broderhas anybody else run into a compiz issue with exiting from the expo view when unity isn't loaded? i can't seem to find a bug on it, but it's like compiz isn't repainting the desktop fully after exiting01:48
broderhttp://web.mit.edu/broder/Public/compiz-expo-bug.png - look at the edges of both the screen and the terminal window01:49
broderonly seems to happen when unityshell isn't loaded, and i haven't triggered it with any other effect yet01:52
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robert_ancellcjwatson, ping03:06
robert_ancellis anyone reproducing bug 863119?03:16
ubot2Launchpad bug 863119 in lightdm "~/xsession-errors is owned by root, incorrect consolekit session breaking DRI" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86311903:16
robert_ancell(the CK/DRI breaking part)03:16
smspillazjasoncwarner_: ping03:17
smspillazjasoncwarner_: the stacking bugs that you get. do you have mumble open when they happen ?03:17
* smspillaz may have fixed that one03:17
smspillaz^^^ anyone else who still gets stacking bugs03:21
smspillazbroder: yeah, I am not sure what is causing that ATM03:21
jbichasmspillaz: I had a bug earlier today where my launcher was behind all my other windows but after a restart I don't see it03:21
smspillazjbicha: running mumble ?03:22
jbichasmspillaz: nope, I don't have mumble, it was immediately after logging in after logging out of gnome shell03:23
smspillazjbicha: reproducible ?03:24
jbichasmspillaz: looks like it03:27
jbichamy launcher even manages to hide behind the desktop which is pretty weird03:29
jbichait's inconsistent though, I don't know what triggers it & what clears it up03:29
RAOFrobert_ancell: I believe didrocks is reproducing that; he's a couple of hours away, though :)03:35
broderargh. this tomboy logout thing is really annoying. does anybody have any clue of how mono events/dbus-sharp event dispatching works?03:40
RAOFbroder: Laney was looking into it yesterday.  I wonder if he documented anything in backscroll?03:42
broderoh, ok. i'll check03:42
RAOFBah, insufficient backscroll.03:42
RAOFThis seems like something I could help with, though.03:43
broderi don't see anything03:43
broderi managed to trace it to the point that DBus# doesn't think there's anybody queued up to handle QueryEndSession03:44
broderbut i don't know enough about mono's managed event signal-alikes to really follow it much further03:44
broderthere is a DBUS_VERBOSE environment variable that will confirm that03:44
RAOFOh, so dbus-sharp is recieving the dbus message and is just not dispatching it?  That shouldn't be hard to trace.03:44
broderthat was my conclusion03:44
broderdoes mono...have a functional debugger? i couldn't find any documentation on one - that was going to be my next step03:45
RAOFMonodevelop's debugger is pretty reasonable.03:46
brodercan it do cross-library stuff?03:46
RAOFAnd with a couple of gdb macros you can get a pretty reasonable gdb session.03:46
smspillazjbicha: ok, fingers crossed it's fixed03:46
* smspillaz has to go03:47
jbichasmspillaz: thank you03:48
RAOFbroder: Ok, I see what you're seeing.03:58
pittiGood morning04:08
jasoncwarner_smspillaz: not sur eif it is mumble or not...I didn't notice when I was having the issues. However, I haven't had any (knock on wood) issues this weekend with stacking.04:11
jasoncwarner_morning pitti :)04:11
jasoncwarner_good long weekend?04:11
RAOFMorning pitti :)04:11
pittijasoncwarner_, RAOF: hey, how are you?04:12
pittiyeah, we were in Dresden again, and met family and friends again04:12
RAOFBopping along to The Dandy Warhols ? 'Cause everydaa aa  aay should be a holiday ?04:13
jasoncwarner_pitti: nice04:13
jbichachromium builds stopped a month ago04:14
micahgjbicha: yeah, fta left, we'll get them back online later this month, stable will be updated this week04:14
jbichamicahg: thanks04:16
pittiargh, another compiz crash04:18
pittiafter only 20 minutes of running..04:18
pittiah, bug 86330304:25
ubot2Launchpad bug 863303 in unity "compiz assert failure: *** glibc detected *** compiz: free(): corrupted unsorted chunks: 0x0000000004a1d390 ***" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86330304:25
RAOFbroder: Aha, think I found it.04:27
RAOFsrc/Connection.cs adds a match on Signal.Sender, which is ':1.194', but the handler is matching on .Sender = org.BansheeProject.CollectionIndexer.04:29
RAOFFurthermore, this is fixed in trunk by not adding those matches.04:29
RAOF(Although I guess it might want to be fixed by resolving the sender to the peer's bus name, but whatever)04:30
brodertrunk of dbus-sharp?04:30
RAOFBut in two easily SRUable commits, which I'm cherry picking right now.04:31
broderlet me know if there's anything i can do to help04:31
RAOFWhat's the LP bug for this?04:31
RAOFThe fix is either a 0-day SRU or a rapid upload of dbus-sharp; I'd like to know which :)04:32
broderbug #81695004:32
ubot2Launchpad bug 816950 in tomboy "Oneiric shutdown : Tomboy not responding" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81695004:32
RAOFOk, it's got release-manager tracking happening.  Time for a rapid upload.04:34
jbichaare we going to make a brand new PPA for the Oneiric GNOME 3.2 stuff?04:37
pittirobert_ancell: hey, how are you?04:37
pittirobert_ancell: as the apparmor stuff was a bit urgent, I uploaded the patch on Friday already, I hope you don't mind?04:38
robert_ancellno, of course not04:38
pittirobert_ancell: if you have any questions about the upstream merge proposal, I'm at your service :)04:38
pittiit should work fine for non-AppArmor systems as well, it just won't be protected then04:39
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pittibryceh: still awake?05:10
pittibryceh: I reject the bash-completion upload; a debian-changes-1:1.3-1ubuntu5 patch crept in which partially reverts one of the patches; can you please fix/reupload?05:12
jasoncwarner_hey pitti , I saw this on ubuntu one a week ago. wondering if you know why this might be happening for someone - http://twitter.com/#!/humphreybc/status/121088043485642752/photo/105:12
pittijasoncwarner_: hm, clicking on the link just brings me back to the same twitter text page05:13
pittiseems you need to be logged in to look at it or so05:14
jasoncwarner_pitti: oh...one sec...it basically says that someone can't ubuntu-bug unity b/c unity is a not a genuine ubuntu package05:19
pittijasoncwarner_: presumably he got it from the PPA then05:19
jbichaor he's just a little bit out of date05:19
jasoncwarner_pitti: oh, interesting...hadn't realized that.05:19
jasoncwarner_so if I have desktop-ppa, I can't submit bugs for those packages in the PPA?05:20
brycehpitti, ok05:25
pittijasoncwarner_: right05:27
jbichapitti: does tracker qualify for the GNOME standing freeze exception?05:29
brycehwtf, debuild -S adds that debdiff in there05:30
pittijbicha: not quite05:30
bryceher, debian-changes05:30
pittibryceh: are you building from UDD? there's often trouble with pre-applied patches05:30
brycehyeah the packaging has some sort of magick in it05:31
brycehgoing to try starting over from scratch05:31
pittibryceh: do you need your upload?05:35
pittibryceh: you can dpkg-source it, quilt pop -a, drop the patch, and build again05:35
smspillazdon't you love it when your bios dies05:36
brycehpitti, ok reuploaded05:42
pittibryceh: thanks05:42
brycehpitti, I don't need it myself; just was on patch pilot today and figured bash completion was a nice low-risk thing to work on05:42
brycehplus it's got tons of simple patches filed against it :-)05:43
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didrocksgood morning06:07
RAOFHey didrocks!06:07
rickspencer3hey didrocks06:07
RAOFThere's a line forming to pester you with testing requests :)06:07
didrockshey RAOF, rickspencer306:07
jasoncwarner_morning didrocks :)06:07
didrocksRAOF: heh, you worked on the gnome-desktop3 check gl cras? :p06:08
didrockshey jasoncwarner_06:08
RAOFdidrocks:  And robert_ancell would like you to test lightdm, I believe :)06:08
rickspencer3hey didrocks I logged a bug, thought you might like something to triage this morning:06:08
rickspencer3bug #86591306:08
ubot2Launchpad bug 865913 in unity "Launcher Edge Activation Does not Work with Auto Run Apps" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86591306:08
rickspencer3I file bugs because I love06:08
didrocksrickspencer3: sweet, I was just about filing it!06:09
robert_ancelldidrocks, yes, can you reproduce that bug?06:10
didrocksrobert_ancell: well, I get it quite randomly, yesterday, didn't get it before the 8th/9th reboot06:11
robert_ancelldidrocks, but you think it was caused by ~/.xsessions-errors having the wrong permissions?06:11
didrocksrobert_ancell: hum, I'm not sure, I didn't check that06:12
pittibonjour didrocks, ca va?06:13
didrockssmspillaz: your patch is quite invasive, I prefer that we postpone that as a SRU06:13
didrockspitti: guten morgen. I'm ok, thanks! And you, How was your week-end?06:14
didrockssmspillaz: and you c-p-m patches containing still some debug printf…06:15
jbichadoes a g-s-d update like yesterday's require rebooting to go into effect & fix the bugs06:22
didrocksrobert_ancell: so, do I have something to test?06:28
pittididrocks: pretty nice, thanks! were in Dresden again06:30
didrockspitti: enjoyed some nice weather there?06:31
didrockspitti: John is already warned that we can't without changing the translations retitle to "Ubuntu Destkop" for bug #865150 my pick would be just "Desktop" and remove the logo06:32
ubot2Launchpad bug 865150 in ayatana-design "UIFe: Remove Ubuntu logo again from desktop title" [Critical,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86515006:32
didrockspitti: not like if I didn't warn them about the confusion and the bfb when the first request was down, but I was turned down…06:33
didrocksmvo: hey, how was you long week-end?06:35
RAOFdidrocks: You could test out gnome-desktop for me if you wanted to :)06:37
didrocksRAOF: yes, I can try to do some reboot, but as yesterday, as it's pretty random, I can't say 100% "it's fixed" :)06:37
RAOFdidrocks: Oh, that won't fix it.  Well, it will make it so that it doesn't segfault and will print something to check that I'm not mad in .xsession-errors.06:38
RAOFYeah, just keep an eye out when you're testing lightdm; it's not a critical bug.  Basically the only side-effect will be crash files in /var/crash.06:39
didrocksRAOF: so, I bet compiz will crash again then :)06:39
didrocksif .xsession-errors is sick06:39
jbichaFedora's advanced partitioner is amazingly complex (reading Planet GNOME)06:40
RAOFUnnecessarily so, it seems.06:41
mvodidrocks: very nice and relaxing! good morning to you as well06:42
didrocksyeah, can be more useful for a graphical server install, but for a client…06:42
didrocksmvo: great! FYI, I reassigned you 3 piston-miniclient crashes that seems to be due to recent proxy changes06:43
didrocksmvo: jibel has such a setup06:43
mvodidrocks: thanks, and *weeeh*06:43
didrockssorry ;)06:43
mvodidrocks: no, just the opposite, thanks a lot for this!06:44
didrocksmvo: the ascii plage is spreading to pitti as well bug #86539406:44
didrocksbot? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apport/+bug/86539406:44
ubot2didrocks: Error: <Bugtracker.plugin.Launchpad instance at 0xa1a25ec> bug 865394 not found06:44
mvodidrocks: did jibel setup work before and the proxy change broke it?06:44
didrocksmvo: I don't know at all, he can easily trigger it with just trying to sync oneconf-service06:45
didrocksmvo: I just got all those 3 bugs this week-end06:45
mvodidrocks: ta06:46
didrocksyw :)06:46
jibelmvo, didrocks are you talking about bug 863717 ?06:46
