mandel_morning all!08:33
JamesTaitBuongiorno a tutto!08:33
mandel_Ag, my system is super unstable on O08:38
ryeor better here, mandel, what broke in O for you?08:57
mandel_rye, compiz keeps crashing all the time, and xchat too, which is weird08:59
mandel_I think I'm going to move to unity 2d and forget about all this 3d crap :P08:59
mandel_is  not that the terminal looks better hehe08:59
ryemandel_, hm, are the bugs for these crashes already reported?09:00
mandel_rye, don't know.. I'll try during my free time to see what is going on, right now I should be fixing our bugs hehe09:01
ryedobey, U1 icon is there, in the launcher on fresh install09:06
* mandel_ coffee break09:12
* mandel_ back!09:48
mandel_rye, ping11:00
ryemandel, rye pong11:00
mandel_rye, are you running O?11:01
ryemandel, yes!11:01
mandel_rye, I have been having issues with compiz all the time crashing, is that normal, or is just my machine?11:02
mandel_I have a crappy intel graphics card :(11:02
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
ryemandel, well, this is happening to me, though i saw some discussion in #dx about the crashes. You might want to submit apport bug when it prompts you to see whether it is already reported11:03
ryeit looks like there are a finite number of such issues and they are working on them11:03
mandel_rye, ok, because is a major pain, nevertheless unity 2d works like a charm, and I really do not see the benefit of using 3d11:08
ryemandel, i found the window switching to be painfully slow when there are many windows of the same type11:09
ryemandel, other than this - awesome alternative11:09
mandel_rye, I just use a single term window with lots of tabs, so is not a big issue for me :)11:10
mandel_is it a holiday somewhere? I dont see the ar people :(11:19
nessitahello crowd!11:20
mandel_nessita, morning!!11:21
mandel_nessita, I finally got a real ubuntu machine to run lint etc (running lint in the mac or windows throws way to many errors)11:21
mandel_nessita, so please feel free to re-review the branches I proposed, lint and pep8 should be okcay11:21
* mandel_ goes for a little11:26
nessitamandel: ack11:27
* mandel walks dog11:36
nessitahi gatox11:41
gatoxnessita, hi11:41
nessitagatox: shall I review again the network sso branch?11:42
gatoxnessita, yep....11:43
gatoxnessita, ping... are you receiving my messages?12:03
nessitagatox: nopes12:03
nessitagatox: you seem to go out and in a lot12:03
gatoxnessita, :S the connection at this bar is crap!12:04
nessitagatox: trade the good gnoquis for a better connection! :-)12:04
ralsinagood morning!12:04
nessitahi ralsina12:12
ralsinahi nessita12:30
ralsinanessita: got 5' for a quick mumble?12:30
nessitaralsina: I can talk on a phone, but no mumble for me in the laptop :-/12:31
ralsina nessita: ok, I'll call you12:31
nessita(and RIP the monitor)12:31
ralsinanessita, dobey, alecu, mandel: standup in 8'12:52
nessitamandel: ping12:54
ralsinamandel: ping ^212:58
dobeyping^N == ping13:00
nessitaralsina, dobey?13:01
nessitaDONE: reviews, bug triage, gave a TDD talk at the university13:02
nessitaTODO: bug #862991, bug #862540, teaching duties13:02
nessitaBLOCKED: nopes13:02
nessitaNEXT: ralsina13:02
ubot4Launchpad bug 862991 in ubuntuone-control-panel "Set a better title for the error dialogs (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86299113:02
ralsinaDONE: bug triaging, worked on making u1cp a "one-instance" app, TL call TODO: finish that one, start a new one, more reviews, mgmt call BLOCKED: no13:02
ubot4Launchpad bug 862540 in ubuntuone-control-panel "Do provide a nice error message when there are issues (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86254013:02
ralsinaNEXT: you are all fired for missing standup13:02
ralsinaexcept nessita13:02
dobeyi didn't miss it13:03
dobeyit's right there13:03
dobeyλ DONE: bug #804946, bug #86556713:04
dobeyλ TODO: finish bug #86559313:04
dobeyλ BLCK: None.13:04
ubot4Launchpad bug 804946 in glib2.0 (Ubuntu Oneiric) (and 2 other projects) "gnome-settings-daemon crashed with SIGSEGV in g_variant_unref() (affects: 217) (dups: 80) (heat: 966)" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/80494613:04
