graphics. xorg as-is doesn't support that new "graphics card", and uses VESA mode, while I have 2 monitors with 1920x1200 each and need to use them.18:18
grendal-primeI apologize for wandering from the path...but..well Im a bad man what can i say.... ok back on topic...anyone familiar with this windo fade out option that is soooo irritating?18:18
AndChat|Paulus__: ok so we now know it is your settings and not the browser itself. If you rename ~/.mozilla  then rerun the browser, you will get the same result as your first user, you can copy you bookmarks (if you use them) from the old config but you will need to reinstate addons, themes and resave stored passwords. This is the only way I can think to solve it personally. Maybe others can advise a sleeker method. Maybe an addon you have is stopping the page and18:19
BenBglitchd: so, I just need new drivers for the new hardware, that's all. that must be possible with LTS, otherwise LTS is useless.18:19
glitchdyes, i believe you are correct18:19
TheLawnmowerMancompdoc: this is what I see http://paste.ubuntu.com/701853/18:19
AndChat|Should probably have broken that up. Apologies to all :-(18:19
glitchddid u get some new parts for the comp?18:19
BenBglitchd: it's an entirely new computer.18:20
auronandaceBenB: lts is designed for stability, that can come with the price of newer hardware simply isn't supported18:20
BenBauronandace: there is no stability if I cannot use it anymore.18:20
glitchdis ubuntu already installed on it?18:20
BenBglitchd: yes.18:20
AndChat|grendal-prime: do you mean app windows going monochrome?18:20
glitchdBenB, are there any updates registering?18:20
BenBglitchd: I am up-to-date18:21
grendal-primei open something and move my mouse pointer off it..and it fades to transparrent...like 98%18:21
BenB(I just did apt-get dist-upgrade and reboot)18:21
auronandaceBenB: anymore? so you've used 10.04 on it before?18:21
glitchdBenB, well if any new updates come out, they should pop up in the update manager18:21
grendal-primekinda ...well i keep loosing my most recient opened app AndChat|..18:21
BenBauronandace: I have used 10.04 on the old computer, and I want to continue to use it. I just changed the hardware, and do *not* want to change the software.18:22
grendal-primean it spans acros two monitors..alot of realistate when i plug the other two monitors in.18:22
auronandaceBenB: what hardware have you changed exactly? (sorry if you've already said in channel)18:22
BenBauronandace: everything18:22
AndChat|Benb: there is the proposed repo if you want later stuff too. Not sure how supported the packages are in here (if at all)18:23
BarcoAnyone have experience with Rdp Connections to Virtualbox on Ubuntu?18:23
TheLawnmowerManAny other suggestions?  Ubuntu sees my audio device but I still get no audio.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/701853/18:23
grendal-primei have to scan across allot of ground to get the app to fade back in..or alt tab to it..wich works...dont get me wrong.  but it seems like it would be easyer to just not fade it off and then i could just see it..and..well click on it.18:23
auronandaceBenB: i don't think you can just transfer 10.04 off the old pc to the new, you'd need to reinstall (especially since the hardware is different)18:24
AndChat|Barco: set the network interface to be bridged in the vbox config and it will get an ip from your router. You can then rdp to that ip and it will connect18:25
grendal-primeGirly-Girl!! finally you are here!!  are you the girly-girl i married...? or the girly-grirl i didnt marry?18:25
oCeangrendal-prime: wrong channel18:25
Picigrendal-prime: Try to stay on-topic, k?18:25
BenBauronandace: normally that works just fine. a reinstall doesn't change anything. the problem is that the drivers in 10.04 are too *old* to support the new chips. so, there must be updates for new hardware, to continue to use LTS.18:25
grendal-primeGirlyGirl, what do you know about windows that fade out after you move your mouse off of them?18:26
BenBauronandace: even if it's optional. but just telling an LTS user to install 11.10 beta is not great.18:26
soreaugrendal-prime: Probably compiz trail focus plugin18:26
GirlyGirlgrendal-prime: ???18:26
soreaugrendal-prime: Or opacify18:26
grendal-primetried changing the opacify didtn make any diff18:27
jstooneHi everyone, I'm struggling to get sound though my labtop speakers. INFO: http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=344083674d8cb9b42233a511d289f5f37a738364 - The headphone jack works perfectly, but the builtin speakers doesn't, any suggestions?18:27
