wrstUnit193: you causing all the noise. :p01:33
Unit193wrst: Well, I did make a netsplit01:33
wrstOK just thought we blamed you for everything01:34
Unit193I always blame you01:35
wrstoh yeah01:35
Unit193I got someone this morning!01:36
Unit193I'me halfop on #saver2 (Different network), and the game is to kick ops/halfops before they half/op up01:38
Unit193A halfop can't kick other ops or halfops01:38
cyberangerUnit193: so does chanserv allow anyone to halfop then, or how's that bit work01:44
Unit193cyberanger: Nope, it's like atheme only with levels01:45
Unit193You get set at that leve01:45
Unit193It's fun01:49
Unit193G = Filters out all Bad words in your messages with <censored>01:58
cyberangerlove filter games02:33
cyberangertake innocent setences, filter it out to where it sounds like it's just evil02:33
cyberangerthen show somebody the censored version, and the original, watch the shock02:34
wrstwb... again binarymutant :P14:45
cyberangerwrst: he has connection issues, yes14:46
wrstyes cyberanger I'm thinking so :)14:47
wrstcyberanger: how are you doing today?14:47
cyberangerthe car isn't moving14:47
wrstha ha14:48
* cyberanger doesn't mind the travel, it's too many drivers for one steering column, too many navigatiors for one route14:50
wrstha ha family trip?14:54
cyberangeryeah, Mom, Dad & the Annoy-a-Tron (aka naginabox, GPS Navigation, other names too)15:33
cyberangerkeeps it intresting15:34
cyberangerit's not really family though, it's just the added input is more distracting than helpful15:37
cyberangerit could have been friends, or coworkers, or just me and a naginabox, same frustration (except, I guess all those I can say shutup to without any adverse affects)15:38
cyberangerwrst: just finished burning all the debian stable cd's15:48
cyberangererr, dvds15:49
wrstnice cyberanger, how did you download all that on the road?16:07
wrstgreetings chris458516:07
cyberangerwrst: I didn't, some was before the trip, some on the hotel wifi, some when I got back (and all the testing was when I got back, gotta run that through rsync each week)16:11
cyberangerChicago isn't too far from the Argonne National Labortory (in a literal & networking sense) plus closer (in a networking sense) to RIT and other mirrors16:12
cyberangerand that card really ran there anyhow (claiming 15MBPS, but it was going up and down like crazy, it avg.d out to 9MBPS, over 1.50 here (on a 3 down 1 up connection here)16:13
wrstcyberanger: i'm super digging all this ssh tunneling can't wait to use it on public wifi16:15
cyberangerI'd run an iptables command to force it to only use that16:15
wrstbefore I venture out may have to get a lesson :)16:16
cyberangerthat's not a problem, however that may have to wait a few hours16:16
cyberangerI know that can happen today16:16
wrstoh i mean like in months cyberanger :)16:19
wrsti'm going no where16:19
cyberangerwrst: I'm going nowhere at 70MPH16:51
chris4585hey wrst16:51
cyberangerwb chris4585 been awhile16:52
wrstchris4585: how you doing16:53
chris4585I'm alright, if I'm not here its usually because freenode doesn't like me to auto connect, sometimes it'll go and sometimes it wont17:15
wrstwhat have you done to freenode chris4585? :)17:16
chris4585nothing, just doesn't connect sometimes, my other network works fine17:17
cyberangerbbl, finish packing and heading back to cleveland today17:21
Unit193Oh no! wrst reads OMGUbuntu!18:49
wrstha ha Unit193 i'm well read :)18:50
Unit193That's the one I don't like :P18:51
cyberangerwell, that didn't go as planned20:32
binarymutantwow I completely forgot how addictive video games are :D20:37
cyberangerbinarymutant: how true, how true20:39
binarymutant...must resist playing again20:41
binarymutantI don't get the netflix linux client thing, aren't they using flash?20:41
* cyberanger hands binarymutant a controller >:-)20:41
binarymutantif not html5?20:41
cyberangerbinarymutant: silverlight with drm20:42
Unit193Silverlight last I knew]20:42
cyberangerUnit193: yep, with DRM20:42
cyberangermoonlight won't work due to that20:42
binarymutantI thought MS even abandoned silverlight20:42
cyberangerbinarymutant: special clients for special devices20:43
cyberangerand I think they're moving away with microsoft slowly20:43
binarymutanthow could a huge company like that make such a big error :D20:43
cyberangerbinarymutant: netflix or microsoft/20:44
binarymutantthey should just do html5 and auth the page for paying clients20:44
binarymutanteasy, cross platform, etc20:44
binarymutantoo big trouble in little china :D20:45
cyberangerbinarymutant: simple, at the time, html5 didn't exist (or too draft, lacked media)20:45
binarymutantyeah but in order to stay alive, internet companies have to keep up with the times. Look at AOL20:46
cyberangeralso, they walked in knowing flash's pains, needing drm (due to royalities, license holders)20:46
cyberangerand aware that their market was mail rentals20:47
binarymutantthey shouldn't need drm... wait do you download netflix? I thought it was stream20:47
pleia2they are even required to drm the streams20:48
binarymutantthat's so weird!20:48
pleia2(this all comes from the content providers they license content from)20:48
cyberangerbinarymutant: it's not netflix choice20:48
cyberangerthe dvd's are a different market20:49
pleia2the ChromeOS version of Netflix uses HTML520:49
cyberangercrossing over to streaming, bad waters20:49
