ochosi!ask | sebastian 07:15
ubottusebastian: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:15
charlie-tcaGood morning14:01
madnickmorning :)14:01
micahggood morning15:32
ochosihey micahg 15:34
charlie-tcaLooking more and more like we will have to remove a language pack from Alternate AMD64 image. 16:41
charlie-tcaThe image is 702.3 MB16:41
micahgWTH happened...16:42
charlie-tcano idea, it grew two days in a row last week16:46
charlie-tcaeither wed thurs or thurs fri16:47
charlie-tcaI think both images grew, but 386 had more room 16:48
charlie-tcamicahg: libwebkit??? I think did it16:54
charlie-tcaHello, karloskar 16:55
karloskari have made two backgrounds for xubuntu16:56
karloskaris there any place i can share them16:57
charlie-tcaI will have to set up a page for Oneiric. 16:58
charlie-tcaThe page will be https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Artwork/Oneiric , but it does not exist yet16:59
micahgcharlie-tca: each 7MB still16:59
charlie-tcamicahg: I don't know then.16:59
micahgwe should've had both before17:00
charlie-tcabut we grew from 676MB for beta2 to 702MB now17:00
charlie-tcakarloskar: give me today to set the page up, we will mention it in the final release notes17:01
karloskarhere the first one is : http://tinypic.com/r/n1z87o/717:02
charlie-tcaWhat are the licenses?17:02
charlie-tcaAre they your own material? 17:03
karloskarit have not any license, i made it yesterday17:03
karloskaris there any license i can put on it thats free?17:04
karloskarheres the second one: http://tinypic.com/r/2i8kakp/717:04
charlie-tcaOkay, so who knows the licenses here? Is GPL recommended or cc-?? ?17:05
karloskardid you like them?17:05
charlie-tcaI am partial to the second one, yes17:06
charlie-tcaI can't see good with black/dark backgrounds, so that makes the first one hard for me to judge17:06
karloskarok, here is the license, i think. im not good at that stuff http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/17:07
charlie-tcakarloskar: I am not either, but mr_pouit is. He knows what works best for us. He just isn't around right now17:08
karloskaris it not any sounds in xubuntu?17:09
charlie-tcaI will get the wiki set up today, though. And we can include a reference to them.17:09
charlie-tcaYou have to turn them on, they are not on by default17:09
micahgcharlie-tca: depends what you're integrating with17:11
micahgre licenses17:11
karloskarwere do i turn them on?17:11
charlie-tcakarloskar: did you unmute the volume control? double-click the speaker in the panel, turn the volume on 17:15
charlie-tcamicahg: I tend to think of "what if we decide to use one at some point"17:16
madnickI used to think public domain was the best license, but then my country does not respect "Public domain" :(17:17
charlie-tcaYeah, I think a lot of artwork gets licensed cc-by- but I can't remember the rest of it17:17
madnickMeeting in 1½ hour?17:18
charlie-tcaUm, yeah, sure is17:21
charlie-tcaI am scatter-brained today17:21
madnickhehe, was just a bit unsure, with all the time zone changes to winter time an all that17:21
micahgcharlie-tca: all depends on the possible level of integration you want with other projects17:22
charlie-tcamadnick: that's why I keep it in UTC time, we can all adjust to that, but the time stays the same in at least that time zone.17:22
madnickoh :)17:23
charlie-tcamicahg: that's why I defer to others for licensing. I only know sometimes they are not okay to use17:23
charlie-tcaand, yes, time changes still are confusing17:34
charlie-tcaI don't even know when I change time again now17:34
micahgin the US, it's Nov 617:36
charlie-tcareally? That should make traveling and settling down after UDS fun17:37
charlie-tcaXubuntu community meeting in #xubuntu-devel in 30 Minutes. Everyone is invited to attend. Agenda is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings18:30
micahgcharlie-tca: meeting?19:01
micahgI'm in another meeting ATM, but will try to participate19:02
charlie-tca#startmeeting Xubuntu19:02
