BluesKajHiyas all12:06
dscasselMeeting in 30 minutes!22:38
dscassel(give or take)22:38
dscasselProbably should've given more warning...22:39
genii-arounddscassel: In here?22:41
* genii-around makes a fresh pot of coffee22:41
dscasselgenii-around: Yup.22:45
genii-aroundOK. Guess I can hang at work for a while :)22:45
* dscassel is hanging out at Kwartzlab, waiting for things to start.22:50
genii-aroundMaking a Timmies run, back in 5-722:50
BobJonkmanMeeting!?  I'm supposed to be making dinner!22:55
dscasselMeeting in 3!22:57
dscasselBobJonkman: Microwave! :D22:57
BobJonkmanSupposed to be fresh veggies with dip22:57
BobJonkmanI need to slice and dice and dip22:58
dscasselAll right, let's get this thing underway.23:00
genii-aroundAnyone to ping or so on?23:01
dscasselMass call! DavidLevin james_w KombuchaKip oracology Jeruvy Kulag rgreening willwh bregma FiReSTaRT Kamondelious lborda ryanakca zeroedout cdbs kavurt sipherdee cyphermox IdleOne kenjy MagicFab starcraftman DarwinSurvivor jaguar khoover MylesBraithwaite txwikinger23:02
dscasselUbuntu Canada Meeting starting now!23:02
dscasselAgenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CanadianTeam/Meetings/2011-10-0423:03
dscasselhey txwikinger :)23:03
dscasselFeel free to introduce yourselves.23:03
dscasselI'm Darcy, LoCo Contact for Ubuntu Canada and I'll be chairing the meeting today.23:03
genii-aroundI'm Mike, from Toronto23:04
BobJonkmanHi all!  I'm Bob Jonkman from Elmira ON, just north of Waterloo - Ubuntu Enthusiast23:04
dscassel(If anybody else wants to chair future meetings, I'm looking for new volunteers. It's pretty easy, but I need to start delegating more. :)23:05
dscasselHi BobJonkman, genii-around :)23:05
DarwinSurvivorDoug from Surrey (vancouver)23:06
* genii-around slides DarwinSurvivor a coffee23:07
dscasselWelcome to the meeting, DarwinSurvivor :)23:08
dscasselThat's everybody?23:08
genii-aroundSeems so23:09
dscasselRelease parties!23:09
dscasselI guess we've just got the two.23:10
genii-arounddscassel: -qc is not having one?23:10
dscasselI'll be throwing one Saturday, October 15 at Kwartzlab in Kitchener.23:10
dscasselgenii-around: Probably!23:10
dscasselMagicFab: Are you guys hosting a release party?  We should get it in our calendar.23:11
genii-aroundThe Toronto party is on release day, October 1323:11
dscasselVancouver's probably doing one too, but they're usually much later after release.23:11
BobJonkmanToronto apparently has one next Thursday23:11
* BobJonkman needs to read faster and type slower23:12
dscassel(Quebec and Vancouver are independent of Ubuntu Canada, but it's nice to know what's going on)23:12
willwhHI GUYS23:13
willwhlate to the party as usual ;)23:13
dscasselHi, willwh :D23:13
* genii-around slides willwh a beverage of their choice23:13
willwhyou know fine well it's coffee ;D23:13
* willwh sips23:13
dscasselDarwinSurvivor: Have you ever been to Ubuntu Vancouver's parties?23:13
* bregma shows up fashionable late and dressed in black23:14
bregmahey all23:14
DarwinSurvivordscassel: haven't been to any of there stuff in person23:14
DarwinSurvivorjust constributed virtually a bit23:14
willwhoi bregma :)23:15
willwhI'm just running through the agenda notes, brb23:15
dscasselbregma: Ever considered running a release party? :D23:15
bregmaI live in the back woods, I can party by myself but....23:15
willwhI live in Victoria, and I should probably run one23:16
bregmamaybe get my daughter's boyfriend from up the line, he run Ubuntu23:16
dscasselDarwinSurvivor: Cool.  They're pretty enthusiastic about their parties.23:16
IdleOnedscassel: cyphermox is handling arrangements for the -qc release and I believe he will announce an "official" date tomorrow.23:16
dscasselIdleOne: Excellent. :D23:17
genii-aroundbregma: Blueskaj is up around Espanola, he might go23:17
dscasselwillwh: Yes. Yes you should.23:17
willwhlife is so busy atm - work, contract work, 3 month old... ;)23:17
