docidaye, i meen, everything is still locked up00:00
dociduntil i hit B00:00
Daskreechdocid: I guess you don't know what the REISU does then :)00:02
docidDaskreech: grabs input devices,  emergency remounts devices as read only, synchs and boots, i know im missing some things there, i knew what each key did... a while ago00:03
Daskreech:-) yes but none of those are intended to unfreeze the computer. They only stop corruption when the computer does an unexpetced reboot (which would be the B)00:04
docidlol, so is there a magic unfreeze key?00:05
DaskreechDepends on the Freeze. If it's X then yes00:05
dociddo tell , always wanting to learn00:05
docidor i could probaly find it if i go a diggin00:06
Daskreechsorry to be clearer K is the combo key for the magic key00:07
SIR_Taco I don't have a magic key or an any key on my keyboard!!! :P00:08
DaskreechSIR_Taco: maybe it disappeared.. magically00:09
SIR_Tacohmm... I guess I'll put that on my tab00:10
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SIR_Tacosomeone should rename FloodBotK1 to "CaptObvious"01:13
DaskreechI met CaptainObvious at DragonCon01:14
Unit193./ubottu wasn't even here :P01:15
skierpageAnyone running 11.04, can you try `ls -l /etc/cups/mime.convs /usr/share/cups/mime/mime.convs`?  I have both files, the one in /etc is from 2009, seems wrong?02:08
a4hello folks... I just installed kubuntu (switched from ubuntu) and for some reason kubuntu detects my wireless network but wont connect even though I'm sure i have the passphrase and settings correct (I have verified them on windows)... and I never had this issue with ubuntu03:46
a4any ideas?03:46
Daskreecha4: What version of KDE?03:46
a4um the default 11.04 kubuntu version daskreech?03:47
DaskreechHmm ok03:50
Daskreechtrying to remember if that's NM 0.8 or NM 0.903:50
TheEvilPhoenixnetwork-manager is version 0.8.* in Ubuntu 11.04, just saying03:52
TheEvilPhoenixand network-manager-kde is... um...03:53
TheEvilPhoenixi *think* 0.903:53
TheEvilPhoenixso i think its dependent on which they have installed03:53
a4kubuntu would have the same base drivers as ubuntu wouldnt it and if it can detect the network why cant it accept the proper settings03:55
a4i verify the settings and then the network icon shows that its configuring and it gets to about 75% then a window pops back up saying "secrets" for the network... with the pass phrase and settings03:57
a4and regardless if i click ok or retype the settings it does the same thing over and over03:57
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katsrchey are there any good blogs/sites to follow for kubuntu news?06:53
GirlyGirlProblem on Kubuntu 11.04 with KDE SC 4.7.1 . Sometimes plasma crashes and when relaunched desktop effects seem to mess up the appearance of the Panels07:13
jussiGirlyGirl: have you filed a bug on bugs.kde.org ?07:13
jussikatsrc: planet kde is pretty good :)07:14
jussikatsrc: ie. http://planetkde.org/07:14
katsrcjussi: thank you!07:14
ArnoldHmm, KDE SC 4.7.1 in Kubuntu 11.10 Beta 2 seemed more stable for me.07:14
jussikatsrc: thats a nice agregate of many blogs, so you should find what you want htere07:14
GirlyGirljussi: No I have only a launchpad account07:15
ArnoldThe only crash I get mostly is at the end, when either shutting down or logging out.07:15
GirlyGirlkatsrc: Kubuntu.org itself07:15
jussiGirlyGirl: I suggest you sign up for one there then, as its where kde bugs that arent packaging go.07:15
jussi(at least for the ppa stuff you seem to be using)07:16
GirlyGirljussi: It mostly happens only with the Air theme07:17
katsrcthe best feature about Kubuntu 11.10: "Kubuntu introduces Kubuntu-Low-Fat-Settings: a collection of configuration options that reduce memory usage and even speed up KDE's loading time. This will help Kubuntu run better on older, lower-end systems. "07:52
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Arnoldkatsrc, that's one interesting way to speed up KDE from Kubuntu alright. However, I stumbled upon another way, but I'm not sure how stable it is so far.07:54
ArnoldWhich is running Kwin using GLES backend.07:54
ArnoldK Window Manager - "This package was compiled with support for OpenGL ES 2.0, before installing please make sure your video driver supports it. This package is part of the KDE base workspace module."07:55
