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achiangwoo. ubuntu-mono default font in launchpad?02:15
ScottKachiang: --> #launchpad02:30
ScottKProbablay explains why the text is smaller though.02:30
achiangScottK: hm, i don't see anything in /topic there, nor do i really have any further comments... just making a drive-by remark02:31
achiangsorry for the noise02:31
ScottKThis is an odd place to expect to see information about a Launchpad font change in /topic.02:32
lifelessI think its about the ubuntu font more than lp :P02:32
achiangScottK: i guess that was an unclear antecedent... "there" referred to #launchpad (but now i'm just making even more noise)02:33
ScottKIt's not really an "Ubuntu" font.02:33
ScottKAlthough it's named that, I think it's intended for wider use.02:33
ScottK(I find the naming a bit odd given what I understand the goals to be, but I may just misunderstand.)02:33
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shayonji am building package from scratch, and while using the pbuilder for .dsc. i am continuously getting this - dpkg-buildpackage: error: debian/rules build gave error exit status 203:37
shayonjany help on this03:37
shayonjfor some reason debian/rules cant find /usr/share/cdbs/1/rules/debhelper.mk ... any help with this ?04:14
jbichashayonj: you probably don't have cdbs installed, you might want to just install packaging-dev while you're at it04:18
shayonjjbicha, i do have cbs installed on my machine04:20
jbichashayonj: is cdbs in your build-depends then?04:21
shayonjyou mean is it mentioned in the source ?04:21
shayonjcontrol file ?04:21
shayonjjbicha, no i did not include. But i did just now04:23
shayonjjbicha, and got a checksum error04:24
shayonji thought debuild does that or do i need to use debsign for that ?04:24
jbichawhy are you using cdbs for packaging?04:26
shayonjjbicha, i am just trying it, since i am not able to get the default /rules syntax to work. its saying  dpkg-buildpackage: error: debian/rules build gave error exit status 204:27
jbichaand have you looked at http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/04:27
shayonjwait a sec.. i was actually reading this one https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Basic.04:28
shayonjjbicha, will try it right now thanks04:30
shayonjjbicha, okay how do i know if the package uses cmake.. is it by knowing that it uses the makefile ?04:31
jbichashayonj: I've never dealt with cmake, packaging something from scratch is probably not a good way to start with packaging work04:33
shayonjjbicha, i see04:34
shayonjwell i did do a bit debuilds as in not from the scratch.. but yeah this is my 2nd or 3rd packaging attempt04:34
shayonjthe other was successful btw :)04:34
shayonjjbicha, cmake wont work in this case. just so you know :04:40
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dholbachgood morning08:04
sagacihi dholbach08:04
dholbachhi sagaci08:04
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achiangis it possible to get new packages from debian/sid into lucid's universe, possibly as SRU? or is a ppa the appropriate way to do this?12:52
geserachiang: only as a backport to lucid (what packages you provide in your PPA is up to you)12:57
achianggeser: i don't think i understand that statement. i was assuming i'd have to backport the package to lucid...12:58
achianggeser: the question was more around, is it still possible to get packages into lucid's archive? or do i maintain them in a PPA?12:59
geserachiang: only through lucid-backports or your PPA12:59
achianggeser: ah, ok.13:00
achianggeser: and how does one get packages into lucid-backports?13:00
achianggeser: oops, i should have googled that myself. thanks for the pointer13:01
Rhondaachiang: It is technicly possible, though new upstream versions are highly likely to get rejected.13:03
RhondaThe SRU policy is pretty strict13:03
achiangRhonda: this is a brand new package, just landed in sid yesterday (i've been working on again/off again on this in my spare time for a few months)13:04
Rhondaif it's a new package and wasn't in lucid yet, it's impossible :)13:04
achiangRhonda: ok, so lucid-backports is what i want then?13:04
RhondaI would guess so, yes13:04
achiangok, thanks all13:05
Laneyis the package in oneiric?13:05
achiang(the original goal was to get this package into ubuntu in the first place, but did it the "proper" way of filing and closing a debian ITP)13:06
Rhondaoh, wait, yes, if it's in sid yesterday, it won't be in oneiric.13:06
Rhondaand if it's not in oneiric, there is no place you can backport it from.13:06
achiangLaney: no, i assumed it was too late to get packages into oneiric's universe?13:06
achiangRhonda: right, i read the page geser pointed me at, and i'll have to wait to get it into ubuntu first, before doing a backport13:07
RhondaYou'll have to wait until P is there for lucid-backports, for now only PPA is possible.13:07
