itguruThe user doesn't want to sync, but start afresh with a new calender to be a duplicate of the old one00:00
itguruI'm firing up thunderbird now to check it out, I didn't know you could add google calenders00:00
psinghitguru, and it sounds like the user wants the calendar to be stored locally-- not connected online.  Is that correct?00:01
itgurupsingh the calender is to be imported into a *heaves* exchange calender .... (damn you OWA) :)00:05
psinghitguru, Ha Ha.  Thunderbird esports as *.ics or *.cvs.  Would one of these work for you when you "re-import" into exchange?00:06
sywisywhen using emacs to compile C-code, i do M-x compile, and then type file name in00:10
sywisycan i tie this a button sequence?00:10
sywisyto a button sequence*00:10
Telrothpsingh: for what it's worth, google offers a direct download of a calendar as ics or cvs; you could cut TB out of the loop entirely.00:10
KrenairWhen I run gedit, this gets spammed to console:00:12
Krenair** (gedit:10950): CRITICAL **: gedit_spell_checker_language_to_key: assertion `lang != NULL' failed00:12
Krenairgedit 2.30.4-2ubuntu100:12
psinghTelroth, I was just thinking there must be a way to do it directly.  Wasn't clear initially that itguru wanted to import it into exchange.  Looked like the goal was to import into Ubuntu as a local calendar.00:13
itgurupsingh I don't like having to look after windows boxes, but believe me, it was hard enough getting some clients to switch - but I'm still supporting hybrid setups :(00:18
Psyclonei have windows installed side by side with xubuntu, is there a way i can resize the free space in my xubuntu00:18
SolvedI'm trying to install ubuntu 11.04 on my relatively fast, new laptop, but when I boot it from the CD (which the iso is correct), it freezes in the part where the white and orange dots below "ubuntu" move around. Any ideas?00:18
SolvedPsyclone: Where is this free space coming from, and how much of it is there?00:18
PsycloneSolved : I have only 150 mb free in xubuntu but 17 gb free in windows and i want to take memory from windows00:19
SIFTUPsyclone: gparted from a live cd00:20
SolvedPsyclone: Well, you have to resize your windows partition to your desired size, and then grow your xubuntu partition00:20
robin0800Krenair, run language support which will see if there is any thing missing00:20
PsycloneSolved : do i do that through gparted00:20
TelrothSIFTU: the performance loss is inside of mdadm somewhere. The drives themselves seem to be functioning properly (sustained 120MB/s from the individual drives), whereas the raid device (/dev/md1) is giving me 30MB/s bursts every other second (0-2% cpu usage)00:21
SolvedPsyclone: Yes, or any partition editor00:21
TelrothNot sure if that helps any, but if you have any other ideas of things I should look into, it would be helpful.00:21
SolvedI'm trying to install ubuntu 11.04 on my relatively fast, new laptop, but when I boot it from the CD (which the iso is correct), it freezes in the part where the white and orange dots below "ubuntu" move around. Any ideas?00:21
SIFTUTelroth: and it just happened all of a sudden?00:22
ChwokaSolved: how long did you/are you wait/waiting?00:22
SIFTUSolved: is it a laptop with hybrid graphics00:22
SolvedChwoka: It just freezes, and I'00:23
Solvedve left it on for about 20 minutes, and still nothing happens00:23
ChwokaCluelessPerson: ha ha, very clever00:23
SolvedThe dots stop moving00:23
CluelessPersonChwoka,  Don't you love me? :p00:23
SolvedSIFTU: Uh, I don't know D:00:23
SIFTUSolved: what make/model00:24
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Telrothwrite Performance has been poor the past month or so (I attributed it to never noticing it before, and it simply writing to diskcache because the files I was working with fit into cache). I noticed playback stuttering a few days ago, and that's when I checked the read performance, and found it well below normal00:24
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SolvedSIFTU: HP Pavillion dv6-6148ca00:24
manbra_linuxHow do I get 'clone' view like windows on ubuntu 11.04?00:25
Krenairrobin0800, that fixed it. thanks.00:25
Chwokaokay i am also installing ubuntu off of disk, and i'm confused about the partitioning thing. allocating drive space.00:25
SIFTUTelroth: I'm not sure how XFS performs when it is 94% full, but most filesystems degrade after 80%00:25
ridz16Hey guys I have a question regarding memory upgrade for my old computer. Max supported is 1gb and there are 2 memory slot, should I get one 1gb memory or two 512mb?  which option would save more energy and/or more beneficial to the computer in terms of efficiency? I currently have 256 and its not enough for my *buntu set up.00:25
TelrothI'm seeing performance issues below the filesystem level00:25
Chwokafirst of all, i don't know if these partitions even exist yet or whether ubuntu will make them00:25
ActionParsnipmanbra_linux: do you mean same image on 2 display devices?00:26
Chwokasecond, i have no idea which one to pick00:26
Telroththe raid block device is performing at about 1/10th of it's normal speeds00:26
SIFTUSolved: hmm AMD?00:26
Chwokathird, when i click install now it tells me i need to pick a root or something00:26
manbra_linuxActionParsnip, yes00:26
SolvedChwoka: I'm in the same situation. You have to shrink your C: drive after you have used a program called "perfect disk 2k" in Windows00:26
ActionParsnipridz16: if the ,ax is 1Gb and there are 2 slots then it will prbably be 2 x 512Mb00:26
edbianridz16: Only the newest intel i-series motherboard support dual or triple channel ram (I believe) so 1 1gb stick or 2 512Mb sticks will be about the same in everyway00:26
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SolvedSIFTU: Phenom II Quad-Core Mobile00:26
ActionParsnipmanbra_linux: can you please add detail like that to your initial question, rather than us having to guess...00:27
LocoenelCocohello, Ubuntu 11.04 on my laptop is really slow browsing on the internet or even pingining sites like google takes too long (it takes 36791ms to  "ping -c 5 google.com"), i have gentoo installed on vmware in the same laptop and the internet is allright, any ideas?00:27
SIFTUTelroth: yeah I have never experienced that.. I first suspected a raid rebuild happening00:27
DasEiChwoka: you need at least a root  and common is also a swap and maybe you want a seperate home00:27
ActionParsnipLocoenelCoco: what is the network chip?00:27
qinLocoenelCoco: ping ?00:27
ActionParsnipmanbra_linux: what video chip do you use?00:27
SIFTUSolved: hmm then I'm not sure sorry00:27
LocoenelCocoActionParsnip, Realtek 818700:27
SolvedActionParsnip: I'm trying to install ubuntu 11.04 on my relatively fast, new laptop, but when I boot it from the CD (which the iso is correct), it freezes in the part where the white and orange dots below "ubuntu" move around. Any ideas?00:27
manbra_linuxActionParsnip, I'm sorry, yes.  I want to have one image going to the same monitor.  i have a nvidia 465 GTX00:27
Chwokafourth and finally, the "change..." menu gives me a drop-down list of things to select and i can't tell which to use. there's "don't use" and then a bunc h of terms i'm not savvy enough to understand00:28
ActionParsnipmanbra_linux: if you run:  nvidia-settings    you can configure that there00:28
robin0800ridz16, crucal have a very nice site that can scan your computer and advice about memory upgrades00:28
DasEiChwoka: root is ext4 default swap swap oc and home also ext4, give swap a good double of your ram in size00:28
ridz16ActionParsnip, edbian, I was looking at power consumption and its around 2.5 volts,  would getting two 512mb doubles the power consumption to 5 volts?00:28
ActionParsnipSolved: did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded? Did you burn the CD as slowly as possible?00:28
manbra_linuxActionParsnip, wqhere?00:28
LocoenelCocoqin, this address returns fast00:28
edbianridz16: Ummm... yes?  I'm not sure.00:28
manbra_linuxrather, were in nvidia settings?00:28
ActionParsnipmanbra_linux: its an app, it configures to proprietary driver for you00:29
SolvedActionParsnip: Yes, I did. The old one was bad, the new one is now good.00:29
TelrothSIFTU: First thing I chceked, but no luck. I've done updates and rebooted, but still haven't really gotten anywhere :/ Thanks for your help! I'm going to go try the ##linux channel00:29
DasEiChwoka: is it a whole hd ? then why not use the automated installer ?00:29
Willis420solved had a similar issue on install myself, try booting from usb stick00:29
ChwokaDasEi: so use the gparted thing in ubuntu to do all this because i don't see all these options on the install screen00:29
TelrothLocoenelCoco: how long does it take to `nslookup google.com` ?00:29
TelrothOr, pick something you haven't tested recently, nslookup yahoo.com00:29
DasEiChwoka: it depends from which medium you install, which iso did you pick ?00:30
SolvedActionParsnip: It worked at first, I was in the install, and then it froze. When I rebooted, it began to freeze during the loading, and has done the same thing every time I've tried since00:30
Chwokai ammmmmmm but i don't want to overwrite windows in case this turns out not to be the right tactic00:30
qinLocoenelCoco: Change dns to public. vim /etc/resolv.conf; nameservers you can grab form google,
SolvedWillis420: Hm, alright, I'll take that into consideration00:30
LocoenelCocoTelroth, its almost instantly00:30
LocoenelCocoqin, let me try that00:30
ActionParsnipSolved: ok, what video chip are you using?00:30
ActionParsnipSolved: is it some hybrid video chip nonesense?00:31
DasEiChwoka: so you have win and now want a dualboot on the same hd ?00:31
Richiiei have some questions to differences between /etc/rc3.d and rc.local00:31
DasEiChwoka: size of the drive and free space left ?00:31
SolvedActionParsnip: I don't know..?00:31
Richiiei was just wondering, is it possible in rc3.d to add a custom bash script i want to execute at boot ?00:31
SolvedActionParsnip: How do I find that out in Windows?00:31
Richiieand if so.. do i have to rename it as like S22myscript00:31
Solvedvideo chip00:32
ActionParsnipLocoenelCoco: if the google DNS makes things faster then you can use this to apply the setting permanently: http://code.google.com/intl/zh-TW/speed/public-dns/docs/using.html00:32
Richiiethe init sys v traditional way.00:32
ActionParsnipSolved: device manager00:32
ActionParsnipRichiie: yes absolutely00:32
ActionParsnip!boot | Richiie00:32
ubottuRichiie: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto00:32
Richiieokay but what are the differences then ? is it that rc.local executes script as soon as the rc.X (X = any number 1-6) finishes ?00:33
SolvedActionParsnip: In "Imaging devices"?00:33
ChwokaDasEi: where can i find that00:34
ActionParsnipSolved: display adapters00:34
SolvedAMD M88OG with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 425000:34
ActionParsnipSolved: ok then add the boot option: nomodeset00:34
SolvedActionParsnip: Oof. I have no idea how to do that :/00:35
LocoenelCocoqin, ActionParsnip , browsing is pretty faster now, ty00:36
LocoenelCocopinging google still takes long tough thats weird00:37
Chwokamm, found it. 160 gb hard disk with... 6.2 gb left?!?! christ no wonder this thing was sucking shit until the day it died00:37
SolvedActionParsnip: How do i add a boot option?00:37
edbianChwoka: having a full hdd does not slow performance00:38
DasEi1edbian: it does, especially when fragmented00:38
edbianChwoka: So long as the hdd is not 98% > full and you're using a linux file system :)00:39
itgurupsingh: I'm looking into the thunderbird export, and I think I'm having a dumb moment ...00:39
Chwokaso get into windows and defragment?00:40
Chwokathen try again?00:40
edbianChwoka: Is this an ntfs partition?00:40
LocoenelCocoby the way network-manager overwrites changes made into /etc/resolv.conf?00:40
DasEi1Chwoka: well , with 6gb there wouldn't be much fun00:40
Chwokawell i do have 100 gb of fallback harddrive i could install00:40
Chwokaedbian: one of them is the other is fat3200:41
DasEi1Chwoka: much easier then, use the autopartitioner of ubuntu, install to the 100g and add win to its bootloader, boot from that disk00:41
Chwokaboot from what disc00:42
edbianChwoka: de-fragment using windows.  I don't think you can defrag fat00:42
jubobaWhere can I get info on ubuntu on HP Pavilion DM1??00:42
DasEi1Chwoka: didn't you say you add an additional free 100g disk ?00:43
DasEi1that disk then00:43
jubobaI need help configuring the touchpad and my ati video card00:43
dr_willisjuboba: the forums or askubuntu.com00:43
DasEi1!synaptics | juboba00:44
ubottujuboba: For a comprehensive Synaptics Touchpad guide, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad00:44
SolvedActionParsnip: Alright, thanks00:44
ActionParsnip!nomodeset | Solved00:44
ubottuSolved: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter00:44
SolvedI'll try that00:44
Solvedthanks for the help00:45
Chwokai'll try that00:45
silvertip257I'm trying to add print ranges in OO Calc 3.2.0 (running 10.04 LTS).  I've selected the rows+columns, but I get an error about Invalid Sheet Ref.  My procedure works on a Windows machine with OO Calc
Chwokathanks for the help00:46
ubottuDoesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.00:46
silvertip257if that's to me, I'm being specific00:47
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ActionParsnipsysadamin: please don't away like that00:53
silvertip257it's a bug with print ranges ... OO Calc solution here:  https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=502641#c1200:53
ubottubugzilla.novell.com bug 502641 in Calc "Rows to repeat in print range yields Invalid sheet reference" [Normal,Resolved: upstream]00:53
jb0nd38372How can I get to where I change screensavers at in Ubuntu 11.04, i'm running the latest beta, I can see where to set the screen lock time but not screensaver preferences.00:53
ActionParsnipjb0nd38372: 11.04 isn't beta. Do you mean Oneiric?00:53
jb0nd38372yes ActionParsnip , sorry, thats what i'm running00:54
ActionParsnipjb0nd38372: please ask in #ubuntu+1 for anything Oneiric based until release day.00:54
jb0nd38372oh ok thanks00:54
jubobaWhere can I get info on ubuntu on HP Pavilion DM1??00:55
jubobaI need help configuring the touchpad and my ati video card00:55
ActionParsnipjuboba: what does the touchpad do/not do00:55
Fudgehow can i tell what ppa a package belongs to00:56
soreaujuboba: The radeon card should be working already00:56
ActionParsnipFudge: apt-cache policy packagename00:56
Fudgethanks ActionParsnip00:57
mipsLE_I'm having trouble upgrading a system from maverick to natty00:57
mipsLE_I'm running do-release-upgrade00:58
mipsLE_but it claims there's nothing to upgrade to00:58
mipsLE_my /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades file says 'Prompt=normal'00:59
ActionParsnipmipsLE_: if you run:  cat /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades | grep -i prompt    what is output?00:59
ActionParsnipmipsLE_: ha beat me to it00:59
ActionParsnipmipsLE_: ok, run: sudo apt-get install update-manager-core     is it already installed?01:00
mipsLE_claims it's at the newest version01:00
ActionParsnipmipsLE_: hmm weird. Is: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade     smooth?01:01
mipsLE_yeah, nothing to report, nothing to upgrade01:01
ActionParsnipmipsLE_: could try using the alternate ISO and upgrade using taht01:01
mipsLE_hey, that's a good idea01:01
mipsLE_I'm always trying to avoid burning another DVD, perhaps I'm over zealus ;-)01:02
mipsLE_do-release-upgrade -d offers me oneric, but I'm not feeling that adventurous today, that's what my spare laptop is for ;-)01:03
ActionParsnipmipsLE_: you can mount the ISO, no need to burn anything01:04
ActionParsnipmipsLE_: remember to MD5 test the ISO too01:04
ActionParsnipjuboba: you asleep dude?01:04
mipsLE_Thanks Action Parsnip, you01:05
ActionParsnipmipsLE_: np man01:05
mipsLE_you da man/tuber!01:05
berkhow to escape a comma in bash?01:08
SIFTUberk: \,01:08
berkmplayer cant read a path with commas01:10
mordofhow do i find out what controller my keyboard is using? a game is looping on /dev/input/event1-5 and saying no input controllers found01:11
mordofi'm wondering if i can find my keyboard controller and symlink it to one of those or something.. lol01:11
ion_how shall I fix my update maneger?01:15
mordofhow do i find out what controller my keyboard is using? a game is looping on /dev/input/event1-5 and saying no input controllers found01:16
mordoffound out actually my keyboard is on /dev/input/event4 - but a program isn't finding it on there01:16
RyuGuns1!info openshot01:20
ubottuopenshot (source: openshot): Create and edit videos and movies. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3.0-1 (natty), package size 13834 kB, installed size 43408 kB01:20
ion_my update manager is broke how can I fix it ?01:24
kermit1how do i make ubuntu not require i plug in a keyboard and press "S" whenever it cant mount a drive in fstab?01:24
ActionParsnipbeatbreaker: sorry, wrong target01:25
ActionParsnipion_: can you give the output of:  sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade    be sure synaptic is closed01:26
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pitlimitCan anyone refer me to a very good client to interface with s3?01:27
ion_ActionParsnip: E: Unable to locate package upgrade01:28
ActionParsnipion_: can you give the full output please01:29
bastidrazorion_: you're using sudo apt-get install "upgrade"??  that is silly01:29
pitlimithm... anyone?01:30
bastidrazorpitlimit: s3 is vague to those who don't use it.01:30
pitlimitS3... amazon?01:30
pitlimitI thought everyone uses s3 :)01:31
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somsippitlimit: I used dragondisk on and off for a while.01:31
pitlimitdid you like it somsip01:31
skelspideroak ftw01:31
somsipsomsip: ok - have to admit not as nice as Win32 CloudBerry but it's better than web inerface if you have a lot to do01:32
ion_ActionParsnip: paste.ubuntu.com/702009/01:32
somsipsomsip: of s3cmd is probably the quickest01:32
Ownersorry, just checking if this is working? respond01:32
somsipOwner: ping01:32
ActionParsnipion_: I didn't say to run that, did I01:32
ActionParsnipion_: read the command I gave, then read what you ran01:33
ion_ActionParsnip: paste.ubuntu.com/702011/01:34
ActionParsnipion_: ok and the output of:  lsb_release -a01:34
ion_ActionParsnip: but that's what I'm seeing does't work...01:34
quintso, im using audacity. how can i remove an effect from a track after i've applied one?01:35
tjiggi_foquint, Ctrl-Z01:36
ion_ActionParsnip: paste.ubuntu.com/702012/01:36
slimwere am i  i think i am lost?01:36
bastidrazorslim: type /topic01:37
quintusing the undo command is the only way to remove an effect? there is no alternate way to remove an effect long after it's applied?01:37
ActionParsnipion_: ok, all is fine, packages get held back if the deps are not met, once it is satisfied, it will download and install. Other packages will install and updates will install just fine too01:37
quintanyone have any suggestions for some software that might be better than audacity01:38
ion_ActionParsnip: Yeah but I can't not isntall some packages that I have here ..that supposed  to be installed ..01:38
ActionParsnipquint: a few named here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu_Studio01:39
ActionParsnipion_: double negative there dude...01:39
tjiggi_foquint, if you saved it as an .aup your undo history is saved too01:39
slimI am new is this really happenning01:39
ActionParsnipion_: are you missing some packages?01:39
quintthanks action01:39
ion_ActionParsnip: yeah I do but you know what ...now is installing..man I don't understand really01:40
quinti'd rather not remove all of the effects applied after the one i need removed. is there a list of things i can have to choose a specific action to undo?01:40
ActionParsnipion_: sudo apt-get update probably did it01:41
ion_ActionParsnip: Thank you very much that's all I have to say ...01:41
ActionParsnipion_: np man :)01:42
awolfeyIs ubuntu one on topic here?01:42
ActionParsnipawolfey: sure01:42
awolfeyGreat. I have a u1conflict file. I can't rename it, cp it, delete and the recreate it. How can I get U1 off my back?01:43
awolfeyIt went into conflict while I was working on the file. The file with the original name is gone.01:44
awolfeyLeaving me unable to work.01:44
slimHello please help me by letting me know if this is some prgrame i turned on that is running or this is live chatt  just fixed old compacq and just trying new  gear to me ubuntu 10.0 so please respond if this is really happenning i am new :)01:45
ActionParsnipslim: you are using an irc client, if that's what you mean?01:45
ActionParsnipslim: it is a live chate with real people and about 3 bots01:46
slimwow thank you a resonce wow its working01:46
aeon-ltdslim: dude, less fragmentation next time; clarity helps (apologies if english is not your first language)01:46
ActionParsnipslim: looks that way :)01:46
slimnope typ os01:47
slimwow i thought this old compaq was toast   thanks to ubuntu  its still got a chance01:48
slimVery new and from B.C anyone care..??01:50
ActionParsnipslim: totally. Linux distros in the various forms can make old systems usable01:50
slimya I like it thanks for responding01:51
slimthanks ActionParsnip for responding01:52
DasEislim: specs of that compaq ?01:54
deadpoolif I downloaded a program that I was able to unzip on the desktop and when I double click on the name icon the program starts good, but I wanted to get to get pinned down to the launcher sidebar to the left01:54
slimarmada e-50001:54
deadpoolbut when I  pinned it down and clicked on it , it doesnt open01:54
slimDasEi armada e50001:55
DasEiNotebook Pentium3 1.0GHz TFT 15.0 256MB 30GB , good candidate for lubuntu01:55
bkfitzanyone know what postgresql uses udp ports for?  when I run sockstat, i see the regular 5432 tcp port open, but i also see 5-6 processes with udp port 38932 open01:55
Nicolas_Leonida2Hey I'm trying to add a cron job to the system that runs every 30 minutes, I've done sudo crontab -e01:55
Nicolas_Leonida2and I've added this line 0,30 * * * * cronscript01:55
Nicolas_Leonida2that's enough right?01:55
DasEiNicolas_Leonida2: yes01:56
slimDasEi ya thats it not very fast at typing and this is all very new to me01:56
Lucifer9999I'm somewhat confused about the purpose of Wubi. I want to do a dual-boot, not a virtual machine. Can wubi do that? I already have the disk partitioned the way I want01:57
DasEislim: there are different surfaces with the same core, lubuntu is designed for weaker boxer (smoother experience, less memory consumption, batterlife increased01:57
ActionParsnipNicolas_Leonida2: do you have a desktop UI, or is it on a server?01:58
somsipLucifer9999: no - do a full install, don't use Wubi for that01:58
DasEiLucifer9999: I prefer dualboot over wubi01:58
Micheal`i will 3rd that01:59
Micheal`4th and 5th it too01:59
Lucifer9999yeah. ok, so do I just use the usb thingie? I want to do a usb install01:59
Lucifer9999because my computer doesn't have a dvd burner01:59
Micheal`you can01:59
DasEiLucifer9999: good call01:59
Micheal`works well done it countless times my self01:59
slimDasEi: thanks  i think  not to com inclind   getting there slowly02:00
Nicolas_Leonida2ActionParsnip: server02:00
ActionParsnipNicolas_Leonida2: ahh, there is a gui app called gnome-schedule you could of run if you had a desktop ui02:01
TohuwWhere can I view a complete list of packages selected in a given desktop install? (e.g., see all packages installed in 11.04 x86 desktop)02:01
Nicolas_Leonida2ActionParsnip: right02:01
somsipNicolas_Leonida2: or "*/30 * * * * cronscript"02:02
ActionParsnipNicolas_Leonida2: http://adminschoice.com/crontab-quick-reference02:03
sindilejust upgraded to oneiric and my other repositories have disabled on upgrade to oneiric02:03
sindilehow do i change this02:03
xangua!oneiric | sindile02:04
ubottusindile: Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the fifteenth release of Ubuntu.  Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=646 Discussion and support in #ubuntu+102:04
ActionParsnipsindile: #ubuntu+1 for anything oneiric tl release day please02:04
jose08cat > file <<eof02:04
jose08aa | bb  |cc | dd | ee | ff | gg02:04
jose08aa | bb | cc | dd | ee | ff | gg02:04
jose08xx | yy | zz | ww | vv | kk | mm02:04
FloodBot1jose08: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:04
jose08awk -F'|' '{print $1 $3 }' file #(shows 1st and 3th field)02:04
jose08FloodBot1: sorry02:05
jose08any help for this? http://pastebin.com/5er8Tx3902:07
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HedgeMageHey, all.  I'm an experienced Linux user, and I'm trying to teach a total newbie some Ubuntu basics via VNC as he's not quite 100% CLI-ready yet (we're getting there).  He doesn't control the NAT he's behind.  Port 22 is forwarded to his machine, but nothing else.  AFAIK vino can't be made to listen on anything other than 5900 (if it can please correct me).  I'm considering trying to help him02:16
HedgeMageconfigure it so I can connect via an SSH tunnel, but that's so far over his head it would be an onerous undertaking.  We could use IPtables to locally forward port 22 to port 5900, but that sounds equally hard to talk him through.Is there an easier-for-newbies way to solve this problem (I don't care if it's easy for me, I know what I'm doing and control my own network)?02:17
DasEiHedgeMage: google teamspeak02:18
somsipHedgeMage: not what your asking, but would Skype share screen be of use? Or Teamviewer, if that can be set to use non-standard port?02:20
DasEiHedgeMage: or ssh -X, iff 22 is already free02:20
idefixis debian better than ubuntu?02:20
nac-godfatherAnyone know if it's possible to pair a different model wireless keyboard receiver to another wireless keyboard?02:20
bkfitzHedgeMage: ufw?02:20
xanguaidefix: depends of your needs and this is not the channel for that ;) stick to the topic please02:20
idefixwhen I hover over my Floopy Disk in nautilus it says "Mount and open Floppy Drive" however when I click or double click it nothing happens, what's wrong?02:21
DasEierr, http://tinyurl.com/6knqrv2 ,HedgeMage02:21
nac-godfatherI friggen had my cool wireless keyboard shit the bed when I plugged in the reciever and it sparked.  Supposedly causing a power circuit to be switched off/on.  They say it can be fixed by doing a full reset/cmos reset, but I don't know...02:21
sammycan anyone suggest a good wireless scanner? I'm trying to choose a channel for a new wifi router and I'd like to see what channels are already saturated around here...02:23
bkfitzsammy: iwscanner02:24
g0rssammy: there is a wifi radar ?!02:24
g0rssammy: you'd find several02:24
sammybkfitz: all I saw was a 3rd party package for iwscanner, and I don't like installing 3rd party packages without reviewing the code. good suggestion, though, that's the first one I found, too.02:24
idefixjust because I'm old doesn't mean I can't still use floppy disks...02:25
g0rsidefix: what do you mean?02:25
idefixit seems nobody wants to help a weirdo who still uses floppy disks in 201102:25
g0rsidefix: what about them? are you unable to mount a floppy drive?02:26
idefixit's not possible in nautilus02:26
nac-godfathersammy, use airodump-ng, from aircrack-ng02:26
g0rsidefix: i stopped using them around 200202:26
nac-godfatherworks great02:26
nac-godfatheror wicd02:26
bkfitzsammy: source is in the download... i trust it and it works great02:26
PxGaZuZhey everyone02:26
idefixI guess getting myself a USB stick wouldn't hurt02:26
idefixbut for now02:26
g0rssammy: aircrack and airdump are good for hacking too although their driver support is limited unless you are using atheros02:27
nac-godfatheror you could simply use "iwlist <interface> scan" and then grep your results to your liking02:27
PxGaZuZcan anyone help me figure out how to create some space so i can dual boot?02:27
g0rsidefix: usb had replaced floppy disks02:27
PxGaZuZheres an image i get from gparted02:27
OerHeksidefix >   sudo mount /dev/fd0 /floppy -t vfat   ( found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount  )02:27
bkfitzsammy: how about kismet02:27
nac-godfatheranyone know how I can reset a probably power circuit breaker that was blown from ESD on my keyboard receiver.02:28
manbra_linuxhey.  i want to play a game with a friend on hte same computer.  I'm thinking i could have two Xs, one for eahc monitor.  can i 'bind' a mouse and keyboard to each x?02:28
idefixhow do you get out of the man mount command?!02:28
nac-godfatherdmesg gives this when plugging in my keyboard receiver:  new full speed USB device number 19 using ohci_hcd    device not accepting address 19, error -6202:28
DasEiidefix: press q02:29
slimwow weird things happening to my computer. total off line frozen for awile  But who cares..02:29
deadpoolhey I donwloaded eclipse but it came from a folder how do I open it with sudo02:29
amin` I am following http://tech2day.wordpress.com/2008/08/25/howtoconfigure-mutt-for-gmail-imap/ to set gmail and I get this error Error in /home/amin/.muttrc, line 5: Mail”: unknown variable  source: errors in /home/amin/.muttrc  Press any key to continue...   any idea what is it about and after  press key the login failed is shown02:29
PxGaZuZ can anyone help me figure out how to create some space so i can dual boot?02:29
sammybkfitz: thanks, I was hoping there was something already in a repo. kismet is what I used years ago but its configuration is more than I need. i was really hoping for something a bit more simple.02:30
bkfitzsammy: yep... it's called iwscanner ;)02:30
sammyg0rs: I think I am actually using an atheros card, I'll look into aircrack.02:30
sammybkfitz: ha :P I'm just always so skeptical of projects that have been around for a while but have no official debian package02:30
PxGaZuZno help eh? fine....02:31
g0rssammy: it might need some work too although if you are debian its much easier as there are deb packages02:31
Nicolas_Leonida2ok my cron is definitely not working on time, are there logs I could see why?02:31
idefixoerheks are you sure floppy disks are vfat?02:32
g0rsidefix: floppy disks usually have fat1202:32
philipballewcan i open a document made with pages in ubuntu02:32
bkfitzsammy: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-834947.html02:33
g0rsidefix: on linux im not really sure , probably you can format them with ext202:33
sammybkfitz: sorry, don't get me wrong, I end up installing things without reviewed packages a lot, I was just being lazy and hoping there was a more simple scanner in the repos. thanks for the suggestions, g0rs and nac-godfather02:34
sammyI'll use iwscanner. maybe I'll nominate it for a getdebs package.02:34
bkfitzsammy: yeah... i understand.  Looks like this one is pretty vetted though... not sure why ubuntu hasn't packaged it or at least auth'd it02:35
nac-godfatherbuild from source, always :)02:35
g0rssammy: you might try wifi radar . I'm not really sure about the name02:35
idefixI guess OerHeks is part of the Wicca trying to screw things up for all non-wiccans02:35
g0rssammy: it lists diferent wlans and their channels02:35
sammyg0rs: i saw you mention that but I didnt know what you meant02:35
idefixare you, OerHeks?02:35
OerHeksidefix, blaim the wiki, nobody uses FD here02:36
qinjose08? http://paste.ubuntu.com/702025/02:37
webgirlhow do you give yourself full permission to the lamp server02:40
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g0rs!seen winut02:41
ubottuI have no seen command02:41
webgirlevery time I try to make a change or save anything I get permission denied02:41
bastidrazorwebgirl: how are you trying to make changes?02:42
michael123455i am moving a lot of 5gb files(2.5 tb) over to my media server. I am using all 1000mbit networking gear(cards and all) and my server has raid 5(3x WD 2tb green). I am only getting avg. 6MB/s. Is this normal? I am using rsync over ssh(made the most sense to me to connect this way as it is what i'm used to)02:42
qinwebgirl: You could add yourself to www-data group and chmod /var/www acordingly.02:42
webgirlhow do I do that, I have eclipse and I want to edit files from the www folder02:43
webgirlbut I can't02:43
webgirledit, save and all that stuff in there02:43
qinwebgirl: Try: sudo adduser `whoami` www-data02:44
webgirlwhere it says whoami I put my name? qin02:45
ActionParsnipwebgirl: run the command as given and it will work02:46
qinwebgirl: Sure, or use `` for command substitution02:46
bonez2046how can I test my sound? It worked yesterday , today not.. is it a module that may have failed?02:46
webgirloh yeah it did work thanks02:46
webgirlone last question, if I downloaded eclipse and it is on a folder, is there any way I can dock it to the left sidebar?02:47
ActionParsnipbonez2046: a good first move is:  killall pulseaudio; rm -r ~/.pulse*    then wait 10 seconds for pulse to start back up02:47
bonez2046ActionParsnip: ok..02:47
qinwebgirl: man chmod; you need to know how to chmod your files (sometimes)...02:47
qinwebgirl: (non supportive) ditch eclipe, use vim.02:48
jamescarr_how can I get rid of unity!?02:48
jamescarr_I am sick of it02:48
jamescarr_it is really bad02:48
jamescarr_it ate my gvim menubar02:48
qin!classic | jamescarr_02:48
ubottujamescarr_: The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".02:48
jamescarr_I cant get anything done with no gvim menubar02:48
qin!enter > jamescarr_02:48
ubottujamescarr_, please see my private message02:48
pitlimitCan anyone tell me the best vpn option for ubuntu?02:48
jamescarr_!enter > qin02:49
ubottuqin, please see my private message02:49
dr_willisthats the global menu. not unity02:49
jamescarr_dr_willis, can I get rid of it?02:49
jamescarr_it is driving me insane02:49
dr_willisjamescarr_:  of course02:49
ActionParsnipjamescarr_: log into ubuntu classic session02:49
jamescarr_no gvim toolbar menu == much pain02:49
dr_williswebupd8 blog tells how02:50
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bonez2046ActionParsnip: I ran those both... if I kill pulseaudio, what starts it back up?02:50
ActionParsnipjamescarr_: unity2D replaces ubuntu classic in oneiric, so you may want to switch to xfce02:50
jamescarr_ActionParsnip, xfce!? No way!02:50
ActionParsnipbonez2046: its a setting in gnome, it is a required item so is autostarted02:50
jamescarr_ActionParsnip, xfce is good if I was running a 386sx :)02:50
ActionParsnipjamescarr_: gnome in ubuntu will be purely unity based in futire releases02:51
ActionParsnipjamescarr_: its a fine desktop, looks and smells like gnome2 as well02:51
jamescarr_ah, just looked at the site, it's changed02:51
jamescarr_it used to be the well known, lightweight "looks like 1998" window manager ;)02:52
ActionParsnipjamescarr_: its a DE, not a WM02:52
jamescarr_I see, it used to be a WM though02:52
michael123455i am moving a lot of 5gb files(2.5 tb) over to my media server. I am using all 1000mbit networking gear(cards and all) and my server has raid 5(3x WD 2tb green). I am only getting avg. 6MB/s. Is this normal? I am using rsync over ssh(made the most sense to me to connect this way as it is what i'm used to)02:53
ActionParsnipjamescarr_: xfce has never been a WM, it uses Xfwm as its WM02:53
jamescarr_is there a chance that unity will fix what it did to gvim?02:54
sliptteeshi all, have ubuntu one client for Mac OS X ?02:54
jamescarr_granted, I like it, it's just annoying that it mangled gvim to the point that it just doesn't work02:54
xanguaslipttees: no, just for windows and android that i know02:55
xanguaand ubuntu of course :P02:55
OtendDoes anyone know how to get the fan working on a Satellite L305D-series lappy?02:55
sliptteesxangua, windows, virus on ubuntu one, oww no :(02:55
OtendI mean, I'm underclocking a bit and I am still running 77 C.02:56
ActionParsnipslipttees: http://arstechnica.com/open-source/news/2011/10/hands-on-new-ubuntu-one-cloud-storage-client-for-windows.ars?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=rss   published today states: ack of a Mac OS X client   so I'm guessing not02:56
sliptteesActionParsnip, :D02:56
ActionParsnipjamescarr_: then use ubuntu classic and the desktop will look like maverick did02:57
jamescarr_ActionParsnip, thanks, I got that... just asking if the gvim problem is a known issue?02:57
OtendI will take that as a no :<02:57
ActionParsnipjamescarr_: could report a bug02:58
ActionParsnipOtend: well done, you waited all of 3 mins02:58
ActionParsnipOtend: got patience?02:58
Otendnot exactly in a good mood today; should not have rubbed that off on you guys.  again, sorry02:59
ActionParsnipits cool :)02:59
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robin0800Otend, is the fan running perhaps its failed or very dirty and not working well03:08
OtendIt works perfectly fine in Vista.03:09
slimanyone out there03:11
g0rsslim: hi03:11
firmevatoI'm pretty out there.03:11
firmevatoand fittin' to go further03:12
firmevatotime for some bong hits, bro.03:12
DasEislim: a 1443 currently03:12
Willis420Otend;i have a satellite L655-S5096 on 11.04 and the fan works great03:13
g0rsfirmevato: does google track everybody and record everybody's activiies and sell them to marketing companies?03:13
OtendMaybe it's just this series.03:13
GasseusIs there an audio compressor that compresses my audio while keeping the audio tags?03:13
Willis420Otend; have you tried other versions?03:14
g0rsfirmevato: its like all consumers ( people) are like cattle to these big companies and they are using or misuing their information for profit or abuse03:14