GirlyGirlArnold: I can confirm that07:56
katsrcArnold: nice, how would I go about setting that up?07:56
katsrccompile kwin-gles?07:56
GirlyGirlkatsrc: In system settings desktop effects07:56
ArnoldNot in Kubuntu 11.10. You'll get a different package for it.07:56
ArnoldYou need to install kde-window-manager-gles which replaces kde-window-manager.07:56
GirlyGirlkatsrc: But you need kde 4.7. and up07:56
katsrcArnold: i'm on 4.7.1 and 11.0407:57
katsrcjust installing the package07:57
Arnoldkatsrc, Kubuntu PPA might have that package aswell. You can give it a try.07:58
katsrcArnold: seems like backports had it07:58
ArnoldGirlyGirl, that's the stock OpenGL 2.0. This one is OpenGL ES 2.007:59
ArnoldES stands for Embedded Systems.08:00
katsrcwasn't there a project for KDE-lite?08:01
katsrcwith a desktop having lightweight Qt apps also08:01
GirlyGirlArnold: I see let me try that then... but how do I know if the card supports GL-ES08:02
Arnoldkatsrc, I know a project with that specification, an Arch Linux user or so is working on that project.08:02
ArnoldGirlyGirl, http://www.khronos.org/conformance/adopters/conformant-products/08:02
ArnoldLook for OpenGL ES 2.0 tab and search for your graphics card model.08:03
ArnoldAnd it will say if it's OpenGL ES 2.0 compatible, or just 1.108:03
katsrcArnold: that's awesome08:03
ArnoldIf it's 1.1, then it won't work. Atleast according to the KDE developers.08:03
Arnold[sidenote]  Flash Player 11 was officially released [/sidenote]08:04
GirlyGirlIf 2.0 without the es works ?08:05
ArnoldGirlyGirl, not quite. OpenGL 2.0 and OpenGL ES 2.0 are quite different. They have their own API and specifications.08:05
ArnoldTell me what kind of graphics card you have, and I can look it up for you.08:05
GirlyGirlArnold: I'm quite sure my Nvidia will do it not sure about intel though08:05
ArnoldGirlyGirl, I see. In that case, you can tell me both of their model type, and we'll find it out soon enough :)08:06
GirlyGirlASUS Nvidia Geforce 9800 GT , Intel GMA 950 (27AE), and XFX Nvidia Geforce 8500 GT08:08
ArnoldGirlyGirl, GeForce 8xxx and GeForce 9xxx are both qualified to support OpenGL ES 2.008:10
ArnoldAnd now for the Intel one.08:11
GirlyGirlArnold: Ok thanks08:11
ArnoldGirlyGirl, sorry. It's pretty much out of the question :/08:13
katsrcArnold: it sure is snappy08:14
Arnoldkatsrc, which settings have you tried so far?08:15
katsrcArnold: default08:17
katsrcno shaders, direct rendering08:18
Arnoldkatsrc, yeah, I really enjoy it being snappy and also uses way less memory for compositing, unlike some other compositors out there (Compiz, you rascal!)08:18
ArnoldOh, by the way, here it is. The Quantum Project: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=125088&p=108:19
ArnoldIt is one KDE4/QT4 fork. Not sure if this is the one you mentioned earlier.08:19
katsrcArnold: it was the first one: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=12500408:21
katsrcQuantum Project looks like it's doing something entirely different08:21
katsrci don't know about javascript on my desktop?08:21
Arnoldkatsrc, ah, yes. This Quantum Project was created to make a more 'lightweight' KDE installation, less bloated and whatnot.08:23
GirlyGirlArnold: Intel GMA 950 fail http://paste.ubuntu.com/702127/ How can I revert?08:26
ArnoldGirlyGirl, you replaced kde-window-manager with kde-window-manager-gles?08:27
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ArnoldGirlyGirl, have you replaced kde-window-manager with kde-window-manager-gles before?08:32
GirlyGirlArnold: no08:32
ArnoldSo what did you mean by reverting?08:33
GirlyGirlArnold: I installed kde-window-manager-gles, obviously it removed the no gles one08:34
ArnoldGirlyGirl, then you'll replace kde-window-manager-gles with the stock kde-window-manager.08:35
GirlyGirlArnold: sudo apt-get install kde-window-manager should do it08:35
ArnoldGirlyGirl, yep. That will remove kde-window-manager-gles, in favor of kde-window-manager.08:36
ArnoldThis might explain more about the OpenGL ES 2.0 based Kwin's purpose: http://blog.martin-graesslin.com/blog/2011/07/running-kwin-with-opengl-es-2-0/08:37
GirlyGirlArnold: Reverting done on the intel system. Other systems work fine with GL-ES08:40
