lifelessenough recipe mail today?03:09
AfClifeless: I know about bzr builddeb's import-upstream, but I heard you mention 'import-tar' (sic) once. Is that something different?03:57
idnarso I'm trying to push a pipeline to somewhere else with bzr sync-pipeline04:06
idnarbut "bzr sync-pipeline bzr+ssh://lorien/path/to/dir" gives me "bzr: ERROR: Pipeline has no pipe named "dir"."04:06
idnarI guess I'm doing it wrong?04:06
AuroraBorealiswhats a pipeline? o.o04:07
idnarmmm, okay, did bzr init on the remote location04:18
idnarand now sync-pipeline seems to have worked04:18
idnarhmm, spoke too soon, that made a complete mess04:29
AuroraBorealisi dont know much about pipelines =/04:29
idnarokay clearly I don't understand how to use sync-pipeline :/04:39
AuroraBorealissomeone more knowledgable can probably help04:40
AuroraBorealisalthough they might be in bed o.o04:40
idnarI should be in bed too, it's 06:40 here04:40
vilahi guys !06:02
vilameh, hi girls and guys !06:02
* idnar attempts to learn bzr-colo06:19
idnarhey vila06:19
* fullermd is shocked at the discrimination against neuters...06:23
vilafullermd: :)06:45
jelmerhi *06:58
mgzmorning all06:58
mgzmeeting now or in an hour?06:59
pooliehi jam, jelmer, mgz06:59
pooliegood question06:59
* jelmer was wondering about that too :)06:59
vilahey .06:59
poolieaccording to my mail it would be in an hour06:59
jamI'm around, but officially we were keeping the UTC time06:59
pooliebut, if everyone's here, we could go now06:59
jelmerwfm, although I still have to finish the mumble setup dance..07:02
vilajelmer: I can see that ;)07:03
jelmerhah, it works :)07:03
mgzis Riddell on yet? he's an hour later with me07:03
vilamgz: good point, should we just wait then ?07:07
idnarBranches are also hidden if they have the option "bzr.branch.status" set to07:09
idnar"Hidden", "Merged" or "Abandoned".07:09
idnarhow does bzr.branch.status get set?07:09
poolievila, i don't see riddell yet so we should wait07:17
poolieidnar, i guess you can set it through 'bzr config bzr.branch.status=Merged', and i think explorer (?) has a thing to set it07:17
idnarah okay, so no way to get it from launchpad or whatever07:17
vilaglitch in the matrix, both mgz and wgz are online07:22
mgzha ha, no more.07:24
AfCjelmer: ping (low priority, just to chat when you get a moment)07:24
poolieidnar, no, not hooked up07:29
=== gerard_1 is now known as gerard_
jelmerAfC: hi07:39
AfCjelmer: yo07:41
AfCjelmer: so, I tried, a number of ways, to bzr branch "that tree". They all failed, until I drove it down to07:42
AfC$ bzr branch -r 1 foreign import07:42
AfCadmittedly it didn't help there is only 1.5 GB of physical memory on that machine, but they all got wedged at ~3.2 GB virtual memory and, interestingly, 315 minutes of CPU time.07:43
AfCat that point, it was endless swapping.07:43
AfCI haven't tried it against the tree at the remote server; that's next, but I'm getting closer to feeling I'm going to have to give up. Now that I've got revno 1 it might get a bit better to pull 1 or 10 or 100 revisions at a time.07:45
jelmerAfC: What kind of foreign tree is this with?07:46
jelmerAfC: and what versions?07:46
AfCjelmer: git07:46
AfCjelmer: daily07:46
jelmerAfC: hmm, that's odd07:47
jelmerAfC: the launchpad importers probably have about the same resources and can handle the linux kernel07:48
* jelmer tries locally07:49
jelmerjam: hi07:54
jamhi jelmer07:54
jelmerjam: Goeiesmorgens deze morgen!07:54
jelmerjam: I'm trying to figure out something with stacking, perhaps you have an idea07:54
jamstacking doesn't work? :)07:54
jamsure, go ahead07:55
jelmerjam: in some situations :)07:55
jelmerjam: In short, I'm finding that if I have some revisions in a stacked-on repository and then try to fetch some ancestors of that into the stacked repository things go boom.07:56
=== mrevell_ is now known as mrevell
AfCjelmer: [it turns out that I was, in effect, duplicated what vcs-import already did, since `bzr missing --line --mine` reported the same revs. But that's one of the things I needed to establish before using launchpad's branch]07:56
jelmerAfC: yeah, the imports should be deterministic07:57
jelmerjam: I'm getting an exception from pack_repo during commit_write_group() saying one of the parent texts was missing07:57
AfCjelmer: In any event, I'm also going to have a go at `bzr import-upstream` across the range of trees that I'm interested in07:58