meetingology`Meeting started Mon Oct  3 19:02:30 2011 UTC.  The chair is charlie-tca. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlanBell/mootbot.19:02
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charlie-tcaOkay, thanks, micahg 19:02
charlie-tca#meetingname Xubuntu Community Meeting19:02
meetingology`The meeting name has been set to 'xubuntu_community_meeting'19:02
charlie-tcaThe agenda is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Meetings19:03
charlie-tcaReminder:   please use ".." on separate line when you've finished typing.   If someone wants to comment during the updates, please "o/", so we know to wait.19:03
charlie-tcaWould everyone here for this meeting please wave, say hello, or something. This lets the meeting bot record those present19:03
charlie-tcaWelcome, touchpad 19:04
charlie-tcaIs this your first meeting with us?19:04
charlie-tca#topic === Old Business ===19:04
charlie-tca * madnick to test blueman in ppa:micahg/patch-test - Done19:05
charlie-tcaI have to say, blueman developers are very response to bugs at this time.19:05
charlie-tca * verify top 10 FAQ and check help links in 1019:05
charlie-tcaHas anyone verified these yet?19:05
charlie-tca * docs need a version bump (s/11.04/11.10)19:06
charlie-tcaThis is done, also19:06
charlie-tcaOkay, that is all the old business I can remember19:07
charlie-tca#topic === Team updates ===19:07
charlie-tca#subtopic ==== Packaging & Development ====19:07
charlie-tcamr_pouit: are you available?19:07
charlie-tcamicahg: are you available for this update?19:08
micahgI guess so19:09
charlie-tcaIt's all yours19:09
micahgmr_pouit updated the seed for blueman after I got the updated version in19:09
micahgcharlie-tca mentioned we might need to drop a langpack for amd64 live19:09
micahgcharlie-tca: live according to cdimage.u.c19:10
micahgright, you said alternate, but it's actually live19:10
micahgblueman had a couple bugs I"ll try to look at tonight or tomorrow19:10
micahgcharlie-tca: not a problem :)19:11
micahgI'm not aware of any other updates needed before release, please let mr_pouit or I know if you see something we overlooked19:11
charlie-tcabug 437883 which is blueman crashing on login has a fix committed in bzr19:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 437883 in blueman (Ubuntu) "blueman-applet crashed with DBusException in call_blocking()" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43788319:12
charlie-tcaThank you very much, micahg 19:13
charlie-tcaWe now have most of the updates from Xfce for the translations too19:13
micahgcharlie-tca: I guess I need to pull a new upstream blueman snapshot19:13
micahgmaybe I"ll cherry pick the commit19:14
charlie-tcaThis week is mostly bug fixing, so we should not see massive changes any more in Oneiric19:14
micahgI'd rather not pull in extraneous changes at this point19:14
charlie-tcaThat would work too19:14
charlie-tcaYes, the less the better now19:14
charlie-tcaAny questions for packaging and development?19:15
micahgcharlie-tca: any other ones like that that I should pull in?19:15
charlie-tcaNone that I know of19:15
charlie-tcaThat's the only fix I have seen that we haven't gotten yet19:16
micahgcharlie-tca: can I give you the package to test later?19:16
charlie-tcaSure, I can test it19:16
charlie-tcaI can't test blueman, but I can test for the crash19:16
charlie-tca#subtopic ==== Bug Triage & Testing ====19:17
charlie-tcaWe have done great testing our images! 19:17
charlie-tcaThank you very much to all the testers19:17
charlie-tcaThis is the last week we test oneiric daily19:17
charlie-tcaMost of the critical for Xubuntu bugs have been fixed, and keeping them at We are tracking the Oneiric bugs at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Bugs/OneiricOcelot has been a big help.19:18
charlie-tcaAny questions for testing?19:18
charlie-tca#subtopic ==== Website & Marketing ====19:18
charlie-tcapleia2: are you available?19:19
charlie-tcaknome: any update on the website?19:19
