shayonjsomebody needs to update the wi wiki.. meeting dates are outdated06:02
h00khello, e'ryone13:07
h00kSo, we had 13 people show up13:08
bigbashhello all14:50
Cheesehead13? That's fabulous! Congratulations.16:33
* Cheesehead updated the meeting time on the wiki (thank you, shayonj)16:40
* Cheesehead reminds everyone of the meeting TOMORROW at 8:00 CDT, here on IRC16:41
h00kYeah, it was pretty cool16:44
h00kthere were older people generally16:44
CheeseheadNothing wrong with bored old men playing with computers. I hope to be one someday.16:45
* Cheesehead updated the wiki reports, and opened a new report for October17:05
* Cheesehead created a loco event entry for tomorrow's meeting17:05
h00kcool, I'll send out an email later today about the event17:07
Cheeseheadh00k: Great17:08
shayonjhey there22:44

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