jthanGood evening, children01:17
teddy-dbearwait, let me hide my cookies01:18
jthanI see no laws01:23
teddy-dbearthat is why I'm hiding all my cookies :-D01:24
JonathanDhi jthan01:27
MobileTurkey1that was the best two hours of my life01:35
MobileTurkey1my empire was pretty boss01:35
jthanJonathanD: hi. I forgot alla bout that hard drive. Still interested I can go look right this moment01:46
JonathanDjthan: sure, cool01:46
jthanJonathanD: IDE01:47
jthanit's a WD60001:47
jthanguess it won't do you much good :-(01:47
JonathanDthat won't work, no.01:48
jthanI tried.01:48
JonathanDI wonder if one of these laptops in the basement is sata01:48
JonathanDjthan: no prob, I appreciate it anyway :)01:48
jthanI like to keep the flow of electronics free and flowing, so I offer when I can01:49
JonathanDI hear ya.01:49
JonathanDCome get some P4s.01:49
JonathanDTheres... 12 of them, I think.01:49
JonathanDalthough the bottom 3 might have water damage.01:49
JonathanDdarn flooding.01:50
JonathanDhow's a man supposed to run a holodeck with water coming in.01:50
JonathanDpoor pleia2 must have thought it was 2012 or something.01:50
InHisName12 what, JonathanD01:51
JonathanDDell pentium 4s01:51
InHisNameone core types ?01:51
JonathanDYeah, this is oldish stuff.01:52
JonathanDThey're 2Ghz or so.01:52
JonathanD2.4s maybe.01:52
jthanThat's great for a fileserver at home01:53
jthanMine is running a celeron01:53
jthanworks fine01:53
JonathanDNeed 12 more fileservers?01:54
jthanI don't think so. Maybe 12 more hard drives?01:54
JonathanDI can do that.01:54
JonathanDBut they're really small hard drives...01:54
jthanYeah that might not help me much.01:54
JonathanDI have a 12 disk array enclosure.01:55
jthanI've got two 500GB drives (mirrored) and they are getting close to full-ish01:55
JonathanDbut they are 9.1s :)01:55
JonathanDSOMEWHERE around here I have a box of 250GB SATA disks.01:55
JonathanD6, I think.01:55
jthanLol. Where does one aquire that?01:55
jthan6 250 gb drives01:56
jthanjust sitting around01:56
JonathanDYou would be suprised what businesses throw out.01:56
JonathanDMy fileserver came from a lawoffice in our building.01:56
jthanYou did not ever mention a business01:56
JonathanD2 1TBs and 2 500s in it.01:56
JonathanDThis was 2 years ago.01:57
JonathanDI also got a printer they had.01:57
JonathanDIt had unprinted checks in it.01:57
jthanUse them to your advantage.01:57
JonathanDI made the building maintenance guy watch me shred them.01:57
MobileTurkey1apparently you aren't supposed to hammer your walls at 9:50 pm01:57
MobileTurkey1idiot neighbors01:58
MobileTurkey1idiot parents01:59
JonathanDWhy would they.01:59
MobileTurkey1because it's important to know such thins01:59
MobileTurkey1that way you don't make an asshat of youself calling the police and attempting to file a "noise complaint02:00
MobileTurkey1i need to noise complaint on their crappy house. they run the A/C 24/7 / 365 days a year02:00
MobileTurkey1it's so loud and always is clanky02:00
JonathanDNormal people just say "hey, I don't mean to be a bother, but I have kids sleeping/work in the morning/a snail farm to tend to"02:00
MobileTurkey1JonathanD: yeah.... after 10pm02:01
MobileTurkey1I told her, look lady I am busy, the only time I can do construction is at night02:02
MobileTurkey1I have a sleeping baby in the house, and they come over and complain that their "kid" (he is like 15 or something) needs to sleep and can hear me "hammering away"02:03
MobileTurkey1not sure if troll02:03
JonathanDyeah, no.02:03
MobileTurkey1JonathanD: might be 1402:03
InHisName15 ?  isn't that your age ?02:04
MobileTurkey1I am 17 going on 18, that's not how the song goes...02:04
MobileTurkey1they are super anal about everything02:04
JonathanDdid the police actualy come out?02:04
MobileTurkey1of course not.02:05
InHisNameneighbors to your apartment ?02:05
MobileTurkey1next door02:05
JonathanDhow did you find out about this?02:05
MobileTurkey1JonathanD: I was hammering away...02:05
MobileTurkey1they come up to the door yelling at me02:05
MobileTurkey1they never gave out candy at holloween...02:05
JonathanDthats just too far.02:06
InHisNametwo houses with 20 feet air space 'tween ?    Lotta noise insulation there.02:06
MobileTurkey1and they run their A/C all the time...02:07
MobileTurkey1jedijf: do you think leaving the battery in is bad while plugged into a power outlet?02:08
