ojwbmy delivery arrived, but I'm not totally impressed with PBT01:25
ojwbthey managed to send the delivery guys out without a complete address, which seems sloppy for a delivery company01:25
ojwbboxes were damaged too, though the contents seem ok01:26
chiltshow much was missing from the address? they still got to you though?01:38
ojwbit was name and suburb01:39
ojwbbut they had a phone number too01:39
ojwbthe address is actually on at least one of the boxes, but not the delivery slip01:39
chiltsnew hardware?01:45
ojwbnope, been here a few decades01:49
ojwbnot us, the address01:49
ojwboh, I totally misread that01:49
chiltsI thought so01:49
ojwbnot the sort of hardware you're probably thinking of01:49
ojwbit's a greenhouse01:50
ojwbhopefully hot not cool01:50
chiltsin other news, my round zuchini started sprouting at the weekend :)01:50
ibeardsleethat's unfortunate01:51
chiltsthough only 2 out of 9 seeds have come up so far01:51
ibeardsleealthough to be honest zuchini is more edible than mung beans01:56
ojwb9 plants will probably bury you in zucchinis01:56
chiltsI did 9 on the presumption they all wouldn't come up, but only 2 is a bit sad (so far)01:58
snailchilts: probably speaks to the seed storage or germination conditions01:59
chiltsit's completely the germination conditions, it's quite a dry soil even though I tried my best to keep it wet02:03
ojwbprobably not so dry right now02:04
chiltsif I was at home rather than work, it would have helped02:04
chiltsunfortunately, it's under an eve, so doesn't get that much rain :)02:04
chiltsso I have to manually do it02:04
snailunless it's under an eave, that's considerably too much information for my sordid, sordid mind...02:36
chiltsheh, eave :)03:03
chiltsmy bad03:03
chiltsI never knew03:04
ojwbwood ewe a damn and eave it?03:04
chiltseye wud ent03:18
hads2 Zucchini plants is enough to bury us. I can't imagine 9.08:33
ajmitchso how's oneiric treating everyone?20:11
ibeardsleemostly goodly20:11
ibeardsleehave a test vm I sometimes get to play with20:12
mwhudsoni haven't upgraded yet20:12
mwhudsonprobably should though, the random hangs on sandy bridge are apparently fixed20:12
ibeardsleeand my PC at home has been upgraded ... although I don't really use it much any more20:12
ajmitchI should probably upgrade, unity on natty is annoying me more & more20:12
ibeardsleeRC is due out in a couple of days20:12
ibeardsleewill be reinstalling my laptop with that then20:13
ajmitchat this point it should only be the major bugs being fixed20:15
ibeardslee.. one would hope that the major ones have been dealt to and just tidying up the minor ones.20:47
ajmitchibeardslee: funny20:51
ajmitchyou'd think that, but since any upload could potentially cause a regression this close to release, only uploads that fix bad stuff are let through (for main)20:52
thumperajmitch: what problems?21:41
ajmitchthumper: sorry?21:43
thumperajmitch: which natty unity problems are annoying you?21:43
ajmitchgenerally the stuff that you've been fixing, like 4GB of RAM just never being enough21:44
ajmitchif I'm really lucky, my desktop at home might be usable again if I upgrade :)21:44
ajmitchit's a bit odd, it thrashes around like it's deep into swap, but top reports ~1.3GB of free memory21:45
ajmitchlike it's being pinned there but not showing in allocations21:45
* ajmitch hasn't logged out or rebooted for quite awhile on there21:47

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