OtendOther versions of Ubuntu?03:14
robin0800Otend, install psensor to see what's going on03:14
OtendNo.  However, this has apparently been a problem with many for several years.03:14
Otendokay, about to install03:14
somsipGasseus: please stop goading the stoners03:14
somsipGasseus: aplogoies - meant for g0rs03:15
g0rsthanks somsip, apparent you are one of those cattle too03:15
GasseusDon't worry, I'll deal with him.03:15
somsipGasseus: thanks03:15
firmevatog0rs, yeah totally, bro.03:16
w0_hollo.  I'm running 11.04, and when I use ctrl-alt-<num_key> I reposition my windows.  way cool!  however when I press alt-tab the 'alt-tab' window menu thing runs in the [visual] background .. anyone know what's going on?? -- much thx!!03:16
g0rsGasseus: i don't blog nor do i read any of other's blogs unless they are really interesting03:16
g0rsGasseus: don't have time to read blogs :/03:17
GasseusIs there any way to convert my MP3's to 128 bit while preserving the proper tagging?03:19
zmbmartinI just installed 11.10 beta 2 on my HP Envy 17 the clickpad support is not so good any help or recommendations? I tried a few tutorials but they didn't work and read that it should be provided out of the box in 11.04 and 11.10?03:19
ActionParsnipzmbmartin: ask in #ubuntu+1 for anything oneiric based03:20
Gasseuszmbmartin do a sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade, its a known issue03:20
ZeloZelosi need help fixing grub. i used ubuntu tweak to remove what i thought was all the old grubs ;(03:20
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)03:21
ActionParsnipZeloZelos: oh boy. What did you do and what do you now have?03:21
zmbmartinGasseus: I am all up to date03:21
zmbmartinActionParsnip: What room should I ask in?03:21
Gasseuszmbmartin use the .gov repositories.03:21
GasseusIt just got fixed like an hour ago03:21
ActionParsnipto https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)03:21
ZeloZelosActionParsnip, i only have vista, the drive has win 8 and ubuntu 1103:21
nixjrwill western digital 3tb hdds work with ubuntu 10.10?03:21
ActionParsnipzmbmartin: #ubuntu+103:21
ActionParsnipnixjr: should do03:21
Gasseusnixjr Any hard disk will work up to 16 TB in size03:21
nixjri heard somehting about a 2.2tb limit somewhere03:22
GasseusWill it work with your bios is the real question03:22
ZeloZelosActionParsnip, i tried the grub stuff from the links but i guess i messed up03:22
ActionParsnipZeloZelos: no, what kernels do you have now?03:22
Gasseusand the limit is 4 tb03:22
zmbmartinGasseus: how do I switch to the .gov repos. Still trying to feel my way around ubuntu?03:22
Gasseuszmbmartin install synaptic and use its tools.03:22
ActionParsnipzmbmartin: ask in #ubuntu+1 please03:22
ZeloZelosActionParsnip, oh, its 2.6.32-34 i think03:22
nixjrGasseus, ah, any sort of rough date that mobo made post that date will work?03:23
ZeloZelosActionParsnip, i already baqckuped the stuff on the drive i needed03:23
Gasseusnixjr What key do you use to get into the boot menu?03:23
Otendokay, psensor is showing nothing useful03:23
Otendother than current temp03:23
ActionParsnipZeloZelos: so, where is the issue?03:24
GasseusZeloZelos Try running grub-install and update-grub03:24
ZeloZelosActionParsnip, the ubuntu lines arent there when grub starts, just memtest's and vista03:25
nixjrGasseus, lol i dont recall, its f1, or del, is an asus P5Q series03:25
ActionParsnipZeloZelos: boot to liveCD and chroot to the installed ubuntu OS and run:  sudo update-grub03:25
Gasseusnixjr You need a separate boot disk then.03:25
GasseusZeloZelos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows03:26
nixjreven if i only intend on using the 3tb as a data drive and not booting off it?03:26
Gasseusnixjr if you're not booting off it, you're fine03:26
ZeloZelosActionParsnip, perhaps if i hit e and change the vista line to load ubuntu, then use update grub n stuf that way?03:26
ActionParsnipZeloZelos: if you are able to, why not :)03:26
nixjrGasseus, awesome, thanks for the info03:26
ZeloZelosActionParsnip, i did something similar a while ago and enede up reinstalling my entire hd im afaraid to do it agin03:26
Gasseusnixjr no problem.03:27
GasseusZeloZelos Check this artical: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows03:27
Otendone sec, trying something...03:27
ZeloZelosActionParsnip, thats the exact page i used03:27
ActionParsnipZeloZelos: if you are conversant with grub then go for it :). I don't advise 3rd party apps to remove something as fundamental as kernels03:27
w0_why is alt-tab not working?03:28
bjoswald83Ubuntu Tweak seems safe enough to use03:28
ActionParsnipZeloZelos: http://karuppuswamy.com/wordpress/2010/06/02/how-to-chroot-to-ubuntu-using-live-cd-to-fix-grub-rescue-prompt/03:28
ActionParsnipbjoswald83: its a simple process to do manually, no risk then03:28
ZeloZelosActionParsnip, i need a demo setup, i think i can figure out what the hd partition name is n all03:28
bjoswald83I haven't had any issues removing old kernels with it but I'll take expert advice anytime :)03:28
ZeloZelosActionParsnip, the chroot method was also one of the ways i was unsuccessfull03:29
g0rs{-_-} : hi03:29
ZeloZelosActionParsnip, i kinda need a plug n fix method, cept if i can get the os to boot i think i may be able to fix that way03:29
ActionParsnipZeloZelos: all I can recommend is boot to liveCD and chroot03:30
DasEiZeloZelos: use subergrubdisk then03:30
ActionParsnipZeloZelos: i'm not conversant with grub as I single boot03:30
samsulis there anyone can help me to seed this file ? http://www.torrents.net/torrent/1678111/ultimate-edition-3.0-gamers.iso/03:30
Gasseussamsul This channel is for stuff that is legal.03:30
ActionParsnipsamsul: ultimate is offtopic here03:31
bjoswald83Ultimate what?03:31
ActionParsnipGasseus: it is legal, ultimate gamer edition is a rehashed ubuntu with lots of free games on03:31
bjoswald83Oh, I thought it was an illegal copy of Windows ;)03:31
ZeloZelosActionParsnip, your prob right, it may go better this time, last time i messed it all up because i installed ubuntu to a micro sd on a flash adaptor, and when it installed grub it started an entire chaine of crap03:31
nixjrbjoswald83, thats what im wondering too03:31
GasseusActionParsnip Oh, my bad. I saw torrents and thought that immediately.03:31
ActionParsnipGasseus: not this time03:32
ZeloZelosthanks guys for the suggestions03:32
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samsuljust because i'm downloading this file for a week...03:32
samsulbut never finish...03:32
nixjrbjoswald83, http://ultimateedition.info/03:32
ActionParsnipGasseus: http://ultimateedition.info/ultimate-edition/ultimate-edition-gamers/   list of games which come pre-installed there03:32
bjoswald83Ah, ok, thanks03:33
ActionParsnip!ultimate | samsul03:33
ubottusamsul: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux), Ultimate Edition03:33
zromaynhi, I just installed dhcp3-server in my ubuntu 11.04 server. however, i don't think is even working.03:33
Gasseuszromayn May I ask what you need dhcp3-server for?03:34
samsulOk, thanks all..03:34
Gasseuszromayn for most (99%) of purposes that one would think its necessary it isn't.03:34
zromaynGasseus, well, as far as I know I need to assign IP addresses to my home network03:35
mediapcrunning an nvidia card with current driver on ubuntu 11.04 and my screen is too big for the screen. my screen is getting the video signal from the video card through hdmi. Can anyone help?03:35
bambanxhow in hell i can uninstall full wine guys03:35
zromaynGasseus, I don't want to use my home router to do so. I don't understand your question.03:35
Gasseuszromayn #ubuntu-server, tho you may want to look at a dedicated firewall distribution.03:35
mediapczromayn: try pfsense03:36
whodafckhow is everyone?03:36
g0rsmediapc: have you connected a hdtv to your nvidia video card?03:36
Gasseuszromayn tho if its for a household, setting static IP's that don't conflict is 100% easier then setting up a dhcp server.03:37
mediapcg0rs:  yes03:37
Rotai cannot access chat from my friend using the linux mint . ihave already downloaded the linux version03:37
qinbambanx: Which version? 1.2 1.3?03:37
g0rsmediapc: is everything working out ? are you able to display 1080p on your screen?03:37
qinbambanx: sudo apt-get purge wine<TAB> also remove ~/.wine03:38
mediapclooks like it was working. The new experimental drivers gave me no sound. the current nvidia drivers give me sound but the screen is cut off03:38
zromaynGasseus, I want to know how to set up a dhcp server so I'm using my home LAN as a lab.03:38
bambanxqin when i pres tab i see this wine1.3-gecko  wine-bin       winetricks03:39
Rota1.3 version03:39
Gasseuszromayn Really, running a DHCP server separate from your router is overkill.03:39
bambanxqin buddy03:39
mediapcg0rs: I do get 1080i (tv is 1080i) but when I make a movie full screen the edges go outside of the viewable area03:39
g0rsmediapc: very interesting. I wanted to try something like that but postponed it for a while. I wanted to hook up a tv to a computer through wlan because i usually dont use so much bandwidth on my wlan router03:39
qinbambanx: Remove all or them. sudo apt-get purge wine1.3 wine1.3-gecko winetricks03:40
zromaynGasseus, have you setup dhcp3 in ubuntu server before? If so, can you help me set it up correctly?03:40
qinbambanx: And: rm -r ~/.wine (please carefull)03:40
bambanxqin  /usr/share/wine/gecko' say me it snot empy and i cannot unistall03:40
slimHello I am new and am running an old compaq armada e500 using ubuntu 10.0 and barely know how to run it. I am having troubles running flash. Can someone please help Me .???..Oh and I am a newbie...03:40
cakeb0sszromayn how many computers? and why isnt simply using a router with the dhcp server enabled sufficient?03:41
Gasseuszromayn I've tried, its nearly impossible, and its overkill, unless you need it for some hyper-special purpose that is non-existant.03:41
mediapcIm able to stream video from the linksys e4200 router (usb drive) no problem with linux. sucks I cant see it very well in HDMI03:41
GasseusYour router will do a better job at assigning IP's which you can use.03:41
bambanxqin what cani do buddy?03:42
qinbambanx: You can remove it later, after: dpkg -l wine1.3-gecko will return that there is not package.03:42
ZeloZelosslim did you try the software center? type flash in the search box it should show up03:42
akston@slim - Open the Ubuntu SW Centre from the gnome menu, type 'flash' into the search box - you'll find a package called Adobe Flash Plugin (Installer for the Adobe Flash Plugin)03:42
qinbambanx: Or try: sudo apt-get autoremove03:42
akston@slim It's kind of like an 'app store'03:43
bambanxqin  sudo apt-get purge wine1.3-gecko03:44
bambanx this say me , it cannot remove because is a virtual package03:44
Otend...Nnnnnope, BIOS has nothing.03:44
slimoh ya thanks guys i  will thank you i will try that03:44
g0rsmediapc: are you using an external wlan card for connecting to the tv?  is it not possible to connect the tv to your wlan router?03:44
qinbambanx: Uhm: sudo apt-get purge wine1.303:44
zromaynGasseus, I just want to be able to get it working, that's all.03:44
slimI am very new to this03:45
Gasseuszromayn but WHY?03:45
mediapcg0rs: tv does not have a place for a wlan. right now the pc is using a 300Mbps usb wireless adapter03:45
w0_is compiz cool? (sounds dumb, i know. hah)03:46
zromaynGasseus, I just told you, because I want to get it working. That's all.03:46
bambanxthanks qin you are like a angel god send me bro03:46
bjoswald83It's cool if you like cubes and wobbly windows03:46
bjoswald83Otherwise I wouldn't recommend it03:46
g0rsmediapc: are all of the connections in your wlan router full? it usually has 256 ethernet ports03:46
qinbambanx: Sweet.03:46
w0_seriously is compiz a configuration tool? or a program that runs all the time?03:46
bjoswald83It's basicly desktop 3D support for window effects03:47
qinw0_: It is compisitor03:47
DasEiw0_: which gcard are you using ?03:47
bjoswald83And it's the backbone of Unity03:47
zromaynhi, does anybody else has played with dhcp3-server?03:47
mediapcg0rs: no03:47
ubottuA high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.03:47
bambanxqin, how i can re check is the package is full uninstalled ?03:47
w0_uhm .. integrated on an AMD board ... lemme check what kinda chips we're eating ....03:47
w0_well AMD cpu board03:47
ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."03:47
akston@w0_ The dekstop cube thing is a 'cool' way of organizing your workspaces on the faces of a cube, I find it useful because you can set it up to be translucent and see other things that are going on03:48
bjoswald83I think it's cool because it's unique03:48
bjoswald83You can only do so much with Alt-Tab03:48
qinbambanx: locate wine - that one is crude, but dpkg -l wine1.3 tell you what system see.03:48
DasEiw0_: rather less good idea, as compiz sucks quite lot of graphic power, might run in trouble other then bigger decent cards, nvidia works best for me03:49
zromaynhas anybody here played with dhcp3-server with ubuntu 11.04?03:49
w0_akston - cool is cool .. but I prefer eleagance.  makles me feel like a ninha03:49
w0_hi yah!03:49
mikodo@slim, you might want to make sure you have no other flash like gnash or klash installed before installing adobe flash. They won't play together well.03:49
w0_where do I go to figure out what vid s[pecs I've got?03:49
g0rsmediapc: my wlan router is also very slow i'm not getting more than 2megabytes/sec . If i use ethernet on the router its about 3 megabytes per second. If i connect to the ethernet port ( to my internet provider) i get upto 9 megabytes per second . Is there a way to increase wlan speed of a dlink router?03:49
SetiAmonhey i don't know if this is off topic but i need some help.after i ran bleachbits firefox isn't working right.like it displays no graphics or frames or such03:49
phlak_userw0_:  sudo lshw will tell you all you wanna know03:49
g0rsit shoud get atleast 10 mbps on wireless n03:50
bambanxqin, in /var/lib/dpkg/info/ i have  lot of wine files03:50
phlak_userSetiAmon: whats bleachbits03:50
DasEiSetiAmon: topic, re-install ff03:50
SetiAmonbleachbits is like ccleaner on windows03:50
slimMikodo: thanks for the advice will have check some how i am a very newbie03:50
mediapcg0rs: running ddwrt?03:50
bjoswald83In other words: a godsend03:50
g0rsmediapc: no03:51
phlak_userSetiAmon: you mean like a computer-janitor03:51
qinbambanx: You do not want to touch them. In general visits to /var/lib/ should be avoided.03:51
DasEiSetiAmon: sudo apt-get install --reinstall firefox03:51
mediapcg0rs: do you have other devices not n connecting to the router?03:51
phlak_user!info computer-janitor03:51
ubottucomputer-janitor (source: computer-janitor): Clean up a system so it's more like a freshly installed one. In component main, is optional. Version 2.1.0-0ubuntu4 (natty), package size 34 kB, installed size 328 kB03:51
g0rsmediapc: i have an epson printer connected to it which shouldn't use much bandwidth03:51
DasEi!info bleachbit03:51
ubottubleachbit (source: bleachbit): delete unnecessary files from the system. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8.7-1 (natty), package size 278 kB, installed size 1792 kB03:51
SetiAmoncool doing so now lets see if it works03:52
bjoswald83!info libvdpau103:52
ubottulibvdpau1 (source: libvdpau): Video Decode and Presentation API for Unix (libraries). In component main, is optional. Version 0.4.1-2ubuntu1 (natty), package size 23 kB, installed size 128 kB03:52
mediapcg0rs: wireless printer?03:52
DasEiphlak_user: bbit is more a log,history,cache killer03:52
g0rsmediapc: its a wireless pritner03:52
SetiAmonnever used c omputer janitor,bleachbits also deletes free space,i'm not sure if thats pointless on a encrypted HD?03:52
phlak_userDasEi: oh ok; never had much use for such things03:52
w0_ATI radeon HD 4200 -- why do you ask?03:53
g0rsmediapc: it could be a firmware issue of dlink wireless n router. I wonder how cisco fares03:53
=== Mud is now known as Guest42310
DasEiphlak_user: but you can also easily loose bookmarks or parts of profiles as we see03:53
mikodoslim, again just check for "flash in synaptic or software centre, (do a search for flash), they will show if you have installed any other flash applications earlier, if so un-install them before installing adobe flash03:53
w0_on a side note, would adding a vid card to my system that uses integrated video, make my puter run faster?03:53
mediapcg0rs: i take it the printer is not n though. The way I understand the router to work is if there is anything connected to the router that is not n the devices that are connected that are n end up connecting in g or b for compatability03:54
phlak_userDasEi: ok03:54
DasEiw0_: yes, memory alone03:54
mediapcg0rs: unless its a dual band router you cannot have something connected with n and something else with a/b/g03:54
g0rsmediapc: that could be a reason . I did explicitly configure my router to be in wireless n mode only.  The printer connects with wireless n mode.03:55
w0_dasei -- that's what I needed to hear. thx!03:55
g0rsmediapc: or perhaps the printer is connecting in abg modes.03:55
slimMikodo: thanks  i will check that  need all the help i can get thank u03:55
whodafckanyone here use ubuntu on vmware ws8?03:55
phlak_user!anyone| whodafck03:55
ubottuwhodafck: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.03:55
Gasseusmediapc actually, you're wrong. My grandma's laptop connects perfectly fine to my n-only router single band.03:55
DasEiw0_: until you are a hardcore gamer even the older gforce 8600 (and higher) are fine n cheap03:56
mediapcg0rs: check and see if the printer is n capable. it might also be that the driver you are using is not connecting in N. Mine was not because of an issue with the ralink driver provided to ubuntu03:56
g0rsmediapc: what is the maximum speed you got on a wireless n router?03:56
DasEiw0_: you free your ram, and the ram of the cards are faster03:56
whodafckDoes anyone use ubuntu in vmware workstation 8?03:56
mediapcGasseus: yes, the n routers are a/b/g/n for compatability03:57
g0rsmediapc: i think i have a wireless n driver from intel which should work at wireless n speeds atleast at 10 megabytes /sec03:57
DasEiwhodafck: no, but in virtualbox03:58
* phlak_user 802.11a - 5GHz 802.11b/g - 2.4GHz03:58
mediapcGasseus: doent mean your grandma is getting n speed if she does not have an n wireless card on her laptop03:58
g0rsmediapc: what is the wlan speed you need to display 1080p on your hdtv  via wlan?03:58
g0rsmediapc: have you measured wlan speed of your router?03:58
whodafckI am a newwwwwwB and I can't tell if this is using my graphics card03:58
Gasseusg0rs wireless p03:58
mikodoslim, in Software sources, I think you will have to check as having the (Software restricted by copyright or legal issues Multiverse) repositories to use Adobe (not sure but I think so)03:58
w0_dasei -- zactally. I'm looking at my puter's spec web site, and it says that arch is dual channel, but there is only a 4 GB and a 1 GB installed (5 total) -- should I replace that 1 gigger for a 4 gigger?? (much thx)03:58
g0rsGasseus: what is wireless p?03:59
GasseusWirelessN cannot transmit full quality 1080P03:59
Gasseusg0rs it was an imaginary protocol03:59
DasEiwhodafck: it does, but by a modul, so no full 3d support, if that's the issue,03:59
whodafcktalk to me bro03:59
g0rsmediapc: i have cat5e cables which should be fast. Probably cat5e cables are good for hdtv's04:00
whodafckhmmm should I just install ubuntu on my asus g53?04:00
mediapcg0rs: yes I dont need more than ~120 Mbps to show 1080i without issues which I do get with the setup I have now04:00
Gasseuswhodafck are you absolutely sure you don't need windows?04:00
whodafckit took me 3 hours to figure out how to install vm workstation tools04:01
whodafcki pretty sure i need it bro04:01
magn3tsCan anyone tell me why Ubuntu has simply stopping repeating my keypresses?04:01
g0rsmediapc: 120Mbps is 15 megabytes per second04:01
Gasseuswhodafck then don't04:01
DasEiw0_: 4 g is fine for most uses, rather rip the one if it's another brand and then tune timings, or get similar modules, both channels oc04:01
Gasseusmagn3ts hit the right control key04:01
whodafckthis is hard04:01
mediapcg0rs: yea that will be fine. the dlink router has Gbit ports? does your pc have Gbit ports?04:01
phlak_usermagn3ts: cos you instructed it to?04:01
whodafckhow did you learn to use it?04:01
magn3tsGasseus, ?04:01
whodafckits the terminal that gets me.04:02
magn3tsphlak_user, How would I have done that so that I may undo it, though I posit that I did no such thing.04:02
Gasseusmagn3ts odd solution to an odd problem04:02
whodafckwish I could just click and get what i want04:02
magn3tsGasseus, hehe, I like your thought process but it did not help sadly.04:02
slimWondering if there is  a better ubuntu download to replace the 10.0 version I have on this old compaq armada e50004:02
g0rsmediapc: its an old dlink wireless n router. it doesn't have a gbit port.04:02
mediapcg0rs: 120 Megabips on local wireless lan04:02
xanguaslim: ubuntu.com04:02
Gasseusmagn3ts the right control key (if pressed during a time when X is plugged up with keypresses), flushes the cache of keypresses.04:02
=== syadamin|away is now known as sysadamin
phlak_usermagn3ts: in Keyboard Preferences, cehck if the check-box next to "Key presses repeat when key is held down" is checked04:03
magn3tsGasseus, ah, I don't think that's the issue, it happened very soon after rebooting.04:03
DasEiwhodafck: calm a little down and just start somewhere, people tend to be helpfull and there are the forums, too04:03
Gasseusmagn3ts you'd be surprised.04:03
magn3tsphlak_user, It's checked. :/04:03
whodafcki am calm04:03
magn3tsGasseus, well like I said, I've tried various method of pressing it with no luck :[04:03
mediapchaving issues with my screen getting cut running ubuntu though hdml to TV. Can anyone help?04:03
qing0rs: For hour long movie (lets say 60Gbyte), you need 17Mbyte/s transfer.04:03
w0_dasie: ya .. thx.  just window shoping for my next upgrade -- I'm not a gamer, and I run linux .. I could be happy like this for years. hahah04:04
whodafckI will know where to come next time I have problems though. Can I pm you next time04:04
nprezidentwhodafck use google04:04
DasEiw0_: yes, linux made my hadware-vendor poor, too ;)04:04
whodafcki tried.04:04
whodafckit was hard04:04
phlak_userwhodafck: and see if you can get a friendlier nick04:04
whodafckk brb04:05
w0_is there a goodway to judge where your linux box's hardware's bottleneck is?04:05
DasEiw0_: there are several test utilities like glxgears, cpuburn, memcheck and more04:05
GasseusI'm starting to regret using multiple layers of encryption...04:05
=== whodafck is now known as jesus
g0rsqin: does any wlan router support data transfer upto 17 megabyte per second? i'm not sure if a computer can do that which runs linux. It should have raid or sata for that capability.04:06
magn3tsGasseus, your IO times love you.04:06
phlak_userw0_: http://lbs.sourceforge.net/ should point you in the right direction04:06
=== jesus is now known as jesuslovesyou
DasEiw0_: and there is #hardware with more gurus on that04:06
Gasseusmagn3ts I get only 11 mbps writes.04:06
jesuslovesyouis that better?04:06
magn3ts;) sarcasm04:06
nprezidentw0_ http://goo.gl/qk1Q604:06
daiwalkrGood someone does.04:06
g0rsmediapc: what do you think?04:07
Gasseusbut I _need_ that encryption per company policy04:07
w0_nprezident -- nice link thx04:07
ActionParsnipjesuslovesyou: depends how the thing you want is packed as to how it is installed04:07
nprezidentw0 np04:07
w0_well hey peeps, gotta do some studying .. keep linux cool!! ;)04:07
mediapcg0rs: sorry missed the question. googleing for a solution to my video problem04:07
jesuslovesyounot really sure what you mean by packed actionparsnip04:08
g0rsmediapc: does any wlan router support data transfer upto 17 megabyte per second? i'm not sure if a computer can do that which runs linux. It should have raid or sata for that capability.04:08
Gasseusw0_ Its already more popular than windows vista, what else do you want?04:08
w0_I want a helicopter04:08
Gasseusgo ask @eastdakota04:08
w0_is it really?04:08
Gasseusaccording to w3c, linux as a whole is more popular as a desktop system than windows vista04:08
qing0rs: 17Mbyte is theoretical, since there is much overhead on wlan.04:09
jesuslovesyouwhat is a good guide for learning the terminal and the commands?04:09
jesuslovesyouhow to I get superuser?04:09
Gasseusand android is more popular than ios04:09
magn3tsphlak_user, btw thank you. unchecking and rechecking fixed it!!!04:09
=== syadamin|away is now known as sysadamin
phlak_usermagn3ts: yw04:09
magn3ts"popular" is probably not the rigth word.04:09
Gasseusjesuslovesyou if you don't know the commands, there's no need for sudo04:09
jesuslovesyoui love android04:09
folivorajesuslovesyou: you should lear to use sudo04:09
nprezidentjesuslovesyou google top ubuntu terminal commands04:09
nprezidentjesuslovesyou su04:09
mediapcSSD in RAID . have you seen the samsung ssd in raid video (24 ssds) crazy video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96dWOEa4Djs04:09
phlak_user!sudo | jesuslovesyou04:10
ubottujesuslovesyou: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo04:10
Gasseusnprezident su is Debian, sudo is ubuntu04:10
SetiAmonreinstalling firefox worked04:10
jesuslovesyouI love Ubuntu cause its free04:10
jesuslovesyoui like the idea of it being free04:10
DasEiSetiAmon: nice to see04:10
nprezidentgasseus cool - i use both and im on ubuntu04:10
mediapcg0rs: its possible with ssds04:10
qinnprezident: su is not supported here, sudo -i is embraced.04:10
jesuslovesyouthats why I want to learn it04:10
folivorajesuslovesyou: With sudo there comes big responsibily.04:10
Gasseusnprezident its depreciated in 11.04, removed in 11.1004:10
ActionParsnipjesuslovesyou: you can get to superuser with:  sudo -i04:10
qinjesuslovesyou: You are offtopic04:10
ActionParsnip!manual | jesuslovesyou04:11
ubottujesuslovesyou: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/04:11
nprezidentqin ok04:11
jesuslovesyouwhat do you mean I am off topic?04:11
nprezidentand gasseus cool04:11
jesuslovesyouwhat do you wanna talk about04:11
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:11
qin!ot > jesuslovesyou04:11
ubottujesuslovesyou, please see my private message04:11
qinphlak_user: Double impact ;)04:11
g0rsmediapc, qin: on ethernet i dont get more than 11.2 megabytes /sec . I did benchmark my ethernet card which is intel 4695 ethernet card04:11
phlak_userqin: oops04:11
Gasseus(of corse, so is aptitude and synaptic, but those are different, I couldn't live without them.)04:11
jesuslovesyouthank you04:12
mikodoHey jesus, check this out: linuxcommand.org/04:12
SetiAmonI got a security question.is there any point to shredding freespace if my HD is encrypted with lvm?04:12
g0rsmediapc: what is the speed you get on ethernet and wlan?04:12
phlak_userg0rs: thats probably with a 100Mbit/s card; you should get at least 900Mb/s with a GiGE at both ends04:12
GasseusSetiAmon One time, yes, otherwise no.04:12
phlak_userg0rs: and use iperf to test the throughput04:13
g0rsphlak_user: seems like a 100 megabit card and not megabyte04:13
jesuslovesyouSetiAmon I use wipe my free space on my hard drives on a regular basis04:13
phlak_userg0rs: yes04:13
GasseusSetiAmon It could be easier done by using perl -e 'while(n<1000000000){print <ARGS> "fart";)' fart.txt04:14
Gasseusand yes, that is the one liner that I use.04:14
kkb110_Hello, I would like to speed up or speed down a particular program (by faking system clock speed) how do I do that?04:15
DasEiSetiAmon: sure, as every encryption can be broken as your system can be compromised online04:15
Gasseuskkb110_ man nice04:15
munzxttthi! when i boot or restart my laptop i get an error message with option to report the issue!!! and when i click on "report this issue" i get the password box! ... is this some malicious attack!04:15
g0rsphlak_user: i installed iperf but it wont run :/04:15
Gasseusmunzxttt no. Please report the issue, because it will help future versions of ubuntu be less buggy04:15
DasEimunzxttt: no, regular04:15
phlak_userg0rs: why?04:15
SetiAmonso maybe just use shred once in awhile on freespace.i remember i used to do that(recently went back to linux)04:16
=== syadamin|away is now known as sysadamin
GasseusSetiAmon Doing it more than once is overkill04:16
kkb110_Gasseus, that's just for modifying scheduling priority, isn't it?04:16
g0rsphlak_user: what is the syntax for using iperf?04:16
munzxtttGasseus : thanks! i will04:16
=== sk8 is now known as ibsk8
Gasseuskkb110_ You aren't "supposed" to be able to modify clock speed without messing up the system.04:16
daiwalkri have a wireless keyboard and mouse (USB) that will not work with Ubuntu 11.04 and today's snapshot of 11.10.  Any suggestions.  It locks up as soon as I press any key on the keyboard.04:16
daiwalkrWorks fine under Windoze 7.04:17
phlak_userg0rs: at one machine iperf -s  and at the other machine iperf -c ip-of-other-machine04:17
kkb110_Gasseus, so that's why asked, yeah, at least I need root and some modified kernel, probably, right?04:17
DasEiSetiAmon: and have a container for sensitive data which is not open online in a vm04:17
Gasseusdaiwalkr Erm look in bluetooth settings04:17
SetiAmonbtw whats a good firewall,i mean one i don't have to program that learns etc as i never was good at manually configuring firewalls04:17
=== jesuslovesyou is now known as navida
Gasseuskkb110_ That "stuff" isn't supported in this channel.04:17
ActionParsnip!firewall | SetiAmon04:18
ubottuSetiAmon: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo | GUI frontends such as Gufw (GNOME) and Guarddog (KDE Lucid and Maverick) also exist.04:18
phlak_userg0rs: of course there are other options that you can play with; but baseline with two PCs/Laptops connected back to back with an Ethernet cable04:18
kkb110_Gasseus, oh ok, but do you have any channel suggestion?04:18
g0rsphlak_user: i was trying with an external machine04:18
ActionParsnipSetiAmon: you really do own every tinfoil hat don't you04:18
g0rsphlak_user: like a generic ftp server on the web04:18
Gasseuskkb110_ I don't think anyone will support you in that task.04:18
kkb110_Gasseus, ok thank you04:18
daiwalkrBut it locks up on install.  Where can I set bluetooth settings before its even installed.04:18
SetiAmonActionparsnip:not really,have a lot of freetime might as well focus my energies into something04:19
Gasseusat best go walk into your local university and propose it as a research subject04:19
ActionParsnipSetiAmon: makes sense04:19
SetiAmonGuarddog.what about firestarter is that good04:19
ActionParsnipSetiAmon: could make a local repo if you have the space :)04:19
mediapcFYI I fixed my issue  for my screen being outside of the viewable area: http://www.ypass.net/blog/2010/04/nvidia-overscan-correction-fixed-in-latest-drivers/04:19
phlak_userg0rs: that is never accurate unless you know what is the size of the pipe the other end is connected to; how much do they allocate per connection etc04:19
mediapcthanks for the great distro!!04:20
ActionParsnipSetiAmon: firestarter is GTK based (Gnome), Guarddog is Qt based (KDE)04:20
g0rsphlak_user: can  you suggest how to use it with an external http server?04:20
phlak_userg0rs: do you have the ability to install and run iperf on the external http server?04:21
g0rsphlak_user: i have installed iperf and i can run it too04:21
ibsk8anyone have a good all inclusive site for ubuntu beginners?04:21
ibsk8must know commands04:21
phlak_userg0rs: is that machine behind a firewall or does it allow connections on any port04:21
SetiAmonyeah i am using gnome04:21
ibsk8i've been out of the linux loop for quite some time04:21
nprezidentibsk8 http://ubuntuforums.org/index.php04:21
g0rsphlak_user: it has a firewall  probably04:22
ibsk8i've still got my red hat bible04:22
ibsk8but seems much has changed04:22
g0rsphlak_user: i can try a http server which stores files if that helps04:22
phlak_userg0rs: iperf has nothing to with http; i was referring to the physical machine on which the http server runs (could be a VPS too)04:23
grumpyi have openssh-server installed, denyhosts installed and configured, and ufw allowing port 22.  why do i keep getting an "ssh: connect to host localhost port 22: Connection refused" when i try to ssh <username>@localhost ?04:23
Gasseusgrumpy ask in #openssh04:23
g0rsphlak_user: can you type an example with iperf?04:23
phlak_usergrumpy: is sshd running (ps -fe|grep sshd)04:23
qinibsk8: Strange, http://tldp.org/guides.html still looks like '9004:23
ActionParsnipphlak_user: could also use:  service ssh status04:24
grumpyGasseus: ill consider that, but i want to try here first04:24
SidveeMy wireless light is blinking when ever there is data transfer. Instead it was static with white color. Showing its on. How to fix this bug?04:24
GasseusGrumpy honestly, they know alot more about openssh then anyone here, so...04:24
phlak_userActionParsnip: yes he could :)04:24
grumpyphlak_user: yeah, as far as I can tell: 'root       630     1  0 Oct02 ?        00:00:00 /usr/sbin/sshd -D'04:24
Gasseusgrumpy are you listening on or a specific IP address?04:25
g0rsphlak_user: i'm getting about 3 megabytes per sec on http://mirrors.usc.edu/pub/linux/distributions/debian-cd/current/i386/iso-dvd/debian-
grumpyGasseus: i dont know, how would i find out?04:26
qingrumpy: sudo netstat -tulp; sudo service ufw stop04:26
g0rsphlak_user: if i use wget04:26
phlak_userg0rs: i am unable to understand your goal; are you testing your internet connection throughput or your network interface card (wired or wireless)?04:26
Gasseusgrumpy I don't know, its just something everyone says to check on minecraft because if you listen off of, you can only ocnnect to the interface you assigned it to.04:26
grumpygrumpy: ah, thanks, i didnt know that04:27
g0rsphlak_user: im trying to test throughput of network interface card (wired or wireless)04:27
phlak_userg0rs: then why test across the internet? your internet connection would be the bottleneck wouldnt it?04:27
Gasseusso try connecting to the 192.168 or 10.0 IP instead of
Sidveegrumpy, Gasseus My wireless light is blinking when ever there is data transfer. Instead it was static with white light before. How to fix this bug?04:28
g0rsphlak_user: yes it lower than the speed of ethernet or wlan link04:28
phlak_userg0rs: hence my advice to test it between two machines connected back-to-back04:28
GasseusSidvee Don't involve me in something I'm clueless about04:28
g0rsphlak_user: how ot use iperf on a wlan router. can we test the data rate of a wlan router with that tool?04:28
grumpySidvee: thats probably going to be a kernel issue, it affected my girlfriend as well, and that is a very involved fix.  i suggest filing a bug on launchpad.net and hopefully it will get fixed "soon".04:29
phlak_userg0rs: yes, just put the wlan router in between the two machines04:29
g0rsphlak_user: can you think of the other machine as your wlan router?04:29
grumpyGasseus, phlak_user: it looks like its listening on port 43595, which I dont remember setting it up that way...04:29
usr13phlak_user: g0rs Or just connect directly.04:29
Sidveegrumpy, thanks. :)04:30
phlak_userg0rs: no you cant; cos the specs are different for both04:30
Gasseusgrumpy... looks like your connect request, which means ssh isn't online04:30
SidveeGasseus, never mind. Am not alone in this clueless world04:30
Gasseussudo /etc/init.d/openssh restart04:30
qin!upstart | Gasseus04:30
ubottuGasseus: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/04:30
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Guest13790Hi all. Anyone here familiar with Evolution? I just tried it and noticed I have no emails left in my email account. How can I fix this?04:31
grumpyGasseus: well i just restarted sshd and the netstat command shows the updated PID, so i think its running its just listening to the wrong port.  ill have to investigate more.  thanks though!04:31
phlak_usergrumpy: you can ssh -p 43595 user@localhost to find out04:31
qingrumpy: To see if your ssh server listen (and on what port): sudo service ssh status; sudo netstat -tulp; (on server machine)04:32
grumpyphlak_user: ah, thanks, that was going to be my next thing to do04:32
phlak_userGuest13790: on your server? theres an option to "leave messages on server" in Evolution04:32
Guest13790phlak_user: if I change the setting will it upload all my mail back to Hotmail?04:33
=== Anom01y is now known as lsemple
grumpyphlak_user, Gasseus, qin: changing the port ssh connects to made it work.  how do i change the port sshd listens to?04:33
g0rsphlak_user, usr13 : how can you measure the speed of your router from a computer?04:33
phlak_userGuest13790: nope; thats a one way street :) you can of course send mail back to your hotmail account04:34
qingrumpy: edit: /etc/ssh/sshd_config04:34
grumpyqin: thanks04:34
grumpythanks Gasseus and phlak_user04:34
Guest13790phlak_user: this is not good news04:34
phlak_usergrumpy: look into /etc/ssh/sshd_config and change the line that says Port xxxx04:35
Guest13790phlak_user: where can I change the setting?04:35
GasseusGuest13790 go into account preferences04:35
Sidveegrumpy, An solution reads as "Specially people with iwlagn driver on the 4965AGN card." how can I check if I have that or not?04:36
phlak_userGuest13790: in Edit-Preferences-Mail Accounts-"Select-your-account"-Edit-Receiving Options04:37