InHisNameThey musta had the A/C cut out just when you started pounding on your inside walls.   A distant tap tap tap is SOOOO annoying when your A/C stops.02:09
MobileTurkey1it doesn't cut out02:09
jedijfMobileTurkey1: i do it02:21
jedijfeven though they say to run the battery all the way down....02:21
jedijfi don't think it matters much anymore02:22
jedijfseems like batteries last 2-3 years regardless02:23
jedijfso don't sweat the small stuff02:23
MobileTurkey1does capacity just slowly dwindle?02:23
jedijfthe usb question, you could make a custom cable with the power pinouts disconnected, but boy would you be hosed when you needed a charge02:23
MobileTurkey1I have a different cable to charge with02:24
jedijfi guess you could rig a switch...but again, too much drama for return02:24
MobileTurkey1I could just tape them over?02:24
jedijftape over what?02:25
MobileTurkey1the power connector ?02:25
MobileTurkey1within the usb plug02:25
MobileTurkey1the pins02:25
jedijfbuy a solar bsaeball cap instead02:26
jedijfcharge both from that02:27
jedijfadd a turbine for power boost02:27
MobileTurkey1actually I know a guy who has a solar panel for his car02:27
* jedijf does02:27
MobileTurkey1and come to think of it, a solar backpack02:27
InHisNameDoes my wife's garden count as a solar energy storage device ?02:45
* InHisName sure enjoys the lip smacking ways to save on groceries03:11
bts3685|vpsjedijf: you don't need to run batt all the way down with newer batteries08:24
bts3685|vpsin fact, lessens life now08:24
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rmg51morning JonathanD10:12
JonathanDHey rmg5110:16
JonathanDSo these folks have a patent on wifi and are going to sue us all.10:16
JonathanDHow awesome.10:16
rmg51sue everyone and be done with it =-O10:25
JonathanDSilence! I sue you!10:25
rmg51and I will sue you for suing me :-D10:31
rmg51now what can I call the early morning meal and not get sued for having "breakfast"?10:33
rmg51which it time to have :-[10:34
JonathanDStop talking. I've patented that.10:42
rmg51send me a bill11:06
rmg51I will file it in the appropriate circular file holder11:08
rmg51work time :P11:26
jedijfbts3685|vps: yeah i know lith ion doesn't have 'memory'11:34
jedijfit seems 2-3 years is just 'life' cycle11:35
bts3685|vpsmine's been pretty good though. 2 years so far, not too much degradation11:43
bts3685|vpsonly lost about 5% so far11:43
JonathanDI had a nice battery. Then it died, and the warrenty replacement is terrible.11:43
InHisNamemorning to u 212:32
InHisNamehey what is the bread name of jedijf ?12:34
jedijfpechter's of southern NJ12:35
jedijfcompany name ^^^12:35
InHisNameoh, yea, now I remember12:35
jedijfpecker with a 't'12:35
InHisNameSo you're not the bread being sued.12:35
jedijfnot that i am aware of yet....wouldn't be the first time though12:36
jedijfmail arrives 10'ish12:37
jedijfwho is being sued?12:37
InHisNamepanera bread co12:37
jedijfthat's more of a restaurant...fast casual12:37
InHisNameamong a bunch of grocery stores, coffee shops etc.12:38
InHisNameand hotels12:38
jedijfhi paultag12:41
paultagjedijf: howdy!12:41
paultagjedijf: I just sent you mail :)12:41
jedijfi shall read it now12:41
paultagpaulproteus: are you in every channel or something?12:41
jedijfomniscient irc12:41
paultagjedijf: you should have a pending invite to -approved, if you don't mind clearing that up12:41
paultagI'll have to set the expiry a bit short so we can do this (logistically)12:42
paultagjedijf: in short, we all love this team, and we want to see it approved.12:42
jedijfpaultag: 3rd tuesday should be more than doable12:43
paultagjedijf: roger! If it turns out to be unmanagable, negotiating that date is totally cool12:44
paultagjedijf: but let's not go crazy, aye?12:44
jedijfpaultag: thank you and the council!!!12:44
paultagjedijf: dude, thank you12:44
jedijfit will be 3rd tuesday, app almost complete just have to add some finishing touches12:44
paultagand remember, let us know if there's an issue early, not before the meeting :)12:44
paultagjedijf: awesome, I'm so super stoked to hear that12:44
paultagjedijf: good morning, anyway :)12:45
paultagalright, idle mode activate!12:45
jedijfpaultag: where would the invite be? no haz12:49
paultag305 / Location: #locoteams  :)12:51
jedijfirc meeting thurs ^^^ details13:18
rmg51and only one email :-D13:19
jedijfrmg51: it's early yet13:21
jedijfcause i'm on a building community kick13:21