ubot4Launchpad bug 865567 in ubuntuone-client-gnome (Ubuntu Oneiric) (and 4 other projects) "ubuntuone-client-gnome needs to install gsettings schemas (affects: 109) (dups: 10) (heat: 222)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86556713:04
ubot4Launchpad bug 865593 in ubuntuone-client-gnome (Ubuntu) (and 3 other projects) "Ubuntu One launcher disappears on upgrade to Oneiric (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86559313:04
ralsinayou are unfired13:05
mandelralsina, thx!13:05
mandelDONE: Installe Ubuntu real Machine to ensure tests can be properly ran. Fixed lint and pep8 issues. Started a branch with the logic for checking the presence of updates.13:05
mandelTODO: Finish conversation about the ui for that ^.13:06
=== m_conley_away is now known as m_conley
mandelBLOCKED: no13:06
nessitamandel: can you please remind me the link to the patched keyring? the one that knows how to delete passwords13:06
ralsinamandel: can I put something small in your plate? A XML for updating to 2.013:06
mandelnessita, ofcourse! let me get that for you13:06
nessitamandel: thanks!13:06
mandelralsina, yes, you can, bug number please :)13:06
ralsinamandel: no bug number, it's a RT13:06
mandeldobey, ping13:06
mandelralsina, ok, so I'm guessing you want me to send the RT telling what to do for the autoupdate thing, right?13:07
ralsinamandel: just create the file with the correct URLs and stuff13:07
ralsinaso I can get it uploaded13:07
dobeymandel: yes?13:08
ralsinamandel: 2.0 has a versionid of 20013:08
* dobey doesn't understand why people "ping" anyway13:08
dobeyjust ask the question :P13:08
mandeldobey, I wanted to run the ubuntuone-windows-installer tests in a machine that does not have x, is that possible?13:08
mandeldobey, I ping just in case :P13:08
dobeydoesn't have X? windows doesn't have X13:09
mandeldobey, is on a linux box13:09
mandeldobey, but there are tests that ran on linux + u1lint :P13:09
mandelralsina, have we tested that the panel does not start a second time when we perform the auto-update? Do you want to test it now?13:10
ralsinamandel: I fixed it and tested it, but another test won't hurt13:10
dobeymandel: xvfb-run u1trial blah blah13:10
mandeldobey, thx!13:11
nessitamandel: did I miss the link? /me is confused13:11
mandelnessita, no, you did not, my multitasking is terrible :(13:11
mandelnessita, there you go: https://bitbucket.org/mandel/pykeyring-delete-password13:12
nessitamandel: you have probab;y an HT processor13:12
nessitamandel: ah, I was hoping you can remind me the ubuntuone public file, that was already compiled13:12
mandelnessita, oh, I can get you that too, i though you wanted the code, let me get that form one.ub*13:13
nessitamandel: thanks!13:13
mandelnessita, nad I really think my brain is a first generation ARM at most, you know those ones final year students design :P13:14
mandelralsina, I write the RT andfoward it to you first so that you can ensure I make sense :)13:14
mandelnessita, I believe this is the one you are after: http://ubuntuone.com/6fkY1IvG7LNmvqKjXDFtYL13:16
ralsinamandel: there is a RT already, just do the file and I'll pas it on13:16
mandelralsina, oh, I understood  had to do everything, sure on it13:18
mandelralsina, do you have the url where the client is usually uploaded?13:19
ralsinamandel: this one is in https://one.ubuntu.com/windows/release I think13:19
mandelralsina, I mean, is just the normal url, or are we having mirrors etc.13:20
mandelok, then I'll get it from the web13:20
ralsinajust the url13:21
nessitamandel: that is a lib.win32-2.7.zip file... I think I want a keyring.zip file, no?13:22
ralsinanessita: that bitbucket url, you can get the tar.gz and just do a python setup.py install13:23
nessitaralsina: ah, ok, thanks13:23
mandelnessita, unzip it and you will find the keyring one you want13:24
alecugood morning.... :P13:24
ralsinagood EVENING13:24
mandelnessita, if you try what rasinal says, remember you need vs2008 tools installed and you might have issues with the compilation13:24
