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noobishany suggestions where to look for cruft from xorg-edgers that's causing my 32bit version of fglrx libGL trying to load swrast_dri.so instead of fglrx_dri.so? I've done a ppa-purge03:49
RAOF /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu would be a reasonable candidate.03:51
noobishon this distro it's just /usr/lib3203:51
RAOFIf you've installed from xorg-edgers it's likely that it installed something in /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu03:52
noobishdoesn't exist, but i do have a /usr/lib32/i386-linux-gnu03:52
RAOFThat's a strange abomination of a path?03:52
RAOFWhat's in there?03:52
noobishbut it just contains a symlink to ../gdk-pixbuf-2.003:52
noobishi believe edgers did create /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu03:53
noobishi'm dumb, /usr/lib32/i386-linux-gnu does exist, and it just has that same symlink as above03:57
noobisherr, no i'm not dumb! that's what i said earlier03:58
noobishbah i'm tired03:58
bjsniderdoes that path exist for multiarch in reverse?04:01
noobishpoking around in /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/xorg i see that the extra-modules link is broken04:01
Sarvattnoobish: fglrx libGL.so.1 wouldn't ever load swrast, that means you have a 32 bit libGL floating around being used instead of the fglrx one most likely from ia32-libs. i'm guessing update-alternatives --list gl_conf says mesa is in use meaning 64 bit is broken too?04:01
noobishfglrx is listed first, then mesa04:01
noobishglxinfo amd64 version reports direct rendering04:02
noobish64 seems fine04:02
noobishalthough i can't get glxgears to run correctly04:02
bjsniderwho's the vendor in glxinfo?04:02
Sarvatthave you not rebooted since switching?04:03
noobishi have rebooted04:03
noobishfor server/client/ and opengl04:03
noobishoo wait04:03
noobishthe i386 build of glxinfo shows mesa for the client glx vendor string04:03
Sarvattthere is no ia32-libs or fglrx for natty in edgers so its nothing related to the ppa, i suggest just removing fglrx and reenabling it via jockey to fix it04:04
bjsniderwhere is it looking04:04
noobishi think it's /usr/lib32/libGL.so04:04
bjsniderthat's an ia32-libs path04:05
noobishyeah, not sure where it came from but i don't think it's part of either fglrx or edgers04:05
bjsniderwhat's that command...04:05
Sarvattdpkg -S04:05
bjsniderldconfig|grep libGL04:05
Sarvattdpkg -S /usr/lib32/libGL.so04:05
bjsnidersomething like that04:05
noobishbjsnider: that's what i did to see /usr/lib32/libgl.so04:06
bjsniderit's too late in the evening for thinkin'04:06
bjsnideryeah run Sarvatt's command04:06
noobishia32-libs-dev: /usr/lib32/libGL.so04:06
bjsniderfind out what put it there04:06
noobishi think that was installed with edgers?04:06
Sarvattno you had to do that manually04:06
bjsniderpurge it04:06
bjsniderthen reinstall fglrx04:07
bjsniderthen reboot04:07
noobishi don't remember installing it04:07
bjsniderwell, it didn't install itself04:07
noobishyeah that's got to be it, thanks. I'm rebooting04:08
Sarvattif ia32-libs-dev really breaks proprietary drivers that needs a bug filed, doubt it's commonly tested so probably an old bug :)04:16
* Sarvatt passes the heck out04:16
bjsnidermaybe there should be a wiki page about "remove old ia32libs and -dev so it doesn't break your opengl"04:17
noobishthat lib, plus removing  a symlink /usr/lib32/libGL.so.1 -> /usr/lib32/mesa/blah blah fixed it, that symlink wasn't found in any installed pkg04:18
noobishdpkg -S, very useful command!04:18
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bjsniderricotz, any idea why i don't seem to need the mutter package in oneiric? it installs /usr/bin/mutter and yet i don't need it to run gnome-shell19:25
ricotzbjsnider, gnome-shell uses libmutter, so there is no need for the mutter executable19:35
bjsnideri see19:35

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