NRWliongood morning07:16
NRWlionhi there13:51
NRWlionpleia2: ping14:28
NRWlionakgraner are you there?16:14
akgranerabout to walk out the door ...have to return a rental car16:14
NRWlionsorry didnt know ^^ dont let me interrupt you ^^ cu later16:15
Cheeseheads-fox: Hello18:48
s-foxHello Cheesehead18:48
* Cheesehead scrolls back to see if discussion went anywhere after he left18:50
CheeseheadLet's see...blah...blah. Ah, yes: Best practices, lessons learned, share among Ubuntu communities. I think that's where we left off?18:51
s-foxIt did not.18:52
CheeseheadSo I suppose what we're looking for from the Forums Council is: What's your secret to success? and What do you discuss to improve?18:53
CheeseheadI know that's quite vague.18:53
CheeseheadWe don;t know enough to be specific yet.18:53
s-foxOur success? I think it the team of moderators that support the council.18:54
CheeseheadNRWlion: evening!18:55
NRWlionhey cheese how is / was your day ;)?18:55
CheeseheadNRWlion: Well, it's just past noon, so much is yet to come. So far, quite well.18:56
CheeseheadGlad you came in. Just talking to s-fox18:56
NRWlionCheesehead: sorry?18:56
s-foxWe are also not tolerant of users violating our rules, we are happy to remove any user who is disruptive.  The community should not suffer because of a single individual.18:56
Cheeseheads-fox: I do appreciate that when I cruise the forums.18:57
NRWlionhey s-fox my mentor ^^ just fill me in pls18:57
CheeseheadMy question to s-fox :So I suppose what we're looking for from the Forums Council is: What's your secret to success? and  What do you discuss to improve?18:57
s-foxI would like to see the relationship between canonical and the forum council improved.18:57
NRWlions-fox need some minutes of your time if possible18:58
NRWlionbut not important18:59
Cheeseheads-fox: How about skills or abilities or attitudes in moderators? Or non-moderator frequent participants? What does the council look for in a good moderator, and are there improvements you wish for?18:59
Cheesehead(Wow, *that* question confused me, and I wrote it)19:00
NRWlionCheesehead: ping me if needed ... i switch to background mode and "re-invent" myself here19:01
s-foxThe selection process is quite involved. I will explain...19:01
CheeseheadNRWlion: Certainly. Thanks for letting me know.19:01
Cheeseheads-fox: I have read the wiki pages on forims governance and getting involved (so you need not repeat)19:03
s-foxThe forum council request that the forum moderators nominate others for moderator status. The staff then discuss the pro's and con's of the user.  This is usually focussed on technical merit, but also the softer human aspects.  Previous interactions are quite important, posting style and of course a clean record on the forum.  After a week or so of discussion the forum council then decide which users to approach, based on recommendati19:05
s-foxfrom the existing moderators.  Sometimes we will focus on users located in a particular timezone more favourably than others.19:05
s-foxThe council vote on the recommendations, needing a majority for someone to be asked.19:05
s-foxThe council also occasionally request that the moderators nominate users who are active in certain areas of the forum.  For example the last set of moderators we added, we were particularly interested in users who frequent the community cafe.19:07
s-foxWe added 2 to monitor that section in particular.19:07
* NRWlion will be monitoring the leadership section of the forum ;)19:09
CheeseheadThanks, NRWlion19:09
s-foxDo you have additional question Cheesehead ?19:10
Cheeseheads-fox: Is there any recognition or action if a moderator loses interest and drifts away, or burns out, or otherwise significantly decreases particiaption?19:11
NRWlionCheesehead: how should a moderator recognize this? if not speicially trained?19:12
s-foxWe annually ask all the moderators and administrators to express if they still have an interest in continuing to serve the community19:12
Cheeseheads-fox: That's a neat solution. Any idea how it came to be?19:13
s-foxIt has always been so.19:13
CheeseheadYou mentioned communication with Canonical. Are you willing to elaborate in this forum?19:15
s-foxWe also encourage people to say when they are away for periods of time. For example I was away in Asia for quite a period and my internet access was intermittent at best.19:15
* Cheesehead apologises for stepping on s-fox's toes19:16
s-foxI do not understand your question Cheesehead19:16
CheeseheadYou mentioned that the relatonship between forums and C. can be improved. Can we discuss the problem for a moment?19:17
s-foxCanonical are aware of the problem, I am not at liberty to say more. I apologise.19:19
Cheeseheads-fox: I understand.19:19
s-foxDo you have additional questions Cheesehead ?19:21
CheeseheadA couple. Typing now. (Thank you for your time!)19:21