jelmerAfC: import-stream?07:58
AfCbzr-builddeb's import-upstream ?07:58
jamjelmer: do you have a traceback I can peek at?07:59
jamMy immediate thought is that fetch doesn't work very well in this situation, because revision discovery will think you already have the data07:59
jelmerjam: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/702120/07:59
jelmerjam: fwiw this is with foreign branches08:00
jelmerAfC: Do you mean in addition to importing from Git? Since they do very different things.08:00
jamjelmer: from that traceback it looks like all of the logic of what needs to be transmitted is in bzr-svn (the layers of 'fetch' are all svn, just the 'commit_write_group' is bzr)08:01
AfCjelmer: in addition (separate branch family) yes08:01
jamit looks like you fetched the revision texts but failed to fetch the associated file content08:01
AfCjelmer: lifeless was telling me that I should also look at `import-tar` which is something I'm not familiar with. Not sure what plugin its in, even. But when I find it, I'll try that too08:02
jelmerAfC: Do you mean "bzr import" from bzrtools perhaps?08:02
AfCjelmer: ah, maybe. Don't [normally] have bzrtools installed.08:03
* AfC wonders whether I'll have more luck with bzr-builddeb or bzrtools's take on this08:03
jelmerjam: The file content is in the stacked-on repository08:04
jamjelmer: just getting static from you08:05
jamjelmer: so the immediate thought is that the "do you have references filled in" is only checking the newly created pack files.08:06
jelmerjam: I think that's the crux of the problem. What does filling in the references mean exactly?08:18
jamjelmer: looking at the code it sure looks like it is properly checking everything that is in the stacked repo (so not the fallback, but everything in the repository)08:33
jam'filling in the references', if you have a revision it needs an inventory, and it needs all referenced file texts08:34
jelmerjam: ah, hmm. and I shouldn't rely on those being present in a stacked-on repository?08:35
jam(well all referenced file texts that aren't in the parent revisions, etc)08:35
jelmerThat makes sense, and I'm not doing that at the moment.08:36
jamjelmer: well, you said that they were, but Bazaar is saying they aren't08:36
jamjelmer: ah, you mean they are in the fallback?08:36
jelmerjam: yes08:36
jamno, that is not sufficient08:36
jamIf a stacked repo has revision X, it needs to have the texts introduced in X08:36
jamotherwise it cannot create a stream containing revision X08:36
jamwithout talking to the fallback08:37
jamwhich we require08:37
jelmerbut what about texts that weren't introduced in X but are present in X?08:37
jam(remote smart server does not have access to its fallback)08:37
jamjelmer: if you have rev A parent of rev B, and you have (file_1, A) you don't have to have that content in a stacked repo with just B08:37
jam*if* you have the inventory for A08:37
jamso that we can tell whether (file_1, A) was present in the parent08:38
jamso what you need is set(present_revision_texts) - set(parent_revision_texts)08:38
jelmerjam: So I should fetch the rev A inventory into the stacked repository, even if it's already present in the stacked-on repository?08:46
poolieRiddell, could you clean up and post those notes?08:50
Riddellpoolie: can do08:50
Riddellpoolie: I think I should take a day off bzr sometime this week to check up on Kubuntu, it's their release week08:50
poolieoh good diea08:51
poolieor even more if necessary08:51
jamjelmer: yes08:54
jelmerjam: ok, that makes sense08:57
jamjelmer: so if you want to put rev B in a stacked repository, you need to have inventory of A, and all of the texts that are in B that aren't in A08:57
jamand B's inventory, of course08:58
pooliemgz, vila, so https://code.launchpad.net/~jameinel/bzr/drop-idle-connections-824797/+merge/7534809:23
jelmerjam: What's the easiest way of doing so (fetching an inventory into a repository if it isn't present yet, while excluding any stacked-on repos)?10:11
jelmervila: sorry, I missed that. What will I disagree with?10:17
vilajelmer: making bzrlib.intialize() mandatory10:17
jelmeryes (though I wouldn't mind make it implicit and warn if it wasn't explicitly called)10:18
jelmerJelmer's bug? There's just one ? :P10:19
jelmer(I lost my unity panel so I can no longer unmute :P)10:19
mgzbug 863401 jelmer if you're not already there10:23
