coz_Roasted,  havent tried it,, no printer working here,, but wouldn't surprise me00:02
robin0800Roasted, works for me but you might have to install drivers if there is no pdd for your printer00:05
FernandoMiguelchrome now has "Enable syncing sessions"00:35
FernandoMiguelEnable sessions in the sync options. This allows syncing your sessions to other clients.00:35
robin0800FernandoMiguel, yes it works great between laptop and desktop00:36
FernandoMiguelhave to try it :D00:36
bjsniderFernandoMiguel, which version are you using?00:39
FernandoMiguelbjsnider: 15.0.865.0 (Developer Build 98568 Linux) Ubuntu 11.1000:44
bjsnidercould you pastebin your .xsession-errors?00:44
FernandoMiguellet me check if it is safe00:45
FernandoMiguel-rw------- 1 bugabundo bugabundo 595K 2011-10-04 01:45 .xsession-errors00:45
bjsniderok, the last 50 lines or so00:45
FernandoMiguelbjsnider: PM00:46
bjsniderfabien really needs to update chromium for oneiric, but i can't track him down00:50
genCloneim trying ubuntu 11.10... its unbelievable how many bugs there are still...00:53
genCloneits very buggy00:54
genClonenot halting the event to suspend (there is even no such option on the menu)00:54
genCloneive just installed the propietary ATI driver, and now the splash screen is like veryyyyy very low resolution00:54
genCloneeven the installation bar progress didnt run properly....00:55
dr_willisplymouth and the prop. drivers often fight. :-(00:55
genClonesome times, max close and min button dont come up00:57
genCloneand also, sometimes, the wifi manager is not working (showing no networks) although it's connected to my network01:00
robin0800genClone, iv'e got both suspend and hibernate have you run update manager yet?01:00
genClonerobin0800: yes, it's totally updated01:00
genCloneto be honest i've got those problem with suspend and hibernate since the 10.10.... but didnt care about01:02
genClonehope to be fixed in this version...01:02
robin0800genClone, is this a clean install?01:03
genClonerobin0800: yes, it is....01:03
genCloneall disk formated01:03
AAA_awrightWhere do I go to set the screen DPI?01:28
robin0800AAA_awright, not sure you can if you find out please let us know01:35
AAA_awrightI *used* to be able to under the last release01:36
AAA_awrightI can't find it anymore01:36
AAA_awrightAnd actually Ubuntu completely erased all my UI settings including DPI and desktop background01:36
jbichaAAA_awright: what was your background?01:41
AAA_awrightIt was a wallpaper out of ~/Pictures01:41
AAA_awrightOf my own01:41
AAA_awrightSpecifically from Penny Arcade, set to Zoom01:41
jbichahmm, well a lot of setting migrated from gconf to gsettings, maybe that one didn't copy over01:42
AAA_awrightI had a few more added that I could switch between, those seemed to have disappeared01:42
AAA_awrightI can't point out any UI settings that copied over01:42
AAA_awrightAlso, the power manager is running on startup again, which is a problem: Unplugging this laptop causes the system to freeze after showing a message that the power is "Critically low"01:43
TohuwHi, can someone running a clean 11.10 give me the output of dpkg --get-selections|grep indicator-* ?01:50
TohuwMore specifically, someone who did NOT upgrade to 11.10, but used a fresh install, and has never installed Evolution01:50
jbichaAAA_awright: for power, install dconf-editor and navigate to org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.power and try unchecking the active box01:50
AAA_awrightThat appears to be in the dconf-tools package01:51
AAA_awrightgnome-settings-daemon just crashed01:53
AAA_awrightBut the setting seems to be changed01:53
AAA_awrightIs the battery supposed to show when I'm plugged in?01:54
AAA_awrightthe icon, I mean01:54
johnjohn101when i quit banshee, my song still plays01:58
jbichaAAA_awright: yes the power icon always shows (if you have a battery) but not if you unchec that box01:59
TohuwWhere can I view a complete list of packages selected in a default 11.10 x86_64 desktop install?02:00
jbichabut turning off power is usually a bad idea02:00
jbichamaybe you need to just set critical-battery-action to nothing02:01
bjsniderTohuw, http://paste.ubuntu.com/702014/02:03
jbichaAAA_awright: I probably don't have enough information to be giving you random tips02:03
Tohuwbjsnider: fantastic, thanks02:04
bjsniderTohuw, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/oneiric-desktop-amd64.list02:04
bjsniderthat's your second question02:04
TohuwEven more thanks02:04
* Tohuw heaps gratitude on bjsnider 02:05
sindilejust upgraded to oneiric and my other repositories have disabled on upgrade to oneiric how do i change this02:05
ActionParsnipsindile: open software centre and re-enable them, not all of them may not support oneiric02:05
Tohuwhmmm, bjsnider, that only seems to list the files in the image... I was hoping for an exhaustive list of package selections. :( Oh well, your first answer told me what I really needed to know.02:06
bjsniderthat list is what's insalled in an ubuntu-desktop02:06
bjsnideri must have misunderstood your question02:07
TohuwUnderstood, but it isn't the package selections. In other words, what I really want is the complete dump of dpkg --get-selections right after a fresh 11.10 desktop x64 install02:07
bjsniderwait, no it isn't02:08
bjsniderthis is:02:08
bjsniderthe manifest02:08
bjsniderall of the cds and dvds have manifests i think02:09
Tohuwaha! perfect. Thanks, bjsnider02:09
genCloneanother bug, I get different active resolution depending if I look at it in System Settings - System Info and  Top-Right corner and Display02:30
jschallhow usable is 11.10 beta 2?04:11
Nattgewcompiz still crashes for me04:11
jschallNattgew: compiz was the reason i swapped to kde... it still exists?04:12
Nattgewyeah... was really good before upgrade04:12
jschallNattgew: i never liked it. it wasn't integrated well.04:12
jschallNattgew: or it didn't feel well-integrated04:13
jschallNattgew: whereas kde's felt flawlessly integrated.04:13
Nattgewjschall: integrated how?04:16
jbichajschall: Unity 3D is a compiz plugin04:16
jschalljbicha: i couldn't use unity when i tried it in natty... it was awful, i ran into bugs or usability issues immediately...04:17
jschallNattgew: i don't know. feels like the defaults are more sane, has a good configuration utility that's easy to access04:17
jschallNattgew: whereas configuring compiz was a nightmare as i remember it04:18
jschallNattgew: and it wasn't configured right by default04:18
jschalljbicha: i'm not really familiar with unity. i tried it when my mom got her new laptop before i switched it to kde for her04:19
jschalljbicha: system76 laptop04:19