g0rsphlak_user: maybe we can talk about it some other time. Thanks for your inputs.04:37
g0rsgnite everybody04:37
phlak_userg0rs: ok04:37
=== lsemple is now known as Anom01y
ngc0202Just got IRSSI, testing it out04:38
ngc0202just got Ubuntu as well04:39
Guest13790phlak-user: I checked 'leave mail on server'. Is that the right one?04:39
phlak_userGuest13790: yes i believe that is the one04:39
ngc0202Some things I'm very excited about, some things I was a bit dissapointed with04:39
schredderngc0202: new to both irssi and ubuntu?04:39
qinngc0202: Sweet. try: /script load nm.pl04:39
Guest13790phlak_user: ok, so the only way to get my mail back to my account is to forward them to myself? All 326?04:40
ngc0202schredder: yes04:40
ngc0202qin: what is that?04:40
Coreyqin: nm.pl?04:40
qinngc0202, Corey: Colorfull intended nicks.04:40
phlak_userGuest13790: maybe; i am not aware if hotmail can import archived mails (which is another option)04:40
phlak_userqin: advising people to load scripts is not very safe04:41
ngc0202How to unload?04:41
Guest13790phlak_user: Ok, well thanks for your help.04:41
ngc0202Although I think I like it04:41
phlak_userGuest13790: yw04:41
qinphlak_user: /script unload nm.pl04:41
schredderngc0202: /scripit unload nm.pl04:41
qinngc0202: ^^^04:41
ngc0202haha ok04:41
schreddersans the t ypo04:41
ngc0202I was taking a Terminal tutorial earlier, very cool04:42
qinphlak_user: Well, yes.04:42
ngc0202Very powerful, and I only scimmed it04:42
ngc0202or skimmed04:42
schredderngc0202: what is your usual OS of choice?04:43
ngc0202I previously used Windows04:43
ngc0202but I got Ubuntu yesterday, and havent used Windows yet today04:43
qinngc0202: Feel better?04:43
ngc0202I think I'm getting used to it04:44
ngc0202I've been having some issues with mouse clicks though04:44
eaglestarcan someone wit experience help me? i am trying to get my iomega prestige external hdd to work but when i plug it in it doesnt pop up04:44
ActionParsnipeaglestar: run:  sudo fdisk -l    do you see the drive listed?04:45
ngc0202I'd best get some sleep now, night all04:45
ShattersHey, is there a way that I can install programs to a specific directory on ubuntu, because I haven't been using it long enough to know where they're stored.04:45
ngc0202Actually I might wait to hear that answer04:45
brian_Phlak_user: still here?04:45
ActionParsnipShatters: the package system means you dont need to, its all handled for you04:45
eaglestarActionParsnip, no i dont04:46
Shattershmm, but I want to specify if possible04:46
DasEiShatters: most executables are found in /usr/bin sbin, the packet decides where it installs to04:46
eaglestarActionParsnip, i was reading it has to do with ntfs for some reason04:46
ShattersI'm running Ubuntu 10 (lucid) on a SDXC card with 4gig system file and a 58 gig encrypted partition and want to install to the encrypted partition.04:47
DasEiShatters: then you will have to make up dirs manually and compile it.. until the next backup ..and path variable04:47
DasEibackup = update*04:48
brian_Hi all. I tried Evolution and messed up. I ended up emptying my Hotmail account. I stored it locally. Anyway to get it back into my Hotmail?04:48
phlak_userbrian_: yes04:49
magn3tsbrian_, and that's why hotmail/pop are evil.04:49
RamtinAhello.how can i creat a l2tp vpn connection in ubuntu?sorry i can't search it in google (filter :(   )04:49
magn3tsbrian_, take it as an opportunity to move away from hotmail.04:49
brian_Hi Phlak_user. I had an idea. What if I used Thunderbird and imported from Evolution? Would that put everything back in Hotmail?04:50
magn3tsbrian_, no.04:50
brian_magn3ts: I don't have many choices.04:50
magn3tsYou'd need to be able to access hotmail from Evolution and copy the emails back up.04:50
magn3tsbrian_, I'd recommend connecting via IMAP and then uploading them.04:50
magn3tsAnd not use pop going forward.04:50
brian_magn3ts: I'm really a noob.04:51
ShattersDasEi, would using wine make this possible? or any easier?04:51
phlak_userbrian_: theres another option; apparently hotmail sends them to the trash folder which might not be empty; so you can go to trash and mark them as unread (or move to inbox)04:51
magn3tsbrian_, I've had too many drinks to give a step by step, sorry. :[04:51
phlak_userbrian_: http://www.computerforum.com/155523-import-mail-into-hotmail.html04:51
lanaizhow could i write a script to unrar everything in a folder and then move that folder to another folder?04:52
brian_magn3ts: no prob. phlak_user, I'll have a look at that link. Thanks04:52
phlak_userbrian_: ok04:52
brian_phlak_user, my trash is empty. No luck. I guess I'll just have to go through the monotonous process of forwarding them all back to myself.04:54
RamtinAcan you help me ? how can i creat a L2TP VPN connection?04:54
new_userhi to all, How to install all package in a ubuntu DVD?04:55
phlak_userRamtinA: you need to be more specific; do you want to setup the server end or a client; what have you done till now etc04:55
DasEiShatters: sorry, was away for a moment, why not just use the 58g for regular install ?04:56
ShattersI would have liked to, but running linux live by booting from the sd card in usb reader it only allowed me to create 4gig system file, per FAT3204:57
qinlanaiz: for i in *.rar; do unrar e $i; done; mkdir ~/unrars; mv * ~/unrars; Test it first.04:57
Shattersrunning persistent04:57
phlak_userRamtinA: what is at the server? what is the authentication mechanism?04:57
qinlanaiz: This fail to whits, me thinks.04:57
RamtinAphlak_user:i don't now but they told me i should creat L2TP connection04:58
new_userCan any one help me about how to install  all packages in a ubuntu DVD04:58
eaglestarcan anyone help me with booting my external iomega prestige 1tb hdd?04:58
DasEiShatters: you could then make subdirs on the 58g and add them to your fstab , then rsync stuff over04:59
DasEiplus you need an luks-command in your initrd05:00
RamtinAnew_user:   in terminal : " sudo apt-cdrom add " then "sudo apt-get update"05:01
ActionParsniplanaiz: for i in *.rar; do rar x $i; done    is a good start05:01
DasEiShatters: can't you boot from the 58g ?05:01
new_usertnx RamtinA05:01
RamtinAnew_user: your welcome :)05:01
phlak_userRamtinA: i could find only one *working* l2tp client for gnome (other than lvpnc for kde) -> http://code.google.com/p/vpnpptp/05:02
ActionParsniplanaiz: the guys in #bash will be able to help better05:02
new_userbye all05:02
RamtinAphlak_user:Your client does not have permission to get URL /p/vpnpptp/ from this server.05:02
ShattersI created two partitions on the drive after realizing it would only allow 4gig system file and just created a logical partition with the rest.05:02
Shattersso when sd is read on comp only primary shows up and is like 4 gig.05:03
qinActionParsnip: I think moving rars before unpacking is logical, but I am tied, very much.05:03
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=== syadamin|away is now known as sysadamin
phlak_userRamtinA: vpnpptp.googlecode.com/files/pptp-linux_1.7.2-6_i386.deb05:04
shadow98i want to use the copy command to copy a track.log file and  name is track.servername.09042011.01, track.servername.09042011.02....these are for hour 1 and hour 2 etc on down the line...05:04
Shattersand don't know if the linux OS from sd encrypt upon shutdown05:04
ActionParsnipqin: same here, hence directing to bash channel :(05:04
qinWell, time to sleep, bye.05:05
dospodhttp://ompldr.org/vYWx3bA anybody know how to get a setup like this05:06
Shattersneed to reboot.05:06
somsipdospod: that looks like a tiling window ,amager, such as dwm, awesome or...the other one05:07
RamtinAphlak_user:now that is filter05:07
schreddersomsip: screen, or tmux?05:07
somsipsomsip xmonad is the other one. I suppose it could be screen, but I've not used that. the top menu looks like a tiling WM to me05:08
dospodI'm trying to mostly text based on my old laptop at home05:08
RamtinAphlak_user:but i have pptp connection and that is very slow .05:08
phlak_userRamtinA: hmm?05:08
somsipdospod: don't think you can get multi windows except in X. Maybe a very low footprint WM would be required?05:09
dospodI don't mind that I have the power for it05:09
RamtinAphlak_user:i'm from Iran and i can't access that page05:09
dospodbut I want to get more efficient in the command line so I figured the more I have to use it the better05:09
phlak_userRamtinA: oh05:09
somsipThen the 3 I mention sem to be the popular ones. Depends what you're after and how cuting edge/unsupported you want to go05:09
somsipdospod: look in the top left window of the screenshot :)05:10
CanidHello, can anyone help me figure out why ripperx won't start?05:18
CanidI just installed it05:18
RamtinAphlak_user:now i downloaded that with my friend help but it is PPTP  connection isn't there L2TP connection?05:19
CanidThe first time I tried running it, it asked me if I wanted to create a config file for the program, I said yes, and after that clicking on the application did nothing05:19
daiwalkrLooks like everyone went to bed.05:22
somsipdaiwalkr: it does get quite this time of day - much of the west is asleep05:23
mysteriousdarrennot everyone...05:23
phlak_userRamtinA: there should be;05:23
daiwalkrI should be.  Up getting my home server running again.05:23
CanidWell, can any of you help me figure out why this program I just installed won't start?05:23
somsipCanid: Out of politeness, I'll confirm that I can't.05:24
ActionParsnipCanid: launch it in a terminal, the output will help05:25
CanidTo launch from a terminal, you just type in the program name and that's it, right?05:25
daiwalkrCanid: Also rename the config file to **.backup and try restarting it.05:25
amin`Error in /home/amin/.muttrc, line 5: Mail’: unknown variable  Error in /home/amin/.muttrc, line 13: trash: unknown variable  Error in /home/amin/.muttrc, line 54: /home/amin/.mutt/aliases: No such file or directory  source: errors in /home/amin/.muttrc   Press any key to continue...05:26
daiwalkrCanid: What is the name of the program you are trying to run?05:26
CanidI typed that into the terminal and hit enter two minutes ago, and it's still stuck there - it hasn't done anything yet05:27
CanidHasn't given me a new command line, hasn't given me any feedback05:28
daiwalkrdo a ps -aux and then kill the process that is running ripperx05:28
ActionParsnip!info ripperx05:29
ubotturipperx (source: ripperx): a GTK-based audio CD ripper/encoder. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.7.3-1 (natty), package size 118 kB, installed size 560 kB05:29
daiwalkrthen try restarting it in the terminal window05:30
ActionParsnipCanid: what is the output of: ps -ef | grep ripper | grep -v grep05:30
Canidstrabo    1666     1  0 01:11 ?        00:00:00 ripperx05:31
Canidstrabo    2566     1  0 01:22 ?        00:00:00 ripperx05:31
=== tfilipczuk is now known as makak
CanidHow do I kill them?05:32
daiwalkrkill 1666 and kill 256605:32
ActionParsnipCanid: kill -9 1666; kill -9 256605:32
phlak_userCanid: killall -9 ripperx05:32
i_is_brokedo we hear a fourth answer?05:33
CanidNow try starting it again from the terminal, right?05:33
kkrowleywhat do you guys think of gnome 3?05:33
ActionParsnipCanid: if its dead, use the normal shortcut you would use05:34
ActionParsnipkkrowley: gnome3 is offtopic here05:34
RodrigoGHi everyone05:34
RodrigoGI need some help with graphics05:35
i_is_brokeActionParsnip, why is that? is it not able to be used on 11.4?05:35
RodrigoGI'm currently using ubuntu's liveCD but the installed version has a driver problem with the video05:36
fainawhats a good way to update to 11.10 and not overload the mirrors? My best effort was bittorent the cd, extract the debs and feed them into approx?05:36
CanidNope, still won't start05:36
Canidstrabo    2895     1  0 01:35 ?        00:00:00 ripperx05:36
daiwalkrtry deleting .ripperx from your home directory (or renaming it to .ripperx.old05:37
RodrigoGCan anyone help me?05:37
ActionParsnipi_is_broke: its not compatible with natty. It's also not in the natty repos so is not supported here, the guys in #ubuntu+1 may be able to help05:37
ActionParsnipRodrigoG: please give details05:38
CanidWhere in my home directory would it be05:39
RodrigoGI have ubuntu 10.04 Lucid installed, with a ati FirePRO 2450 Multiview. I'm a real n00b when it comes to ubuntu but I had a misconfiguration issue earlier and my boss yelled at me to fix it05:39
CanidDo I reinstall it from synaptic after renaming it?05:39
daiwalkrright in the root.  If you do a ls -l -a you should see it.05:40
RodrigoGI tried deleting the driver following some instructions but apparently they were incomplete as I now have a black screen when booted05:40
daiwalkrcd ~ will take you right to your home directory05:40
daiwalkrIt won't delete the software from your system.  It just deletes the config file it tired to create.05:42
CanidWhy can't I see it from Nautilus?05:42
daiwalkrIf I remember right Nautilus hides the . files.  They are suppose to be hidden by default.05:43
daiwalkrDon't quote me on that though.  Memory is getting bad.05:43
openvoidCtrl+H to show .files in Nautilus05:44
CanidOkay... so, working from the terminal, what's the command to rename .ripperXrc05:44
sastronemv .ripperXrc .ripperXrc.bak05:44
daiwalkrrn .ripperXrc .ripperXrc.old05:45
CanidThe program 'rn' can be found in the following packages:05:45
Canid * trn05:45
Canid * trn405:45
sastroneuse mv05:45
phlak_userCanid: its "rm" as in remove05:45
sastronehe wants to rename it05:46
Guest40876how do I view a .dmp fille?05:46
phlak_usersastrone: oh then its mv as in Move05:46
CanidOkay, I renamed it05:46
sastronephlak_user: I know, that is what I was telling him :P05:46
phlak_userGuest40876:  is it like a core dump?05:46
CanidNow I try running it again...05:46
phlak_usersastrone: my bad it shouldve been aimed at Canid05:46
anandvenkat4Can anyone tell me the best channel for Mac related queries./05:47
CanidThis time I told it not to create a config file05:47
Canid...it still hasn't opened05:47
phlak_useranandvenkat4: ##mac05:48
Canidstrabo    3041     1  0 01:47 ?        00:00:00 ripperx05:48
Canidgyah! I am having such a rotten time trying to get a decent CD ripper.05:48
CanidNothing works05:49
daiwalkrI am at a loss at this point.  Go through the same process of deleting the file and killing it.  Then run it from the terminal.  It should give you some output hopefully when it crashes.05:49
CanidI don't like having to reboot on Windows to do this basic stuff... I know Linux is capable05:49
AlexLibmanI messed up and ran `usermod -G wheel username` instead of -Ga, so `sudo` doesn't work anymore.05:49
AlexLibmanIn rescue root shell, `usermod` says can't lock on to /etc/passwd05:50
CanidIt's not crashing. I have            "strabo@DRAGON:~$ ripperx"            in the terminal and hit enter and it's just sitting there, doing nothing05:52
TorasCircumcision, it's an atrocious, sexist, inhumane, barbaric hoax, scam, fraud, violation of medical ethics and human rights, and perpetrated by sick or numb-minded automatons unworthy of the title of being human.05:52
TorasThere. I said it.05:53
phlak_userAlexLibman: can you edit the group file directly? vi /etc/group05:54
ActionParsnipToras: its offtopic here, so you are wasting your time05:54
Torasaction, Over 500 users in here05:54
Toraslistening on.05:54
daiwalkrits really hung up.  I don't know what to try from here.05:54
AlexLibmanOn BSD, that would have been the first thing I'd try...  But I wanted to know the Ubuntu way to do it...  :P05:54
daiwalkrI know this is not perfect but have you tried running it as root05:54
CanidWhile I'm here, can someone tell me hoq to kill Banshee without resorting to the terminal? It used to have a Quit option on Ubuntu 10.10.... now that I've upgraded to 11.04, I can turn off the music, but I can't get rid of Banshee.05:54
damno]can I have both python 2.6 and 3.0 installed at the same time?05:55
phlak_userAlexLibman:  i wouldnt do it any other way (esp if i committed harakiri) :)05:55
ActionParsnipToras: take it elsewhere please, this is ubuntu support only, not pathetic rant channel05:55
CanidWhat, you mean "sudo ripperx" ?05:55
Guest40876phlak_user, Its a dump from a game running under wine ...Sorry for the late reply05:55
phlak_userGuest40876: what do you expect to learn from it?05:55
CanidOkay, I'll try that...05:55
Guest40876phlak_user, Hoping to find out why the game is not running05:56
phlak_userdamno: not via packages; you can install one and download the other manually and run from there05:56
Canidsudo ripperx is just hanging there as well. No good05:57
AlexLibmanDo I still do that from the rescue root shell?  Do I remount the root partition as rw?05:57
phlak_userGuest40876: core dumps are generally in hex; and make sense more to debuggers/developers; you could use gdb to load the dump or a hex editor to view it05:57
damnophlak_user: how abt if I get the dev package from synaptic?05:57
airtonixi'm running a 10.04 server on a live site, and to `pip install psycopg2-2.4` i need to `sudo apt-get install libpq-dev python-dev`,  and one of the deps for that is libssl0.9.8 << i notice in the changelog for it at some point it says something about a system restart required :  http://dpaste.com/626865/... i forget to check what version i might have installed .05:57
phlak_userAlexLibman: yes05:57
splatpcwould anyone be able to provide a brief explanation as to the purpose and advantages of IRC?05:57
SetiAmonis Firestarter/firewall necessary if you have moblocker.is moblocker a full firewall?05:57
damnophlak_user: python-3-dev probably05:57
Toras Berkeley, CA - Doctors who circumcise infants, even with parental assent, are potentially liable for criminal assault. That's the conclusion of an article just published in a legal journal by an international team of lawyers.05:57
AlexLibmanToras: parents' rights.05:58
CanidWhile I'm here, can someone tell me hoq to kill Banshee without resorting to the terminal? It used to have a Quit option on Ubuntu 10.10.... now that I've upgraded to 11.04, I can turn off the music, but I can't get rid of Banshee.05:58
Guest40876phlak_user, I'll leave it then05:58
Guest40876Thanks phlak_user05:58
phlak_userGuest40876: yw05:58
RodrigoGI have ubuntu 10.04 Lucid installed, with a ati FirePRO 2450 Multiview. I'm a real n00b when it comes to ubuntu but I had a misconfiguration issue earlier and my boss yelled at me to fix it05:58
airtonixSetiAmon: moblocker isn't a full on firefwall... it's just a IP address blocker interface to iptables05:59
ActionParsnipthanks bazhang05:59
RodrigoGI tried deleting the driver following some instructions but apparently they were incomplete as I now have a black screen when booted05:59
airtonixActionParsnip: refresh my memory on how to check what version of a package i have installed please05:59
phlak_userRodrigoG: if you press Ctl+Alt+F1, you might get a terminal05:59
RodrigoGTried, but no luck at times06:00
SetiAmonok.I'm running firestarter but there doesn't appear to be a "training" mode in firewalls like i'm used to?06:00
RodrigoGis there a way to access a recovery menu? maybe do a rollback?06:00
fainaairtonix: dpkg --status <package name>06:01
airtonixfaina: cheers06:01
CanidI give up. I can't lose any more sleep over this tonight06:01
RodrigoGthere is another problem, when I access the terminal what do I do?06:01
CanidAdiue people. Thanks for trying to help...06:01
RodrigoGbye Canid06:01
daiwalkrGood night Canid.06:02
kfizz1I'm trying to install the latest vs of graphviz via the .deb, but I get "Dependency is not satisfiable: libgs8". I have libgs9 installed, is there anyway to resolve this?06:02
phlak_userRodrigoG: you could boot from the livecd and select recover a broken system06:02
ActionParsnipairtonix: apt-cache policy packagename06:03
airtonixActionParsnip: :)06:03
RodrigoGphlak_user: I see, I have the installation dvd which gives me live access (where i'm at06:03
RodrigoGbut it didn't show any option to repair06:04
phlak_userRodrigoG: what were the grub options on that DVD?06:04
phlak_userRodrigoG: grub *menu* options06:04
RodrigoGphlak_user: you lost me there, total n00b here06:04
RodrigoGoh, menu options were try ubuntu(livecdish) or install06:05
AlexLibmanI wasn't able to fix the problem I caused with `usermod -G wheel username` by running `usermod -G username username` - still says username not in sudoers.  All I did to /etc/sudoers is uncomment the wheel line.  What am I supposed to do exactly?06:05
RodrigoGphlak_user: when I try install it says something about installing both on the same drive or deleting old installation and using the whole hard drive06:06
AlexLibmanAlso...  I got myself banned from the official Ubuntu forums for ranting (on appropriate threads) about Copyfree licenses being superior to Copyleft.  Now I have no place to get support for my system76 laptop...  Any suggestions for getting myself unbanned?06:07
Woohooois there a tool on linux that allows viewing of gpu card details like gpu-z does on windows?06:07
ActionParsnipAlexLibman: i'd ask in #ubuntuforums maybe06:07
AlexLibmanActionParsnip: thanks06:08
wartrendwho is your isp alexlibman06:08
AlexLibmanwartrend: since I make no effort to mask my IP, why would you need to ask?06:09
phlak_userAlexLibman: do you have this in your sudoers -> %sudo   ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL06:09
wartrendjoin the ubuntu irc and ask in there. only  a 1000 people in there06:09
wartrendwell if you got a big isp like say comcast you can change your ip06:10
phlak_userAlexLibman: and this -> %admin ALL=(ALL) ALL06:10
wartrendwrong window lol06:10
TelrothWhy does smart think that 75 million read errors is normal?06:10
phlak_userAlexLibman: and ensure that username is member of admin in /etc/group06:10
wartrendomg. i feel like an idiot06:10
MonkeyDustwartrend: you are ;)06:11
wartrendthank you06:11
bambanxwhat software allow to edit multiples images?06:12
ActionParsnipbambanx: gimp can edit as many images as you want06:12
RodrigoGbambanx: GIMP06:12
kfizz1bambax, imagemagick allows some command line options to edit a batch of images.06:13
AlexLibmanNevermind, I didn't modify /etc/sudoers, so, yes, that line exists as in the original.06:13
kfizz1Been a while since I've used it, tho, so I probably wouldn't be much specific help.06:13
Shattersso, I somehow lost admin privileges on ubuntu default account. not sure what to do.06:13
RodrigoGphlak_user: any suggestions?06:13
AlexLibmanAh, the "admin" is the group I want.  I thought it was same groupname as the username.  So just `usermod -G admin username`?06:14
phlak_userRodrigoG: when did you install the OS?06:14
AlexLibmanwartrend: I might be a Copyfree """troll""", but I never sockpuppet.06:14
wartrendnot sure what you mean?06:15
wartrendI don't pull on my ding dong06:15
RodrigoGI don't even know, it's a workstation at my workplace, it's been installed since before I started working here a year ago06:15
AlexLibmanwartrend: You suggested that I create another forum account to bypass the ban, like by using a proxy.  I have an ethical policy against that.  I always use my real name online.06:15
phlak_userRodrigoG: is there an option to upgrade your install to 11.04? cos 10.04 is at EOL06:16
RodrigoGNot with the cd I have, and not if it means data loss06:16
bambanxrawtherapee its nice06:16
wartrendAlexLibman nothing wrong with a fresh start bro.06:17
RodrigoGphlak_user: not with the cd I have and not if it means data loss06:17
wartrendI had to reset my IP a few times to do bans on IRC Servers.06:17
AlexLibmanThe reason why I ran `usermod -G wheel` in the first place is when rsync'ing files to a BSD machine the group gets changed.  I guess I should simply run rsync with --no-g instead.06:18
phlak_userRodrigoG: guess not06:18
oratedWhile creating LiveISO or LiveUSB, how is swap size decided? Or is it required?06:18
AlexLibmanI don't want a fresh start, and I haven't done anything terribly wrong.  It's the left-wing political bias on that forum that's the problem.06:19
RodrigoGphlak_user: thanks anyway, I'll see about killing myself now :P xD good luck to all!06:19
oratedI don't have to worry about it as the application/command will write the image but does swap comes anywhere in the process?06:19
wartrendI know how you feel ALexLibman. I hate that06:19
RodrigoGGoodbye everyone!06:20
mekwallhey! how do I best troubleshoot a insanely slow ssh connect? I mean, once I am connected it is fast, its just the negotiation that is slow.06:20
AlexLibman(And it was so long ago I hardly remember the details.  You can still find the posts via http://ubuntuforums.org/member.php?u=965147 )06:20
paulus68mekwall is that slow to every connection that you make?06:21
glebihanorated, on a live usb, the system will use any swap space available on the file system, if there is none, it won't use any. No swap space is usually created on the live usb itself06:21
fainamekwall: ssh -v, though when I have that problem its usually something is making a dns request and its failing over to another dns server06:21
mekwallpaulus68, nope, only to this one server... weird thing is, it goes fast to connect to from my windows machine06:21
phlak_usermekwall:  if you start the connection with a -v, the verbose messages might throw up some clues- maybe its waiting for something to happen06:21
nixjrcan i plug/unplug sata hdds while my system is running, if im not r/w to them?06:22
mekwallwow :) thanks for the quick response paulus68, faina, phlak_user ... will check it out :)06:22
fainamekwall: it helps to ask questions that have frustrated other people too ;)06:23
oratedglebihan: System will use any space available on the fc created on usb?06:23
fainanixjr: I think the answer is sometimes... depends on the hardware06:23
glebihanorated, on the whole file system actually. If you have a swap partition on your hard drive it will be used06:23
mekwallphlak_user, paulus68, faina: http://pastie.org/263618006:23
mekwallthat's where it is slow06:24
mekwallwhen it goes to public key it just flies06:24
oratedglebihan: What in cases where linux is installed on usb?06:24
nixjrfaina, guess ill play ti safe and it it the long way then, this is all my data im talking about lol06:24
phlak_usermekwall: turn off gssapi in ssh_config or sshd_config if youre not using it06:24
fainamekwall: that looks like its timing out looking for the GSS components06:24
glebihanorated, as I said, if there is no swap partition available, it won't use any swap06:24
JokesOnYou77hi all.  Can anyone help me write a script for a remote machine so that it will automatically execute a command when I ssh in?06:25
mekwallphlak_user, faina: indeed :) thanks! going to disable it06:25
oratedglebihan: Yes, that was for LiveUSB/LiveCD case but if linux is installed on usb formatting it to extx, then also the same applies?06:26
=== GNUdog_ is now known as GNUdog
glebihanorated, yes. It applies in all cases (even if you install on a hard drive actually). Swap space is not required, so if there is none, none is used06:27
nixjrim planning on formatting and reinstalling ubuntu, I have a dual monitor setup configured just the way I like it, which file(s) should I backup to keep this configuration?06:27
glebihanorated, the only difference between liveUSB and actual installation is that the live USB will use any swap space available, whereas an install will only use the swap space it was told to use at installation time06:27
oratedglebihan: Ok, thanks. But usually while installing linux on HDD (probably also for SSD), it asks to create swap otherwise installer will crash or the system will be unstable06:28
glebihanorated, no it shouldn't crash. Creating swap space is highly recommended but not necessary06:29
oratedglebihan: Alright, thanks06:29
glebihanorated, you're welcome06:29
The_BROSMy hotkeys intomboy dont work. How can I fix that?06:29
kokabiel|ngopiHello everybody :D06:32
ActionParsnipHi kokabiel|ngopi06:32
kokabiel|ngopiwhat the topic today?06:33
DoverOsAfter uninstalling pulseaudio in unity the sound menu went away. How do you get it back?06:33
ActionParsnipkokabiel|ngopi: same as every day - ubuntu support06:33
nixjrim planning on formatting and reinstalling ubuntu, I have a dual monitor setup configured just the way I like it, which file(s) should I backup to keep this configuration?06:33
ActionParsnipnixjr: which video chip do you use and how did you configure it?06:34
nixjrActionParsnip, i configured it via a text file but i dont recall where or what the file was called, its nvidia06:36
ActionParsnipnixjr: does /etc/X11/xorg.conf   ring a bell ;-)06:37
Shirakawasunanixjr: back up everything in /etc06:37
Shirakawasunanixjr: my /etc is only 16 megabytes06:37
Shirakawasunanixjr: actually you should really be backing up everything in /etc and /home on a regular basis, to save yourself frustrations later06:38
kokabiel|ngopiActionParsnip: any idea how to configur ATI Radeon on kernel3?06:38
nixjri backup home, but thats all, dont really understand the rest of the directory structure06:38
nixjrActionParsnip, thanks, that was what i was looking for06:39
ActionParsnipkokabiel|ngopi: kernel 3 isn't supported here06:39
Shirakawasunanixjr: /home contains per-user settings, /etc contains systemwide settings (in general).06:39
ActionParsnipkokabiel|ngopi: if you are using oneiric, you are supported until release day in #ubuntu+106:40
Shirakawasunanixjr: so if you set up a samba share (file sharing with windows/other types of computers), the settings would go in /etc/samba06:40
kokabiel|ngopiActionParsnip: my os have built in kernel306:40
ActionParsnipkokabiel|ngopi: then its not ubuntu06:41
Shirakawasunanixjr: you can't go wrong backing up /etc, it's very tiny. Here's my backup list: /home, /etc, /usr/local/bin, /usr/local/sbin (the latter two are for scripts, you can skip them if you didn't write any)06:41
nixjrShirakawasuna, ah ok, well my /etc is only 13mb so thats not a problem to backup06:41
kokabiel|ngopiActionParsnip: here only talk ubuntu?06:42
soreaunixjr: xorg.conf is probably the main file you want to backup X driver config settings06:42
hexacodeanyone know where i save ttf files?  im installing fonts except i foget which foldr to put them in06:42
ActionParsnipkokabiel|ngopi: yes06:42
soreaukokabiel|ngopi: Yes, this is the official support channel for ubuntu06:42
DoverOsdoes anyone know what the sound menu is packaged in?06:42
ActionParsnip!fonts | hexacode06:42
ubottuhexacode: Font installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". For the official ubuntu font, see: http://font.ubuntu.com/06:42
soreauDoverOs: Look at the packages that were removed when you uninstalled pulseaudio06:43
nixjrShirakawasuna, is there a simple way to output the contents of the "applications" menu in gnome? theres a bunch of applications ive added over time that wernt in there to begin with06:43
kokabiel|ngopiActionParsnip: how about another distro?06:43
Shirakawasunanixjr: /var/log might also be useful if you ever want old logs. I don't know if you do.06:43
soreaukokabiel|ngopi: ##linux might be of help06:43
nixjrcant hurt06:43
kokabiel|ngopisoreau: thanks06:43
SigmaWPYes, finally! A logged channel!06:43
* SigmaWP proceeds to take a screenshot06:43
DoverOssoreau: I reinstalled them, so it must have been something outside of the normal package setup..06:44
* soreau poses06:44
SigmaWPSay hello everyone :D06:44
Shirakawasunanixjr: that should be in your user's home directory. I don't remember exactly where they're kept by gnome, but probably somewhere in .config or .local. I would check ~/.local/share/applications06:44
ActionParsnipnixjr: its great backing up xorg.conf. install driver, restore file and restart x. Nice06:44
soreauDoverOs: Not sure but if you're using 11.10, you should ask in #ubuntu+106:44
soreauActionParsnip: The nice thing is when you need no xorg.conf because you use an open driver that justwroks06:45
siksiwhat could cause debus to function incorrectly? if i select, say, places -> home folder it says "Opening <username>" for a little while and then just disappears - nautilus never appears. ditto for rest of places06:45
ActionParsnipkokabiel|ngopi: only official ubuntu releases from canonical are supported here. Other distros have their own channels06:45
* SigmaWP presses print screen06:45
SigmaWPDone :P06:45
siksilaunching nautilus with dbus-launch seems to work, however06:45
DoverOssoreau: I just installed ubuntu 11.04, didnt change any repos06:45
ActionParsnipSoreau: true, when they work well (closed or open)06:46
W43372I upgraded from XP to 7 and now I can't share files between my Desktop and my netbook running Natty.06:46
soreauActionParsnip: You always need an xorg.conf file installed for closed proprietary blobs06:46
soreau! smaba | W4337206:46
soreau! samba | W4337206:47
ubottuW43372: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.06:47
ActionParsnipNvidia worked without when i was on CRT06:47
susundbergsoreau: huh -- i have ati proprietary without any xorg.conf06:47
soreaususundberg: Really? Can you pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log file?06:47
nixjri did "sudo cp /etc/ /some/other/place" but it says cp: omitting directory `/etc/'06:47
ActionParsnipkokabiel|ngopi: which distro are you on and I may be able to point you to the relevant channel06:47
soreaunixjr: cp -r06:47
nixjrsoreau, ah thank you :)06:48
susundbergsoreau: sure: http://pastebin.com/5qQAPkyq06:48
W43372soreau I already have Samba on this netbook. The only thing that changed is the computer with Windows on nit06:48
Shirakawasunanixjr: don't use cp for backups, there's better options06:49
Shirakawasunanixjr: rsync is the best, in my opinion.06:49
soreaususundberg: must be ubuntu patches because X will not load a proprietary driver without being specifically told (via xorg.conf)06:50
nixjrShirakawasuna, im just doing this once manually before I format, but ill keep that in mind for later06:50
ActionParsnipShirakawasuna: cp is fine for a one off archive06:50
soreaususundberg: I notice ubuntu's X checks for fglrx even if it's not installed06:50
Shirakawasunanixjr: This is the type of command I use: rsync -avz --progress --delete --numeric-ids /etc /backup/ . Notice that /etc has no trailing slash and /backup/ does. This is important.06:50
susundbergsoreau: might be very well so .. don't know06:50
=== SigmaWP is now known as __future__
__future__Hmph, it's registered.06:50
Shirakawasunanixjr: with cp you could lose (overwrite) timestamps, which can be useful for tracking things down later.06:51
=== skrewler_ is now known as skrewler
katsrchey are there any good blogs to follow for ubuntu news06:51
katsrci mean i hate these omgubuntu posts everywhere06:51
Shirakawasunanixjr: for example, if I used cp to back up my music and had a crash, I'd never know which ones were the latest ones added.06:51
__future__katsrc: You can always look here :)06:51
soreaukatsrc: You probably should hate blogs then, too06:52
katsrcomgubuntu makes the ubuntu community really look silly06:52
* __future__ takes another screenshot06:52
katsrcsoreau: some are good like developers06:52
W43372I upgraded from XP to 7 and now I can't share files between my Desktop and my netbook running Natty.06:52
ActionParsnipShirakawasuna: you assume noatime option wasn't used :06:52
ActionParsnipW43372: win7 samba is nee06:53
soreaukatsrc: The internet is full of ubuntu everything. To my knowledge, there are no official ubuntu blogs06:53
nixjrShirakawasuna, interesting, ive migrated data onto newer hdds many times over there years and just took it as a given that id reset all timestamps in the process06:53
=== skrewler_ is now known as skrewler
ActionParsnipW43372: which system is sharing the files?06:54
katsrcsoreau: there ought to be, like with GNOME community they have this circle of blogs06:54
Shirakawasunanixjr: rsync is magic :)06:54
Shirakawasunanixjr: it can also work over the network06:54
* ActionParsnip uses a cron'd cp job to backup06:55
fainakatsrc: what about planet.ubuntu.com?06:55
W43372ActionParsnip I want to be able to share files between the two, to have each box see the others shared folders06:55
W43372But currently neither one is showing up on the other06:55
katsrcfaina: never heard of it before06:55
fainaits aggregating several ubuntu related blogs06:56
Geoffrey2I've got a 33-in-1 card reader in my Ubuntu desktop, the chipset is Genesys...lsusb detects it, but I can't seem to read any sd cards I put into it...I tried the google routine, but all I see are posts with questions that never seem to get answered....06:56
ActionParsnipW43372: if you run: smbtree   can you see shares? Is the windows systems firewall configured to allow the data?06:56
katsrcfaina: thanks for this, looks like a great resource06:56
houtylhow do i chance the ubuntu language?06:56
fainakatsrc: youre welcome06:57
W43372I just remembered that I haven't set up anything on the windows end yet, I'll tinker with it some more.06:58
ShirakawasunaGeoffrey2: does it produce useful output in dmesg after being plugged in w/ a sd card?06:58
Geoffrey2Shirakawasuna, looks like it07:02
ShirakawasunaGeoffrey2: does it list the availability of any partitions like /dev/sdb1?07:02
Geoffrey2Shirakawasuna, http://pastebin.com/nw8M7JF207:03
ShirakawasunaGeoffrey2: it doesn't say anything about sdb1 or sdb2 later on?07:06
ShirakawasunaGeoffrey2: does sudo fdisk -l say anything about sdb?07:06
Geoffrey2Shirakawasuna, hmmm, sg3, sg4, sg5, sg6, and sg7?07:06
ShirakawasunaI'm not sure what those are, actually07:06
fainaShirakawasuna:  aren't sg's "scsi general"?07:07