ubot2Launchpad bug 863717 in piston-mini-client "oneconf-service crashed with HTTPError in __negotiatehttp(): (403, 'Forbidden')" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86371706:46
didrocksjibel: exactly06:46
robert_ancellcjwatson, ping06:47
jibelmvo, I get it everytime I update the package cache with apt-get update for example.06:47
mvojibel: good morning!06:47
jibelmvo, and good morning :)06:48
mvojibel: thats good as it means it easy to reproduce :) what is your "echo $http_proxy" output ? anything "unusual" about your setup? do you use squid-deb-proxy?06:48
smspillazdidrocks: ah, I think they should be removed though in later patches. I'll refresh them06:49
didrockssmspillaz: do you think that bug #865913 can be a stacking issue?06:50
ubot2Launchpad bug 865913 in unity "Launcher Edge Activation Does not Work with AutoMaxized Apps" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86591306:50
smspillazdidrocks: nope06:50
didrocksit's the hide machine then?06:50
smspillazdidrocks: probably. It's best to check with other edge triggering actions06:50
didrocksand last time we try to poke the debug, it crashes, just saw a workaround that lamalex committed :/06:50
didrockssmspillaz: yep, I need to add one though06:50
jibelmvo, http_proxy = http://nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn:nnnn/ (with digits instead of Ns of course)06:51
jibelmvo, it is a squid proxy without auth and that transparently redirects deb requests to apt-cacher-ng.06:52
smspillazdidrocks: it seems to work fine here fwiw, but I'll need to update my other system and check06:52
didrockssmspillaz: multiple people get it randomly06:53
smspillazlike I said, I will update my other system and check. I don't know my way around the launcher hide machine that well though06:53
* smspillaz is better at fixing things like ... stacking06:54
mvojibel: thanks, let me look at this for a minute too see06:54
jibelmvo, in the proxy logs there are a couple of 403 "TCP_MISS/403 448 GET http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/oneiric/universe/i18n/Translation-en_US - FIRST_UP_PARENT/localhost text/html"06:54
jibelI don't know if it is related06:54
robert_ancellpitti, I've got patches for lightdm to fix bug 862427 and bug 863119 and I'm waiting for cjwatson to confirm a patch for bug 864618.  Should I upload the first two or wait for all three?06:55
ubot2Launchpad bug 862427 in lightdm "lightdm-gtk-greeter does not set translation domain" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86242706:55
ubot2Launchpad bug 863119 in lightdm "~/xsession-errors is owned by root, incorrect consolekit session breaking DRI" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86311906:55
ubot2Launchpad bug 864618 in lightdm "UTF-8 locale no longer set" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86461806:55
smspillazdidrocks: I'll ask jason about it when he wakes up. Though, if you are able to reproduce it, can you post your xwininfo of the very left edge of the screen ?06:56
didrockssmspillaz: I guess it's the compiz arc, jono already pinged Jason about it a week ago06:57
didrocksthat's where we discovered that the debug machine is broken06:57
mvojibel: that dosn't look releated, does something show up in your apt-cache logs? I wonder if it maybe redirected you accidently?06:59
jibelmvo, nothing of interest.07:01
* robert_ancell goes off for diner, but will be back to check up on bugs later tonight07:07
didrocksrobert_ancell: enjoy07:09
smspillazdidrocks: what do you mean by "the compiz arc" ?07:11
didrockssmspillaz: IIRC, xwininfo qualifies this small window as "arc"07:13
mvojibel: what does ' echo -e "GET http://reviews.ubuntu.com/ HTTP/1.0\n\n" | nc nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn NNN ' print? any useful error message or the html page of reviews?07:14
mvodidrocks: I suspect that #84280 and #865175 are not releated to the proxy, just "odd" network setups or hickups07:17
jibelmvo, HTTP/1.0 301 Moved Permanently http://paste.ubuntu.com/702107/07:17
didrocksmvo: ok, I didn't assign it clearly because of that. only jibel's one as it's known as being clearly a proxy issue :)07:17
mvojibel: ohh, if you change http to https in the echo, what does it say?07:18
mvodidrocks: yeah, thats definitely one :)07:18
jibelmvo, I'm not sure how to do an ssl request with nc ?07:27
mvooh, that is a good question07:27
mvoI guess I should actually look up the real url instead, hold on a minute or two07:27
maxbuse openssl s_client07:28
mvoaha, thannks maxb!07:28
maxbopenssl s_client -connect host:port07:28
jibelmaxb, and to make this command pass through the proxy ?07:29
SweetsharkMorning Desktoppers!07:31
jasoncwarner_Sweetshark: morning...07:31
maxber, proxy?07:32
didrockshey Sweetshark07:32
pittirobert_ancell: if it will take a bit longer, two uploads are fine; it's a small package07:33
pittididrocks: yeah, I get these all the time; python 3 porting should fix these for good07:34
didrockspitti: I'm wondering why it happened recently though, what changed? Barry isn't sure07:34
didrockspitti: it makes crashing a lot of project for a month approx. mvo is impacted as well07:34
pittiperhaps we got more translations since then?07:36
didrockshum, perhaps, weird for projects that didn't change at all like sotware-properties-gtk though07:36
didrocks(it was already 100% translated in French last cycle)07:37
maxbjibel: oh, sorry - I was amusing myself with IRC on my phone, on the bus to work, and didn't have full scrollback07:42
jbichanautilus segfaults if nautilus-open-terminal is installed? do I need to open a bug to request removing it from the Oneiric archives or is bug 865297 sufficient?07:42
ubot2Launchpad bug 865297 in nautilus-open-terminal "nautilus crashed with SIGSEGV in gconf_client_get()" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86529707:42
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jbichathat's the latest release of n-o-t & there haven't been any git commits since release 7 months ago07:44
jibelmaxb, np, thanks07:44
maxbjibel: Are you able to explicitly connect to the apt-cacher-ng directly?07:45
mvojibel: I know whats goind on and work on it now07:45
jibelmvo, ok great. finally here is the output of the request over https http://paste.ubuntu.com/702117/07:46
jbichaI guess n-o-t is just trying to ready gconf settings that don't exist any more07:46
rodrigo_hey mvo07:47
rodrigo_mvo, I have a gnome-desktop branch with a fix for https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=66048207:47
mvojibel: it appears the current httplib2 just supports CONNECT based proxying which TBH is rather silly for our use-case07:47
ubot2Gnome bug 660482 in power "dpms interferes with g-s-d screen blanking counter" [Normal,Assigned]07:48
rodrigo_mvo, can you test it?07:48
mvorodrigo_: cool, yes, any debs already ;)07:48
mvorodrigo_: have you seen comment #7 ?07:49
rodrigo_mvo, no, no debs, you'll have to build it, as well as lp:~ubuntu-desktop/gnome-settings-daemon/ubuntu07:49
rodrigo_mvo, no, looking07:49
rodrigo_mvo, hence the g-s-d branch, it has a call to gnome_rr_screen_set_dpms_mode on startup07:50
mvorodrigo_: aha, cool07:50
rodrigo_mvo, ok, the branches are lp:~rodrigo-moya/ubuntu/oneiric/gnome-desktop3/fix_863038 and lp:~ubuntu-desktop/gnome-settings-daemon/ubuntu07:51
robert_ancellseb128, hello07:54
seb128robert_ancell, hey!07:54
seb128robert_ancell, how are you? ;-)07:54
seb128robert_ancell, thanks for staying up, I guess you wanted to catch up on things? ;-)07:54
robert_ancellseb128, trying to find a cjwatson.  There's 3 bugs I want to get in before rc; bug 862427 and bug 863119 and bug 86461807:55
ubot2Launchpad bug 862427 in lightdm "lightdm-gtk-greeter does not set translation domain" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86242707:55
ubot2Launchpad bug 863119 in lightdm "~/xsession-errors is owned by root, incorrect consolekit session breaking DRI" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86311907:55
ubot2Launchpad bug 864618 in lightdm "UTF-8 locale no longer set" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86461807:55
seb128robert_ancell, those are basically the one I listed to RAOF yesterday, so seems we have the same list, good ;-)07:56
seb128robert_ancell, do you plan to upload 1.0.1 or to cherrypick?07:56
robert_ancellseb128, have you heard of anything else critical that we should deal with?  I expect to do at least one SRU, and provide a PPA for oneiric for those that have  edge functionality that may not work perfect07:56
pittiseb128: bonjour07:56
robert_ancellseb128, I've pushed the first two as patches into the ubuntu branch.  I'm wary about taking all of 1.0.1 just in case there's any regressions07:57
seb128robert_ancell, let me look at the bugs assigneed to you, I assigned what I though was important07:57
seb128robert_ancell, the 1.0 commits seems fine to me but backporting works for me07:57
seb128pitti, hey, how are you? had a nice w.e?07:57
robert_ancellseb128, yeah, I noticed you assigned me a LOT of bugs.  I've unassigned the low priority ones07:57
seb128robert_ancell, sorry I didn't know how much subscribing would reach you, I used basically as a "robert, it would be nice it you could read this one and decide if it's important or not" ;-)07:58
robert_ancellseb128, heh, you are sneaky like that07:58
seb128heh :p07:59
seb128robert_ancell, it's a service I'm providing you, stop complaining ;-)07:59
didrockssalut seb12807:59
seb128robert_ancell, bug #851612 is somewhat some we should fix at least in a sru if it still happens07:59
ubot2Launchpad bug 851612 in lightdm "Logging out from a FUS session does not reliably return to VT7" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85161207:59
robert_ancellseb128, if we do take 1.0.1, it has the change to make the GTK greeter select the previous user on login - do you think that would need a FFE?07:59
seb128robert_ancell, otherwise your list seems to be those I had as well08:00
robert_ancellseb128, yeah, there's that and the 100% CPU one, but I've no idea what's causing them08:00
RAOFGood morning seb128 :)08:00
seb128lut didrocks08:00
seb128hey RAOF08:00
seb128robert_ancell, hum, good question08:00
seb128pitti, ^ <robert_ancell> seb128, if we do take 1.0.1, it has the change to make the GTK greeter select the previous user on login - do you think that would need a FFE?08:00
robert_ancellthere's also the multi-monitor stuff, which is not great, but the best we can do.  We're really leaning on X to "do the right thing" here08:00
seb128robert_ancell, X should do the right thing!08:01
robert_ancellI think the Xubuntu guys want that change08:01
seb128robert_ancell, if not you need to pay extra beers to RAOF until it does ;-)08:01
seb128robert_ancell, yeah, I would argue it's an important bug fix and not a feature08:01
seb128it sucks usability wise to always have the wrong user selected on boot08:01
seb128robert_ancell, let me look at the actual code diff08:02
pittiseb128: I need to leave a bit earlier today; I don't expect that we need to discuss much on the meeting, but would you be able to chair?08:02
seb128pitti, can do08:03
pittiseb128: merci08:03
seb128pitti, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~lightdm-team/lightdm/1.0/revision/1220 <- now or sru? need a ffe?08:03
seb128pitti, yw08:03
robert_ancellseb128, do you happen to know what hours cjwatson does?08:04
seb128robert_ancell, ok, so you fixed the xsession-errors owned by root08:04
seb128robert_ancell, it's 9am for him, he should be soon around I think08:04