jbichajschall: well one nice thing about Ubuntu is that there are lots of desktops you can use, Unity 11.10 is generally better than 11.04 but it's not for everyone04:20
jschalljbicha: i just was looking at gnome 304:20
jschalljbicha: screenshots and stuff04:20
jschalljbicha: and i want it so bad.04:20
jschalljbicha: but i hated unity. it was so horrible.04:21
Nattgewjschall: Gnome 3 is cool but it seemed worse to me than Unity04:21
jschallNattgew: buggy?04:21
jbichajschall: if you're using (K)ubuntu 11.10, gnome-shell is an easy install away04:21
jschallNattgew: or what?04:21
ali1234gnome-shell seems less buggy than unity04:21
ali1234but just a lot more complicated and annoying04:22
ali1234i thought it looked good in the screenshots too04:22
Nattgewjschall: not buggy, it's just that while Unity is still sort of traditional desktop, Gnome 3 changed even more04:22
jschallNattgew: i've wanted to move away from the "traditional desktop" for a while.04:22
ali1234gnome-shell is still a traditional desktop04:23
jschallNattgew: because i don't ever use the desktop. kde has all these widgets and crap to put on your desktop and i never use a single one, its just blank and i cover it up with a maximized browser window.04:23
ali1234just with a much more complicated workspace manager04:23
Nattgewjschall: me too... it's hard to find an interface that works for me, though04:23
jschalland the windows-style taskbar is totally dated...04:24
Nattgewali1234: yeah, that's what I meant... the desktop is pretty much the only constant04:24
ali1234the taskbar is still the most efficient way of switching between windows if you have more than about 304:25
ali1234unless you use one of those keyboard only WMs04:25
jschalli'd rather have something where i hit a button and it pops up a row or column of my windows, ordered by most recent use, with previews04:26
jschalland then i could just click on one04:26
ali1234"ordered by most recent use" is a big problem for me04:26
jschallsimilar to alt-tab but modified a bit04:26
ali1234i don't like having to hunt around for things04:26
ali1234stuff should stay where i put it04:26
ali1234not moved around all the time based on what the computer thinks i want04:27
jschallali1234: ok, so maybe separate buttons? one for recents, one for alphabetical?04:27
Nattgewjschall: interesting idea...04:27
ali1234or how about... just keep them in the order i opened them in04:27
jschallit's just like what android does, you hold the home button and it pops up your recently used apps04:27
ali1234and then we could keep it on the screen all the time04:27
ali1234and call it a task bar04:28
jschallali1234: i love it!04:28
jschallali1234: =P04:28
jschallmy problem is, i end up with more windows open than the taskbar can reasonably handle.04:29
ali1234i actually like the expose switching except for one thing04:29
ali1234which is that the windows move around every time04:29
jschallfor example, multiple terminals04:29
jschalland i can't tell which terminal to click04:29
ali1234they should be arranged based on where they are on the screen, so that you can just remember which one is which, without having to look at the tiny previews04:29
jschalland the previews are too small to read the text in the terminal04:29
ali1234(which btw, are broken in oneiric. sometimes you just get a white rectangle instead of the window)04:29
jschalland i can't even read the name of the window because i have so many windows open that there isn't any text, just icons.04:30
ali1234which brings the other issue04:30
ali1234unity has to have a mode that isolates workspaces04:30
ali1234clicking thelauncher should never take me to another workspace04:30
ali1234and expose should only show windows on this workspace04:30
jschallali1234: oh, that was one major, major thing that i hated about unity. it kept swapping me to different workspaces04:30
ali1234yeah it's really annoying04:31
ali1234you're doing something in one workspace04:31
jschallali1234: and i didn't understand why it was doing it04:31
ali1234then you go to another one to check your email04:31
ali1234you have to follow something up so you try to open a terminal to check something04:31
jschallali1234: and i didn't understand how to manually change workspaces04:31
ali1234but instead of getting the terminal on this workspcae, or a new window, it instead takes you back to what you were doing before04:31
jschallali1234: and i have no idea how the average user would figure those out if i couldn't.04:31
ali1234then you have to switch back04:32
ali1234and this time, middle click on the terminal icon04:32
ali1234which doesn't even work for all apps04:32
ali1234if you middle click gedit you get a new tab, not a new window04:32
Nattgewi like how windows has the shift click for new windows04:32
ali1234i'm not sure how i'm supposed to view to source files side by side with the awesome window snapping feature, when it won't let me open two windows04:32
jschallso anyway, there's only 10 days till release, is 11.10 beta 2 good enough to start using?04:33
ActionParsnipjschall: I'd say so but others have had a hard time with it04:33
jschallguess i could just virtualize it...04:33
ActionParsnipjschall: so in reply all I can say is "maybe"04:33
jschallhow can i remove unity on 11.10?04:33
jschalli'm going to play with it in a VM04:34
ActionParsnipjschall: use XFCE, KDE or some other DE04:34
jschallActionParsnip: i want to try gnome3.04:34
jschallActionParsnip: just without unity... because i already know unity blows chunks.04:34
ActionParsnipjschall: then use gnome shell instead of unity04:34
ubottuUbuntu Oneiric uses GNOME 3 with the !Unity shell by default. To use GNOME Shell on Oneiric, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool". For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place a new entry in the Sessions dropdown on the login window.04:34
ActionParsnipjschall: works fine here04:34
jschallActionParsnip: cool04:35
jschalljust totally not familiar with gnome any more04:35
ali1234yeah... neither gnome shell nor unity(3d) works particularly well in a VM because of the requirement on accelerated graphics04:35
ActionParsnipali1234: use unity2d then...04:35
jschallali1234: eh, i think virtualbox can handle it.04:35
ali1234expect it to glitch out, corrupt the display, or just not load at all04:35
NattgewGnome shell wouldn't run on my netbook while Unity would...04:35
ali1234virtualbox is what i use04:35
ActionParsnipali1234: you can get basic 3d in vms04:35
jschall3d works pretty well in virtualbox.04:35
ali1234basic, extremely buggy 3d, yeah04:35
ali1234it works about as well as nouveau04:36
ActionParsnipali1234: yes but it does exist04:36
ActionParsnipnouveau rocks04:36
ali1234it crashes within about 5 minutes whenever i try to use it04:36