ArnoldGirlyGirl, great! And what about the performance? Any improvement, even at the slightest?08:41
GirlyGirlArnold: I don;t know the Nvidia systems are fast machines generally08:42
ArnoldGirlyGirl, I see. In any case, the OpenGL ES 2.0 Kwin should bring some improvements nonetheless. That one is not based on OpenGL 1's fixed pipeline anymore.08:44
ArnoldIt wasn't pure OpenGL 2.0 as I thought.08:45
GirlyGirlArnold: Intel stated incomplete GL-ES support maybe with newer drivers it will work in future?08:46
ArnoldGirlyGirl, I think the problem lies on the hardware, rather than software. Meaning that a hardware as old as a GMA 950 one is way too old to handle OpenGL ES 2.0 functions, so that's why it says it's incomplete.08:47
GirlyGirlArnold: Who knows its a 2009 card actually its a 945G Express08:48
ArnoldGirlyGirl, from what I was able to find out, is that pretty much only GMA 500 and GMA 600 graphics cards have OpenGL ES 2.0 support. The earlier ones don't.08:52
ArnoldAnd I can't find information about raw GMA graphics anywhere. Unless it's a PowerVR one (for embedded systems).08:53
dust__hello everybody - yesterday i generated a gnupg-key using kleopatra for my maildresses to sign the code of conduct - this worked very well - today the key is gone - doesnt matter whether i use kgpg or kleopatra - anyone that can help me out? - does kleopatra use gnupg2 ?08:54
dust__anyone? - where can i get help?08:57
dust__i generated a revoke key - should i use it - by the way i'm using 11. 10 beta2 with all updates08:58
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dust__really would appreciate some help10:06
dust__how should i behave now?10:06
dust__searching the server (via kleopatra) doesn't show my identity - yesterday it did10:07
dust__is there another channel for help with beta210:08
well_laid_lawn!11.10 | dust__10:13
ubottudust__: Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the fifteenth release of Ubuntu.  Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=646 Discussion and support in #ubuntu+110:13
dust__thought i could make some bugreports using it - but it seems to be just not stable enough for me :( - i will switch back to the LTS release10:38
dcorbin_workWhen I choose "Leave... Logout", it restarts my system instead of returning me to the KDM login.  Ideas?10:55
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BluesKajHiyas all12:06
nmvictorhi guys, I am using KDE 4.7.1. When I log in, desktop effects are turned off forming black squares on my screen which is rarely repainted. This is especially common when I have KDE in the autostart list13:36
nmvictorhi guys, I am using KDE 4.7.1. When I log in, desktop effects are turned off forming black squares on my screen which is never repainted. This is especially common when I have cairo-dock in the autostart list13:37
nmvictorsorry abou the KDE --> cairo-dock confusion.13:37
jimmy__hola a todos tengo una pregunta...14:06
jimmy__me pueden hacer el favor de guiar en estas cuestiones..14:07
jimmy__un ratico..14:07
OerHekshi jimmy__ this Kubuntu channel is english only :-)14:07
jimmy__by your date...14:08
OerHeksi read you have a support question ?14:08
jimmy__how create script in ubuntu...??14:08
OerHeksscripting, you would like to write in Bash ? or Python ? there are special channels for that.14:09
OerHeksthis is a start > https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Beginners/BashScripting14:10
jimmy__what  chanenles....??14:10
OerHeksfor bash join #Bash14:11
jimmy__ok..!! thanks..!14:11
OerHeksor ##python14:11
jimmy__what channels from python...??14:11
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caris_mereI'm using the the netbook workspace, and I can't remove one of my pages.16:07
r1_hello heloo16:40
adwait_sharmaWhich is the best IRC client for Kubuntu 11.04?16:48
genii-aroundadwait_sharma: Most people use Konversation or Quassel. There are also others which are not specific to Kubuntu such as XChat, command-line clients like irssi. It all depends on what you find "best" for your own style of work-flow.16:56
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.16:56
adwait_sharma<genii-around> how can i download xchta?16:57