robert_ancellseb128, yeah, I don't see why it would case the CK issue though08:04
seb128robert_ancell, right, I was going to ask "what about ck"08:04
seb128which is the issue we care about ;-)08:04
robert_ancellseb128, I've never seen it, didrocks said he saw it, but only after 9+ reboots08:05
seb128so it's likely that the ck issue is not fixed right?08:05
robert_ancellseb128, I can't see a connection between the two08:05
seb128robert_ancell, jibel says he see it every 5 boots or something08:05
pittirobert_ancell: btw, did you ever talk to the security team about the three remaining items on https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-o-lightdm ?08:05
didrocksrobert_ancell: well, as told, I'm not sure it's xsession-errors owned by root, RAOF think that the crash at startup I can get is because of it08:05
mvorodrigo_: its installeld now, give me some minutes to test it (will require 10min of inactivity )08:05
didrocksrobert_ancell: and we have more than 30+ similar bugs08:05
robert_ancelljibel, didrocks, can you get a lightdm.log after the issue?  I'd expect the log to show what CK said08:06
didrocksrobert_ancell: I'll try to reproduce today, but later08:06
robert_ancelldidrocks, np08:06
seb128robert_ancell, let me know the infos you need and I will try to get those08:07
seb128robert_ancell, I got the xsession-errors permission issue in a guest session yesterday but ck was right and 3d working08:07
seb128robert_ancell, so I'm pretty sure they are different issues08:07
jibelrobert_ancell, trying now. do you need any other info ?08:07
seb128pitti, hello?08:07
robert_ancellseb128, lightdm.log logs all the CK calls, and the responses from the CK daemon.  So I'm hoping either lightdm incorrectly didn't call it, or CK returned an error08:08
pittiseb128: looking08:08
seb128pitti, thanks08:08
robert_ancelljibel, the logs should be all I need08:08
robert_ancellpitti, I asked micahg, and he put me onto someone else and then I forgot sorry08:08
pittiseb128, robert_ancell: remember last user> oh, I thought we already got that fix? it certainly works for me now08:08
robert_ancellI think they're happy however08:08
pittibefore that fix it always selected the wrong user, now it's "martin" by default08:09
seb128pitti, it's fixed for the unity-greeter08:09
pittiooh wait, "gtk greeter"08:09
seb128pitti, that fix is for the gtk one08:09
pittirobert_ancell, seb128: fine for me to upload it now08:09
seb128robert_ancell, you should roll a 1.0.1 today still if you can and upload08:10
robert_ancellseb128, ok, I'll do that08:11
robert_ancellI just want to wait for cjwatson.08:11
pittirobert_ancell: could you merge the apparmor fix for that?08:11
robert_ancellpitti, sure08:13
rodrigo_mvo, ok, no hurry :)08:13
seb128robert_ancell, did you need cjwatson for the locale bug? pitti can maybe reply as well08:14
pittiseb128: I'll poke bug 84029208:14
ubot2Launchpad bug 840292 in nautilus-share "uses synaptic to install samba which is not on the CD" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84029208:14
robert_ancellActually pitti, you might know the issue cjwatson is getting - he now has LANG=en_GB set by lightdm.  The lightdm logic is a) get a LANG from pam b) set LANG based on the user configured language (dmrc/accountsservice) c) set LANG and others in ~/.profile08:14
seb128pitti, thanks, I was going to ask mvo for review today of the aptdaemon code there08:14
robert_ancellLANG is set by scanning the output of 'locale -a' and matching the first one.08:14
robert_ancellI think he must have both en_GB and en_GB.utf8 in 'locale -a' which is why lightdm is picking en_GB (I don't in mine).  So the proposed fix is to scan the list twice, once for lang.codeset and then for lang if it doesn't match.  Does that make sense?08:15
pittirobert_ancell: I also have a few en_XX in locale -a08:19
pittibut these don't look valid08:19
pittie. g.08:19
pitti(I don't have en_GB, though)08:19
pittirobert_ancell: but parsing "locale -a" for setting $LANG doesn't make sense08:19
pittirobert_ancell: what is that supposed to do?08:20
robert_ancellpitti, well I have a language, and I need to make a valid LANG value.  But I have no idea what codesets are available08:20
pittiseb128: I'll sponsor the apturl one, as proposed by hyperair; it's a lot simpler08:20
hyperairpitti: thanks.08:20
seb128pitti, ok, thanks08:20
pittirobert_ancell: ah, you parse it for the first line that matches the language, not just for the first line?08:21
pittistill, shouldn't /etc/profile / /etc/default/locale already set the default $LANG, if we don't have one?08:21
robert_ancellpitti, yes, but I have to override it if dmrc defines one08:22
rickspencer3jasoncwarner_, bug #86599008:22
ubot2Launchpad bug 865990 in nux "compiz crashed with SIGABRT in raise()" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86599008:22
robert_ancelland then we override that in ~/.profile with the full locale settings08:22
pittirobert_ancell: so, en_GB would be the ISO-8859-1 variant08:22
pittirobert_ancell: they are not actually supposed to be built, but it seems they are for some reason08:22
pittirobert_ancell: would it be possible to scan /usr/share/i18n/SUPPORTED instead of `locale -a`, and only grab UTF-8 ones?08:22
robert_ancellpitti, I'd like to just slap .utf8 on the end, but some codesets are still used right?08:23
pittirobert_ancell: e. g. en_IN is actually UTF-808:23
pittirobert_ancell: it's not that easy08:23
pittirobert_ancell: we only really support UTF-8 ones; I meant that you can't just append .utf808:23
pittirobert_ancell: /usr/share/i18n/SUPPORTED is the definition of valid locale names, and `locale -a` shows the ones that are built on the local machine08:24
pittiso I think you'd need both08:24
pittiwell, actually I think you need neither :)08:24
pittiif the user doesn't have a locale set in ~/.profile, it should just use /etc/default/lcoale08:24
robert_ancellpitti, it's only there because derivative don't have a method of setting ~/.profile08:24
pittirobert_ancell: ah, this happens for (b) only?08:25
robert_ancelland I hope we can remove it in the future08:25
pittii. e. from .dmrc/accountsservice?08:25
robert_ancellso, it's upgraded users that see it08:25
robert_ancelland xubuntu etc08:25
robert_ancelland GNOME shell08:25
jasoncwarner_didrocks & smspillaz https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nux/+bug/86599008:26
ubot2Launchpad bug 865990 in nux "compiz crashed with SIGABRT in raise()" [Undecided,New]08:26
pittirobert_ancell: so, locale -a -v has the codeset, or you use /u/s/i18n/SUPPORTED to limit to UTF-8 codesets08:26
pittirobert_ancell: but perhaps your proposal would do for now as well, and be a lot simpler08:27
pittirobert_ancell: i. e. grep all '^ll_.*', take the first .utf8, and if it doesn't exist, take the first08:27
robert_ancellpitti, yeah, it's really just  a sticking plaster anyway08:27
pittirobert_ancell: at least that will cause a lot fewer error cases :)08:27
robert_ancellpitti, so the only case where it might break is if you have two or more codesets, but I'm hoping that's pretty irrelevant08:28
didrocksjasoncwarner_: was supposed to be fixed though…08:28
seb128jibel, hey, any luck getting the lightdm,ck,compiz not starting issue today?08:28
pittirobert_ancell: the only case I know there is sr_RS vs. sr_RS@latin08:28
didrocksjasoncwarner_: adding to the target, asking for dx to look at08:28
seb128didrocks, btw I assigned you one bug and subscribe you to another one yesterday (iirc)08:29
seb128didrocks, the assigned is that the lens need a gettext domain in their .ini (to test if that's enough)08:29
jibelseb128, I'm currently trying to reproduce it08:29
seb128didrocks, the subscribed is dobey's launcher migration code, he put it in g-s-d to migrate ubuntuone-control-panel.desktop to ubuntu-installer.desktop ... dunno if you prefer to do that in the unity migration code?08:30
seb128didrocks, he did it in g-s-d08:30
didrocksseb128: you subscribe me to this one, isn't it: bug #86559308:30
ubot2Launchpad bug 865593 in ubuntuone-client-gnome "Ubuntu One launcher disappears on upgrade to Oneiric" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86559308:30
seb128didrocks, right, just in case you would prefer do that migration in the unity script08:30
seb128didrocks, i.e I wanted your opinion on it08:30
didrocksseb128: no, I don't think we want to support all those .desktop file change08:30
seb128ok, great08:31
seb128so feel free to unsubscribe08:31
didrocksseb128: btw, changing the gsettings key won't work08:31
didrocksbut well :)08:31
seb128didrocks, why not? can you comment saying so on the bug?08:31
didrocksnot sure dobey tested it…08:31
seb128didrocks, no, he couldn't boot his oneiric yesterday08:32
seb128he was running into upstart issue08:32
seb128well when I went to bed they were still debugging those08:32
seb128didrocks, the translation one is bug #86543008:32
ubot2Launchpad bug 865430 in ubuntu-translations "Categories "Applications" and "Files and folders" are untranslated" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86543008:32
rodrigo_seb128, I take it your laptop suspended yesterday when you went out?08:33
seb128rodrigo_, no it didn't!08:33
rodrigo_oh, with the fixes in the g-desdktop and g-s-d branches?08:33
seb128rodrigo_, so maybe it was my keys still in wrong state before08:33
seb128rodrigo_, no, I missed the commit to call the dpms even when the configuration didn't change when I went to sport08:34
seb128rodrigo_, but the dpms issue just cause the screen cutting, not the suspend08:34
rodrigo_yeah, but I was thinking it might be related, not sure yet what g-.screensaver does, looking now08:34
rodrigo_seb128, but that's good news indeed :)08:34
rodrigo_pitti, did you have any other undesired suspend yesterday with the updated g-s-d?08:35
seb128pitti, the "ctrl" bug is weird, i.e ctrl-O in gedit open the fileselector for me08:35
pittirodrigo_: no, worked fine this morning (during shower/breakfast)08:35
seb128pitti, not sure what is different for i.e the gtimelog examples08:35
pittirodrigo_: thanks!08:35
pittiseb128: yes, gedit now works for me, too08:35
seb128rodrigo_, so I think we can consider the g-s-d suspend on idle fixed, you have the dpms fix pending upload for gnome-desktop,gsd ... that let the gnome-screensaver issue?08:36
rodrigo_seb128, yes08:38
rodrigo_I'm waiting on mvo for confirming the fix08:38
mvorodrigo_: sorry, got dragged in a call :/ will take some minutes08:40
rodrigo_mvo, don't worry, no pressure :D08:40
robert_ancellpitti, can I get you to make a merge for the stable branch?08:40
didrocksseb128: the ini file have a translations domain08:40
didrocksseb128: I guess it's only unity home dash not picking the translation08:41
seb128didrocks, ok, it was late and I didn't check the fact, just read the bug description08:42
didrocksyeah, it's wrong :)08:42
* didrocks looks at the home dash code08:42
seb128$ gettext -d unity-lens-files "Files & Folders"08:42
seb128Fichiers et dossiers08:42
seb128so it's translated on disk at least08:42
robert_ancellpitti, perhaps there's some bzr  magic, but I tried to merge to the stable branch and it dragged in everything else08:43
didrocksseb128: yep, otherwise, we won't get it on the lens view08:44
didrocksseb128: it's only in the home dash08:44
seb128robert_ancell, just merge -c <revnum>?08:44
robert_ancellseb128, which revnum?08:45
seb128robert_ancell, the commit that you want to backport08:45
seb128robert_ancell, I'm not sure what you try to do there ;-)08:46
robert_ancellseb128, pitti's apparmor patch is on trunk, but I need it on the 1.0 branch08:46
robert_ancellI think it's multiple commits08:46