ubot5Launchpad bug 863401 in Bazaar "library state now requires explicit initialization" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86340110:23
vilaRiddell: thanks for sending the standup notes !10:30
Riddellhow can I see collision merge proposals?  launchpad times out on https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/+activereviews10:31
jelmerpoolie: it's calm and relaxing to have some typing going on in the background.. :)10:31
pooliejelmer :)10:45
poolielike those CDs of sea sounds10:46
jelmerheh, indeed10:47
pooliejelmer, it's kind of nice, maybe we should stay on mumble during the evenings10:47
poolieespecially if we either get noise suppression right or ptt10:47
jelmerpoolie: yeah, it is. I put getting a new headset on my todo list.10:48
mgzooh, fancy oops pages with my new team membership10:50
poolieoh, tracebacks10:52
poolie"fix me!"10:52
ubot5Ubuntu bug 866100 in Launchpad itself "bug search with affects_me=on times out" [Critical,Triaged]10:52
nigelbpoolie: Is that the bug you just "fixed"? :D10:59
nigelbah, exposed as part of the fixing11:00
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
poolienigelb, now you can get to that page but it may not render :/11:10
nigelbpoolie: Ouch!11:10
nigelbpoolie: why does that happe? I thought search was fast.11:11
nigelbOr at least more efficient.11:11
nigelboh. I see you're talking to stuart already :D11:12
pooliejam, i'd appreciate if you can try to help the ohloh guy some more11:22
pooliewith his memory leak11:22
jampoolie: sure, I'm guessing it is us just caching more of the indexes, but I'll try to poke at it with him11:30
mgzhm, I wonder if what I was looking at yesterday was relevent then11:31
mgzjust doing switch created 5 repository instances, 4 of which persisted through the operation, each with five LRUSizeCache objects with a 50MB limit11:31
mgzthat's nearly a gig of potential cache, were they all doing stuff11:32
mgz(in practice only the texts cache is *that* large)11:32
mgzbut if they're doing things with repos and bzr is giving them new caches each time and the old ones are being hung on to...11:33
vilamgz: last warning from PP, if you don't land these proposals, I will ;)11:41
vilamgz: more seriously, you proposed a fix for http://bugs.python.org/issue12544 what happened ?11:45
mgzit landed, but did onieric ever move from the problem python revision?11:48
mgzand yes yes, I'll land 'em... after lunch11:49
vilamgz: Bon appétit !11:50
jammgz: 50*4 = 200, not quite 1GB11:52
jammgz: also, we tend to have Repository objects that live a bit long because of reference cycles.11:53
jambut it would be good to understand why we would have 5 repos opened11:53
fullermd"each with 5..."11:53
jamfullermd: 4 persisted11:53
vilamgz: yup, oneiric seems to have your patch too (or its moral equivalent:  self._type_equality_funcs = {})11:53
mgzokay, just one more branch to bother the rm before lunch11:55
mgz...dammit, lynx why won't you play nice with launchpad11:56
mgzs/rm/patch pilot/11:57
mgzjam: each time control_dir.anything happens, you get a new repo11:57
jammgz: there are some cases where we allow passing in something new11:58
jamI don't remembe rexactly where11:58
vilamgz: they happen to be the same this week ;)11:59
jammgz: were bugs #866107 and bug #866111 supposed to be assigned to you?12:02
ubot5Launchpad bug 866107 in Bazaar "Use testresources for bzr selftest" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86610712:02
ubot5Launchpad bug 866111 in Bazaar "Run tests against out of process smart server" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86611112:02
mgz...I'll take the first one12:05
mgzthe second one I find a little more scary12:05
mgzokay, patch pilot bothered, lunch must be had.12:06
vilamgz: approved12:09
jammgz: I just didn't know whether you were only filing them, or they were supposed to be assigned to you12:20
jamnot a big deal12:20
jelmerjam: what's the easiest way to make sure inventory X is present in a repository itself (rather than any of its stacked repositories) ?12:26
jamjelmer: X in repository.inventories._index.get_parent_map([X])12:26
jamor you can use the "inventories.no_fallbacks().get_parent_map()"12:26
jelmerjam: Ah, and just call repo.add_inventory() if it's missing?12:27
jamjelmer: generally i would add it as part of the record stream, but I'm not sure how it works with bzr-svn12:28
