Unit193Welcome back, SkrappJaw was here for a second earlier00:04
Cheri703haven't heard from him in a while00:14
Unit193He didn't say anything, just keeping you updated (I'm guessing he came to ask you about Weds or talk to you)00:15
Cheri703this wednesday is still a no-go for me00:17
Cheri703still in training00:17
Unit193I had assumed00:17
Cheri703yeah yeah, just saying ;)00:18
Unit193Good to know. How is the training going?00:19
Unit193Hate the job yet? Seems that you are busy tonight though00:20
Cheri703it's ok overall, I don't work tonight00:21
Cheri703tuesday - saturday00:21
Unit193Doesn't mean you are not busy with other things though00:22
Cheri703went out grocery shopping earlier, settling in for the evening now :)00:23
Unit193Nice. Husband have have his own phone yet?00:24
Cheri703no -_- still phoneless and occasionally reachable via google voice00:33
Unit193Heh, not something you see everyday Channel ban/ignore list is full (There are 51)00:35
Unit193And that must be no fun, GVoice and maybe Skype being best options :P00:37
Cheri703yeah, it's a little annoying...00:54
Cheri703(sorry, was on the phone with my mom)00:54
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