pittirobert_ancell: if you do a merge, it'll be folded into one commit on trunk08:47
pittirobert_ancell: so you can use "bzr merge -c 12345 ../trunk" in the 1.0.1 branch for cherry-picking it08:47
seb128robert_ancell, so merge -r<r1>...<r3>08:48
seb128i.e bzr merge -r1234..1236 ../trunk08:48
robert_ancellseb128, trying now...08:48
seb128pitti, bug #849732 are you sure it's still an issue then?08:50
ubot2Launchpad bug 849732 in unity-2d "Control/Alt key bindings are broken in GTK 3 programs" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/84973208:50
pittiseb128: yes, see my updated description08:51
Sweetsharkjasoncwarner_: http://nabble.documentfoundation.org/BoD-Election-Candidates-td3390541.html btw08:51
pittigtimelog is still broken, but works with UBUNTU_MENUPROXY=008:51
seb128pitti, I wonder how gtimelog is different from other softwares08:52
seb128wondering if that's pythonish08:52
Sweetsharkpitti: Where does launchpad get the idea it needs to import translation templates from? I want it to stop doing that, as what it currently imports is wrong, outdated and unused.08:53
pittiseb128: I don't know; it used to work just fine until mid-oneiric08:53
seb128pitti, ok, well at least it works in 90% cases now08:53
pittiSweetshark: that's a question for henninge/dpm; but it generally imports all po files from uploads08:53
pittiseb128: yeah, got a lot better08:54
Sweetsharkpitti: ah, ok. Then the problem will solve itself soon ;)08:55
dpmpitti, Sweetshark, re: LO, is this not something that can be disabled at the package level? LP only imports what the package gives it. If the package uploaded contains POT/PO files, it will import them, but it won't if it doesn't. There should be a rule in the LO package that builds POT files. If that's not desired, it can be removed or disabled (but I thought it was disabled anyway)08:58
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robert_ancellseb128, ok, testing 1.0.1, brb09:01
Sweetsharkdpm: well, for 3.4 we (debian/ubuntu) still use one of the old go-oo repositories, and those contain some dead files that nobody cares to remove right now, because we will remove the repository as a whole for 3.509:05
Sweetsharkdpm: so ohm, this is likely just transitional then. I just wondered, if launchpad keeps track of this somewhere else too.09:07
robert_ancellseb128, ok, It seems good to me, can you smoketest it?09:08
seb128robert_ancell, ok, where is it?09:08
robert_ancellseb128, I made a release, and updated the ubuntu branch.  I have to go now though09:08
seb128robert_ancell, ok, just upload, I will test and drop it from the queue if I run into any issue09:09
robert_ancellseb128, ok, will do09:09
seb128robert_ancell, thanks a lot for staying and getting the update out ;-)09:09
seb128robert_ancell, have a nice evening!09:09
dpmSweetshark, the LO/OO translation templates in LP were disabled a while ago, so it shouldn't import any translations even if the package contains them. How are you noticing they are being imported, are you getting e-mail from LP with import notifications?09:09
seb128rickspencer3: not sure but I think your bug is a duplicate of bug #83215009:16
ubot2Launchpad bug 832150 in unity "ubuntu desktop unity. Mouse at the left side doesn't reveal launcher" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83215009:16
seb128didrocks, ^09:16
seb128just for info09:16
didrocksseb128: I guess it is too, but none of them have 100% reproducible test case, so prefer to keep them on track, unduped09:17
seb128i.e I don't think autorunning those is different from manually running them, it happens there with manual runs09:17
seb128didrocks, ok ;-)09:17
seb128well I guess it 100% of the time in a guest session there so if somebody needs info09:17
didrocksseb128: oh really? nice. The issue is that the debug machine is broken right now09:18
didrocks(fixed in trunk though)09:18
seb128right, it segfault unity :p09:18
didrocksseb128: so, after this release, I'll probably poke you :)09:18
seb128didrocks, well I'm running the ppa version09:18
seb128does that include those fixes?09:18
didrocksseb128: it's not in09:18
Sweetsharkdpm: yes, and only with the latest upload. The upload before triggered no such mail. That confused me quite a bit.09:18
didrockslet me recheck, but pretty sure it's not09:19
didrocksno, it's not09:19
seb128didrocks, ok, finish what you are doing, no hurry, I just get it at guest session start in a consistant way if somebody needs infos09:19
didrocksseb128: that's nice to know, we'll dig it for a SRU09:20
didrocksthanks :)09:20
seb128great ;-)09:20
Sweetsharkdpm: I remember however, the "libreoffice" upstream project in launchpad got deleted recently (since the is also "df-libreoffice"), so I wondered if something went off track there.09:21
dpmSweetshark, can you post the e-mail you got from LP somewhere so I can have a look at it?09:21
OwaisLGuys, is gnome-settings-daemon broken in Oneiric right now or is it just me?09:35
seb128just you09:36
seb128how is it broken for you?09:36
ubot2Launchpad bug 866047 in gnome-settings-daemon "gnome-settings-daemon does not work anymore in Oneiric" [Undecided,New]09:36
OwaisLIt doesn't load the settings, themes, etc09:36
OwaisLbut the process doesn't crash09:36
OwaisLKilling and restarting the process does not work either09:37
OwaisLbut starting as root does load theme for root user09:37
seb128OwaisL, gsettings get org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.xsettings active09:39
seb128OwaisL, can you run that?09:39
xclaesseis there something preventing apps to load plugins (mmap a .so gives permission denied) ? I've build and installed the .so into /usr/lib09:39
xclaesseI suspect apparmor, but I don't know if that's the kind of stuff it does09:40
OwaisLseb128, result is false09:40
seb128OwaisL, there you go09:41
seb128OwaisL, did you try to run unity-greeter in your session?09:41
seb128xclaesse, you can check syslog for apparmor warnings09:42
OwaisLYes, I did try sometime last week with xephyr09:43
xclaesseseb128, Oct  4 11:42:41 localhost kernel: [34349.451916] type=1400 audit(1317721361.724:218): apparmor="DENIED" operation="file_mmap" parent=18616 profile="/usr/lib/telepathy/mission-control-5" name="/usr/lib/mission-control-plugins.0/mcp-account-manager-goa.so" pid=18701 comm="mission-control" requested_mask="m" denied_mask="m" fsuid=1000 ouid=009:44
seb128OwaisL, ok, unity-greeter has a specific g-s-d stripped config09:44
seb128xclaesse, ok, it's apparmor then09:44
xclaesseseb128, how do I tell apparmor it's fine?09:44
OwaisLIt started to work after gsettings set org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.xsettings active true09:45
xclaesseseb128, seems MC gets permission denied for everything I'v installed manually in /usr/local09:46
OwaisLseb128, thanks a ton! Is there any other settings I should revert?09:46
xclaesseseb128, that behaviour is new in oneiric?09:46
seb128xclaesse, yes, it didn't have an apparmor profile before oneiric09:46
seb128xclaesse, see bug #81613309:47
ubot2Launchpad bug 816133 in telepathy-mission-control-5 "add telepathy profile from the apparmor-profiles repository" [Wishlist,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81613309:47
seb128xclaesse, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingApparmor09:48
seb128xclaesse, you can probably use -complain to not have it block you09:48
xclaesseseb128, thanks09:50
seb128xclaesse, yw09:51
xclaesseseb128, so aa is used for apps accessing directly the network?09:51
xclaesseseb128, I don't think MC does, it goes through the CMs09:51
seb128xclaesse, everything which could be sensitive to security issues09:51
seb128xclaesse, read the bug I pointed for the rational, or talk to jdstrand when he's there (he's u.s based so still sleeping)09:52
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xclaesseok. tbh I trust distro guys for that, I'm not really familiar myself09:52
seb128xclaesse, we apparmor lot of things, including i.e evince since pdf readers often have issues09:52
xclaessecomplain mode should be enough for me now09:52
seb128great ;-)09:52
seb128OwaisL, sorry I missed your highlight before09:58
seb128OwaisL, it's likely that you want to reset all the org.gnome.settings-daemon keys09:58
seb128OwaisL, i.e use dconf-editor, go through the list and click "set default" at least for the enable values09:58
xclaesseseb128, if I start MC from source dir, it shouldn't be affected by apparmor, right?09:58
seb128not sure09:59
seb128pitti, ^09:59
pittixclaesse: correct; it's path based09:59
xclaesseok so even if I start it from /usr/local it won't be affected?09:59
OwaisLseb128, thanks! will do.10:06
seb128OwaisL, yw10:06
seb128RAOF, \o/10:17
seb128RAOF, thanks for fixing the dbus signal dispatch thing ;-)10:18
mvorodrigo_: sorry, sorry, I had a long call just now, now I restarted the session10:23
rodrigo_mvo, no problem :)10:29
kamstruppitti: woohoo! Nailed the pygobject crasher in dee that has rendered all Python lenses crashing. When you have time to review https://bugs.launchpad.net/pygobject/+bug/855402 and/or https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=63891510:39
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ubot2Launchpad bug 855402 in unity "Python lenses segfault with pygobject3" [Critical,In progress]10:39
=== kamstrup is now known as kamstrup|lunch
pittikamstrup|lunch: just saw, great! however, I can't ack it for upstream, you'd need to poke tomeu (or J5 in the afternoon) for this10:43
kamstrup|lunchpitti: ok10:52
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zalluthhi all..10:57
=== Guest31871 is now known as gord
pittirodrigo_: ah, putting check-language-support functionality into aptdaemon sounds like a nice idea11:06
rodrigo_pitti, yes, that should work for all distros also, so we were talking about a InstallLanguage method11:07
seb128sorry guys for flooding the mailing list ;-)11:10
* rodrigo_ adds seb128 to spam filter11:11
zalluthinclude esekeyd to enable laptop multimedia functionality on fullscreen game11:12
seb128hey zalluth11:12
zalluthhi too..11:13
seb128why is a separate package needed for that?11:13
seb128shouldn't the multimedia keys just work?11:13
=== kamstrup|lunch is now known as kamstrup
zalluthyes, work, but not in fullscreen game11:13
seb128we should fix that in GNOME rather than adding a new source?11:15
zalluthbut, the control of keyboard when playing fullscreen game like fretsonfire is not under gnome control11:16
seb128ok, it's a topic I don't know about enough to comment, I will let other pick it up rather ;-)11:16
zalluthjust install it, create file configuration, and set esekeyd parameter to load the configuration.. So, everything works, but I do not get any volume change notification, just the volume changes..11:20
rodrigo_need to run some errands and then lunch, so be back in a couple of hours or so11:21
zalluthI don't understand11:22
pittidpm: langpack updates hit unapproved, accepting now11:22
pittidpm: so is now a good time for checking "Request a full language pack export"?11:22
pittidpm: these will start Thursday night, so that I can build on Friday?11:22
pittidpm: disabling oneiric cronjob now11:23
pittidpm: -base export requested11:24
seb128zalluth, what do you don't understand?11:24
pitti... eek, or not: causes an LP crash11:24
jasoncwarner_hey guys...11:25
jasoncwarner_anyone know what is going on with this bug?11:25
ubot2Launchpad bug 865105 in ubuntuone-client-gnome "nautilus crashed with SIGSEGV in g_variant_unref() in any folder with Ubuntu One location widget (dup-of: 865567)" [Critical,Confirmed]11:25