charlie-tcaHello, pleia2 19:19
charlie-tcaAny update today?19:19
pleia2a few days ago I copied over some of the content from the live site to our testing wordpress site19:20
pleia2in this process I identified some issues, so knome has submitted a couple patches to the theme and the picslide plugin that canonical will need to pull in19:20
pleia2so we're continuing to work on the content migration as this moves along19:20
pleia2that's about it :)19:20
charlie-tcaThank you very much19:21
charlie-tcaI still have hopes we make it for the release :)19:21
charlie-tca#subtopic ==== Artwork ====19:21
charlie-tcaochosi: are you available?19:21
charlie-tcaFor those using greybird in Oneiric, you might have noticed some small changes, in the scrollbars and panels.19:22
charlie-tcaThese are to help with those of us that can't see so good anymore, and have less than perfect mouse control19:23
charlie-tcaThank you, ochosi, for that!19:23
charlie-tcaAny questions on artwork?19:23
charlie-tcaMany thanks also to madnick, we now have the new wallpaper in lightdm.19:23
charlie-tcaAny questions up to this point?19:24
charlie-tca#topic === Announcements ===19:24
charlie-tcajust to see if you are paying attention:19:25
charlie-tca * The next meeting will be on Sunday, October 23, 2011 at 22:00 UTC.19:25
charlie-tca  * This will be the meeting to elect a new project leader.19:25
charlie-tca * Important dates coming up:19:25
charlie-tca  * We are now in UI Freeze and Beta2 Freeze; archives will remain frozen until final release.19:25
micahgcharlie-tca: no meeting next week?19:25
charlie-tca  * 11.10 Final Freeze: September 2919:25
charlie-tca  * Final candidate testing starts on October 1019:25
charlie-tca  * 11.10 Release Date: October 13, 201119:25
madnickOctober 23?19:25
charlie-tca * We need to update the Team Reports this week.19:25
charlie-tcaNot if we don't need one19:25
charlie-tcaYou did notice?19:25
micahgnext 2 weeks...19:25
charlie-tcaNext week is release images, then we get a break19:26
charlie-tcaWe will discuss the final release and pick a new leader October 2319:26
charlie-tcaPlease make notes about things you see a need to improve for the final release19:27
charlie-tcaTeam Reports! We seem to be behind again, so will have to roll August and September into one report19:27
charlie-tcaAny comments?19:28
charlie-tcago ahead, beardygnome 19:28
beardygnomeso we don't meet again until after oneiric release?19:28
charlie-tcago ahead, madnick 19:29
madnickdoes one need to use the ML to nominate lead? Or will there be a normal vote as well on IRC?19:29
charlie-tcaYes, nominations need to go to the Mailing List to keep them official19:29
charlie-tcaThe actual vote to elect the new lead will be on IRC at the October 23 meeting19:29
madnickoh okay19:30
charlie-tcaWe have less than two weeks now to final release of Xubuntu 11.1019:30
charlie-tca * https://launchpad.net/~xubuntu-users is for those new to Xubuntu. Please join this team if you are contributing or using Xubuntu. This is the group that will elect the next project leader.19:31
charlie-tca#subtopic Nominations for Xubuntu Project Lead19:31
charlie-tca * Nominations for project lead are now open.19:31
charlie-tca  * Those wishing to nominate themselves or others should do so by email to either mailing list, or myself (charlie-tca@ubuntu.com).19:31
charlie-tca  * Nominations will close October 20, 2011, and the community election will be held at the meeting on October 23, 2011. If there are issues with this, please let us know between now and October 20.19:31
charlie-tca#topic === Any Other Business ===19:32
charlie-tcaThis is now an open floor for any other discussion.19:32
charlie-tcaI do want to thank everyone who has helped to make Xubuntu 11.10 successful! Your hard work has made this a really good, usable release for our users.19:33
charlie-tcaI also want to thank everyone for coming to these meetings. Your participation is what makes Xubuntu strong.19:33
