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ogra_infinity, hmm, instead of the mkdir you added to jasper we should instead add a dep on app-install-data which creates that dir10:45
infinityogra_: No, you should instead be using the ti-omap4-software-channel package you created and forgot about. :P10:47
infinityogra_: But at this point, what's in jasper works, and I don't want to touch it.10:47
ogra_well, emmet wanted to work on it back a release10:47
infinityogra_: The mkdir wasn't a fix anyway, it was just paranoia.  Never copy without a destination.10:47
infinityogra_: The fix was the last line in the function.10:47
ogra_yep, saw that10:47
ogra_and thanks !10:48
infinityLanding an apt fix today to make update-apt-xapian-index less vicous on ARM.10:48
infinityAnd after that, unless I can reproduce some Tobin-only issues, I think we're running out of things we can reasonably fix in this cycle.10:49
ogra_banshee :)10:49
ogra_we could stare at it as a team :)10:49
ogra_watching it die ...10:49
xranbyogra_: who does it die?  somebody know?10:51
xranbyim observing it dying as well10:52
ogra_xranby, no, we dont know yet, suspicion is that its a mono SMP issue, NCommander has some experience with that and looks into it, i'm sure he would appreciate some help10:52
xranbyogra_: kind of odd since it works fine on i386 smp systems10:56
xranbyit do throw a nice exception on arm10:56
xranbyNCommander: this are what i see when i startup banshee http://paste.ubuntu.com/702190/    have you filed a bugreport for this to work on  ?11:00
ppisatiwhy my panda is aking me for the "ubuntu" user password?11:10
ogra_ppisati, bug i guess11:12
ppisati"Failed to summon the GConf demon; exiting.  Failed to activate configuration server: Failed to execute program /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libgconf2-4/gconfd-2: Success"11:14
ogra_sounds like a readonly FS or full disk11:14
ppisati/dev/sda1             459G   14G  422G   4% /11:16
ppisatinope :)11:16
ogra_well, asking for a ubuntu user and pw doesnt look like you used one of our images, we definitely never create such a user anywhere11:17
ppisatithat's a... natty? installation upgraded recently to O11:18
ppisatianyway, let's see...11:18
ogra_NCommander, how are you progressing on banshee ? any insight yet ? (we need to make a decision by thu about what we ship=15:10
GrueMasterogra_: I did some extensive testing with rhythmbox and it worked ok, making it a viable alternative.  The only issue is Ubuntu One integration (doesn't exist that I am aware of).15:25
ogra_yeah, which is bad15:26
ogra_i would really prefer to have a plan for banshee instead15:26
GrueMasterWell, better than crashing but...15:26
ogra_doesnt need to be fixed before release, but we need to know we *can* fix it (i.e. without having to update the whole mono stack etc)15:26
ogra_if we see no perspective we need to switch indeed, but that should only be last resort15:27
GrueMastersigh, no daily for today.  grmbl.15:29
ogra_you expected miracles ?15:30
GrueMasterNo, just to be able to work.  Silly me.  :P15:30
ogra_well, try banshee on a system booted with nosmp :)15:30
GrueMasterI haven't had a desktop image get past oem-config since last week.15:30
ogra_try the ac100 ;)15:31
ogra_to have some successfull install15:31
GrueMasterI have.  Fail.  It fails the same way on beagleXM and MX53.15:31
ogra_huh ?15:31
GrueMasterI have my AC100 updated now from Natty.15:31
ogra_not for all the people in #ac10015:31
ogra_neither for me15:31
ogra_(though i personally didnt do much testing post-beta)15:32
GrueMasterOr oem-config?15:32
ogra_GrueMaster, the installer15:32
ogra_and oem-config15:32
ogra_banshee fails the same way everywhere i tested it ... but i havent tested without smp yet15:32
GrueMasterI haven't been testing AC100 much.  Too much focus on why oem-config crashes on omap4.15:32
ogra_yeah, i was just suggesting it to get y successfull install to get your mood up :)15:33
GrueMasterbanshee fails on my UP systems the same way, so it isn't an SMP issue.15:33
ogra_ah, thanks !15:33
ogra_can you put that info in the bug ?15:33
GrueMasterI thought I already did?15:33
* ogra_ didnt see it but that doesnt mean much15:34
GrueMasterbug #?15:34
ogra_bug 85729915:35
ubot2Launchpad bug 857299 in banshee "banshee window remain white on startup on pandaboard" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85729915:35
ogra_not even triaged yet (sorry i should have done that)15:35
GrueMasterDoing it now.15:36