glebihanBenB, no normally transferring a system for one computer to another does *not* work18:27
auronandaceBenB: i never suggested that, but the fact is that 10.04 uses an older kernel which doesn't have support for your hardware (you want support then you'll need a newer kernel)18:27
grendal-primeglebihan, speak for yourself...ive had a ton of luck with that18:27
glebihangrendal-prime, well you were just lucky then18:27
terjehello all, how do I get into grub on an ubuntu system? It keeps doing a splash screen and I can't boot into the grub menu18:28
soreauterje: hold shift18:28
grendal-primenot across architecturers that is..but..18:28
terjeah, thanks.18:28
TheLawnmowerManHow do people use Ubuntu without sound?  I don't get it18:29
jstooneterje: happy rebooting ;)18:29
cordovalI am trying to get output in my ubuntu ~/.bashrc of this function but not in the case where the result is an error or is not a .git folder18:29
BenBauronandace: yes, I understand that. I just want a supported way to get the new drivers, even if that means that I install linux 3.1 (which I'd be happy about for my SSD and trim support, too) and a new xorg. I just don't want my whole software landscape (including gnome3 and stuff) changed.18:29
cordoval    $(git log --oneline -n 3 2>/dev/null)18:29
jstooneTheLawnmowerMan: What do you mean?18:29
cordovalhow do I do it?18:29
AndChat|TheLawnmowerMan: my torrent/samba/fileserver runs ubuntu without sound...18:30
BenBauronandace: I'm fine with adding a new repo for updates, as long as it's sure to work, not "may or may not work".18:30
=== kforbz_ is now known as kforbz
glebihanBenB, are you telling us that you absolutely want to stick to LTS and are using gnome3 on it ??? I don't get it...18:30
auronandaceBenB: a new kernel and a new xorg is not a trivial thing to change, that is why it isn't offered under lts18:30
auronandaceglebihan: no, he doesn't want to change to gnome 318:31
BenBglebihan: no, I don't want gnome3 and want to stick to gnome2, and that's one of the reasons I want to keep LTS.18:31
devanhow can I choose where I mount my iphone? gtkpod requires it be mounted to /media/ipod...18:31
TheLawnmowerManjstoone: I've installed Ubuntu but I can't get any audio to work.  I see my audio card in Sound and I can find it in terminal (paste.ubuntu.com/701853/) but it's not working.18:31
devanthat, or how can I figure out where it is mounted?18:31
BenBauronandace: fine. I don't care. just make the *current* LTS release work with *currently* sold computers.18:31
glebihanBenB, oh ok I misread you sorry18:31
BenBauronandace: I don't think that's too much to ask.18:32
soreaudevan: You can remount it manually, create a symlink or possibly mess with udev settings18:32
jstooneTheLawnmowerMan: Does the headphone jack work?18:32
glebihanBenB, just so you know, natty doesn't come with gnome318:32
glitchdhow do i check in synaptic to see which kernels are installed?18:32
TheLawnmowerManjstoone: No18:32
auronandaceBenB: take a look at the release date of 10.04 and then tell me when you purchased the pc which you are trying to install it on18:32
D_Russany good screen recording software?18:32
jstooneTheLawnmowerMan: Is it a newly installed box?18:33
BenBauronandace: the release date is irrelevant. it's the current LTS, so it must get updates for current hardware.18:33
compilerwriterblueskaj, Jucato are you here somewhere?18:33
BenBauronandace: (and I think 10.04.4 was released after amd fusion)18:33
jstooneTheLawnmowerMan: Have you looked in the "Additional Drivers"? So see if your card is there and needs to be activated?18:34
BenBI don't want to argue. I just want my PC to work.18:34
TheLawnmowerManjstoone: I'd show you a screenshot of my sound settings but it's just showing a digital mess.18:34
auronandaceBenB: i can't help you18:34
TheLawnmowerManjstoone: and I can't see my mouse pointer...I just see some weird pixels18:34
glebihanBenB, then make a fresh install18:34
grendal-primeglebihan, i dont get it...i mean..seriously for base functionality?  yank a drive out of an i386 machine..put it into another one..same arch.  Why would that pose any huge problem?18:34
BenBglebihan: thanks, but I don't think natty supports the AMD A8-3850, does it?18:34
TheLawnmowerManjstoone: looking at 'additional drivers'18:35
BenBglebihan: does a fresh install of 10.04 fix it?18:35
jstooneTheLawnmowerMan: What kind of computer are we talking about here? toaster?18:35
auronandaceBenB: the bottom line is that you simply need a recent kernel that supports your hardware18:35
glebihanBenB, because hardware is not the same18:35