ubot2Launchpad bug 865567 in ubuntuone-client-gnome/stable-2-0 "ubuntuone-client-gnome needs to install gsettings schemas" [Critical,In progress]11:25
jasoncwarner_pedro_: ^^11:25
dpmpitti, ack on approving langpack delta updates, thanks! Now is a good time (assuming the crash can be worked around ;) to request the export. The export will happen on Thursday 9:00 UTC, and it should be ready for langpack-o-matic to pick up on Fri at 9:00 as scheduled11:25
seb128hey jasoncwarner_11:25
pittidpm: cool, thanks11:25
didrocksjasoncwarner_: seb128 assigned to dobey yesterday IIRC11:26
jasoncwarner_hey seb128 !11:26
zalluthI don't know how to write script to detect currently active ubuntu session in my pc..11:26
seb128jasoncwarner_, what do you want to know? it's new from the ubuntuone-client-gnome update they did yesterday, dobey said he would look at it once he got his laptop to start again, he was hitting an upstart? issue11:26
pedro_jasoncwarner_, hello, master is assigned to dobey , bug 86556711:26
ubot2Launchpad bug 865567 in ubuntuone-client-gnome/stable-2-0 "ubuntuone-client-gnome needs to install gsettings schemas" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86556711:26
dpmpitti, could you request the full export eventually, or do we need to talk to the LP guys?11:26
pittidpm: worked now11:26
jasoncwarner_seb128 pedro_ didrocks11:26
dpmpitti, ok, seems all sorted then.11:26
jasoncwarner_just saw it was dupe (apport took me to duplicate and not master)11:27
jasoncwarner_really breaks nautilus! ;)11:27
seb128it does...11:27
seb128go u1 go!11:27
zalluthI don't know how to write script to detect currently active ubuntu session in my pc..11:28
seb128zalluth, what do you call "currently active ubuntu session"? what do you try to do?11:28
zalluthI want to send him the volume change using libnotify11:29
zalluthI want to send him the volume change notification using libnotify11:29
seb128zalluth, try #ubuntu for user questions, but using notify-send should work without having to know the session11:32
zalluthmy script runs under esekeyd daemon11:34
seb128try asking on #ubuntu11:34
seb128sorry that channel is rather focussing on fixing oneiric integration issues11:35
mvorodrigo_: the dpms issue is fixed now, thanks for the updated pkgs11:37
seb128mvo, thanks for bootstrapping the fix and discussion ;-)11:56
mdeslaurseb128: FYI, I commited a fix for the screen locking issue to bzr...there was already another fix there, so I didn't upload it12:09
seb128mdeslaur, ok, rodrigo_ will do uploads today still I think12:09
seb128mdeslaur, thanks for working on it, though I'm not sure the fix is right, but we can discuss that at UDS12:10
seb128mdeslaur, i.e not sure what our screen locking policy should be, when to lock and for what user (i.e do we log for autologged users as well?)12:10
mdeslaurseb128: I've recreated the behaviour of previous ubuntu releases12:11
seb128mdeslaur, ok, good for Oneiric, still I think we should discuss what behaviour we want, not sure it makes sense to lock the screen for home users who don't want to enter passwords, i.e those using autologin with no keyring password for example12:12
mdeslaurseb128: yes, I agree about that. A lot of things need to be fixed for that to be changed though, not just gnome-settings-daemon12:13
seb128mdeslaur, right, that's why I suggest we discuss it at UDS ;-)12:15
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Sweetsharkpitti: what was the right way to name a backport? 1:3.4.3-3ubuntu2~natty1?12:21
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pittiSweetshark: yes, that looks fine12:29
mvoseb128: yw13:02
dobeydidrocks: there is some migration thing in unity?13:05
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didrocksdobey: there is, but I don't think we should migrate desktop because whatever app wanted to rename their desktop files13:06
dobeydidrocks: we have to migrate the .desktop files. it's not because we renamed, it's beacause we replaced the app13:07
didrocksdobey: yeah, but we would have to do that for every applications in the universe if they decide to rename themselve. Being by default doesn't change much13:09
didrocksdobey: new installs get the new .desktop file13:09
dobeydidrocks: no, just the ones by default13:09
dobeyuniverse is ignorable13:09
didrockswell, I don't agree, people don't remember if it's by default or not13:09
dobeywe do13:09
dobeywhich is why we have to fix it13:09
didrocksdobey: provide a patch, it can be in a SRU13:10
dobeypatch to where?13:11
didrocksdobey: unity13:11
didrocksyou need to update unity, unity-2d13:11
seb128or keep your ubuntuone-client-gnome hack...13:12
dobeydidrocks: so i'm curious; what exactly do you think *should* be migrated?13:12
seb128though I don't like much having other component to edit the unity keys13:12
dobeythe ubuntuone-client-gnome hack is a horrible hack, and gsettings insanity makes me want to do that even less13:12
didrocksI don't think a shell should migrate every apps who wants to change a desktop file somewhere…13:13
DBOseb128, didrocks, migrating the keys while unity is running wont work either13:13
seb128didrocks, it's not every application, it's the default config ones13:13
dobeydidrocks: that isn't what i asked. i asked what you think migration is useful for :)13:13
didrocksDBO: yeah, that's what I commented on the posts13:13
didrocksseb128: well, ayway, it's really late and risky for finale13:14
seb128didrocks, it's like if your firefox launcher vanished on update because firefox renamed their .desktop13:14
dobeydidrocks: you wrote a migration script, so clearly you think there is some reason to have it13:14
didrocksdobey: yeah, because we migrated .desktop file from gnome-panel, other docks, netbook-launcher to unity13:14
dobeyseb128: which they used to do; firefox-3.0, firefox-4.0, firefox; and evolution too :)13:14
didrocksI don't tell it shouldn't be done, it should have been raised way before13:15
didrocksnow, I find it late and risky13:15
seb128yeah, agreed13:15
seb128it's a really issue though for upgraders :-(13:15
seb128not that I have a good solution13:15
didrocksthat can be a SRU though if the u1 team provide the patch13:15
pittirodrigo_: gnome-desktop3 upload claims to fix bug 863038, but you moved that to gnome-screensaver13:19
ubot2Launchpad bug 863038 in gnome-screensaver "If turnoff the screen setting set to 'never' screen turns off instantly" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86303813:19
dobeywhere is the launcher code anyway?13:19
pittirodrigo_: shall I move the task to gnome-desktop3, or do we also need a screensaver fix?13:19
seb128pitti, it's the wrong bug reference13:19
seb128pitti, it fixes bug #86213913:19
ubot2Launchpad bug 862139 in gnome-control-center "xset q reports DPMS mode with time 600 regardless of what g-c-c setting" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86213913:19
pittirodrigo_: ^ want to reupload, or close manually?13:20
seb128pitti, we got quite some recent screen and power issues mixed13:20
* mpt growls at Ubuntu suspending when the power settings say otherwise13:21
didrocksdobey: the migration code is in unity/tools13:21
didrocksdobey: you need to timestamp unity and unity-2d with a release version to trigger the upgrade13:22
seb128mpt, does it still do it with today's updated and session restarted?13:22
dobeydidrocks: i see that, but where is the actual launcher code?13:22
mptseb128, ah, I haven't restarted since13:22
seb128mpt, ok, I'm really interested to know if you still get it with the current versions on a restart session13:23
pittirodrigo_: anyway, accepting and closing manually13:23
seb128mpt, it's supposed to be fixed but we didn't get lot of feedback yet on the update and some of the feedback makes it unclear if users had their session restarted or not13:23
mptseb128, I'd restart my computer for you any time13:23
seb128mpt, ;-)13:23
seb128mpt, thanks ;-)13:24
didrocksdobey: plugins/unityshell/src/Launcher.cpp13:25
didrocksdobey: dobey but I guess you search rather for plugins/unityshell/src/LauncherModel.cpp13:25
didrocksand plugins/unityshell/src/FavoriteStoreGSettings.cpp13:26
dobeyi don't see a plugins/unitypanel in trunk13:26
pittieh, what happened to http://pad.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-desktop ?13:26
pittiseb128: ^ do you know?13:26
dobeybut yes, shell is probably what i want, thanks13:26
didrocksdobey: see the above linkes, I didn't wrote unitypanel13:26
seb128pitti, urg, it was there yesterday evening13:27
dobeydidrocks: sure; i just figure if i'm going to patch it, i might as well do it right and add the g_settings_bind() so the launcher updates when the config changes13:28
mptSo, aheh, Ubuntu froze on shutdown13:28
didrocksdobey: that's a feature that would be great, indeed :)13:28
mptseb128, I guess the only way to test the suspend problem is not to touch it for an hour and see if it doesn't happen?13:29
seb128mpt, right, so next time you will go for lunch, dinner, sleep, that sort of things ;-)13:29
cyphermoxdobey: re: your system with "Networking disabled", can you tell me what type of install you used? ubiquity or d-i?13:30
dobeywhat is d-i?13:31
mptseb128, aww, I thought you were going to give me an excuse to slack off13:31
cyphermoxdebian-installer, as in, the alternate cd :)13:31
seb128mpt, right, we need that tested today, you need to take an hour work break NOW! ;-)13:31
seb128does anyone have a copy of the etherpad content?13:32
dobeycyphermox: i installed 11.04 from a flash drive with ubiquity, and later upgraded to oneiric with update-manager -d13:32
cyphermoxdobey: ok13:32
seb128pitti, hum, and pad.ubuntu.com doesn't have the timeline widget13:32
dobeycyphermox: and network was working fine until i did an apt-get upgrade yesterday13:32
cyphermoxdobey: installed long ago?13:32
seb128pitti, i.e no way to go back in revisions13:32
cyphermoxdobey: you still getting networking disabled or did you work around it?13:33
dobeycyphermox: i don't know how to work around it13:34
dobeywell, other than re-installing 11.0413:34
cyphermoxdobey: ok; well you can check what's in /etc/network/interfaces and /var/lib/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.state, maybe paste those and I can look13:35
dobeywhich i should probably do on that machine anyway13:35
cyphermoxfwiw I re-tested upgrade from 11.04 last week on my system with a bunch of different network settings in NM and it all worked13:35
dobeyi don't think it's an upgrade issue13:39
didrocksdobey: I have another solution thinking about it13:46
didrocksdobey: there is a dbus signal to add a .desktop file to the launcher13:46
seb128bryceh, RAOF, pitti, rodrigo_: bug #86595713:47
ubot2Launchpad bug 865957 in gnome-control-center "the system info tab needs glxinfo to get the video card infos (not installed by default)" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86595713:47
seb128is there any reason we don't install mesa-utils by default?13:47
seb128or any reason to not install it?13:47
pittiseb128: nothing depends on it13:47
seb128pitti, would it be fine to make g-c-c recommends it?13:47
pittino other particular reason from what I can see13:47
pittiseb128: sure13:47
pittiit's 30 kB13:47
dobeydidrocks: oh?13:50
didrocksdobey: let me check if someone touched my code13:50
didrocksyes, it still works :)13:53
didrocksdobey: so com.canonical.Unity.Launcher, /com/canonical/Unity/Launcher, iface com.canonical.Unity.Launcher, Method AddLauncherItemFromPosition()13:54
didrocksdobey: parameters likes ("", "", 0,0,0,"/usr/share/applications/kiki.desktop","") should work13:54
didrocks(if kiki.desktop is installed of course)13:54
