houtyli've forgotten my password. what can i do?06:23
nigelbhoutyl: password to what?06:26
nigelbah, go to freenode and ask06:29
nigelbthe staff can trigger forgot password email06:29
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houtylwhere can i chance the ubuntu language?06:55
nigelbYou should perhaps ask in #ubuntu, which is the main support channel.06:56
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dholbachgood morning08:04
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czajkowskimhall119: issue if I go to http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-ie I get our team if I go via http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-ie  I get a error page 11:08
YoBoY(same link ?)11:21
mhall119czajkowski: those are the same link11:23
czajkowskiyeah but don't work on chrome that way 11:28
czajkowskiI get error on chrome 11:28
czajkowskiit doesnt seem to like http11:28
YoBoYdon't understand, the issue is firefox vs chrome ?11:29
mhall119czajkowski: chrome or chromium?11:31
czajkowskichrome 11:33
nigelbIt doesn't like http://11:33
nigelbThat sounds like a browser bug :(11:34
nigelb(and a serious one too)11:34
mhall119 somehow doubt that kind of bug would make it through regression testing (which I hope Google does)11:37
mhall119czajkowski: can you take a screenshot of the whole chrome window with the error page?11:57
czajkowskisure 11:58
czajkowskimhall119: tis ok11:59
czajkowskiI see the error 11:59
czajkowskisomeone pasted the wrong link 11:59
mhall119we need a deliberate URL pattern cleanup12:11
mhall119it would make sense for that url to bring you to the ubuntu-ie events page12:11
czajkowskiit would 12:12
jedijfcouncil - a big philly *yo thanks* and a pttsburgh *thank yinz* from pennsylvania12:45
* paultag hugs jedijf 12:45
paultagjedijf: Go pens!12:45
paultagjedijf: you might want to accept the invite to -approved :)12:47
jedijfpaultag: where would the invite be? no haz12:49
paultagjedijf: humm, i can haz invite12:50
paultagjedijf: it should be on the locoteams-approved page12:50
paultagI think it'll say you have a pending invite or some such deal12:50
paultagjedijf: still missing it?12:52
jedijfi see we are on the list ...with china....i received no email....don't want to join as an individual12:52
paultagjedijf: see if you can add one of your teams12:53
paultagit's on the right12:53
paultaglaunchpad is silly12:53
jedijfpaultag: got it...all the way at bottom show invites12:55
paultagjedijf: whoops, you just tried to join :)12:55
paultagwrong button :)12:55
paultagjedijf: see if you can click the "add one of my teams" button on the left side of the overview tab of the ~locoteams-approved page12:56
paultagjedijf: and see if you can't select ubuntu-us-pa 12:56
jedijfpaultag: got it, convulted that the pa launchpad invite wouldn't work as well12:58
jedijfbut who cares \o/12:58
paultagjedijf: \o/ :)12:58
paultagjedijf: awesome, got it :)12:59
paultagjedijf: I'm going to move the dropout date a bit forward, because 2013 is a ways off12:59
paultagOK, at 2011-10-3012:59
paultagjedijf: you're approved again, but until you get the app in, this is a hard +0 :)12:59
jedijfpaultag: np, it will done this month....thanks again!13:00
paultagjedijf: dude, thank YOU!13:00
jedijfi will put us on the schedule as soon as the app is more complete13:01
paultagjedijf: I'm super stoked to hear it13:01
jedijfwe are too!! time to make pleia2 proud13:01
jedijfshe couldn't get married in an unapproved state13:01
jedijfit would just be bad karma13:02
paultagjedijf: if it's worth anything, the state I'm in now, and the state I grew up in now has an unapproved loco13:02
paultagit's super sadsies :)13:03
jedijfit's just odd, how, it seems proficiency and success breeds apathy. I kinda like the passion that Unity has brought back to equation!13:04
paultagjedijf: can't argue it's ignited some folks :)13:05
jedijfhave to get back to work, but this should make our release party rock even *harder*13:06
paultagjedijf: booze + foss nerds = rowdy good time13:06
tationswhere is the pastebin ability?15:09
ubot4For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.15:10
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mlalkazwini-0hi :) 17:28
mlalkazwini-0hello 17:30
h00kI think Wisconsin is going to apply to become an Approved LoCo soon20:35
ssaelihwhere can i upload pictures?22:34
ssaelihstr+alt+druck pictures22:40

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