jschalli hear vmware's 3d support rocks pretty hard.04:36
ali1234to put it another way, it works about as well as either of the ati drivers04:36
jschallbut vmware workstation expensive, right?04:36
ActionParsnipali1234: works fine on my 6150LE onboard 512Mb04:37
ActionParsnipjschall: VMWare workstation is free as in beer04:37
jschallActionParsnip: it is?04:37
ActionParsnipahh workstation isnt free04:38
jschallActionParsnip: 30-day evaluation04:38
ali1234player is free04:38
ActionParsnipplayer is free04:38
jschallActionParsnip: $199.0004:38
jschalli don't think player has the 3d support04:39
Nattgewthey do have free products... vmware server?04:39
ActionParsnipnextag have VM workstation for 180 USD04:39
ActionParsnipserver is free according to the link04:40
jschallwill drivers for virtualbox 3d be installed by ubuntu automatically?04:41
ActionParsnipjschall: its part of a default install, you can install guest additions also04:44
jschallalright, it is installing in a VM!04:52
jschallooooooooooor not!04:52
jschallthe installer encountered an error transferring files to the hard disk04:53
ali1234don't clikc "download updates"04:53
ali1234i dunno then04:53
jschalli was just about to comment that the new installer looked cool04:53
jschalland then it just did that.04:54
jschalli wish virtualbox didn't trap alttab04:54
jschalli'm sure there's a way to change that...04:54
jschallit seemed to happen immediately after i chose a timezone04:55
ali1234that stuff runs in parallel04:55
jschallno, it's not related to timezone04:56
jschallit says errno 5: input/output error04:56
jschalljust going to screw with virtualbox settings...04:58
jschallmaybe my iso is corrupt...05:02
ActionParsnipjschall: did you md5 test the iso?05:16
jschallActionParsnip: can't find an md5 for it. just redownloading from a different source05:16
ubottuSee https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes for the md5sums of Ubuntu discs.05:17
jschallActionParsnip: no betas there05:18
jschallActionParsnip: i already redownloaded from another source.05:18
ActionParsnipjschall: still needs checking05:18
jschalli highly doubt it was a corrupt file anyway...05:18
ActionParsnipit needs testing so that you know the data you are using is error free and complete05:19
jschallActionParsnip: one i just downloaded matches, one i downloaded before doesn't.05:20
ActionParsnipjschall: thats why you should ALWAYS check the download05:22
jschallActionParsnip: and no error05:22
jschallwell, 3d stuff isn't working...05:40
jschallglxgears runs, but at 500fps vs 8500 fps on host05:40
jschallwhatever, i'll just install on this laptop i have sitting right here...05:41
Kiranos[11:29:26] <Kiranos> Hi I'm running ubuntu 11.10 and my desktop goes into hybernate or something after 1h and the only thing returning it is one press on the powerbutton on the chassi05:59
Kiranos[11:29:33] <Kiranos> I'm not using a laptop05:59
Kiranos[11:29:43] <Kiranos> is there a way to turn this off?05:59
Kiranos[11:29:47] <Kiranos> I dont see why its there on a  desktop05:59
Kiranos[11:30:06] <Kiranos> power is set as "Don't suspend"05:59
Kiranosanyone know of this?05:59
AAA_awrightKiranos: My laptop is doing bizarre things with power too06:02
susundbergIf you have checked powermanagement settings at least i do not have any clue06:02
AAA_awrightRandomly suspending while I'm using it06:02
AAA_awrightI haven't played with it too much since disabling power management but I'll see what effect that had06:02
AAA_awrightAnd it doesn't actually suspend, it freezes06:04
AAA_awrightCompletely dead, Alt+Ctrl+Fx does nothing, Ctrl+Alt+Backspace does nothing06:05
jbichaKiranos: are you using the latest version of gnome-settings-daemon?06:05
KiranosI have to use powerbutton and it comes down06:05
Kiranosjbicha: I have latest packages in the repo nothing custom06:05
Kiranosas long as more people have such issues I'm happy, just as long as its not a feautre :)06:06
jbicha!info gnome-settings-daemon oneiric06:08
ubottugnome-settings-daemon (source: gnome-settings-daemon): daemon handling the GNOME session settings. In component main, is extra. Version 3.2.0-0ubuntu4 (oneiric), package size 437 kB, installed size 1536 kB06:08
jbichaKiranos: are you using that version ^06:08
Kiranosapt-cache show gnome-settings-daemon|grep Version06:10
KiranosVersion: 3.2.0-0ubuntu406:10
Ian_Corneyou can also use policy Kiranos  :p06:10
Ian_Corneapt-cache policy gnome-settings-daemon06:10
Kiranosah ok06:12
Kiranos  Installerad: 3.2.0-0ubuntu406:12
Kiranos  Kandidat:    3.2.0-0ubuntu406:12
Kiranos* swedish06:12
Kiranosbut I think its understandable06:12
jbichaKiranos: pastebin the output of gsettings list-recursively org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.power06:12
jbichaKiranos: ok, those look like the defaults, and you're still having problems with autosuspend after you updated?06:15
Kiranosjbicha: yes I had it yesterday06:18
KiranosI dont know if this package updated since then? I just rebooted my computer06:18
Kiranosafter tonights updates06:18
KiranosWhen I came to work about 30mins ago it was in hybernate06:19
Kiranosor autosuspend might be the correct word06:20
jbichaKiranos: you can look for the exact time of update in /var/log/apt/history.log06:21
jbicha-0ubuntu4 fixed a lot of the problems, we're trying to see what issues remain after that update06:21
KiranosStart-Date: 2011-10-04  07:59:0206:22
Kiranosgnome-settings-daemon:i386 (3.2.0-0ubuntu3, 3.2.0-0ubuntu4),06:22
Kiranosthis might have fixed it06:22
Kiranosjbicha: I'll come back here if it still exist but it probably fixed then today06:22
Kiranosthanks for the help!06:22
Kiranostis  4 okt 2011 08.23.08 CEST06:23
jbichaoh good :)06:24
DoverOsdoes anyone know how to install the sound menu?06:50
DoverOsor is anyone even here?06:53
DoverOsidle idle idle06:56
DoverOskeep them doggies idle06:56
SMJI have LC_ALL="fi_FI.UTF-8" as the last line in my .bashrc and when I try 'locale' it still says LC_ALL is undefined07:47
SMJin what configuration file should I put my LC_ALL?07:49
SMJI'm really getting fed up with Ubuntu07:50
SMJI don't have time for this07:53
oalWhat time zone is the daily builds uploaded in? Latest builds are 03-Oct-2011 08:xx08:11
benoliver999How do I create a custom launcher now?08:16
benoliver999I want to get celtx in the unity bar, but it seems to only run through terminal.08:17
benoliver999I just need a launcher that runs a command when I click it.08:18
jbichaoal: unless specified otherwise, I'd assume the servers are UTC08:21
oalThe 64bit isos are up now, jbicha :)08:22
daavishey, is it possible to remove panel on the left?08:34
daavisjust panel.. nothing else08:34
=== timblechmann is now known as tim