willwhI will see what I can do23:17
dscasselBabies. Yeah.23:17
genii-aroundbregma: ( assuming Ontario, sorry if not )23:18
willwhI do have the perfect venue; http://moonunderwater.ca23:18
willwhI know the owners well :)23:18
dscasselwillwh: Do it! :D23:18
dscasselCorey and Brian Burger are in Victoria.  You should invite them.23:19
willwhfunnny oyu mentioned that - I just IM'd corey23:19
willwhhe's probably stuck in a tree, or, mapping something, and very afk.23:19
BobJonkmanPost URP announcements on the mailing list too, and make sure to get them on the Ubuntu calendar23:20
willwhI will - as soon as I confirm with Moon.23:21
dscasselYeah, getting them up on the LoCo directory is nice, but I can do that if details are posted to the mailing list.23:21
willwhgreat dscassel.23:21
BobJonkmanpsema4 and I never did have our September Ubuntu Hour; I should ask him about turning into a URP in Hamilton23:22
genii-aroundConfirmations from LoCo directory are way down for me from last year. One "openiduser" with a guest or two possibly.23:22
dscasselBobJonkman: That'd be awesome.23:22
dscasselgenii-around: Nobody every RSVPs for me. Except BobJonkman and txwikinger of course.23:23
BobJonkmanIt'll be at least a week after the KW URP, maybe I can scoop some laser CDs ?23:23
dscasselBobJonkman: Sure.23:23
dscasselI don't have an ocelot design yet.  Holly may get her 11th grade art class to make one. ^^;23:24
genii-arounddscassel: I still have 8-10 official Natty remaining from when you were down last, I'm putting those on display as well. I'm not going to make a lot of new ones this time, got stuck with them, ended up putting them liberally on the corkboards and flyer counters around neighbourhood.23:26
genii-aroundProbably make them on the fly this time23:26
* starcraftman comes back to life after a long public transit ride.23:27
* genii-around slides starcraftman a coffee23:27
dscasselgenii-around: Yeah, makes sense.23:28
* starcraftman hopes its strong.23:28
genii-aroundstarcraftman: Yes :)23:29
dscasselMy todo is list is: design and print CD labels (need to start soon, since they take a while to print), order cake.23:29
dscasselI don't have time for posters, I don't think.23:29
BobJonkmanI'm not sure anyone ever comes because of a poster.23:30
BobJonkmanBut they make good reminders for people who were planning on coming anyway23:30
genii-arounddscassel: I wanted to use this pic for cd art: http://fr3ak.deviantart.com/art/ocelot-76784799  but the artist has not gotten back to me yet about using it23:31
dscasselI need to send out reminders to the usual mailing lists too.23:31
dscasselgenii-around: That's awesome.23:31
dscasselI'd have to test it to see how it turns out in lightscribe.23:31
genii-aroundI'll bug him again soon23:32
starcraftmangenii-around: damn, now that's some cool stuff. Can you ask him to put it forward for Ubuntu wallpaper, now that's something to get people interested!23:32
dscasselAlso, local reddits. Kwartzlab got some good uptake from using the waterloo reddit to publicize stuff.23:34
dscasselI'll need to post a blog post announcement too.23:34
starcraftmandscassel: proven fact, anyone nerdy enough to use Linux has to be on reddit :)23:35
dscasselstarcraftman: I'm not, but as generalizations go, probably accurate enough. :)23:36
starcraftmandscassel: ya, I guess reddit has gotten a bit less popular among techies,  not like back when everyone migrated from digg. Feels weird hasn't been a new site like that to replace reddit yet.23:37
* BobJonkman is a non-reddit, non-digg luddite23:37
dscasselI think a lot of UW students use the local reddit.23:37
genii-aroundSorry for lag, since I'm still here at work late, someone came by I had to talk to. 1 minute please23:37
dscasselgenii-around: Sure.23:38
* dscassel is periodically distracted by people here at Kwartzlab open night.23:38