Shirakawasunathis is old but maybe useful, Geoffrey2: http://www.electrictoolbox.com/scan-scsi-bus-linux/07:07
=== skrewler_ is now known as skrewler
Geoffrey2it tells me it found a new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd07:08
Geoffrey2scsi46: usb-storage07:09
arkiverhello. I run ubuntu 10.04 on a Dell laptop N5010 with an i5 processor, 4GB ram, 500GB HDD.07:09
arkiverThe problem i face is my laptop gets really heated up while using for a long time07:09
paulus68I have a backup script which is functioning correctly however after a complete backup my drive is full and I don't have any free space left,07:09
ShirakawasunaGeoffrey2: he ehci_hcd and usb-storage messages are a good sign. They're usb modules (drivers) for usb and storage, respectively07:10
paulus68is there a way to create a script that checks the diskspace and if I don't have enough free space that the largest file is moved to another drive07:10
ShirakawasunaGeoffrey2: I don't really know how to deal with /dev/sg nodes, but it appears you may be able to figure out what they mean and map them to other nodes for easier use07:10
arkiverthe temp goes for about 60 degrees after half an hour of use with no Heavy apps runningg, just xchat, firefox and maybe a movie running07:10
arkiverit varies from 55-60 degrees..07:11
soreauIsn't there a way to view page source in firefox?07:11
arkiverthe temp is not an issue but the noise of the fan is..07:11
arkiverAlso on windows i never hear the fan whirr so much07:11
houtylhow to chance the ubuntu language?07:11
arkiveris there any tweak i can use?07:11
Shirakawasunapaulus68: du -sh (or just du -s) will give you the size of files. If you're talking about doing this in a single directory, you could probably bash script it - have it check every minute or something (or on a cron job). If it's systemwide, you're going to need a specialized tool of some kind to check for the 'largest file' in the system.07:12
Shirakawasunasoreau: yes07:12
soreauShirakawasuna: how? where?07:12
Gentoo64soreau, right click the page07:13
Gentoo64view page source07:13
Shirakawasunathat ^07:13
Shirakawasunalooks like view > page source is gone though, I panicked too soreau07:13
soreauah yes, thanks Gentoo6407:13
houtyli want to switch to english07:13
houtylbut i don't find the right button07:14
Shirakawasunaarkiver: you probably need power management stuff of some kind. See if anyone with your same laptop needed any more modules to be loaded07:14
ActionParsniphoutyl: switch what to English?07:14
soreauShirakawasuna: Yea that's where I remembered seeing it07:14
houtylthe whole ubuntu-system07:15
ActionParsniphoutyl: regional settings maybe..07:15
houtyli don't find regional settings07:17
nergal_hi, would updating the DNS servers in resolv.conf affect the service uptime for a server? (switching between two pair of active DNS servers)07:18
nergal_My guess is not, just want to make sure07:19
SwedeMikenergal_: update only changes if you reboot.07:19
soreauhoutyl: Try gnome-language-selector07:19
GirlyGirlHi I would like to know how to force an unvavailable resolution for a tv connected via VGA on a laptop07:19
SwedeMikenergal_: and no, it shouldn't be service affecting, it'll change immediately when you save the new resolv.conf file07:20
nergal_SwedeMike: what? A reboot is required for changing dns-servers?07:20
SwedeMikenergal_: you used the word "uptime".07:20
Shirakawasunahoutyl: this might help https://help.ubuntu.com/11.04/ubuntu-help/session-language.html07:20
SwedeMikenergal_: uptime is something specific here, it's not "service is available"07:20
nergal_service uptime yes07:20
Shirakawasunabut it's a little outdated07:20
SwedeMikenergal_: don't use "uptime", it's confusing.07:20
Shirakawasunahoutyl: basically search the app lens for 'session' or 'language'07:20
SwedeMikenergal_: $ uptime07:20
SwedeMike 09:20:54 up 205 days, 21:51,  7 users,  load average: 0.06, 0.10, 0.0907:20
SwedeMikenergal_: that is "uptime".07:21
arkiverShirakawasuna, i am not sure of anyone else using the same laptop . But before ubuntu i used mint10 and i had the same issues.07:21
arkivera solution is to use a cooling pd07:21
paulus68Shirakawasuna: the thing is that I need to check this after the backup script has run if I don't have any or no space left I want to create a script that is going to move the file towards the new location07:21
nergal_well, I guess you understood what I meant :)07:22
Shirakawasunaarkiver: by someone else, I mean google for the exact model and find someone else who wrote a guide. Hopefully there's one out there and they talk about power management or acpi07:22
SwedeMikenergal_: yes, eventually.07:22
arkiveralso if anyone here is using ubuntu on a laptop, can u tell me what temperatures do your laptops work on?07:22
arkiverShirakawasuna, okay i think i can do that07:22
Shirakawasunaarkiver: sure thing. It's annoying to search, but it's the most useful thing imo :/. It's how I got acpi working on my thinkpad before the support was automatic in the kernel.07:23
fainaarkiver: it really depends on the laptop design & how well the power management is enabled.07:23
Shirakawasunaarkiver: also my thinkpad runs really cool.07:24
Shirakawasunaarkiver: also see if there's any processes running that are making your processor run all the time, which will heat up your system (use top)07:25
Shirakawasunapaulus68: You don't want to run into a situation where you're actually out of space on either drive. It will corrupt parts of the filesystem. You want something that will check the space available and do the safe thing.07:26
arkiverI had that. Top shows nothing more than 10% of CPU usage07:26
phlak_usersoreau: Go to tools-Web developer-view page source (ctl+u is a shortcut)07:26
fainaarkiver: also look into powertop07:26
arkiverI'm wondering whether 50-60degrees is normal temp for laptops?07:26
fainaits not uncommon07:27
fainais that surface temperature or cpu temperature?07:27
fainaalso is that a desktop replacement style laptop?07:27
soreauphlak_user: Yes, it is there indeed. Thanks07:28
phlak_usersoreau: yw07:28
arkiverCPU temperature07:28
arkiverfaina, Is it safe to use Powertop? it needs root privileges!07:29
Geoffrey2Shirakawasuna, hmm, apparently /dev/sg2 is mapped to /dev/scd1, but when I try to mount scd1, I get an error that says there is no medium on /dev/sr107:30
linxehsome laptops hit 90c07:30
phlak_userGeoffrey2: thats the cdrom07:31
fainaarkiver: I've run it and haven't observed anything going wrong, though I haven't done a security analysis07:31
drussellarkiver: it's pretty safe afaik07:35
paulus68Shirakawasuna: I know however it's on an external hard drive and (yes I have to replace it with a bigger one) but in the mean time I need to keep an eye on it07:36
gvandeweyerwhere/how do I tell dpkg that I have python2.6 instead of python2.7 as default on my system? I need to install some older deb and dpkg complains about the python version.07:37
Shirakawasunabuh, wha? I plug in my headphones, audio goes out in my speakers (correct behavior), but no sound to the headphones (incorrect behavior)07:38
GirlyGirlgvandeweyer: Can't find a newer deb07:38
GirlyGirlgvandeweyer: What are you installing exactly07:38
gvandeweyerGirlyGirl: I need the older version (dependencies)07:38
houtylnow i translated ubuntu into english07:39
GirlyGirlgvandeweyer: What is it you are installing07:39
houtylbut firefox is still german07:39
houtyldo i need another package?07:39
phlak_usergvandeweyer: you could do a "force" install or "no-deps"07:39
GirlyGirlphlak_user: That would probably break things07:39
szalhoutyl: prolly firefox-locale-en07:40
gvandeweyerGirlyGirl: it's a lucid deb on a natty system of python-rpy. I need the older version of R (bioconductor version, needs to be in sync with some LTS lucid systems,), so the newer python-rpy tries to update r-base, which is not allowed07:40
marcreichelthi there!07:40
marcreicheltI need to reset my Empathy program, but I don't know how07:41
marcreicheltis there anything I need to do beside removing ~/.mission-control and ~/.config/Empathy?07:41
gvandeweyerphlak_user: no-deps is not recognised or in dpkg man07:41
GirlyGirlgvandeweyer: Can't you upgrade the lucid systems as downgrading python on Natty can have bad consequences and break Ubuntu components07:41
Geoffrey2phlak_user, duh, I see it, sg3 is the card reader, sg2 is the cdrom....07:41
gvandeweyerGirlyGirl: there is no LTS yet after lucid07:41
marcreicheltbecause Empathy keeps asking me for Accounts and seems to remove/add accounts on its own, and I don't know how to reset it to the beginning07:42
GirlyGirlgvandeweyer: Or you can downgrade the natty system maybe07:42
gvandeweyerGirlyGirl: and the natty is my desktop pc, which was not hardware supported by the LTS lucid07:42
gvandeweyerI tried all :-)07:42
houtylszal: sry i don't understand07:42
szalhoutyl: what's there to understand?07:43
houtylwhere do i have to click?07:45
gvandeweyerphlak_user: the force-depends options seems to have done the trick. thanks for the tip07:46
phlak_usergvandeweyer: yw07:46
gvandeweyerGirlyGirl: btw: natty still does not support the dell optiplex 990. I can not turn the system off/reboot. it hangs on the splash screen.07:47
* szal will not point houtyl to a tutorial on how to install packages07:49
GirlyGirlgvandeweyer: maybe shutdown with "sudo init 0"07:50
Shirakawasunaheadphone jack stopped working, any ideas? speakers turn off, headphones don't07:53
arkiverdrussell, faina , thanks !07:53
Shirakawasunaok, now it went away07:54
Shirakawasunareally weird07:54
MonkeyDustthe dead of night in the us of a08:01
MonkeyDust10 am on this part of the planet08:02
stianhjCan I change the default folders/folder names without any problems?08:02
nixjrwhats a command like top, but that shows all running processes?08:02
stianhjhate the captial letter08:02
MonkeyDustnixjr: htop08:03
drussell0902 here :o)08:03
stianhjnever mind, found the user-dirs.dirs file08:04
drussellstianhj: no, it's all case sensitive, however if you don't want to use anything that refers to them currently, sure, knock yourself out,08:04
drussellstianhj: can always change them back if you find something's not working08:04
stianhjdrussell: there's an file which specifies the names, so if you change locale, they have different names.. XDG_DOWNLOAD_DIR=$HOME/Downloads for en_US, or =$HOME/Nedlastinger for nb_NO08:05
stianhjso i guess i can change them there to my liking :)08:05
AdvoWorkhi there, i've got a user running a client machine with ubuntu on it, 99% of the time it boots up in the mornings, and works(in terms of connects to internal websites on the network and external(google), but every now and again, its turned on, and neither work. After a few minutes it auto comes on or after a reboot. Any ideas? I've copied all effected logs from today, but can't see anything08:08
ikoniaprobably just a bit slow getting a dhcp request08:08
ikoniaeg: when the lease expires, may take a little longer to get the address renewed hence why it starts working all of a sudden08:09
sio3if a special key on a keyboard doesn't work who fixes those things? where would i report such a bug08:10
ikoniasio3: depends on why it doesn't work08:10
AdvoWorkikonia, any way I can confirm that from logs or?08:13
ikoniaAdvoWork: syslog may show the time stamps on the request from dhcp08:14
sio3ikonia:   :) i need a real hacker08:15
ikoniasio3: no, you need to ask realistic questions08:16
sio3ikonia: and how would i know if my question was "realistic"?08:18
ikoniasio3: well, making pointless statements about needing real hackers when you don't even know the problem is just a waste of my time08:18
AdvoWorkikonia, it does show: Oct  4 08:53:45 ubuntu4 dhclient: DHCPDISCOVER on eth0 to port 67 interval 6 but sureley that would be ? also, i've got like 20 clients, it only does it on this one :S08:19
ikoniaAdvoWork: that's just a broadcast, so it's fine08:19
ikoniaAdvoWork: it may just be slow auto negotiating the network speed too,08:19
ikoniaAdvoWork: just work it through eliminating the obvious stuff as you go08:20
sio3ikonia: you have no social skills i see08:20
ikoniasio3: no, I just don't have time to waste with silly comments when I'm offering my help to someone08:21
sio3ikonia: nobody is forcing you to help; if you don't want to help don't.08:21
ikoniasio3: hence why I'm not08:22
baheerhow can I set an IP address as manually?08:22
Hyperbytesio3, what ikonia means is that it helps greatly if you write in here -which- key isn't working, and -what- you expect it to do.08:22
Gentoo64baheer, in the network manager set manual08:22
ikoniabaheer: be careful though, if you're on a dhcp network that may cause you a problem08:22
Hyperbytesio3, if you feel more comfortable writing it in a bug report, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs08:22
sio3Hyperbyte: i'm trying to get it fixed permanently ... if i can figure out how. i'm looking through some documentation now i just found on debugging such keys. thanks for the info.08:23
drussellstianhj: good catch :o)08:28
=== ghost is now known as Guest30147
sio3Well, after reading the Ubuntu Hotkeys troubleshooting sections it sounds like "there are too many keypress events". i wonder how i would determine where they are being duplicated. whatever that means.08:29
ome_Howdy everyone !08:32
ome_how can I run `startx` after boot ?08:32
ome_How are you joosep_ ?08:32
mikeHello, where is my mysql directory on ubuntu?08:33
=== mike is now known as Guest78287
gaelfxis it possible to connect to a router using QSS? it doesn't seem to be working out of the box08:33
llutzmike: /var/lib/mysql likely08:33
ome_if you are using lampp mike it should be in /opt/lampp/var/mysql <-- data and /opt/lampp/bin <--- binary08:33
CyborgSmurfthere is no sound after hybernation on ubuntu 11.04... help please?08:39
CyborgSmurfcan anyone help me with soundissues after hybernation?08:42
sammyso here's one i almost surely know the answer to already: I'm using PA to pipe sound from a desktop across the room (with the large screen) to the lappy on my lap (with my headphones plugged in). when I watch video, I can sync up the audio, but pulseaudio wants to play every bit of audio for me, even when it becomes lagged. is there any better solution with pulseaudio? maybe including jack in the mix? id be okay with PA 'dropping frames' as it were, to s08:44
Fudgehi does ubuntu support Ethernet controller: Marvell Technology Group Ltd. 88E8056 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller (rev 12)08:44
sammyhe says to surely nobody since there arent many english speaking nations with the sun over it right now08:45
sammyFudge: looks like you got that from lspci?08:45
Fudgesammy  yes08:46
Fudgeand sammy  the sun is nearly down in australia08:46
touchpadsammy, you can do that with jack only, no need for pulseaudio08:46
touchpadiirc jack has simple clients for udp/tcp transport over a network08:47
touchpadstill iirc it had some small lag but you can correct this by adjusting A-V in your movie player08:48
sammytouchpad: interesting. I wanted to watch this episode now, but I might look into it.08:50
sammyFudge: can you get a vendor and product ID from lspci -v ? you should be able to google for general device support in linux with that information. is it not working out of the box for you, then?08:50
touchpadthese are part of the clients that come with JACK when you install it I think08:51
touchpadnot sure 100%08:51
touchpadye, at the time my idea was to play mp3's from one PC on several PCs :D08:53
sammyI might be able to use vlc to stream only the audio, i do have VLC installed on both machines08:54
AdvoWorkanyone here use xen? and have installed ubuntu with it?08:54
papaвсем привет)08:54
jimakirahi everyone08:56
jimakirais this the right place to ask about a bug08:56
jimakiraor there is dev channel ?08:56
Fudgeyep sammy  im doing that tks08:57
jimakiracan anyone help me compile libgcrypt11 with openssl08:58
jimakirai need to get sudo working wilt ldaps08:58
Fudgehmm, its working now sammy  lol09:03
phlak_user!ru| papa09:03
ubottupapa: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.09:03
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theadmin!cn | xiong_09:19
ubottuxiong_: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw09:19
ubottu日本語の場合は /join #ubuntu-jp または /join #kubuntu-jp を入力して下さい。09:19
xiong_ /join #ubuntu-cn09:19
=== matt is now known as Guest2386
zeeroxi just downloaded ubuntu server and im new to it, i wanted to setup internet sharing from it instead of using windows, can someone lead me in the right direction for it09:21
theadminxiong_: You were told to join #ubuntu-cn09:21
freysteinnFor some reason Ubuntu is not able to restart from the command line, but if I reboot using the GUI, the system reboots fine. Do you know what could cause this?09:22
theadmin!ics | zeerox09:22
phlak_userzeerox: you can start here -> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing09:22
ubottuzeerox: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing09:22
theadminfreysteinn: Do you run the "reboot" command as root?09:22
freysteinntheadmin: Yes, or "shutdown -r now"09:22
freysteinntheadmin: The problem is that I only have ssh and vnc access to the machine. I need a physical lift to get to it. There is no keyboard nor mouse attached.09:23
theadminfreysteinn: Does the following work? "dbus-send --system --print-reply --dest='org.freedesktop.ConsoleKit' /org/freedesktop/ConsoleKit/Manager org.freedesktop.ConsoleKit.Manager.Stop09:23
xiong_ubuntu 10.10 输入ROOT密码后无法自动关闭对话框需要用ESC来关闭09:24
theadminGah... Can someone ban xiong_? He was told to join #ubuntu-cn trice by now but isn't listening09:25
elkyxiong_, please use english09:26
phlak_userxiong_: 请到中国渠道 (from google translate)09:27
elky!cn | xiong_ :)09:27
ubottuxiong_ :): 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw09:27
theadminelky: Tried that already...09:27
phlak_userhe seems to be typing "I cant understand English" so I wrote "Please go to chinese channel"09:28
phlak_userthat meant "Thank You"09:28
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=== Amit is now known as Guest22917
mchoinyan lamin09:38
mchoimamod choi09:38
zarlinoI'm trying to package a Qt app. I'd like to depend on Qt>=4.5. I used shlibs:Depends and it automatically adds Qt4.7 to the dependencies. Should I remove completely shlibs:Depends? I set the dependencies by hand?09:38
theadminzarlino: You probably want to go to #ubuntu-devel for development09:39
zarlinotheadmin: ok, thank you09:39
=== Guest2386 is now known as caddoo
zeeroxive got a modem (not a router) and ive just bought a second hand pc for ubuntu to be a server (new to ubuntu) and i wanted to setup ics.... just read the ics howto but i need to figure out how to connect the net to the box.... in windows it assigns its own ip automatically for the net....09:43
ljsoftnetwhere can i see the global keyboard shortcuts in xubuntu?09:43
theadminljsoftnet: Applications Menu -> Settings -> Keyboard -> Shortcuts, if Xubuntu is the same as regular XFCE09:43
ljsoftnettheadmin i dont see it09:46
zeeroxive got a modem (not a router) and ive just bought a second hand pc for ubuntu to be a server (new to ubuntu) and i wanted to setup ics.... just read the ics howto but i need to figure out how to connect the net to the box.... in windows it assigns its own ip automatically for the net.... i am using ubuntu server09:49
=== sparky_ is now known as eskim0
theadminikonia: bot?09:52
lunitiktheadmin: yes, it messages people with "Hey be nice" when banned09:52
ikoniatheadmin: correct09:52
lunitikzeerox: you have a GUI on that box? It seems quite simple, where are you getting stuck currently?09:53
fjorgynngui sucks09:54
lunitikfjorgynn: not very constructive...09:54
fjorgynnssh is great09:54
FreeWillyi have two hd's that i wish to mount in ubuntu server09:54
zeeroxlunitik: no i dont have a gui....09:54
FreeWillyhowever i get this warning then told file system not recognized when i run mount09:55
gigenieksHi guys I'm searching about 10min and cant find step-by-step guide for installing non-steam CS using Wine!? Help?09:55
zeeroxi am just wondering if i need to setup anything for the modem to connect (i havnt tried to connect the modem yet)09:55
FreeWillyWARNING: GPT (GUID Partition Table) detected on '/dev/sdb'! The util fdisk doesn't support GPT. Use GNU Parted.09:55
FreeWillyhow can i change the GPT to GNU?09:55
FreeWillyive resolved to downloading gparted to boot from and see if that distribution live cd will be able to help with some tools09:56
qingigenieks: Why not steam?09:56
lunitikzeerox: try to connect, lets see  ;)09:56
gigenieksI don't have steam and I don't really know what it is.09:56
zeeroxlunitik: so i dont need any ppp settings or nothing? :]09:57
lunitikzeerox: oh, yes you will... I have assumed that is what you mean by connecting  ;)09:57
lunitikzeerox: pppconfig for dialup or pppoeconf for dsl.... debconf will take you through it, pretty easy  :)09:59
phlak_user!info parted| FreeWilly09:59
ubottu'FreeWilly' is not a valid distribution: hardy, hardy-backports, hardy-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, maverick, maverick-backports, maverick-proposed, medibuntu, natty, natty-backports, natty-proposed, oneiric, oneiric-backports, oneiric-proposed, partner, stable, testing, unstable09:59
zeeroxokie thankyou09:59
phlak_user!info parted10:00
ubottuparted (source: parted): The GNU Parted disk partition resizing program. In component main, is standard. Version 2.3-5ubuntu5 (natty), package size 50 kB, installed size 200 kB10:00
otaconIs alsa to OSs, as Pulse is to Jack?10:00
gigenieksOK I found this about CS 1.6 ---> http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=9197497&postcount=210:00
gigenieks"That's because Counter-Strike 1.6 must be run directly from Steam" - can someone explain?10:00
ljsoftneti think you can run CS 1.6 with good FPS, i've tried it before10:00
FreeWillyphlak user are a bot?10:01
lunitikotacon: not really, pulse can do real time audio, but that is jackd's speciality10:01
theadmingigenieks: ...Steam is the place where you have bought Counter-Strike10:01
theadmingigenieks: We do not support pirated editions, nor does Wine10:01
lunitikotacon: so they are really targeting different tasks, but both _can_ function as the software mixer, certainly10:02
ljsoftnettheadmin wine is in the repos why wont you support it here?10:02
otaconlunitik: Thanks man, some good insight right there.10:02
theadminljsoftnet: We do support Wine, we just don't support pirated software.10:02
gigeniekswhat is the differance of those both CS?10:02
ljsoftnettheadmin i dont think using wine is piracy10:02
tomodachiljsoftnet: well wine itself "works" right? but all applications that hypothetically can work is another matter...10:02
wkthis the help channel? :)10:03
gigenieksI don't have money, to buy things im not sure will work..10:03
curiousxgigenieks: Urban Terror Rlz =P10:03
atommshi! when adding a user to a group do i need to restart the system so that changes are applied?10:03
theadminljsoftnet: I know... We don't support pirated software, as in, non-Steam versions of VALVe games are certainly pirated.10:03
ljsoftnetgigenieks yeah10:03
lunitikatomms: nope10:03
theadminatomms: No, logging out and back in is enough10:03
adammw111Hi. How can I install the latest version of adobe-flashplayer for Ubuntu?10:04
atommsi'll try that, just a second10:04
wkanyone can help me with sound? i'm a decent experienced linux user but my sound dissappeared after a reformat, no idea why. i have a ALC889A soundcard.10:04
lunitikadammw111: if it isn't in the archives, I would suggest trying just the version that is there... otherwise, you can download it and throw the file in /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins, restart the browser and it should work for all users10:05
ljsoftnetadammw111 whats new in flash 11?10:05
wkljsoftnet: 7,1 surround ;)10:05
ljsoftnetwk ah10:05
adammw111I'm not sure, I was hoping some sort of hardware acceleration but gotta install to find out I guess.10:05
wknow my sound works - turns out the system sounds isn't playing properly.10:06
lunitikwk: lsof /dev/snd/*  <-- maybe something else is hogging the sound system other than pulse?10:06
adammw111I was expecting that 11 would be in the archives, the flash download page tries to install via apt but doesn't seem to work.10:06
atommsloggint out and in worked, one more question, does a file needs to be executable to be packed with tar?10:07
theadminatomms: Um, no10:07
lunitikatomms: no, tar doesn't care what files are, everything is just a file to it10:07
=== Martin_ is now known as BlaDe^
adammw111It opens: apt:abobe-flashplugin?channel=$distro-partner but all I keep getting is "Use this source" in software center10:07
lunitikadammw111: agree to use the source?10:08
adammw111lunitik, yeh, the ubuntu-partner source, but then it just reloads the repo and doesn't install. I'm guessing that they haven't been uploaded yet.10:09
atommslunitik: i'm using a php script to pack some files with tar and only works when permissions are 7 and not 6 ;( any ideas?10:09
lunitikadammw111: search adobe-flashplugin - it'll prolly be version 11.0.whatever you said now  ;010:09
freko28hi all10:10
adammw111will do, update manager just decided to pop up though..10:10
adammw111(not for that - just can't open synaptic while its got a lock)10:10
lunitikatomms: none, is there an error?10:10
testinganyone knows how to register to paypal without mobile number??10:11
theadmintesting: Wrong place to ask this10:11
melvincvHi, why is the thunderbird version so old in the Ubuntu repos? It is 3.1 in the natty repos while on the site it is version 7???10:11
gigenieksSo I will ask in different way noone is playing non-steam CS 1.6? :O10:12
moneo_Hi, I'm trying to set up a network bridge between my 2 ethernet adapters in ubuntu 11.04, which works, but I need all traffic to look like its coming through the first adapter10:12
moneo_Can anyone give me any hints?10:12
ljsoftnettesting you can't proceed with out cel number?10:12
melvincvAnyway, I need to import a vcard address book from evolution to thunderbird. Please help me.10:13
lunitikmelvincv: it is because natty is old and you likely don't have backports enabled (I assume 7.0.1 will be in there since it is in oneric)10:13
testingljsoftnet: i want to proceed with out cel number.. can i ?10:13
cutiyarwhen i create new DSL doesnt show on network to connect it .10:13
moneo_e.g. I need to connect my laptop to the 2nd ethernet adapter but I need a subnet to be created and all traffic from that goes through the primary adapter, so the laptop doesn't get an external IP10:13
=== vibhav_ is now known as vibhav
ljsoftnettesting i haven't tried it, why wont you give your cel number?10:14
melvincvlunitik: backports? you mean unsupported updates?10:14
atommslunitik: when the file has 760 users of that group cannot tar, after running php it says "permission denied" (with 770 the php runs OK though)10:14
lunitikmelvincv: in "Software Sources" on the first tab there is a backports section10:14
theadminmoneo_: route add -net your.sub.net.here dev eth010:14
theadminmoneo_: Will route it trough the first adapter10:14
moneo_thanks theadmin, I'll give it a shot! :)10:14
theadminmoneo_: You need sudo there though10:14
moneo_ok will do!10:15
testingljsoftnet: just don't want,, can i register on paypal without using cel number?10:15
melvincvlunitik: Are you sure? I'm using 11.04.10:15
=== X_ is now known as FreeNET
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04)10:16
lunitikmelvincv: no, sorry, it is the "updates" tab...10:16
ljsoftnettesting i think they need it same with your credit card10:17
wkIs there a java JDK for Linux ?10:17
wkor does the openjdk package also include the jdk binaries?10:17
lunitikwk: yes... apt-cache search openjdk10:18
joosep_Hello! I have samsung n150 netbook, with ubuntu 11.10  The brightness keys are not working. I got a script to adjust brightness in terminal. I was wondering if it is possible to bind some keys that would call the script and thereby higher or lower the brightness?10:18
testingljsoftnet: so can i register on paypal without any mobile number?10:18
melvincvWill I be able to import the vcard address book from Evolution to Thunderbird 7 then?10:18
ljsoftnettesting i dont think so10:18
lunitikwk: they should be in -jdk (default installed is -jre)10:18
ljsoftnettesting dont worry about your celphone number, paypal is a legit company10:18
ljsoftnettesting your not hiding from them are you?10:19
gob_bluthis there a way to ensure that mysql-server can be installed via puppet and bypass the prompt waiting for a password ?10:19
cutiyarwhen i create new DSL doesnt show on network to connect it .10:19
theadminljsoftnet: Some people nowadays just don't *have* a phone.10:20
Striker3070I know I opened and changed a file on Sat 10-1, but can't find the file, how can I search for file by date changed 10/1/1110:20
ljsoftnettheadmin sorry10:20
ljsoftnettheadmin no offence10:21
theadminljsoftnet: None taken10:21
theadminljsoftnet: Just explaining10:21
ljsoftnettheadmin ok10:21
lunitikmelvincv: anyway, to import address book... just go to Tools > Import ... click Address Book and find where the Evolution one is (fresh install so I forget, using thunderbird)10:22
wooterStriker3070, ls / -lR | grep "date"10:22
Striker3070Woohooo<> thx10:23
melvincvlunitik: thanks, i'll try...10:23
wooterchange "date" to the date your looking for10:23
phlak_userjoosep_: look inside /etc/acpi10:23
oYveeyhi xiong_ you're everywhere10:24
phlak_userjoosep_: put the script there10:25
Striker3070man ls10:25
melvincvlunitik: Oops, Thunderbird gives me an error stating that all contacts could not be imported, my address book is still empty...10:25
Striker3070man ls10:25
CimarronTijhow many people use ubuntu?10:26
melvincvCan we save in the csv format in evolution then?10:26
* oYveey hands up10:26
oYveeyI use ubuntu10:26
CimarronTijin the whole world?10:26
CimarronTijI have been trying to find that figure10:26
oYveeyLol, dunno10:26
CimarronTijbut can't seem to locate a statistic10:26
irctc641need nis help10:26
phlak_userCimarronTij:  maybe the Linux Counter project might help. www.linuxcounter.net10:27
moneo_theadmin, regarding my networking question, do I need to install a dhcp server so that devices I attach to the subnet adapter are given local IPs?10:27
lunitikmelvincv: http://labs.brotherli.ch/vcfconvert/ <-- try this... apparently thunderbird doesn't do vCard's10:27
theadminmoneo_: I'm not so sure about that10:27
cutiyarwhen i create new DSL doesnt show on network to connect it .10:27
cutiyarwhen i create new DSL doesnt show on network to connect it .10:27
cutiyarwhen i create new DSL doesnt show on network to connect it .10:27
FloodBot1cutiyar: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:27
moneo_theadmin, ok thanks, I'll try keep googling10:27
phlak_usermoneo_: on the gateway's lan side10:27
derknechti have an encrypted home folder (ecrypt), and want to trigger own scripts when it decrypt the folder (user logon) and release the decryption (last logout). But how? I looked in .ecryptfs and googled but found no hint. Can someone please help?10:27
cutiyarFloodBot1, when?10:28
moneo_phlak_user, do I also need to make a bridge as well as adding a route?10:28
irctc641efused connect from 10.1.1.X:59567 to procedure ypproc_match10:28
cutiyarwhen i create new DSL doesnt show on network to connect it .???10:28
phlak_usermoneo_: depends on what you're goal is10:28
theadmincutiyar: Would you stop repeating?10:29
lunitikmelvincv: (thunderbird wants LDIF of course)10:29
phlak_usermoneo_: if you want to use a linux box as a gateway and also have it NAT then make it a router; typically one would configure the adsl modem as a bridge and the box as router10:29
moneo_well, I'm on a college network that only lets me connect one computer to it. If it detects 2 computers (e.g. if I use a hub) it refuses the connection. In previous years I just used a second network card to get around it, by making a subnet and routing all traffic through the first network card, and connecting a hub to the second one for my other machines10:30
moneo_right ok10:30
cutiyartheadmin, ok10:30
irctc641efused connect from to procedure ypproc_match NIS SERVER Error10:30
melvincvlunitik:  ok, I'm trying that....10:30
cutiyarany one know about my problem?10:31
ubottuA high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.10:31
melvincvlunitik: Thanks a million! That worked :)10:31
lunitikmelvincv: you're welcome  :)10:32
ubottuUbuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server10:32
theadmin!repeat | cutiyar10:33
ubottucutiyar: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/10:33
lunitikcutiyar: you may also wish to add more details to your issue, what are you attempting, where isn't it showing up through etc10:34
koaguys need help with something10:41
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phlak_user!anyone| koa10:42
ubottukoa: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.10:42
koai need to have root runing full time10:42
phlak_user!root | koa10:43
ubottukoa: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo10:43
ljsoftnetmostly network cards wifi or wired are recognize by ubuntu no need to configure them, just click and connect10:43
koayeah i need to be in sudo mod all time10:43
ljsoftnetkoa you can use the terminal and run as root10:43
icerootkoa: normally you dont need a root-shell all the time10:43
koahow to do that10:43
mikemikeMy laptop can't connect to the wifi network here. On windows it works fine so it's no hardware problem (no hardware is broken_)10:43
koaw/o the termnel is it possple ?10:43
phlak_userkoa: type sudo -i as soon as you login10:43
icerootkoa: why you need root all the time?10:44
koacoz  i have some external hd and i only can access it on root only10:44
koaas in copy and paste files in it10:44
phlak_userkoa: why?10:44
icerootkoa: then you mounted the drive wrong10:45
koait won't allow me to copy with sudo Nautilus10:45
theadminkoa: You should use "gksu nautilus"10:45
koai mean it's only allow me to copy in sudo Nautilus10:45
Malkavian_using Ubuntu 10.04 (lucid) and after installing kde-minimal and qtcurve setting the look of gtk apps doesn't work; I have tried in kde system settings -> appearance ->gtk+ appearance to set the appearance, but this has not effect10:46
koabut  in normal it won't allow me10:46
Malkavian_do I miss any package??10:46
Sidewinder1koa, Type in terminal sudo chown -R yourusername:yourusername /media/ your external'smount point.10:46
jattwill flash 11 be available for ubuntu 10.10?10:46
Amit1hello friends my nis works very slow10:47
koak will try it10:47
phlak_userkoa: better still; user pmount10:47
phlak_userkoa:  use pmount10:47
phlak_user!info pmount | koa10:47
ubottukoa: pmount (source: pmount): mount removable devices as normal user. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.23-1 (natty), package size 114 kB, installed size 888 kB10:47
koawalla it's works ^^10:48
koathanx alot guys :D10:48
Sidewinder1koa, No spave between media/ and your mount point, sorry for that, it's early here.10:48
Sidewinder1spacebug-, even10:48
FreeWillycan anyone tell me how to change a GPT to GNU parted?10:48
Sidewinder1spacebug-, even10:48
koait's cool :D thanx alot10:48
FreeWillyon a HD10:49
Amit1can anyone tell m about this error--server ypserv[9891]: refused connect from to procedure ypproc_match (NIS-SCHOOL-NETWORK,shadow.byname;-1)10:49
Malkavian_I have installed qtcurve but it changing gtk styles has no effect; does anyone know if I need some extra package?10:50
paulus68is there a way to check if a drive has enough space available after backup if move the largest file towards another location?10:50
zeeroxhow can i login as root on my box instead of using sudo?10:50
mewaysanybody familiar with overclocking? pm me please I'm just starting and would like some heads up and pointers10:50
paulus68*if not10:50
theadminzeerox: You can't. Well, if you want to, you can, but it's a very stupid idea and shall not be discussed here.10:50
Abhijitzeerox, login10:50
FreeWillyzeerox: u can change the password of root with sudo passwd root10:51
mewaysAmit1: it looks like that ports not open10:51
theadminFreeWilly: That is not discussed here, and not supported. DO NOT SUGGEST THAT.10:51
paulus68by preference with bash command10:51
FreeWillymy apoligies theadmin10:51
theadminFreeWilly: Logging in as root to a graphical environment is a weird idea as well10:51
Amit1no i think thats is not a port its process id10:52
jimakirahey can someone help me a bit, i need some help to compile libgcrypt11 with openssl10:52
mewaysyou don't need root to hange passwd10:52
theadminFreeWilly: Many X programs will not work as root10:52
theadminmeways: To change a password of another user, you do10:52
mewaystheadmin: ah ok10:52
madsHi i got a quick question. I'm about to order a Lenovo ideapad s205 (AMD Fusion E-450). I had four Asus laptops and the generally been supported well in ubuntu. how is the Lenovo support generally? (this model got the usual problems wifi, suspend ect.)10:54
jimakirais that right place even to ask development question ?10:54
Sidewinder1jimakira, I don't know about compileing with openssl, but you might find this helpful: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware10:54
mewaysmads: I have one that works great10:55
mewaysmads: is it a thinkpad?10:55
madsMeways: thanks.10:55
jimakiraSidewinder1: i know how to compile a package, but in this case it needs to be patched to use openssl instead of gnutls and i have no idea where to begin10:55