daavishey, is it possible to remove panel on the left?08:58
daavisjust panel.. nothing else08:58
AdysWhat broke usb?09:11
Adysudev seems to be completely broken or something09:12
Adyspulseaudio cant see any of my usb devices, i cant mount my external hard drives, it takes ages to boot and i get some /lib/udev/mtp-probe spam09:13
Adysin fact09:14
Adysmtp-runtime seems to fix it all... this should be a dep really09:20
bhavesh_I installed GDM, GNOME 3 shell yesterday When I booted today morning, my GRUB 4 seconds counter wasent ticking, default option was recovery mode and when I selected 11.10 BETA 2 from list it just showed black screen09:55
bhavesh_which remains forever...09:56
bhavesh_I also updated my Ubuntu yesterday which included an GRUB update09:56
bhavesh_so there09:56
bhavesh_there;s a problem in GRUB, how am I supposed to fix it if I cannot boot into Ubuntu?09:56
dust__anyone here can help me with an issue i got on kubuntu beta2 using kleopatra (gnupg)?10:42
dust__is there another channel for kubuntu beta2?10:42
dust__any hints appreciated :)  - maybe i'm in the wrong channel and just don't know10:45
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rajmahendraAnyone help me how to install GNOME3 on Ubuntu 11.10 ?11:10
rajmahendraIs it possible to install  GNOME3 on Ubuntu 11.10 ?11:13
bazhangrajmahendra, gnome-shell ?11:17
bazhang!info gnome-shell11:18
ubottugnome-shell (source: gnome-shell): graphical shell for the GNOME desktop. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.2.0-0ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 1041 kB, installed size 4864 kB11:18
KM0201so gnome 3 will not be fully implemented in 11.10/11:19
bazhangKM0201, which part are you referring to as being not fully implemented11:20
KM0201bazhang: ie, stable (id hardly consider gnome-shell stable)11:20
bazhangmore of a gnome issue is it not?11:21
KM0201bazhang: probably, but iv'e used gnome 3 under Fedora, and while i think it sucks, it's stable11:21
bazhangthen stick with something pre 11.1011:22
KM0201well, i just switched to lxde11:22
KM0201all is good int he world11:22
KM0201thank heavens for choice11:22
alexd285hello, how I can clean "aptitude -f install", it recons to install unwanted packages that I have removed like mysql php and apache11:40
rajmahendrai want to install GNOME 311:50
bazhangrajmahendra, gnome-shell ?11:50
ubottuUbuntu Oneiric uses GNOME 3 with the !Unity shell by default. To use GNOME Shell on Oneiric, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool". For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place a new entry in the Sessions dropdown on the login window.11:51
rajmahendraPici, this is same one available on fedora right ?11:53
samjamSince upgrading to 11.10, but ubuntu box goes to sleep after about half an hour, even if it has active ssh logins and active NFS mounts.12:02
samjamThis leads to disabling the eth port, and in turn causes kernel deadlocks when flush over nfs fails12:02
samjamSleeping with files open over nfs is a bad idea anyway, especially if locks are held12:03
samjamany tips to stop it doing this? Also I noticed that the screen blanks every 15 minutes or so even though screen-saver is disabled12:04
zmbmartinI have an HP Envy 17 and the clickpad does not work very well. I have tried a few things I have read for older ubuntu versions to no success. I also read that it should be fully supported out of the box in 11.04 and 11.10?12:04
BluesKajHiyas all12:06
dsathewhere does empathy get its proxies from13:23
dsatheever since i moved to 3.2 it does not seem to recogonise proxies13:23
PiciWhat do you mean by 'proxies'?13:24
dsathehttp proxy, https proxy13:25
PiciSorry, misunderstood what you were asking.13:26
sharpshooterhai friends !! I upgraded my ubuntu 11.04 to 11.10 . after upgrading the os I found that the sound preview in nautilus is not working . I googled it and I got that I need a package called sushi . and I also got the installation cammands from webupd8 but it says that unable to lacate package sushi .. so what I want to do for getting the previewer back to my os .13:35
dsathesudo apt-get update13:35
dsathedid you run that one13:35
sharpshooterdsathe,  ya I did that  but no luck13:36
Prettohow can i log a nautilus core dump? apport didnt detect that nautilus crash13:36
PrettoI got a core dump everytime I double click on any folder13:37
icerootPretto: ubuntu-bug nautilus    if you want to create a bug against it in launchpad13:37
zmbmartinHow do I get my HP synaptics touchpad "clickpad" working? I tried setting plugins false in dconf and using my own synaptics.conf settings that work in Archlinux but still no luck.13:38
zmbmartinI tried gpointing-device-settings13:38
Prettoiceroot: i did that once and they asked me for a trace file13:38
zmbmartinAnd I have tried some things that came up with google.13:38
icerootPretto: "strace nautilus" and then do the task which is killing nautilus13:45
icerootPretto: i guess you have to install strace first13:45
sharpshooterAnyone know how to get a nautilus previewer in ubuntu 11.10 when I upgraded to 11.10 my nautilus previewer is not working !13:55
xgt001sharpshooter, try searching for a ppa... but ppa for a beta isnt advisable14:05
xgt001Persona24, so whats the state of your issue now?14:06
Persona24xgt001, Flash is working but that was a weird glitch.  Like I don't even understand how that could happen14:07
sharpshooterxgt001, I tried the webupd8  but I got the error the unable to lacate package sushi14:07
xgt001sharpshooter, the repositories may not contain all packages yet...14:08
dsathesushi ought to be in core oneric repos14:08
xgt001xgt001, try chrome which has an older version of flash14:08
dsatheits a gnome - extar thing14:08
dsathenot a freebee14:08
xgt001dsathe, is the package name exactly sushi>14:09
Persona24xgt001, it's working fine now, I'm just confused.  How could the sound card effect the speed of my flash player?14:09
sharpshooterxgt001,  so any other previewer for ubunt14:10
xgt001Persona24, well it depends on the output channel too i guess ...i am not too sure14:10
sharpshooterdsathe, is working in ubuntu 11.1014:10
Prettoiceroot: thank you,I did the bug report14:10
Persona24xgt001, is me running Ubuntu along side Windows effect anything at all?14:11
dsatheno clue14:11
xgt001Persona24, nope.. it shouldnt cause any side-effects at all14:12
sharpshooterdsathe,  in repositories the sushi package is a D-bus based IRC suite not a previewer14:13
Persona24xgt001, alright. . . Well this is just weird than lol14:14
sharpshooteroh !! man14:14
Persona24xgt001, it's working fine though.  I've watched three youtube videos14:15