mandelralsina, version string 2.0.0, right?13:26
mandelversion id 200, is that correct, we are jumping directly to 2?13:26
ralsinamandel: yes,13:27
alecuDONE: worked on the server-time sync branches, refactoring the first one (storage protocol) to be used in the control panel branch13:28
alecuTODO: finish all 5 of them (storage-protocol, sso, sd, u1cp, u1wi) and review/merge them at once, since they depend on each other.13:28
alecuBLOCKED: no13:28
mandelralsina, sent13:29
ralsinamandel: cool13:29
ralsinamandel: did you test it? ;-)13:29
mandelralsina, that one, no, let me update in my server and test with those details, give me 5 min13:30
ralsinamandel: thanks. That way I can just send it to the RT and not be scared13:30
mandelralsina, sure, no problem :)13:31
mandelralsina, a very important detail, in this new .exe the update.ini has 200 s the versionId, right?13:31
ralsinamandel: let me re-check13:32
mandelralsina, should be aoutgenerated from the version id that you provide to the tool that generates the .exe13:32
ralsinaversion_id = 200 yes13:32
dobeycan someone give a quick second review of https://code.launchpad.net/~dobey/ubuntuone-client-gnome/gsettings-is-evil/+merge/78002 please?13:36
mandelralsina, seems that the update is downloading, so far so good :)13:43
ralsinamandel: good :-)13:43
mandelralsina, bad news, got an error during the download, where is the file being served from?13:46
ralsinamandel: somewhere in our servers13:46
nessitaalecu, mandel: we're having a couple of users reporting that file sync is not happening, and in the logs I; ve seen:13:47
nessitaI/O operation on closed file13:47
nessitaalecu, mandel: you have some time to debug? can we skype?13:47
ralsinanessita: I have seen that happen when there are two copies of syncdaemon running13:47
alecunessita, do you have the bug report?13:47
mandelnessita, yes, I have seen one of those and spoke with verterok about it, do we have logs?13:47
ralsinabug #86369113:47
ubot4ralsina: Error: Bug #863691 not found.13:47
nessitaalecu: this is one https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client/+bug/86339813:47
ubot4nessita: Error: Bug #863398 not found.13:47
ralsinamandel: clientid://719da179fc09b792e31a2fe531163f20302192d013:47
mandelnessita, let me finish helping ralsina first, then I can skype, is that ok?13:48
mandelralsina, la puta!13:48
alecuralsina, that's weird. Tcp activation should not allow two copies of sd to run at once, since they would try to open the same tcp port13:48
nessitaalecu: and I have another one I just diagnosed: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-windows-installer/+bug/86505913:48
ubot4nessita: Error: Bug #865059 not found.13:48
mandelralsina, try this: https://one.ubuntu.com/download/windows/client/ubuntuone-2.0-windows-installer.exe13:48
ralsinaalecu: yes, but if you are quick, it seems to happen13:48
ralsinamandel: why? That's not the right URL13:49
mandelralsina, which one is it?13:49
ralsinamandel: the URL is https://one.ubuntu.com/windows/release :-)13:49
mandelralsina, I have a no found for https://one.ubuntu.com/windows/release/ubuntuone-2.0-windows-installer.exe13:54
ralsinamandel: The problem is that it's without filename13:54
nessitaralsina, alecu: if we can have 2 syncdaemon working at the same time, we have some potential serious issue13:55
nessitaralsina, alecu: having 2 syncdaemons running can easily corrupt metadata, for instance13:55
nessitanot to mention file conflicts :-/13:55
ralsinanessita: agreed13:55
mandelralsina, but we need the file name, that is what the updater does, is a wget https://one.ubuntu.com/windows/release/ubuntuone-2.0-windows-installer.exe13:55
ralsinamandel: let me check the docs a bit13:55
mandelralsina, so we have to point to https://one.ubuntu.com/windows/, that looks weird, but I can try13:56
mandelralsina, let me try13:56
nessitaalecu, ralsina: shall we skype about this? I know ralsina has the management call soon...13:56
