mhall119czajkowski: happy birthday00:41
kim0Morning all07:37
AlanBellhi kim0, was just talking about you07:37
kim0AlanBell: howdy o/07:37
AlanBellhazRPG in the -uk loco is moving back to Giza07:39
kim0oh :)07:39
kim0is he a teacher or something07:39
AlanBellnot sure, pop into #ubuntu-uk and say hi07:39
dholbachgood morning08:04
czajkowskimhall119: thanks08:08
czajkowskialoha folks08:14
nigelbMorning kim0, dholbach08:22
dholbachhi nigelb08:22
kim0nigelb: o/08:22
* nigelb waves to dpm as well08:22
dpmhey nigelb )08:24
dpmsorry, that was a half-hearted attempt at a smiley08:24
dpmthere you go08:25
nigelbI feel like a  Friday today08:27
nigelb(We have a 2-day week this week)08:27
dpmnice :)08:59
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dholbachcan we get people to add themselves to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDS-P/Attendees?10:49
=== erward_ is now known as erward
dholbacherward, welcome! :-)13:07
* dholbach hugs erward13:08
mhall119dholbach: have you sent it to the uds-p attendees mailing list?13:08
dholbachmhall119, yes, but according to Marianna the list is not set up yet (doesn't have the new attendees on it yet, etc.), so it's in moderation until then13:08
mhall119ok, it's less than a month from UDS-P, and a little more than a week before Oneiric's release, why don't we have a name for P yet?13:08
jcastrodunno, he's late13:09
dholbachmhall119, ask Mark13:09
dholbachhe's incredibly busy13:09
jcastrobut he was a little late a few cycles ago so we uncoupled the animal name from the planning13:09
jcastrowhich is why everything is "uds-p" instead of uds-$animal13:10
mhall119yeah, but aren't they going to have to order shirts and banners with the new animal-themed logos soon?13:11
dholbachI have no idea13:11
dholbachbut I guess, yes13:11
jcastroyeah, who knows13:18
jcastromaybe some people know the animal already?13:18
jcastrobut I don't believe that, it'd be impossible to keep that secret, we would know by now13:18
jcastroor maybe the shirts went generic this time?13:18
erwarddholbach: thanks13:19
nigelbjcastro: did someone steal mark's dictionary?13:25
nigelbshould we send help? :D13:25
* mhall119 hopes we don't get generic shirts13:26
nigelbmhall119: best thing about this time, generic T-shirts are still fine (pengiuin!_)13:26
nigelbunless the animal isn't penguin :P13:26
mhall119I doubt it'll be penguin13:26
jcastromaybe he wants to announce it at UDS13:27
mhall119maybe, it'd be a change of pattern though13:27
mhall119also, don't the new archives usually open right after the previous version's release?13:28
jcastroshe knows the animal13:29
jcastroshe just is sworn to secrecy.13:29
mhall119ah ha13:30
nigelbjcastro: I was thinking of a UDS announce as well.13:36
jcastrodpm: dholbach: kim0 hey14:54
kim0what's up14:54
jcastroif you have any "the usual" sessions that you know you will need for UDS14:54
jcastroyou can submit them whenever you want14:54
jcastroif you want to get them out of the way14:54
jcastroI submitted like the debian one14:54
dholbachjcastro, awesome, I have a list of sessions already14:55
dholbachI'll do that tomorrow14:55
dholbachthanks a bunch, jcastro14:55
jcastroyeah feel free to just toss them in there14:55
* dholbach hugs jcastro14:55
jcastrothen we ping bacon and get scheduling done before people go crazy trying to schedule14:55
jcastroactuallly, I think he makes me approve them anyway14:55
jcastroso we can probably go at our own pace14:55
kim0jcastro: thanks man :)15:04
dpmjcastro, ok15:07
nigelbjcastro: https://projects.developer.nokia.com/uds15:23
nigelbapachelogger & fellow KDE hackers15:23
jcastrooh neat15:23
nigelbqt-based mobile app15:23
nigelbIf it beats guidebook in awesomeness I'm going to lol :P15:24