BenBauronandace: fine. where do I get it?18:35
TheLawnmowerManjstoone: microwave18:35
jstooneTheLawnmowerMan: Nice! +118:35
glebihangrendal-prime, ^^18:35
auronandaceBenB: you can't under 10.0418:35
grendal-primeif its diff arch then ya that will not work..but 686 has changed that much?18:35
jstooneTheLawnmowerMan: Can you activate anything?18:35
BenBauronandace: ah, there's the problem.18:35
MonkeyDustBenB: a fresh install usually is more efficient than repairing errors18:36
auronandaceBenB: exactly, that is what i've been trying to tell you18:36
TheLawnmowerManjstoone: It's saying that No proprietary drivers are in use on this system.18:36
glebihangrendal-prime, I didn't it would never work, just that it's a bad idea and is likely not to work. Now if it works for you, I'm fine with it18:36
BenBauronandace: no backports, no supported new kernel, and I am left in the cold. ubuntu clearly didn't think here. they expect me to use the same hardware for 5 years. that's unrealistic.18:36
joseph_could anyone fill me in as to what change I need to make so that all directories are visible in my /home/usrname directory?18:36
jstooneTheLawnmowerMan: So there are no devices/drives on the list?18:37
grendal-primegot it.18:37
qinjoseph_: Ctrl-h18:37
jstooneTheLawnmowerMan: drivers/devices*18:37
MonkeyDustjoseph_: type ctrl-h18:37
joseph_ty both18:37
auronandaceBenB: complian to canonical then, or file bug reports18:37
TheLawnmowerManjstoone: yeah I just wanted to use this box for xbmc but that got no audio as well18:37
qinjoseph_: or: ls -a18:37
grendal-primesorry didnt mean to badger i was just curious what sort of errors you got  ..fooding time.18:37
BenBMonkeyDust: don't suggest a reinstall, if you're not sure that it fixes the problem.18:37
glebihangrendal-prime, I actually never tried18:37
TheLawnmowerManjstoone: nothing is in the list for additional drivers18:38
MonkeyDustBenB: everything else seems to fail18:38
jstooneTheLawnmowerMan: oooh, yea you could struggle a bit if it displays some weird pixels, no mouse, and no sound at all.18:38
TheLawnmowerManjstoone: The weird pixels just started today.  It was working fine last night.  I'm going to reboot right now and see if that clears up.  BRB18:39
jstooneTheLawnmowerMan: kk18:39
glebihanBenB, you can never be certain that anything will fix a problem. A reinstall is likely to solve your issues18:39
MonkeyDustBenB: if you backup first, a reinstall is no great issue18:39
BenBglebihan, MonkeyDust: guys, if 10.04 (stock) doesn't *contain* the drivers for my hardware, a reinstall is not going to fix it.18:40
compilerwriterBluesKaj are you active here?18:40
MonkeyDustBenB: what hardware is that?18:41
BenBMonkeyDust: read up18:41
BluesKajcompilerwriter, was just aboutnto leave for an hr18:42
MonkeyDustBenB: repeating it  is faster and easier18:42
compilerwriterok BluesKaj18:42
BenBMonkeyDust: no, I am trying to tell you that you shouldn't give wrong advice to people.18:42
BluesKajcompilerwriter, bbl18:42
Atamiskhow would i go about installing ubuntu onto an empty drive from a running ubuntu session?18:42
MonkeyDustBenB: wrong advice?18:43
BenBMonkeyDust: yes. suggesting a re-install (which costs about 1h), although it will not fix the problem. if you had  listened above, you would know that a reinstall cannot help.18:43
MonkeyDustBenB: just came in, I wasn't at my desk18:44
compilerwriterWhy am I seeing everything, save part and joins, twice?18:44
MonkeyDustBenB: so just repeat the initian question by pressing the up-key18:44
BenBMonkeyDust: just scroll up, or if you're too lazy for that, don't say anything.18:45
BenBMonkeyDust: I dom18:45
auronandaceMonkeyDust: BenB wasn't aware that 10.04 doesn't support the hardware he has, after he copied over his 10.04 install from an older pc (not realising that he shouldn't do that)18:45
MonkeyDustBenB: please stay polite, we're all volunteers trying to help18:45
BenBauronandace: I am aware that it may not. I was assuming that canonical cannot be so brain-dead to ignore currently sold hardware on the LTS release.18:46
BenBauronandace: I was assuming that there *must* be a way to update drivers. under windows, I just pop in the CS.18:46
BenB(and Windows XP is supported for 12 years, BTW)18:47
MonkeyDustBenB: Canonical is not brain-dead because you want to do something that is impossible18:47
BenBMonkeyDust: it is possible. I just want linux 3.1 compiled and tested for 10.04.18:47
glebihanBenB, well... you won't have that18:47
Atamiskwait, why is compiling the 3.1 kernel in 10.04 impossible??18:48