alecunessita, ralsina: I can't imagine the control panel starting two copies of syncdaemon at once.13:56
mandelalecu, I have seen two instances running in my vm, I promise!13:56
alecugive me 5 mins and we can skype13:56
nessitaalecu: sure13:56
ralsinamandel: let me test it but I think you can just not put a filename there13:57
mandelralsina, it will get confused because it supports diff os.. i'm trying just naming it release, lets see what happens..13:58
ralsinamandel: how about using "release" as filename :-)13:58
mandelralsina, the beauty of irc and lags hehehe13:58
mandelralsina, no, it does not do the trick13:59
mandelralsina, I'm guessing that the guys in the server side are not serving this in a static manner, right?13:59
ralsinamandel: ok, so we need to put the installer in a place that has the filename in it14:00
ralsinamandel: I think they are, yes14:00
ralsinamandel: it's an apache rewrite to a static file, I think14:00
mandelralsina, so, what we need is the actual location and file name, otherwise the thing cannot download it :(14:00
mandelralsina, can you ask them, and we can do the tests asap :)14:01
ralsinamandel: ok, good to know, I will change the RT to do that, but don't expect it too soon14:01
mandelnessita, I can do the skype in 5/10 mins is that ok14:01
mandelralsina, ok, let me know and I'll test as soon as you let me knoe14:02
ralsinamandel: sure14:02
nessitamandel: I think is ok, I guess ralsina may have the management call but we catch him up later14:02
ralsinaI am in the mgmt call, yes14:02
mandelnessita, ok, I'll ping you as soon as I'm back, I will not take long14:04
alecunessita, are we using mumble or skype?14:04
nessitaalecu: skype, I have only my laptop available since my monitor died14:05
alecunessita, sorry about that :-(14:05
nessitason rachas14:06
alecunessita, you have probably tried deleting .config/Mumble/Mumble.conf, right? that seems to fix mumble for me when it decides to stop working.14:07
nessitaalecu: yeah, I tried everything, I even sat next to tom haddon and he ran out of ideas14:07
nessitaalecu: though...14:08
nessitaalecu: IT WORKED NOW14:08
nessitaalecu: you just left :-) (sorry for not trying sonner)14:08
alecuit seems it just broke for me, trying to enter again :P14:09
mandelnessita, we can skype now if you want :)14:11
nessitamandel: can you enter mumble please?14:12
mandelnessita, oh, mumble, I though it was skype, sure going14:12
* mandel kills skype14:12
dobeyspeaking of mumble14:17
dobeyralsina, Chipaca: when are we having the longer mumble call?14:17
ralsinadobey: how about thursday?14:17
dobeyralsina: at 1300Z again?14:20
dobeyor 1400?14:21
ralsinadobey: any preferences?14:21
dobeyeither of those is fine with me. i don't have to take kids to kinder or doctor or anything :)14:21
nessitamandel, alecu: syncdaemon.log.2011-10-03_14-57-1714:24
ralsinadobey: but you have cars to buy thingamajigs for :-)14:25
ralsinadobey, alecu, Chipaca, thisfred, mandel, nessita: I have mailed invitation for a longish mumble on thursday14:25
mandelnessita, alecu: http://bytes.com/topic/python/answers/25031-logging-shutdown-valueerror-i-o-operation-closed-file14:26
ralsinaplease let me know if the time is not convenient or anything?14:26
dobeyralsina: and they get delivered straight to my door. though i'm happy to take breaks from hacking to go work on cars :P14:26
mandelalecu, nessita: can ignore the close IO issue: http://bugs.python.org/issue633314:26
mandelis not us14:27
ralsinamandel: really????14:27
nessitamandel: the error is not on logging14:27
ralsinaI am done with the mgmt call if you guys still need me in mumble14:28
statikCardinalFang_, pfibiger: hi to the stardusters14:32
pfibigerstatik: you're dead to us.14:33
pfibigernot really. we miss you :) we'll pour out some french fries from a pint glass in your honor.14:33
CardinalFang_statik, hi hi.  Our network is fickle today. I shouldn't be blaming you, I guess!  ...I'm still going to, though.14:34
statikCardinalFang_, the net is rickety up here as well14:34
mandelalecu, nessita, ralsina: FYI => https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-control-panel/+bug/86755014:42
