gemahi, can I subscribe to the mailing list (ubuntu-bugcontrol@lists.launchpad.net) without being part of the bug-control?09:20
gemaI'd like to start a thread about defect analysis and gather opinions and that list strikes me as the right one to do that09:21
gemawell, I sent the email10:06
gemaI hope it goes through10:06
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hggdhgema: subscription to the Bug Control mailing list is restricted to the members12:24
hggdhgema: and good morning (or afternoon, as it may be)12:24
pedro_bom dia hggdh :-)12:24
hggdhbuen dia pedro_ :-)12:24
hggdhactually, I see no reason to have the ML restricted to members12:26
hggdhwe should discuss this12:26
gemamorning, hggdh and pedro_12:28
gemaI sent an email, did it arrive?12:28
pedro_buenos dias gema12:28
gemabuenos dias pedro_12:28
hggdhgema: I just moderated it, should be on its merry way12:29
gemacool, thanks!12:29
jibelhggdh, pedro_ gema good morning12:31
gemamorning jibel12:31
jibelhggdh, crash reports are sent to the list and may contain private information.12:31
hggdhjibel: bon jour monsier12:31
hggdhjibel: oh yes12:31
pedro_jibel, Bon après-midi to you :-)12:32
gemajibel: the archive shows the emails12:32
gemaI mean, if that is the case, are you making sure they don't get archived?12:32
hggdhnow, that's a good question...12:32
* hggdh expects everything gets archived12:33
jibelpedro_, Buenas tardes señor :)12:33
jibelgema, indeed, that's what I was thinking while I pressed enter12:34
hggdhdarn! we live among poliglotes!12:34
hggdhaye, all there12:34
hggdhoh boy, 29 messages to moderate on the server-bugs list... and I am pretty sure it is all spam.12:36
* hggdh goes clean some spam12:36
gemahggdh: what about using some software for that? I have heard there are pretty good spam filters out there :P12:37
hggdhgema: these are the left overs12:39
gemaahh, ok :)12:39
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RedSingularitymvo: Any idea what can cause the "install update" button not to function?14:29
RedSingularitymvo: the user is saying that clicking the button has no effect. Seems to work under root though.14:32
mvoRedSingularity: hello! is there any more info on this available? anything in ~/.xsession-errors or the terminal that u-m was started in?14:37
mvoRedSingularity: it should log some sort of info when this happens :/14:37
ogra_and is the user actually an admin user ? :)14:38
ogra_or doesnt PK bind to that anymore ?14:38
RedSingularitymvo: will ask.  One more thing.  When the main.log doesnt give a specific package, like 'ubuntu-desktop', thats being held back, what package can I start looking in for the 'trail' of errors?14:42
mvoRedSingularity: I usually start from the last entriy and work my way back14:43
RedSingularitymvo: ah good.  Thanks :)14:44
mvoRedSingularity: but it can be a bit hard to follow, do you have a specific example? we can have a look together (or you can have a look and I double check the results, whatever you prefer) :)14:44
RedSingularitymvo: let me have a look for an example...14:44
mvono rush14:45
RedSingularitymvo: bug 831799 is an example.  Look at the ERROR part in the main log.  NO package is mentioned.14:50
ubot4Launchpad bug 831799 in update-manager (Ubuntu) "update-manager error after painful upgrade from 10.04 to 10.10 (affects: 2) (heat: 19)" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83179914:51
RedSingularitymvo: looks like i narrowed it to libavcodec52.  Not sure if thats correct.14:51
mvoRedSingularity: thanks, let me have a look14:52
mvoRedSingularity: right, so I suspect its actually " Installing libavutil50 as Depends of libswscale0" the libswscale0 that has a breaks on mplayer, but I haven't look closer where this mplayer comes from and/or if its a problem of the archive or of a third party site14:59
mvoRedSingularity: lateron, mplayer is rather unhappy about libswscale0 and libavcodec52, the combination seems to be deadly :)15:00
RedSingularitymvo: does the mplayer error 'branch' to those two packages?  Is it possible to branch multiple ways in these apt logs?15:12
mvoRedSingularity: they are definitely confusing, let me re-look at this to make sure I'm not missing something15:16
RedSingularitymvo: I followed it to libavcodec52. Maybe it branched to the other package too though.15:21
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jplozhello out there!17:28
Abhijithi jpds17:29
jplozI've one general question regarding bugs and different ubuntu versions: Image a package which is packaged with different versions in several ubuntu releases17:30
jplozthat is (for example) version 0.1 in Lucid, 0.2 in Natty etc.17:30
jplozNow, I've some bug reports related to version 0.117:31