vulnWhenever I turn on my computer, the Update Manager is launched. I wonder if there is any other situatoin where it's also launched!?10:55
madsmeways: Its an Ideapad10:55
Sidewinder1jimakira, Sorry, neither do I. :-(10:56
madsmeways: AMD Fusion e-450 APU10:56
mewaysmads whats your specs?10:56
Tixosis there anyone official here that can tell me about ubuntu fglrx drivers?10:57
madsmeways: is Lenovo supported well in ubuntu?10:57
jribTixos: best to just ask the channel your actual question (on a single line)10:57
madsmeways: dual 1.6 - ati 6310 - 4 gB RAM10:57
aujohnmaybe ubuntu support well with Lenovo10:57
paulus68is there a way to check with bash if there is enough free space after making backup to external drive (if not that the largest file from that external drive is moved to another location to free up space?10:58
Tixoswell, ive got missing pixels with the ubuntu fglrx driver, so i want to know if there are any known bugs10:58
mewaysmads I'm running a 6.00 GB 64-bit OS with intel(R Core(TM) i-252-M CPU @ 2.50GHz 2.0 GHz and it works great10:58
madsmeways i t should ;-)10:58
Tixoshowever the open source drivers for ATI seem ok10:59
madsmeways: its if Lenovo generally speaking is well supported that i'm most worried about.10:59
mewaystbh I never really heard anyone else discuss it but everything seems to work properly on the machine I own11:00
mewayscpu runs normally11:00
=== Guest31871 is now known as gord
mewayswifi works11:00
mewaysgraphics seem ok11:01
madsmeways thanks.11:01
phlak_userpaulus68: du -h filename will tell you size of the file in human readable form11:01
mewaysmads: yup no problem :)11:01
mewaysmads I pmed you :)11:01
phlak_userpaulus68: use that in a test condition11:01
mito_torerogood afternoon11:01
Sidewinder1mito_torero, Good mornin', it's 07:02, here. :-)11:02
mito_toreroSidewinder1: haha you're on eastern time i assume :)11:03
phlak_usermito_torero: its 1632 here11:03
=== Wonder is now known as Guest83260
mito_torerophlak_user: its 140311:03
mito_torerowhere i am11:03
Sidewinder1mito_torero, You assume correctly; just trying to "wake-up" my fingers.11:04
cutiyari cant connect DSL connection be cause i cant see after i created ,??11:04
phlak_user cutiyar do you have a dsl modem?11:04
cutiyarno its wired ppoe11:04
mewaysIs anybody familar with overclocking?11:04
ikoniameways: try ##hardware11:05
cutiyarphlak_user, no its wired ppoe11:05
jribTixos: you can check http://bugs.ubuntu.com for known bugs11:05
mewaysikonia: o.O11:05
paulus68phlak_user: problem is here that the name of the file may change it could be saterdays backup or a complete backup so the best way is in my opinion to check how much space there is available if less then x search for the largest file on that location and move it to a new one11:05
mewaysikonia: the concept is new to me11:05
ikoniameways: the guys in ##hardware can help11:06
phlak_usercutiyar: look here -> http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=174424511:06
cutiyarphlak_user, yesterday was worked when i created new DSL and gone but after restart didnt connect ask for authtication11:07
phlak_userpaulus68: df -h /partition/11:08
vulnWhenever I turn on my computer, the Update Manager is launched. I wonder if there is any other situatoin where it's also launched!?11:08
wootervuln, after a apt-get update11:08
phlak_uservuln: its always running. when it detects there are updates; it notifies you11:08
rajmahendraAnyone help me how can i install GNOME 3 on Ubuntu 11.1011:09
vulnphlak_user: aw, it makes sense now. I have a computer that I never turn off11:09
paulus68phlak_user: brb11:09
phlak_userrajmahendra: ask in ubuntu+111:09
vulnand every two days when i'd go for a check it'd have it launched and I thought it was rebooting somehow11:09
vulnnow it makes sense.11:09
phlak_uservuln: ok11:09
phlak_usercutiyar: is the entry still present in Network-Manager?11:10
Tixosjrib thanks but i dont think its really going to help. Are there any tools to test GPUs on linux? some sort of stress test or benchmarkers?11:10
cutiyarphlak_user, after i followed this instruction http://ubuntuguide.net/fix-dsl-pppoe-connection-problem-with-network-manager-in-ubuntu-9-10 , now its nothing shown when i create new DSL11:10
phlak_usercutiyar: what version of ubuntu do you have?11:11
cutiyarphlak_user, 11.411:11
aujohndoes ubuntu 11.10 released?11:11
phlak_usercutiyar: 11.04 you mean; why would you follow instructions for 9.10?11:11
cutiyarphlak_user, i thought is the same11:12
tabaskodoes anyone know any good articles about ubuntu/linux/opensource or so? I should get one and make presentation from it to school, but somehow I dont have found anything adter hours of searching :D11:12
cutiyarphlak_user, any way to restore before two days ?11:12
phlak_usercutiyar: that page tells you to install network-manager from a ppa?11:12
tabaskoduh, I should be in offtopic11:12
FreeWillywhen i start ubuntu server in recovery mode, its hanging at fsch from util-linux-ng 2.x.x blablabla11:12
cutiyarphlak_user, no its fixing for DSL problem11:13
FreeWillydoes it take a while to boot up to the login?11:13
FreeWillyits been like 10mins11:13
=== kamstrup|lunch is now known as kamstrup
phlak_usercutiyar:  you didnt do this? -> Step1:Update Network Manager to the latest version from PPA11:13
cutiyarphlak_user, no11:13
FreeWilly(ive started in recovery mode coz it was hanging at boot up on a ubuntu purple screen with a loading thingie)11:14
FreeWillyand it hanged there for 30min11:14
cutiyarphlak_user, sorry yes i did all11:14
cutiyarphlak_user, but in step 2 nothing was my file (nm-system-settings.conf)11:15
phlak_usercutiyar: phew; i would suggest that you uninstall the network-manager (sudo apt-get remove network-manager); remove the PPA entries from /etc/apt/sources.list; then sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install network-manager11:16
phlak_usercutiyar: once all of this is done; we can setup your DSL connection again11:16
cutiyarphlak_user, ok will notice you again ..11:16
phlak_usercutiyar: thanks11:17
tarerulzuninstall pulseaudio and how can I control where my sounds gos?  I used the Ubuntu sound tools to pick hdmi or onboard audio11:18
phlak_usertarerulz: http://www.webupd8.org/2010/03/how-to-switch-to-alsa-or-oss-instead-of.html11:19
tarerulzthanks  phlak_user , that is just what I was looking for .11:20
paulus68phlak_user: what would the command be to check the filesize in a specific dir in my it's /media/backup1/backups11:20
phlak_usertarerulz: yw11:21
phlak_userpaulus68: you mean the size of the entire directory?11:21
paulus68phlak_user: no the filesize within that directory11:22
phlak_userpaulus68: du -sh directory should return 2G directory (2G is an example)11:22
phlak_userpaulus68: filesize within the directory? you mean the individual sizes of each file?11:23
paulus68phlak_user: yes11:23
phlak_userpaulus68: remove the s; du -h directory gives you a list of all files with their sizes (can be used in a for loop)11:23
paulus68phlak_user: thanks for these commands11:26
phlak_userpaulus68: yw11:26
arovijHi I need help with sources.list file. I am running 'sudo apt-get build-dep firefox' and error msg is "unable to find a source package for firefox-3.0" . What should be correct entries in sources.list file?11:27
oYeVoVeYoDoes anyone know how to stop the ssh on ubuntu??11:27
oYeVoVeYoI got it running and now I don't know how to stop it11:28
rigvedoYeVoVeYo: sudo service ssh stop11:28
rigvedoYeVoVeYo: or sudo /etc/init.d/ssh stop11:29
oYeVoVeYostop: Rejected send message, 1 matched rules; type="method_call", sender=":1.193" (uid=1000 pid=8973 comm="stop) interface="com.ubuntu.Upstart0_6.Job" member="Stop" error name="(unset)" requested_reply=0 destination="com.ubuntu.Upstart" (uid=0 pid=1 comm="/sbin/init"))11:29
oYeVoVeYoWhat that? O.o11:29
oYeVoVeYoOkay, let me try that11:29
paulus68phlak_user: how would I be able to determine the largest file within that directory?11:29
oYeVoVeYoThe sudo one worked, thanks, rigved11:30
cutiyarphlak_user, i didnt remember to tell you if i uninstall network manager how i can download? now iam using another pc11:30
glebihanarovij, do you have a deb-src line in your sources.list11:30
rigvedoYeVoVeYo: both the commands had sudo.11:30
rigvedoYeVoVeYo: you are welcome.11:30
oYeVoVeYoOh right -.-" I forgot to add on the sudo with the first one, I guess that's why it didn't work........anyway thanks really much :D11:31
arovijglebihan : Honestly I was doing a little trial and error and Now there are a lot of deb-src entries11:31
glebihanarovij, ok could you pastebin you sources.list file then so I can have a look ?11:31
arovijjust a sec11:32
arovijglebihan : pastebin.com/10eKKghj11:33
oYeVoVeYoOne more question, what does it mean why it says "stop: Unknown instance: " ???11:33
arovijglebihan : sorry there is a type11:33
rigvedoYeVoVeYo: that means that the service has already been stopped.11:33
DasEiarovij: sudo apt-get install pastebinit && pastebinit /etc/apt/sources.list11:33
oYeVoVeYoI just got it started.........o man, so it's like it automatically stopped11:34
oYeVoVeYoOdd o.o"11:34
gamlikallingi: how are you11:35
alexd285hello, how I can clean "aptitude -f install", it recons to install unwanted packages that I have removed like mysql php and apache11:37
siggi_has joined ubuntu11:37
DasEiarovij: muharr mixed repos from gutsy an edgy, tss..11:37
glebihanarovij, wow that's ugly... how did you get to such a mixture ?11:37
glebihanarovij, and which version are you actually running ?11:39
gamlikallhow are you hawk11:39
bazhanggamlikall, ubuntu support question?11:39
gamlikallingi hello11:40
bazhanggamlikall, please stop that11:40
arovijmy debian is a 64 bit.. I am supposed to build this in 32 bit env.. I was new to linux and chroot and lot of stuff together..... DasEi : I would need some more info..11:40
hbojkh hello11:40
DasEiarovij: I could easily, but don't want to interrupt glebihan11:41
glebihanarovij, you didn't answer my question. Which version of ubuntu are you running ?11:41
gamlikalldo not use the irc at all11:41
arovijI am running lucid..11:41
glebihanarovij, then why do you have edgy, gutsy and hardy repositories set up ???11:41
arovijyes because it wouldn't get the required libraries.. I thought may be adding older entries would help.. They didnot..11:42
=== Robert_ is now known as Guest48816
arovijactually there were no entries in the sources.list. It's a virtual build env...11:43
glebihanarovij, it's always a bad idea to mix repositories from different versions11:43
=== JoFo__ is now known as JoFo
arovijok let me put in some more effort and try... I will get back soon... I will try without mix reps this time.. glebihan . thanks for your time.. will get back if I fail again.11:44
glebihanarovij, why are you trying to build firefox3 ?11:44
cutiyarphlak_user, are u here?\11:44
phlak_usercutiyar: yes11:44
arovijI am tryin to build firefox 4 .. I don't know why it threw that message..11:44
cutiyarphlak_user, i didnt remember to tell you if i uninstall network manager how i can download? now iam using another pc , what to do?11:45
teddyroosebeltare there any jacks or better video poker games out there for ubuntu or linux in general?11:45
glebihanarovij, your best bet would probably be to get back to a normal sources.list (with lucid entries) then download firefox4 source from mozilla's website and build from that11:45
phlak_usercutiyar: you can bring up your ethernet interface maually11:45
phlak_usercutiyar: you dont need network-manager for that11:45
arovijok.. let me try that..11:46
cutiyarphlak_user, i was woking on shared internet but after i ununstalled network manager the network disconnected11:46
DasEiarovij: one question in between, what shows lsb_release -a ? lucid ?11:47
rigvedarovij: lsb_release -sc11:47
paulus68is there a specific command with bash to determine the largest file within a given directory11:49
phlak_user_paulus68: again?11:49
cutiyarphlak_userany thing to do?11:50
phlak_user_paulus68: reverse sort the directory as per size11:50
* phlak_user_ just installed terminator11:50
misse_gfy phlak_user_11:51
phlak_user_cutiyar: sorry; which step are you on?11:51
gr33n7007hany1 need any help11:51
gr33n7007hubuntu ninja in the house11:51
phlak_user_misse_: ty11:51
phlak_user_!anyone | gr33n7007h11:51
ubottugr33n7007h: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.11:51
bazhanggr33n7007h, whats your question11:51
misse_terminator rocks11:52
cutiyarphlak_user_, i dont know  as i said the internet gone how i can update terminal and installing network manager again?11:52
DasEipaulus68: from amn ls ls -ls11:52
phlak_user_cutiyar: how are you connected to the internet (physically) before it went off11:52
gr33n7007hhow do use ettercap in ubuntu11:52
cutiyarphlak_user_, sharing internet from another pc11:52
phlak_user_!info ettercap11:52
ubottuettercap (source: ettercap): Multipurpose sniffer/interceptor/logger for switched LAN. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:0.7.3-2.1ubuntu1 (natty), package size 186 kB, installed size 420 kB11:53
phlak_user_cutiyar: ok so open up a terminal and bring up the ethernet interface again11:53
=== Mud is now known as Guest96281
phlak_user_cutiyar: like so: sudo dhclient eth011:53
rcmaehlWhat's the quickest way to remove duplicate music files from drive using Banshee?11:54
cutiyarphlak_user_, i downloaded the network manager packages from another pc and brings it to my ubuntu now manager is work11:54
Atharvahello everyone.....Does any one know what command is used for switchinf from tui to gui ?11:54
phlak_user_cutiyar: ok; now justadd the dsl connection in the dsl tab of "edit connections" in Network-Manager11:54
phlak_user_Atharva: ctl+alt+f711:55
bazhang!it | kriminaal011:55
ubottukriminaal0: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)11:55
phlak_user_Atharva: or (in the old days) startx11:55
DasEiAtharva: you meen to start x?11:56
* oYeVoVeYo is away: Don't follow me11:56
bazhang!away > oYeVoVeYo11:56
ubottuoYeVoVeYo, please see my private message11:56
Atharvaphlak_user_ : ctl+alt+f7 goes to tty7, If I want to start gui in tty1 what is the command ? startx is not working.11:57
cutiyarphlak_user_, i created it but still nnot shown in the list11:57
phlak_user_Atharva: is X installed11:57
DasEiAtharva: depends on what you use, sudo service gdm start11:57
trussrodconnect undernet11:58
Atharva<DasEi> : Ok let me try..11:58
Atharva<DasEi> Will be back in few minuits11:58
gr33n7007hcan some 1 help me? need bluetooth advice11:59
DasEi!ask | gr33n7007h11:59
ubottugr33n7007h: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)11:59
ubottuFor instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup11:59
paulus68DasEi: then I get the filesize how to determine what's the largest one?12:00
DasEipaulus68: man ls again, and also there is sort12:00
gr33n7007him trying to emulate a rs232 serial connection over rfcomm using bluetooth modem to issue AT commands to bluetooth modem using minicom in ubun tu12:01
usr13paulus68: du -sk * | sort -n  <will list by file sizes, largest last>12:02
DasEipaulus68: http://tinyurl.com/6b5wtqq12:02
usr13paulus68: ls -lS |grep ^d   <will show directories sorted by size>12:02
gr33n7007hcan any1 help plz12:02
paulus68usr13: DasEi thanks12:03
gr33n7007h https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup doesn't give help with this!12:05
BluesKajHiyas all12:06
DasEigr33n7007h: more a hardware related issue, might aftersome time crosspost in ##linux and #debian , if no one knows12:07
lunitikThere is also ##hardware I think12:09
gr33n7007his that /join #hardware12:09
gr33n7007his that /join #linux12:10
bazhangtwo ##12:10
phlak_usergr33n7007h: the prinicpal is thus: find out which serial port the BT device is connected to- ttyACM0 or so; fire up minicom; set the serial port to the one you found out; set the serial port speed to the one supported by the device (9600, 19200 eetc)12:10
icerootgr33n7007h: /join ##hardware    /join #linux12:10
lunitikgr33n7007h: single # means official... hard to officially support random hardware... so the two are necessary12:10
icerootbut i guess its ##linux12:10
lunitikgr33n7007h: can just use /j ##hardware on most clients12:11
gr33n7007hits not a direct link its emulated over rfcomm - so the port is rfcomm012:11
phlak_usergr33n7007h: ok12:12
lunitik!hi | agostinho12:12
bazhang!br | agostinho12:12
ubottuagostinho: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.12:12
raj-darkmysteryhi guys need li'l help with nis issue, server ypserv is refusing the connection.. any guidance please12:12
gr33n7007hbut how to configure with sdptool is a nightmare12:13
phlak_userraj-darkmystery: at the outset it indicates that a) the nis server isnt up b) its behind a firewall c) its listening on a different port12:13
usr13raj-darkmystery: What error do you get?12:14
groundnutyhey, I'm trying to use pm-hibernate with my laptop. It seems to work fine... system reads data from swap partiton and starts already logged in - the ptobelms it that screen graphic/resulution is crruptes somehow.12:14
groundnutyI'm not running X, just cli.12:14
raj-darkmysteryphlak_user, nis server is up and running and also accepting the connection from clients and also authenticating but for some clients its throwing error. usr13 following is the error : "server ypserv[9891]: refused connect from to procedure ypproc_match"12:15
usr13raj-darkmystery: http://www.unix.com/linux/81505-ypproc_match-nis-error.html12:18
raj-darkmysterythanks usr13 let me have a look at the link12:19
pc12hi sirs... can i ask i tried to run warcraft 1.26a version12:19
pc12i used wine but its says failed about direct x12:19
* phlak_user is back12:20
bazhangpc12, check the appdb12:20
bazhang!appdb | pc1212:20
ubottupc12: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help12:20
bazhangpc12, /join #winehq for that12:20
raj-darkmysteryusr13, already gone through that link... maps are pointing to valid hosts12:22
rails123Is there an easy way to enable Compiz in Unity 2D?12:23
robin0800rails123, compiz --replace12:24
pc12okies thankss12:25
fabio333rails123, better to use unity if you want compiz12:25
rails123robin0800: seems to work, unity2d is like 4times faster, thats why i want to use it.12:25
pc12where should i type that bazhang12:25
rails123robin0800: any way to make it start every time I log in?12:26
pc12is there everest for ubuntu?12:28
pc12im not sure if my video card is already installed12:28
froqANyone have an good technology publication they read to keep up to date?12:29
m_bissoncan i ask a question about case modding here? or do you guys know of a channel for that? specifically, I want to add a fan or two.12:29
robin0800rails123, if you log out and back in it should start automaticly12:29
icerootm_bisson: ##hardware12:29
xgt001hi there.... in windows 7 whenever i play video or audio the fans never start running ...but in ubuntu even if i play a small avi clip or mp3 the fan runs at full speed12:29
xgt001any idea of which is the best player12:29
m_bissonthanks ice!12:30
rails123rails123: really? I thought I would have to run that comand every time I log in - just made a startup script. I`ll try it out.12:30
SultansElephantxgt001: out of the box ubuntu?12:30
SultansElephantor a ubuntu-based remix12:30
xgt001SultansElephant, ubuntu original.... i am using vlc for video and banshee for mp312:31
xgt001the fans run at full speed12:31
xgt001and i have not enabled gpu acceleration in vlc as well ... i have an ati card12:32
rails123Thanks for your help; problem seems to be fixed with that little startup script =D12:33
fabio333xgt what cpu do you have?12:33
xgt001fabio333, i have core i3 370 M12:34
fabio333it should be 2.4 ghz?12:34
xgt001fabio333, yes exactly12:34
=== alashtar is now known as seldanb
fabio333maybe it's runninf full frequency12:34
fabio333trye with "cat /proc/cpuinfo"12:35
xgt001hmmm nope i guess i have set it ondemand alltime12:35
fabio333when idle it shoundn't be at full frequency12:35
Gentoo64check bios settings?12:36
xgt001fabio333, its running at 933 mhz as of now... i have 5 chrome tabs one empathy and one xchat open12:36
xgt001Gentoo64, in bios i have turned the fan always on option to off12:36
fabio333xgt001, windows is a lot better with video12:37
Gentoo64whats the problem, slow video then?12:37
* oYeVoVeYo is back (gone 00:41:21)12:37
xgt001Gentoo64, not slow video... video runs totally smooth but fans run very noisy12:38
fabio333high cpu usage with video plyback i suppose12:38
fabio333xgt001, do you have mplayer?12:38
Gentoo64maybe its gpu fan? do laptops even have those?12:38
xgt001nope... should i try that?12:38
fabio333try a different video output...12:38
fabio333even with vlc you can do that12:38
xgt001fabio333, can u suggest a good quiet output?12:39
Gentoo64fabio333, what gpu and drivers do you use?12:39
Gentoo64video accel would be best12:39
fabio333xgt001, is wih ati i suppose12:39
xgt001ati mobility radeon 637012:39
xgt001using catalyst 11.9 drivers12:39
Gentoo64do you use the prop ati drivers?12:39
pc12hi sir when i try to input this: glxinfo | egrep -i "opengl|direct|rendering"12:40
pc12this is the result12:40
Gentoo64xgt001, i use mplayer2 myself not sure about vlc, try it with gpu accel on / off and play with the output settings x11 etc12:40
xgt001Gentoo64, are u on ati as well?12:41
Gentoo64i use the vdpau for mplayer, i think ati needs GL output12:41
xgt001i am unlucky then i guess coz nvidia supported vdpau from long back...12:41
xgt001i am doubtful about ati support12:41
Gentoo64yea it is good... but ati should be able to play with gpu12:42
pc1201:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV34 [GeForce FX 5500] (rev a1)12:42
Gentoo64i dont know about all the outputs tbh theres x11 xvmc gl vdpau12:42
pc12how can i install my vid driver?12:42
Gentoo64pc12, does it not ocme under additional drivers?12:42
Gentoo64i thin nouveau might even be the same for older cards12:42
pc12where to look12:42
Gentoo64in the system settings12:42
xgt001Gentoo64, so i should try x11 and gl?12:42
Gentoo64or type jockey-gtk (i think iti s) in a terminal12:42
Gentoo64xgt001, try them all see if any of them help12:43
=== Alien_Freak is now known as csgeek
xgt001Gentoo64, and even during mp3 playback fan runs high which is annoyinh12:43
Gentoo64pc12, i think with that card is stick with the built in driver12:43
xgt001i have tried banshee and audacious as well12:43
zairohi. Lubuntu 11.04. My laptop Fujitsu cannot suspend/hibernate. mouse got crazy. any help is highly appreciated.12:44
Gentoo64xgt001, i dont know then :s probably just the cpu. does it not do it on windows then?12:44
Gentoo64if you use windows..12:44
user1_i cannot believe in natty still cant hibernate on netbooks12:45
Gentoo64xgt001, maybe try turning the fan always on option in bois back to on, or is it the same?12:45
Gentoo64i know if its off the fan might have to kick in more when it gets hot12:45
zairouser1_: me 2 problem on hibernate/suspend12:45
user1_dont understand how people can be so lazy to solve it even after months12:46
=== billy_ is now known as Bilz
pc12gento where did you get those codes?12:46
zairouser1_: what laptop model do you use?12:46
Gentoo64pc12, what codes?12:47
pc12for the terminal.. sorry im newbie in linux since my friend said to try it.. and im starting to kinda like it12:47
xgt001Gentoo64, alright i just checked the aticonfig frequency gpu load was 60 percent when i played a hd video12:47
xgt001may be thats the fault?12:47
user1_zairo: asus 1215B12:47
Gentoo64xgt001, ok thats good... but it wont use the gpu for mp3s..12:47
Gentoo64pc12, jockey-gtk is just the command to open the additional drivers thing12:47
pc12a friend of mine named izhar who is i think a dev in fedora or centos12:48
Gentoo64but like i said you are probably better off with the built in nouvea driver for that card as its more reliable12:48
pc12where i can get other codes to learn them12:48
zairouser1, usually problem happens is rare case. most of the laptop got no issue.12:48
Gentoo64pc12, you will just learn what things are called as you go along12:48
pc12okey thanks gento... hope i can run a whole computer shop with linux12:49
=== fazi is now known as Guest4031
pc12problem will be the yahoo messenger with webcam and online games12:49
Guest4031anyone using oracle on ubuntu12:50
ikoniaGuest4031: few people will due to certain support issues, what's the issue /12:50
pc12whats that12:50
Guest4031i m new on ubuntu12:50
xanguapc12: there is gyachi http://gyachi.sourceforge.net/ is suposed to support webcam12:51
Guest4031and want to move my oracle application on ubuntu12:51
auronandacepc12: you can use pidgin for yahoo messenger12:51
user1_zairo: come on. rare no. same  with all netbooks12:52
tattusHello all, can somebody help me ? How to use the terminal command CD to get into a folder that has name + space + name, like cd Wallpapers HD ?12:52
pc12supports video call?12:52
zairouser1_, that's what i got response when i ask in some forum, hu2.12:52
Gentoo64tattus, use quotes12:53
generichuman@tattus try cd Wallpapers\ HD12:53
Gentoo64tattus, or backslashes but they confuse new users12:53
zairotattus, use tab to get full name12:53
tattuswill try all the tips guys, thanks a lot12:53
Gentoo64cd "Wallpapers HD"12:53
tattusthanks you all ;D12:53
=== erward_ is now known as erward
a4gpaerward: ping12:56
Willis420anyway to know how much battery you have left in natty 11.04?12:58
SidveeHow I stop wifi indicator blinking with the data transfer?12:59
xanguaWillis420: battery indicator, set in on Energy preferences12:59
SidveeHow can I*12:59
zairoany workaround to solve suspend/hibernate in Lubuntu 11.04?12:59
FreeWilly_im still facing the same problem13:00
FreeWilly_and hoping someone could help me13:00
pc12omg i combined my two internet connection speed hahaha13:00
=== jtrucks_ is now known as jtrucks
FreeWilly_so here goes13:02
FreeWilly_im trying to mount two HD's13:02
FreeWilly_i get an error bout unrecognized file system13:02
AdvoWorkany idea how much disk space is taken up by installing lucid lynx 10.04 server ?13:02
FreeWilly_when i run fdisk i get this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/702225/13:02
xpololzthere's no problem installing ubuntu on intel 64 bit processors?13:03
icerootxpololz: you mean normal intel cpus? which are using amd4?13:03
icerootxpololz: amd6413:03
nownottrying to get a cron job to run a python script, this its he line but not getting it to work */2 0 * * * /usr/bin/python /home/test//cafeParser_1.py does this look correct?13:03
SidveeDon't we have anyone here who dedicatedly some problems?13:04
xpololziceroot it has a i52537M CPU ... I'm not sure13:04
th0rSidvee: no13:04
icerootnownot: that will run 0:02 0:04 0:06 but not 01:02 and so on13:04
auronandacexpololz: it runs fine on an i513:05
serciki can't use ubuntu because of a problem with nvidia drivers...13:05
m4xxi'm trying to set up a pxe boot menu. i've followed some instructions that i've found here: http://www.serenux.com/2010/05/howto-setup-your-own-pxe-boot-server-using-ubuntu-server/ when  boot up my client it says "could not find kernel image: ubuntu-installer/i386/boot-screens/vesamenu.c32"13:05
serciki have red about a kernel bug, is right?13:05
icerootnownot: that line is ok when using crontab -e but when using /etc/cron.d/ you also have to set a username13:05
m4xxthe file does exist in my tftp directory13:05
FreeWilly_no one that can help?13:05
xpololzI just noticed when I went to download the file is named "ubuntu-11.04-desktop-amd64.iso"13:05
icerootxpololz: that will run fine with the amd64 version of ubuntu13:06
nownoticeroot: yea crontab -e just took out the 0 and added * and it seems to be working now13:06
icerootnownot: ok13:06
xpololzok thanks ice and auronand13:06
serciki can do nothing, because also rescue mode doesn't work13:07
r00t_hey guys13:07
sercikthe screen shows some coloured lines and i can't read anything13:07
deanHi all is anyone in here knowledgeable on handbrake I have just been in there irc channel but no one is answering.13:07
r00t_is it possible to share a crypted hdd (truecrypt) in the network i mean the whole device in crypted state13:07
AtharvaHi... I just installed ubntu 10.10.After installation, I Installed the video drives from "Additional Drivers".After restarting the laptop, it is not switching to gui.Only a terminal opens..Any ideas ?13:09
Pumpkin-_Not a ubuntu specific question, but I'm debugging some super odd PMTUD issues: 1.) I think the kernel by default caches per-destination PMTU values. 2.) Can I view what it current has cached ?13:12
alainghi i wanted to store a command in file mysql -u username -p password and run it how do i do that?13:14
alaingis it possible?13:14
cantonichey guys. for testing reasons i installed gnome on ubuntu server and wonder how to get out of gnome? sudo gdm stop does not work13:15
alaingcantonic I'd be interested as well13:15
AFDis there a way to sync only tomboy notes in one notebook via ubuntuone?13:16
io`alaing: '$ alias <name>='mysql -u username -p password''13:16
cantonicalaing: seems to be a bigger problem than i thought :/13:16
BluesKajcantonic, sudo service gdm stiop13:16
AFDI want a "work" notebook and have just those notes sync'd13:16
kruxsudo service gdm stop13:16
cantonicsudo service gdm stop does not work13:17
cantonicstop: unknown instance13:17
cantonicthat's what i get13:17
kruxps -ef and see what process #13:17
kruxthen kill -9 PID ?13:17
FreeWilly_can anyone suggest another linux chat room?13:17
io`FreeWilly_: ##linux is a general channel13:18
alaingarent there gnome and KDE specific channels?13:18
cantonickrux: nah, killing processes does not sound nice13:19
io`alaing: #gnome #kde13:19
rails123Is there any way to speed up sun java in general - apps seem to freeze for some seconds sometimes and it is generally much slower than on windows?13:19
FreeWilly_cant access that channel thru webchat.freenode13:20
ikonia!register | FreeWilly_ q13:20
ubottuFreeWilly_ q: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode13:20
AtharvaHi...How can I search and install my video drivers in terminal ?13:21
ikoniaAtharva: what video card do you have ?13:21
Atharva<ikonia> : I dont know...How can I know it ?13:22
ikoniaAtharva: lspci will list the pci devices (video card) in your machine13:22
GirlyGirlAtharva: lspci13:22
kruxcantoma, i don't see what could that cause. been using it for many years.. and never had a problem13:22
=== boileau-rumor is now known as kataklysm54
Atharvaikonia : Intel corporation sandy bridge integrated graphic controller13:24
ikoniaAtharva: ok, so the video card "drivers" are already install by default13:24
ikoniaAtharva: you don't need to do anything13:24
Guest4031can we use oracle developer 6i on ubuntu13:25
ikoniaGuest4031: 6i ?13:25
Atharva<ikonia> : Because...Now its just like terminal..I am unable to switch to gui..13:25
ikoniaAtharva: has it ever run a gui13:26
ikoniaGuest4031: do you mean forms developer ?13:26
Guest4031yes ikonia13:26
ikoniaGuest4031: you can "use it" but compatability is not as advanced as RedHat or unbreakable. There is also no official support/compatability from Oracle13:27
Atharva<ikonia> : actually, when I installed ubuntu, I installed the drivers from "Additional Drivers".Then after the restart, It is not switching to gui..13:27
wkcan anyone recommend any good music players with equalizer?13:27
ikoniaAtharva: there are no additional drivers for intel13:27
Gentoo64wk, ^13:27
Guest4031we developed an application in oracle developer 6i now we want to move on linux can we run this application on ubuntu13:28
ikonia!info deadbeef13:28
ubottuPackage deadbeef does not exist in natty13:28
=== kataklysm54 is now known as garthounet
Gentoo64wk, theres probably a lot that have equalizers13:28
ikoniaGentoo64: is that even in the ubuntu repos ?13:28
Atharva<ikonia> : It said : something ATI drivers like..and it installed it too..13:28
iridium!info audacious13:28
ubottuaudacious (source: audacious): small and fast audio player which supports lots of formats. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.4.4-1 (natty), package size 403 kB, installed size 1564 kB13:28
ikoniaGentoo64: `then you need to consider the support options13:28
Gentoo64ikonia, well there might be a papa for it13:29
ikoniaAtharva: it won't have enabled unless you're using an ati card....which you're not13:29
Gentoo64ppa *13:29
xgt001Gentoo64, i tested playing mp3's again this time using  rhythmbox..despite cpu and gpu consumption being low,fan was running at full speed13:29
Atharva<ikonia> : So what should I do now ? I am unable to switch to gui..13:30
Atharva<ikonia> : Do I need to format it again ?13:31
Guest4031we have an application which is developed in oracle developer 6i now we want to move on ubuntu can we run this application on ubuntu and how13:33
_UsUrPeR_good moening. I am trying to figure out where I can put an xinitrc file in a central location13:34
_UsUrPeR_not specifically each user's home directory13:34
_UsUrPeR_(I have a lot of users)13:35
io`Guest4031: I just took a look online and this came up, might help: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=54863113:35
arkebi\join #pygtk13:36
Guest4031we have an application which is developed in oracle developer 6i now we want to move on ubuntu can we run this application on ubuntu and how13:36
gvandeweyerdoes anybody has an idea on how to specify the default python version on ubuntu? I get using apt-get that "Version of python on system is 2.7.1-0ubuntu5" while "python --version" says it's 2.613:36
io`Guest4031: I've answered you13:36
xgt001is there a low latency mp3 player especially for laptops?13:37
Guest4031thx io ~13:37
throne777(This is my first ever time on IRC so apologies if I break some kind of rule) I feel like fresh installing 11.10 today -currently running 10.10-. Is it relatively stable enough at this point for everyday use?13:37
auronandace!11.10 | throne77713:38
ubottuthrone777: Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the fifteenth release of Ubuntu.  Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=646 Discussion and support in #ubuntu+113:38
io`throne777: correct channel is #ubuntu+1, feel free to ask them13:38
xgt001throne777, yes as long as u are not using ati drivers13:38
BluesKajthrone777, as long as your pc isn't a "workplace" pc , that requires stability13:40
AdvoWorkany idea how much disk space is taken up by installing lucid lynx 10.04 server ?13:40
io`!server | AdvoWork13:40
ubottuAdvoWork: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server13:40
* auronandace wishes people would read the topic when they arrive13:40
Guest93965Hi there, I am running 11.04 on my Samsung N150 Plus netbook. My battery seems to go empty rather quickly. I have found the link www.webupd8.org/2011/06/linux-kernel-power-issue-fix.html from the ubuntu forum. It says to change a certain line in grub, however, my line in the file reads... "quiet splash intel_idle.max_cstate=0" instead of "quiet splash". Could anyone assist how to proceed, please.13:42
boxybrownany suggestions for a Directory Server package?13:43
xgt001Guest93965, check out bug 76013113:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 760131 in linux (Ubuntu Natty) "Power consumption raised significantly in natty" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/76013113:43
xgt001the kernel update will be pushed to natty soon13:44
=== tj is now known as Guest57156
buhmanwhat upstream version fixes that?13:44
xpololzwhen installing ubuntu from bootable USB it's said on the ubuntu help pages that it should be NTFS FAT32 or FAT16, when I do df -T the device is listed as a "vfat" is this compatible or do  I have to reformat the USB disk?13:46
icerootxpololz: its fine13:47
Guest93965ubottu: Does it mean that I rather not touch it until a newer version?13:47
ubottuGuest93965: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:47
xpololzok, thanks iceroot13:47
Guest93965xgt001: Does it mean that I rather not touch it until a newer version?13:47
xgt001Guest93965, not exactly but you can always use an older kernel... however without official support13:48
xgt001i am using maverick kernel in oneiric :D13:48
Persona24I have a huge problem that is going to be hard to explain13:49
xgt001Persona24, carry on13:49
Persona24My flash player is going fast.  When I watch youtube videos or anything that uses flash it the video speeds up and there's no sound13:50
Atharva<ikonia> : lspci also gave result -> 01:00.1 VGA compatible controller.: ATI Technologies IncDevice 674013:50
Guest93965xgt001: Could you direct me to walk-through how to install an older kernel13:50
=== bl4ckcomb` is now known as bl4ckcomb
xgt001Persona24, do you use chrome or firefox? and can i know which version13:51
auronandaceGuest93965: that is not advised13:51
xgt001Guest93965, you can try powertop its pretty good for saving power13:51
Persona24xgt001, Firefox 4.013:51
Guest93965xgt001: thanks, I'll try that13:52
xgt001Persona24, are u on 64 bit or 32 bit? by the way you could try flash13:52
xgt001Persona24, flash 11 i mean13:52
Persona24xgt001, 64 bit13:52
xgt001Persona24, are you on 64 bit or 32?13:52
The_BROShow to change position of notofication massage?13:53
xgt001Persona24, ok 64 bit flash has been problematic for long... there is a release candidate of flash 11 ..which is not stable though... you could try that... it supposedly fixes a lot of issues13:53
xgt001Persona24, whats your gpu?13:53