ubot4Launchpad bug 867550 in ubuntuone-control-panel "Underlying C++ is removed when SD tris to execute a callback (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Medium,Triaged]14:42
mandelI'll assign gatox, is that ok?14:42
ralsinamandel: could it be something very silly like "control panel was closed before the callback was triggered"?14:43
ralsinamandel: yes, assign gatox14:43
alecunessita, "Configure -> Settings -> Audio Input -> PTT Audio cue: check!"14:56
dobeynobody wants to review my branch? :(14:58
mandelalecu, nessita, ralsina FYI: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client/+bug/86756715:00
ubot4Launchpad bug 867567 in ubuntuone-client "The _path_is_dir function in file system notifications on windows is broken (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [High,New]15:00
dobeylunch time, bbiab15:15
ralsinagotta break for lunch + banks15:25
ralsinabe back in about 90 minutes15:25
alecunessita, mandel: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/702298/15:33
* mandel EOD15:54
mandelralsina, FYI I'll be working on bug #867567 and cleaning logs in that file15:54
ubot4Launchpad bug 867567 in ubuntuone-client "The _path_is_dir function in file system notifications on windows is broken (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86756715:54
=== beuno is now known as beuno-lunch
akgranerInterview: Roberto Alsina, Manager for the Ubuntu One Desktop Engineering Team in Online Services at Canonical - http://is.gd/JZu5c716:27
facundobatistanessita, have a friend with fully updated natty, that sees "2GB free" in the control panel... shouldn't that be 5GB?16:35
nessitafacundobatista: what version does he have? 2.0.0 should show 5no gig at all16:36
nessitafacundobatista: ah, wait, natty16:36
nessitafacundobatista: we're SRUing that, so no fix yet16:36
facundobatistanessita, she has 1.0.016:36
facundobatistanessita, ok, thanks16:37
nessitafacundobatista: we're SRUing that, so is "expected"16:37
dobeyoh, c-p16:48
dobeyso maverick?16:48
dobeyno, that can't be right. would be natty16:48
dobeyi guess we should just remove that label in natty too16:48
nessitadobey: yeah, through a SRU17:08
nessitadobey: you still have my review in your queue?17:08
dobeyyes; behind the critical mess :)17:10
facundobatistanessita, where the debug logs are in windows?17:16
ralsinahello again!17:16
facundobatistaralsina, do you know where the debug logs are in windows? mandel?17:16
ralsinafacundobatista: xp or 7?17:17
facundobatistalisette, xp or 7?17:17
lisettefacundobatista: vista17:18
facundobatistaralsina, vista :)17:19
dobeyralsina: can you approve https://code.launchpad.net/~dobey/ubuntuone-client-gnome/evil-gsettings-2-0/+merge/78130 also? same diff as earlier, but fo stable-2-0 so i can release it to oneiric :)17:19
ralsinalisette, facundobatista: c:\users\<username>/Appdata/Local/xdg17:19
ralsinawith consistent slashes though17:19
lisetteralsina: thanks17:19
ralsinadobey: checking17:19
=== beuno-lunch is now known as beuno
lisetteralsina: the entire xdg folder?17:21
ralsinalisette: probably something like cache/ubuntuone/logs17:22
lisetteralsina: there are 2 u1 related folders in there17:22
* nessita -> university17:22
ralsinalisette: names?17:22
ralsinaapparently in C++ nessita has a university inside her.17:22
lisetteralsina: cache, with u1 stuff, and ubuntuone17:23
ralsinaor a reference to it at least17:23
ralsinalisette: cache it is17:23
lisetteralsina: 7zip gives me a whole bunch of errors when i try to zip cache, so i will send you the entire xdg thing if that is ok?17:25
ralsinalisette: sure17:25
ralsinaor just look for the files with .log extenion17:25
dobeyralsina: you mean a pointer?17:25
ralsinadobey: yeah17:26
ralsinabut she obviously doesn't have a hunting dog in her!17:26
* ralsina is sleepy17:27
* ralsina misses coffee17:28
ralsinadobey: +117:28
alecuralsina, ping18:25
ralsinaalecu: pong18:25
alecuralsina, I don't know how you sent the calendar invitation, but it's very awkward to get it into calendar.google.com18:26