jamdoing add_inventory is going to be a serialization/deserialization overhead12:29
jelmerjam: ah12:29
jammaybe add_inventory_by_delta?12:29
jelmerjam: I'm already using add_inventory_by_delta to add the revision I'm fetching12:29
jamjelmer: then you can chain that to add the parent inventory12:29
jamI believe that add_inventory_by_delta can use any basis12:29
jamit doesn't have to be a direct parent/child/sibling12:29
jelmerjam: This is about making sure the basis is in the repo I'm calling .add_inventory_by_delta on12:30
jamjelmer: note that delta basis can also be 'null', but that is the same as doing just raw add_inventory()12:30
jamjelmer: so you are adding the inventory for B, what is the basis for that delta?12:30
jelmerjam: A, but A could be in my target repository or one of A's stacked repositories12:31
jelmerjam: A, but A could be in my target repository or one of A's fallback repositories12:31
jelmersorry, not sure what's up with my typing today12:33
jelmerjam: A, but A could be in my target repository or one of my target repository's fallback repositories12:33
jammgz: do you have 'feed-pqm' set up from hydrazine? I'm just going through and sending your approved patches to pqm12:34
jamhopefully not stepping on toes12:34
jambut I'm there already12:34
jamvila: it says your 863401-library-state has been sent. Did it bounce?12:35
jamI don't see anything in pqm right now12:35
vilalook again ?12:38
jamvila: I see 2 that I submitted12:43
jamneither is yours12:43
jamvila: maybe it bounced but you didn't get the reply?12:44
jamwant me to submit it?12:44
vilalooks landed to me12:45
jelmerjam: Please have another look at https://code.launchpad.net/~jelmer/bzr/more-foreign-tests-fixes-7/+merge/76776 when you have a moment12:48
jamvila: it was still in "sent to pqm" on feed-pqm, maybe it just hadn't updated yte12:56
jamyep, looks like12:56
jamI just hit it inbetween pqm finishing it, and launchpad noticing12:56
mgzhm, the release notes file could do with some sorting out12:57
mgzmaybe I shouldn't try and sneak in news pqm lands the next branch12:57
jammgz: pqm only takes about 30min, you can just put up a news fix13:11
mgzah, missing the day of slow pqm...13:14
mgzah, I see the ohloh thing now, twas a question not a bug13:23
mgzif he's running cmd_cat repeatedly, he's going to be getting a new cache each time, no jam?13:25
jammgz: he isn't13:25
jamhe changed it13:25
jamif you read the follow up13:25
jambut yes, the original suffered from stuff like that13:25
mgzyeah, I'm behind, getting there...13:26
mgzhm, landing the server hangs branch and the test cleanup branch so close to each other may have not been a good idea13:34
jelmervila: more-foreign-tests-fixes-{7,9} are both ready for review13:48
vilajelmer: on them13:49
vilajelmer: balloon ? :)13:54
vilajelmer: is that some kind of crocodile to check the reviewer actually read your proposal ? ;-P13:55
jelmervila: that test was already there, I just moved it :)13:55
vilaoh, ok, not there yet then ;)13:55
vilaha right, just after13:55
vilajelmer: -9 approved14:00
mgzwhy so forceful vila?14:03
vilahehe, took me two readings :)14:04
vilajelmer: -7 approved14:04
jelmervila: merci!14:04
jamjelmer: your foreign-tests-7 has 3 errors14:30
jelmerjam: thanks, having a look now..14:37
jelmerhmm, the other one also has 3 failures14:49
mgzthe pqm failure for my cleanup testcases branch is the stuff of nightmares15:10
mgzthere's one failure. it's on *one* of the three iterations of test_random_seed and the other two pass. the failure output make no sense at all.15:11
vilamgz: you ignored the expected failures right ?15:24
mgzyup, though they still confused me at first15:26
mgzfound one actual issue with the code, the way tests get counted needs sorting out after adopting Robert's method of injecting extra testcases15:27
vilamgz: where is this test ?15:35
vilamgz: oh, the one about selftest itself ?15:36
mgzI'll paste in the mp.15:37
mgzokay, result.shouldStop is getting set somehow...16:00
mgzwhich still doesn't really explain the weirdness, but needs afixing16:00
vilaubuntu is making fun of me: The program 'selftest' is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing:16:11
vilasudo apt-get install yagiuda16:11
vilamgz: can' reproduce locally, any hint in stderr ?16:12
mgznope. straight up unrepoable.16:14