nigelbman, I shouldn't have read jono's G+ post right before dinner.15:26
nigelbNow I lost my appetite :P15:26
dholbachhey jono15:29
jonohey dholbach15:29
jonodpm, all set?15:29
dpmjono, yep!15:30
jonodpm, invite sent15:34
jonodpm, invite sent15:36
jonodholbach, just give me a min16:01
dholbachjono, sure - the bells are ringing over here anyway - you wouldn't hear a thing :-)16:01
jonodholbach, alright, creating the hangout16:07
jonojcastro, did you get the autoscheduler switched on?16:36
jcastrostuff is hitting the schedule now16:36
jcastroI also let the track leads know16:36
jonothanks jcastro16:38
jcastronigelb: ah, the imported sessions aren't getting colors for foundations and hw16:38
jonojcastro, oh btw, so Robbie says the pre-UDS sprint is Wed/Thu16:38
jononot Thu/Fri16:39
jcastrodo you remember how we set that?16:39
jcastrojono: yeah I got the mail, already sorted it with marianna16:39
jonojcastro, cool16:39
jonokim0, ping?16:40
kim0jono: here16:41
jonokim0, can we have a quick G+ chat?16:41
kim0yeah sure16:41
jonothanks, pal16:41
jonokim0, invite sent16:42
jonokim0, you see the invite?16:44
kim0I joined16:44
kim0but I'm alone16:44
kim0jono: weird .. alone again16:44
jonokim0, lets do skype16:45
nigelbjcastro: mhall119 did the colouring this time.16:52
duanedesignczajkowski: ping16:53
jcastrooh lol16:55
jcastrothey're all FFFFFF16:56
dholbachalright my friends - I call it a day17:02
dholbachsee you all tomorrow!17:02
czajkowskiduanedesign yup17:15
duanedesignhello czajkowski17:34
duanedesignczajkowski: what is the link to you blog post?17:35
jcastroI have selected a pleasing pallette for summit17:41
dpmjcastro, if that were an animal name, I'd think you're suggesting the new name for P :)17:45
jcastrooh hah17:45
jcastroI just realized what I did17:45
mhall119jcastro: your colors are a bit dark18:15
jcastroit is hard to find decent colors with so many tracks18:15
jcastroI was going to let them fill in for a bit18:15
jcastrothen go back and adjust them18:15
jcastroI also looked at doing shades of orange for ubuntu and shades of green for linaro but that didn't turn out as awesome as I hoped18:15
AlanBelldoes summit have a "download the live stuff locally" thing like loco directory does?18:18
jcastrowhat do you mean?18:19
kim0I wanna publish an interview with the dev that made a million monkeys recreate Shakespeare's work on the cloud18:20
kim0any creative titles ? :)18:20
mhall119AlanBell: not yet, we just got the API18:21
mhall119kim0: flying monkeys?18:22
mhall119Monkeys on the Cloud! (with Samuel L. Jackson voice)18:22
kim0:) hehe18:23
kim0Million Shakespearean Cloud Monkeys ?18:23
mhall119It's raining Monkeys! (hallelujah?)18:23
kim0mhall119: nice :)18:24
mhall119The taming of the cloud18:24
kim0do they tame monkeys ?18:24
mhall119the monkeys of venice18:24
mhall119or just monkbeth18:25
* mhall119 should have more than just coffee for breakfast18:26
AlanBell"The wheel is come full circle: I am here."18:28
AlanBell(King Lear)18:29
AlanBell"Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears"18:30
AlanBell(Julius Ceasar)18:30
jcastroAlas poor monkey, I knew him well18:31
jcastroFor every monkey that writes with me today shall be my brother18:31
AlanBelllonely as a cloud was wordsworth18:33
* kim0 pulls his sword18:33
mhall119that aught to be enough to either give kim0 a title, or make him second-guess publishing all together18:34
kim0hehe :)18:34
jcastrothere you go18:34
jcastrocheese city18:34
kim0I just pushed it .. http://cloud.ubuntu.com/2011/10/million-cloud-monkeys-create-monkeybeth/18:34
AlanBell"Virtual cloud monkeys go bananas writing Shakespeare" was the register headline18:35
