Miriupnlsthzn: Re Arabic: Been hanging out in #arabeyes for a while.18:23
MiriupAsked the guys, where is an Arabic tech channel.18:23
Miriup... so I could listen and learn Arabic.18:24
MiriupThere is none!18:24
MiriupEven in #arabeyes they speak English.18:24
nlsthznI guess then the LoCo has got to pull up its socks and get people in here helping :)18:24
MiriupBut I eventually found a forum. But since then I haven't had the time yet to get my head into it.18:24
MiriupYeah, but it seems it won't happen in Arabic, though.18:25
MiriupI had once an interesting discussion with a Arab life guard at Mushrif park swimming pool.18:25
MiriupI asked him some stuff in Arabic and in the beginning he didn't understand me.18:25
MiriupWhen he realised I'm talking Arabic he told me he was so unprepared for that, that he just didn't recognise what I said.18:26
MiriupHe said even the locals would speak English, because for them it meant they will project themselves as educated people.18:26
MiriupIt's kind of sad.18:26
MiriupBecause it's really a beautiful language.18:26
MiriupSo grammatic, that I think if you want to teach a computer understanding language it'd be much easier to do it with Arabic than with Englihs.18:27
MiriupIt's a content programming language.18:27
nlsthznNot sure about that... beauty is in the eye of the beholder ;)18:27
MiriupDo you speak it?18:28
MiriupI do you at least understand it?18:28
MiriupWhere are you from? Which languages do you speak?18:28
nlsthznI already speak 2 languages... that is enough for me (English and Afrikaans)18:28
MiriupOh. :) Cool.18:29
MiriupWell, both of them are indo-germanic. Even if you were speaking Urdu or Hindi, which are indo-european (parent family of indo-germanic), you'd be pretty much speaking the same language with different words.18:30
nlsthznLots of people have a thing for languages... I guess I am not one of them :p18:30
MiriupBut not so with Arabic. It's completely different. You have very few basic meanings and then you have grammar to derive detail from it.18:30
MiriupSo when you have the word for writing for example, you can built writer, the written (book), correspondancfe, etc, using very grammitcal rules.18:31
MiriupSo with a handful of word-stems you can express a density of information in a single word that you need whole sentences or paragraphs in English.18:32
MiriupAnd you can easily create a word for a new idea, but deriving meaning from another word you already know.18:33
MiriupIt's really cool. I wished I had the time to properly learn it.18:33
nlsthzn... and in the end the same thing is achieved... communication...18:33
MiriupAnyhow... ;)18:33
nlsthznIt is good to have a passion... something that makes us excited... I hope you get more time to explore it further :)18:34
MiriupWell, with the communication. It's like Linux and Windows. Yes, you can click your way around. But eventually if you want to express something with a deeper meaning, there's not much the console would provide you.18:35
MiriupNot so on Linux.18:35
MiriupYou might argue both are just operating systems.18:35
MiriupBut one quite limits you in your communication with the machine and the other doesn't.18:36
nlsthznThis sounds a bit like apples and oranges to be honest...18:36
MiriupComparing two operating systems?18:36
nlsthzncomparing arabic the language vs english to windows vs linux ;)18:38
MiriupNo, but I felt your "... and in the end the same thing is achieved... communication..." is like apples and oranges to me.18:39
MiriupSo I tried to nail it down to a comparision that limits communication in the same way and would be on-topic on this channel. ;)18:40
MiriupProbably better talked about in person. Need to bring my daugher to bed. Was nice speaking to you. :) CU18:45
nlsthznWell, I will take your word for it ... I am happy to click around in english :) I will use the terminal in Linux however18:45
nlsthznMiriup: cheers18:45

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