desrtmterry: where's my refund?!13:55
dobeyeh i don't like that so much :)13:55
desrtdeja dup sucks!!13:55
didrocksdobey: why?13:55
mvodidrocks: oh, that works? will icons fly in and everything?13:55
didrocksmvo: nop, it's still what I did for natty, nobody touched it13:55
mterrydesrt, what happened?13:55
didrocksmvo: hence the dummy data13:55
dobeydidrocks: changes the ordering13:55
* desrt just had a thought-that-file-was-attached-to-bugzilla incident13:55
mvoaha, ok13:55
mvoI thought I missed something :)13:55
desrt"oh.. i can safely delete all this stuff"13:56
didrocksdobey: it doesn't, it should add it last13:56
rodrigo_pitti, keep the gnome-scrrensaver task open, it needs a fix there13:56
didrocksmvo: nobody worked on it, it's just adding it to the end13:56
desrtmterry: deja dup doesn't have the old version because i only wrote the file yesterday :p13:56
* desrt demands CONTINUOUS periodic backups13:56
dobeydidrocks: right, and if the old control-panel .desktop was somewhere else, it "randomly moved" from the user's POV13:56
mterrydesrt, don't scare me!  11.10 goes out in 8 days!  :)13:56
didrocksdobey: better than getting nothing, isn't it? :)13:56
mterrydesrt, I do have open feature requests for continuous/hourly backups.  Not on the roadmap now though.  Would be neat, if it could be very resource unintensive13:57
rodrigo_pitti, ah, it's still in progress, so forget my comment13:57
desrtmterry: i more or less don't notice when my backups are happening13:57
dobeydidrocks: well if it has to wait for SRU, people are going to get nothing on upgrade anyway, unless they wait until after the SRU, so might as well do it right, instead of just doing it quick13:58
desrtbackup-to-home-server is a pretty big win13:58
didrocksdobey: well, the dbus call was to enable you a quick patch that can sneak in finale13:58
mterrydesrt, excellent, the less obtrusive, the better13:59
desrtmterry: anyway.. deja dup has done one thing that no other piece of software has been able to do thus far13:59
desrtit turned me into a backup-er13:59
desrtwas never able to stick with it before... but now i have been daily since about august now13:59
desrtso thanks :)14:00
mterrydesrt, love it.  :)  That's why I made DD14:00
* desrt was actually kinda hoping that yesterday's daily backup was in the middle of his working on these files. hrmph :/14:01
desrtoh well.  no huge loss14:01
jdstrandseb128: hey, so have you been getting a lot more but reports for compiz crashes and unity issues after the lastest updates? I'm seeing them quite a bit more :\ (and reporting them)14:09
mdeslaurI've been getting crazy compiz crashes for the past two days, but every single one of them couldn't be reported because of an outdated package...(seriously apport, tzdata?)14:11
cyphermoxseb128: don't you have the undo button for the pad?14:13
seb128(sorry on the phone)14:13
didrocksjdstrand: do you have bug # of the latest reported ones?14:14
jdstrandbug #86751314:14
ubot2Launchpad bug 867513 in unity "evolution loses window decorations after unmaximizing" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86751314:14
jdstrandlet me get the compiz one I reported14:14
jdstranddang it, this happened to me yesterday. I reported 2 compiz bugs, then they disappeared :\14:16
* jdstrand looks more14:16
didrockssmspillaz: didn't you fix something similar on yesterday's version? ^14:18
jdstrandbug #865822 (marked as duplicate)14:18
ubot2Launchpad bug 865822 in nux "compiz crashed with SIGABRT in raise() (dup-of: 863303)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86582214:19
ubot2Launchpad bug 863303 in unity "compiz assert failure: *** glibc detected *** compiz: free(): corrupted unsorted chunks: 0x0000000004a1d390 ***" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86330314:19
jdstrandbug #865675 (marked as dupe)14:19
ubot2Launchpad bug 865675 in unity "compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in g_type_check_instance_cast() (dup-of: 862972)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86567514:19
ubot2Launchpad bug 862972 in unity "compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in g_type_check_instance_cast()" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86297214:19
jdstrandso I guess it isn't just me :)14:19
jdstrandI've not checked all my bug email yet today, which is why I missed those. sorry for the noise14:20
smspillazdidrocks: yes14:20
smspillazdidrocks: hang on14:20
smspillazdidrocks: it was in unity14:20
jdstrandbetween those 3 bugs, I have been having a lot of unity issues, so wanted to make sure someone knew about them, and it seems so :)14:20
* jdstrand starts being quiet now14:21
didrocksjdstrand: so, once you get 4.22 (it's in UNAPPROVED right now), can you please update and update the status on bug #862231, please?14:21
ubot2Launchpad bug 862231 in unity "Compiz Window Decorator fails on Evolution Compose New Email" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86223114:21
didrockssmspillaz: can you check the other crash, please?14:21
jdstranddidrocks: sure thing14:22
smspillazdidrocks: that's the UnlockRect one14:22
smspillazdidrocks: jason fixed that in trunk14:22
smspillazbit confusing when all of the reports are crashing on the same first frame, heh14:22
didrocksjdstrand: great, you should be able to close them as well with the new compiz/unity couple coming today :)14:24
didrocksthanks smspillaz14:24
jdstrandawesome. I look forward to it :)14:24
didrocksmpt: oh, windows8 has this "app remembering state" you discussed and blogged about a year ago14:26
mptdidrocks, so does Mac OS X 10.714:26
didrocksmpt: it has as well the "autosync settings" that I planned for OneConf one year and half ago :/14:26
didrocksmpt: oh really?14:26
kenvandinempt, of course they read your blog to plan future releases :)14:27
* kenvandine would 14:27
mptkenvandine, yeah, and the auto-save is from something I wrote in 200114:27
mpt(Seriously, though, they're both old ideas, going back to the 1980s)14:28
kenvandineyet we don't have them... :/14:29
mptThat's because they aren't security-/server-related, and it's less than a decade since the competition got them14:30
mptAnd more specifically for those two, because they require clever API design to make them easy for application developers to adopt.14:32
ejatdidrocks : r u here?14:44
didrocksejat: yes14:44
ejatdidrocks : bug 85963214:45
ubot2Launchpad bug 859632 in compiz-plugins-main "package compiz-plugins-main-default 1: bzr20110919-0ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/usr/share/compiz/grid.xml', which is also in package compiz-plugins 1:0.9.4 bzr20110606-0ubuntu1~natty2" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85963214:45
ejatfix released .. but im having issue upgrading from 11.04 to 11.1014:45
didrocksejat: when did you upgrade? I pushed another fix yesterday morning14:45
didrocksejat: do you have the bug report about it?14:46
ejatyesterday .. owh ok .. but now .. im trying to get my other machine to get internet so that i can retry14:46
ejatxdiagnose package ?14:47
didrocksejat: you should use do-release-upgrade or update-manager for ubuntu, it won't stuck you on things like that14:47
didrocksejat: the xdiagnose overwrite is totally not related14:47
didrocksRAOF fixed it yesterday14:47
ejattrying to overwrite …… , which is also in package x11-common 1:7.6+4ubuntu3.114:49
ejattrying to overwrite ……/source_xorg.py , which is also in package x11-common 1:7.6+4ubuntu3.114:50
seb128jdstrand, sorry I was in ca all, I see that didrocks replied to you, but yeah basically see with all updates from today what issues remain14:50
jdstrandseb128: yep, thanks :)14:50
seb128cyphermox, "undo", no, I asked #is14:51
ejatdidrocks ?14:52
didrocksejat: did you look at my answer above?14:52
didrocks16:47:27       didrocks | ejat: the xdiagnose overwrite is totally not related14:52
didrocks16:47:31       didrocks | RAOF fixed it yesterday14:53
ejati see .. not related ..14:53
* ejat retrying updating n upgrade back .. but if its not related … then how could the error occurs :( with that statement14:53
ejatshould i manual remove xdiagnose for temp then reinstall it back later14:54
ryerodrigo, hi, so, re: dpms clearing fix, i was following it quite closely, and it is not complete without subsequent fixes in gnome-desktop3 and gnome-settings-daemon release14:55
cyphermoxseb128: I was asking because here I had an undo button, but it doesn't do anything... probably just undoes my own changes14:55
ryewell, gnome-settings daemon patch14:55
rodrigo_rye, yes I know14:55
rodrigo_ the g-s-d and g-c-c parts are coming14:55
rodrigo_ and the patch in gnome-desktop3 package is functionality-equivalent14:55
rodrigo_ there are people that have tested it and confirmed fixing14:55
pittineed to leave, good night everyone!14:58
pittiseb128: thanks in advance for running the meeting14:58
pitti(sorry, have an appointment this evening)14:58
seb128pitti, yw!14:58
seb128pitti, see you later ;-)14:58
didrocksejat: overwrite is a dpkg error when two packages can try to unpack the same file, if you are not technical enough in dpkg, please using do-release-upgrade or update-manager to make a distribution upgrade14:59
didrockshave a good night pitti14:59
seb128bah, running mumble screwed my stacking15:03
seb128i.e unity launcher and alt-tab got stacked at the bottom, i.e under everything else15:03
didrocksthis is fixed in compiz15:08
didrocksbut the patch is huge15:08
didrocksI didn't take it in purpose, prefer SRU15:09
seb128well I didn't have it a long time15:09
seb128I wonder if that's coincidence or if that's due to qt ;-)15:10
seb128I use a qt application every 2 weeks and when I do it breaks my compiz :p15:10
seb128compiz hates qt? ;-)15:10
didrocksseb128: no, it seems it's because the app show and hide and then show again15:11
didrocks(that's what I understood from the code)15:11
didrocksbut well, I prefer to be prudent with stacking fixes, we all know how this goes :)15:11
seb128indeed ;-)15:11
desrtseb128: hey15:18
desrtseb128: what's the compiler flag that causes the linker to establish direct references to symbols within a particular .so (as determined at link time)?15:18
desrtthought it was -Bdirect or something like that, but i can't find it15:18
desrtthat's only for intra-library symbols when building a shared lib15:20
desrti'm thinking about references between libraries or an app and a library15:20
seb128desrt, -Bsymbolic-functions ?15:21
rodrigo_hmm, when's the deadline for normal uploads?15:22
rodrigo_"normal" != SRUs15:22
desrtmaybe i should ask mmeeks15:22
desrti think he's the one that added it, for openoffice15:22
didrocksrodrigo_: pitti told that RC are fine until today IIRC, then, it's really "omg, I broke everything" I guess :)15:23
rodrigo_didrocks, ok15:23
rodrigo_I'll do a g-c-c upload now then15:23
didrocksyeah, the sooner, the better :)15:24
seb128rodrigo_, today15:24
seb128rodrigo_, can you include the recommends on mesa-utils,15:24
seb128rodrigo_, if you do one15:24
rodrigo_seb128, yes, it's in already15:24
seb128desrt, dunno then15:25
desrtseb128: thanks15:25
rodrigo_I was asking to see if I should wait for some more fixes, but yeah, I'll upload this one which has also a fix from jbicha15:25
desrtseb128: ah.  it *is* -Bdirect.  looks like it didn't make it upstream, though15:25
seb128jasoncwarner, Sweetshark, bryceh, chrisccoulson, didrocks, tremolux, Riddell, kenvandine, cyphermox, mterry, rodrigo_, seb128, tkamppeter, pedro_: meeting in 2 minutes15:28
* kenvandine waves15:29