CheeseheadWhen new moderators or admins enter their role, is their any training (skills, systems, etc) you ask them to do? Or wish you had the resources to provide?19:22
s-foxWe have several resources at hand that we instruct them to go over and if needed ask further questions.19:23
CheeseheadWhat kind of support (if any) do older moderators offer to new moderators?19:24
s-foxThe new moderator is free to ask any question and the team respond in reasonable time.19:26
Cheeseheads-fox: Thanks for answering my questions. You have exhausted my list.19:26
s-foxNow I have a question for you Cheesehead19:27
s-foxWhy are you asking me these questions? To what purpose? Where are the answers going? What do you wish to learn?19:27
CheeseheadGreat question (stretching fingers for the reply)19:28
* NRWlion laughs ^^19:28
NRWlioni do know ;)19:28
CheeseheadThe forums seems to be a very successful community19:28
CheeseheadWhat lessons can we learn from it's success?19:28
CheeseheadWhat practices or lessons can we share with other UBuntu communities?19:28
NRWlionhey there!19:29
CheeseheadWhat expertise to Forums gurus have that they don't even know others want to learn?19:29
CheeseheadWe don't learn those answers unless we ask.19:29
Cheeseheads-fox: does that answer some of the question?19:29
s-foxAnd where is this information going?19:31
CheeseheadSpecific responses? Just into the IRC log.19:31
CheeseheadAggregate responses and lessons learned? Into the IRC training sessions, the leadership handbooks, UDS sessions, and perhaps a few other products.19:32
Cheeseheads-fox: Did I answer the question?19:33
* Cheesehead breathes a sigh of relief.19:34
* s-fox goes back to administrating over 1.4 million users.19:34
NRWlionthen i have one ;) what purposes does the forum section have?19:34
CheeseheadEarly in this process, that is yet to be seen.19:35
Cheeseheads-fox: THANK YOU for your time and help.19:35
s-foxYour group requested we create it, we went out of our way to do it. It is still unused.19:35
NRWlions-fox: i will take controll of the forumssection ;)19:36
Cheeseheads-fox: We are still developing the threads that will go into it. It will fill soon.19:36
s-foxOkay Cheesehead .19:36
CheeseheadIndeed, if time, I have about three threads to put in there today...19:37
NRWlionCheesehead: mail it to me ... i have some freetime19:38
CheeseheadNRWlion: Sure19:38
NRWlionadress comes with pm19:38
CheeseheadNRWlion: You asked a question about 20 minutes ago: how should a moderator recognize this? if not speicially trained?19:38
CheeseheadNRWlion: You asked a question about 20 minutes ago: how should a moderator recognize this? if not speicially trained?19:38
NRWlionCheesehead: ;) that was a question for s-fox19:39
CheeseheadFirst forum thread: Discussion about the skills list https://docs.google.com/document/d/13VOmTgEqCzIW8oITV2d5fIRD3xsiKRVMd39OUlpx6xQ/edit?hl=en_US19:40
NRWlionCheesehead: on it19:41
CheeseheadSince discussion has slowed on the document, that will generate another burst of discussion from others.19:41
CheeseheadI'm thinking copy-and-paste the text instead of linking to the document. That will prevent erroneous editing.19:42
CheeseheadNRWlion: Thank you!19:42
NRWlionsimply copy/paste?19:42
NRWlioncopy that19:42
NRWliondone in 2'19:42
CheeseheadSecond forum thread will be a request for trainers and participants in the IRC workshops. I'll write that one.19:44
NRWlionCheesehead: ;)19:45
NRWlionCheesehead: just an info: having some difficulties in formating the thread, but i am on it20:11
CheeseheadProblem copying from GoogleDocs?20:12
NRWlionCheesehead: nope problems with my internet connections20:14
pleia2NRWlion: pong (I was sleeping earlier :))20:18
s-foxHello pleia2 , did I congratulate you on your engagement?20:25
pleia2s-fox: probably :) but thanks again!20:25
NRWlionsorry pleia2 my connection is bad as hell20:39
NRWlionstill working on it ...20:40
NRWliondid you reply on my last message?20:40
pleia2NRWlion: didn't see anything from you20:43
NRWlionpleia2: i am preparing to run for Ubuntu Beginners Team Membership and looking for supporters ... as we worked several issues of the UWN (not much but some ;) ) i thought you could ad a word about me and my work for uwn?20:45
pleia2NRWlion: I don't really give testimonials these days because of my positions on boards and councils20:46
pleia2nothing personal20:46
NRWlionno offense taken ;) just asking ;)20:46
NRWlionhey there21:19
NRWlionam back after a hackers attack on my router :(21:19
NRWlionDarkwingDuck: ping!21:46
NRWlionDarkwingDuck: pls approve my application for the launchpad team21:47
DarkwingDuckNRWlion: Give me a moment :D22:00
DarkwingDuckNRWlion: added. :)22:00
NRWlionDarkwingDuck: ;)22:01
NRWlionnow i am trying to create a pgp key to sign the code (again) :(22:01

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