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pmjdebruijnhi all14:58
pmjdebruijnsomehow my raid isn't being properly assembled, I get a /dev/md12714:58
pmjdebruijnit is possible that the config isn't present yet, since we do a netboot, which needs to sync the configs first14:59
pmjdebruijnthe problem is as I've had before dependancies between upstart jobs, and sysv jobs14:59
pmjdebruijnI'm wondering whether converting the mdadm sysv script would be a good idea14:59
pmjdebruijnI basically need the mdadm script to depend on a custom upstart job15:01
dcorbin_workCan I call exit from an upstart script safely?  Do the values indicate success/failure?15:18
jhuntpmjdebruijn: if you're running ubuntu, you might want to raise a bug with full details.15:20
jhuntdcorbin_work: yes. See http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#standard-environment-variables (see EXIT_STATUS)15:21
dcorbin_workjhunt: thanks15:21
dcorbin_workjhunt: That documents what upstart sets.   Not what my upstart script should do to clearly indicate failure. (at least, that's how I see it)16:31
savidHow can I emulate start-stop-daemon's "-c <user>:<group>" option in upstart?16:42
jhuntdcorbin_work: 0 success, anything else is failure unless you override it: "man 5 init" and search for "normal exit".16:43
jhuntdcorbin_work: normal exit is for respawning of services though.16:44
dcorbin_workI think I've found another way to do what I want, but what I was trying to do was "check for a pre-condition", and fail if it wasn't there.16:45
dcorbin_workjob A has "start on starting B".  I want to be sure A is completely up before B starts.  If I have a post-start script that checks to make sure A is completely up, is that adequate?  Will a start request for B wait until all processors of "on starting B" have finished?17:12
dcorbin_workHow can I see all the events that init is triggering?18:22
jhuntdcorbin_work: your job A/B example doesn't make sense - which job starts first? "start on started X" (not "starting") might do what you want?18:36
dcorbin_workjhunt: for B to run, A must be up.  But, just because A is started, doesn't mean B should start18:38
jhuntstill not clear exactly what you're trying to do. I have to go now, but if please feel free to post further details to the upstart-devel mailing list at the link in the topic.18:43
jhuntIn answer to one of your other questions: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#obtaining-a-list-of-events18:43
savidDoes anyone know how can I emulate start-stop-daemon's "-c <user>:<group>" option in upstart?18:57
savidbasically, change the user and group of the running process?18:58
hallyn_interesting - so pre-start stanzas only run when there's a job to actually kill?  if you have a job with only a pre-start and pre-stop, then pre-stop does nothing...22:06
hallyn_SpamapS: ^ perhaps that should be 22:06
hallyn_mentioned in the cookbook?22:06

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