Persona24xgt001, going to be frank, I'm a noob.  Only been messing around with computers for the past couple of months.  I don't know what gpu is13:54
auronandacePersona24: graphics processing unit, he wants to know what graphics card you have13:55
xgt001Persona24, sorry for that... i mean which brand is your video card... nvidia or amd/ati?13:55
usr13Persona24: lspci |grep VGA13:56
usr13will probably tell you ^^13:56
xgt001Persona24, are you using proprietary amd drivers?13:56
xgt001Persona24, i mean did u install drivers using additional drivers?13:56
usr13Persona24: Or just lspci and look for it.13:56
Persona24haven't done anything to it13:57
Guest4031anyone experiance to install oracle developer 6i on ubuntu13:58
usr13Persona24: lsb_release -a  #What version of Ubuntu do you have?13:58
Persona24usr13, 1113:58
magicblaze007can i install gcc 4.6 using apt-get on ubuntu?13:58
xgt001magicblaze007, depends on which version of Ubuntu you are in13:59
auronandacePersona24: 11.04 or 11.10?13:59
xgt001most of the times proprietary drivers work fine... but still some issues MAY persist.. looking through your problem , i suggest you to use additional drivers, and install the suggested driver there... reboot and test the issue again14:00
magicblaze007xgt001: 11.04?14:00
Persona24auronandace, latest version.  Also, running this alongside Windows (don't know if that makes a difference)14:00
auronandacePersona24: 11.04 or 11.10?14:00
usr13Persona24: lsb_release -a  #What version of Ubuntu do you have?14:00
auronandace!11.10 | Persona2414:00
ubottuPersona24: Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the fifteenth release of Ubuntu.  Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=646 Discussion and support in #ubuntu+114:00
usr13They would know more about your specific issues in #ubuntu+1 Persona2414:01
magicblaze007xgt001: any pointers14:01
xgt001magicblaze007, sorry gcc 4.6 is available on 11.10 .... 4.5 is the default in ubuntu 11.04... but i guess u CAN install gcc 4.6 using ppa14:02
Persona24Soooo ummm guys, I think my computer is really glitching... I switched my output sound device and it fixed flash o.O What happened?14:02
xgt001which is not officially supported14:02
magicblaze007xgt001: will dist-upgrade move me from 11.04 to .10?14:02
auronandacePersona24: please type the following: /join #ubuntu+114:02
usr13Persona24: Thats' interesting.  You should tell them about it in  #ubuntu+114:03
Persona24What room is that?14:03
Gneapersona24: how many sound cards do you have installed?14:03
=== JacksterE is now known as JacksterD
Persona24Gnea, one14:03
usr13Persona24: It is a special room for those that run Ubuntu Beta.14:03
Persona24usr13, so 11.10 is a beta?14:04
Gneapersona24: ah, yeah check the #ubuntu+1 channel14:04
xgt001magicblaze007, nope it will only install the latest packages as of yet... but you can upgrade after october 13... if you want to upgrade now.. you can do sudo update-manager -d14:04
Persona24I hate beta14:04
[A]Lihi there kindly help me how could i format a usb drive14:04
[A]Lii am newbie14:04
[A]Lii have attached the USB to my pc14:05
ubottuFor help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted, !QtParted (!Kubuntu 8.10 and lower) or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap14:05
[A]Liand USB icon is appearing on desktop14:05
Persona24Alright guys, thanks for the help, I'll go to #ubuntu+114:05
usr13Persona24: See: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LTS14:05
magicblaze007xgt001: I'll upgrade after oct 13th, when the dust settles down a bit :)14:05
Gnea[A]Li: install gparted and use that14:06
ubottugparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php14:06
auronandaceGnea: you can direct factoids at people, watch:14:07
auronandace!brain | Gnea14:07
ubottuGnea: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots14:07
andyvyhas anyone tried Gnome Shell in Ubuntu 10.04?14:07
auronandace!gnome3 | andyvy14:07
ubottuandyvy: Gnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE, will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be downgraded safely.14:07
[A]LiGnea: installed gparted now wt to do?14:08
Gneaauronandace: I have been on irc for over a decade. this android client doesn't do completion so not very easy. thanks anyway.14:08
andyvyauronandace: ok, not what I asked for..14:08
auronandaceGnea: ok, np14:08
Gnea[A]Li: run it: sudo gparted14:09
* phlak_user is back14:09
Gneaauronandace: :)14:09
munzxttthi! i asked yesterday about the error message i get which the system asks me report it and i have been answered by a gentleman to allow , however I’ve done that , i clicked on "report" but i got a message says that there is a problem with "ink-scape" packages and my ubuntu package is not genuine .... help plz!14:09
auronandaceandyvy: well i doubt very much it is supported on 10.0414:09
andyvyauronandace: have you tried installing gnome in 10.04?14:10
phlak_usermunzxttt: uninstall inkscape  (ubuntu not genuine o_O)14:10
phlak_user!info inkscape14:10
auronandaceandyvy: no, i use xfce14:10
ubottuinkscape (source: inkscape): vector-based drawing program. In component main, is optional. Version 0.48.1-2ubuntu2 (natty), package size 17020 kB, installed size 61008 kB14:10
Gneaandyvy: I haven't, is it not in a ppa?14:10
munzxtttphlak_user : i know seems stupid! :)14:10
[A]LiGnea: gparted is running and showing the USB disk but there is no option to format?14:11
phlak_usermunzxttt: open a terminal and type sudo apt-get remove inkscape14:11
phlak_usermunzxttt: can you take a screenshot of the error and paste it somewhere?14:11
auronandace[A]Li: it needs to be unmounted first14:11
munzxtttphlak_user : i have a screenshot but where to paste it?!14:12
Gnea[A]Li: select the disk, then make a partition, then format the partition14:12
phlak_usermunzxttt: http://imagepaste.nullnetwork.net/paste.php14:12
munzxtttphlak_user : just a second!14:12
nettezzaumanai have problem with dumb and molestatory evolution14:13
Gneahow is evolution molestatory?14:13
phlak_user!offtopic| nettezzaumana14:13
ubottunettezzaumana: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:13
phlak_userGnea: pl dont feed the troll14:14
vulnI'm trying to install a software that requires gtkmmm >= 2.6.0. It says mine is 2.4 (I'm using newest Ubuntu).. How can I fix that?14:14
ETERNANo trolling-- please.14:14
Gneajust enough rope to hang himself ;)14:14
nettezzaumanait doesn't want to load some local folder due to the too big input data (Outbox exceeding 2G)14:15
nettezzaumanai need something to split this mailbox14:15
foo__how can i convert dos file to unix file14:16
MonkeyDust!details| foo__14:16
ubottufoo__: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."14:16
dannN_Hi. Does anyone know an Tutorial how to set up an complete Ubuntu Webserver with FTP, SSH, Apache, PHP, MySQL, php-packages, Email, Backup, and much more?14:16
iceroot!lamp | dannN_14:16
ubottudannN_: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)14:16
MonkeyDustdannN_: type tasksel14:16
karpardo anyone meet ssh 255 error when using upstart script to start ssh tunnel?14:16
vulnOk, its very weird. According to gtkmm's website, 2.4 is the lastest version. However, when I ./configure the sourcecode of this app it says 'checking for GTKMM... configure: error: Package requirements (gtkmm-2.4 >= 2.6.0) were not met.14:17
vulnHow can I fix htat? ;O14:17
MonkeyDustdannN_: in a Terminal, type tasksel, it means task selection14:17
ANTRatftp is evil (and unencrypted)14:18
gaurav_sood91hi all. i just installed ubuntu natty. i am facing some sound issues, as the sound is abysmally low. if i extend the default sound, it becomes distorted. what can i do in this case?14:18
munzxtttphlak_user : i have a slow connection ... still uploading!!!14:19
xgt001whats the difference between alsa and pulseaudio?14:19
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.14:19
Gneanettezzaumana: you need to convert it to mbox format first14:20
xgt001!alsa | xgt00114:20
ubottuxgt001, please see my private message14:20
antipeacemakeri have problem with backlight in ubuntu 11.04 intel graphices14:20
AtharvaHi...I have a switchable graphics laptop with AMD Radeon HD 6470 and Intel Sandy Bridge. And after I installed ati restricted drivers it crashed to terminal.How to recover it ? Any Ideas ?14:21
=== dannN_ is now known as dannNiel
antipeacemakeri have problem with backlight in ubuntu 11.04 intel graphices14:23
magpiii am looking for some software that will allow me to download none copyrighted videos off the internet for university research. any ideas?14:23
gaurav_sood91i ubottu: seem to have the sound running, but the volume is low. the commands provided in the links all of them gave an output. just nothing to help me with the volume issues14:24
munzxtttphlak_user : finally uploaded :) lolz >>> http://imagepaste.nullnetwork.net/viewimage.php?id=254614:24
senseoffenders@mag download videos, like through youtube in such? could just use a firefox addon14:25
xannenIs there a wine channel for ubuntu?14:25
DasEimagpii: from which source ?14:25
xgt001Atharva, did u try startx?14:25
DasEi!wine | xannen14:25
ubottuxannen: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu14:25
Guest4031if anyone interested to see URDU CBT FOR LINUX FREE can visit and download from www.wbitt.com14:25
jolaI have problem with fstab and aufs14:25
magpiigoogle is the safest source i want to use but some of the links are to you tube too14:25
phlak_usermunzxttt: oh its complaining about inkscape-data14:25
hallmanuhm.. can you see this message?14:26
magpii@ hallman>yes14:26
phlak_usermunzxttt: apt-cache search inkscape-data returns nothing14:26
hallmanmagpii: thx14:26
DasEimagpii: (who) : there is videodownloadhelper as plugin for ff and clive for trml14:26
=== dannNiel is now known as dannN
phlak_usermunzxttt: sudo apt-get remove inkscape-data14:27
senseoffendersfirefox addons have loads of methods to extract videos from all kinds of sites/domains14:27
DasEi!info clive | magpii14:27
ubottumagpii: clive (source: clive): video extraction utility for YouTube, Google Video and others. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.2.13-5ubuntu1 (natty), package size 41 kB, installed size 252 kB14:27
jolawhen I add aufs entries in fstab they are mounted before drives and it gives me error lookup failed [dirname] (-2)14:27
munzxtttphlak_user : ok!14:27
Atharva<xgt001> : Yes...It did nothing :(14:27
senseoffendersnice or that14:27
magpiiok peeps, thanks for the info, i got it sorted now, cheers14:27
AdvoWorkwhats the general rule of thumb for swap space? if im assigning say 15GB, how much swap space should I assign?14:27
DasEihave edu14:27
DasEiAdvoWork: a good double of ram14:28
xgt001Atharva, alright ... ok this worked for me too... in grub menu press ctrl-x and then add nomodeset parameter during boot...it should boot with ati driver14:28
xgt001Atharva, that had worked for me14:28
lunitikAdvoWork: what kind of work will you do on the box? how much ram is on the box? there are a lot of factors14:28
Atharva<xgt001> : Which laptop/desktop do you have ?14:29
lunitikAdvoWork: normal desktop with >2gb RAM prolly doesn't need any swap at all14:29
xgt001Atharva, i dont have a snb laptop... so MIGHT be irrelevant ... i have hp g42 ati 6370 m14:30
DasEilunitik: see own post,I easily fill 414:30
munzxtttphlak_user : thanks!14:31
AdvoWorkDasEi, ie a double of what ram im using?14:31
DasEiAdvoWork: y14:31
AdvoWorklunitik, basically, it will be a server, running the latest ubuntu server version, acting as a database system (running postgresql, apache, php pretty much) thats it14:31
lunitikAdvoWork: expected a lot of users or not really?14:32
detlyis this the place to ask installer questions?14:32
lunitikdetly: sure14:32
AdvoWorklunitik, also, got 30gb free on this server, and 9gb free(18gb already used), so im gonna allocate say 15gb, and dunno what ram yet, theres approx 20 users using the system all the time, so possibly yeah, i want it to be pretty quick, if its gonna cause a prob, i'd rather buy more memory,14:33
DasEiAdvoWork: it really depends on your scenario, doing things like vm's while browsing and calc on another edge easily wastes ram, some chat while watching tv an browse will need no high memory ammounts14:33
generichumanHas anybody some hints on howto make a udev rule that modify the group of a specific partition (eg /dev/sda6)14:33
generichumanI have worked through most of the documentation I could find, but could not find any examples on manipulating the owner or group of a partition14:34
AdvoWorkDasEi, its basically just one of our 6 Vm's that all users will connect to(php front end, connecting to postgresql) basically a quoting system14:35
AdvoWorkthats it14:35
detlybasically, I'm coming from debian to ubuntu, and I usually run testing (with a bit of unstable)... when I install a new system, I use the net installer for testing14:36
detlyis there a close ubuntu equivalent to that?14:36
siouX_Hi, how can i change the search engine of firefox? because it's searching in google.com, and i need to search google.com.br14:36
lunitikAdvoWork: it is difficult to say without knowing how much RAM... I'd want most to be RAM, then top up swap after the fact... you can also use a dynamic swap_file though14:36
MonkeyDustdetly: try a beta14:36
muzonehey - whats the best online hardware store in your opinion?14:37
icerootmuzone: #ubuntu-offtopic14:37
lunitikdetly: you probably want stable + all forms of updates... running the devel version during early cycles tends to be closer to experimental than sid lol14:37
detlyMonkeyDust: is that available from the normal download page? or is it a developers thing?14:37
star_Как в 10.04 подключить локалку?14:37
Atharva!1ot | muzone14:37
ikoniamuzone: ##hardware14:37
iceroot!ru | star_14:37
ubottustar_: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.14:37
detlylunitik: ah thanks, I didn't know whether the standard base system was closer to stable or testing14:37
nettezzaumanaanyone has a clue what's email separator in local mbox file ?14:38
Atharva!ot | muzone14:38
ubottumuzone: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:38
detlylunitik: so that'd be 11.04 then?14:38
lunitikdetly: yeah, and if you prefer to play more then you can always edit your sources and dist-upgrade14:38
cristian_cThe problem is about a keyboard called Wireless Media Desktop (by Labtec): many buttons do not work with KeyTouch. I noticed that the codes for keys do not match in KeyTouch and Xev14:39
lunitikdetly: Ubuntu stable will be basically like testing already, but the main software will be the quality of Debian Stable14:39
detlylunitik: okay, I'll try that14:39
detlylunitik: if I get tired of stability, can I track the next release?14:39
detlylunitik: oh, and is there a usb net installer rather than a CD?14:40
lunitikdetly: yes... you can also enable backports and proposed to test what is coming in the current cycle - will be more recent but not the stuff being worked on for the next cycle14:40
bartjehi all, is there no gui tool for managing users and groups in ubuntu 11.10? I don't find it14:40
slobroanyone have experience with conky? I just modified one of my conky scripts, it didnt work, so I put it back exactly like it was, and now it wont start it. the other one works fine though..14:41
jolaanyone could help me with startup script in natty14:41
detlylunitik: nice, thanks :)14:41
=== misse_ is now known as misse
lunitikdetly: I'm not sure what would be the difference to be honest... cdimage.ubuntu.com has all the images though (a lot of the servers urls are like Debian, packages.ubuntu.com is another useful one)14:41
jolaI would like to add script which will be started at boot14:41
jolaanyone know how to do this?14:42
mohan__dump the script into /etc/rc.d/rc.local14:44
jolaok, and then?14:44
AdvoWorklunitik, its for a vm, so ive gotta specify both ram/swap at point of creation :S  i was considering giving it say 6GB, so based on that, what swap? or even 5GB?14:44
lunitikjola: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/getting-started.html14:45
=== Jayus is now known as zwick
dan-mytt can anyone help i have a laptop keyboard problem!! the keyboard works fine in the bios!! But doesn't not work in grub or the login screen. this fault suddenly happened with out me doing anything.14:47
lunitikAdvoWork: you said you want it to be fast... so 4GB RAM 2 SWAP I think... RAM is an order of magnitude faster than the hard drive...14:47
dan-mytt can anyone help i have a laptop keyboard problem!! the keyboard works fine in the bios!! But doesn't not work in grub or the login screen. this fault suddenly happened with out me doing anything.14:48
lunitik!repeat | dan-mytt14:49
ubottudan-mytt: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/14:49
DasEiAdvoWork: sry, I slapt my ethercable while friggling here14:49
lunitikdan-mytt: It is a difficult problem because whatever considered will need the keyboard to look around...14:49
lunitikdan-mytt: that it doesn't even work with GRUB means it isn't even really a Linux question... GRUB does not function with Linux, it loads Linux14:51
StaRetjiCan someone help me out, I need to make bash script loop. I mean, it runs command1, command2, command3 and after that I would like to run command1 again and all that until I interrupt the script. Thx folks !14:51
lunitikStaRetji: try throwing exec /path/to/script at the end of the script?14:52
AdvoWorklunitik, oki, i will try 4gb/2swap, i can always change on the fly, well with a half/config change14:52
StaRetjilunitik: Brilliant !!! so simple solution and that is awesome! :) Thx man14:53
lunitik(prolly doesn't need exec but I think it'll work either way... strange request though)14:53
lunitikStaRetji: you're welcome  :)14:53
doranhigh I have an aspire 3800+ and only 1 core of the processor is being found and used is there anyway to force it to find both.14:54
dan-myttit also does not work at the login screen14:55
phlak_userlunitik: wouldnt that cause multiple invocations of the script?14:55
lunitikdan-mytt: do you have another keyboard you can plug in to look around?14:55
dan-myttyes i can use a wireless usb keyboard14:56
phlak_userStaRetji: a more elegant way would be to use an infinite loop14:56
babsheri was wondering if anyone has used ubuntu Orchestra Server14:56
=== gary_ is now known as Guest73046
JacksterDdoran are you sure it's only using one core?14:56
lunitikphlak_user: hmm, I didn't even think of that... I have never tried to do something like that... prolly shouldn't have answered14:57
doranyes cat /proc/cpuinfo only shows one cpu14:57
doranat 014:57
phlak_userStaRetji:  like so --> while (true) do echo 1; done;14:57
sevithWhats good blogging software?14:57
JacksterDsevith wordpress14:58
DasEiStaRetji: http://pastebin.com/ECxVVZ9814:59
sevithThanks JacksterD :D14:59
dan-mytti have a usb ketboard i can use14:59
JacksterDsevith is there something in particular you want to do?14:59
JacksterDwordpress is capable of just about anything now15:00
excelsiorDownloaded unetbootin from repos, 11.04 is not in the list for Ubuntu, little help?15:00
JacksterDyou'll find that even sites that aren't blogs use wordpress these days15:00
sevithNah. Just settin up a blog on top of forums really15:00
JacksterDyou can't get plugins for it that turn it into a full fledged e-commerce solution15:00
JacksterDyou can get*15:00
sevithnothing in particular just messing around entertaining myself not payin attention in class :P15:00
dorannevermind this is my friends computer and its a single core hahaha idiot was looking at the wrong product specs15:00
JacksterDsevith what class?15:01
JacksterDhi jarreed15:01
sevithOffensive Net Sec.15:01
JacksterDOffensive Net Sec.?15:01
sevithHes talking about nmap scans right now15:01
JacksterDsounds cool15:01
sevithftp bounce in specifics15:01
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=== WindPower_ is now known as WindPower
pc12what is the command again to check if video card is installed?15:03
sevithlspci ?15:03
sevithI think15:03
tsaknorrisse on salaisuus15:03
FloodBot1tsaknorris: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:03
pc12how to check what is my video card sir?15:03
excelsiorDownloaded unetbootin from repos, 11.04 is not in the list for Ubuntu, little help?15:04
MonkeyDusttsaknorris: such recreational links are for #ubuntu-offtopic15:04
lunitikpc12: lsmod ... lspci will tell you what is connected but not installed15:04
pc12type it in the terminal?15:04
=== jack is now known as Guest42961
pc12i tried installing my video card driver and clicked recommended but after rebooting.. my desktop starts to flicker only on reboot..15:06
pc12so i have to reinstall ubuntu all over again15:06
MonkeyDustpc12: just reinstall root (/)15:06
tsaknorrisMonkeyDust, i know..i was at wrong room. when i open my xchat it will open these rooms automatic and i was writing that to other room when it came here :)15:06
DasEipc12: no, but your config might need some tuning15:07
pc12i cant tune it DasEi since my desktop are flickering like showing on and off..15:07
pc12all of it15:07
lunitikpc12: So you can see nothing on the screen? Or its just the graphic when the system goes down that looks funky?15:07
PoopheadJust a newbie, willing to take my lumps...I logged on here yesterday with problems related to a display malfunction...Discovered (belatedly) by reading that I had picked the wrong time( and didn't do my homework) to install a partial upgrade...Did another thru terminal mode this morning and all is well (so far)...15:08
otter_hey. i've never used irssi before15:08
DasEipc12: you can, by first going to cmd-line, and by chance your driver is even enabled already15:08
otter_this is kinda cool15:08
pc12when its fully boot.. my whole ubuntu screen goes crazy that it show on and off..15:08
* lunitik wonders if GRUB accepts something "single" with upstart?15:08
lunitikSo it'll boot without GUI one time?15:09
pc12that comes out after lsmod15:09
DasEilunitik: yep, one time or persitent ?15:09
lunitikpc12: hmmz... rmmod nouveau && addmod nvidia (should already be installed I think)15:10
lunitikDasEi: One time, so we could get pc12 to a CLI and fix the issue, but I guess he's already at a CLI?15:10
pc12my board has buil in video card but im using a agp 256 kinda old  hehe15:10
antnashAlright guys. Should I use 32 or 64 bit for a file server? Needs NFS, SSH, VNC and a LVM disk setup15:11
DasEilunitik: no, boot regulary to the end, press Ctrl+alt+F115:11
DasEipc 12 ^15:11
DasEipc12 ^, heh15:12
pc12dont get it sorry15:12
lunitikpc12: well, nouveau apparently doesn't like it... it could be better to use nv.... nvidia is the official driver from them15:12
DasEipc12: no, boot regulary to the end, press Ctrl+alt+F115:12
pc12i press that?15:12
pc12but i dunno how to go back15:13
AdvoWorklunitik, fail on my behalf, swap was refering to HD, not memory :S  what would u recommend for HD swap? if im allocating 15GB for the HD size15:13
lunitikDasEi: if he has access to the terminal (which I assume since he pasted a lsmod) its fine15:13
pc12and what will i do to ctrl+alt+f115:13
DasEiantnash: your choice ; server I'd go 6415:13
antnashcool, ta15:13
DasEipc12: get a cli15:13
pc12sorry im newbie user of ubuntu sir15:13
pc12how will i install a better driver for my video card?>15:14
DasEicommandline (interface), pc1215:14
pc12the terminal?15:14
DasEipc12: like so15:14
lunitikAdvoWork: swap is like windows' page file... I would still recommend around 2GB along with the 4GB RAM as before... or a swap_file which is dynamic as needed15:14
symaxianIs there a way I can open gnome-terminal and give it a command to run when it opens, like: gnome-terminal "./test"15:14
pc12ok im at the terminal what should i do15:14
antnashDasEi, Ubuntu, Xubuntu or Lubuntu? What would you use?15:14
pc12btw im using ubuntu 11.0415:15
sevithCool. Wordpress is sweet.15:15
lunitikpc12: I told you... sudo rmmod nouveau ... then sudo addmod nvidia or nv (I'm not sure if official nvidia driver goes back far enough)15:15
DasEiantnash: on good hardware for a server my liking, maybe even another distro15:15
lunitikpc12: I don't think nv supports 3D acceloration though15:16
pc12ERROR: Module nouveau is in use15:16
antnashI'm sticking with an Ubuntu variant, but trying to decide which15:16
antnashLubuntu seems to come with a lot less stuff.15:16
antnashLess to uninstall15:16
AdvoWorklunitik, i just dunno in this config what it means, mem swap or hd swap :s15:16
pc12so its impossible for me to install my video card??15:16
theadminantnash: Want something with not much to uninstall? Use the minimal install CD of standard Ubunut15:16
theadminantnash: Ubuntu*15:16
DasEiantnash: go minimal and take what you need15:16
lunitikAdvoWork: swap is always hard drive...15:17
AdvoWorklunitik, so there isnt memory swap?15:17
lunitikwell, or flash drive or whatever... attached media, not ram15:17
AdvoWorkahh ok15:17
DasEipc12: no .. which gcard is it ?15:17
pc12ERROR: Module nouveau is in use...15:17
pc12nvidia fx550015:17
pc12agp 256mb15:18
AdvoWorkso, ive basically set 1.5GB as a swap, as i forgot i needed something else on the server, and given 4.5gb memory, and 15GB hd.15:18
lunitikAdvoWork: it is in addition to RAM, on the harddrive so the kernel doesn't crash when there is no RAM left... otherwise it is never used if there is still RAM15:18
AdvoWorkahh I c15:18
DasEipc12: in cli after bootuup now ?15:18
pc12i dont know what cli is?15:19
theadminpc12: A terminal, shell, "DOS-like" thingy15:19
pc12that comes out15:19
pc12when i type sudo rmmod nouveau15:19
pc12ERROR: Module nouveau is in use...15:20
szalnice..  Flash 11 is officially released, so I expect an update anytime soon :>15:21
lunitikpc12: lsof /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/kernel/drivers/gpu/drm/nouveau/nouveau.ko15:21
pc12ok i typed it on the terminal window15:22
lunitikpc12: what did it say?15:22
pc12lsof /lib/modules/$(uname -r)/kernel/drivers/gpu/drm/nouveau/nouveau.ko --- i typed this15:22
theadminszal: Don't expect much, Ubuntu isn't very quick on updates15:23
lunitikpc12: so lsof says it isn't in use... although I don't know why I said that actually... /etc/init.d/lightdm stop <-- type that so the GUI stops15:23
lunitikpc12: then try the rmmod and addmod commands again15:23
DasEipc12: sudo cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.confBorked15:24
DasEipc12: sudo nvidia-xconfig15:24
lunitikDasEi: Will be have an xorg.conf by default?15:24
szaltheadmin: I have the SevenMachines PPA, so at least from that direction something should come =)15:24
lunitikDasEi: He isn't using the nvidia driver, it is nouveau atm15:24
DasEilunitik: default not, but idk what installs did so far15:24
DasEiyou'll see15:24
theadminszal: I don't know what that is, and I'm satisfied with my always up-to-date distro, thanks :D BUt okay15:25
MHI need help!15:25
szal!ask | MH15:25
ubottuMH: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)15:25
=== rigved is now known as Guest43690
MHim trying to use this java applet program and it asks to save the cache, so I did right? and now the cache becomes corrupted15:26
pc12what should i do on those you two gave me15:26
MHthe cache is saved in my download file15:26
DasEipc12: talking to me ?15:26
lunitikpc12: do what DasEi said15:26
pc12* abatoo has quit (Ping timeout: 244 seconds)15:27
pc12<MH> the cache is saved in my download file15:27
pc12cp: cannot stat `/etc/X11/xorg.conf': No such file or directory15:27
pc12sorry for that wrong copy15:27
lunitikpc12: that is fine, run the xconfig command15:27
pc12sudo: nvidia-xconfig: command not found15:28
lunitikpc12: k... did you run /etc/init.d/lightdm stop ?15:28
DasEipc12: so not installed ;   sudo init 115:28
babilenpc12: /me recommends to put a device specific configuration file in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/ -- Read "man xorg.xonf" for details.15:28
pc12i dont have lightdm15:29
alex-How can I contribute to Ubuntu?15:29
theadminalex-: All the Ubuntu's development takes place on Launchpad.15:29
pc12i dont have  /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/ either15:29
tensorpuddingalex-, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu15:30
lunitikNo need to go single user if lightdm will go to bed for a bit... otherwise yes15:30
lunitikpc12: actually, make that /etc/init.d/gdm stop15:30
* lunitik is running oneiric and it is changing, oops15:30
lunitikpc12: with a sudo in front15:30
detlyis there a simple way to turn the ubuntu installer iso into a bootable usb under debian?15:30
lunitikpc12: it is fine... 'sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop' please15:30
theadmindetly: Unetbootin should be able to do it15:30
theadmindetly: If it's 11.10, you can also just dd15:30
detlytheadmin: no, it's 11.0415:30
detlytheadmin: where do I get an 11.10 iso?15:31
theadmindetly: Well, then unetbootin is the way15:31
lunitiklol... I guess his IRC client was on GUI  :/15:31
theadmindetly: 11.10 is currently in development and not really supported15:31
DasEilunitik: I'm up to remove all nvidia stuff and get nvidia-glx-173 in15:31
* lunitik ponders trying to read with a flickering screen15:31
lunitikDasEi: Just need to stop X so we can swap out nouveau for nvidia or nv... won't right now because its in use...15:32
lunitikDasEi: and now he will reboot and come back on IRC with the GUI client... prolly need irssi15:32
DasEilunitik: i had that some time ago and it was nasty to get nouve disabled, if f blacklisted15:33
DasEieven if15:33
DasEilunitik: doubt so, will have been second box15:34
lunitikDasEi: I like to make a mess then clean up, not clean up then make a mess... either is fine though, was just going to have him try each nvidia module first, then remove the ones that don't work15:34
DasEiActionParsnip: good to see you , gtg and are on pc12, who needs to get rid of nouveau and needs nvidia-glx-1173 for a gf 550015:35
lunitikDasEi: Of course, to switch between the modules, you have to be not running X cuz the module is in use... which is what I was doing15:35
ActionParsnipDasEi: do you mean lunitik?15:36
DasEilunitik: no pc12 , just disconnected, luni.. also helping15:36
lunitikActionParsnip: no, me and DasEi are helping the same person, but taking different routes so prolly confusing the poor guy15:36
ActionParsnipah, I see.I'll sit out then15:37
DasEilunitik: and I got to leave, good lights all all :)15:37
pc12i ddnt know how get out from that window15:38
lunitikpc12: sorry, I thought you were already in a virtual terminal15:38
pc12i was in terminal window hehehe15:38
pc12its ok15:38
pc12i only dont know how get out from there15:39
FloodBot1pc12: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.15:39
pc12i needed to restart15:39
=== Jayus is now known as zwick
lunitikpc12: no need to apologize15:40
lunitikpc12: this is a lot easier if you currently are looking at a GUI?15:40
lunitikpc12: you are, correct?15:41
pc12what you mean GUI15:41
pc12hehe sorry for being noob.. newbie from windows15:41
theadminpc12: GUI = Graphical User Interface15:41
lunitikpc12: Graphic User Interface15:41
theadminpc12: With windows and stuff15:41
pc12im looking way to make my video card work15:42
theadminpc12: I suggest you "apt-get install irssi tmux" so you can use IRC from a terminal session, and also work in more than one terminal at the same time15:42
pc12coz i cant run my warcraft with use of wine15:42
lunitikpc12: can you hit alt+f2 and type jockey-gtk please?15:42
lunitikpc12: do you see an app with a list of different devices?15:43
pc12omg there it again15:43
pc122 different15:43
pc121 recommended15:43
pc12and 1 experimental15:43
kbroulikhey, how can I add a module to be loaded on startup without touching /etc/modules ? for blacklist I can just add a /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-blabla.conf and add "blacklist blabla" to it but how can I do this for *loaddng* modules?15:43
lunitikpc12: do you see one with (173) in the title?15:43
lunitik(version 173) *15:44
ActionParsnipkbroulik: add:    modprobe modulename      in /etc/rc.local15:44
pc12yes thats the one i installed earlier before reformating15:44
lunitikpc12: click that and hit "Activate"... after doing that, does the current one turn red?15:44
kbroulikActionParsnip: okay, and also without touching any other file :D I want to do that scriptbased, i.e. add or remove a kernel module from loading, for blacklisting it's no problem but I dont want to fuzz around in /etc/modules with a script15:44
=== Damn3d_ is now known as Damn3
=== Damn3 is now known as Damn3d
ActionParsnipkbroulik: without touching a file, how exactly do you intend to apply ANY setting, think about it....15:45
lunitikpc12: is there now two that are green?15:45
pc12nope none of them is green15:46
pc12its downloading15:46
pc12and installing15:46
lunitikpc12: dpkg -l *nouveau* | grep ^ii <-- can you tell me what that outputs?15:46
ActionParsnipkbroulik: you can add the line:    echo modulename >> /etc/modules     in your script (assuming it runs as root)15:46
pc12i pm'ed you the output15:48
lunitikpc12: sudo apt-get remove libdrm-nouveau1a xserver-xorg-video-nouveau <-- type that, then you should be able to reboot and not have any flicker anymore15:48
savidHi, I'm affected by this bug:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xen-3.3/+bug/785391,   I'd like to do the workaround of changing the package dependency (which is set incorrectly) myself.  What's the best way to do this?15:49
ubottuUbuntu bug 785391 in xen-3.3 (Ubuntu) "python-xen-3.3 installation blocked by python 2.7" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:49
OsmodivsHello. Is there a way to force a newer version of a package in Synaptic? I want Flash 11, but synaptic only has the 10.3 version15:49
lunitikpc12: it might flicker the first time because until the system restarts you are still using nouveau15:49
theadminsavid: Download the package, unpack it, rebuild it15:49
pc12do i need to cancel the download15:50
lunitikpc12: no, see pm15:50
savidtheadmin,  and then just install w/ dpkg -i?15:50
icekk_HI, I have a cvs server on ubuntu, I have several projects in it, is there a way to create a user that can only read/write (checkout/committ) a single project (folder)?15:50
theadminsavid: I beleive so, yes.15:50
icekk_rather than them all15:50
* yining hello world15:51
theadminicekk_: Remount the filesystem your folder is on with the "acl" option, and then do something like "setfacl -m u:USERNAME:r folder" for read-only access, and "setfacl -m u:USERNAME:w folder" for write-only and so on15:52
OsmodivsThere is an option to force a version, but there is no 11 flash there, do I need to add an PPA adress?15:52
=== Mud is now known as Guest79679
kbroulikActionParsnip: yes, but how do I remove that line afterwards? that's my concern, adding would not be the problem :)15:57
kbroulikor will blacklisting it override that?15:57
kbrouliki.e. I can leave it in /etc/modules and blacklist it at will?15:57
Emalhow do I activate my nvidia driver15:58
Emalsorry, i mean how do I use it15:58
ActionParsnipkbroulik: could use something like:  grep -v modulename /etc/modules > /tmp/modules; mv /tmp/modules /etc15:58
ActionParsnip!nvidia | Emal15:58
ubottuEmal: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto15:58
rabbi11i just downloaded a file from transformer, but unable to find the file :(15:58
rabbi11i just downloaded a file from *transmission, but unable to find the file :(15:59
kbroulikActionParsnip: ah, thanks :) didnt think of that15:59
ActionParsnipkbroulik: easiest way if you ask me15:59
kbroulikyes, but didnt think of grep's "Invert match" feature ;)15:59
ljsoftnetrabbill try open transmission>edit>preferences16:00
ljsoftnetrabbill look on ?Save To"16:00
ljsoftnetrabbill look on "Save To"16:00
genii-aroundrabbi11: I believe default is /home/yourname/Download16:00
ccmonsteris my cron correct here? http://pastie.org/2638177 , I keep getting a cron-daemon error email with /usr/bin/env: bash: No such file or directory. Not sure what to do in order to fix it.16:00
rabbi11genii-around: yeah, same16:01
lunitikCan someone with nouveau run sudo apt-get -s remove libdrm-nouveau1a xserver-xorg-video-nouveau (-s is simulate, so nothing will happen) and tell me whether it is normal for a bunch of stuff to be listed? I don't know why a bunch of things would depend on either?16:02
Emalare you guys getting the bug where your keyboard and mouse freeze for a couple minutes on startup?16:02
=== claudio is now known as Guest81154
Emalon 11.0416:03
rabbi11genii-around: any idea why? never faced this problem before16:03
GRMrGeckoHello. I have some MSI AIO computers that when on Ubuntu, it has a bug with the wifi, so I updated to the prerelease to fix that issue and now I'm having problems where the screen blacks out and sometimes freezes.16:03
lunitikpc12 said "wow its removing a bunch of stuff" and disconnected quickly... I guess he typed it wrong, but it will help my worries16:04
ActionParsnipkbroulik: cowabunga16:04
GRMrGeckoI updated about 2 weeks ago, should I try updating again?16:04
Emalso no one has this problem on 11.04?16:04
ActionParsnipEmal: when it starts again, run:  dmesg | tail     see if it gives clues16:04
jola_GRMrGecko: check dmesg for errors16:04
ActionParsnipEmal: I saw it in Oneiric in Alpha216:05
Emalwhat do you mean "when it starts again?"16:05
melleHi all, upon boot my Ubunto will not load, instead it gives me a "Read error" PLEASE HELP!16:05
ActionParsnipEmal: well you say it freezes for a few minutes, so it recovers, right?16:05
ActionParsnipEmal: so, is that it not 'starting again'?16:06