ralsinaalecu: really?18:26
alecuralsina, plus that event does not show up there either.18:26
ralsinaalecu: ok, then let's just say "hey, alecu, mumble on thursday!" ;-)18:26
alecuralsina, at what time ART?18:26
ralsinaalecu: it may have something to do with the latest change about multiaccounts and such18:26
alecuoh, right.18:27
ralsinaalecu: 1118:27
ralsinais it your kinder time? I can move it18:27
alecuralsina, no, I can budget that time, no problem.18:27
ralsinaalecu: cool18:27
alecuralsina, for how long?18:27
ralsinaless than 1 hour18:27
alecu(estimates are fine)18:27
alecuoh, ok.18:27
alecuralsina, I've manually added it to the website... can you please check if it shows up there for you?18:32
alecuralsina, you should get a mail about it.18:33
ralsinaalecu: got it18:33
ralsinaalecu: you did get my email, right?18:33
ralsinaI have both18:33
ralsinadeleting mine, just in case18:34
alecuralsina, I got one email from you, but it looked as if it was sent by some email or calendar client, and not sent from calendar.google.com18:34
ralsinaalecu: that is really weird18:34
ralsinaoh, well. It's ok now18:34
alecuralsina, well, it looked really short and it did not have any links to calendar.google.com...18:35
alecuralsina, but now, looking at the mail source it clearly says: "Sender: Google Calendar <calendar-notification@google.com>"18:36
ralsinaalecu: I have no other calendar thing, so :-)18:36
alecuralsina, so, does the invite I just sent have any links to the web?18:36
alecuralsina, then perhaps it's because I've set the event to the "Online services" calendar that everybody has access to?18:37
ralsinacould be18:37
alecuok, let's nevermind.18:38
moonshadowIs there seriously no way to publish a whole folder?20:21
dobeymoonshadow: not currently, no, we don't do public folders20:22
moonshadowany particular reasons? an equivalent effect is possible by publishing the files seperately...20:23
moonshadowIt seems the files API allows publishing files as well, so the effect can somehow be emulated, if that's the right word.20:26
moonshadowSeems odd to have a plugin for this though, since sharing folders works just fine?20:26
dobeyyou can publish individual files, yes20:26
dobeyand you can share folders to other users20:27
dobeybut you can't publish folders, or share individual files20:27
moonshadowwhat's the reasoning behind not publishing folders?20:27
nhainesThey probably don't have a web infrastructure set up for it.20:28
dobeyi don't remember.20:28
nhainesWell, can't get more honest than that.  :)20:28
moonshadowwell, the web URLs are garbled somehow. http://ubuntuone.com/5MMzDAEUpRJXsoFHM1f5DF20:29
moonshadowwould be nicer with ubuntuone.com/username/pub/file, but i guess that's not to be.20:31
moonshadowI can partly understand why it's not wanted that people host websites from ubuntuone, but it's a shame that the competition does it.20:31
moonshadowanyway, good luck to ubuntu-one, gratz on the windows client.20:32
nhainesmoonshadow: the old URLS were ubuntu.one.com/p/1234 which was kind of nice.20:32
nhainesBut the scrambling is a security thing to keep sequential files from being found.  I guess?20:32
dobeythe web urls aren't garbled. they're unique. and not particularly guessable20:32
moonshadowwhat's the point in hiding sequential /published/ files?20:32
moonshadowor making then unguessable?20:33
moonshadowI don't suppose I can change anything by getting involved, since U1 is partly commercial?20:33
dobeybecause some people want to make a file public, and not have the world see it, but only a few people they give the URL to20:33
nhainesmoonshadow: don't get me wrong... I wish I could share a folder on the Web too.  :)20:33
moonshadowthat's what sharing is for.20:33
dobeyyou can file feature requests on bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-servers if you want20:33
moonshadowas in, sharing folders.20:33
ralsinamoonshadow: you *could* do a small script that creates the equivalent20:33
dobeymoonshadow: sharing folders only works when sharing to people who have accounts20:34