devanOk, I'm stumped. I'm trying to connect an iphone3g with iOS4.2.1, and it's not working, but it looks like it should... First thing I'm thinking to check is my version of libimobiledevice, make sure it's 1.0.4, anyone know how to check that?18:48
zebastianortisnew FP project video is out! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BilbX_HiuG018:49
glebihanAtamisk, it is possible18:49
ichatdoes anyone know how to debug a wifi driver isue on  xubuntu 11.04  i tryied the bcm sta drivers  and  the   fw43 installer    i removed the  blacklisting for the  b43xx from the  blacklist.conf    but stil i cant get wifi loaded18:49
auronandaceAtamisk: it isn't impossible, its just not supported18:49
Atamiskcarry on then18:49
=== jlstew is now known as JustinStewart
Atamisk(was about to say, seeing as i'm running the RC7 of 3.1 and it works great :P)18:50
jstooneTheLawnmowerMan: You back?18:51
CephlinDoes anyone know why the audio is out of sync when I play video's on ubuntu 11.04? This only happens on my desktop with ubuntu not my laptop with ubuntu.18:52
TheLawnmowerManjstoone: yeah, I removed my video card & put it back in.  That seemed to fix the weird graphic issues I was having.  Still no sound.  I've been working on the sound thing for a few days now18:52
Atamiskcan i use virtualbox to install ubuntu on a real HDD?18:53
BarkingFishhi again guys, has there been any sign of gigenieks yet?18:53
soreauBarkingFish: Why not just ask your question?18:53
TheLawnmowerManhttp://imgur.com/aCw2u this is what I see in sound preferences18:54
Welshy_Robhi, im having trouble connecting to the internet, i have a built in network card and i've never had any problems with it, when i try connecting it just gives me an error "network disabled" the connection is clearly working okay as im using it at the moment, i have checked the settings of the connection and nothing has changed can anyone suggest what i can do?18:55
oiyeuPici: it is very to asking my question there on Bash channel18:55
oiyeuso i ask my question there ?18:55
oiyeui got list of command on a file with number for each command one number for example : 1.  ls -l 2. cat /etc/network/interface etc .... now what i want to do is from that file i want to call each number like this !1 for calling command 1 !2 for calling command 2 etc ....18:55
soreauWelshy_Rob: Can you pastebin your /etc/network/interfaces file to pastebin.com?18:55
BarkingFishsoreau, I did ask my question, did you not see it? :)18:56
soreauBarkingFish: nope18:56
ichatdoes anyone know how to debug a wifi driver isue on  xubuntu 11.04  i tryied the bcm STA drivers  and  the   fw43 installer    i removed the  blacklisting for the  b43xx from the  blacklist.conf    but stil i cant get wifi loaded - it doesn't give error but no wifi avail ..  wifi chip is a broadcom 431118:56
compilerwriterI am trying ubuntu utilizing empathy and everyone's stuff is appearing twice what do I do to get rid of the echo?18:56
Welshy_Robsoreau:  yeah sure18:56
TheLawnmowerManjstoone: and this is what I see in terminal paste.ubuntu.com/701853/ and this is what I see when I run lspci -v | grep "Audio device" http://imgur.com/0sJMa18:56
BarkingFishMyself and fritsch were helping gigenieks in here about an hour or so back, he went afk, and I was asking if anyone had seen him again.18:56
BarkingFishas in, has he come back since we last saw him.18:56
oCeanoiyeu: yes, from the history. That should work by default18:56
soreau! broadcom | ichat18:56
ubottuichat: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx18:56
TheLawnmowerManjstoone: so something is not making sense and I'm not sure how to put it all together18:56
oiyeuyes but read my question18:57
IdleOneBarkingFish: We don't keep track of every users away status. PM them and see if they are there.18:57
oiyeui got a list of command instead of calling from history i want to calling it from my custom file where i got list of command18:57
Welshy_Robsoreau: http://pastebin.com/0Hh3rkmE18:58
soreauoiyeu: Put them in a script?18:58
oCeanoiyeu: oh, you would have to script that, but still the !2 command would be interpreted from the shell, not from your script18:58
oCeanoiyeu: since !2 command already exists (it is shell built-in) you have to override that. Anyway it would require some scripting, there's no easy way to do that18:59
auronandaceoCean: could he set aliases?18:59
sianhulohow it's called unity 2d process?18:59
oCeanoiyeu: if you're looking to create aliases as auronandace suggests, you can add those in your ~/.bashrc file19:00
soreauWelshy_Rob: Does 'ifconfig' show eth0 or eth1? (or both?)19:00
Welshy_Robsoreau: eth119:00
soreauWelshy_Rob: Is