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lenI updated to Mythbuntu 11.10 and am having problems with with my mce remote.  When lirc is installed, the remote won't work at all because it seems to be conflicting with new native support in the 3.0 kernel.  If I uninstall lirc the remote "works" but the buttons aren't mapped correctly for myth.06:49
lenAre MCE remote users supposed to use lirc with 11.10 or not?06:49
qwebirc90327Hello together07:30
qwebirc90327My Name is Peter Hans07:30
qwebirc90327I'm from Germany07:30
qwebirc90327I have a start up company wich provides diverent Multiroom Systems07:32
qwebirc90327A Costumer Asked me about Mythtv and now i should install him Mythtv in his waiting room07:34
qwebirc90327The Costumer is a doctor07:34
qwebirc90327The whole thing is not private, its puplic07:37
qwebirc90327Because this situation i had some questions07:38
qwebirc903271. Is Mythbuntu und Mythtv under same Lizenz07:39
qwebirc903272. Dose the public Situation change anything about the Lizenz Question07:41
qwebirc903273. Have Mythtv/Mythbuntu a public  Lizenz  to play Videos (linDVD)?07:42
qwebirc903274 Can I get the acceptance to use the Mythtv/Mythbuntu logo07:44
qwebirc903275 How can i work together with the Mythtv/Mythbuntu Projekt - I'm willing to support finanzielly the Mythtv Projekt07:50
qwebirc90327Please forgive me my bad language07:52
qwebirc90327If you can help me please answer, if not let me know where I sould ask these Questions07:53
qwebirc90327Best wishes Peter Hans07:54
superm1qwebirc7257, mythbuntu is not the same thing as lizenz13:32
superm1i'm not aware of the public situation for that project13:32
superm1as for the logo, i believe that should be fine in your situation13:33
superm1i'm not sure the mythtv project accepts donations, you'll need to check directly with it13:34
Moscherkoboldhello everyone13:42
Moscherkoboldit seems that i have exactly this problem13:43
MoscherkoboldWhen I start to watch live TV, it shows the channel name, but the screen is black.13:43
Moscherkoboldmythbackend.log says13:43
Moscherkoboldany ideas?13:44
superm1Moscherkobold, it's been fixed in 0.24-fixes builds, what build are you running?13:44
Moscherkoboldone moment i try to check13:47
Moscherkoboldhmm how to find out?13:47
superm1mythfrontend --version13:49
superm1or "dpkg -l | grep mythtv-"13:49
MoscherkoboldMythTV Version   : v0.24-243-g9ba3ece13:50
MoscherkoboldMythTV Branch    : fixes/0.2413:50
MoscherkoboldNetwork Protocol : 6313:50
MoscherkoboldLibrary API      : 0.24.20101129-113:50
MoscherkoboldQT Version       : 4.7.213:50
superm1that's a fairly recent build13:51
superm1it's back from the end of 201013:51
Moscherkoboldshould i upgrade?13:51
superm1Yeah, can you enable auto-builds and upgrade13:51
Moscherkoboldhm how?13:51
superm1if the problem persists with autobuilds you can file a bug and we can dig deeper13:52
ZinnSorry I don't know about auto-builds13:52
ZinnAuto builds contain more recent bug fixes than the normal Ubuntu repository contains. See http://www.mythbuntu.org/auto-builds for more info.13:52
tgm4883superm1, looks like lizenz == license14:03
tgm4883and the mythtv project does not accept donations14:03
Moscherkoboldsuperm1: thanks analog tv is working now14:31
qwebirc90327Hello superm115:48
qwebirc90327thanks for your answers15:49

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