icerootwhat program is controling the fan-speed? is it lm-sensors? my fan doesnt spin after some minutes, the netbook is getting hot and i want to create a bug but dont know against what package14:16
sharpshooterdsathe,  what nautilus previewer are you using14:16
xgt001sharpshooter, what exactly did u mean by a previewer btw?14:17
xgt001iceroot, is this problem specific to 11.10 or did u experience the same before in natty14:19
icerootxgt001: only in 11.10 (2 days is guess. before i didnt saw the issue in 11.1014:20
sharpshooterxgt001,  I mean the nautilus sushi I dot it form this vedio http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2hUGLilYO-s14:20
xgt001may be a bug with 3.0x kernel... apparently phoronix has seen some "regressions" from kernel 2.6.38 to 3.0x series... phoronix is not so dependable though14:22
icerootxgt001: i think so, also i am getting kernel-panics when pluggin of the ac-adapter14:23
dsathesharpshooter: i use sushi14:23
xgt001sharpshooter, its not yet uploaded...webupd8 may have updated nautilus-sushi in their ppa....14:23
dsathei moved to arch a week back14:23
xgt001iceroot, thats really not expected... file a bug with linux package14:23
icerootxgt001: first i check if "dist-upgrade" has something new for me14:24
xgt001xgt001, check uname -a and tell the output14:24
sharpshooterdsathe, where did u got that can I get the link14:25
icerootxgt001: Linux eeebuntu 3.0.0-12-generic #19-Ubuntu SMP Fri Sep 23 21:18:13 UTC 2011 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux14:25
sharpshooterHmm ok ...14:25
dsathesharpshooter: are you relatively new to linux ?14:26
sharpshooterdsathe, yes !114:26
xgt001iceroot, hmmm....... the issue might be fixed in the release.... still i think its better to file a bug report14:26
dsatheit would be a great learning exp to use arch at the same time i warn you you will pull your hair out if you are not the rtfm types14:27
icerootxgt001: i will of course but as my first question said, what package is controlling the fan-speed so that i can file a bug against the correct package.14:27
dsatheits not as simple to setup , use as ubuntu, get a feel of thigs for a while14:27
sharpshooterdsathe,  I am using linux from last two weaks14:27
dsatheand you can explore then on14:27
dsathegive it some more tuime14:28
dsathearch ships without gui , without sound and any desktop env14:28
dsatheso u need to know a few basics14:28
dsathealthough it has the best wiki ever14:28
sharpshooterdsathe, thanks for your  advice14:28
sharpshooterdsathe,  so I need to install all those stuff after installing arch linux14:29
xgt001iceroot, its the "linux" package i mean the kernel14:29
dsatheyou will not have a gui14:29
xgt001iceroot, lm-sensors doesnt control the fan speeds afaik14:29
dsatheraw linux , a brilliant pacman, gnu toolchain and kernel14:29
dsathebuild ur os to your taste14:29
dsatheone step short of gentoo14:30
sharpshooterdsathe, it uses the command line interface14:30
dsatheIMHO you should get a bit more acustom to linux on ubuntu first14:30
dsatheit ships with a cli14:30
dsatheyou choose from a host of de for a gui14:31
xgt001anyone knows if catalyst 11.9 is available for 11.10?14:31
dsatheu have gnome in ubuntu14:31
dsatheppl may choose kde , xfce,lxde,openbox,flubox,pure x14:31
xgt001dsathe, whats pure x?14:31
sharpshooterdsathe, ok .. so I need to grab all those tutorials for setting  up arch linux , right ?14:32
dsatheand a windo manager could be compiz,metacity , gnome2(mate), kwin, or xmonad or watever14:32
dsathexgt001: i meant no de at all14:32
dsathejsut xserver installed14:32
dsathewith stock window management14:32
xgt001dsathe, arch cant be setup if i am online using mobile gprs rite?14:33
dsathei mean you could14:33
dsathebut wouldnt be smart14:33
dsatheslow and costly14:33
sharpshooterdsathe, so if I am using wifi  can I able to install all those xstuffs in arch14:34
xgt001dsathe, how about usb modem?14:34
dsathebut u will have to use commandline to connect14:34
icerootxgt001: the kernel himself? not any acpid-things?14:34
xgt001afaik arch doesnt contain the drivers for usb modem too rite?14:34
dsathexgt001: i have never used a usb modem in cli14:34
dsathealways did it over lan or wifi14:34
dsathebut i am sure u can14:34
dsathethough it will add additional compluications14:35
dsatheu will need usbmodeswitch data14:35
dsatheand some tools14:35
dsatheto setup the thing14:35
sharpshooterdsathe,  I'm going for downloading the arch linux14:35
dsatheso i doubt14:35
dsathethe beginner archwiki is brilliant14:35
dsathesharpshooter: ubuntu is more comfortable14:36
dsatheinstalling apps i way easier14:36
xgt001iceroot, yes14:36
dsathexgt001: arch contains them all14:36
dsatheits he same kernel :P14:36
icerootxgt001: ok i will create it, if it is wrong i guess someone will correct it. thank you for the info14:37
dsatheall drivers are kernel space14:37
SMJis anyone else close to defenestrating their monitor when dealing with the new desktops?14:37
dsatheand any external ones can be jollywell compiled14:37
sharpshooterdsathe,  I felt that too .. now i am thinking that arch from arch I can gain more knowledge14:37
bjsnidersharpshooter, the old sound previewer has been deprecated in favour of sushi. i am packaging sushi right now, but we haven't settled on a name yet, so i don't want to release it in a ppa14:38
bjsnideri asked the webupd8 guy to take down his post until the name issue was settled and he complied14:38
sharpshooterbjsnider, thanks for that information14:39
bjsniderthe thing with sushi is, you have to be using gnome-shell. it will not work with unity because it needs clutter and unity uses compiz14:39
dsathebjsnider: sushi is not officially named by gnome yet ?14:39
xgt001any idea about catalyst 11.9 and ubuntu 11.1014:39
bjsniderthe official gnome name is sushi14:39
bjsniderbut we cannot use that in debian because ther's already a src:sushi14:40
dsatheoh the packaging name14:40
dsathecool cool14:40
bjsniderand the upstream packaging for that thing also builds a sushi.deb14:40
dsatheso it will have the shell as a depend14:40
bjsniderforcing someone to install gnome-shell doesn't mean they are going to run it14:41
misse_what is sushi?14:41
sharpshooterbjsnider,  I asked the same question in gnome channel they said that there is no package named sushi14:41
=== misse_ is now known as misse
bjsniderwhat gnome channel?14:41
bjsnidergnome has their own irc server - irc.gnome.org14:42
bjsnideri don't know who's in the one you're looking at14:42
bjsnideri talked to the developer yesterday, and he is not going to change the name, so sushi is what it is called14:42
sharpshooterbjsnider, oh I think gone for a wrong channel14:43
dsathesharpshooter: sushi exists14:43
sharpshooterdsathe,  sounds good14:43