mgzbut I'm fixing this other bug, and may do one more tweak before trying PQM again16:15
vilaget rid of it, file a bug if you wish unless you're really using it to trigger more related issues, almost nobody use random16:15
vilabut in any case, it doesn't sound worth delaying the bulk of the patch just for that16:16
=== beuno is now known as beuno-lunch
mgzokay, got this one.16:18
mgzdoes PQM fork vila?16:21
vilawe'd like to eventually16:27
vila... but we recently went from several hours to 30 mins, we need to recover a bit from the shock16:28
* vila EODing16:30
vilaalmost :)16:30
jonnorHi. I have changes in my working tree, however I don't want to commit them to the branch I'm currently on.16:31
jonnorHowever, bzr switch will not let me switch with "unmerged changes" and bzr shelf --all says "bzr: ERROR: Tree transform is malformed [('missing parent', 'new-8'), ('missing parent', 'new-2'), ('missing parent', 'new-3')]"16:31
jonnorWhat to do?16:31
briandealwisjonnor: see the shelve command16:32
jonnorbriandealwis: shelve is what I tried, and failed as show above16:32
briandealwisoops sorry jonnor — missed that :/16:33
briandealwisactually, I've seen that before too, and neglected to file a bug16:33
jonnormy changes are actually from an uncommitted commit if that matters16:33
vilajonnor: bzr version ?16:35
jonnorvila: Bazaar (bzr) 2.4.116:35
vilajonnor: please file a bug16:36
vilajonnor: 'shelf' was a typo right, you really meant 'shelve' (there was a shelf command long ago in bzrtools)16:38
jonnorvila: yes16:39
jonnorI have no idea on how to reproduce this issue though16:39
vilajonnor: file a bug anyway, adding the relevant part of your .bzr.log file will give some data16:43
jonnorvila: ok16:51
jonnorIs it expected that bzr commit after an attempted merge does not have any metadata like the commit message of the commit that failed to merge?16:52
jonnorit seems probable that https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/611739 is the bug I experienced16:57
ubot5Ubuntu bug 611739 in Bazaar "shelve problem on shelving directory with ignored file inside" [Medium,Confirmed]16:57
mgzblast, didn't get to reviewing benoit's branch today.17:02
mgzah well, tomorrow17:03
vilamgz: Just crossed my mind, you know pqm is running old versions of testtools and subunit right ?17:19
aidoshello all. how do you run the tests (or better, a specific test) from the bzrlib testsuite ?17:20
=== beuno-lunch is now known as beuno
vilaaidos: bzr selftest -s bzrlib.tests.blackbox.test_push will run only the tests whose name starts with bzrlib.tests.blackbox.test_push17:21
vilaaidos: some short prefixes are available: bt -> bzrlib.tests, bb -> bzrlib.blackbox, bp -> bzrlib.plugins17:22
aidosvila: thanks. but is that going to run the testsuite from my installed bzr version, or from the branch I got from launchpad ?17:23
aidosvila: it seems strange that I need to call bzr to run tests, especially for bzrlib where i just want to add a test to some osutils.py functions17:24
vilaaidos: ./bzr will run from sources, but you probably want to run 'make' before to build the extensions17:28
aidosvila: thanks, now my test fails as expected, now onto the bugfix :)17:37
=== med_out is now known as medberry
caravelHellooooo there :) Is there any list of apps (eg wikis) that can *sit* on a DSCM like Bazaar (using it as underlaying storage) ? Myself in particular, I'm looking for a collaborative task manager ^^19:10
beunocaravel, there's wikkid19:17
beunowhich is a wiki engine backed-up by bzr19:17
caravelbeuno: yes thanks, I found this one indeed -- somehow I didn't find any ref on it at bazaar website (google helped me find it).19:22
caravelBesides, it doesn't advertise to be stable yet.19:22
caravelAre you people aware of more tapps of this knd, especially oriented to manage *tasks* ?19:22
caravel*kind (etc., sorry typing too fast)19:23
james_wikiwiki too19:23
caraveljames_w: hey thanks, I had "lost" that one ^^19:25
caravelhere we go, I'm lost in its plugin list again :=19:28
caravelwould you reckon a wiki could be turned to an efficient-enough task manager somehow ? ^^19:30
jonnorcaravel: I'd recommend an issue tracker instead19:58
jonnorand I do not see any reason to care about whether the underlying storage tech on a dscm19:59
=== medberry is now known as med_out
caraveljonnor: well, I do. :) To start with, stricly speaking about SCM, what are your reasons to use a DSCM ?20:12
