FlannelLinux Apache MySQL PHP Python, or Perl, or Whatever.08:35
FlannelOh, looks like that probably is 'xampp' but for linux.08:35
Flannel(even though xampp works in linux)08:36
ikoniaI'm sure it will suck just as bad08:36
FlannelIt certainly wouldn't make sense, as we have all that packaged.08:36
ikoniait's actually quite a good package set too compared to other distros08:37
lunitikCan someone please tell me why I am STILL banned from #ubuntu ? It has been something like 7 years, and my sole motivation there is to assist users...09:06
lunitikIt is stupid, all I did was say to the creator of the bot that there was another method to do something and he has added me as a permanent ban to the bot... egotistical.09:07
lunitikNot even just egotistical, down right abuse of "power".09:08
ikonialunitik: sorry, only just seen you join, be with you in 2 minutes.09:12
ikonialunitik: be with you ASAP, are you still there/active ?09:15
lunitikikonia: yes, I am09:15
ikonialunitik: won't keep you long09:15
ikonialunitik: just so I know, you're aware of the rules of the ubuntu channel ?09:16
ikoniaeg: friendly/helpful/no bad language/no offtopic etc etc09:16
lunitikikonia: yes, if there are any I have broken to become banned, you can feel free to show me them... I have done nothing but apparently harm Seveas' ego...09:17
ikoniaeasy there, I'm trying to solve this09:17
ikoniaif you would be kind enough to scan this URL https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines and just confirm your comfortable with the channels guidelines we can move this forward09:18
lunitikikonia: yes, they are fine... I only want to assist as there is little else I can offer for thanks to the Ubuntu project other than my knowledge from the last 12 years of Debian/Ubuntu09:19
ikoniaok, so if you're comfortable with those rules, I'm happy to remove the ban09:19
lunitikikonia: thank you!  :)09:20
ikonialunitik: would you like to try to join now ?09:20
lunitikikonia: still banned... it is hard-coded into the bot...09:20
elkylunitik, it's going to take a bit more to get that ban gone, sorry09:20
elkylunitik, chanserv isn't a bot09:20
ikoniasorry, my mistake09:20
elkylunitik, it's freenode services09:20
lunitikelky: I thought it was done through ubotu... someone had said I was the only user banned through the bot itself09:21
lunitikAlso, what is Gun_Bunny? This doesn't seem like an official bot, but it keeps messaging me "be nice" when I am banned09:22
elkylunitik, er... first i've heard of that one09:22
* elky fires up a clone09:22
lunitikikonia: so are you still trying to get the ban lifted, or is not possible for you to do atm?09:24
elkylunitik, we're checking with staff09:25
ikoniaelky: is on it09:26
LjLooh seveas will be happy. *makes a note to tell him*09:27
lunitikLjL: I doubt he even remembers why he banned me... everyone insisted I go to a Community Council meeting to get it removed a long time ago but it was always very inconvenient times09:28
LjLwell, i guess the past is the past at this point09:29
lunitikI had like 5+ ops /msg'ing me saying it is wrong what he did, yet it stuck09:29
lunitikA couple I think even left Ubuntu outright in part because of it - Apokryphus for instance went to openSUSE after09:30
elky-ChanServ- Flags -b were set on lunitik!*@* in #ubuntu.09:30
elkytry now09:30
lunitikelky: same09:31
LjLdid you remove the actual ban?09:31
elkyLjL, i did what the staff said to do09:31
elkymquin, please refer ^09:31
LjLelky: removing the akick just means chanserv won't autoban anymore, but there is still the ban in the banlist09:32
elkythird time lucky?09:32
elky(aka try again)09:32
mquinDid you get both the akick entries? lunitik!*@* and *!*lunitik@*09:33
elkymquin, didn't know there was two09:33