dscasselBobJonkman: Do you have any free cycles over the next week? Can I offload any of my TODO list on you?23:38
genii-aroundstarcraftman: I'll put it in my next message to him23:39
BobJonkmanBusy every night into the weekend; next week should be somewhat better23:39
* starcraftman has little to no time, full course load and interviews for coop. Sorry. :/23:39
BobJonkmanSend me your list, I'll cherry-pick the most lucrative deals23:39
dscasselBobJonkman: Sure. :)23:40
willwhstarcraftman: news.ycombinator.com && slashdot.org - what else do you need?23:41
willwhfollow the folk you like on g+ ;]23:41
starcraftmanwillwh: no thanks on g+, google knows enough without me just giving them my personal data.23:42
genii-arounddscassel: I never heard back if the Toronto video feed last time was good/bad/etc. Since it was something experimental I was wondering whether to repeat or not. Since the parties are all different days maybe not this time though.23:42
dscasselgenii-around: I checked in a couple times. Cool idea, but I couldn't make out much of what was going on.23:43
dscasselgenii-around: I've got a Kwartzlab board meeting next Thurs. so I can't really check on it this time.23:44
genii-aroundYeah that room is dimly lit and we didn't really have some focal point like speakers or displays, etc. Maybe for next LTS23:45
dscasselAny other thoughts on release parties?23:47
dscasselOkay.. FSOSS!23:48
genii-aroundYou need help with booth or so on?23:49
dscasselIf you're in Toronto or vicinity, you should seriously consider coming to the Free Software and Open Source Symposium slash Toronto Linuxfest October 27-2923:49
dscasselgenii-around: Apparently you need to pay for booths so we're not getting one.23:49
genii-aroundAh, OK. I think the FreeGeek gang is down there already23:50
dscasselgenii-around: Yeah, I heard this from Sammy.23:50
dscasselI'm hoping I'll have CDs in time. Although I'm not going to blow my whole shipment on them.23:50
* genii-around slides rugbeeprop a coffee23:50
dscasselrugbeeprop: Hi! Welcome the the Ubuntu Canada IRC meeting.  Where you from?23:50
* starcraftman wish they held more linux events like FSOSS in montrealish area.23:51
dscasselgenii-around: Otherwise I'd order a conference pack.23:51
rugbeeprophi Darcy, Tek here, Oshawa23:51
dscasselstarcraftman: I wish they had more stuff like this in Toronto too. :)23:51
* BobJonkman is sad that FSOSS/Linuxfest conflicts severely with unmissable family obligations23:52
dscasselI've skipped FSOSS in the past, mostly because it's a "symposium"23:52
dscasselrugbeeprop: Hey, Tek!23:52
dscasselHow do you feel about running a release party in Oshawa? :D23:52
starcraftmandscassel: but symposiums are epic, they were on Futurama!23:52
rugbeepropgreat... who is organising it?23:52
dscasselrugbeeprop: Although genii-around will be hosting one in Toronto if you'd rather commute.23:53
genii-aroundOr failing Oshawa release party, coming to Toronto!23:53
dscasselrugbeeprop: That'd be you. :)23:53
rugbeeproplol who else is from around Durham region?23:53
dscasselrugbeeprop: I'm sure I've heard of someone else, but nobody on my list.23:54
* dscassel keeps a list23:54
genii-arounddscassel: I'll get in touch with the FreeGeek guys and try to coordinate23:54
rugbeepropwhat does it involved? I have never been to any release party before23:55
genii-aroundI might also be able to raise a few Toronto FreeNet people23:55
dscasselgenii-around: That'd be cool. I'll need to know ASAP if I should order a conference pack.23:56
dscassel(brokerage fees cost a bunch of money, so I'd prefer not to if there's no use for it)23:56
BobJonkmanWhat's in a conference pack?23:57
BobJonkmanIf we're slowing down, I just want to mention @chaslinux's Ubuntu Hour in Kitchener on Friday.23:58
dscassel(sorry, got distracted by Kwartzlab people)23:59
dscasselBobJonkman: Great! Of course, I'll be out of town. Again.23:59

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