charlie-tcabeardygnome, jayson_r : I expect to see reviews of 11.10 from both of you.19:34
charlie-tcaplantoschka: I hope you are doing a review also, please.19:34
beardygnomecharlie-tca: for the website?19:34
charlie-tcaIs there anything else?19:34
charlie-tcabeardygnome: sure, we need one for the website.19:34
beardygnomei wasn't sure if i should do one this time19:35
charlie-tcaAlso, you all have great blogs that need to have reviews posted19:35
charlie-tcapleia2: we can put a review on the website, right?19:35
plantoschkai will definietly do a youtube video19:35
beardygnomecos if there's things i don't like then i don't want to skip them but i don't want to criticise the team either19:36
charlie-tcaCriticism that is accurate and helps the team improve is welcome.19:37
pleia2charlie-tca: it's up to the team, right now all we post on our team news page are release announcements and instructions from team members (how to do artwork, etc), we can add a reviews section of the site where we link to reviews, or decide to cross-post reviews we find to our news blog19:37
pleia2I like the idea of a reviews section where we link to reviews because it's a pretty common thing to have19:38
charlie-tcaI think a review along with the release notes would be great19:38
charlie-tcaLet's do it, then.19:38
charlie-tcaFor reviewers, final release is October 13, so the reviews should be October 13 or later19:39
charlie-tcaor at least real close, since the images are pretty accurate already19:39
charlie-tcaAnything else to discuss?19:39
charlie-tcaWe should welcome touchpad and jayson_r and ElderDryas to the community.19:40
charlie-tcaand, of course, anyone else that is new here!19:40
* zus waves and thanks everyone19:41
charlie-tcaThank you all for joining in. Please get yourselfs signed up to the users team on launchpad!19:41
meetingology`Meeting ended Mon Oct  3 19:41:37 2011 UTC.  19:41
meetingology`Minutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/xubuntu-devel/2011/xubuntu-devel.2011-10-03-19.02.moin.txt19:41
charlie-tcaand, now, how are Magnavox CD-R's for testing?19:42
touchpadIs there somewhere information/pointers about ways to contribute?19:42
touchpadsimple ways to start contributing to the community19:42
touchpadnice :)19:43
charlie-tcaOh, I forgot!19:44
beardygnomepleia2: just noticed this on http://xubuntu.org/devel - point 3 says "Join and contribute to one or more of the many different projects and teams of Xubuntu listed below", but the teams are listed above it19:44
charlie-tcaTesters: after the release, we get about a month to relax before we get alpha1 images to start testing again19:44
zusQ: these testing img.  would i create another partition and dualboot? run a virtual box, my laoptop is the only  machine able to  link to a internet connection, and  is my workplatform.19:47
beardygnomepleia2: would you prefer me to send it to the ml?19:47
pleia2beardygnome: can you just https://bugs.launchpad.net/xubuntu-website/+filebug ? I am super busy this month so keeping all bugs there would help me lots :)19:47
beardygnomepleia2: will do19:48
charlie-tcawell, zus left. I will answer when they come back, then20:04
OlbiI try to contact with translations team of Xfce but wierd, I didnt recaive any response, even on mailing list :(20:05
Olbitoday or tommorow I start install Xubuntu 11.10 on normal machine and testing it :) Core 2 Duo E6300, 512 MB RAM (try to add some more), GF7600GS, 160GB :)20:07
charlie-tcaOlbi: that would be great, but don't do it if you *have* to use the machine for work20:08
Olbiit is only for testing :D20:08
OlbiI have too, Athlon II x2 250, 2x2GB Kingstone HyperX 1600 MHz, 320GB, Radeon 5750 Vapor-X :D20:08
Olbionly for testing :)20:08
charlie-tcaThat's good then!20:09
charlie-tcaHaving more testing always helps.20:09
OlbiI will check translations for my language and stability cause want some identicall machine give my familly for work :)20:10
charlie-tcaThat's a good way to do it then. 20:12
Olbicould some1 help me contact with translation team of Xfce? not know but for future20:12