elkyand again lunitik09:34
elkymquin, thanks :)09:34
lunitikelky: mquin: thank you both, and sorry to bother you at this hour  :)09:34
mquinnot a problem09:35
elkyi'm pretty sure the reason why we never use them is because we can never remember how to undo them09:35
lunitikhaha... I am going to leave here though as it is for official business last I checked, gonna restart XChat too so everyone have a great night!09:36
ikoniawhat's that gun_bunny think all about09:37
elkyikonia, i dunno, it didn't trigger for  me09:37
ikoniathe IRC name doesn't suggest nice things09:37
ikoniarcname  : Frank_SPAMA09:37
elkyit's probably only triggering on chanserv bans09:38
popeyban me from ubuntu as a test :D09:42
popeywonder if it invites to #club09:42
elkypopey, i'll use my test clone again09:47
ikoniapopey: you need to be in ubuntu for that to work09:48
ikoniaHmmm you are there but I can't ban you09:48
ikoniado you have some sort of shield up ? :)09:49
ikoniaanything ?09:49
elkyikonia, i already tried an op ban, it didn't do anything09:50
ikonia(I just wanted to ban popey)09:50
popey10:49:30 <Gun_Bunny> Hey be nice!09:50
popeythats all I got09:50
ikoniaok, well, that bot can go then09:51
jussiikonia: dont we all?  :P09:51
elkyi didn't get that...09:51
ikoniaelky: you're on ignore, the club folk don't want to invite you09:51
jussipopey: try messaging it back saying something...09:51
ikonia(kidding club log readers)09:51
popeydid, got nothing09:51
ikoniacan I ban popey again for another test:)09:53
* elky points to -uk :P09:53
ikoniainteresting as soon as it got banned it disconnected from freenode09:54
ikoniabut when it was just kicked it didn't quit09:54
elkyprobably overflowed itself trying to rejoin09:54
* elky points ikonia at theadmin in #U10:03
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bazhangGun_Bunny, hi11:01
ikoniabazhang: it was a bot earlier, I forwarded it here in the hope to try to get it's owner to respond11:04
bazhangikonia, ok thanks11:05
ikoniaif it doesn't respond I'll ban it from #ubuntu and just remove it from here11:06
ikoniaI'm assuming someone has manually restarted that bot due to how long it was absent after it was kicked/forwarded here11:06
bazhanggamilakall appears to have multiple sock puppets11:40
bazhang<gr33n7007h> ubuntu ninja in the house11:52
bazhangninjas should know how to use ettercap11:53
=== jtrucks_ is now known as jtrucks
ikoniano, just a forward13:29
ikoniawe can remove the ban but I didn't want to discuss this with you again in ubuntu13:29
ikonia(as in channel #ubuntu)13:30
Gentoo64"there might be a ppa for it"13:30
Gentoo64is all i said13:30
ikoniawe've discussed the support you give in ubuntu a few times now, and you don't seem to be taking on board the requests I'm making to think about the advice you're giving to them in terms of what actually meets their needs with minimal hassle and supportability13:30
Gentoo64i recommended a music player13:31
Gentoo64if its not in the repos, then there could be a ppa13:31
Gentoo64and you are so adament that ppas screw your system up13:31
ikoniayou recommended a music player that you don't know is even in the repos (I don't believe it is) then suggested there may be a PPA - which even if there is, may actually totally wreck their system13:31
Gentoo64^ yea13:31
Gentoo64like that13:32
ikoniabecause the majority do due to immature mainteinership13:32
Gentoo64be serious though13:32
ikoniausing common sense and at least tyring to find an application within the supported ubuntu repos would be the best option for this type of user13:32
Gentoo64whats the likeliness of installing deadbeef wrecking your system13:32
Gentoo64i wouldnt recommend a ppa for something serious13:32
ikoniaGentoo64: you don't know, that's the issue13:32