genii-aroundadwait_sharma: From the GUI, a package manager like Software Center, KPackagekit, or Muon. From commandline with: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install xchat16:59
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fatumdamn it.. one more thing I need help for.. Following desktop effects could not be loaded. using kubuntu 11.04 64bit dual booted with win7, if it helps..  graphic card is  NVIDIA GeForce 310M, 512MB..17:49
Peace-fatum: well you can still use the others17:50
fatumthe others?17:50
Peace-fatum: some effects doesn't work because your driver doesn't support them17:51
Peace-that's all17:51
Peace-nvidia has closed driver so ...17:52
Peace-this can't be fixed easly17:52
fatumbut.. they did work before, when I had kubuntu 32bit...17:52
fatumsame ntb17:52
Peace-it's the driver....17:52
Peace-driver good = good effects17:52
Peace-driver bad = few effects17:52
fatumso, absolutely nothing I can do?17:53
Peace-fatum: you can test another driver...17:53
Peace-fatum: have you checked on jokey ?17:53
Peace-it's the program17:53
fatumI can try17:54
fatumwell, there is experimental 3D support..17:55
fatumI hope I'll be back soon17:56
GirlyGirlProblem with skype on 11.04 my mic does not seem to work17:57
Peace-threre is some to do i guess somethgin like export something17:58
Peace-GirlyGirl: rec -o temp.wav17:58
fatumeverything is wonderful and works for now, thank you18:03
Peace-fatum: :)18:10
LINKSWORD2Hello, all.18:51
LINKSWORD2Is it possible for me to check for updates on a single application?18:51
GirlyGirlLINKSWORD2: sudo apt-get update18:52
genii-aroundLINKSWORD2: More specifically: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade <specific-package-name-here>19:01
macohmm? i thought it was install, not upgrade, for a single package19:01
LINKSWORD2So if I'm wanting to upgrade Amarok, I put it after the "upgrade" ???19:01
genii-aroundmaco: "possible for me to check for updates on a single application?"19:02
macogenii-around: sudo apt-get install amarok      would upgrade amarok if its already installed but an update is available for it19:02
genii-aroundAfter apt-get update, apt-cache policy <packagename> would also say if there was a more recent version hopefully19:03
jmichaelxLINKSWORD2: to upgrade a package, you use 'apt-get install <package-name>'19:04
macoyeah, its install19:04
genii-aroundAh, OK19:04
macoif i try genii-around's way with "apt-get upgrade packagename" it just goes back to offering all upgrades as if you hadnt listed a package name19:04
macowow im really behind on updates.... *twiddles thumbs*19:05
genii-aroundmaco: Hehe19:05
genii-aroundmaco: Thanks for the correction19:05
jmichaelxyea, you can't upgrade a package using apt-get upgrade package-name... although i can see why anyone might logically expect that to work19:05
LINKSWORD2That worked.19:05
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genii-aroundI'm usually using something like apt-get install package=   or so for specific versions...19:08
latinloverhi does any one know what is the best linux OS ?19:10
afieflatinlover: Depends on what you're going to use it for and what you like19:11
afieflatinlover: I personally use Kubuntu for my home computer, but at work we use RedHat, and my friend really likes Unity so she's uing Ubuntu19:11
genii-aroundlatinlover: You are in #kubuntu channel asking, please remember. For a more impartial view perhaps inquire in ##linux19:11
latinlover im using kubuntu  and ubuntu as well id like to try red hat but idont know how get it19:12
LINKSWORD2latinlover: Google search for Redhat Linux.19:14
LINKSWORD2Let me get the link for you.19:15
latinloverthank you19:16
gomiboyiirc you can't download radhat (unless you pay)19:17
gomiboyyou should get centos or scientific linux which are redhat derivatives19:18
latinloveris redhat better than lion os x ?19:18
LINKSWORD2Redhat should be free, just like any other Linux distro.19:18
* LINKSWORD2 snickers.*19:18
kaddican someone tell me what version of firefox comes with ubuntu 11.04 and 11.1019:18
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kaddidon't get scientific linux19:19
kaddithere's nothing worse19:19
gomiboykaddi: why? never tried myself, but at least i see is updated more frequently than centos19:20