bjsniderit works perfectly as long as you're running gnome-shell14:44
bjsniderthis raises the possibility that canonical will have to develop a competing product as unity doesn't use mutter14:44
dsatheyeah bjsnider i did notice that14:44
sharpshooterbjsnider,  I have another user account using Gnome 314:45
dsathebjsnider: elementary had one , it should not be too hard to get that one going again14:45
bjsniderof course they could switch back to mutter, since they used it at one point14:45
sharpshooterbjsnider, if I am using the gnome 3 in ubuntu 11.10 am I able to use sushi in that14:46
dsathebjsnider: i think its waaaay beyond that point14:46
dsatheallll the effort to port it to compiz14:47
dsathenow all the lense api14:47
bjsnidersharpshooter, which shell?14:47
sharpshooterbjsnider,  which shell ??? I dont know about that !! :(14:48
bjsnidergnome-shell, yes. unity, no14:48
sharpshooterbjsnider,  I sounds that if I install gnome-shell in ubuntu 11.10 I can run sushi is it ?14:49
sharpshooterbjsnider, any suggestions for gnome-shell in ubuntu 11.1014:50
dsatheinstall it14:51
sharpshooterdsathe,  after intalling what about the unity14:51
dsatheu can choose at login14:52
bjsnideryou won't be able to use sushi until it's packaged though14:53
sharpshooterbjsnider, ok14:53
dsatheu could compile it :D14:53
bjsniderdoesn't sound like it, to me14:53
bjsniderthat's a bit more of an advanced user type thing14:54
dsathehmm kk14:54
dsathebjsnider: get something like pkgbuild to ubuntu :)14:54
dsathesharpshooter: when stuck pull a pkgbuild and looka t what he does14:54
dsathealways works14:54
dsatheofcrse somee dist difference occour14:55
sharpshooterdsathe,  Hmm I will give it a try14:55
sharpshooterdsathe, before it I have to gain more ..14:58
IdleOnePlease, I am begging, someone help me to get rid of these overlay scrollbars.15:01
IdleOnebeen 4 days now I am trying15:01
alex-How to switch back to Gnome in 11.10?15:01
IdleOne!notunity | alex-15:02
ubottualex-: Ubuntu Oneiric uses GNOME 3 with the !Unity shell by default. To use GNOME Shell on Oneiric, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool". For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place a new entry in the Sessions dropdown on the login window.15:02
alex-What is Gnome shell?15:03
SMJis the GNOME Fallback called GNOME Fallback or GNOME Classic?15:04
SMJbecause I really hate this GNOME Classic15:04
xgt001IdleOne, sudo apt-get remove overlay-scrollbar15:04
xgt001i think should work15:04
IdleOnexgt001: done that and it has no effect15:04
IdleOneI also removed liboverlay and still nothing15:05
xgt001did u remove the libraries too?15:05
IdleOneliboverlay would be the library no?15:05
SMJdid you relog after removing it?15:06
SMJ4 days.15:07
IdleOneI did, few times15:07
IdleOneI still have a ton of ubuntu-desktop/unity installed. I just want my Kubuntu desktop back without having to do a clean install. I will if I must but I really would rather not reinstall.15:08
ubottuIf you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureKDE »15:19
BluesKajIdleOne, ^15:19
IdleOneBluesKaj: that is outdated and does not seem to work properly for 11.1015:20
IdleOneit doesn't catch all the packages15:20
BluesKajIdleOne, yeah , I guess it's too much to ask for in a beta release :P15:21
Stanley00I just noticed that the dash board wont be focused on mouse scroll, and if you have a long list of apps, you scroll down, and then click on the app you want, you will run the other app =))15:21
IdleOneBluesKaj: i'm not complaining about the factoid just saying it is not up to date15:22
szalhi peeps15:23
szalcan we expect flashplugin64-installer to become an official package in Oneiric now that Flash 11 is out?15:23
=== rigved is now known as Guest43690
rwwoneiric has Flash 10, doesn't it?15:26
BluesKajIdleOne, didn't realize how out of date that site is ...wonder why it isn't updated regularly to keep with the current release , at least ...seems negligent15:28
rwwah, yeah, Flash 11 just came out. It ain't going in oneiric then :P15:28
rww1) oneiric hasn't been released, 2) it's a wiki, do it yourself15:28
IdleOneBluesKaj: it's a wiki^15:29
IdleOneI did a big cleanup on !puregnome a while back.15:29
alex-Where can I see information about 12.0415:29
rwwand if you don't, then take your emotion and multiply it by n people and you know why it's not fixed.15:29
IdleOnealex-: the future15:29
rwwalex-: nowhere, it hasn't been planned out yet15:29
ubottuThe Ubuntu Developer Summit will be held between 31 October and 4 November in Orlando, Florida - See http://uds.ubuntu.com/ for more details15:29
rwwask after that ^15:29
IdleOneHalloween at Disney is awesome btw15:30
IdleOneMickey dresses up as a human and hands out candy as do the rest of the gang15:30
alex-IdleOne: gnome-panel has no installation canidate15:49
IdleOneyou running 11.10/oneiric?15:49
=== bulldog98_ is now known as bulldog98
IdleOnewhen was the last time you ran sudo apt-get update ?15:54
alex-before i asked the question15:54
IdleOnebeats me. maybe they are uploading an update for it15:54
IdleOnewhen I search for it it is in the available packages15:55
IdleOneOMG I ran the command in !purekde and now it is removing half of kde :(15:56
alex-I did sudo apt-get upgrade15:56
alex-to make sure i have all packets15:56
alex-Btw, software sources and some other menu's aren't merged with system settings menu15:57
IdleOnewhat the heck!!!!!!!! looks like a clean install is the only way to kill Unity.15:58
alex-Why do I need a launghpad account to submit bugs?16:09
ErickMorenoAfter a dist-upgrade that updates my kernel, I got a kernel panic every time i try to boot16:10
IdleOneSo that they know who submitted it and who to email with updates to the bug16:10
ErickMorenothis is an image of the message http://minus.com/mCL3VVdQV16:10
alex-Why dont they just make a update for it16:10
alex-Fix it in the next version16:10
ErickMorenosomeone has any clue?16:10
alex-ErickMoreno: if nobody answers, nobody has any clue16:13
alex-Please hold in your mind 11.10 is still beta ErickMoreno16:13
ErickMorenothanks for the tip alex-, you're very helpfull16:13
alex-I dont recommend updrading either16:14
ErickMorenowe are on the +1 channel, averybody here has a reason to upgrade alex-, that why we are here16:15
ErickMorenothanks for the advise16:15
os__Performance of the microphone is bad in ubuntu 11.1016:40
os__At least in the Skype16:41
Ian_Corneor quality?16:41
os__sorry quality16:41
* yofel wonders why update-icon-cache isn't a dpkg trigger...16:59
obviousTrollHi all. Strange bug I am having.  apt/aptitude seems to download the i386 and amd64 sources, causing duplicates in their indexes.  Anyone encounter this before?17:24