jplozthese are fixed in version 0.2 of the package17:31
jplozQuestion: how to handle such szenario? What'd the correct bug status in Ubuntu?17:32
micahgjploz: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Responses#Fixed_in_Development_release_while_still_existing_in_a_previous_release17:33
jtaylorjploz: you should evaluate if the bug is important enough for a stable release update17:33
jplozLet's say it is important enough.17:33
jtaylorthen follow the instructions on that wiki page17:34
jplozCan I track the status of the bug over several ubuntu release?17:34
jtayloryes you need to nominate it for a series17:34
micahgonly bug control can nominate17:34
micahgjploz: you can request a nomination here though17:34
jplozthis makes things clearer17:34
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jplozwhat is the recommended way? Nominate bugs for each series? Or just set them to "Fix released" as soon as a new version (that fixes the bug) is out?17:36
micahgjploz: if it's known fixed in the devel release it should be fix released, if it no longer affects the devel release (invalid) with a nomination for a previous series if worth SRUing17:42
jplozwhat does it take to become a member of bug control?17:44
micahgjploz: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-bugcontrol17:45
jplozok, so for the beginning I could ask for nominations here, right?17:46
micahgjploz: yes17:52
micahgjploz: are you planning on fixing any of these?17:52
jploz@micahg: I'm asking because of the package `sbackup`. Lucid has version 0.10.5 with many bug reports and some of them are severe, Maverick has version 0.11.x which is quite a rewrite and fixes most of them. Many of the old bugs are "Won't fix" because it is impossible to port patches from 0.11 to 0.10. However, some (most annoying) of the old bugs could get fixed, therefore my questions.17:59
meetingology`jploz: Error: "micahg:" is not a valid command.17:59
jplozmicahg: I'm asking because of the package `sbackup`. Lucid has version 0.10.5 with many bug reports and some of them are severe, Maverick has version 0.11.x which is quite a rewrite and fixes most of them. Many of the old bugs are "Won't fix" because it is impossible to port patches from 0.11 to 0.10. However, some (most annoying) of the old bugs could get fixed, therefore my questions.17:59
jtaylormaybe a backport would be appropriate18:00
jtaylorvia ubuntu-backports18:00
jplozThanks to everyone. This solved my questions. Thanks a lot. Bye18:03
micahgjploz: jtaylor, yes sbackup would be a fine candidate for backports18:06
micahgjploz: I was just going to suggest if you're going to fix it, you can ask for bug tasks in #ubuntu-motu18:06
micahgif it's just that someone else could fix it if they like, just ask for a nomination here18:07
jplozmicahg: bug tasks?18:10
micahgjploz: where you can set statuses/and or take it to work on it on a per release basis18:11
niclasHi, if I need help to report a bug is this the place to ask? Or should I ask in a different room maybe? Don't know which package to file the bug against.18:13
jplozmicahg: ok, thanks to you. I got the differences now (I did a SRU some times ago already). thank you. bye18:14
dust_hi - i got a bug in kubuntu beta2 concerning kleopatra kgpg and gnupg - but i don't know how and where to file it19:25
micahgyofel: ^^19:27
yofelwhat's the bug?19:27
dust_starting watchgnupg out of kmail adds the following lines to gnupg.conf:19:28
dust_debug-level basic19:28
dust_log-file socket:///home/dust/.gnupg/log-socket19:28
dust_wheter on the commandline or in kgpg - it doesn't start without outcommenting these lines again - kleopatra doesn't show the keys anymore but starts19:29
dust_this is what kgpg or gpg on the commanline sais:19:31
dust_gpg: /home/dust/.gnupg/gpg.conf:248: argument not expected19:31
dust_gpg: /home/dust/.gnupg/gpg.conf:249: invalid option19:31
* yofel wonders why gpg log viewer is greyed out for him o.O19:33
dust_you've got to install kleopatra - i guess then also watchgnupg is installed19:35
yofelwatchgnupg was installed, kleopatra indeed wasn't19:36
yofeldust_: I don't quite understand why the config file says the entries were added with gpgconf, but even gpgconf --check-config errors out19:40
yofelI can confirm the issue though19:41
dust_well where to file this issue? - launchpad -  bugs.kde.org ?19:42
yofeldust_: start by filing it against kleopatra https://bugs.kde.org/enter_bug.cgi?product=kleopatra&format=guided19:43
dust_yofel: it's filed - i hope it's clear enough - need link?19:59
yofelfound it20:01
dust_ok gn8 - got to go to bed now :) thanks again for your help20:04

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