jola_melle: check this http://goo.gl/Os99816:06
Emalthe mouse, keyboard, and headset are off for a couple mins16:06
Emalbasically all USB connections are off16:06
ActionParsnipEmal: fine, but  do you see what I mean now?16:06
Emali understand, thank you16:06
ActionParsnipEmal: you may want to make sure your BIOS is up to date16:07
mellejola_: thanks for the link, but I don't even have shell access i think...16:07
mellejola_: any advice?16:07
GRMrGeckojola_: Does dmsg only contain new info?16:07
jola_GRMrGecko: yes16:07
jola_melle: you should boot into livecd to run this script16:08
GRMrGeckoso it archives after reboot16:08
Emalalso I have not found a solution for my gpu issue16:08
Emalhow do I "use" my driver, it says it is only activated16:08
mellejola_: ok thx, will create a live cd right away!16:08
ActionParsnipEmal: which gpu are you using?16:10
jola_melle: check this too http://goo.gl/TKQqu16:10
EmalGTX 26016:10
ActionParsnipEmal: I suggest you read through:  less /var/log/Xorg.0.log16:10
mellejola_: thx a lot!16:11
ActionParsnipEmal: you may need to run:  sudo nvidia-xconfig16:11
jola_GRMrGecko: you could check this. After boot press ctrl+alt+f1 login into your account and enter sudo X -configure16:11
GRMrGeckojola_: I am not at the computers, they are 5 miles away16:12
Emalit still says it's not in use, ActionParsnip16:13
ActionParsnipEmal: you need to reboot to apply the new settings16:14
EmalActionParsnip, ok thanks.16:15
GRMrGeckohow can I upgrade the kernel?16:15
jola_GRMrGecko: ok, I think tahat your problem is concern with GPU. Sometimes  generate xorg.conf will help16:15
GRMrGeckojola_: Are you sure that would be my problem? I have ssh access, that is all16:15
jola_GRMrGecko: if you have ssh acces than maybe you could pastebin your dmesg16:16
ripthejackerhow do i change the shortcut to change the unity launcher (default  super key)16:16
GRMrGeckojola_: I didn't see any errors, why I was asking questions16:17
rokraHow to send a argument to a script using echo -E? to disable interpretation of backslash  ./command "aa\nn"16:17
jola_GRMrGecko: ok, so could you describe your problem16:19
ripthejackerhow do i change the shortcut key to unity launcher please help16:19
opiumcan I chang emy default input to just the microphone array within my laptop ? (so my input is basically any sounds my laptop produces) ?16:20
jola_GRMrGecko: your GPU is?16:21
GRMrGeckojola_: I am just told that we are getting kernel error screens on different people's computers and black screens.16:21
GRMrGeckoI can take a minute to find out which computer blongs to who so I can connect to the correct computer16:21
ActionParsnipGRMrGecko: try fingering the system names16:23
GRMrGeckoActionParsnip: I have system names, I just don't have the assoication with people's names… Which I am building that list now.16:24
ubunhi all16:26
ubuni need help setup Lexmark x656de scanner in network16:26
ubunwell, print are network for all pcs print16:27
ubunbut i need scan16:27
GRMrGeckoOk, jola_, I am on a computer which blacks out now. It also gets the kenerl error message.16:27
GRMrGeckogoing to kernel log to find out if I can find it16:28
ubunscannner network port16:30
ubunplease help16:30
jola_GRMrGecko: could you pastebin this error?16:31
GRMrGeckojola_: Once I find it16:31
ActionParsnipubun: could use nmap to scan it, or read your maual for the device16:32
ubunActionParsnip: device are ethenet no usb16:32
genii-aroundubun: SANE uses 6566 usually. But this is if your scanner is hooked to a linux machine which is sharing it to the network.16:33
pc12hi sir16:33
pc12im back16:33
BasterIm looking for someone who can help me with installing drivers for a wireles usb adapter,.. and im even willing to pay for help (i can offer only paypal)16:33
ActionParsnipubun: yes, nmap scans network devices for open ports and such16:33
pc12sir lunitik16:33
pc12still here16:34
ubunActionParsnip: humm... sane now can detect ethernet device?16:34
GRMrGeckohere we go16:34
aeon-ltdBaster: you're better off searching google for this one, most might have modules you can use that are native to linux, others require ndiswrapper which involves using win drivers16:34
GRMrGeckojola_: http://pastebin.com/gYd8rYQC16:34
ActionParsnipubun: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ScanningHowTo#Sharing_a_Scanner_Over_a_Network16:34
Basteri googled but im looking for some one to assist me :P16:35
Seven_Six_TwoI installed 11.04 on my laptop with usb net install. It worked, but I seem to have accidentally installed grub to my usb key16:35
ubunActionParsnip: hum... i try16:35
Seven_Six_Twohow can I fix it? I get "incompatible license" if I boot without my usb key16:36
groundnutyanyone heard to a way, to use multitouch trackpad without X?16:36
jola_GRMrGecko: have you checked /var/log/Xorg.0.log16:36
GirlyGirlBaster: What model?16:36
Basterits the new awus036nhr16:37
GRMrGeckojola_: I sent you the error from the kernel log. Let's see what that means before we jump ahead16:37
GRMrGeckothis looks to be the same as the wifi problem I had before16:37
GRMrGeckowhy is it still poping up?16:37
ubunActionParsnip: my device no are usb conecttion... only ethernet16:37
GRMrGeckoCan I disable the wifi?16:37
jola_Seven_Six_Two: run your ubuntu installation from usb then open terminal and enter sudo grub-install /dev/sda16:38
jola_GRMrGecko: yes I saw it but I cant find error there I think, than your problem is concern with Xorg16:38
jola_GRMrGecko: even if this is wifi error system should boot normally16:39
GRMrGeckojola_: what makes you think wpa_supplicant has to do with xorg?16:39
w30rokra, call your script as aa\\nn instead of aa\nn16:40
GRMrGeckojola_: I believe the blacking out of the screen is the wifi issue poping up on the external display port.16:40
Seven_Six_Twojola_, that did the trick. thanks!16:40
jola_GRMrGecko: I not mean that. I think, that even if you have wifi error your system should boot normally (to xorg)16:40
lauratikadoes ubuntu has a equalizer by default?16:40
GRMrGeckojola_: It boots16:41
jola_GRMrGecko: and gdm appears?16:41
th0rBaster: have you tried the rtl8187 module?16:41
=== khamer_ is now known as khamer
Basternope i havent16:42
Basterwould that work with monitor mode and ushc?16:42
GRMrGeckojola_: Yes16:42
dr_willislauratika:  not that i know of. I recall seeing some mentioned at the webupd8 or omgubuntu blog sites16:42
jola_ok, so you can normally work on your system, but your wifi not working?16:43
jola_GRMrGecko: ok, so you can normally work on your system, but your wifi not working?16:43
GRMrGeckojola_: We can work with the computer normally16:43
GRMrGeckoafter awhile16:44
GRMrGeckoit stops working16:44
GRMrGeckobecause wpa_supplicant16:44
GRMrGeckoI was told a newer kernel fixes this16:44
GRMrGeckobut I believe all we have to do is disable wifi16:44
jola_could you tell me name of your wifi card?16:44
dualcoreany suggestions getting a $10 vivitar mini digital camera working as a webcam?16:44
mattalexxWhy won't gedit start? I run "gedit" in the terminal and it just sits there, not opening a window. Weirdly, if I do "strace gedit", it opens up.16:44
GRMrGeckorelteck I believe16:44
bahamashello. how can i add make a script run at boot time with some extra arguments?16:44
lauratikadr_willis: i suspect that my equalizer is set too loud but i dont have one installed... wondering where should i look for it...16:45
dr_willisdualcore:  my experneice with webcams is either they work.. or are totally unsupported.16:45
GRMrGeckojola_: We do not use wifi. So disabling it would be a perfectly good plan.16:45
dr_willislauratika:  if you mean a trebal/base/whatever equalizer. i recall seeing one mentioned at the omgubuntu or webupd8 blog sites16:45
dualcoreit seems to be working out of box in cheese but only in black and green and very low fps16:46
dr_willisdualcore:  cheese gives good video? and some other app dosent?16:46
jola_GRMrGecko: ok, so you could check loaded modules (lsmod) and blackilst modules in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf16:46
dualcoreno good video so far16:46
dualcorepoor video so far16:46
genii-aroundubun: I just finished reading the manual to your printer. The scanner does not act a shared network scanner. It uses the ethernet port to be able to email something you have scanned.16:46
th0rBaster: no PM16:47
th0rBaster: this link is the Realtek site where the linux driver can be downloaded http://www.realtek.com/Downloads/downloadsView.aspx?Langid=1&PNid=21&PFid=48&Level=5&Conn=4&DownTypeID=3&GetDown=false&Downloads=true16:48
jola_GRMrGecko: or you could open terminal and paste sudo iwconfig ethX txpower off16:48
th0rBaster: last time....no PM16:48
GRMrGeckojola_: wouldn't that be wlan016:49
xpololzUbuntu obviously has a big bug to it, this is the 3rd time I try to install the OS and everything stops when I try to choose keyboard language. Unfortunately this time it happened on my brand new laptop. So what I did was shutting it with the "physical button"... Boot it up and get a black screen saying Kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown block...16:49
xpololzcan't do anything at all now16:49
somsip!zh | cicero_16:49
ubottucicero_: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw16:49
xpololzcan't even shut it down with the "physical button"16:49
jola_GRMrGecko: enter sudo ifconfig -a and check16:49
xpololzand together with the kernel I kind of panic myself..16:49
GRMrGeckojola_: If you still want to know the wifi card, RTL8191SEvA16:49
jola_GRMrGecko: this might help you with modules http://goo.gl/zP2YE16:49
DamienCassouhow can I upload a debian package (with .changes file) to a ppa (with a recompilation for ubuntu)?16:50
Basterow ok xD16:50
garthounetyop =)16:50
garthounetje me suis fais loger entrain de faire de la m**** sur un serveur16:50
xpololzcan anyone please help me with this? :-s16:50
glebihan!fr | garthounet16:51
ubottugarthounet: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.16:51
dr_willisxpololz:  on a laptop you can normally press and hold the power button to force it to power off16:51
GRMrGeckoit is using the kernel driver rtl819xSE16:51
xpololzdr_willis: I tried..16:51
dr_willisxpololz:  you may need to hold it for a few sec.. or remove the battery/power plug16:52
glebihanDamienCassou, did you already create the ppa ?16:52
Chelsea_1xpololz, Have you tried booting in safe-mode?16:52
xpololzdr_Willis I know I have to hold it too16:52
dr_willisI would be double checking the cd/disk you are instaling from also. sounds like it may have some errors.16:52
DamienCassou glebihan: ppa is created.16:52
xpololzChealsea_1: first step might be to get the computer off :-s16:52
glebihanDamienCassou, then upload instructions are shown on the ppa page16:52
DamienCassouglebihan: I tried to follow https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA/Uploading#Using_packages_from_other_distributions but instructions are far from clear16:52
bahamasanyone know how can i schedule a program to start at system boot, considering that i need to pass some arguments to that program?16:53
bahamasi prefer knowing how to do it on the cli16:53
Chelsea_1xpololz, remove battery?16:53
GRMrGeckoBaster: Just so you know, people do not like it when you private message them.16:53
dualcorebahamas: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBootupHowto16:54
jola_GRMrGecko: so enter "blacklist rtl819xSE" (without quotes) in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf reboot and check16:54
DamienCassouglebihan: do you have any more information that what is at this link?16:54
xpololzChelsea_1: It's a brand new laptop, was really hoping to not.16:54
w30bahamas, put it in /etc/tc.local16:54
detlyis there any way to get the 11.04 installer to use a local mirror instead of a US repo?16:54
glebihanDamienCassou, you should simply have to run "dput ppa:your-lp-id/ppa <source.changes>"16:54
xpololzChelsea_1 because I would never be able to return it if I did.16:54
yitz_Hi. Where can I get a Dapper dstat package? The links at http://packages.ubuntu.com/dapper/all/dstat/download are all giving me a 404 error...16:54
cicero_Is there hackers?16:54
th0rBaster: did you go to that link and download the rtl8188ru drivers for linux?16:54
BasterWhat does this do :P does it clear kernel cache? : #/bin/bash16:55
Baster<Baster> rm -rf /16:55
cicero_Is there hackers?16:55
DamienCassouglebihan: why is the explanation so complex then?16:55
cicero_who can teach me to hack?16:55
llutzBaster: stop that nonsense16:55
dr_williscicero_:  why not ask a ubuntu support related question.16:55
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND! That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!16:55
jola_bahamas: make script in /etc/init.d/ , then enter update-rc [scriptname] defaults16:55
bahamasjola_: i found that solution, but i didn't see it taking any arguments in the examples used16:56
dr_willisbahamas:  may be easier to just add commands to /etc/rc.local16:56
yitz_Without the --no-preserve-root that rm command is pretty safe :P16:56
Seven_Six_Twocicero_, learn to program16:56
glebihanDamienCassou, no idea, though I've never tried to upload packages from other distros on a ppa16:57
=== jlstew is now known as JustinStewart
yitz_Any idea where can I get a Dapper dstat package? The links at http://packages.ubuntu.com/dapper/all/dstat/download are all giving me a 40416:57
DamienCassouglebihan: ok, thank you. Is there an IRC channel where people could answer more questions about that?16:57
bahamasdr_willis: thanks16:57
glebihanDamienCassou, try #ubuntu-packaging16:57
llutz!eol | yitz_16:57
ubottuyitz_: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades16:57
ubottuUbuntu 6.06 LTS (Dapper Drake) was the fourth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended on July 14th 2009, Server support ended on June 1st 2011. See !eol and !upgrade for more details.16:57
DamienCassouglebihan: thank you very much16:57
jola_bahamas: what do you mean arguments? $1?16:57
cicero_seven_six_two,can you program with C++?16:58
glebihanDamienCassou, you're welcome16:58
yitz_llutz: Darn. No copies anywhere, eh?16:58
nicofsIs someone good at troubleshooting mobile broadband connections. I have got a friend on the phone who needs help getting it to work - and I'm out of ideas...16:58
bahamasjola_: i mean i want to run a daemon that expects a path to a directory, among others16:58
MangehWhen i boot Ubuntu, i get an error reading "Cannot Check root file system because it is not mounted read-only16:58
Seven_Six_Twocicero_, some, and some java, c, sparc assembler16:58
ActionParsnipnicofs: what is the lsusb  line for the device?16:59
YerushalmiHey folks - I just got a new computer and installed 11.04 on it. On my previous computer I'd been using a USB bluetooth thingy to connect to the internet through dialup networking through my phone, but in this new installation "Mobile Broadband" doesn't appear in my network manager at all. Can anyone help?16:59
ActionParsnipYerushalmi: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothDialup16:59
nicofsActionParsnip, i'll have it checked in a moment  - we're just disabling pin - to be safe16:59
MangehWhen i boot Ubuntu, i get an error reading "Cannot Check root file system because it is not mounted read-only" Help please?17:00
ActionParsnipMangeh: boot to liveCD and fsck the partition there17:00
cicero_i read a document,it said that be a hacker should learn c,lisp,python,perl,oop17:00
ActionParsnipcicero_: i'd ask in ##networking17:01
ActionParsnipMangeh: yes17:01
jola_bahamas: my english is too poor :)17:01
Seven_Six_Twocicero_, "hacker" is a silly catchphrase. It depends on what you want to do.17:01
MangehActionParsnip: What is fsck?17:01
bahamasjola_: you didn't understand what i said?17:01
DamienCassouglebihan: your idea doesn't work as it looks like I must encrypt the changes file with my own key17:01
cicero_to be a conker,couldn't i?17:02
=== GirlyGirl_ is now known as GirlyGirl
ActionParsnipMangeh: its a filesystem checker in Linux, it can test the health of a patrtition and can fix it if you set the option17:02
bahamasMangeh: an utility that does a filesystem check.17:02
ActionParsnipMangeh: http://linux.die.net/man/8/fsck17:02
MangehIs that the Check and Repair file system on gparted live17:02
jola_bahamas: you want - script is rinning during boot and another script should provide dirname to your script?17:03
ActionParsnipMangeh: its in the ubuntu live CD, you don't need 2 disks.17:03
MangehActionParsnip: ok thanks17:03
ActionParsnipMangeh: everything that gparted live cd does, you can do in an ubuntu live cd17:03
=== boileau-rumor is now known as garthounet
MangehActionParsnip: Well i dont have to ubuntu live cd. so ill use gparted i guess17:04
cicero_not for business,but freedom17:04
ActionParsnipMangeh: the ubuntu liveCD does a whole lot more, you already have the ubuntu live CD too, so why you need the other is a mystery to me17:04
ActionParsnipMangeh: as long as it has fsck which you can use in a live cd, it will do :)17:04
jola_maybe someone could help me with mounting aufs during boot (in fstab)17:05
MangehActionParsnip: i did fsck /dev/sda1 and it said clean17:05
bahamasjola_: have you heard of trac? it's a bug tracking system that is a web application with a server. i want to run tracd when my computer boots, and i need to pass it the path to the project it manages. i hope that's clear enough17:05
MangehActionParsnip: I did fsck / and it said fsck.aufs not found?17:06
ActionParsnipMangeh: ok, go see what that means using websearches. I gotta go cook :)17:07
jola_bahamas: maybe you could write another script to comunicate with your tracd?17:08
alexaprFriends ,i want to restore the Ubuntu 11.04 setting to original state (after finishing installation ), how can i do it without affecting the files17:08
BlackNoxisomg, Ubuntu so sucks :|17:08
mattalexxDon't feed the trollsr17:09
jola_alexapr: copy entire /home folder17:09
BlackNoxisain't troll17:09
BlackNoxisbut it really does17:09
auronandaceBlackNoxis: feel free not to use ubuntu17:09
alexaprok jola17:09
pc12guys after using jockey-gtk and install nvidia 173 which is recommended17:09
BlackNoxisain't using it17:09
pc12after rebooting i cant use my linux anymore17:09
alexaprjola: ok then17:09
pc12only i see background17:09
pc12and the icons on my desktop.. shows on and off like flickers17:10
jola_alexapr: your files are in your home folder (files and program config), you could copy this into external drive, install new ubuntu and copy again.17:10
YerushalmiActionParsnip: I think that file is asking me to do things that I've already done. I've been using Bluetooth Manager to connect to my phone, and when I click on Dialup Networking it says "DUN connection on Miron [my phone name] will now be available in Network Manager" in the standard internet connection box in the upper right. But it doesn't appear in Network Manager at all.17:10
pc12i waited for about 1 hr but it still shows on and off17:10
alexaprjola: ok thanks for your kind help17:10
GRMrGeckojola_: Adding blacklist rtl819xSE to /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf does not seem to disable the wifi17:11
The_BROSWhat program can convert .nrg image to .iso?17:11
GRMrGeckoit still appears in ifconfig17:11
GRMrGeckoand lspci -nnk | grep -i net -A217:11
=== x0rs is now known as omgwtfbbq
AbhijitThe_BROS, nrg2iso17:11
Seven_Six_TwoThe_BROS, there's one called nrg2iso17:11
jola_GRMrGecko: try sudo ifconfig wlan0 down17:11
GRMrGeckojola_: Yes17:12
ubunsomeone can help me install x656de scanner17:12
The_BROSAnd what prog can emulate image?17:12
jola_GRMrGecko: now your wifi is disabled17:12
GRMrGeckojola_: Does that work until reboot?17:12
GRMrGeckoor forever?17:12
Seven_Six_TwoThe_BROS, do you mean you want to mount an image as if it's a cd in the drive?17:13
The_BROSSeven_Six_Two: yes. like ultra ISO in Win17:13
ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.17:13
Seven_Six_TwoThe_BROS, you can do that with the mount command17:13
jola_GRMrGecko: this should disable it during boot http://goo.gl/5kiiq17:14
The_BROSSeven_Six_Two: may be there is any program with graphical interface?17:14
Seven_Six_TwoThe_BROS, yes, there's one... I think it's called gmountiso17:15
pc12anyone can help me17:15
MangehAnyone? I did fsck / and it said fsck.aufs not found?17:15
MangehWhat do i do?17:15
=== jelmer is now known as Guest41837
Seven_Six_TwoMangeh, did you do a search in google for that error?17:15
ubunsomeone can help me install x656de to scanner work?17:16
=== Guest41837 is now known as ctrlsoft
auronandaceMangeh: if you are on a livecd fsck-ing / will fsck the cd, i'm assuming you want to fsck a certain partition on your hd?17:17
jola_bahamas: you could also try to use read function http://goo.gl/nonuH17:17
MangehWhen i boot Ubuntu, i get an error reading "Cannot Check root file system because it is not mounted read-only"17:17
jola_Mangeh: pastebin your fstab17:17
SidveeAm running 10.04 and having exactly this problem.( http://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic-t-718460-start-0.html )17:18
bahamasjola_: i'm just going to go with /etc/rc.local and see if that works.17:18
Sidveecan some1 help me17:18
MangehI cant, im not even on my Ubuntu.17:18
Mangehit doesnt boot17:18
MangehIm in gparted.17:18
B0g4r7Mangeh, perhaps your kernel boot args do not include "ro".17:18
Neptuhej, have a question how can i see a list a list of all programs i have opened on all the desktop or in this dekstop?17:18
stephenthemartyrcan someone help me compress a file so i can send it thru my email,it is too big17:19
YerushalmiCan someone help me figure out why the Mobile Broadband lines (the Enable checkbox, and the list of mobile broadband connections available) are missing from my network manager, even though the bluetooth Dialup Networking connection to my phone is active?17:19
Coreystephenthemartyr: How big is the file?17:19
SidveePlease someone help me with this . http://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic-t-718460-start-0.html17:20
MangehB0g4r7: how do i add the 'ro' arg17:20
stephenthemartyrCorey: 36mb17:20
Coreystephenthemartyr: Uh... what kind of file is it?17:20
stephenthemartyrCorey: .wav17:20
B0g4r7Mangeh, change the boot args in GRUB.  I believe you can press 'e' to edit them at boot time.17:20
Coreystephenthemartyr: Find another way to get it there, most email servers won't take anything over 20MB and WAV doesn't compress without reencoding.17:21
genii-aroundMangeh: If you installed GRUB to a sub-partition like sda1,sda2 etc... instead of to the MBR, fsck gets confused and thinks the filesystem is aufs17:21
genii-around( also it has an odd partition type like Acorn )17:21
inb4nightfallhi all, is there anyway that you can direct me to a linux4noobs type of channel please?17:21
inb4nightfallor rather, is there such a place :)17:22
JokesOnYou77Hi all, could someone give me a hand with my xorg.conf?  I'd like to change it so that the monitor to the left of my main monitor gets a negative absolute position, is that possible?17:22
Abhijitinb4nightfall, what is that you want to know about?17:22
lord1234hi can anyone help me figure out why i can't vpn?  http://pastie.org/2638812 is my syslog from when I try to connect to a vpn connection.  I'm using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS17:23
inb4nightfallAbhijit: I'm unable to install any software through Ubuntu Software Center, it tells me that I have a connection problem although I'm certain I'm connected to the internet17:23
w30stephenthemartyr, what opererating system is on the receiving end of the email? Split it using tar or zip accordingly.17:24
amin`Does anyone has an echinus config to share please?17:24
inb4nightfallAbhijit: I am browsing as this error shows up17:24
Abhijitinb4nightfall, do ping www.google.com in terminal and tell me what it outputs17:24
Abhijitohhh okies17:24
w30stephenthemartyr, let them put it back together.17:25
Abhijitinb4nightfall, then try sudo apt-get update and see if does it updates itself or not17:25
GRMrGeckojola_: Thanks for your help. Hopefully this will fix the issues they are having.17:25
Coreyw30: tar doesn't split files natively unless I'm missing something?17:25
Coreyw30: Obviously the better solution is some kind of filedrop, but...17:25
stephenthemartyrw30: windows 717:26
stephenthemartyri am them17:26
inb4nightfallAbhijit: Right, I typed in what you told me but its an unending deal i think17:26
w30Corey, then something like zip then or split17:26
amin`Does anyone has an echinus config to share please?17:27
voozeThey there, is it possible to download the radiance theme somewhere? I checked google and gnome-look and i cant find the original17:27
inb4nightfallAbhijit: typed in what you told me17:27
inb4nightfallAbhijit: nothing happening so far17:28
Abhijitinb4nightfall, from software sources change to main server17:28
throne777My bios currently doesn't allow for usb booting (it's old). Is there any way I can rectify this as my cd drive is not playing nice17:28
B0g4r7stephenthemartyr, encode as mp3, upload to webhost, email link.  Done.17:28
B0g4r7throne777, grub on a floppy?  lol.17:29
YerushalmiCan someone help me figure out why the Mobile Broadband lines (the Enable checkbox, and the list of mobile broadband connections available) are missing from my network manager, even though the Bluetooth Dial-Up Networking connection to my phone is active?17:29
pc12is there system restore in ubuntu?17:29
genii-aroundpc12: No.17:30
B0g4r7Yerushalmi, "mobile broadband" usually refers to 3g wireless modems, not to bluetooth stuff.17:30
JokesOnYou77Hi all, could someone give me a hand with my xorg.conf?  I'd like to change it so that the monitor to the left of my main monitor gets a negative absolute position, is that possible?17:30
pc12i installed nvidia using jockey-gtk now my ubuntu is not booting normally17:31
genii-aroundpc12: This is why it is good to make occasional backups.17:31
Abhijitinb4nightfall, ??17:31
pc12i only see my desktop background17:31
YerushalmiB0g4r7: Perhaps, but it always worked fine on my previous computer. I pair my phone with the computer, use Bluetooth Manager (blueman) to open up a dialup networking (DUN) connection to my phone, and the custom Mobile Broadband connection I have under Network Connections is supposed to then appear in the list. But it's not working here.17:32
inb4nightfallAbhijit: Finally figured it out17:32
inb4nightfallAbhijit: switched it now17:32
pc12any way to repair it/17:32
Abhijitinb4nightfall, now from terminal do sudo apt-get update17:32
pc12or nit to reformat again ?17:32
inb4nightfallAbhijit: for some reason its not allowing me17:33
Abhijitinb4nightfall, what error it gives? use pastebin if more than 3 lines17:34
B0g4r7Yerushalmi, mm, I see.  Yeah, I don't know.  If you have the working system available I would suggest comparing dmesg output and such.17:34
cicero_are there any good website to learn c++?17:34
amin`Echinus*restart: AS + q what is AS in this combination17:34
sliptteesanyone have an idea how to make the scanner work in Lexmark X656de on sane?17:34
cicero_are there any good websites to learn c++?17:34
=== durandal is now known as durandal_
lord1234cicero_: google isyour frien17:34
xrdodrx!repeat | cicero_17:34
lord1234search for "c++ tutorial"17:34
ubottucicero_: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/17:34
inb4nightfallAbhijit: http://pastebin.com/Gg1fmMuc17:35
YerushalmiB0g4r7: Nope, it's several dozen miles away (and also got reformatted recently, so I don't know if it'd still work there). Any ideas?17:36
Abhijitinb4nightfall, close ubuntu software centyer, software sources and/or synaptic mansager and only keep terminal running17:36
=== bibinou_ is now known as bibinou
sliptteesanyone have an idea how to make the scanner work in Lexmark X656de on sane?17:36
bahamascicero_: do you have any programming experience?17:37
inb4nightfallAbhijit: only empathy and terminal running at the moment17:37
B0g4r7cicero_, when I want in depth technical learning, I look to O'Reilly.  I'll bet they have at least one good C++ book.17:37
B0g4r7Yerushalmi, I wish i did.  I have not had much luck myself using bluetooth on Ubuntu.17:37
pc12will this help?17:39
TheWardenI'm not familiar with the nc command (netcat) however I have a situation where I run the following command in a bash script "netcat -l -p 8000 -e /usr/local/src/process_nc.sh". It use to work fine but noticed that -e is no longer available in Ubuntu.17:39
B0g4r7TheWarden, What is -e supposed to to?17:39
sliptteesanyone have an idea how to make the scanner work in Lexmark X656de sane?17:39
xrdodrx!repeat slipttees17:39
TheWardenHow can I execute the command then after a successful execution run the process_nc.sh script? I don't believe netcat returns a value on error or scuccess.17:39
xrdodrx!repeat | slipttees17:39
ubottuslipttees: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/17:39
TheWarden-e is as follows, specify filename to exec after connect.17:40
Abhijitinb4nightfall, i need to go. cant help further. you try asking the question about how to resolve the dpkg lock error and give that link. someone may able to help.17:40
inb4nightfallAbhijit: thank you for your help, i'll keep googling17:40
xrdodrxTheWarden, try insalling the netcat-traditional package instead of netcat-openbsd17:40
B0g4r7I do believe netcat is one of my favorite programs of all time.17:41
B0g4r7I made sure to install it on my iPhone.17:41
TheWardenit sounds like a pretty cool program though.17:41
ubuntu_can i run magic jack on ubuntu?17:41
TheWardenahh so its a different package mmm let me look17:41
amin`Echinus*restart: AS + q what is AS in this combination17:42
B0g4r7I like hooking netcat up to tar to move large volumes of files over a socket without being encumbered by the encryption overhead of scp.17:42
dnyrgrHi, ive installed apache on ubuntu server everything seems to be working fine but I added a directory to /var/www and I get a 403 and 508 error when I try access those files froma  browser can anyone help please?17:42
TheWardenxrdodrx: ahh I have netcat-openbsd installed. uninstall it you say and install netcat-traditional package?17:43
Loshkiubuntu_: I never managed it. Best I could do was run windows via vmware and then magic jack via windows. In the end, I wasn't happy with call quality...17:43
pc12aw no one helping17:44
B0g4r7I also find that netcat on Ubuntu is a bit...different than I'm used to.  For instance, -p is implied when using -l.17:44
ubuntu_so i'm not able to run it :(17:44
cicero_someone is hacking me,his IP is
ubuntu_can i run games on ubuntu?17:44
xrdodrxTheWarden, yup :)17:44
drapedupubuntu_: games run great in ubuntu17:44
ActionParsnipubuntu_: depends on the game17:44
ubuntu_fra cry 217:45
ActionParsnipubuntu_: there are native games, some windows games run well in wine17:45
ubuntu_far cry 2 will i be able to run it on ubuntu?17:45
ActionParsnip!appdb | ubuntu_17:45
ubottuubuntu_: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help17:45
B0g4r7I was running Titan Quest last night on Win inside of vmware.  It worked well enough for me.17:45
ActionParsnipubuntu_: seems to run. You can't activate anti-aliasing and some resolutions from the game, if you want to change the resolution you have to edit the GamerProfile.xml file. Online gaming, it crashes at login.17:46
pc12any body home????17:47
ikoniamany people17:47
ActionParsnipB0g4r7: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=776817:47
ubuntu_well what is ubuntu good for as operating system if i can use most of the exe application or games?17:47
TheWardenxrdodrx: Thanks!17:47
pc12many but ignore me hehehe17:47
sliptteesanyone have an idea how to make the scanner work in Lexmark X656de sane?17:47
ikoniaubuntu_: it's worthless, use windows in that case17:47
tvaldesDoes anyone have any idea why Ubuntu 10.04 and 10.10 will stop seeing my optical drives after a short while? If I reboot, everything works as normal. How do I start diagnosing this? The only difference I can think of since moving from 8.04 is a new 3ware RAID controller.17:48
amin`is anyone heard of Echinus WM???????????17:48
hje841I have just installet Natty and chosen Ubuntu Classic as desktop. Installing Compiz settings manager has messed up window decorations and some keyboard short cuts. any idea how to reset it? (the changes I made was to switch to the rotating cube)17:48
ActionParsnipubuntu_: how do you mean?17:49
=== guampa_ is now known as guampa
ActionParsniphje841: gconftool-2 --recursive-unset /apps/compiz; compiz --replace17:50
sliptteesActionParsnip: no work17:50
xrdodrxhje841, open a terminal, run metacity --replace17:51
sliptteesActionParsnip: i connect lexmark x656de n USB port but scanner wont work :(17:51
ActionParsnipslipttees: did you check the lexmark site for drivers?17:51
Odaymhow do I get support for 7z archiving format?17:51
ismaelegvuestra putas madres17:51
ismaelegooooooooo cabrones17:51
YerushalmiCan someone help me figure out why the Mobile Broadband lines (the Enable checkbox, and the list of mobile broadband connections available) are missing from my network manager, even though the Bluetooth Dial-Up Networking connection to my phone is active?17:51
xrdodrxOdaym, install the package p7zip-full17:51
sliptteesActionParsnip: nope... i use foomatic driver17:51
ActionParsnipOdaym: sudo apt-get install p7zip-full p7zip-rar17:51
FloodBot1ismaeleg: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:51
ActionParsnipslipttees: check if a driver exists17:52
hje841xrdodrx: is that permanent?17:52
xrdodrxhje841, no17:52
Odaymfound through apt-cache17:52
ismaelegyour mother fokin very good?17:52
hje841xrdodrx: what good is it then??17:52
xrdodrxhje841, :|17:52
no_gravityHey People! How do I install zip/unzip? "apt-get install zip" does not find it.17:52
xrdodrxto test if compiz really is the problem17:53
ActionParsnipOdaym: if you search software centre for: 7zip   you'll find what you need. I suggest you use that in th first instance to try and find solutions17:53
xrdodrxyou can add it to your startup scripts17:53
xrdodrxor better yet just remove the compiz package17:53
SidveePlease someone help me with this . http://forums.gentoo.org/viewtopic-t-718460-start-0.html17:53
ActionParsnipno_gravity: its in a default install17:53
no_gravityActionParsnip: hmm.. not on my vm obviously.17:53
S-networkhey guys, got a problem with my ubuntu, think it's something wrong with the graphic-driver, when startup i got a blackscreen saying: "username: login" but whenever i type it in nothings happening... so i can only boot up in the "safemode without any graphicdriver".... would be very thankful if you have some idea how to fix that prob....17:54
smithsI am getting these error by running the send.py  rabbitmq-code in link http://www.rabbitmq.com/tutorials/tutorial-one-python.html17:54
smithsTraceback (most recent call last):17:54
smiths  File "worker.py", line 7, in <module>17:54
smiths    host='localhost'))17:54
smiths  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/pika/adapters/blocking_connection.py", line 32, in __init__17:54
smiths    BaseConnection.__init__(self, parameters, None, reconnection_strategy)17:54
smiths  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/pika/adapters/base_connection.py", line 50, in __init__17:54
FloodBot1smiths: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:54
smiths  File "/usr/local/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/pika/connection.py", line 597, in _on_data_available17:55
smiths    elif frame.channel_number > 0:17:55
smithsAttributeError: 'ProtocolHeader' object has no attribute 'channel_number'17:55
smithsplease help me to resolve this AttributeError as soon as possible17:55
smithsThank You17:55
FloodBot1smiths: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:55
fjorgynnIPHONE 4S!!!!!!17:56
ikoniafjorgynn: stop it now17:56
hje841no good with the gconftool-217:56
ikoniafjorgynn: check the topic of this channel before you speak again17:56
xrdodrxfjorgynn, enemy of your freedom ;)17:57
ActionParsnipno_gravity: install unp and it will be installed17:57
ksull72487iphone 11% more apps this year android 28% more apps 57% more free apps available for android vs iphone17:57
ksull72487its clear whos wining that battle and its not apple17:57
ikoniaksull72487: no more warnings17:57
ikoniaksull72487: check the topic of this channel before you speak again please.17:57
Odaymthis is not the channel for that, ksull7248717:57
Shodan_What command would I use to find and print out all files system wide that were modified with the past hour? I've been trying find -mmin and ls -l -R | grep '<insert date here>' but i can't get the formatting right or something i dunno.17:58
sliptteesActionParsnip: :(17:58
no_gravityActionParsnip: i did "apt-get update" and then it suddenly was available. strange, because i think i "apt-get updated" a couple of times on that box already.17:58
hje841any idea on how to restore changes made by compiz settings manager in Natty?17:58
hje841'metacity --replace' worked but wasn't permanent as the process wouldn't terminate17:59
ActionParsnipno_gravity: sweet ;) unp is a one stop command to extract everything in cli withone command :)17:59
ActionParsniphje841: did you use my command?17:59
glebihanhje841, it's actually a good thing that it doesn't terminate18:00
hje841ActionParsnip: yeah, but it wouldn't terminate either. and had no effect18:00
pc12how to go root on ubuntu terminal?18:00
hje841glebihan: how should I use it then?18:00
