FernandoMiguelchrome now has "Enable syncing sessions"Enable sessions in the sync options. This allows syncing your sessions to other clients.00:33
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artnaymicahg: hi. will you or chris be maintaining chromium translations from now on? fta said you would be the right person to discuss with.09:04
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micahgartnay: we'll sort that out later this month15:03
mdeslaurI keep getting firefox sync errors...is anyone else having this issue?18:44
micahgI had some earlier this morning18:52
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bdrungmicahg: who is working on flashplugin (64 bit)?22:37
micahgbdrung: well, it's part of the upgrade to 11, just not sure when it'll happen yet, so I had to be a little vague in teh bug22:39
micahgjust didn't want more people posting when? when? when?22:40
bdrungmicahg: why do we have the flashplayer in partner and the -installer in multiverse. wouldn't be one enough?22:41
micahgbdrung: heh, that's something else being discussed, problem is the installer uses flash, this might be discussed at UDS22:43
micahgerr..not uses, enables22:43
bdrungmicahg: so ubiquity installs flashplugin-installer (if selected)?22:44
bdrungmultiarch came to late ;)22:45
micahgwell, no, multiarch doesn't fix all the flash 32 bit on amd64 issues22:46
bdrungyes, but with an amd64 flashplayer i don't need multiarch22:46
micahgwell, you don't need it for flash :)22:47
bdrungyou need 32 bit libs. multiarch is better than one binary package with 32 bit libs that are not updated often enough.22:48

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