ikoniaGentoo64: what libraries does it use ? what does that PPA contain in terms of conflicts ?13:32
ikoniayou don't know,13:32
ikoniathat's the issue13:32
Gentoo64same with anything13:33
ikoniathat user could have zero issues, or it could wreck their machine13:33
ikoniano, it's not13:33
Gentoo64what does the nvidia binary driver contain?13:33
ikoniathe package in the ubuntu repos are tried and tested13:33
ikoniaGentoo64: it's a binary intall that's hooked into the kernel and packaged inthe ubuntu repos as tested13:33
Gentoo64im just saying, antyhing can break13:33
ikoniathat's why we don't support the versions from nvidia.com13:33
ikoniaexactly the same as the PPA's13:33
ikoniayou're randomly increasing the chances of failure, and your increasing the risk for no reason13:34
Gentoo64man ubuntu isnt perfect. what about all thos people who cant boot without black screen. on fresh installs. ppas are there because ubuntu dont have the software13:34
ikoniayou're supposed to act in the best interest of the user and their problem resolution, in in some cases protect themselves from their lack of knowledge, you are currently doing the opposite13:34
Gentoo64no im not13:34
Gentoo64why do you have to argue?13:35
ikoniaGentoo64: ubuntu is not perfect, but the software in the repos will do no harm, and has a support proces13:35
ikoniayour slapdash approach to advice is putting users at risk for no reason.13:35
Gentoo64your too paranoid13:35
ikoniaGentoo64: I'm sorry, that's not the case.13:35
ikoniaI have no issues with you suggesting a PPA if you fully understand it and make users aware of the risks13:36
ikoniaI have issues with you randomly suggesting things that you have no idea even exist, let alone how they work13:36
Gentoo64youre being an idiot tbh13:36
ikonianame calling won't help this13:37
LjLGentoo64: avoid the personal insulting or you will get removed, thanks13:37
ikoniathe facts are you're advice is not helping and putting users at risk for no reason13:37
Gentoo64no one can help you ops13:37
Gentoo64if someone dont know what a ppa is, theyl ask13:37
Gentoo64and get the !ppa thing13:37
ikoniathen I guess this conversation is done.13:37
ikoniaI'll leave it there.13:37
ikoniaand that shows how little you understand what you're actually saying.13:37
ikoniaI now feel fully confident with my decision.13:38
Gentoo64so another ban then13:38
Gentoo64just saying, dont be such a girl13:39
* LjL rolls eyes13:39
ikoniaI'm done here13:40
ikoniaGentoo64: please take a bit of time to think about what I've said, maybe do a little research into PPA's and what they contain and the risks that presents, and rejoin this channel and we can pick up this conversation then13:41
Gentoo64ikonia, i know some ppas are by complete randomers13:42
Gentoo64the deadbeef one is fine ive used it13:43
ikonianow you're telling lies13:43
ikoniaas you didn't even know if there was a PPA for it a minute ago13:43
Gentoo64i couldnt remember the name of it13:43
Gentoo64and im not lying, i use it on my family comp13:43
Gentoo64but i think you're overreacting13:44
ikoniaGentoo64: look, go and take some time to think about this and the risks you're offering users, not just "you" but generic users who just want to use a computer on a day to day basis13:44
ikoniacome back then and we can talk and look at removing the forward to allow you back into #ubuntu13:44
Gentoo64why would you want to do that? :p13:44
ikoniaok, you win, I don't13:44
ikoniaplease leave the channel.13:44
Gentoo64ill just be back here for saying something else13:44
Gentoo64like hello13:44
ikoniathen lets not bother.13:45
ikoniaI'll change it to a flat ban and you can use other channels.13:45
* Gentoo64 cries13:45
ikoniaGentoo64: please leave the channel now13:48