jedijflike the pacs beginner meeting agenda....sign 'em up and Coc them13:22
rmg51at least Teddy isn't on the loco mailing list13:22
jedijfthen the same thing for Hive13:22
jedijfheck, i might even make my drivers and order dept do it13:22
* teddy-dbear hides under the covers =-O13:23
InHisNameOnline mtg at 4pm Oct 6  (20:00 utc) ?13:28
jedijfhave to change...i thought our default tz was eastern brb13:28
InHisNameso you really meant 8pm eastern time ?  Not UTC ?13:29
jedijfteam default updated to eastern13:31
jedijfevent changed13:31
* TheEvilPhoenix yawns13:32
JonathanDMorning folks.13:32
TheEvilPhoenixdont remind me its morning13:32
* JonathanD still looking for fosscon venues. help me find fosscon venues.13:32
InHisNameJonathanD lost his fosscon ?   What is a fosscon,  --> a convention for foss ies ?13:35
JonathanDit's a conference.13:36
JonathanDYes, that, pretty much.13:36
InHisNameNice Crisp Morning to you TheEvilPhoenix13:36
jedijfall this LoCo business has left me hungry13:37
JonathanDYou mentioning hunger has gotten me hungy.13:38
jedijfand under-caffeinated13:38
TheEvilPhoenixDAMN YOU ALL13:39
TheEvilPhoenix</caffeine-induced rage>13:39
jedijflast 2 weeks i have not had my turbo hot black (2nd dose) in the morning13:39
InHisNamehello am I still getting packets out to internet ?15:55
jedijfno you are not16:02
jedijftelepathy is working though16:02
InHisNameGreat,  probably that one came much later to you than 11:5516:03
InHisNameI had NO pings or browsing for 10 minutes but I kept getting new messages from #cisco. Really strange.16:04
jedijf11:08 -!- InHisName [~InHisName@c-71-225-221-235.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has quit [Ping timeout: 252 seconds]16:08
jedijf11:13 -!- InHisName [~InHisName@c-71-225-221-235.hsd1.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-us-pa16:08
jedijf11:55 < InHisName> hello am I still getting packets out to internet ?16:09
InHisNameWeird, so it got thru quickly.   While I couldn't ping or browse anything I tried for 5 more minutes.  Then you answered and I noticed pings working again.  Browsing ok now too.   But pidgin kept on truckin'16:31
SamuraiAlbaGood bacon to all!18:40
InHisNamehowdy mr baconizer18:42
SamuraiAlbaHow is it going?18:43
SamuraiAlbaI fixed my laptop issue with the AMD ATI drivers :)18:43
InHisNamefair to middlin'18:43
SamuraiAlbaBios update :)18:43
InHisNamegreat !18:43
SamuraiAlbaTurned off the Intel video IN BIOS :)18:43
SamuraiAlbaNow, my i7 @ 2.0ghz does 3k keys/sec for WEP cracking18:43
SamuraiAlbamy Radeon 6770?18:43
SamuraiAlba41k :)18:43
InHisNameI fixed my vbox problems ---> reformatted, partitioned and rebuilt the box18:43
SamuraiAlbaNice ;)18:44
InHisNameAlso back in Aug I landed an HP tablet during the fire sale.18:44
SamuraiAlbaI'm runnign a 10 server 512 user Teamspeak server on the Dual Core Black Edition18:44
SamuraiAlbaCool!  Got touchdroid on it?18:45
InHisNameThey emailed that they ran out and it would take 8 weeks to build more ??? Really ??  weird.18:45
SamuraiAlbaI'm in college :)18:45
InHisNameNo WebOS   take off of palmOS18:45
SamuraiAlbaNetwork Management/Cyber Security :)18:45
SamuraiAlbaI also have an interview on monday for Campus IT :)18:46
InHisNameSuposedly there are some working on putting android onto it.18:46
InHisNameGreat !18:46
SamuraiAlbaThey have a droid build with full multi touch for it now :)18:46
SamuraiAlbaCampus IT needs the help LOL18:47
SamuraiAlbaCant access CAMPUS email ON CAMPUS from WIRELESS with ANY device18:47
SamuraiAlbasame for campus web site18:47
SamuraiAlbaI tried Win 7, Win 8, Ubuntu, Fedora, Backtrack, and RHEL on my lappy with two different wireless adapters...18:47
SamuraiAlbano joy18:47
SamuraiAlbaAlso, since hooking up a NEW HP Laserjet network printer in the lab, NO printer is working in the academic building.  Removing the new printer is not helping18:49
InHisNameb persistant, you'll get it.18:49
SamuraiAlbaI suggested shut the entire NET down18:49
SamuraiAlbathen restard from servers > switches > Clients18:50
SamuraiAlbaThey refused since they dont want the website to go down for any reason >.<18:50
InHisNamea little severe early on18:50
SamuraiAlbaBut the quickest possible fix18:50
SamuraiAlbawould take 1 hour according to IT18:50
SamuraiAlbaI have been in situations where adding one network device craps on the etwork and that fixed it :)18:51

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