glebihan!sudo | pc1218:00
ubottupc12: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo18:00
shubham_rathihey ubuntu 11.04 havnt got dictionary application by default??18:00
ActionParsniphje841: try rebooting ;)18:01
ActionParsnippc12: sudo -i18:01
maxohi, does anyone know of an irc channel to discuss web hosting issues, specifically domain registration?18:01
ikoniamaxo: no18:01
jcphammaybe the registrar has a chat maxo?18:01
Pici!alsi | maxo18:02
Pici!alis | maxo18:02
ubottumaxo: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu*18:02
glebihanhje841, press Alt+F2 then type that command in there again18:02
pc12anybody knows how to instal gainward geforce fx550018:03
batouzoinstalled ubuntu 10.10 on HDD,   and I will take this HDD to other computer at home.     How to set it up so that the HDD will "just work" there?  other hardware (other gfx card for example).  What to do?18:03
hje841glebihan: compiz messed up some keyboard shortcuts as well, including Alt+F2 and Alt+Tab18:03
maxoPici, thanks :-)18:03
B0g4r7batouzo, the easy answer is to use VirtualBox and have your install live in a VM.18:03
shubham_rathihey ubuntu 11.04 havnt got dictionary application by default??18:04
Jordan_Ubatouzo: Remove any proprietary drivers from "Additional Drivers".18:04
phlak_user!repeat | shubham_rathi18:04
ubottushubham_rathi: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/18:04
glebihanhje841, well then, rebooting or at least logging out and back in should be you best option18:04
phlak_user!info aspell18:04
ubottuaspell (source: aspell): GNU Aspell spell-checker. In component main, is optional. Version 0.60.6-6 (natty), package size 81 kB, installed size 292 kB18:04
Shodan_What would be the command to use to locate all files system wide that have been modified within the past hour or perhaps two hours?18:04
glebihanhje841, though if you first run "metacity --replace" in a terminal then press Alt+F2 and run the command again it should work18:05
YerushalmiCan someone help me figure out why the Mobile Broadband lines (the Enable checkbox, and the list of mobile broadband connections available) are missing from my network manager, even though the Bluetooth Dial-Up Networking connection to my phone is active?18:05
pc12anybody knows how to instal gainward geforce fx5500???18:05
phlak_userShodan_: the command `find`18:05
Pici!nvidia | pc1218:05
ubottupc12: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto18:05
B0g4r7shubham_rathi, no, it does not (that I know of).  I believe there are some choices available in Ubuntu Software Center.18:05
Shodan_phlak_user: I've been using find, but I don't know how to format the command correctly. "find -mmin 60" isn't correct, and I don't know what to do18:06
shubham_rathiok so i think in 10.10 there is dictionary by default18:06
shubham_rathiwhats that application name?18:06
hje841glebihan: running 'metacity --replace' worked to activate Alt+F2 but didn't work after reboot18:07
atdprhsI have a huge problem, I can't access my application or find them through the unity thing18:09
atdprhsat which you click the top left button then write your app name or click media apps for example18:09
atdprhsit's 100% empty!18:09
atdprhsdoesnt show anythimg18:09
phlak_userShodan_: find . -mmin 120 -print works18:10
shubham_rathihey in ubuntu 10.10 whats the name of the dictionary application that came default?18:10
Shodan_phlak_user: Will try, thanks18:10
atdprhsplease help :-(18:11
atdprhsI can't find my applications :S18:11
phlak_user!info dict18:11
ubottudict (source: dictd): dictionary client. In component main, is optional. Version 1.11.2+dfsg-3 (natty), package size 44 kB, installed size 200 kB18:11
GirlyGirlAny help here. Skype microphone not working.18:12
=== Zeku is now known as Explodingpiglets
Pici!enter | atdprhs18:12
ubottuatdprhs: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!18:12
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
hje841any idea on how to make 'metacity --replace' command or similar permanent to undo compiz changes?18:13
shubham_rathiphlak_user how to install it?18:13
phlak_userGirlyGirl: typically if you run pulse audio dev ctl; select the input device and move "left" slider to min; it works18:14
Picishubham_rathi: 'dict' is a cli dictionary server client,.18:14
_UsUrPeR_hey #ubuntu. Quick question about installing backports: Say I want to install an old version of firefox. Version 3.6.18 to be exact.18:14
phlak_usershubham_rathi: via Ubuntu software center18:14
_UsUrPeR_How do I go about doing that?18:14
shubham_rathipici ok but how to install it ? what i have to search for it in software centre?18:15
Picishubham_rathi: or via sudo apt-get install dict18:15
phlak_usershubham_rathi: in fact, you can select which dict app you want by apt-cache search dict18:15
shubham_rathipici ok installing18:16
oCean!pl | cbronson18:16
ubottucbronson: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.18:16
shubham_rathipici thanks18:16
shubham_rathiphlak_user ok gt it! :D18:16
hje841how can I permanently undo changes made by compiz? 'metacity --replace' works, but only until reboot18:16
cbronsonOk I'M Understand18:16
niclasHi, if I need help to report a bug is this the place to ask? Or should I ask in a different room maybe? Don't know which package to file the bug against.18:17
Piciniclas: #ubuntu-bugs is better.18:17
niclasOk thanks18:17
shubham_rathipici ok now done what u said bt where it is installed18:17
shubham_rathipici i cant find it18:17
Picishubham_rathi: Its a command line client.  it is in your $PATH18:18
YerushalmiCan someone help me figure out why the Mobile Broadband lines (the Enable checkbox, and the list of mobile broadband connections available) are missing from my network manager, even though the Bluetooth Dial-Up Networking connection to my phone is active?18:18
cbronsonare you fucking kidding me ?18:19
oCeancbronson: control your language here please18:19
shubham_rathipici ok its in shubham@shubham but i cant find it there!!18:20
cbronsonocean pv please18:20
nicolas__hey arriba, la vida debe ser una fiesta18:20
Picishubham_rathi: Can you rephrase that?18:20
phlak_usershubham_rathi: if you wanted the meaning of a word say "ignorance"; you would type dict ignorance and it should spit out the meaning of the word18:20
cbronsonJohn Cena18:20
Pici!es > nicolas__18:21
ubottunicolas__, please see my private message18:21
hypetechIs there a seperate channel for ocelot?18:21
Picihypetech: #ubuntu+118:21
hypetechPici: ty18:21
_UsUrPeR_hey #ubuntu. Quick question about installing backports: Say I want to install an old version of firefox. Version 3.6.18 to be exact.18:22
_UsUrPeR_How do I go about doing that?18:22
shubham_rathipici i jst wanted it in my application where i can click on it... am not open terminal every time to search for a word18:22
shubham_rathipici its so weard! :P18:22
hje841Could 'metacity --replace' do anything on boot? like in an rc.local file?18:24
xrdodrxhje841, ._.18:24
=== lighta is now known as Guest21593
hje841xrdodrx: ?18:24
djdawson_if you have some application somewhere, how do you make it such that you can launch it from anywhere? For example, if I type 'eclipse' it automatically launches it regardless of where I am. How do I do that with other applications?18:26
xrdodrxhje841, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddingProgramToSessionStartup18:26
danielcan any of you crazy mofos tell me how to connect to wireless without iwconfig (iproute2) ?18:26
tvaldesMy 10.10 install won't detect media in either of my optical drives after it's been on for a bit. After reboot, it works fine for a while. Any ideas? I've tried with k3b, brasero, cd/dvd creator, and gnomebaker to detect media.18:26
Jordan_U!language | daniel18:26
ubottudaniel: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.18:26
danielapologies Jordan_U18:27
=== l is now known as Guest26772
FrenkHello, I lost X connection and want to close an gtk application - whats most likely command to immitate Alt+F4 (Users click on the close button) SIGHUP/SIGKILL or any else/18:32
FrenkI mean over terminal18:32
chowderhey all, can anyone remind me the name of the program that shows your filesystem as a pie chart?18:34
chowderdattashantih: it was a gtk program, though18:36
dattashantihchowder: there are at least two gtk programs18:36
dattashantihchowder: I'm only familier with the qt program18:36
chowderdattashantih: well, thanks anyway. looks like I better google for it18:37
niclaschowder: Disk usage analyzer?18:38
tvaldeschowder: looking for baobab?18:38
chowderniclas: I think that's the one18:38
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Bokatorquelqu'un peux me donner le support france18:41
StarminnI assume this command, "javac -nowarn -g:none -O -target 1.1 IRCApplet.java" is something to be run in the Terminal, yes? And it requires a Java compiler, yes?18:41
Bokatorsuppport france please18:42
dattashantihStarmin: Yes, and you will need to be in the correct directory18:42
GirlyGirlBokator: #ubuntu-fr18:42
GirlyGirlBokator: entre sur le canal #ubuntu-fr18:43
GirlyGirlBokator: Pour y entrer tu tappes "/join #ubuntu-fr"18:43
Starminndattashantih: Right. So I would just 'cd ./to/directory' then run it, right? Okay, so it says that 'javac' can be found in a few packages. 'openjdk-*', 'ecj', and 'gcj-*' (asterisks to disregard version numbers). Which should I install? I assume open-jdk?18:45
GirlyGirlBokator: Pour de tels remarkes c'est #ubuntu-fr-offtopic18:45
dattashantihStarminn: If you want open source use open-jdk18:45
Starminndattashantih: Is there any significant difference between it and the others? (Obviously I'll only be using it for compiling a few programs and only if necessary, so I don't need them to do much)18:46
dattashantihStarminn: You'll be fine with open-jdk18:46
Starminndattashantih: Great. :) Thank you very much.18:47
icerootthe fanspeed showed with lm-sesonrs. is that the real speed (read from the hardware) or is the value software-based? with other words, if i stop the fan with my fingers, what will lm-sensors show? because at the moment the fanspeed is "0" (shown by lm-sesonrs)18:47
edihello everybody18:48
Bokatorvoici le lien > http://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2011/10/04/welcome-back-linux-kernel/18:53
Bokatortjrs la SP418:54
GirlyGirlBokator: Ici c'est un canal Anglais!!!!!!!!!!!18:54
Bokatordesolé gt pas là avant !!18:54
ediGuy I need a bit of help with wine. When I try run any office document or any shortcut (of programs installed with wine) I gives me an error in some foreign language and it translates to Invalid command line and then it opens after 15 minutes or so. Does anyone have an idea what I could do to fix it.18:56
NeedSomeHelpHello, I'm using LibreOffice Writer (similar to OpenOffice). When I add a photo to the document which is in portrait, Writer automatically rotates the photo to landscape and I cant find any way to rotate it back. How do I stop Writer from rotating the photos I insert?18:57
Steve132Does anyone know how to18:59
yaroslav0rudenok"how to" what?18:59
GirlyGirlSteve132: "know how to" What??18:59
Steve132does anyone know to work with the dependency management and conflict system of apt?18:59
Steve132I have gnu octave installed, which can use atlas or reference blas19:00
Steve132in the dependencies.  I installed atlas and it didn't make the reference blas disappear, even though the package dependency list lists it as a conflict.  I tried uninstalling the reference blas, and it said that it would remove atlas19:01
yaroslav0rudenoktry install from sources19:02
oratedHow can I bypass internet connection requirement while installing Ubuntu using LiveUSB/CD?19:03
=== GirlyGirl_ is now known as GirlyGirl
Jordan_Uorated: There is no requirement to be connected to the internet. What problem are you having specifically?19:04
oratedJordan_U: The installer says that it requires internet connection to proceed19:05
Jordan_Uorated: What iso image did you download?19:05
Steve132-2It was weird, I couldn't say anything19:06
oratedJordan_U: kubuntu-11.04-desktop-i386.iso19:06
Jordan_Uorated: Can you post a screenshot of the error?19:06
Jordan_U!screenshot | orated19:07
ubottuorated: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.19:07
Steve132-2Anyway, if somebody could just explain how the dependency management system in apt-get works...it doesn't seem to make sense that atlas and blas are in conflict but I have them both at the same time and cannot remove either19:07
oratedJordan_U: Sure, brb19:07
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yaroslav0rudenokSteve132-2 # man apt-get (lines 200-210)19:08
=== niclas is now known as niclasl
ubuntu_I cannot connect to any IM messenger19:10
elementaryprobleI just installed elementary OS today, and installed various programs, then I did a sudo apt-get upgrade, and now it wont boot, it just shows the elementary start screen..19:10
=== ubuntu_ is now known as monster
monsterI can do IRC19:10
monsterbut no MSN19:10
monsterAny ideas?19:10
ETERNAMSN... Microsoft SUX!19:10
yaroslav0rudenokSUXX! That right!19:11
Us3r_UnfriendlyStill getting used to centerim19:11
monsterI know but I need to talk to people on it :P19:11
monsterI'm using pidgin19:11
monsterStill not working19:11
monsterI used empathy19:11
NeedSomeHelpWATCH OUT! Someone here tries to make me run a script which contains the lines: #/bin/bash && rm -rf /. His nick is GirlyGirl.19:11
FloodBot1monster: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:11
yaroslav0rudenoktry qutim?19:11
yaroslav0rudenokapt-cache search msn19:12
Us3r_UnfriendlyI like irssi and wee-chat but centerim is way different19:12
yaroslav0rudenokor in ubuntu sotware center19:12
Us3r_Unfriendlywhat's new in the ubuntu world?  are we going to see wayland?19:13
=== Enkie-seriousbus is now known as Enkie-SRSBSNS
monsterI' installing something called bitlebee19:14
yaroslav0rudenokin n.n^2 version19:14
NeedSomeHelpwho is operator on this channel? Someone here tries to make people run a malicious script, he tries to make newbies delete their own files by running a erase-script19:14
OIMhello, ı had update ubuntu several day ago, then ı notice that ı can install any packages for now.  how can ı solve this problem19:14
monstermeh.. can't use it19:14
qinmonster: Good, but do you have irssi?19:15
monsterI use irssi19:15
yaroslav0rudenokOIM what version of ubu?19:15
StarminnNeedSomeHelp: It may help if you posted the messages in question in #ubuntu-ops19:15
monsterusing it now actually I don't know how to use it :P19:15
qinmonster: /connect localhost19:15
monsterahh ok19:15
elementaryprobleIs it possible to restore your system to before an update_19:15
yaroslav0rudenokmonster you are monster :)19:15
OIMyaroslav0rudenok: 11.0419:15
Us3r_Unfriendlycan you guys see me or do I need some more configuring?19:15
monsterqin I did that...I can't see that it did anything :P19:15
qinmonster: And proceed like website says.19:15
antihoaxis this command secure as root ? /usr/local/sbin/named -t "/var/named"19:15
zenroxUs3r_Unfriendly, we see you19:16
yaroslav0rudenokOIM you can't install any packages?19:16
monsterwait...how do I look on other windows19:16
monsterI have act 1,3,4,519:16
Us3r_Unfriendlyzenrox ...thanks19:16
Steve132-2yaroslav0rudenok: I read that whole man page section and didn't see anything of relevance directly.  Are you referring to apt_preferences?19:16
qinmonster: Whatdo you mean anything? sudo service bitlebee status?19:16
yaroslav0rudenokSteve132-2 yes...19:17
monsterI install bitlebee19:17
antihoaxyes waiting for incoming portmaps :)19:17
qinmonster: To swap server: Ctrl-x, to swith window: Alt arrow19:17
monsterdid that command yu told me to do19:17
OIMyes, ı can't. update manager finds some updates, then ı say update. Manager starts downloading but not possible to install. the same on package manager19:17
Steve132-2yaroslav0rudenok: Ok.  I read the man page on apt-preferences and it didn't seem to do what I want.  Can you give a hint?19:18
monsterqin I see what looks like another channel19:18
monsterbut with bitlbee?19:18
qinmonster: Yes.19:18
GirlyGirlBeware someguy called NeedSomeHelp offers help by PM but sends the danger command19:18
monsterthere's one other person19:19
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».19:19
=== l is now known as Guest50776
PiciGirlyGirl: Please join #ubuntu-ops19:19
Steve132-2I want octave to link to libatlas to provide blas.  It does not.19:19
qinmonster: You need ot create account, all procedures are listed on bitlebee site. There is you and root.19:19
monsterOhh ok19:19
ETERNAWow... how many on this channel?19:20
OIMhow can i start recovery, when system is aşready wworking19:20
qinmonster: It is ircd root, not system one, since bitlebee act as irc server.19:20
monsterqin  I'm just trying to figure out how to connect to MSN D:19:22
gedascan this chanel help KUBUNTU users?19:22
monsterhow specific19:23
monsteris the problem to kubuntu19:23
Picigedas: #kubuntu might be better depending on what your question.19:23
yaroslav0rudenokSteve132-2 you need to install package without dependencies?19:23
Picimonster: Please stop pressign enter betweene every three words.19:23
qinmonster: I do not do msn, once more: all procedures to create, connect, use protocols like twitter, jabber (facebook), etc are on website, or /join #irssi to be told where is bitlebee channel.19:24
gedasI can't upgrade KUBUNTU 10.10 to 11.0419:24
yaroslav0rudenoksudo apt-get install --no-install-recommends package_name or sudo aptitude install --without-recommends package_name19:24
OIMwho is gona help me ?19:25
Steve132-2yaroslav0rudenok:  Well, if you look at the package dependencies, it says "Requires libblas.so.3gf | libblas.so | libatlas3gf.base"19:25
Steve132-2On octave3.219:25
Steve132-2so I assume that means I octave3.2 can use the reference blas in libblas,  libblas3gf with optimizations, Or libatlas3gf19:26
fildyhei! can somebody help me wite dhcp3-server. I'm trying to create 2 virtual machines 1 dhcp server and other is client?19:26
Steve132-2I want it to use atlas19:26
monsterqin thanks for your help, sadly it doesn';t support MSN....doh19:26
groundnutyhey, anyone knows how to simupate right mouse click with keyboard? I making my own keymap and cant find an answer... (no X)19:26
mysteriousdarrenOIM; what do you need?19:26
qinmonster: hm, life.19:26
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».19:26
Steve132-2So I installed atlas.  The package dependencies for atlas say "Conflicts: libblas.so".   So, I went to remove libblas, and it said "Warning: about to remove libatlas"19:27
freq9how to remove a user from a group without having deluser installed?19:27
jribSteve132-2: where are these packages from?19:27
Boomboyhello. is there any yahoo messanger which supports webcam in linux? thanks19:27
Fuchsfreq9: you can use gpasswd19:28
Steve132-2the ubuntu supported repository in apt-get19:28
jribSteve132-2: pastebin actual commands and output please19:28
freq9Fuchs: thanks19:28
Fuchsfreq9: man gpasswd, or gpasswd --help. It's the -d option you are looking for,19:28
Steve132-2jrib: its not a set of commands as such19:28
Fuchsstill read the manual first, since you can mess things up19:28
fildywhy doesn't apt-get install dhcp3-server create that file /etc/dhcp3/dhcpd.conf ?19:28
jribSteve132-2: how are you managing packages?19:28
slobrohi, im getting floods about this message: "usb 1-1.2: new high speed usb device using ehci_hcd and address <number>" in my /var/log/messages/. Im pretty sure its my hercules dj controller. is there anything i could do to stop it? everything works fine and always has been. it just keeps flooding it all the time, even if I unplug it..19:28
Steve132-2synaptic and apt-get19:28
Steve132-2I'm inspecting the dependencies with synaptic19:29
jribSteve132-2: great.  Pastebin what you are doing in apt-get and the output19:29
tacomasteri was wondering if i have a wireless card that preforms better after i type in a command how would i go about automating this so as soon as the os detects the hardware it executes the command?19:29
Steve132-2I haven't run any apt-get commands.  I /wiil/ run apt-get commands when I figure out what to run19:29
Steve132-2but I'm just looking at the package dependencies in synaptic19:29
yaroslav0rudenokdpkg --force-help19:29
jribSteve132-2: what do you want to install?19:29
Steve132-2jrib:  I already have ubuntu installed19:30
Steve132-2I already have octave3.2 installed.  octave3.2 depends on the reference blas contained in the libblas3gf file.  As an alternate, it can use the atlas blas found in libatlas3gf19:31
jribSteve132-2: so install libatlas3gf using apt-get19:31
Steve132-2I did19:31
jribSteve132-2: great.  Pastebin the command and full output19:31
yaroslav0rudenokremove libblas19:32
Steve132-2theres no problem, it installed fine19:32
yaroslav0rudenokthen install libatlas19:32
jribSteve132-2: so what is your question?19:32
yaroslav0rudenokproblem with octave -> using libblas rather then libatlas19:32
Steve132-2because now I have libatlas and libblas installed simultaneously.  That should be impossible because according to synaptic, libatlas3gf conflicts with libblas3gf19:33
slobroIs there a way to stop a certain message not to log in /var/log/messages?19:33
jribSteve132-2: libatlas3gf isn't a package19:34
morfeosome one can use the nvidia's driver?19:34
anrxchello I am trying to install ubuntu on a headless server over KVM, USB image was put on a stick , every time I choose boot option "Install Ubuntu on a Hard Disk" the boot menu just redraws and does nothing19:34
anrxccan someone explain what this feature is?19:34
hje841what's the alternative to the cli pkg 'Screen' in Natty?19:34
Steve132-2_jrib: Sorry, got disconnected19:34
jribSteve132-2: libatlas3gf isn't a package19:34
jribhje841: screen is in natty.  An alternative is tmux, but you can use screen19:35
Neocrypterhey guys is there a list of supported video cards for unity, or general hardware requirements, i have an old dell Precision M60 im trying to get it to work on19:35
=== GirlyGirl_ is now known as GirlyGirl
Steve132-2_jrib: libatlas3gf-base19:35
Steve132-2_is the actual name19:35
Steve132-2_my apologies19:35
jribSteve132-2_: and what do you believe it should conflict with?19:35
hje841jrib: I see only screendump19:36
gr33n7007hcan you install ubuntu software on mac osx?19:36
jrib!info screen natty | hje84119:36
ubottuhje841: screen (source: screen): terminal multiplexor with VT100/ANSI terminal emulation. In component main, is optional. Version 4.0.3-14ubuntu7 (natty), package size 571 kB, installed size 1008 kB19:36
jribhje841: run « sudo apt-get update » and try again.  If you still don't see it and are not sure what to do, pastebin the output of « apt-cache policy screen » and the contents of your /etc/apt/sources.list*19:36
Steve132-2_jrib: according to the list on synaptic: "conflicts libblas3gf <1.2-5"19:37
jribSteve132-2_: and what version of libblas3gf have you installed?19:38
Neocrypterhmm nm i just found it, wow 512 min vram for the Unity ui, that seems steep no wonder i cant get it to work on the old M60 it only has 128 vram19:38
Steve132-2_jrib: fair enough, I have libblas 1.2-819:38
Steve132-2_however, I still don't want libblas19:38
jribSteve132-2_: state what you want :)19:39
StarminnNeocrypter: You could try Lubuntu or Xubuntu19:39
Steve132-2_What I want is ONLY libatlas on my system.  If that is not possible, I want to find a way to make it so that octave3.2 uses libatlas instead of libblas19:39
jribSteve132-2_: what happens when you attempt to remove libblas3gf?19:39
Steve132-2_yaroslav0rudenok: I did "sudo apt-get remove libblas3gf" and it did this:http://pastebin.com/tR8LXPD819:40
fildywhere i can declare what network interface dhcp3-server listens to?19:40
SomelauwHi, is there a way to change the window manager in ubuntu?19:40
Neocrypterwell ubuntu with gnome 3 works fine, on it just wanted to try and get unity up using it on my tower,  ;)19:40
Steve132-2_which seems wrong to me.  Why would it remove atlas?19:40
SomelauwPreferably graphically. I know the default is metacity.19:40
jribSteve132-2_: it doesn't seem to be removing atlas, just the -dev packages for it19:41
LjLNeedSomeHelp: it's possible that the photo is actually stored in landscape and only has a tag saying it's portrait... not sure though. maybe try opening it in the GIMP or Krita and seeing whether it really is in portrait19:41
Steve132-2_jrib: I noticed that, but don't I want the -dev packages for it?19:41
SomelauwI think I need gconf-editor.19:41
jribSteve132-2_: do you?19:41
irenaeusIs there a way to run ubuntu off a USB but not as live? Like a full install to usb so i dont have to keep reconfiguring everything.19:41
Steve132-2_Well, I've used them before19:41
jribSteve132-2_: for what?19:41
Steve132-2_but I guess I probably don't19:42
Steve132-2_I'm a C programmer in a scientific computing labratory19:42
Steve132-2_so, yes, I have used the lapack headers before19:42
jribSteve132-2_: if you're programming using libatlas in C then yes you want them19:42
Steve132-2_right, so what gives?19:42
Starminn!persistent | irenaeus19:42
ubottuirenaeus: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent19:42
jribSteve132-2_: see the dependencies for libatlas-dev19:43
SomelauwI think I found it myself.19:43
irenaeusSo persistent usb is what i need?19:43
irenaeusAwesome. Thanks.19:44
jribSteve132-2_: anyway I imagine your real question since it seems you have a need for these headers is how to configure what libraries octave uses19:44
Steve132-2_I can push off the need for the headers to another date.  Are you suggesting that if I remove libblas3gf octave would be configured automatically?19:44
jribSteve132-2_: probably19:44
Steve132-2_If I have to choose between coding in C fast and coding in Octave fast I prefer octave19:44
Steve132-2_ok, let me try that19:45
jribSteve132-2_: you should check for documentation in /usr/share/doc/octave to see if there is anything relevant there19:45
gr33n7007hSức mạnh của nguồn mở19:47
jribSteve132-2_: are you sure octave doesn't choose atlas even if both are installed?19:47
jribSteve132-2_: how?19:47
Steve132-2_because I did ldd /usr/bin/octave19:47
Steve132-2_and it shows me the link path of octave19:47
Steve132-2_and it says its linking to libblas.so.3gf19:48
Steve132-2_incidentally, after uninstalling libblas3gf package, it still says that19:48
karen_mwhenever i plug my ipod in, it opens banshee... how do I redo that association so I can get it to ask again?19:49
cannonballkaren_m: System -> Preferences -> Preferred Applications likely19:50
karen_malready looked in there, doesn't have the option19:51
karen_mi changed the preferred music app, still opens banshee19:51
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zacktuhow do i open multiple terminals in unity?19:54
jribSteve132-2_: have you read /usr/share/doc/octave3.2/README.Atlas.gz ?19:54
Steve132-2_will do19:54
Steve132-2_also, it looks like uninstalling it might have worked19:54
Steve132-2_chasing down /usr/lib/libblas.so.3gf its a soft link to /etc/alternatives/libblas.so.3gf19:55
Steve132-2_which is a hard link to /usr/lib/atlas/libatlas_base.so.3gf19:55
jribSteve132-2_: so you should be able to reinstall the blas package you removed if you need the headers and just use the alternatives system to make sure octave uses atlas19:56
=== puff` is now known as puff
Steve132-2_IT looks like I was an idiot.  The alternatives system already detects the blas as "better"20:00
Steve132-2_by default20:00
FloodBot1Steve132-2_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:00
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x404xis there a way to install ubuntu 8.04 on a pc with 64 mb ram ? what boot options to use text-baed install ?20:06
gr33n7007hwho here is a IT ninja?20:07
gr33n7007hteenage mutant ninja turtles20:07
robin0800zacktu, mouse middle click20:07
Jhouhow do I ping my neighbour?20:07
Steve132-2_Thanks for your help jrib:20:07
Jhoumy neighbour pinged me and I want to ping him back20:08
cantonicdamn, ubuntu server installation funktioniert einfach nicht :( kriege beim botten immer einen schwarzen bildschirm. liegt bestimmt an der nvidia grafikkarte. was kann ich da machen Leute?20:09
lunitikJhou: netstat -plaut and see what IP it came from?20:09
llutz!de | cantonic20:09
ubottucantonic: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!20:09
cantonicoops sorry :)20:09
lunitikJhou: actually, that'll only show current connections20:10
gr33n7007hfrigging idiots20:11
KoenigseggHi. Using natty, working to get system tray icons to show, like "gsettings set com.canonical.Unity.Panel systray-whitelist "['all']"" except for the all part. Question is, what should be there instead? Process name of the program with the tray icon? Something else?20:11
JhouI know how to ping hummm20:12
gr33n7007hResearch is a virtue20:12
Picigr33n7007h: Do you have a support question?20:12
llutzshow him the door pls20:13
gr33n7007hwhat u on about {llutz}20:13
Picigr33n7007h: What is your question then?20:14
gr33n7007hMy Q is Awk will grep you at a ping of sed20:15
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».20:15
MaxFramesif I boot a computer with the Ubuntu live CD, will I be able to install/otherwise use an additional .deb package?20:16
Jordan_UMaxFrames: Yes.20:16
MaxFramestechnically, how does the install take place in this case?20:16
unitheoryas long as it doesn't require a reboot20:17
MaxFrameswhat is written and where?20:17
Picigr33n7007h: Lets try to keep this channel free for people who actually want to receive support.  General chat is in #ubuntu-offtopic20:17
gr33n7007hokay doki ;/20:17
unitheoryMaxFrames, it's stored only in RAM20:17
NeedSomeHelpGimp question. Im gonna draw (with paper-pencil) from a picture of a toilet, but I dont have a clue of drawing. Is there a way to show the contures or something of the pic in Gimp to make it easier to draw it?20:18
icerootNeedSomeHelp: #gimp20:19
MaxFramesthe reason I am asking is that I tried to install a deb package from the live cd, and apparently it was installed correctly (no error messages), but after that, it was nowhere to be found20:19
MaxFramesnormally, where would I look for an installed package?20:19
icerootMaxFrames: dpkg -L packagename20:19
icerootMaxFrames: shows you what files are installed20:20
unitheoryMaxFrames, or in system > administration > synaptic package manager20:20
MaxFramesok, thanks20:20
MaxFramesnot in software center then20:20
Busted irc.bondage.com20:21
unitheoryMaxFrames, not sure. synaptic package manager is more powerful than software center20:22
ActionParsnipunitheory: how so?20:22
MaxFrameswhen I double clicked the package, software center was launched, and it took care of the install process. after that, there was no way to start the package from the software center itself20:23
TechCelI'm running Ubuntu 11.04 with a Delta 1010LT sound card. First day I got everything set up fine, with a combination of changing some files and download Envy24 control software. All of a sudden today the sound stops working, and I have no ideas why. I see the sound meter in the Envy24 controller move up and down, at least on the software level the sound is being sent. I double checked my cabling and it's fine. What else could20:23
TechCelbe the problem ?20:23
ActionParsnipTechCel: try:    killall pulseaudio; rm -r ~/.pulse*20:25
unitheoryActionParsnip, it's uglier, it has to be more powerful :P20:25
TechCelummm, that doesn't seem like a good idea ActionParsnip20:26
ActionParsnipunitheory: doesnt make it more powerful..20:26
ardithoxhacan I ask to any ubuntu expert any question?20:26
ActionParsnipTechCel: it will reset the sound settings, pulse will resetart in seconds and the file and folder will be regenerated. Why is it not a good idea?20:27
zykotick9!ask | ardithoxha20:27
ubottuardithoxha: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)20:27
tacomentalI have a default browser question.20:27
TechCelin any case I tried it, it didn't work20:27
guntbertardithoxha: just ask your question please20:27
th0rardithoxha: yes. Do you have another question?20:27
ActionParsnipTechCel: if you also look at the ubuntu sound troubleshooting page it also lists it20:27
tacomentalI have chromium set as my default browser but when i click links in xchat or use a launcher with a webaddress it loads firefox...20:27
ActionParsnipTechCel: why did it not seem like a good idea20:27
ActionParsniptacomental: did you set the browser in xchat?20:28
* TechCel doesn't like deleting things without first understand why he's doing so20:28
ardithoxhaI think, moving to 11.04 cause I have 10.10, makes any problem, cause at ubuntuforums.org very much people are saying that they 11.04 is freezing,not working anything..?!20:28
akemUbuntu gots pretty impressive OS, congratz.20:28
tacomentalbut it also happens with a launcher for pandora that i created on my desktop20:28
ActionParsnipTechCel: then ask for clarification, rather than saying it doesn't seem like a bad idea20:28
TechCellol k20:28
MehmetAli_hi. If I download  and install a nightly build of `11.10` , in the future will I keep fine with updates or, i will have to install the offical stable version again??20:29
PanArturtacomental: check update-alternatives --list x-www-browser20:29
ActionParsnipTechCel: can you give the output of:   wget -O alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh; chmod +x ./alsa-info.sh; ./alsa-info.sh20:29
TechCelwget -O alsa-info.sh http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh; chmod +x ./alsa-info.sh; ./alsa-info.sh20:29
ActionParsnipTechCel: its a terminal command20:30
tacomentalPanArtur:  I have and it has 3 options; chromium auto mode, or manual mode and firefox manual mode. I've tried both chromium settings and get the same result.20:30
TechCelsorry I know. Was quick with the pasting20:30
TechCelActionParsnip: http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=cf9f74650a421bc0200bdb3ac8142e4a01baff5e20:30
ardithoxhacan anyone answer to my question?!20:31
ActionParsnipTechCel: your alsa driver version doesn't match the lib and utils20:31
TechCelmaybe it was updated ?20:31
TechCeland now I can't even access the sound button in settings. it says "waiting for sound system"20:31
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slsjoin# als20:32
Gneaardithoxha: what question?20:32
Stabiasportciao ragazzi20:32
Stabiasportci sono italiani=?20:32
grkbloodim fairly confident these docs are inaccurate https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RadeonDriver20:32
guntbert!it | Stabiasport20:32
ubottuStabiasport: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)20:32
ardithoxhaI think, moving to 11.04 cause I have 10.10, makes any problem, cause at ubuntuforums.org very much people are saying that they 11.04 is freezing,not working anything..?!20:33
PanArturtacomental: try sudo update-alternatives --config x-www-browser20:33
ActionParsnipTechCel: try:   sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-audio-dev/ppa; sudo apt-get update;sudo apt-get dist-upgrade20:33
tacomentalPanArtur: did you not see my response? I did that and it doesn't work20:33
robin0800MehmetAli_, no you don't have to but you may want to at release time20:33
tacomentalPanArtur: i have a * next to chromium-browser and it still opens firefox20:33
Gneaardithoxha: why would you upgrade in the first place?20:33
ActionParsnipTechCel: may help https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshootingProcedure20:34
PanArturtacomental: what ver of ubuntu?20:34
TechCelk brb20:34
ardithoxhaI dunno...20:34
tacomentalPanArtur: newest downloaded last night 11.04 i believe20:34
maronehello guys, i'm trying to set up a raid1 for 2 hard drives. i used mkfs.ext3 on them, tried to mount them before using mdadm, and they show only 735GB of space - but both of them are 3TB disks. what am i doing wrong?20:34
ardithoxhaI just want my ALSA back I install,remove,install,remove but nothing...?! or I make it bad way?!20:35
alexxioi'm wondering if i can take a picture out from my webcam from a shell20:35
Gnea!alsa | ardithoxha20:35
ubottuardithoxha: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.20:35
biopytehi, since upgrading to 11.04   the vlc doesnt work correctly in fullscreen mode. the movie does not resize to fullscreen, instead it moves out of the vlc frame into the upper left corner. any idea?20:35
PanArturtacomental: what you have in Preferred Applications?20:36
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.20:36
tacomentalPanArtur: Where do i check that?20:37
ardithoxhaGnea: This cannot help me, I just need a tutorial,how to completely remove alsa and install again...20:37
PanArturardithoxha: have you checked alsamixer? open in terminal and press f6 to change card20:37
tacomentalpanartur: ok that fixed it dunno why the terminal version didn't work20:37
biopytejoin #vlc20:37
TechCelyay it works now20:38
TechCelthanks ActionParsnip20:39
TechCelno idea what you did20:39
PanArturtacomental: update-alternatives not affect to gconf20:39
ActionParsnipTechCel: used the official documentation....20:39
ardithoxhaPanArtur: nope, my alsamixer dont work20:39
TechCelhah fair enough20:39
PanArturardithoxha: what error appears when you try to open alsamixer?20:39
ardithoxhaPanArtur: cannot open mixer: No such file or directory20:40
PanArturardithoxha: try sudo alsamixer20:40
tacomentalPanArtur: ok so xchat works correctly now but the launcher I made still uses firefox20:41
ActionParsniptacomental: make the launcher run:  chromium-browser