charlie-tcaOlbi: from an Xfce developer:20:37
charlie-tcaHe or she should go to http://translations.xfce.org and create an account for Transifex 20:37
charlie-tcaThen chck transifex to see if there is a head of the Polish translator team.20:38
charlie-tcaThe person would have to contact that moderator or the team leader via Transifex20:38
charlie-tcaOlbi: more information at http://wiki.xfce.org/translations - here's even more information 20:39
Olbicharlie-tca: ok, thank you :)20:40
charlie-tcaYou are welcome. 20:40
Unit193If you can't make it to the next meeting, you can't vote, right?20:50
charlie-tcaAccording to the guidelines, the project lead will be chosen by direct vote at a public meeting, which kind of limits that part of it.20:51
Unit193I wasn't sure if GPG signed/encrypted message or talking to someone else would count, but I didn't think so20:54
Unit193genii-around: Howdy20:55
Unit193You just keep stalking me...20:55
charlie-tcaIt didn't occur to me to change that to allow direct voting through a voting site or anything, so we have to go with people present.20:56
charlie-tcaMy imagination is wild. I could just see 600 people show up here for the meeting and everybody trying to vote ;)20:56
OlbiLOL :D20:58
genii-aroundUnit193: I got back to computer and saw call for meeting here, thought I'd drop in to see if anything was still going on21:07
Unit193I don't remember if Bug 863599 is on record anywhere, but I didn't see it with the talk of Blueman21:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 863599 in blueman (Ubuntu) "blueman-manager crashed with AttributeError in SetAdapter(): 'module' object has no attribute 'DBusServiceUnknownError'" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86359921:24
charlie-tcamissed that one today21:25
charlie-tcaIs that in the bug reporting wiki page?21:26
Unit193I would guess not21:26
charlie-tcaI will add it21:26
Unit193Ok, I was just about to (it isn't(21:27
charlie-tcaMaybe micahg will get a chance to look at it today/tomorrow21:27
charlie-tcago ahead and add it if you want to.21:27
Unit193I will, it's "my" bug21:28
ochosicharlie-tca: sorry, couldn't make it to the meeting22:09
charlie-tcaNo problem. 22:09
charlie-tcaNext meeting is October 23, 22:00 UTC to elect project lead22:10
ochosiyup, noted :)22:10
Unit193You already guessed I couldn't make it, but I'm not as needed as head of artwork ;)22:12
charlie-tcaI stumbled through it the best I could22:14
ochosiUnit193: ah, i'm only a humble contributor, i'm not even officially a member of anything ;)22:14
Unit193ochosi: Well, you do well anyway! I'm sure you're a member of Xubuntu ;)22:15
charlie-tcaAll you guys need to join https://launchpad.net/~xubuntu-users so you can vote!22:16
ochosicharlie-tca: yup, i did that a few days ago22:16
charlie-tcaOh, then you are a member of something... ;)22:16
ochosihah - touché!22:16
Unit193I'm on there also, just not in -team22:17
charlie-tca-team has higher requirements that -user, have to contribute for a while, make the wiki page, then we get to talk about you22:19
ochosicharlie-tca: hm, theoretically i have all that, but i guess i'd need to be approved as an ubuntu-member by a loco first, right?22:21
Unit193I understand. That's why for a while I didn't try to add it, I wouldn't think I am now, just making it clear I do want to help22:21
charlie-tcaloco or board or mr_pouit 22:21
charlie-tcaoh, and project lead22:22
ochosirly? but then i'd only be a xubuntu team member, not a ubuntu member, right?22:22
ochosi(i was kinda considering that for being able to post to the planet with artwork updates)22:22
charlie-tcaYeah, to post to planet you have to ubuntu member22:23
charlie-tcaYou can do that through a loco, or through the membership boards22:23
ochosiyeah, i remember looking at the meeting schedules the last few months, but it was never possible for me to attend22:24
charlie-tcaah, that is an issue still.22:24
Unit193I'll be wanting to go for that at some point22:26