LINKSWORD2kaddi: There is not a specific Firefox version that comes on Ubuntu or Kubuntu.19:20
LINKSWORD2Rather, there will be a Firefox Browser Installer that you run and it will download the most recent version of Firefox and install it.19:20
kaddiLINKSWORD2: but which release?19:20
genii-around!info firefox19:20
ubottufirefox (source: firefox): Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version 7.0.1+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.11.04.1 (natty), package size 14709 kB, installed size 29508 kB19:20
PiciIts 7 in both19:21
genii-aroundkaddi: 7.0.119:21
kaddi10.10 will only install the FF3 by default, if you want 4 or 5 you need an...19:21
kaddity Pici and genii-around :)19:21
gedasI can't upgrade 10.10 to 11.0419:23
gedasanybody can help?19:23
LINKSWORD2gedas: Generally if you're unable to upgrade, it will be due to an error. Are you receiving any?19:24
genii-aroundgedas: Is it beginning to upgrade, or just not even giving you the option?19:24
latinloverhow do i joing other chanels in here ?19:25
gedasLINKSWORD2, I don't see any errors, but upgrade notifications eather19:25
LINKSWORD2latinlover: /join #<channel name>19:25
gedasgenii-around, I can't see anythink19:25
LINKSWORD2genii-around: I'll let you help gedas.19:26
latinloverwer do i  get the channel name?19:26
LINKSWORD2Hang on.19:27
gedasgenii-around, It don't give me any options19:27
gomiboylatinlover: /list19:27
LINKSWORD2Wow. Looks like RedHat is has met end-of-life.19:28
LINKSWORD2latinlover: /join #fedora19:28
Boomboyhello all. do we have any app for yahoo messanger for ubuntu which supports webcam? thanks19:29
genii-aroundgedas: You can get to Konsole or terminal? If so, what is result of:  grep = /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades19:31
genii-aroundeg: Prompt=normal or Prompt=lts or Prompt=never19:32
gedasgenii-around, Just a sec19:32
gedasgenii-around, Promt=normal19:32
genii-aroundgedas: How did you go about doing the upgrade? eg: from sudo do-release-upgrade, or from altering sources.list, from install over top with cd, etc?19:35
gedasgenii-around, I tryed sudo do-release-upgrade, tryed form CD, but no good19:36
alekseyКто дастм не совет?19:36
genii-around!ru | aleksey19:36
ubottualeksey: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.19:36
genii-aroundgedas: After the do-release-upgrade, what happened?19:38
gedasgenii-around, Checking for a new ubuntu release19:38
gedasNo new release found19:38
genii-aroundgedas: What says result of: cat /etc/issue19:39
gedasgenii-around, Ubuntu 10.10 \n \l19:39
gedasgenii-around, what that means?19:40
genii-aroundgedas: It means the version right now is 10.10 ( Maverick Meerkat )19:41
genii-aroundgedas: Please try: sudo do-release-upgrade -p19:41
macodid you sudo apt-get update first?19:41
gedasmaco, don't be kidding19:42
macohuh? if its a clean install it wont know whats on the repos...19:43
gedasmaco, I upgraded from 10.03 to 10.10 now I'm trying to upgrade to 11.0419:44
gedasgenii-around, Now something is hapening, please wait19:44
kaddiwhat does "WARNING: Failed to read mirror file" mean if I use do-release-upgrade19:46
macokaddi: either the server you're using to get updates is down or your connection is bad19:46
macotry a new server19:46
kaddio.o fascinating19:47
kaddii was using ubuntu.com19:47
gedasguys, I thing upgrade is in process19:47
kaddihmm, i pressed enter and it continued running19:48
kaddiwe'll see.. if the update doesn't work out smoothly. I'll come back and blame it on you. :p j/k19:48
macomaybe it was looking for a list of other mirrors to find a faster one? not sure now19:48
kaddinow it's stuck on "calculating changes"19:50
kaddiso ubuntu switched from openoffice to libreoffice? or did OO just rename itself?19:53
genii-aroundIt was an actual change19:53
macokaddi: a little from column A a little from column B19:53
macoOOo is still around...but its main developers left and forked to make LibreOffice19:53
macoit was when Oracle bought Sun19:54
kaddii think i did hear part of the story after all.. just completely forgot about it19:55
OerHeksthis year, Oracle has ceded control of the OpenOffice.org code base to the Apache Software Foundation Incubator project19:55
