sagacihttp://people.canonical.com/~dpm/stats/ubuntu-11.10-translation-stats.html - awesome but must just mean the desktop side of ubuntu02:08
sagaciit works!02:17
blahdeblah-webthanks sagaci - my DSL keeps dropping out and my local client doesn't seem to have kept up02:17
blahdeblah-webgreetings blahdeblah!02:18
sagacihead_victim: streaming isn't looking to be happening, unfortunately06:18
head_victimsagaci: no worries, just throwing the idea out there06:38
sagacihead_victim: how'd you find the 2nd-on-the-list translations?06:39
head_victimWell the only reason we're not #1 is because of that empathy one we can't do06:43
sagaciyeah, but that doesn't matter06:48
head_victimOh sorry, just reread your question. I saw it in the -translators channel06:56
sagacioh nah, I just meant what was your thoughts about it06:58
head_victimIf it helps some people get excited about it (or a little competetive) why not, is my thoughts.07:01
sagaciI was just surprised07:03
sagacibut it must just mean the main ubuntu packages, not cli programs or kubuntu things07:03
head_victimYeah, I guess it's aimed at "default" installatins07:03
head_victimdpm would probably love feedback in -translators if you had anything in particular07:04
sagaciit was a surprise to get some kind of overall stats07:06
head_victimYeah, much more visual than just a list of packages07:07
head_victimsagaci: done :)07:16
sagacihttps://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-l10n-en-au and https://launchpad.net/~lp-l10n-en-au07:29
blahdeblahhead_victim: Are we still on for this Saturday?07:37
sagaciblahdeblah: maybe https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-au/2011-September/007442.html, but might be more up-to-date info07:40
sagacieven http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-au/1300/detail/07:40
blahdeblahthx sagaci07:43
sagacihead_victim: how does one go about easily changing the next meeting date: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam07:52
sagacioh, also needs to be updated in re to loco status07:54
sagacinvm, found the meeting template :)07:58
head_victimIt's in the includes ;)08:16
head_victimThe template = the todo list?08:17
head_victimThe wiki questions you just asked08:24
sagaciyeah, crossed wires maybe08:25
sagacichanged the date anyhow08:26
head_victimCheers mate, signed up to the new ml for translation as well08:28
jargonfactoryhi folks \o10:28
head_victimEvening jargonfactory 10:28
jargonfactoryhow's it going head_victim10:29
head_victimNot too bad, having a crack at some translation strings10:30
jargonfactoryahh 10:30
gorillaevening folks.10:49
jargonfactoryhi gorilla10:57
gorillahi jargonfactory 10:58
ntrly_owlim helping a friend update network manager from a ppa because the wifi network keeps dropping out. it is v0.8 and the ppa is 0.8.4. this is ubuntu 10.0416:27
ntrly_owlThe following packages have unmet dependencies:   network-manager-gnome: Depends: libdbus-glib-1-2 (>= 0.88) but 0.84-1ubuntu0.2 is to be installed                          Depends: gconf2 (>= 2.28.1-2) but 2.28.1-0ubuntu1 is to be installed16:27
ntrly_owland libdbus-glib-1-2 wants to update libc616:28
ntrly_owlso im not sure how to update libc6 without updating the whole distro16:28
ntrly_owlwhich i might do anyway16:28
ntrly_owlim going to update it from an 11.10 cd16:28
ntrly_owlhopefully updating from 10.04 to 11.10 works ok16:29
ntrly_owlor do i need to update to each release? that would be annoying16:29
ntrly_owlif so i might just update it to 10.10 and seem if that help16:29
ntrly_owlsudo apt-get upgrade16:29
ntrly_owlReading package lists... Done Building dependency tree        Reading state information... Done The following packages have been kept back:   devede dhcp3-client dhcp3-common linux-generic linux-headers-generic linux-image-generic network-manager network-manager-gnome 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 8 not upgraded.16:29
ntrly_owlThe following packages have been kept back: network-manager network-manager-gnome16:30
ntrly_owlsudo apt-get install network-manager network-manager-gnome16:30
ntrly_owlReading package lists... Done Building dependency tree        Reading state information... Done Some packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have requested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable distribution that some required packages have not yet been created or been moved out of Incoming. The following information m The following packages have unmet dependencies:   network-manager-gnome: D16:30
ntrly_owllibdbus-glib-1-2 wants newer libc616:31
ntrly_owli used this ppa but if i update the distro ill probably remove it https://launchpad.net/~network-manager/+archive/ppa16:31
ntrly_owlso what should i do? 1)force upgrade libc6 and risk breaking everything 2) upgrade to 10.10 from cd (or network if i can) and break some stuff maybe 3) upgrade to 11.10 from cd (or net if i can) and maybe break stuff16:35
ntrly_owlso those are the options i see16:36
iktntrly_owl: did you try using wicd first?17:43
head_victimntrly_owl: and I'd be looking at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Synaptic/PackageDownloadScript as an easy way of trying to install stuff without internet on the specific computer.20:58
kaushalcan someone please suggest me about https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-users/2011-October/252250.html ?22:53
blahdeblahkaushal: My suggestion: buy hardware that is better supported by Linux.  If upgrading to the latest kernel didn't fix it, the amount of pain you will go through in getting it working is many times greater than simply buying an add-in card with an Intel or Broadcom chipset.22:59
kaushalblahdeblah: ok23:00
kaushalblahdeblah: so the card is a Atheros chipset ?23:00
blahdeblahEvidently, based on your lspci output23:01
blahdeblahI'm surprised that it doesn't work, given that it is fully recognised at the PCI level23:01
blahdeblahYou may have some other configuration issue23:02
blahdeblahpastebin your dmesg output and we might be able to offer some better advice23:02
kaushalI have modprobe atl1ke23:02
kaushalblahdeblah: sure23:02
kaushalblahdeblah: please give me a moment23:03
blahdeblahI have to get to work, kaushal - post your pastebin and i'll look at it later. /me afk23:05

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