c_smithso, talk about the Salem Ubuntu Hour is going, but there's still some negotiating with time and date to be done.00:51
bkerensayep :D00:52
c_smithwell, hopefully I can get this done in a timely manner, eh?00:53
c_smithalso, I'm sending the emails to the Mailing list and not just to specific people, right?00:53
bkerensac_smith: Likely.... It takes me month or two to plan a event00:54
bkerensayeah keep it on the mailing list00:54
c_smithI'm trying, but I'm making sure Thunderbird is sending it there. might as well check00:54
c_smithhmmmm, looks like 2 of them, the last one, and another earlier on got sent to the wrong person.00:56
c_smithwell, I have most of the parts of this Ubuntu Hour figured out, we have all agreed on a venue, unless there's more people I don't know about, just need to decide on a time.01:02
c_smithbkerensa, also, I've been trying to find a place to give out some of that swag from the Jam, but none of the places I thought of I thought would be appropriate to give it out at, school? no, we're busy most of the time there, and can't think of too many other places.01:04
bkerensaWell if you have friends01:08
bkerensac_smith: You can always give them some01:08
c_smithI have friends I go to school with, but they probably wouldn't even understand what the magazines and what not aren talking about, most of them are the classic teen image who are on their cell phone 24/7, only one understands what I talk about, and he's got some legal issues because a girl decided to pull something I'm not at liberty to talk about, may have said too much even then, plus he's in Monmouth, not too easy for me too reach,01:14
c_smithand if they want, I could bring that bag I've put all of it in, and have them choose.01:18
MarkDudeAre you a free geeker yet?16:09
bkerensaI have been a volunteer for two years ;)16:10
bkerensathis is for a Internship of sorts16:11
bkerensaand it was tomorrow but I rescheduled :)16:11
Brian_Hso far so good on the remote system management using landscape, upgraded a box successfully  from lts -> 10.10, now 10.10 -> 11.0416:30
nathwillmorning folks16:38
MarkDudenathwill: you Washingtonian yet?16:47
nathwilli never wash16:50
nathwillbut i am considering some form of elaborate facial ornamentation for stachetober16:50
bkerensahi nathwill16:52
nathwillheya ben16:52
bkerensanathwill: You might move to WA?16:52
nathwillhow's your weekend?16:52
nathwilli believe this is a case of mistaken /identify16:53
bkerensanathwill: Busy I guess a bit of burnout from all the events over the past few months16:53
nathwilli got a speeding ticket on the way to glide16:54
* nathwill is unhappy16:54
nathwillbye mark16:56
bkerensaInvitation sent to Kevin Mitnick. See other people you may know below.16:57
bkerensanathwill: Added you on Linkedin16:57
bkerensanathwill: My LinkedIn is insane large http://awesomescreenshot.com/0c1lpvfb617:05
nathwilldear god17:05
Brian_Hboom! joined bkerensa ;)17:12
bkerensaFigured I would create one for  the LoCo17:13
Brian_Hjust had to file a bug against landscape :p17:13
Brian_Hthey tell you to reboot the system you're upgrading before this dist-upgrade is complete17:15
Brian_Hwhich is "a bad idea"17:15
nathwilljust found something interesting in #debian17:22
nathwillseems nifty17:22
Brian_Hthat looks cool17:27
nathwillyeah, i'm playing around w/ it now17:28
nathwillit seems to be snappy, lightweight and do a good job parsing the logs17:28
nathwillthe controls are a bit weird for getting more detail though17:28
=== nathan_w is now known as nathwill
nathwilldear god21:52
nathwillmy head's going to pop21:52
c_smithbkerensa, if there are certain members who could only come to the Ubuntu Hour in Salem every now and again, instead of every time, would that be ok?23:12
c_smithbkerensa on since you are on, may I ask you a question?23:33
c_smiththat email gave you away! :P23:34

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