mhall119how many virtual monkeys did he actually end up making?18:36
AlanBellonly two instances18:37
czajkowskiduanedesign: which blog post ?18:59
czajkowskiduanedesign: lczajkowski.com ??18:59
duanedesignczajkowski: let me see.19:20
jonojcastro, ping?19:49
jcastrojono: pong19:53
jonojcastro, can we have a quick call?19:53
jcastroyeah, I'm trying to G+ with eric but he's havin webcam problems19:53
jcastroso I can slide in with you for a minute19:53
jonojcastro, this won't take long19:54
jonowill call your phone19:54
jcastrojames_w: who is the head honcho for linaro? the guy that does the keynote with mark?20:02
james_wGeorge Grey is CEO20:02
james_wDavid Rusling is the guy that has presented at the last few UDS, the CTO20:02
james_wI think George did Monday morning in Budapest20:03
* jcastro nods20:03
* jcastro schedules the opening plenary20:03
jcastromhall119: hey20:06
jcastrodo you think bringing the font size on the title a little bit would help?20:06
pleia2popey: you sticking around for CC meeting in 45? should be short20:14
pleia2I asked dholbach to nudge mark about getting the poll set up20:14
pleia2(re: cc)20:15
mhall119jcastro: it would help a little, but not much20:15
pleia2popey: can we ban Cybe R. Wizard? :)21:04
* popey types /clear21:05
jcastroerward: yo21:10
jcastrodoes it work now?21:10
erwardjcastro: no21:13
erwarddo you care if I give you a call?21:14
cjohnston12 days till I'll be in your neck of the woods jcastro21:18
jcastroeh? really?21:19
jcastrooh, you needed parking right?21:19
cjohnstonya.. cruise...21:19
cjohnstonare you able to take us to the port and pick us up?21:21
jcastroerward: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingCompiz21:30
jcastrocjohnston: yeah sure, can you mail me the details?21:30
cjohnstonjcastro: yup... I'll talk to Hope and get back with you. :-)21:30
pleia2this meeting was supposed to be short so I could go to the post office, thanks popey ;)21:54
pleia2seriously though, thanks for bringing it up, it's been on my mind for a while but I haven't been able to put concerns into words (I am still having trouble, but discussion is good)21:55
Pendulumpopey: I'm fairly certain you said some stuff that I had me up last night all night (it was a weird night in my head)21:55
* AlanBell waits for the missing hour of logs to arrive21:58
jcastroerward: hey so I'm going to eat chow22:04
jcastrolooks like my phone ran out of juice22:04
jcastrohah, I talk too much22:04
popeyAlanBell: they're there22:04
erwardjcastro: thanks for your input22:06
AlanBellpopey: yeah, just caught up with where I joined22:08
AlanBellhi erward, good to see you here, just tied the nick to jono's blog post22:09
erwardAlanBell, hello22:09
jcastrocjohnston: yeah I'll need to know the dates asap as I travel a bunch over the next few weeks22:15
jonopopey, pleia2 around?22:49
pleia2jono: yep22:50
jonopleia2, I am thinking what might be useful is another survey asking for feedback from Ubuntu Members about their views on their participation and views on our community22:51
jonocould help us to identify some pattersn22:51
jonoaand particularly get in place ready for UDS22:51
jonoI am going to prepare something22:51
popeybe nice if it was open ended22:51
popeylots of places for comments22:51
jonopopey, totally22:51
jonoI will add a comments field on each question too22:51
jonoI think it will help us to understand some of the causes better22:52
popeysorry if it felt like I was beating you up jono that wasnt my intention22:52
jonook, I will get this out tomorrow, I am taking off for the aiport later today, not sure if I will have it done in time22:52
jonopopey, np22:52
popeybed.. nn22:53
jononight popey!22:53

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