MarkDudeHey there bkerensa05:51
MarkDudeOne of the most active folks in cali is from Oregon05:51
MarkDudeAre you trying to repay my favor helping Oregon ?05:52
MarkDudeKarmic equalization and such? :D05:52
bkerensanah ;)05:52
MarkDudeYou have many ways to teach us05:52
bkerensaits just Oregon channel is sporadic05:52
MarkDudeBe kind to new folks they may be teaching you sooner than you think05:53
bkerensa:D indeed05:53
bkerensaWell I better go to bed... I have a interview tomorrow at FreeGeek05:53
MarkDudeMost channels are on and off- minus a few like social05:54
MarkDudegood luck with it05:54
DarkwingDuckgarg, just missed him..17:04
pleia2DarkwingDuck: san diego ubuntu hour on for tonight?17:09
pleia2(confirming so I can send out the tweet)17:13
DarkwingDuckpleia2: Yes.17:14
DarkwingDuckpleia2: TY17:14
pleia2k, thanks17:14
kdub__DarkwingDuck: still on for th san diego ubuntu hour tonight?18:49
pleia2yep (I confirmed earlier)18:50
kdub__ok, cool18:51
kdub__just wanted to make sure before i made my way down to hillcrest18:51
* nhaines is happy that Ubuntu Mono is now the default monospace font in Ubuntu 11.10, UI freeze be damned.20:29
pleia2yeah :)20:29
pleia2is shiny20:29
nhainesAlso since there's no way to change fonts in GNOME3 I guess the package update is a good thing anyway.  :P20:31
pleia2oh dear20:31
akkNo way to change fonts?20:39
akkI know gnome believes prefs are bad, but that's taking it a bit far.20:40
nhainesakk: too confusing for new users, I'm sure.20:45
akkTrue -- they might see screenshots in howtos and go "oh no! Mine doesn't look exactly like that!"20:48
nhainesakk: if they keep changing the interface two weeks before launch, that's exactly what'll happen.  :)20:49
DarkwingDuckkdub_: ping21:37
=== ryaxnb_ is now known as ryaxnb
DarkwingDucknhaines: ping23:26

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