seb128jasoncwarner, Sweetshark, bryceh, chrisccoulson, didrocks, tremolux, Riddell, kenvandine, cyphermox, mterry, rodrigo_, seb128, tkamppeter, pedro_: hey15:30
rodrigo_hi :)15:30
* pedro_ waves15:30
seb128pitti had to run so I'm leading today ;-)15:30
seb128I hope everybody is doing great15:30
seb128let's get started15:30
seb128kenvandine, hey, do you have anything for the partners update?15:31
kenvandinejust planning stuff now15:32
seb128is there any question for kenvandine?15:32
* Sweetshark just sneaked in some changes in the weekly summary.15:33
seb128dobey, how is the gsettings missing schemas for ubuntuone-client-gnome going?15:33
seb128Sweetshark, great ;-)15:33
rodrigo_seb128, I just saw a branch from him, so I guess it's fixed15:33
seb128rodrigo_, nice to read15:33
seb128that bug is annoying15:33
didrocks(a lot of french people on the forum finds oneiric not usable because of the nautilus crash in ubuntuone-client-gnome)15:33
didrocksso easy to please them :-)15:34
seb128pedro_ is playing dupdupdup on the nautilus bugs15:34
kenvandineglad it is getting fixed15:34
seb128thanks kenvandine ;-)15:34
didrocksseb128: well, he can justify his pay :-p15:34
seb128didrocks, hey, I see the unity summary is on the wiki, anything else to add?15:34
pedro_yeah , i've also wrote a pattern for those15:35
didrocksnot really, still on upload churns (justifying my pay as well :p), but hopefully it's over now with latest unity in unapproved (hint hint for any release team member). Then, can finally start planning :)15:35
pedro_but sadly not all the bugs there were submitted with apport :-/15:35
seb128pedro_, yeah, seems apport doesn't trigger sometimes15:35
seb128didrocks, \o/15:35
didrocksseb128: I'll \o/ once I'm sure it's finished :-)15:36
kenvandinedidrocks, do you know if there is a plan to fix the window controls when the dash is showing?15:36
seb128didrocks, btw do you know if dx is working on a 0 day sru?15:36
didrockskenvandine: hum? which bugs exactly?15:36
seb128kenvandine, define fix? the look you mean?15:36
didrockskenvandine: the window controls when the dash is showing is on purpose15:36
didrockskenvandine: clicking on close/maximize/restore acts on the dash15:36
kenvandineyeah, but they aren't the ones you get for windows15:36
seb128kenvandine, DBO said they look exactly how design designed those15:36
seb128kenvandine, i.e design issue and not a bug15:37
didrockskenvandine: design decision, for not mixing with a potential maximized window underneath15:37
kenvandineand they look terrible, i think DBO said they are that way because design hasn't given them something final15:37
kenvandinelooks horrible... but oh well15:37
didrocksbut it won't be changed now15:37
seb128kenvandine, well they still didn't it seems then...15:37
seb128kenvandine, but I agree with the sentiment, it doesn't look good15:37
seb128didrocks, do you have any date estimation for the first SRU otherwise?15:38
seb128didrocks, next week?15:38
didrocksseb128: re SRU0 > I setup a list for that, some part of dx is in meetings for the week, trying to get some traction so that they start fixing for SRU15:38
didrocksseb128: hoping to get something for the release day then, which can go to -proposed15:38
seb128ok, great15:38
seb128thanks didrocks15:38
seb128is there any other questions for didrocks?15:38
didrocksat least, we have quite some compiz fix that I really want as SRU, not emergency push as dangerous :)15:38
seb128didrocks, you can probably already upload to proposed ;-)15:39
seb128those will sit there for a bit though15:39
didrocksseb128: well, seeing the number of commits already going, I prefer to batch them :)15:39
seb128didrocks, or maybe use the ppa for pre-sru testing, but not now, let's focus on testing oneiric first :p15:39
DBOkenvandine, no15:40
didrocksthat's my gut feeling :)15:40
DBOI said they are entirely accurate renderings of the design resources provided15:40
kenvandineDBO, ok... :)15:41
seb128thanks didrocks15:41
didrocksyw seb12815:41
seb128tremolux, hey15:41
seb128tremolux, I see the s-c update on the wiki as well ;-)15:41
tremoluxheyyy seb12815:41
DBOkenvandine, basically I am telling you to go ask your mother15:41
seb128congrats on 5.015:41
seb128didrocks, congrats on getting oneconf in Oneric as well ;-)15:42
tremoluxseb128: thanks! I don't know why, but it's very exciting when we bump the version for release15:42
tremoluxyeah didrocks!15:42
didrocks(for this one, I can do it ;))15:42
seb128tremolux, how do you feel about the current version?15:42
didrocksthanks to tremolux and mvo for their support :-)15:42
seb128on track for Oneiric?15:42
didrocks(and all awesome s-c team!)15:42
tremoluxdidrocks: thanks didrocks!15:42
tremoluxseb128: yes, I like it a lot, I hope everybody does15:42
tremoluxseb128: I think it's on track, yes15:43
seb128how is the bug state? do you expect other fixes still?15:43
tremoluxseb128: I don't see anything terrible, but we do have fixes15:43
tremoluxseb128: we have a 5.0.1 in the works in trunk15:43
seb128ok, fixes are always good, if they don't make it stable they will be in a SRU ;-)15:43
tremoluxseb128: sounds good :)15:44
seb128thanks tremolux15:44
seb128is there any s-c,oneconf question?15:44
tremoluxthx seb12815:44
ryeinteresting. kenvandine re: buttons - if you click "minimize" long enough it becomes white15:45
seb128seems not, let's move on15:45
seb128well I think there is not a lot to add, please keep fixing rc bugs and testing Oneiric15:46
seb128we are doing good but not great yet, still a few bugs to fix ;-)15:46
seb128then time for next cycle planning (feel free to join on the list I feel alone with my emails :p) and SRU15:46
seb128ok, any other topic,comment,...?15:47
seb128oh one from me15:47
seb128whoever whiped the etherpad, could you undo :p15:47
seb128i.e http://pad.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-desktop is empty :--15:47
seb128did anyone save a copy recently?15:48
rodrigo_oh :(15:48
seb128I've opened a rt and asked IS if we can get it back or the "time slider" feature activated15:48
didrocksI didn't save a local copy, is has no regular snapshot?15:48
seb128but I'm not sure we will be able to get it back15:48
bcurtiswxgoogle cache?15:48
seb128doesn't seem to be in google15:49
seb128ok, no comment, that's a wrap then15:49
seb128thanks everybody15:49
didrocksthanks everyone15:50
tremoluxthanks all!15:51
micahgseb128: any firefox/thunderbird things need to be looked at?15:51
didrocksseems we can undo http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/oneiric-desktop as well :/15:52
ryeseb128, http://pad.ubuntu.com/ep/pad/view/ubuntu-desktop/latest15:53
seb128rye, \o/15:53
didrocksgreat ;)15:53
seb128thanks, how did you find the url?15:53
ryeseb128, analyzed http://sync.in15:54
didrocksmvo: your version for update-notifier + indicator is in oneiric, isn't it?15:59
didrockshum, no, it's not15:59
mvodidrocks: its nt, but I think its good, I'm using it on two machine for ~4 days or so now16:02
mvodidrocks: alternatively we can upload it to -prposed right away16:02
didrocksmvo: yeah, looks good. Anyway, the tracking part is done (the update-notifier is showing in unity, indicator or not) and there is no more icon bug16:03
didrocksSRU sounds good if needed :)16:03
seb128sport, bbl16:05
rodrigo_seb128, have fun :)16:08
mvodidrocks: so unity is also fixed?16:24
dobeyseb128: hey, was at lunch. my schemas fix is landed in trunk, so i just need to do a backport to the stable-2-0 branch and brown bag it16:28
didrocksmvo: the big icon? yeah, since last release16:30
dobeyseb128: there aren't any other crazy urgent things we need to fix in ubuntuone-client-gnome are there? :)16:30
dobeygah i wish people would stop speculating and saying "i get this too" on bugs. so annoying16:34
achiangdoes anyone know if the email part of evolution can be run as a daemon? the only point really, would be to monitor the remote imap server and display notifications?16:40
achianghm, found this: http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/18802/16:40
dobeyachiang: you can open the window off-screen16:44
achiangdobey: but the idea is that i don't want the overhead of evo running at all times16:45
achiangjust some lightweight polling thingy16:45
dobeyachiang: alternatively, you could use one of the millions of other tiny scripts which simply polls an imap server and notifies you16:45
dobeyachiang: you won't get it with evolution or thunderbird.16:46
achiangdobey: yeah... anything that hooks into indicator-messages already?16:46
davidcalleachiang, https://launchpad.net/unity-mail16:46
achiangthanks davidcalle16:46
dobeythat and i guess gmail-notifier16:46
dobeyand it wouldn't be hard to convert some of the gnomeish ones to use indicator16:47
achiangnod, ok16:47
achianglots of solutions, it seems16:48
achiangjust not necessarily with evo16:48
dobeybecause mail is not a part of evolution-data-server16:49
dobeyso it's not easy to do16:49
dobeyand evolution itself already has indicator support16:49
* didrocks waves good evening16:50
achiangdobey: thanks17:02
seb128dobey, no other urgent fixes that I know about no ;-)17:17
chrisccoulsonhey seb128, having fun? ;)17:18
dobeyseb128: i'm sure something will come up while i'm asleep tonight ;)17:18
seb128chrisccoulson, hey17:18
seb128chrisccoulson, "sort of" ;-)17:19
seb128chrisccoulson, how are your holidays?17:19
seb128chrisccoulson, you make me think I forgot to reply to micahg who asked if there was anything that needed to be done for firefox or tb17:19
seb128micahg, hey, sorry I started looking at my email and bugs to reply and got pinged and forgot while I was doing ... thanks for asking but not that I know17:20
micahgchrisccoulson: I thought you weren't going to have internet :)17:20
micahgseb128: ok, I'll do a bugs sweep later as well17:20
micahgseb128: re: glew1.5, I guess the transition isn't happening this cycle17:21
seb128micahg, right, dx dropped the ball on that...17:22
micahgok, I don't feel so bad about not transitioning the universe packages then :)17:22
micahgI assume you want that to happen for P though?17:23
seb128if possible yes17:28
* Sweetshark is off for the night17:29
micahgseb128: is it worth me setting up to transition for it in the tracker? (not hard)17:31
seb128micahg, next cycle sure, I'm not sure if setting it now would be confusing though?17:33
seb128i.e are people still looking at it for oneiric?17:33
micahgyeah, I'll hold off until after release17:33
dobeyseb128: https://code.launchpad.net/~dobey/ubuntu/oneiric/ubuntuone-client-gnome/missing-schemas/+merge/7813217:58
kenvandinedobey, seb128, i can sponsor that18:00
dobeykenvandine: just get it in so people will stop saying "omg! like, me too!" on bugs18:01
kenvandinedobey, will do :)18:02
dobeyi hope it works anyway. rye said it does. i don't trust gsettings18:03
ryedobey, where can i see the package branch for it that installs the files too?18:04
ryeschema files18:04
dobeyrye: the link i just pasted18:04
dobeyrye: if you mean nightlies, you'll have to wait :)18:05
seb128dobey, kenvandine, thanks18:06
ryedobey, no, dh_install: ubuntuone-client-gnome missing files (debian/*/user/share/glib-*/schemas/*), aborting18:08
ryedobey, /user/18:08
dobeygod i am an idiot18:08
* kenvandine waits for dobey to resubmit18:08
dobeykenvandine: fix is pushed18:09
kenvandinedobey, uploaded18:28
dobeykenvandine: thanks18:29
kenvandinevuntz, thanks for the patch!18:37
kenvandinevuntz, and the bug about the NEWS file makes me cry a little bit... I always give tedg grief about not updating his NEWS files... then I go and do the same thing!18:38
kenvandinevuntz, sorry about that, I will be sure to do that :)18:38