ikoniajoin ##linux15:29
Picino thanks15:29
rwwjust gonna get yourself banned from it again anyway15:30
GirlyGirlSomeone called Bastar was sending me the danger command by pm17:04
GirlyGirlAnyone here?17:04
oCeanI removed him from the channel17:04
GirlyGirlOk thanks17:04
oCeanthere's nothing we can do about pm's17:04
ikoniaGTRsdk: what's todays issue ?17:19
GTRsdkikonia: I have no issues today17:20
ikoniathen why are you in #ubuntu-ops - what can we do for you17:20
GTRsdkI didn't think it would be bad to come to #ubuntu-ops just in case there was a question I could answer when no one would be paying attention17:21
ikoniasorry, I don't follow17:22
CoreyGTRsdk: This isn't a support channel, and idling isn't allowed here.17:22
CoreyGTRsdk: See /topic17:22
IdleOneGTRsdk: This channel is for ops only and people who need help from the ops17:22
GTRsdkIdleOne: okay so #freenode would be a better place?17:23
IdleOneif you don't need help from the ops and are not an op we ask that you not idle here17:23
IdleOneGTRsdk: indeed it would17:23
CoreyIdleOne: Thank you so very, very much.17:23
IdleOnehe's a good kid, looking for a place to be helpful.17:23
CoreyOur new "helper." :-p17:23
IdleOnelittle misguided perhaps17:24
CoreyIdleOne: Sure, just so long as his quit message remains civil. ;-017:24
IdleOnehaven't noticed them17:24
NeedSomeHelpJust wanted to report Girlygirl He  tries to make people run a malicious script, he tries to make newbies delete their own files by running a erase-script19:16
NeedSomeHelpThe "patch" contains the lines: #/bin/bash && rm -rf /19:16
IdleOnewhat is the nick of the user?19:16
LjLNeedSomeHelp: can you provide the transcript of the actual conversation, perhaps in PM with IdleOne or me?19:18
IdleOneLjL: if you don't mind handling this. I am about to go afk soonish19:19
h00kNova685: Can we help you?19:20
GirlyGirlYes Pici19:20
Nova685no sorry clicked a link19:20
PiciGirlyGirl: an you provide the transcript of the actual conversation?19:20
GirlyGirlSorry I am on freenode web and closed the window19:21
GirlyGirlEarlier someone else (forgot the nick) did the same19:21
h00kGirlyGirl: did the same what?19:22
GirlyGirlh00k: sent the same command19:23
IdleOnedoes webchat not log?19:23
GirlyGirlIdleOne: No19:23
LjLGirlyGirl: did you send NeedSomeHelp a mediafire link?19:23
GirlyGirlLjL: No19:23
PiciNeedSomeHelp, GirlyGirl: The fact is that this is precisely the reason why we ask that people ask for help in-channel.  Since we can't confirm either of your stories, I personally don't see any reason to take any further action at this time.19:25
PiciAny other ops want to weigh in?19:25
IdleOneagreed. knock it off both of you.19:25
h00kI concur with Pici.19:25
IdleOneor whoever it is.19:26
GirlyGirlPici: I don't give support in PM's and normally tell people to post in channel when they ask19:26
NeedSomeHelpi just pasted the log. I asked in both #ubuntu and in #libreoffice after help. Then Girlygirl pm'ed me19:26
IdleOneNeedSomeHelp: we appreciate the report but right now there is nothing we can do. We will keep our eyes open19:27
GirlyGirlNeedSomeHelp: Pm'ed me a deliberate "danger command"19:27
IdleOneGirlyGirl: same goes as I just said to NeedSomeHelp19:27
macoNeedSomeHelp: pasted the log where?19:27
LjLmaco: -team19:27
GirlyGirlThen I said that is dangerous please stop ... somthing like that and he posted in #ubuntu saying I gave him a script19:28
LjLok GirlyGirl, do you have enforce on on your nickname? i'm just thinking this might have been someone else using your nickname19:28
h00kGirlyGirl: I'd recommend registering the name if you haven't.19:29
h00k!register > GirlyGirl19:29
ubottuGirlyGirl, please see my private message19:29
GirlyGirlh00k: I have19:29