Laneythat's what i was getting at13:07
* Laney eyes mutt with suspicion13:07
RhondaLaney: for the P codename? :)13:07
Laneyno, I've given up on that ;-)13:08
* achiang really wants something platypus based. :)13:08
Laneyfor "please stop hanging"13:08
achiangplayful platypus13:08
RhondaLaney: Pestering Pawnys13:08
Rhondawait, no. Penetrating Pownies13:08
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Rhondahmm, sabdfl wasn't on irc in a while, was hi?14:36
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cdunlapI have a question about bug: 825807.  It seems that the changes that were made were rejected, if that is so, am I OK to work on this bug since it is unassigned?15:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 825807 in kubuntu-docs (Ubuntu) "typo located in development/C/development.xml:302(para)" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82580715:39
cdunlapI apologize if this isn't the place for this question, if it isn't, could you tell me the correct place to ask?15:49
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jtaylorif someone from the release team is monitoring this: please consider bug 576504 for oneiric (and natty)16:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 576504 in singularity (Ubuntu) "Menu pops up repeatedly during game (w/savegame)" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57650416:42
jtaylorcdunlap: given that there is no activity since a month I'd say go ahead and fix it properly16:43
cdunlapjtaylor:  Thank you and I will take a shot at it.16:44
Laneyjtaylor: yeah looks good, sponsoring16:47
Laneydid they comment out some german translations or what is that?16:47
jtayloryes unused translations16:48
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showard_hey motu-ers, I have an unseeded universe sync request. Bug #86773118:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 867731 in librecad (Ubuntu) "Sync librecad 1.0.0~rc1+nolibs-4 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Low,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86773118:14
showard_a depends was missing so help sometimes didn't show, we just added it. If anyone has time, we (the upstream devs) would appreciate it18:15
showard_thank you!18:15
micahgshoward_: sorry, not unseeded, part of edubuntu18:16
showard_ahh, yeah you're right! ok I know those guys, I'll contact them directly18:16
showard_(unless someone else here is edubuntu and can just do it)18:16
ScottKstgraber: ^^^18:20
stgrabershoward_: do you have a debdiff?18:24
showard_I'll throw it up on launchpad, but it's these two commits:18:27
showard_debdiff is at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/librecad/+bug/86773118:30
ubottuUbuntu bug 867731 in librecad (Ubuntu) "Sync librecad 1.0.0~rc1+nolibs-4 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Low,New]18:30
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stgrabershoward_: +119:11
stgraberScottK: ^19:12
ScottKstgraber: Go for it then.19:12
showard_thank you19:12
stgrabershoward_: it's now in the queue, will close the bug once it's accepted19:19
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jbichawould someone like to sync gramps from sid to fix bug 864095?20:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 864095 in gramps (Ubuntu) "list index out of range in gettext.install(TransUtils.LOCALEDOMAIN, localedir=None, unicode=1)" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86409520:37
Laneygot a diff?20:37
Laneyalso an analysis determining that it is fixes only20:38
jbichaLaney: the diff is huge, let me see if filtering the translations makes it better https://launchpadlibrarian.net/81958680/gramps_3.3.0-1_3.3.1-1.diff.gz20:50
Laneyyou could also scan the changelog20:51
Laneyor git log20:51
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LaneyI'll trust your assessment :-)20:51
jbichaLaney: ok I read the changelog, lots of changes but they all looked like bugfixes & translation updates to me21:02
Laneyplease make the bug a sync request and do the requisite testing and i will sponsor21:03
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Laneyjbicha: thanks a lot :-)21:37
shayonjhave a question about debian/copyright. this package has pretty good amount of files... do i need to mention each file's copyright information in debian/copyright ?22:54
RAOFYou need to have the aggregate information there, yes.22:55
shayonjokay :) and what if few files dont have the copyright info in them..22:56
RAOFSo, if you've got src/foo/* with a MIT licence and a range of copyright (like (C) 2000 author <me@mine>, (C) 2011 author <me@mine>, etc) then you can have a single src/foo/* section.22:58
RAOFThey generally should have copyright headers; if they don't, that's usually ok, and they'll inherit the global copyright.22:59
shayonjRAOF, cool. thanks :)22:59

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