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gunkstaI have a plain text file full of the usual passwords and such sitting on my hard drive. Is there any way to open the file via Kate/KDE to view the file without first decrypting the file? In other words, I want to decrypted version to be in-memory only.20:34
genii-aroundIf it's plain text, where does the decrypting come in?20:37
gomiboygunksta: if the command you use to decrypt can output to stdout (probably yes) you can do anything20:38
gunkstagenii-around: The original file is plain text and technically, the encrypted version is plain text too, but not very useful unless it is decrypted first.20:39
genii-aroundAh, got it now.20:39
gunkstagomniboy:I'm using kgpg when using KDE. I gues what I'm after is something similar to what Vim does.20:40
gunkstaI just noticed, that at the end of my options in dolphin is the option to view the file, which opens a windows containing the decrypted file, but does not appear to create a copy on my drive. It is a little clunky when closing the file, but appears to get me 90% of what I would want.20:43
orcrisDoes anyone know how to upgrade to Kubuntu 11.04?20:44
orcrisHi Gamoder.20:44
OerHeksorcis 11.04 to 11.10 beta 2 ?20:45
orcrisI'm used to Ubuntu, where I can just type update-manager -d20:45
gunkstaorcris:technically this is how you are supposed to upgrade ubuntu too.20:46
bbeckHas anyone here installed dropbox, and if they have, have you been able to change the notifications to use knotify?20:47
gunkstaorcris:if you want to try out 11.10, you will need to add a "-d" to the end of that.20:47
BluesKajorcris, do-release-upgrade -d , if you're upgrading to a beta OS20:47
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ScottyKWhat is the release date for 11.10?21:46
DaskreechScottyK: Samething it is everytime21:47
PaulW2UScottyK: 13th October21:48
ScottyKThanks Paul....21:48
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BarkingFishCan someone please, please tell me how to get rid of firefox 6, and get back to a working version please, like 3.6.17 or something useful???22:12
BarkingFish6.0.2 is driving me barking.  I can't get plugins because the ones I need aren't compatible yet, and Firefox is moving so fast they probably never ever will be again.22:13
macothen pin or lock the version in synaptic22:14
macoer oh right this is the kubuntu channel22:14
genii-around!info firefox-4.022:14
ubottuPackage firefox-4.0 does not exist in natty22:14
macopin it in /etc/apt/apt_preferences22:14
macoman 5 apt_preferences22:14
Daskreechhi maco22:14
BarkingFishmaco, thank  you :)22:14
macokeep in mind this means you would not be getting security updates for it22:15
macoyouve been warned22:15
BarkingFishI don't give a hoot. The security is no good to me anyway if the browser itself is about as useful as a wooden leg to a scarecrow :)22:17
BarkingFishNo windows media player plugin... no shockwave plugin, no moonlight or mono plugins... no point really :)22:17
* maco blinks22:20
macothere's a windows media player plugin for linux?22:20
xcvHello everyone. I have had a problem with the kde partition manager when i have tried to resize a ntfs partition. I have selected it, set the new size, and apply, but it has stopped at 66% for more than 3 hours, so i have clicked 'cancel' and it has hanged. I have had to kill the process and now that partition is displayed as 'unknown'. What can I do?22:24
xcvplease, I need help urgently22:26
gomiboymaco try this: mozilla-plugin-vlc22:34
gomiboyxcv: is the partition the same size as before or the 'new' size now?22:35
xcvgomiboy: no, it shows the size i specified. I have googled a bit and fdisk displays HPFS/NTFS, but windows doesn't boot (win7)22:36
gomiboyxcv: restore it to the previous size with fdisk22:38
gomiboyxcv: that is: delete the partition and recreate it to the old size22:39
xcvhow can i know exactly the previous size? i just found this with grep in /var/log: http://pastebin.com/mq9q6M4c22:41
gomiboyxcv: were you shrinking or enlarging?22:41
xcvgomiby: i was shrinking it22:41
DaskreechWhy would a Scarecrow not want a wodden leg?22:41
xcvgomiboy: i will need a bit of help with fdisk, i have never used it so seriously22:42