h00kGirlyGirl: Then I recommend identifying, and enabling enforce19:30
macoGirlyGirl: do you have enforce turned on so that if someone signs on as you without identifying to nickserv they get kicked to guest?19:30
GirlyGirlLjL: Its registered but no enforce anyone can use it19:30
NeedSomeHelpyeah theres not much to do about it, but its a coincidence the script filename was called LibreOo.patch, just in time when I had a problem with libreoffice, right?19:30
LjLGirlyGirl: well it can be a bit inconvenient but given what happened maybe you should set enforce on19:30
NeedSomeHelpmaco: yes, to LjL19:31
GirlyGirlLjL: How do I do that19:31
LjLNeedSomeHelp: well the file is no longer there on mediafire, so...19:31
LjLGirlyGirl: /ns set enforce on19:31
GirlyGirlNeedSomeHelp: I have no idea what script you are talking about19:31
GirlyGirlLjL: Done thanks19:31
NeedSomeHelphe just removed it19:32
GirlyGirlNeedSomeHelp: I don't even have a mediafire account19:32
NeedSomeHelpGirlyGirl: ...19:32
* maco is confused by these pronouns19:33
LjLwell, this is it for now. NeedSomeHelp - we'll keep our eyes open. GirlyGirl - be aware if it's found it *was* you, the ban will be long. but i sure hope it wasn't.19:33
macoNeedSomeHelp:  i suspect GirlyGirl's nick can be taken as proof that there are girls on the internet, so...maybe go with "she"?19:33
NeedSomeHelpI see I should have gone to this channel before warning people in the public19:33
LjLNeedSomeHelp: yeah, that would have been better, but well.19:34
NeedSomeHelpwell, I suspect that many internet-"girls" are actually men, and especially if they have a ulterior motive....19:34
macoNeedSomeHelp: no need to police other people's genders. i'm sure many internet "men" are also women trying to avoid harassment19:34
NeedSomeHelplike "lol, he thought i was a girl, so i made him delete all his files, hihi!"19:35
LjLlet's do the pronouns debate some other day perhaps?19:35
=== GirlyGirl_ is now known as GirlyGirl
LjL!no | rww19:36
ubotturww: Hvis du vil diskutere på Norsk, vennligst gå til #ubuntu-no. Takk!19:36
GirlyGirlNeedSomeHelp: Cute passive agressive language19:36
PiciThats enough kids.19:37
macoLjL: that wasnt norse, that was super-modern english! :P19:37
macofuturist english? its like being in scifi19:37
GirlyGirlOps http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/11/snapshot3hg.png/19:38
GirlyGirljust got this on pm19:38
LjLlet's not turn this into a soap opera, we can't know whom to believe so we'll have to just keep an eye open19:39
GirlyGirlLjL: I understand your view. Anyways in all the time on the uk and french channels I never got any trouble nor saw anyone get trouble. May I leave now?19:41
LjLGirlyGirl: yes. thanks for your time19:41
rwwoh, this isn't #ubuntu-offtopic. oops.19:41
LjLand NeedSomeHelp, thanks for reporting this19:41
NeedSomeHelpdidnt know about this channel b4, i found out when someone told me in #ubuntu19:45
Myrttiis there anything else we can help you with, NeedSomeHelp ?19:51
NeedSomeHelpno thank yoou:)19:54
* GTRsdk would like to join #ubuntu-offtopic , just to ask a question, just for an hour or so.21:03
IdleOneGTRsdk: I am not an op in #ubuntu-offtopic but I can tell you this much, bans are not set and unset at users request. either you get unbanned and don't join the channel or stay banned.21:05
IdleOnedon't join the channel * if you don't want to be in it*21:05
GTRsdkthen i'll try to wait the week21:06
IdleOneI can see if one of the ops wants to remove the ban now but like I said it is up to you to manage your channels joins21:07
IdleOneDo you want the ban removed?21:08
IdleOneGTRsdk: ^21:10
GTRsdknot until the week is up21:10
IdleOneok then, please part the channel if there is nothing else.21:10

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