micahgcharlie-tca: I was unaware that locos can grant membership, I thought that was only through an RMB22:35
Unit193Same here22:35
charlie-tcaThe loco council can grant membership, I think. So can IRC council.22:36
micahgAFAIK, these are the possible routes to Ubuntu membership: RMB, DMB, IRC council, Kubuntu Council, Edubuntu Council, Mythbuntu something22:36
micahgah, loco council...22:37
charlie-tcaSorry, maybe loco council can not do it yet, but I thought that was changed now22:37
charlie-tcaI know Xubuntu can't give membership22:37
micahgnot listed here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncil22:37
micahgcharlie-tca: do you want that ability?22:38
charlie-tcaUsed to be so easy to remember... membership boards 22:38
charlie-tcamicahg: not until Xubuntu has it's own council in place and working22:38
micahgwell, Kubuntu, Edubuntu, and Mythubuntu are all delegates of the DMB WRT membership22:39
charlie-tcaIt is too much for one or two to be granting membership22:39
micahgah, Ubuntu Desktop is another delegate22:39
charlie-tcaI think it is enough to say "appear at the membership board, we will support you there"22:40
micahgUnit193: so, you probably want a regional board: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/RegionalBoards22:40
charlie-tcaThere is a list under Other venues for obtaining Membership on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership22:42
micahgsure, but unless it's an IRC or forums membership, an RMB seems appropriate in this case22:43
Unit193micahg: That's probable. Someone told me IRC membership was their guess :P22:43
Unit193(When the time comes that is)22:43
micahgUnit193: AIUI, your contributions are mainly testing/bug filing, right?22:44
ochosimeh, meeting was today... :/ (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/RegionalBoards/EMEA)22:44
charlie-tcaYou can go to any of the boards that you want to. You do not have to go to the one for the area you are in. 22:45
Unit193micahg: Here? Yes, but that's not the only team I'm in (I would link wiki/LP, but no need for that) Not much bug filing TBH22:45
micahgyep, that's true22:46
ochosicharlie-tca: right, didn't know that22:46
micahgUnit193: ok, well, I'm happy to help direct you to the right place22:46
charlie-tcaIt's easier to make the one that meets when you have time, instead of the area22:46
Unit193micahg: Thanks! I try not to bother you since you're one of the devs :)  (Also, don't think I would be accepted at this time)22:47
micahgUnit193: I think I've gotten better about telling people when I'm too busy, so feel free to ask22:48
Unit193Well, we're on the subject, may as well https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unit193 https://launchpad.net/~unit193 22:49
micahgUnit193: 6 months sustained contribution that benefits the project is the minimum22:49
micahgUnit193: yeah, sounds like either IRC or RMB would be a good fit once you have 6 months + testimonials22:53
Unit193micahg: Aye, but you have to be able to sell yourself well. I have been in here and other channels since March22:55
Unit193charlie-tca: Do we have October on the testing doc? I don't see it there, but it could be the computer acting odd23:06
charlie-tcaUnit193: no, I haven't added it yet. We can add the tests to September for now23:12
Unit193And we still do need them23:14
charlie-tcaI have many things to try and get done today and tomorrow23:15
Unit193Ah, sorry. Page didn't fully load so it stopped at Oktober 2nd23:16
charlie-tcaNo problem. Better to ask than not to know23:19
Unit193Anything I can help with?23:19
charlie-tcaWe add a full week of the next month to each page23:20
charlie-tcano, not really23:20
charlie-tcaI just have a ton to do the last couple of weeks of the release cycle23:21
Unit193Heh, I bet23:21
charlie-tcaI also have accessibility to get ready too, so it adds to the list23:21
charlie-tcawell, I got to go eat tonight.23:21

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