GrueMasterOk, triaged and added some comments.  Also assigned to NCommander, but may want janimo to look at if he has time.  More eyes is better.15:39
ogra_yeah, even you, me and infinity should look15:40
ogra_the more the better since its our worst bug we have left15:40
GrueMasterI plan on looking from a different angle.  I will test other mono apps (f-spot, etc).15:40
ogra_GrueMaster, btw, when did we stop to subscribe u-arm ? i'm noticing that i miss a lot of bugs and bugmail15:42
GrueMasterOops.  Need to add that.15:43
ogra_added already15:43
GrueMasterWe have only stopped because I haven't had time to go bug triaging.15:43
ogra_but i noticed it on several bugs recently15:43
ogra_well, your work is noticeable then :) be happy :)15:43
ogra_at least it is when itss not done ;)15:43
brandinihello ogra_15:44
GrueMasterI seriously was swamped with all of the server work items.  That's why desktop is in such shambles, and none of our bugs are triaged.15:44
ogra_yeah, we need to make a fallback plan for the next time that happens15:44
ogra_the team needs to take more duties off you in such situations15:44
GrueMasterWell, I had put out an alert before Beta 1.15:45
ogra_while everyone else was busy too15:45
ogra_what i want is an emergency plan so you can just raise your hand and plan b applies for the teasm15:46
GrueMasterI understand.  I also put out the call to the community.15:46
ogra_and to be honest it was clear to all of us from the beginning that desktop would suffer under your workload, i wish we had worked on such a plan back last UDS15:47
GrueMasterAt least during the Rally.15:47
ogra_well, next UDS next chance :)15:48
brandinibig release happening?15:49
GrueMasterbrandini: This week is RC.  Next week is Final.  So...yes.15:49
brandinivery cool15:49
brandiniI've been testing15:49
brandiniI do dist-upgrade daily and run my Go webapps :)15:50
brandiniThis page is being served up from my pandaboard running the latest daily http://eutonian.ath.cx15:54
GrueMasterbrandini: I take it you are running the daily server image?15:55
brandiniogra_: I got my arduino programmed to monitor my barometer and humidity, calculate dewpoint and other things and dump that data to my pandaboard15:56
brandiniGrueMaster: I am15:56
ogra_cool !15:56
brandiniYes, there is still a bug in the lcd library that keeps me from being able to use the lcd at teh same time the data dumps to the serial console15:56
brandinibut I watched the barometric pressure rise yesterday and sure enough... sunshine today!15:57
robclarkis it normal that I have no /lib/udev/rules.d/50-firmware.rules ? (natty filesystem..)16:36
robclarkoh, hmm, /lib/udev/rules.d/...16:39
jayabharathdavidm: ping16:41
davidmHi jayabharath16:41
GrueMasterinfinity: I managed to get past oem-config on 20111003, but not gracefully.  I enabled trim support for ext4.  Makes the initial install a little slower (but not by much).  And oem-config didn't respawn, but it also failed to uninstall.17:20
GrueMasterHey, a crash dump from oem-config-remove-gtk.17:25
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GrueMasterAnd audio is worse.  Is that even possible?17:57
GrueMasterNo devices, not even HDMI Audio.17:57
GrueMasterOk, removing trim fixed audio.  How odd.18:17
GrueMasterogra_: Any reason we removed libreoffice from the desktop image?  There are no office suites installed now.18:22
robclarkhmm, does anyone else actually use udev for firmware loading on arm?18:34
robclarkudev appears to (from what I see on kernel side) to abort the fw load18:35
robclark(for no particular reason that I can see)18:35
GrueMasterf-spot appears to be working ok.  Slow on SD, but ok.  So I don't think the problem is mono, just banshee.19:28
ogra_GrueMaster, we havent shipped libreoffice since 3 releases now20:26
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GrueMasterok.  Didn't know.21:35
NCommanderGrueMaster: great, lovely. At least that makes it easier to narrow down, might be one of the bindings is broken23:19
NCommanderoh, weird. SO when run over X11 forwarding, banshee semi-draws23:23
GrueMasterI noticed libwaland0 is installed only on armel images (not on x86).23:24
GrueMasterCould be a function call difference?23:24
GrueMasterNCommander: ^^^23:25
NCommanderI thnk its more an issue with Gtk#23:25
NCommandergtk-sharp was uploaded Published on 2011-07-1223:26
NCommanderit throws an exception which is uncaught23:27
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