moonshadowI don't, it just makes me sad that some of the best features of dropbox get lost on u1.20:34
dobeywe aren't dropbox20:34
moonshadowralsina, difficult and ugly with the scrambled URLs.20:34
moonshadowI know, but the services are very similar, are they not.20:34
dobeyi really wish people would stop comparing us to dropbox20:34
dobeynot really20:34
dobeywe are a whole lot more20:34
moonshadowand a bit less.20:34
ralsinamoonshadow: not really, I think I have a script to do that somewhere20:35
nhainesAPIs *just* got released... for a long time, it was basically file and couchdb syncing and not a lot more.20:35
* dobey goes back to working on stuff; not in the mood for pensive jabs20:35
moonshadowralsina, i don't like links in my HTML that i can't tell where they go20:35
ralsinamoonshadow: hmmm there is a way around that too :-)20:35
moonshadowno offense meant, dobey. good luck with whatever you'Re working on.20:35
ralsinamoonshadow: u1.to20:35
moonshadowralsina, how so?20:35
nhainesmoonshadow: well, U1 isn't a short URL service, so any ubuntuone.com access is content, at least.20:36
ralsinamoonshadow: warning, experimental stuff inside ;-)20:36
ralsinamoonshadow: for example, http://u1.to/ralsina/J/slides.zip is hosted in ubuntu one20:37
dobeyi don't understand why people don't host their web sites, on *gasp* their web site.20:37
ralsinadobey: because having your own website is dangerous, time consuming and generally not fun?20:38
moonshadowthe same reason that they don't use FTP servers and sync deamons (daemons?) to sync files?20:38
dobeyralsina: and hosting your site via some file sync service is somehow *easier* than throwing some files in a directory on a server?20:39
moonshadowalso, it doesn't make much sense to get a hoster for a site that will be accessed by few people sporadically at best.20:39
ralsinadobey: actually yes20:39
moonshadowdobey, i should say so!20:39
dobeyralsina: people need educated in how to manage web sites then20:39
moonshadowwhy bother, if the scope is so small?20:39
* ralsina has his first one-friday project it seems20:39
moonshadowralsina, what project? I'm interested...20:40
nhainesOoh, it works!  http://u1.to/nhaines/0/nhaines-ubuntu-square-256.jpg20:40
ralsinamoonshadow: I had a script to create image galleries out of a folder in u120:40
ralsinanhaines: isn't it pretty?20:40
nhainesralsina: pretty cool.  :)20:40
ralsinamoonshadow: I could make it actually useful ;-)20:40
nhainesI agree, using U1 to host a folder would be really nice.20:41
nhainesHopefully, U1 for Windows will let me share folders and get some of that functionality.20:41
ralsinanhaines: share, sure! Just sends you to the website ;-)20:42
moonshadowI'm mainly thinking about this - a tiny pure-html site to let ppl access old minecraft worlds from my sever: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/3566401/ygg.html20:42
dobeyscope is so small? just because i could do it, doesn't mean i use a sledgehammer to insert the screws that hold my desk together20:42
nhainesralsina: not that mounting a folder on my webhost using sftp wouldn't be as easy.  ;P20:42
moonshadownot really worth renting/buying a server for is it20:42
dobeymaybe the web world just needs real tools20:42
moonshadowand u1 could be one!20:42
dobey"unzip some crap in your web host" is evil20:42
moonshadowexactly. the sledgehammer is a fullblown server to host some nails.20:42
dobeyproper tools20:42
ralsinamoonshadow: I pay U$S 4.56 monthly for my webserver, mind you ;-)20:42
ralsinadobey: there is a real need for "hey, I put all these thigns in a folder, I want people to have access to it"20:43
moonshadowI pay 0$ a amonth for a ubuntu one account.20:43
nhainesralsina: I pay $2.10 monthly for my webserver.  :)20:43
dobeyi am pretty sure that setting your domain as a CNAME to dropbox won't get you a shiny web site from your files in dropbox20:43
ralsinanhaines: oh, but are you root in it? ;-)20:43
moonshadowno, i don'20:43
moonshadowt want a shiny website20:43
moonshadowi want a tiny HTML file to make the access to two 7z archives nicer.20:44