obviousTrollRunning 64-bit OO17:24
jtaylorboth is normal17:25
jtaylorit should not cause problems17:25
jtaylorthis is due to multiarch being enabled by default17:25
obviousTrollAh, I see. Thanks jtaylor.17:25
jtayloryou can now install some i386 packages with apt-get install pacakge-name:i38617:26
alex-1i IRC17:32
=== bibinou_ is now known as bibinou
ksull72487Just curious how the beta was doing as its due for full release in about a week? Glitches?17:39
dweezI have minor app crashes but all in all it seems to work fine17:41
dweezafter upgrading to 11.10 and then installing Gnome 3 I wasn't able to use my xampp install but I just installed tasksel and used it to install lamp-server and all is good17:42
ksull72487thats what i thought so functional at least now may play with it while i have time17:44
hypetechAnybody have an issue where ocelot immediately starts to go into idle, fade to black, and lock the screen as soon as I stop touching stuff?  I've disabled screen lock altogether and still getting it18:22
ali1234it is a known bug18:22
hypetechIs there a fix yet?18:22
ali1234the bug has been around since natty too18:23
hypetechis it due to some specific hardware?18:24
hypetechI've never noticed it on natty18:24
hypetechmilaz: hi!18:24
milazdoes anybody know how to change a screensaver in upcoming version of ubuntu?18:24
alex-I can't set my display brightness, only 0 or 1018:25
alex-Not something like 4 or 6 or 5..18:25
milazI noticed gnome-screensaver-preferences is missing from Oneric18:26
milazIs this a bug, or a feature?18:26
ali1234i can't find the bug for screensaver so i;m going to report it18:26
milazali1234: ok, thanks18:27
milazmy friend bought a large monitor and wants to see a fireplace on it :)18:28
ali1234not the configuration18:28
ali1234just install xscreensaver if you want that18:28
milazali1234: will it conflict with gnome-screensaver?18:28
milazali1234: ok, i'll try, thanks18:29
alex-anyone who can report my bug?18:30
ali1234of course now i reported it i found it18:31
ali1234bug 86303818:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 863038 in gnome-screensaver (Ubuntu) "If turnoff the screen setting set to 'never' screen turns off instantly" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86303818:32
alex-I can't set my display brightness, only 0 or 1018:55
icerootali1234: thx for the link, i am also affected and added me to that bug19:06
ali1234yeah best i can tell it affects everyone who tries to disable screensaver19:07
ali1234otoh if you really want to disable it you could just remove gnome-screensaver package :)19:07
icerootnever tried19:11
=== alex- is now known as alex-2
jbichayesterday's gnome-settings-daemon update should have fixed the screen-lock problem19:16
jbicha!info gnome-settings-daemon oneiric19:16
ubottugnome-settings-daemon (source: gnome-settings-daemon): daemon handling the GNOME session settings. In component main, is extra. Version 3.2.0-0ubuntu4 (oneiric), package size 437 kB, installed size 1536 kB19:16
zmbmartinIs anyone having problems with laptop-mode-tools. I get a undefined kernel error which there is a bug report for. Any ideas on how to fix it?19:18
zacktui don't like the changed performance of the dash -- in 11.04 i can type a few characters and get a list of whatever apps have names the start w/ those characters -- an example is to type "libre" and see all of the libreoffice apps19:22
zacktuthen i can tab thru that list and see the one i want an press return -- there it is -- tabbing doesn't work in 11.10 -- could this be a feature that someone didn't like?19:23
jbichazacktu: tabs switch between lenses now19:23
jbichatry arrow keys19:23
zacktujbicha: what's a lens?19:24
jbichazacktu: those little icons at the bottom of the dash allow you to just look at Applications or just look at Music, etc.19:25
zacktujbicha: ok -- with regard to using the keyboard, if i've gone to keyboard mode, i want to use it until the app has been selected -- arrows are not as natural as tabs (many websites let you tab through selectable fields), but i'll just hafta make it work19:26
jbichazacktu: well it's also important that the lenses can be switched with the keyboard and arrow keys are far more flexible than a tab so I think the design is ok19:30
jbichathere's only 1 selectable field anyway19:31
zacktujibcha: i'll hafta learn to live w/ the change -- the old way was a touch typists's dream --- 2 hands;  left hand*;  right hand --  just like the way you can do so much with vi without leaving the home keys on the keyboard19:36
zacktujibcha: (except for the escape key )  -- anyway thanx much -- and if you're a developer many thanx19:38
jeffrashnew issue, most of my folders under home in Nautilus don't work20:22
jeffrashNautilus just closes when I try and open documents, pictures, etc.20:22
jbicha!info ubuntuone-client-gnome oneiric20:23
ubottuubuntuone-client-gnome (source: ubuntuone-client-gnome): Ubuntu One client GNOME integration. In component main, is optional. Version 2.0.0-0ubuntu2 (oneiric), package size 36 kB, installed size 144 kB20:23
jbichaooh that's out of date20:23
jbichajeffrash: that should be fixed in 2.0.1-0ubuntu120:23
jbichait should show up in your updates within a few hours20:24
Ian_Cornesame jeffrash20:24
Ian_Corneaha nice jbicha20:25
Ian_Cornegoogle repo's are sooo slow...20:26
jeffrashoh, ok20:26
jeffrash11.10 is looking great, love it20:27
Ian_Corne99% [25 Packages bzip2 0 B] [Waiting for headers]                    103 B/s 0sbzip2: (stdin) is not a bzip2 file.20:27
Ian_Cornelol what?20:27
Ian_Cornesilly apt-get update20:28
ironhalikok, heres a trick qestion20:43
ironhalikwill I survive a 11.04 -> 11.10 update? :>20:43
charlie-tcasubjective question, ironhalik . It depends on how good the 11.04 install is, doesn't it?20:45
ironhalikthats why the ":>" ;>20:45
ironhalikthe natty is almost stock20:45
dweezmy Natty survived the upgrade20:46
ironhalikits tempting20:46
charlie-tcaIt *should* work. I would have important data backed up, of course.20:47
dweezonly thing that didn't survive was xampp20:47
dweezcuz some lib files got updated and was no longer 32bit compatible (xampp wants 32bit lib files)20:47
dweezyeah, always backup data first20:47
Ian_CorneMy natty survived to update to pre alpha 1, it doesn't mean anything :p20:48
ironhalikyeah, ofcourse :>20:48
nhainescharlie-tca: to my utter suprise, my desktop computer upgraded seamlessly.20:48
ironhalikfrom previous expiriences I would say its quite random20:48
ironhalikI ask hoping that something changed20:48
charlie-tcaI almost always upgrade mine around alpha1, so that is no good to judge from20:49
ironhalikah what the hell20:51
myk_robinsonevening, all..22:20