binarymutantthey should the chrome version for everyone then :D20:50
cyberangerpleia2: you have a cr48?20:50
pleia2but there are challenges to keeping it protected, so if you want to use Netflix with ChromeOS you can't run it in Dev mode, essentially meaning you can't poke around and see what's going on20:50
pleia2cyberanger: yep20:50
cyberangerI applied, too late I guess20:50
pleia2this is why they  don't have a generic chrome plugin yet20:50
binarymutantidk what dev mode is :(20:51
pleia2binarymutant: on chromebooks you can switch into developer mode to poke around the filesystem, get extra commands and do development20:51
pleia2regular mode is very locked down20:51
binarymutantthat's weird too :/20:52
binarymutantdev mode should be regular mode lol :D20:52
pleia2not really, it's a consumer-level device that's essentially a web browser20:52
cyberangerbinarymutant: think android phone prior to rooting it20:53
pleia2you don't want normal people messing around with it, it's very simple and Just Works20:53
binarymutantbut most people wouldn't even if they were given the opportunity I think20:53
cyberangerbinarymutant: the cr48 was targetting those that would20:53
binarymutantoh well, some companies are weird :P20:54
pleia2the opportunity isn't needed, best to not give it to them20:54
pleia2it's not like you're installing software on the thing, upgrades just come with magic when you reboot20:54
cyberangerpretty much the only cromeos device out there20:54
pleia2there are several now: amazon.com/chromeos20:54
binarymutant<-- sticks with debian/ubuntu20:54
pleia2best buy sells them online too20:55
pleia2(not in stores, boo)20:55
pleia2I like the idea, they include an ssh client (yay!) and the battery life is amazing (about 8 hours on the cr-48) but they are too expensive for what they are20:55
binarymutantexpensive and no access? doesn't sound like a good time :P20:56
pleia2I have plenty of computers that I can tinker with ;)20:57
binarymutantaren't companies pretty good with streaming and not caching nowadays21:09
binarymutantit used to to cache in /tmp but now - I have nooo clue where they do it21:10
* binarymutant thinks the netflix problems are the reason piracy will never go away21:10
binarymutantit's easier to copy than to appease IP hoarding companies :P21:13
cyberangerbinarymutant: flash caches to tmp, deletes it in an instant21:14
cyberangerit's linked to /proc till it's no longer needed (and one can copy it knowing that)21:15
cyberangerpresume that's the same concern for html5 and moonlight21:15
binarymutantthat's useful info ^^21:15
* binarymutant sticks with debian AND piracy lol21:16
Unit193He says in the logged channel ;)21:17
binarymutantrofl, oh noes21:18
cyberangerIt's the end of the world as I know it...21:19
cyberangerI feel fine21:19
* Unit193 chuckles21:20
binarymutantI doubt they search google with "ubuntu piracy" as the terms21:20
binarymutantthey = ip police21:21
binarymutantanywho be back in a few (more urban terror! yay :D)21:22
Unit193Eh, they do more worse things21:22
binarymutantUnit193: like...?21:22
binarymutantI heard they download torrents lol21:23
binarymutantlet me find that article, it was hilarious21:23
Unit193I've seen examples and read a few things, but I don't remember (Watch cyberanger tell it ;P )21:23
binarymutanttechdirt.com is a good link too :D brb (this time for real)21:26
cyberangerUnit193: binarymutant got the best one21:39
vychunehey guys22:05
vychuneCould you guys critique my website for me?22:06
vychuneas usual nobody home lol22:08
binarymutantI can :D22:08
binarymutant:D :D :D22:08
binarymutanturl me22:09
* binarymutant apologizes, lots of energy drinks22:09
Unit193Link 'em22:09
vychunegive me your honest opinion22:10
vychunedon't think of my feeling lol22:10
binarymutantvychune: do you know how to do gradients in css?22:10
vychuneyes the background uses them22:11
vychuneas well as the three top divs22:12
binarymutanthng on22:12
binarymutanthttp://i54.tinypic.com/10gbj14.jpg  is what it looks like for webkit22:13
vychunedoesnt Chrome use webkit?22:14
vychuneim using that22:14
binarymutanthttp://binarymutant.byethost8.com/ I like these types of gradients :D22:14
vychuneyour site wont come up :/22:15
vychunedude on your screenshot zoom out lol22:16
binarymutantcomes up for me.... owell22:16
binarymutantI can't lol22:17
vychuneoh lol22:17
vychunecheck the spelling?22:17
binarymutantI say your top* divs should be on bottom22:17
binarymutantand your content in the middle22:17
vychunei like that idea hold on22:18
binarymutantnav-content-top* divs22:18
vychuneI LIKES THAT22:21
vychuneview the homepages22:21
vychuneview the homepage22:21
binarymutantI like masthead, donate/cc is blurry, maybe add a little 3d?22:21
binarymutantand a 2 color scheme, 3 at most. you have 5 colors22:22
binarymutantmy site doesn't come up?22:23
binarymutantthat aint cool22:23
binarymutantI have 6 color scheme on my site lol22:24
binarymutantthats bad22:24
binarymutant7! :(22:24
vychuneyeah seven color is a little much lol22:27
binarymutantthe rounded corners are so rounded that they hide stuff, like "violation"22:28
vychunedang i gtg22:29
vychuneTHANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!22:30
binarymutantsure :D22:30
binarymutantwhy doesn't my site come up, I pay good money for that ( $0 )22:31
Unit193I get some nice from my shell :D23:54

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