dobeyseb128: btw, what happened with my patch to glib2.0?18:44
seb128dobey, didn't get sponsored yet18:44
seb128I got busy on other things18:44
seb128it's still on my list ;-)18:44
dobeyseb128: did you dig further into the cache issue?18:45
seb128dobey, no, that's why I didn't upload yet18:45
kenvandineseb128, vuntz filed a bug about gwibber not updating the NEWS file18:45
kenvandinebad me!18:45
dobeyseb128: ah ok18:45
seb128kenvandine, shame on you ;-)18:45
kenvandinei know!18:45
dobeykenvandine: you have a NEWS file?18:45
kenvandinei think i owe tedg a beer for that18:45
dobeyNEWS files are so 199418:46
kenvandinedobey, they are very important though18:46
kenvandinefor packagers18:46
kenvandinedobey, you sound like tedg18:47
dobeyNEWS files are boring tedium18:48
seb128I need to stop spamming ubuntu-desktop with topics :p18:49
dobeyi need a beer18:49
seb128NEWS are awesome ;-)18:50
seb128especially in feature freeze times18:50
seb128it's no fun to try to get a ffe acked for a package which has no NEWS or ChangeLog ;-)18:50
dobeystable branches are awesome18:50
seb128well, some upstream has no vcs, no ChangeLog, no NEWS18:50
dobeybzr log -1..last-release-tag18:51
kenvandineassuming you have sane commit messages18:51
kenvandinenot like what i see regularly...18:51
seb128well, it means the package has to check out the vcs and look though the logs18:51
kenvandine"fixed a bug, it was stupid"18:51
dobeywell, not everyone can be as awesome as Us. We understand this.18:52
kenvandine"this is a shitty workaround, we'll fix it someday"18:52
kenvandinenot going to name names though :)18:52
dobeyis that what gwibber commit messages are like?18:52
kenvandineno :)18:52
kenvandinei always reference bugs and try to describe the change18:52
kenvandinebecause I know the pain of trying to deal with that on the other side :-p18:53
dobeybug numbers don't belong in commit messages; they belong in revision properties18:53
dobeyduplication is waste18:53
kenvandinemuch easier to copy and paste from :)18:53
dobeytools should be improved :)18:53
kenvandinei uploaded another gwibber, hope the rt lets it through :)18:55
kenvandinegood patches from vuntz and ssweeny18:55
GunnarHjseb128: I spotted the User Accounts UI issue we talked about earlier today. Want to sponsor it? (It's a one line change.)19:01
seb128GunnarHj, hey19:53
GunnarHjseb128: Hello, so you are back on duty. ;-)19:55
seb128GunnarHj, not really "on duty", just around ;-)19:56
seb128GunnarHj, I will get it uploaded tomorrow19:56
seb128we need to sort other few details though19:56
seb128the upload rodrigo_ did today got rejected because the new recommends added is in universe (which we didn't realise, glxinfo used to be built from another source)19:57
seb128so we need to sort the trunk and reupload, we will include your fix with it19:57
seb128GunnarHj, thanks for working on it!19:57
rodrigo_seb128, hmm, I thought you said it was in universe indeed19:57
rodrigo_seb128, but yeah, I'll remove that, although what do we do then for fixing the bug?19:58
GunnarHjseb128: To me it looked like rodrigo_'s upload made it to the archive, but... Anyway, then I know that the UI fix will be taken care of. Thanks.19:59
seb128rodrigo_, can you review the merge request from GunnarHj (tomorrow works as well)19:59
seb128rodrigo_, well I though that the source was in main so that the binary needed promotions20:00
kenvandinehey infinity20:00
rodrigo_seb128, GunnarHj: ok20:00
seb128but seems like they created a new -utils source20:00
seb128so we will need to mir it20:00
seb128or to declare that it's a split from a source in main and promote it without a mir :o20:00
seb128will check with pitti tomorrow20:00
infinityseb128: -demos, not -utils, but yes.  They split out all the non-library code, basically.20:04
infinityseb128: And no one's been keeping that package up to date either.20:04
seb128it seems like we should just deal having no graphic infos in the info panel for Oneiric20:04
seb128that's not the end of the world20:04
rodrigo_yeah, not much of a problem I guess20:04
seb128or fix the code in a sru to get its infos from Xorg.0.log rather than glxinfo20:05
rodrigo_yeah, also20:05
=== m_conley is now known as m_conley_away
RAOFBah.  Should have more carefully avoided the (harmless) segfault in bug #862161.22:01
ubot2Launchpad bug 862161 in gnome-desktop3 "check_gl_texture_size crashed with SIGSEGV in __libc_start_main()" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86216122:01
RAOFDesktop team meeting?22:06
brycehjasoncwarner mentioned he might be gone and asked me to chair22:07
brycehonly topic he mentioned was to ask about any critical bugs still extant22:08
jbichanewunity WORKSFORME so far :)22:08
brycehTheMuso, RAOF, robert_ancell any criticals on your plates (or that should be on someone's plate)?22:09
robert_ancellbryceh, no22:09
TheMusoNot for me.22:09
RAOFNot for me.22:09
brycehawesome, me neither22:10
RAOFOr, at least, not that I know of ?22:10
TheMusoheh same.22:10
brycehtesting time :-)22:10
brycehok, let's just do a quick round the room status and call it good22:11
brycehrobert_ancell, you first22:11
robert_ancellfixed a few lightdm bugs yesterday.  it seems to be running well.  There's a few reports of strange behaviour that I can't reproduce, so I expect there will be an SRU at some point to fix these22:12
brycehTheMuso, you're up next22:13
TheMusoOk, got pulse 1.0 in last thursday, but a bug that seems to affect skype has been found since, due to skype not checking lib versions properly. A patch is forthcoming from upstream, and will likely be an SRU.22:14
TheMusoA11y wise, no real change from last week, things haven't broken with the unity uploads etc.22:14
brycehok RAOF , hit it22:14
RAOFNot a huge amount on the X front; I'll probably SRU in a null-check for bug 862161.  Tomboy should now shut down correctly for everyone, too :).22:15
ubot2Launchpad bug 862161 in gnome-desktop3 "check_gl_texture_size crashed with SIGSEGV in __libc_start_main()" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86216122:15
brycehok, and me:  I did some vino testing this morning after seb128's email (worked for me; likely fglrx breakage.  Poked at multimonitor bugs last week, and piloted bash_completion patches yesterday.  Going to try to get some toolsmithing and xdiagnose work (incl. failsafe-x) done this week.22:15
RAOFOh, yeah.  I should get apitrace done this week, so P can have much more useful 3D bugs.22:16
brycehRAOF, cool, is that going to get integrated into the apport hook, or just as a debugging tool?22:17
TheMusoI was hoping Jason would be around to bug him about P cycle sprint dates...22:17
brycehTheMuso, it looked like the sprint week was indicated in the P cycle schedule22:17
TheMusobryceh: ah ok22:17
RAOFbryceh: It can't usefully be apport hooked; it needs to be shimmed under the app on startup.22:17
brycehRAOF, on X startup or app startup?22:18
RAOFApp startup.22:18
RAOFIt *could* be integrated into xdiagnose, with a "run this app under tracing".22:18
jibelrobert_ancell, I've finally been able to reproduce bug 851345 and attached lightdm logs, let me know if you need more info.22:19
brycehTheMuso, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PReleaseSchedule indicates Jan 12th-ish22:19
ubot2Launchpad bug 851345 in lightdm "compiz crashes on i915 graphic module with GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap is missing" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85134522:19
brycehRAOF, that would be slick22:19
robert_ancelljibel, great, thanks!22:20
TheMusobryceh: thanks just saw that myself.22:20
brycehalright, more AOB?  Or EOM?22:20
brycehTheMuso, I heard we'll be in Budapest but don't think anything's been announced firmly22:21
TheMusoI thought it would be somewhere in the US...22:22
brycehok, EOM, thanks all.22:24
RAOFjibel, robert_ancell: I saw slangasek and SpamapS talking about something similar in #ubuntu-devel yesterday, but it's gone beyond my scrollback horizon.22:24
brycehTheMuso, yeah I have heard a few rumors but the Budapest info seems pretty solid.  I've heard hints of maybe west US for the following UDS22:24
TheMusoAh ok.22:25
TheMusoSo it looks like we are moving away from the EU, US pattern.22:25
slangasekRAOF: something similar to what?22:27
RAOFslangasek: Something to do with lightdm and upstart killing it.22:27
brycehslangasek, compiz crash with GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap is missing22:27
slangasekyes to RAOF, no to bryceh :)  the bug we were discussing had nothing to do with compiz22:28
slangasekit was a bustificated /etc/X11/default-display-manager; something wrote the name "lightdm" to it instead of the expected full path22:28
slangasekdo I remember correctly that pitti commented on this on channel earlier?22:29
slangasekbug #86417422:29
ubot2Launchpad bug 864174 in lightdm "boot hangs waiting for lightdm after purging gdm (wrong default-display-manager)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86417422:29
slangasekI am uncertain why it was necessary for lightdm to unilaterally diverge from the historic default-dm handling common to all other DMs22:31
RAOFAh, ok.  That's not the droid I'm looking for.22:31
slangasekbut yeah, bugs ensue :-P22:31
brycehRAOF, 851345 looks like just a gl lib config problem22:33
brycehversion.ia32-libs: ia32-libs 20090808ubuntu2122:34
RAOFNo, I don't think it is - note the glxinfo output, with i965_dri loading then failing due to no permissions on /dev/dri.  Also, consolekit doesn't think the session is active.22:34
brycehyeah libGL error: failed to open drm device: Permission denied22:37
brycehbut note it's trying to load the drivers from i386 - libGL: OpenDriver: trying /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/dri/tls/swrast_dri.so22:39
brycehRAOF, are those still coming from ia32-libs?22:39
RAOFI don't believe so, no.22:39
RAOFI would presume jibel is running i386 rather than amd64.22:40
brycehthis looks interesting too:22:40
bryceh vboxhost, 4.1.2, 3.0.0-11-generic, x86_64: installed (WARNING! Diff between built and installed module!) (WARNING! Diff between built and installed module!)22:40
RAOFYeah, the OR has some madness.  I don't believe jibel's problem is due to that, though.22:41
brycehyeah looks like jibel is on i386 - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/86790422:42
ubot2Launchpad bug 867904 in compiz "compiz crashed with SIGSEGV in unity::dash::LensView::~LensView()" [Undecided,New]22:42
brycehyou think maybe he is having a different bug than 851345?22:42
jibelRAOF, this system is running i386, and no vbox module installed22:42
jibelit also happened on a fresh wubi installation on another system22:43
RAOFbryceh: No, I think that 851345 is not dependent on the madness visible in the OR.22:43
RAOFI wonder if a liveusb would exhibit that problem...22:44
broder...huh. i was going to attempt to prove a point that booting with casper is really slow. instead i find that it's only a 1/2 second faster than booting an installed system (booting over eSATA on the same drive)23:35
broderapparently my laptop burned a bunch of time running ureadahead, then proceeded to do a bunch more disk I/O anyway23:35
brodererr, s/faster/slower/23:36
RAOFHm, stale ureadahead data?23:37
broderbrand new install, 2nd boot after installing23:37
broderi'll try again and see if i can reproduce it23:37
RAOFLast time I checked, my ureadahead managed to catch the vast majority of boot-time disc IO.23:38
brodersomething...is definitely not working23:39
RAOFYeah, that's pretty terrible.23:40

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