nhainesmoonshadow: actually for your use, u1.to would be perfect.20:44
moonshadowwith images.20:44
moonshadowwho offers the service?20:44
moonshadowI don't like to give out details...20:44
ralsinau1.to? It's done by chipaca20:44
moonshadowdobey, geocities went out of business, didn't it?20:44
moonshadowwho's chipaca?20:44
ralsinaChipaca == my boss20:45
dobeyhttp://www.geocities.com/a57ngel/gas/index.html <- that works20:45
moonshadowwho are you then20:45
ralsinahmmmm.... ok, let's start from the beginning :-)20:45
beunoralsina is dobey's boss20:45
moonshadowi had a site with geocities once. it was traumatizing.20:45
ralsinahi moonshadow! I am Roberto Alsina, I work on U1 desktop :-)20:45
moonshadowi don't remember you could do html code.20:45
moonshadowalso, I don't want to login to some crappy webinterface and have a window upload20:46
ralsinamoonshadow: the only available tags were blink and marquee :-)20:46
moonshadowwhen i could just save the file in a folder and be done.20:46
dobeybeuno: you got that backwards :)20:46
* ralsina re-checks the orgchart20:46
moonshadownice to meet you, Roberto/Mr. Alsina :)20:46
nhainesbeuno: and who are you?  ;)20:47
dobeyralsina: the org chart is way off :P20:47
moonshadowI'm an innocent bystander! (who would like to replace dropbox with ubuntu one)20:47
beunonhaines, Chipaca is also my boss!20:47
ralsinamoonshadow: come back on monday and I will tell you exactly how to do what you want :-)20:48
moonshadowso you think it's safe for me to give my account details to u1.to?20:48
ralsinamoonshadow: I think so, yes20:48
moonshadowThanks for the opinion. I'll give it a try :)20:48
nhainesIt must be worth a try  :)20:49
nhainesIf you don't like it, you can remove u1.to access at one.ubuntu.com on your account page.20:49
moonshadowyea, but better to not grant it at all if it's not trustworthy :)20:49
moonshadowit still has my name and email.20:50
nhainesOf course.  :)20:50
moonshadowdo the checkmarks actually do anything? it asked for access to three things, email usename and another i can't remember20:50
moonshadowand i put a check in front of username but not the other two20:50
moonshadowwell, u1.to seems to work nicely enough. thanks!20:51
ralsinamy pleasure!20:51
nhainesmoonshadow: hope it all works out.  :)20:52
moonshadowso do I!20:52
moonshadowit's a bit painful though. I guess I'll migrate all private stuff to U1 and keep the public crap on dropbox.20:53
ralsinaEOD for me. As usual, I will do a review or two at night so feel free to ask by email20:53
moonshadowand then hope for my wish to come true :)20:53
ralsinamoonshadow: Hopefully!20:53
moonshadowIf I really wanted to attemt to make this real, and were willing to put up some work for it as well, do you think it would be possible?20:54
moonshadowwhile still staying a private person and anonymous?20:54
nhainesHmm, perhaps, but it's fairly traditional to use real names in open source.  You could make up an alias.  :)20:55
nhainesBut we just have to take you on your word that you're who say say you are, moonshadow (if that's your real name!).20:55
dobeyi'm not quite sure in what sense you mean in terms of "make this real, and willing to put up some work for it"20:56
moonshadowactually, might be a bad idea.20:56
moonshadowusually with most open source stuff, you can implement the stuff yourself, test a bit, document a bit, and then push it or do a pull request20:57
moonshadowi don't suppose this works here, with the partially-proprietary nature20:57
* nhaines is going to kill his keyboard today.20:57
moonshadowi don't suppose anyone gets the source to the server software?20:57
nhainesNot that I've ever heard of.  u1.to uses the public API.20:57
moonshadowso is it possible to push this through without becoming an employee.20:58
moonshadowI do use my name in open source, mostly, but sometimes i like to stay anonymous.20:58
moonshadowI love my unaffiliated cloak :)20:58
=== m_conley is now known as m_conley_away
dobeylater all21:23
nhainesdobey: \o_21:24

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