myk_robinsonAny word on a fix being committed for a bug causing nautilus to segfault all the time??22:20
myk_robinsoncancel.. It appears that it is due to a bug in nautilus-open-terminal22:22
myk_robinsonhopefully that'll get resolved soon.22:23
nbfis 11.10 fairly stable?22:44
AAA_awrightNot at all22:44
nbfI mean for use as a desktop if you're very familiar with linux22:45
nbfnot officially "publicly stable"22:45
genii-aroundDepends what your definition of "stable" is, I suppose...22:45
AAA_awright... Though neither was 14, that outright didn't work for me when I updated my system a few weeks ago so maybe it's just me22:45
AAA_awrighthttp://askubuntu.com/questions/64220/how-can-i-install-the-older-gnome-control-center-in-11-10 Is that the new control center or the old one? The menu looks new to me but I don't even have a third of those items22:47
nhainesAAA_awright: that's the old one.22:51
AAA_awrightAlso, org.gnome.desktop.interface.text-scaling-factor in dconf-editor is the solution to my older problem22:52
=== szal is now known as rest
=== rest is now known as szal
ironhalikWell, upgrade went well :>22:59
nhainesyay! \o/23:00
tensorpuddinghow do i make notify-osd not start up on boot?23:02
FernandoMiguelwhat's the best way to trace down a random crash?23:03
FernandoMiguelI've tried gdb, strace, ltrace, valgrind23:03
FernandoMiguelfull debug logs23:03
FernandoMigueland all I get is an OOPS23:03
AAA_awrightat least gdb should break if there's a crarsh23:04
jbichatensorpudding: why don't you want notify-osd?23:04
FernandoMiguelAAA_awright: I wish23:04
tensorpuddingi think it's interfering with gnome 3's notifications23:04
jbichatensorpudding: what desktop are you using?23:05
tensorpuddingi'm using gnome-shell23:05
tensorpuddingi meant gnome-shell23:05
jbichatensorpudding: what makes you think notify-osd is running?23:05
tensorpuddingit appears in my process list, that's what23:05
tensorpuddingit doesn't always run though23:06
FernandoMiguel(00:05:30) util: parsed 46523:06
FernandoMiguel--- SIGSEGV (Segmentation fault) ---23:06
FernandoMigueldns[22698]: Oops, father has gone, wait for me, wait...!23:06
jbichatensorpudding: could you take a screenshot of the broken notifications then?23:06
tensorpuddingit's not really broken23:06
tensorpuddingthe thing is23:07
tensorpuddingi'm trying to write a program that uses shell notifications23:07
tensorpuddingbut when i look at the capabilities, it shows the ones for notify-osd23:08
tensorpuddingwhich doesn't include support for persistant notifications23:08
tensorpuddingi can't figure out how to tell it to ignore the notify-osd ones23:08
tensorpuddingi don't know why notify-osd runs at all23:08
tensorpuddingit means that two different notifications can show up23:08
tensorpuddingone in the upper left, and one at the bottom23:09
andyvytry to use Enter less.23:09
jbichatensorpudding: I don't know much about notifications but you do want notifications to work in Unity & not just GNOME Shell though...23:12
tensorpuddingno, i'm not using unity23:13
jbichatensorpudding: I meant if you plan to distribute your app more widely, you can also try asking in the GNOME channels for developer help23:14
jbichaas this channel is for Oneiric help & discussion23:14
tensorpuddingi did move my question on gimpnet23:14
tensorpuddingthis is an oneiric problem too23:14
tensorpuddingthe point is, that notify-osd conflicts with gnome-shell23:15
tensorpuddingas far as i can tell23:15
ubottuUbuntu bug 830467 in gnome-shell (Ubuntu) "Packaging: gnome-shell should be marked as Provides: notification-daemon" [Undecided,New]23:16
zoraelIs aptitude less aggressive now in oneiric? or does it have issues confusing i386 and x86_64 packages both installed in a 64-bit installation?23:19
zoraelExample at http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/702484/23:19
zoraelObviously I want it to cascade and remove all those packages that multiarch-support pulled to begin with23:20
jbichazorael: you're doing it wrong, don't remove multiarch-support, just remove the :i386 packages23:23
tensorpuddingi don't know23:24
tensorpuddingi can't be the only person who is having these notify-osd issues with gnome-shell23:24
zoraeljbicha: sure, just takes a whole lot of copying and pasting >.< that's ~184 packages. or is there an easy way to target all i386 packages?23:25
micahgzorael: aptitiude can't handle conflicts with multiarch, use apt-get23:26
micahgzorael: and please don't remove multiarch-support23:27
zoraelmicahg: all right. my original problem is that some of those packages are no longer installed, and simply reinstalling multiarch-support doesn't pull them again. so uninstalling/reinstalling was the solution that sprung to mind23:28
micahgzorael: apt should just pull in what it needs, why do you manually need to install anything?23:29
micahgzorael: also, multiarch-support won't pull in anything (the package that is), if something you install needs i386 libs, they'll get installed as necessary23:30
tensorpuddingremoving notify-osd by hand made everything work properly again23:32
zoraelmicahg: this machine was upgraded from natty and has skype from natty/partner, which only depends on ia32-libs to hope to get e.g. libqt4-gui:i38623:32
micahgzorael: right, so the upgrade to oneiric should switch it to skype:i386 and pull in the libs it needs23:33
micahgzorael: and there was a package added to ia32-libs recently which pulls in some of the multiarch libs that used to be in ia32-libs23:33
zoraelmicahg: nothing transitioned my natty skype:x86_64 to oneiric skype:i386 automatically, at least. I just figured it never made oneiric/partner23:35
zoraelI'll fix that manually23:35
micahgugh, ISTR a bug about that actually...23:36
micahgzorael: a dist-upgrade won't migrate you to the i386 version?23:41
zoraelmicahg: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/702499/23:45
zoraelmicahg: also http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/702503/23:48
micahgzorael: hmm, I"ll have to check, I think the first is a bug, as for the second, is your package cache up to date23:50
zoraelmicahg: as in, repo package listings? yes. I have a big packaging bungle here where neither apt-get can't resolve dependencies and aptitude (that I normally use) just wants to keep stuff at Not Installed23:54
alhubaishisomething weird23:58
alhubaishimy laptop mouse stops responding all of a sudden23:58
zoraelhmm, libc6:i386 is a version behind libc6:amd64, even after apt-get update from se.archive.ubuntu.com23:58
alhubaishii have to go to standby then come back23:58
alhubaishiok now its working23:59
alhubaishii didnt go standby :D23:59
alhubaishiim using macbook pro 4,1 generation23:59

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