Daskreech!info partitionmanager22:42
ubottupartitionmanager (source: partitionmanager): A partition management utility. In component main, is optional. Version 1.0.3-0ubuntu2 (natty), package size 428 kB, installed size 2856 kB22:43
gomiboyxcv: you touched sda4 also?22:43
xcvgomiboy: i don't think so, i have kubuntu in it and i have been able to reboot22:43
xcvgomiboy: so, do you think that i will be able to restore my lost partition?22:45
gomiboyxcv: then just delete sda3 and recreate. fdisk will give you the max free size then (assuming sda3 was 'in touch' with sda4)22:46
xcvgomiboy: would the log info be useful for that operation?22:47
gomiboyxcv: maybe... doing this can't get things worse anyway... :P22:47
xcvgomiboy: that's true... how do i begin with fdisk?22:47
gomiboysudo fdisk /dev/sda22:48
gomiboyd 322:48
xcvsudo fdisk /dev/sda3?22:48
gomiboyno, sda22:49
xcvgomiboy: now?22:50
gomiboyxcv: type d to delete, type 3 when asks part number22:50
xcvyes, yes22:50
xcvi have just deleted it, what should i do now?22:50
gomiboytype n for new22:50
gomiboyuse the default numbers for size22:50
xcvit asks me the first cylinder for now22:51
gomiboyjust press enter22:51
xcvit asks me for the last cylinder22:52
gomiboyenter again22:52
xcvwill it overwrite my current partitions or write until sda4?22:52
gomiboyxcv: it will use only the free space, we will check later22:53
xcv65667 seems a bit round to me, it was just that lol22:54
xcvdone, now it should be repaired?22:54
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gomiboyso sda4 should start at 65668 right? :P22:54
=== rest is now known as szal
gomiboyno, one thing22:54
gomiboytype t22:55
gomiboythen 7 for ntfs22:55
gomiboyno, wait22:55
xcvdone too22:55
xcvwhat is wrong?22:55
gomiboydone for partition 3 right ?22:56
xcvyes, don't worry :)22:56
gomiboyok... :P22:56
genii-aroundSo then basically just w22:56
gomiboynow press p and pastebin the status22:56
TheEvilPhoenixsounds like either the windows failtextinstaller or the textual installer for Linux...22:57
TheEvilPhoenixi assume the second?22:57
gomiboyno, it's just fdisk, the old school partition editor :P22:57
TheEvilPhoenixno GUI?22:57
* TheEvilPhoenix raises an eyebrow22:57
gomiboynaaaa :P22:57
xcvhere you have it: http://pastebin.com/dAdbUQYD22:58
genii-aroundAh, Acer. Gotta love those hidden partitions22:59
gomiboyxcv: mmm didn't you say that the last cylinder was 65667? why it is 52920?23:00
xcvi don't know, it said 65667, it seems like it has ignored me23:01
xcvshould i retry that?23:01
gomiboyxcv: you exited fdisk?23:01
xcvan error23:01
gomiboythen do it again...23:02
gomiboyagain, d 3...23:03
xcvyes yes, i did it23:03
xcvagain lol23:03
gomiboyoh... p to check23:03
xcvit is ok, 65667 :D23:04
gomiboyok, w to write23:04
xcv'q' forbidden lol23:04
gomiboynow try to mount it23:04
xcvoutput of 'w': http://pastebin.com/9WWAHEd923:05
xcvis it an error or is it normal?23:05
gomiboynormal warning23:05
xcvokay i was a bit scared23:05
xcvmount -t ntfs-3g /dev/sda3 /media/win723:06
xcvis it okay?23:06
xcvcould not mount it: http://pastebin.com/JA4u3ym123:07
gomiboyxcv: then you'll have to restore your backup, because everyone has a backup when messing with partitions, right?23:08
xcvit was a 500 GB partition, and i had no information at all in it23:09
xcvi will reboot and try to boot windows, i have nothing to lose23:10
xcvi'll be back in a moment23:10
gomiboygood just reinstall... or you can see it as a message to stick with linux forever.. :P23:11
xcvi use linux a lot, but assassin's creed and imperium 3 don't work with wine :(23:11
xcvsometimes i like to play for an hour or two, and wine is not perfect :/23:12
xcvwait, i'm rebooting23:12
gomiboyheheh that's a common problem... and now i'm going to play deus ex... :P see you :D23:12
MDesadei have a question: when i log in to my kubuntu 11.04 64-bit desktop, it flashes the icons showing services loading, then the screen goes black and nothing but the mouse cursor is visible... how can i fix this?23:25
MDesadei have only changed the font to something larger, so i am happy to reset the config back to stock, if someone could clue me in as to how23:27
xcvgomiboy: are you there?23:42

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