jonnorcaravel: so I have full access to the history, and can add to the history without having to make these changes public or be connected to a central location20:18
caraveljonnor: well, I have the same requirements for managing tasks, simply ^^20:19
caravelplus the will to push my changes, obviouly20:20
jonnorcaravel: how will conflicts be resolved?20:21
caraveljonnor: how do you solve conflicts with bzr, rsync, iFolders (...) or these 2 wikis running on top of a DSCM ? Well, you need conflifts brought to your attention, access to history, then manual resolution. How is this different to files ? A task manager that would store each task and each category as a single file on disk, would suit I think. But I didn't find any ^^20:26
jonnorcaravel: it is just something you need to thing about when you decide on the solution. If it is OK for your users having to resolve conflicts line-by-line in text files, then something on top of dvcs might work ok20:29
=== med_out is now known as medberry
=== medberry is now known as med_out
ccxCZicalendar files are pretty readable21:41
ccxCZI used conics for todos for a while, replicated with bzr, I even forked it to add yaml export/import for easy editing21:43
pooliehi all22:07
caravelccxCZ: thanks for your hints, will investigate22:07
ccxCZfor issue tracker I find roundup interesting, but that's mail-based mostly22:09
wgzhey poolie.22:11
pooliehi there22:16
wgzwhat's the current contributor agreement arrangement?22:18
wgzI got Florian to do a more comprehensive version of his fix, hopefully that doesn't mean he now needs to print a pdf and find a scanner22:19
pooliewgz, just an email with an attachment is enoguh22:19
pooliethe page is wrong and will soon be updated, if it's not already22:20
wgzthat's a relief.22:20
jelmer'morning poolie, ɯgz22:37
Riddellpoolie: how do I find merge proposals filed by udd importer?22:38
wgzehe jelmer, I'm not sure freenode would let me have that22:38
poolieRiddell, funny you should ask, i was just adding that to the bug22:39
poolieit even doesn't always time out22:39
RiddellI tried various likely pages under ~ubuntu-branches and they all timed out22:40
pooliehttps://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/+activereviews does seem to work for me at the moment22:40
poolieit's a quiet time of day for lp22:40
RiddellTimeout error here, a curious case of launchpad working better for australia than for britain22:42
pooliehit reload a few times :/22:50
wgzurk, there's lots of fallout from my commit message change in bzr-builddeb jelmer?22:50
jelmerwgz: oh?22:50
wgzI'm looking at bug 865753 and bug 867808 and wondering if they're running versions with that change22:51
ubot5Launchpad bug 865753 in bzr-builddeb (Ubuntu) "bzr-builddeb: UnicodeDecodeError" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86575322:51
ubot5Launchpad bug 867808 in bzr (Ubuntu) "bzr crashed with UnicodeDecodeError in _escape_cdata(): 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xc5 in position 11: ordinal not in range(128)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86780822:51
jelmerRiddell: with the number of ~canonical-bazaar staff folks around at midnight UTC it doesn't quite seem like quiet time ;)22:51
jelmerubot5: your change is only in bzr-builddeb 2.7.922:53
jelmerwgz: your change is only in bzr-builddeb 2.7.922:53
* wgz is a bot too, the real mgz is sensible and already asleep so he can get up on time tomorrow22:53
jelmerbug 86708 is with 2.7.0, so it shouldn't be relevant to your change22:54
ubot5Launchpad bug 19066 in firefox (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #86708 Pango-enabled firefox breaks MathML support" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1906622:54
jelmerperhaps it's even fixed by it22:54
jelmerwgz: the other bug doesn't seem related to your fix either, apart from being a unicode issue too22:54
wgzhm from the debian report, that first is different indeed.22:55
wgzand maybe I'm just being paranoid about the second.22:55
jelmerwgz: your nickname is really annoying, xchat keeps suggesting "wgrant" :)22:55
jelmerwgz: see the BzrPlugins.txt attached on the second22:56
wgzah yes, 0 is not 9. woho!22:56
vila. o O (No wonder I can't sleep, they are all up too)22:59
jelmerwhoa :)23:08
* Riddell offers vila some coffee23:16

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