thelinuxerkim0: something wrong with the room today ?!11:14
thelinuxerit's only u and me :D11:15
kim0thelinuxer: seems ok12:27
kim0maybe the boys are out partying already :)12:28
kim0hmm .. there might be a netsplit12:28
kim0anyway .. nothing we could do about it12:28
thelinuxerok ...i guess12:29
thelinuxersa7ee7 el derasa bada2et12:29
thelinuxerthey are all @college we keda12:29
kim0a ha12:30
kim0poor them :)12:30
kim0school sux like a new hoover12:30
thelinuxerheh heh yeah i have being a graduate12:30
thelinuxeryeah it does suck :D12:31
OsamaMongyhello guys ..13:35
thelinuxerhi OsamaMongy13:35
OsamaMongywhat about the meeting yasterday ?13:36
OsamaMongyI joined the ITI 9 months program so unfortunately so busy these and I couldn't attend the meeting but I'm still a member of the teem :)13:40

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